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Perinatal depression and anxiety (University of Manchester) - what do you want us to research?

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MEDIA: Liz Camacho Tue 23-Feb-16 13:46:41

Hi mums,

I am a mum, and also a health services researcher at the University of Manchester. According to previous research, we already know about a range of treatments that help tackle the symptoms of perinatal depression and anxiety, but there are still so many mums suffering without getting treatment. There may be loads of different reasons for this. I want to do some research where I will talk to mums, health visitors, GPs and other clinical people to get a 360-degree perspective on what they all think might be stopping women suffering with these conditions from getting the treatment they need. My plan then is to bring all of that information together to design a new program of screening and treatment for perinatal depression and anxiety that meets the needs of mums and that health visitors, GPs etc will be on board with as well.

So my questions for you all are: Do you think there is a need for this type of research? And is anything in particular you would want to be included in this research?



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