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Hobbledehoo Active Childs Harness Testers Required

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MEDIA: Hobbledehoo Mon 08-Feb-16 10:06:25

Hello all,

I have developed a new child's harness that adheres to BS EN 13210 and I am looking for some testers and reviewers before it hits the general market. I designed it to teach my children to ski and to securly hold them while on chair lifts but as a result have used it daily on my little boy from the day he started walking. As they always trip and stumble a lot I found the handles ideal as I could catch him from stumbling before he hit the ground. We live rurally and have a dog so out on the footpaths it is ideal to keep hold while he feels very independent, and if he does trip the ease of picking him up again is miles better than stooping down under his arms.

I am looking for some testers with children ages 1-6 who are skiing this season.

Others who live rurally and are often out and about with stumbling 1-3 year olds.

And finally urban dwellers who use public transport/tube with their 1-4 year olds as the harness is fantastic for allowing 1-4 year olds to walk down stairs and escalators in the flow of everyone else while you have full control.

Check out my facebook page for videos, Hobbledehoo.

Email me on for more information.

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