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What mums want! Tell us what's important to you in our 5 minute anonymous survey

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MEDIA: Kate and Harry Benson Tue 26-Jan-16 17:15:33

Calling all mums!

We are writing a book about marriage and family life, primarily for couples who could do with a bit (or maybe a lot!) of a boost. It's due out in February 2017.

Right now, we want to hear what mums think and what you think is important
Please could you take our 5 minute survey!

We can't see who replies so it's completely anonymous

We need loads of replies so please do share this on facebook or wherever if you can

Just click on the link below

Hope you find it interesting. Be honest and dig deep!
Thank you so much

Kate and Harry Benson
Marriage Foundation and Lets Stick Together - the relationship book for new parents
If you're struggling in your relationship, read this article for a bit of practical hope. Staying together in a 'hopelessly unhappy' marriage

internetmom Fri 01-Apr-16 10:54:07

completed! very interesting survey.

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