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Need families to play and review new Spanish language game - Chance to win £25 Amazon voucher

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MEDIA: Goodsearles86 Fri 08-Jan-16 10:08:23

Hello Mumsnet,

Firstly, thanks for getting this far.

I need volunteer families with Children aged 8-15 to trial a new card game I have designed.

If you are interested please contact me by sending me a message on mumsnet or an email to

The game takes 5-10 minutes to play and is easy to learn.

As part of the trial I would need you to play the game at least 5 times with your kids and then fill in a feedback form to share your experience and your thoughts on the product (would be great if the kids could fill in the form too!)

All complete forms will be entered into a free prize draw to win a £25 Amazon voucher - so the more people that fill it in the better.

That's the request so now a little bit about me and the game.

Me and my wife have developed this card game together as a result of my recent experience of learning a new language for the first time and her wealth of experience as an Oxford graduate in modern languages (Spanish and French)

The game is designed to teach people (and help them remember) the principles and patterns involved in verbs, the key part of any language.

It is supposed to be a fun game that helps you learn and remember through play.

At the moment I am producing my first set of packs which cover Spanish present tense verbs.

I am keen to hear what real families think about the game before I put the game into wider production and settle on a final design.

As part of the trial I will need your email address and home address so I can send you the pack of cards, so please make sure you are comfortable with this before contacting me.

At the end of the trial I will require you to send the pack of cards back to me as so far I have only been able to afford to produce 100 packs and need to use these to get as many people's thoughts on them as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, your support is hugely appreciate.



Goodsearles86 Mon 11-Jan-16 12:02:07

Hi everyone,

If you would like to be involved but don't want to post your contact details on the thread feel free to get in contact with me using the following email addresses: or

Look forward to getting some volunteers involved

Adam Goodsearles

JosieWood72 Tue 12-Jan-16 14:12:16

Hi Adam,

I think this is a brilliant idea! I have a 10 year who is being introduced to Spanish at school along with a 13 year old at Grammar school who has Spanish as his chosen subject. Anything that can help them both learn in a fun way is great.

I will email you my address details and look forward to receiving the cards.


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