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Would anyone be interested in a general nappy chat thread?

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I can't be the only one with a bit of a nappy obsession.

Can I? [confussed]

mummysmellsofsick Sun 25-Mar-12 17:54:52

Oh yeah, is it cloth nappies? I love them... so pleased with the new bamboozles in lovely colours I bought 4...

People keep saying to me that cloth nappies aren't as green as they seem. Does anyone have any figures? I'm sure they must be greener than disposables confused

gemma4d Sun 25-Mar-12 18:20:49

Environmental impact: Its all in how you look at it.

They did a study into cloth nappies and assumed that they were washed at 60 degrees, nappy covers washed SEPARATELY at 40 degrees, both with large doses of washing powder, and then all tumble dried. Turns out it was terrible for the environment (shock horror). Realistically more people wash everything at 40 with half a measure of washing powder and plenty even <brace yourself> line dry ! Can't be arsed to dig out the info I'm afraid, it was mentioned on all the big "nappy sites" (clothnappytree / twinkle on the web maybe?)

Does anyone have any info on the impact of water being taken out of general circulation by being locked into nappies which won't biodegrade for at least 500 years (in an anaerobic environment ie landfill)? Saw mention of it a while ago and have been meaning to google it.

I'm a wonderoo person by the way (after Kissaluv sz s0s). I would really like to try the new wonderoos but can't justify the expense - my current nappies are on their second child and still look like new.

swampster Sun 25-Mar-12 23:20:12

I think this is a link to the daft original Environment Agency report.

This study assumed that some people ironed their nappies. hmm

The less publicised revised study said:

"1) Unlike the previous study where 9.5 per cent of users were estimated to iron nappies, ERM has assumed there is no ironing in this assessment." Here.

Flawed Impact Studies Review - interesting opinion piece.

And here is Leo Hickman in the Grauniad.

Leo demolishes the Environment Agency report.

gemma4d Mon 26-Mar-12 19:59:43

<snort> errr.... but of course I iron my nappies... doesn't everyone? I always do them just before I iron my pot plants - can't stand crinkly microfibre OR crinkly leaves!

mummysmellsofsick Mon 26-Mar-12 21:56:25

Oh thanks Gemma and Swampster that's great <awards self green brownie points> Leo Hickman is great.

I'm mainly a Bum Genius mum myself (not sure how to chat about nappies, OP what kind of chat did you have in mind?)

swampster Mon 26-Mar-12 22:11:35

Oooh, mummysmellsofsick - can I call you MSS? Back in the day there used to be a very lively General Chat For Cloth Nappy Users thread that ran for quite a few threads. It was populated by a bunch of lunatic nappy whores addicted to the fluffy stuff really lovely people, of which I was one.

we talked about... errrrm... nappies! grin

There were some very prolific posters, many of whom I am still in touch with on FB and I have even met one in the flesh! My nappy days are almost over. My eldest is 8, youngest is 3 and only in nappies at night. Even my middle son who is almost 6 had his first dry night with no nappy/pull-up and no alarm last night.

There are some seriously nappy-addicted people out there - if you don't belive me go have a look on clothnappytree or clothnappyaddicts!

violetwellies Mon 26-Mar-12 22:20:03

Ooh oooh me, Please. I have an awful nappy addiction. Sadly ds will be an only or things would be a lot worse. I have loads of second hand nappies. And have only ever bought one new one. Do admit to biting half a dozen new, snap in boosters for my motherease, and a couple of new wraps, well maybe more than a couple of wraps grin

violetwellies Mon 26-Mar-12 22:22:34

Buying. Not biting bloody phone

swampster Mon 26-Mar-12 22:26:04

I have a shocking pile of nappies I really should rehome but I still love them. I am the Mr Trebus of Nappydom.

swampster Mon 26-Mar-12 22:26:25

Preferred biting.

mummysmellsofsick Tue 27-Mar-12 07:49:41

Yes swampster you may call me MSS smile

I lurked on the nappylady for the whole of August trying to decide which ones were the best before DS was born. If only I'd have had some nappy biting / loving friends like you ladies to talk to. I'm assuming you are ladies but my DH loves the nappies as much as I do so I shouldn't make assumptions really. I didn't fancy second hand for my pfb, although now I wouldn't mind.

swampster Tue 27-Mar-12 10:14:42

For second hand - aka preloved or even preshat - Cloth Nappy Tree is very good as is Natural Mamas which is primarily slings but has loads of other stuff and is a lovely forum. There's also The Used Nappy Company which suffers from a very ugly name )IMO) and is very slow to load.

For info and chat and loads of WAHM stuff there is also Cloth Nappy Addicts. I don't think preloved nappies feature there.

If you can handle the hunnies and glitzy tickers, Babycentre has some lively cloth chat and I'm sure Nethuns does too.

Be warned though, some of the nappy forums are very heavily policed and the moderators can seem somewhat overzealous to those used to the freedom that is Mumsnet.

swampster Tue 27-Mar-12 10:15:19

There are also various Facebook cloth groups.

mummysmellsofsick Tue 27-Mar-12 13:18:35

Ooh natural mamas is lovely. I'm going to wander off over there for a while... thanks swampster

violetwellies Wed 28-Mar-12 15:51:06

So how much greener are my pre loved nappies? And since Ive never owned or knowingly used a tumble drier, does that make me very virtuous orsimply okay.
tbh I don't get the separate wash thing as everything ds has worn tendsto go in together, sometimes his fathers underwear goes in as well grin

mummysmellsofsick Fri 06-Apr-12 20:45:30

violetwellies you are awesomely green. I award you some green wellies. Although my DH says washing your DH's underwear with nappies is manky grin

bagpuss Fri 06-Apr-12 22:31:15

Swampster grin.

Missing the cloth nappy chat thread on here. It stopped just over a year ago.

I am still happily clothing my dts who are 2.6 so have literally months left before daytime cloth is no more. I am happy to hang around and advise having spent far too much money on used a wide variety of different styles of nappy during my time.

swampster Sat 07-Apr-12 13:59:38

Well hello there Bagpuss!

I think the death of the cloth nappy chat was 4andnotout's littlest DD potty training. She was utterly dedicated to fluff. Oh, and treedelivery going back to work.

violetwellies Sat 07-Apr-12 21:05:12

Mummysmells, manky it definitely is, poor ds grin

SarryB Mon 02-Jul-12 13:52:11

Hey...I'm resurrecting this thread!

I've got a 10 week old LO, and so far just one pack of Flip nappies...but I can feel an obsession building! I have 6 wraps and 18 stay-dry microfibre inserts. But I need more! More I tell you!!

LeBFG Wed 04-Jul-12 09:46:43

There definately used to be a lot more interest in cloth nappies on here! I've resurrected my obession with cloth nappies after a break of 6 months or more - so I'll join you SarryB. No one else in RL understands!!! I've never used the Flips - does this system work well? I would worry about poo spillage. Do they go overnight too?

When DS was newborn (he was prem so didn't start cloths til he was 2mo), we used fitted two-part system (after hanging out too at Nappy Lady) bamboo Little Lambs and Bambinis from Nature Babies. I found the LL were a weird fit actually and the leaked a lot at night. Plus the elastic went very quickly.

Now DS is older (16m) and the size 1's above still fit (just) but the aplix rub his belly and thighs. I've recently splurged out on on second hand Diddy micros but annoyingly, they don't dry as quickly as I'd thought they would. Another splurge was 6 itti bittis which are fab - second hand again, and just over 6 quid each, really cheap (so smug). He sleeps in brand new Wizard Duos and these are really REALLY good.

SarryB Wed 04-Jul-12 13:18:48

The Flips are ok - I've found that the inserts do tend to shift about a bit as there's no poppers to hold them in place, but the poo is always contained within the cloth at least, which is a hell of a lot better than disposables!
They go quite well overnight - with just one insert, it will last around 5 hours. I've had only one leak so far, and that was when I was so bloody sleep deprived that I had done it up a bit too loose.

I certainly like the covers, and I think they'd work well with any cloth nappy like terry or prefolds - although I haven't tried flat nappies before.

I've just bought 3 eBay pocket cheapies, with 6 bamboo inserts - I think it was about £15 altogether. I do keep searching on eBay everyday for preloved bargains!

Kelbells Wed 04-Jul-12 19:00:36

Hello ladies,

Just marking my place and reading with interest... Not quite ready to join yet as my first DC isn't due until October so no experience to share until then. I've got some totsbots teenyfits, easyfits and bamboozles to start with (which are currently being prewashed as we speak) but I do see mixed reports of them so I can see a quest might be about to begin!!!

swampster Wed 04-Jul-12 23:18:07

I still love my fluff. Still on one nappy a night. And the new Easyfits are still my favourites. He can use a well-boosted one all night now he's not peeing so phenomenally much.

LeBFG Thu 05-Jul-12 07:12:51

The question is - do we ever want our DC's potty trained??

Sarry - I'd love to hear how the ebay cheapies go. Everytime I see them I think, umm, maybe try just one. But my frugal DH thinks they'll be a waste of money. I love the choice of covers too.

I remember being in your position Kelbells. I've just been looking back at DS's photos. He was such a chunk at 6-9mo. His legs filled out his nappies. Now he's so thin in comparison. I think babies, and thus nappy fits, change so much. Be prepared to buy in some different styles later on.

SarryB Thu 05-Jul-12 14:06:20

I agree lebfg - the choice of covers is ace! I've only got three, and they can be used as wraps for terries as well.

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Fri 06-Jul-12 00:01:37

The eBay cheapies are so cheap that it's not a huge loss if they don't work for you. I'm not impressed, though. We've had loads of pee leaks. I struggle to get them to fit my DD well. And the colour has run in the wash (all mine are minky ones). They're really bulky on my titch. They'rey last choice to put on her, although I'm hanging on to see of they fit her a bit better when she's bigger - I wonder if some of the pee leakage is because I struggle to get a good fit round the legs. I find solid nappies for her much better - with the exception of Real Easy nappies by Hip Hip Baby, which I loooooove (a love only equalled/rivalled by Easyfits V3 and Rumperooz).

LeBFG Fri 06-Jul-12 08:34:06

I've got the much more expensive Itti bitti D'lish snap-in-one. They are the large size but my DS only just fits into this range (he's 10kg). The fit around the tops of the legs with these types of nappies seems really important. For the moment, I don't think he's chubby enough as they also wick pee between the legs. So annoying! HOw old is your DD WicketKeeper? They change so much in the first 6-9 months. I definately found the fitted nappies best for containment early on.

The second hand Diddy micros I bought in part to have something quick to dry have turned out to be slow drying sad

Kazriina Fri 06-Jul-12 09:06:07

Oh can I join in?! I'm 38 weeks at the min with pfb, and after sticking up with several months on disposables decided to try reusables. I've bought just over 20 and a mix of lollipop, smartipanrs, tots bots, and fuzzi bunz with a eBay cheapy for good measure.

I'm praying I get on with them all as I hate waste and being wrong

Any advice for the newbie? grin

blossombath Fri 06-Jul-12 22:31:45

oh me too, I am starting a dangerous cycle of selling things on ebay purely in order to build up enough paypal credt to buy nappies...
Currently obsessing over motherease Wizard Duos - Nappy lady says they are great for night and so I'm -hoping- wondering if they will help to reduce the effects of my LO's 4month sleep regression.

also spending a lot of time googling wet nappy bags as need to get a good big one for holidays coming up. Are they all much of a muchness, or is it worth shelling out for a fancy one?

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Sat 07-Jul-12 00:35:21

LeBFG - she's 20 weeks. She's just a wee soul, though. Between 9th and 25th centile for weight and just 9th centile for length.

I've got a couple of Itti Bitti SIOs in medium, and they suit her reasonably well. I really like them for going out as they're so teeny in the changing bag! I've not had a single leak from 2 parters, and the AIOs and other pockets I've got so far have been pretty good too. The aplix ones are definitely better, other than the Real Easy, and I'm sure it's because I'm getting a better fit round the legs.

LeBFG Sat 07-Jul-12 08:21:35

Those Real Easy nappies look great Wicket...hummm, may have to think on that for a bit. Not too dear either. I found the motherease airflow wrap, which is poppered, a good fit because you alter the legs and waist separately.

I have some Wizard Duos blossom - they are GREAT. I only have the day inserts, but use them as night nappies with a bamboo booster between insert and wrap. They are really absorbant and at the moment they are my quickest drying nappy. I wouldn't consider buying a load as they are sooo expensive, although I reckon the resale value will be high.

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Sat 07-Jul-12 11:04:27

Le BFG - Rockabye Baby have Real Easys for half price just now grin. Not too many left but worth a look. I'm really impressed with them - there is never a red mark on DDs thighs from the elastic because of the fleecy lining extending out yet they're tight enough to fit and contain well. I like the edjustability of leg and waist separately, like in airflows. I was expecting into take an age to dry because of the hemp insert, but it's one of my quicker drying nappies. I have another 2 in the post from Rockabye Babies grin

blossombath Sat 07-Jul-12 11:29:21

Good to get another recommendation lebfg, might just get a few Wizards to be night only...but it is the price that puts me off - currently DS sleeps in bumbles bought from Ebay for approx £1 each, so would be a big investment. BUt if it means I can keep cloth-nappying at night and also sleeping, would be worth it.

Glad others find it tricky to get fit right - I seem to be constantly changing buttons and am never sure whether I've got it right.

kazriina I really like Fuzzi BUnz but it's hard to give advice cos each baby is so different (plus I;m still a relative newbie with a 17wo) but if one type doesn't suit your LO don't think of it as waste, just sell it on and invest in a new one...

SarryB Sat 07-Jul-12 11:47:26

Babies certainly are different!!

LO stayed in a Flip nappy all night - from 7pm till 7am.

blossombath Sat 07-Jul-12 12:18:59

sarry ds stays in the nappy and does sleep, but every time he wakes it takes him longer to get back to sleep and he seems to wake more in his bumble than the did the nights we had no clean nappies and put him in a disposable. I wonder if he notices the dampness when he's wriggling round going back to sleep.

But then it could be that he's just hungrier some nights than others, it's not like we can do a scientific check on cloth vs disposable cos he's ebf on demand so you never know exactly how much he's had...I'm essentially clutching at any straws that might help him sleep and also any excuse for a new nappy!

SarryB Sat 07-Jul-12 16:31:45

That's interesting - I suppose he would notice the damp more in a cloth. Does he complain when he has a wet nappy? My LO is not bothered at all by a wet or dirty nappy, which is why I change 3 hourly as a rule. He wouldn't let me know when he's wet.

blossombath Sat 07-Jul-12 17:13:21

he doesn't really mind wet nappies in day - some he seems to notice more (ie a teddy he notices cos I think it feels wet quicker, but a fuzzi bunz or bumgenius he can be in for hours). Maybe it's the bulk of the superstuffed bumble he objects to, or maybe the motherease wrap annoys him (he does seem to have a red mark on tummy many mornings.

I tried fleece wraps to be softer on his skin but they didn't seem to really work as soon as any pressure is applied to them so I can't imagine they'd work overnight?
or maybe I really am clutching at straws and need to think of another reason for buying new nappies....maybe as a treat for his 4month birthday??

StellaAndFries Sat 07-Jul-12 17:21:06

Omg I have been name checked on a thread grin I was 4andnotout and somewhat obsessive about fluff grin having dd3 and dd4 13 months apart was fantastic for nappy co ordination, I was slightly obsessive about them wearing the same itti colour at the same time and they had to be stored in correct rainbow order blush

However dd4 toilet trained at 2 which was over a year ago now and there will be no more dc for me. I have other obsessions to spend my money on now grin

Oh gosh, I'd forgotten about this one!!

We're still a tad obsessed in our house <ignores piles of nappies threatening to take over>.

SarryB Sat 07-Jul-12 21:05:02

It's scary isn't it....I have to remind myself that we have plenty of other things we need to buy first! But I just can't resist looking.

For those that like Bitti Tutti, Babipur have got some on offer:

LeBFG Sun 08-Jul-12 13:08:54

Feeling a right numpty - yesterday I washed my lovely bamboos with a red dress...

I've done this sort of thing before (I'm crap at this sort of thing tbh)...but I was hoping the dress was old enough not to run. Any ideas on how to fix? I'm hoping repeated washing and line-drying will fix them eventually.

Any other experiences with wool wraps anyone? I've seen a real cuty one on Cuddlebabes.

swampster Sun 08-Jul-12 13:36:34

StellaAndFries??? I miss those days!

MrsJamin Sun 08-Jul-12 13:38:14

Hi everyone, do you know where is best to sell "preloved" second hand nappies now? I have a big stash of Itti Bitti D'Lishes to sell and Cloth Nappy Tree have just closed their classified forums sad

MrsJammin Cloth bum Mums on FB or the preloved section on natural Mamas. There is quite a few FSOT groups that are very popular these days.

I'll get a few links when I get on the laptop.

MrsJamin Sun 08-Jul-12 14:35:55

Great - found the other thread about the demise of clothnappytree and they said about some FB groups as well. Is it bad form to post the same nappies to various different groups?

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Sun 08-Jul-12 14:39:05

LeBFG - how about Dr Beckman colour run remover?

MrsJammin - there are a few FB groups. Have a look at Preloved Cloth Nappies or For Sale - Preloved Cloth Nappies and Accessories (the latter seems to get much more traffic)

LeBFG Mon 09-Jul-12 10:36:06

Thanks for the recommendation Wicket. I'm hoping a one-off treatment won't damage the nappies.

What a pity about clothnappytree. It filled a niche. The fb groups aren't the same (I live in the stoneage though)

SarryB Mon 09-Jul-12 11:17:21

I just received my Cheeky Wipes in the post, and I'm impressed with them so far. I just got the mini kit, which has wipes, a clean box, a clean bag for going out and some oil drops.

How do I get poo stains out? I don't have a garden, so I dry indoors on a clothes horse.

LookAtHerGo Mon 09-Jul-12 11:25:16

Oooh. Hello everyone. Another cloth nappy lover here. We're using little lambs on DD (10mth) and I'm pg with number 2 so will be getting loads of use out of them! grin DD is only a teeny tot so still has a long way to go before we need the size 2

StellaAndFries Mon 09-Jul-12 11:28:22

SarryB just putting the nappies on the airer infront of the window should help with the nappy stains, in winter I quite often had nappies on the windowsills to grab as much UV light as possible!

blossombath Mon 09-Jul-12 11:34:06

agree windows and window sills great for stains, and I love my cheeky wipes sarry did you get the lavender and chamomile drops? I love the smell, but wonder if it will be strong enough to still overpower the poo when DS is on solids hmm

LookAtHerGo which type of little lambs do you use? Nappy lady has them on offer at the moment and was thinking of getting some microfibre ones but not sure how absorbent they would be. Oh and congrats on being pg, when are you due?

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Mon 09-Jul-12 12:20:40

I really like the microfibre LLs (I indulged in the sesame yesterday!). I find them pretty absorbent for my wee pee-er and haven't ha a leak yet. Also, I like having a mix of different types and having a few rapid dryers to hand.

LeBFG Mon 09-Jul-12 14:41:15

DS was born in March last year and I had researched to death all the nappies, priced them up etc. Now I've been looking again, I can't believe how cheap some of the nappies are and all the wonderful new modern materials. I'm in shock awe with the choice. There's something for everyone.

If I had my buying time again I would buy more variety to begin with. Would have more nappies that dry quickly. Would have bought more poppered nappies and wraps. Would have moved over to SIO or AIOs sooner.

Can't wait to start again with next DC! I shall definately need some XS sandy's.

LookAtHerGo Mon 09-Jul-12 15:08:02

blossom we have the microfibre and the bamboo ones. Use bamboo for the night as a rule, she went through a very wet phase a while back where we needed 2 boosters, but now using 1 and no leaks. Next one is due in February, at that worrying waiting for the scan stage, next week, keeping fingers firmly crossed.

I love the LLs, they aren't mega bulky, easy to put on and my DP does the washing wink we couldn't use them initially as they seemed to swamp my LO, but she was only 6lb9 born, but they've been great. We've already got the size 2 nappies ready, bought a load when they were on offer.

SarryB Mon 09-Jul-12 21:59:03

blossom, I got the mandarin drops, they smell lovely.

I got my eBay cheapies today, they came with very thin bamboo inserts which I have very little faith in. But the nappies themselves seem lovely, they're very soft both inside and out. LO is currently sleeping in one, so we'll see how it's held up when I wake him for his next feed.

blossombath Tue 10-Jul-12 09:33:42

hmmm, so now the decision is whether to invest in some LLS and new wraps before our holiday (want a few more nappies so I can wash every third day while away) or a wizard duo for the night time....

btw can anyone recommend any good wraps apart from motherease and tots bots?

sarryb how was DS in the ebay cheapie?

fingers crossed for scan lookather, takes me back to this time nearly a year ago when I had just found out I was pregnant with DS - can't wait to be pg again, if only to buy some newborn nappies.

thanks for advice lebfg, I always waver between wanting to use SIO and AIOs lots and somehow feeling they are cheating - guess cos my sister used two parters with her boys thats what I'm used to and what I think of as 'real' nappies. But I do love an AIO for going out and about.

LeBFG Tue 10-Jul-12 09:39:07

How were the nappies sarryb? They sound lovely.

I love my LL wraps blossombath. They are lovely and stretchy - I like the bold colours - never leaked either. I even prefer the fit to motherease rikkis.

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Tue 10-Jul-12 18:56:27

blossom, I'm not keen on the Totsbots wraps (prefer gusseted legs) or LL ones (leave red marks on my chunky-thighed DD) but I really like the Thirsties Duo one I have. I think the sizing is off a bit - it seems really pretty small - but works brilliantly. I'm also waiting on a Bummis superbrite on recommendation, which also has leg gussets and has soft lining round the leg elastic.

SarryB Tue 10-Jul-12 23:47:19

The eBay Cheapies...surprisingly good! I used a Flip microfibre insert instead of the very thin bamboo one that came with them, and it lasted about 3 hours.
They are a bit loose around his thigh, so I'm expecting a leak at some point. They washed well, and didn't take long to dry either. I'll test them overnight at some point, and we haven't done the poo containment test either!

LeBFG Thu 12-Jul-12 08:37:10

They sound great Sarry. Keep us updated. I may well have to trial a few!

We've had a wet patch and, as we've no source of heating (other than the oven), I moved over to disposables for a day. It was a good reminder - DS always develops a red bottom within hours of wearing disposables, I used to use barrier cream every day. Cloths are soooo good. Fortunately, he's back in them today so redness should clear up.

The red's come out of my nappies (great phew of relief - thanks again Wicket)

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Thu 12-Jul-12 12:18:58

Oh, I'm glad it worked! smile

DD is the same - proper sensitive bum. We've just been in disposables for a week on holiday and she's been bright red the whole time. A couple of cloth nappies later and happy days grin

SarryB Thu 12-Jul-12 12:24:41

Okay, more on the eBay Cheapies. LO spent the whole night in one, with a Flip microfibre insert, from about 10pm till 7am. No leaks! The inside layer remained really dry, aside from one spot at the front, which is brilliant considering the insert was absolutely wringing wet!
He did have red marks on the front of his thighs though, and his bum crack was full of fluff from the inside layer.

These are the ones I've bought:

LeBFG Thu 12-Jul-12 14:06:03

Sarry, did you buy bamboo nappies too and with the minky or PUL cover?

notcitrus Thu 12-Jul-12 14:33:20

Hello, was going to ask about best place to sell, but that's been covered. Unless any of you need some lovely totsbots and other wraps for newborns? smile

Dd is 5 months and just outgrown all the size 1 nappies. She's mainly wearing Mothereases which have been on 5 babies before her, including ds. So very Eco friendly despite weather meaning I've tumble dried nappies for the first time ever - house was smelling of damp clothes!

I love MEs and similar. I have never had a poo leak incident with them, so suspect they save on clothes laundry compared to disposables!

SarryB Thu 12-Jul-12 14:48:37

lebfg - just the PUL ones - they came with 2 thin bamboo inserts each. I liked the prints better for a boy. I may buy a couple of the minky or bamboo ones too, but have to wait for payday smile

I've also been looking at a couple of other sellers on eBay. There's a Chinese seller who has sales that you bid on, starting at 99p for 65 (yes, 65!) nappies with 65 inserts! They have smaller amounts too.

blossombath Fri 13-Jul-12 09:09:24

Thanks for update sarry, that's pretty good performance, though I smile at the thought of your LO's bum all full of fluff!

wicket do you (or anyone else) use the Thirsties duo nappie? Seems a shame to get a wrap without the matching nappy...

LO is just on the edge of size1/2 for most nappies so I'm in a bit of limbo - don't want to buy him any more size 1s, but the wait for Size2 is just giving me more to research options and then can't decide which I prefer.

thinking of putting nappies on my birthday and christmas list this year. I think this makes me officially a cloth-loser

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Fri 13-Jul-12 10:41:59

grin at nappies on your Christmas list!

No, I haven't used Thirsties nappies. I quite like mixing and matching wraps!

SarryB Fri 13-Jul-12 10:45:40

I've only used one-size nappies so far, as I really don't want to have to buy ones in bigger sizes. Plus, if I have another baby in a year or so, the nappies will be interchangeable between the two.

blossombath Mon 16-Jul-12 10:30:48

Yeah most of my nappies are one size sarry, it's the wraps and these much coveted Wizard Duos that are sized and annoying me.

This weekend we tried the Real Easy nappy from Hip Hip, on wicket's recommendation - brilliant on the dryness test but no poo testing so far.
However am am sticking to two parters for a bit after a classic poo leak this weekend when we tried a new liner which didn't quite fit the Easyfit nappy and LO smeared a big semi circle of poo round his play-mat whilst practicing his roll/wriggle moves.

Today he has made it right round onto his tummy <proud mum of PFB>

LookAtHerGo Fri 20-Jul-12 07:46:55

So you know I mentioned I'm pregnant....

Well it's twins!

Lol. That's going to require a LOT more nappies!

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Fri 20-Jul-12 09:03:15

Wow! Congratulations!

ValiumQueen Mon 23-Jul-12 10:32:10

Permission to join please?

I have used washables for my first two - fuzzibunz, the old style in separate sizes. Only used them until about 1 year as nursery would not use them. They now do, so I plan to reuse for DC3, due in October.

I may treat myself to some new ones, so looking for ideas. Particularly needing tips for night time, as mine were such heavy wetters I resorted to pampers overnight at about 6months.

DD2 is 2, and I am on mat leave already, so thinking of putting her back in cloth too.

I have just broken my leg though, so will not be doing it until out of plaster.

SarryB Sun 29-Jul-12 13:06:26

Update on the eBay Cheapies...LO did a poo in one yesterday! He poos very infrequently (maybe once every 5/6 days), so they do tend to be a bit big when they do come! It ended up coming out of one leg hole. I think that if his legs filled the holes better, it wouldn't have exploded out. It didn't come out of the back either (classic problem with disposables). I haven't had wee leak out of them yet.

At night (7pm till 7am) I've been using a Flip cover, with a microfibre insert and a bamboo booster underneath. Works a treat!

blossombath Mon 30-Jul-12 16:30:22

Oh congratulations LookAtHerGo, how exciting. I would love to have twins, even though my DH says we can barely cope with one at a time. And a wonderful excuse to buy lots of cute newborn nappies smile

Valium I use bumbles at night, boosted with a variety of boosters with a motherease airflow wrap. However I also just got a Real Easy nappy from Hip Hip Baby (on advice of this thread) and found it good for night, too. The medium is a bit big for my LO so I can get an extra booster in, though the sewn in ones are pretty good anyway.

I'm just back from a week away by the sea and all my nappies are pristine white from drying on outdoor lines in the sun. Seems a shame to put them on again. Have also nearly sold my ebay items so have approx £30 to spend on new nappies now...deciding between Wizards, Real Easies and Thirsties. Anyone care to help me decide?

ValiumQueen Tue 31-Jul-12 11:20:57

My head is buzzing as there are so many to choose from now!

I have bought ten Little Lamb Bamboo nappies in size 2 via a special offer, plus ten bamboo boosters and 4 wraps. I have done the pre-washing, and am waiting for them to dry. I think the drying will be the issue. The Fuzzis dry so quickly. The wraps are described as bomb proof. I have put two nappies in the dryer with other clothes as I want to use them tonight.

My initial thoughts are that drying will be an issue, they smell a bit funny but the instructions said not to use powder, and they are bulky. Very soft though, and look pretty absorbent. The fleece liners are scrummy! I hope they stay that soft after washing. DD2 wanted to put them on as soon as they arrived, and cried when they went in the washer, so I hope she will like them as much tonight. I plan to use them overnight with an extra booster. Very excited.

Off to read the thread in its entirety.

ValiumQueen Tue 31-Jul-12 13:22:19

blossom I think I would go for Wizard Duo. If you find a good offer I would be interested in the link. They are pricy, but I guess they are still fairly new. The prints seem fairly limited though. I can only see two, plus white.

ValiumQueen Thu 02-Aug-12 15:45:46

The blueberries are lovely. Just ordered a cow print one. Am I the only addict here? My name is VQ and I am a nappy addict.

Wants3 Thu 02-Aug-12 16:06:32

I have a 10 week old and have been using gnappies for 9 weeks. They have just bought out a union jack wrap which I am resisting ATM! I have a White tots bots that I use occasionally but DH doesn't like the nylon feel. What is similar but softer?
I do not know anyone in RL that uses reusables so can I be in your gang?smile

ValiumQueen Thu 02-Aug-12 16:08:42

Hi wants it is a bit quiet here at the moment, and my experience is very limited. The union jack wrap sounds fab!

ValiumQueen Thu 02-Aug-12 16:11:39

Twenty quid and sold out <<faints>>

Wants3 Thu 02-Aug-12 21:58:10

I love my cheeky wipes. We have had no nappy rash at all using cloth.

Wants3 Thu 02-Aug-12 22:00:20

Valium that makes my decision then!

Belmo Thu 02-Aug-12 22:21:20

Ooh me please! Has anyone's baby grown out of birth to pottys?! We've been using motherease and tots bots, very happily, but at eleven bloody months she's grown out of them! Not sure what to look for next, and can't really afford to buy new. Might have to put the baby on a diet.

ValiumQueen Fri 03-Aug-12 13:46:09

belmo the Tots Bots website say the birth to potty nappies are so of most babies, but not all. It does seem odd that at 11 months she has grown out of them, but it could be she is waiting on a little growth spurt and will fit in them very soon. Is she very large in the bottoms or thigh or tummy department? Is it perhaps that you just do not like putting them on tightly? How about emailing them? Have you tried any other nappies?

My DD is 2.3 yrs old, and weighs 12.5kg. I have just bought Little Lamb Bamboos and they are plenty big enough. The tabs meet nicely in the middle, and she has a fat bum (family trait)

After seeing your post I have spent the last two hours researching totsbots nappies. I quite like the look of the easyfit ones.

Kelbells Fri 03-Aug-12 18:03:13

Oh dear, my little one doesn't arrive until October but I've already got obsessed with cloth nappies! I have a massive stash consisting of teenyfits (incompetent cervix so good chance he'll be early), easyfits, bumgenius freetime, bumgenius organic, little lamb cotton, little lamb bamboo, bamboozles for nighttime, extra bamboo boosters, motherease and blueberry wraps, terry wipes, bamboo wipes, homemade fleece liners and wipes from an old blanket, little patch wet bags (check them out if you haven't seen them, they're gorgeous!). Some of them are preloved, a few are new or washed only... I have been sourcing offers and cheap ebay buys..... I really need to stop now otherwise I'll spend the same on these as I would disposables!!! But can't stop looking at reviews and forums! God help me! Anyone else obsessed???? hmm

Kelbells Fri 03-Aug-12 18:07:27

P.S Bumgenius Organic on offer: £10 instead of £17.95 at fluff heaven at the moment... They seem to have awesome reviews wherever I look... Does anyone have any experience with these?

ValiumQueen Fri 03-Aug-12 18:10:49

kelbells I thought I had a problem grin

Kelbells Fri 03-Aug-12 18:27:49

Oh dear grin <scuttles off to find a counsellor in the yellow pages>

ValiumQueen Fri 03-Aug-12 18:57:36

I wish I had bought more in the little lamb sale. Really pleased with the bamboos and want microfibre now! Now I say!

Belmo Sat 04-Aug-12 08:40:57

Valium she's 13.5kg! And most of that is in the thighs! I think she'll quite possibly grow back into them when she starts walking, so I don't know if I should get bigger nappies or just stick her in disposables for a bit. You're probably right about not wanting to put them on too tight as well. I've had a google and Real Easy nappies look brilliant for v fat babies, just need to hope someone wants to sell some second hand!

Belmo Sat 04-Aug-12 08:42:39

Wow Kelbells!

ValiumQueen Sat 04-Aug-12 09:16:12

Wow belmo I think your DD will be back in them once she is walking and slimmed out a bit. I have no idea how much mine weighed at that age as she was last weighed by the midwife, and last week when I was looking at double pushchairs. I would buy a few bigger nappies, quick drying but not too many so wash daily, otherwise it would be a big outlay. How about terries as a cheaper option for a while? If you go to disposables, it may be easier to stay in them, which would be both a shame and expensive. What size clothes is she in?

ValiumQueen Sat 04-Aug-12 09:19:33

Tesco points can be used for nappies in the exchange. There are Tots Bots stretch bamboo ones, and you could then get a couple of funky blueberry wraps, but the bamboo would need tumble drying possibly.

ValiumQueen Sat 04-Aug-12 13:35:39

Exchanging the vouchers online took ages and I was in tears as it kept crashing and then I kept getting my password rejected then my address etc etc. Grr! Anyway I now have on the way to me two mini packs of tots bots bamboozle stretch in size 2 which each have five nappies and a wrap in, plus four easyfits - three pretty flower ones and one while one. Again size 2. 14 nappies for £70 worth of vouchers. Not bad I reckon. Hope they are good. Hope to send DD to nursery with the easyfits and use bamboo when out and about and at home.

ValiumQueen Sat 04-Aug-12 13:41:27

kelbels what blueberry prints did you get? I have a cow on order.

Kelbells Sat 04-Aug-12 14:48:32

VQ What an awesome deal! Worth the hassle by the sound of it! Wish I hadn't spent all my tesco vouchers... Wasn't aware of the double points for things!
I actually received my blueberry coverall just this morning, it's the giraffe print - seriously cute! I'm coveting the cow print... (And the owls)... So very jealous but will hold off from getting another one until I see how well it stops leaks.. I hear they can be a bit style over substance vs the rikki... But sometimes style just has to win! grin Do the covers need washing before use or can you just chuck them on?!

Belmo grin Have you thought about asking the nappy lady for advice on the fitting of the tots bots/motherease? I've found her really helpful and super knowledgable each time I've asked for advice, I think she's pretty much seen it all grin

ValiumQueen Sat 04-Aug-12 15:15:11

The wraps do not need washing before use. I have heard wonderful things about blueberries so I hope it is good. I will let you know how I get on. I will be having my baby last week of october as will be an elective section. I think I paid £11.50 for the cover.

I have a girl in nappies and expecting a boy so have to restrain myself with the pretty ones as you cannot put a boy in a pink flowery nappy. My girl will hopefully soon be potty trained too. All my nappies are pretty much birth to potty and as the wraps do not need to be washed after each use I can get less but get nice ones IYKWIM.

Wants3 Sat 04-Aug-12 15:54:52

Ok, I am still assessing my nighttime nappy situation. Do I go for a few tots bots easy fit (using Tesco vouchers )or should I just go for some fleece boosters to put in the gnappy? Also if I go for the bamboo tots bots do I have to buy TB covers? TIA

ValiumQueen Sat 04-Aug-12 16:12:19

If you get the mini pack from Tesco of the bamboo ones, it includes 1 wrap anyway. The easyfit are not as absorbent. You can use any wrap with the bamboo ones. May be cheaper to buy some bamboo boosters for your regular nappies though. Not sure fleece would help with absorbency. Wraps do not need washing every time, unless soiled. It will take a while for me to get used to that. You may still need to boost the bamboo for overnight. I do with my little lambs, but my DD does wee for Scotland.

ValiumQueen Sat 04-Aug-12 16:14:15

I am pretty sure tots bots do both wraps and easyfits in jubilee. I am tempted myself.

Wants3 Sat 04-Aug-12 16:51:36

Ok, I think it will be boosters for now. Where's the best place to get them?
Sorry, I am the question queen today!smile

ValiumQueen Sat 04-Aug-12 16:56:10

I got mine from Little lambs but I will have a quick google.

Kelbells Sat 04-Aug-12 16:58:01

wants I think totsbots recommend their bamboozle stretch for wearing overnight rather than the easyfit, they certainly did when I was at their stand during the baby show.... I bought some for overnight and they gave me totsbots covers to go with them but I've bought motherease rikkis and a blueberry coverall as their containment is supposed to be much better than the tots bots! You'll only need a couple of wraps if you just need them overnight?

Kelbells Sat 04-Aug-12 16:59:22

I've heard little lamb are good too... I bought mine from the nappy lady and have seen them fairly cheaply going on eBay.

ValiumQueen Sat 04-Aug-12 17:11:38

Look to spend about £7 for 5, or £12 for 10. Nappy Lady has them for sale 10 for £9.99 but only free postage over £10, fill your pants have free postage but no cheaper. eBay you can buy individual ones for a couple of quid, but you will need a few as they take a while to dry. You may find a better deal.

ValiumQueen Sat 04-Aug-12 17:14:44

About wraps, rikki are sized, but blueberry are universal. That makes it a winner for me.

blossombath Sun 05-Aug-12 09:17:45

Thanks for pointing out Fluff Heaven Kellbells, they have some great offers. The little lamb and blueberry bundle might be of interest to you valium?

Belmo, the Nappy Lady recommends Mio Solos for big babies, might be possible to find some pre-loved somewhere?

Has anyone tried Flip disposable inserts? Thinking of trying them as we're off to visit SIL in Germany soon, and won't have much space in luggage for big cloth nappies. Fluff heaven has a trial kit for £25, but that still seems a lot given I actually do have nappies, and I could just buy disposables on offer in tescos if I really can't fit the cloth in...

So question is, will the Flip wraps work on other nappies, and are the inserts any good??

ValiumQueen Sun 05-Aug-12 10:13:14

I will have a look blossom thank you.

I think the disposable inserts are pretty expensive personally. What I have done in the past is cut the pad out of value nappies and used them when on holiday. The value ones are a lot better now ( mostly) as not so plasticky. The Sainsburys ones are good.

ValiumQueen Sun 05-Aug-12 10:26:49

It would still be cheaper to buy the equivalent from the nappy lady, and considering I got ten bamboo little lambs for £30 in their sale recently.... Also their BOGOF offer on the blueberries is more expensive than the nappy lady. Thank you for thinking of me though. I am on the look out for microfibre little lambs and more blueberries. I love the dinosaur cover!

I guess I should get my Fuzzis listed. I will save the smalls for the first few weeks until he fits the lambs and tots properly, as they are good for sizing around skinny legs.

ValiumQueen Sun 05-Aug-12 13:29:57

I like the look of the flip training pants, but at £27 seems pretty pricy. Comes with three inserts, but even so...

blossombath Sun 05-Aug-12 19:05:54

Oh yes I forgot about the Nappy Lady offer on LL. Do you just put the disposable pads in a pocket nappy of some sort?

ValiumQueen Sun 05-Aug-12 19:11:40

Perhaps it is worth a try at home before you go, but I would think so. I put them in Fuzzis, but they still needed washing each time. If you have a flip wrap or a blueberry I am sure they would do fine and just need a wipe mostly.

I really like the look of the flip nappies, but I think I have enough to be going on with.

I have read up more about microfibre LLs, and decided against them as they seem to need changing 2 hrly, so I will use the bamboos and tumble if I need them. Or more likely get more when sale is next on.

Kelbells Mon 06-Aug-12 06:46:34

VQ did you like the look of the LL microfibre because of the drying time? If so, have you looked at the bumgenius v4.0 (pocket) or the freetime (aio)? They're both supposed to be super fast drying (wash in the morning, dry by the afternoon on an airer) and I've got a couple of friends who absolutely swear by them and they can apparently go 3hrs + with the bg boosters and longer if you chuck a bamboo booster in there. Not cheap but worth keeping an eye out for on offer?.. Although I did get a v4 on eBay in great condition for £4!

Kelbells Mon 06-Aug-12 06:47:45

Ps... Apologies for the multitudes of 'ands' in that's way too early for me smile

ValiumQueen Mon 06-Aug-12 08:04:00

Thank you kel I was wanting fast dry ones, but as DD is a heavy wetter they need to be absorbent too. I really want something interchangeable with the wraps I have, and not too pricy. I would rather not get more pockets or aio's. I have 4 aio's on order so if they work well I may get more.

I do think aio's are best for nursery, and they change them far too often anyway. At set times, not when wet like we would with bigger children. She is only at nursery mornings usually, so 4 should be enough. When we are out and about I need a reliable nappy. For the little one I plan to use Fuzzis until he drenches them as I do love them so!

Off to look at bum genius and freetime nappies. I am also gonna look at pads for the Fuzzis. I made my own before out of microfibre cloths from pound land. Probably not the best there is eh?

You have really got it bad haven't you kel. I dreamed that I designed a new fabric that was so thin, so absorbent and dried in minutes, and managed to overtake Tots Bots in popularity! It smelled of strawberries too, even when soiled! I wish!

Wants3 Mon 06-Aug-12 17:33:56

I almost used my Tesco vouchers to get a couple of packs of tots bots but had a quick look on amazon first.I found a couple of cool all in ones by canny mums in the sale so I now have 4 nappies in my amazon basket and I can't decide what to go for. DH is a one nappy man but I quite like the idea of collecting different ones as baby has a good 2 1/2-3 years use out of them. We like to have different underwear so I think babies should too! I think I might be getting addicted to fluff

ValiumQueen Mon 06-Aug-12 17:52:55

My Tesco parcel has just arrived. No instructions with the Tots Bots so have put the Bamboozles on for pre-washes, and easy fit is on DD2 already. She is due a poo so I used the white ones rather than the flower ones. Not sure if they need pre-washing or not. I guess not as not bamboo. Time will tell I guess. Easy fit is very slim fitting.

ValiumQueen Mon 06-Aug-12 17:53:30

wants resistance is futile. You are addicted for sure!

ValiumQueen Mon 06-Aug-12 18:14:47

Oops, apparently they have bamboo and microfibre in them, and should be pre-washed 10 times. Sod that! They are lovely, and part of me wishes I had bought more easyfits, but I know the bamboo will be good, and these have yet to prove themselves. Pretty is not enough. They have to do the job too.

Not impressed by the nappy lady as apparently my card has been declined. I ordered them days ago, but she did not mail me until yesterday, and by the time I had re-entered my details, she was closed until Friday as moving. I want my blueberry now! Grr!

ValiumQueen Mon 06-Aug-12 18:16:36

The tots bots wrap in the bamboozle pack looks pretty feeble, and no gusset. It looks really cheap and nasty.

blossombath Mon 06-Aug-12 21:45:44

Ladies (and possibly men), how do you store these huge nappy stashes? We have a rather crowded nursery/spare room set up, and am currently using a collection of ikea cloth box things stacked up on shelves but any other ideas would be welcome as we're about to do a re-jig of the room.

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Tue 07-Aug-12 00:18:36

As of last weekend I have a fluff towergrin
Ikea CD rack tucked in a handy nook beside the changing table in DD2's room. I could squeeze 3 in each slot, I reckon but the size of my current stash plus the fact that there are always some in the wash means that I only need a maximum of 2 in at the moment. It looks fab! And much less of a ball ache that going in and out of a drawer all the time.

ValiumQueen Tue 07-Aug-12 07:58:22

Oh wicket what a good idea! As my DD is 2 she is changed downstairs, so I have a nappy box (Johnson one) that is on a shelf with the changing mat, and I have a couple in there at all times. I leave the others on the airer as they do not have a proper home. They are mostly bamboo so take forever to dry. I have a broken leg so cannot be up and down the stairs.

With my new baby I will have a similar set-up to wicket as I have an Ikea CD rack gathering dust.

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Tue 07-Aug-12 09:47:41


fudge74 Sat 11-Aug-12 21:23:45

i'm joining in this thread after spending all my feeding time last night reading it from the start! I've been lucky enough to have been given a great collection of real nappies for my DD, having lent and lost a lot of the smaller ones I used for my two boys. Amongst these hand me downs were a few different makes of pocket nappies, and now I'm hooked! Wanted more FuzziBuns but they are dear, so I bought a couple of cheap ones from EBay. Tried the first of these this afternoon, a printed popper nappy from Babyworld3000 (£2.68 inc postage) and it was great! Lasted from 4 till 9 with no wee leaks - yay!

ValiumQueen Sun 12-Aug-12 10:10:24

Wow fudge that is a bargain! Especially if it works! I must admit I think I like my Fuzzis best. I just need to find them in the junk room and try them with better inserts. Things have changed a lot in 6 years. I am glad I bought some new different varieties though, but not liking the aplix much, and I like how poo pops off the Fuzzis. I have 24 bamboos on the go at the moment, but having to wash daily in order to get them dry. I am also not liking wiping the wraps and reusing. They still smell of wee! I have six wraps so washing them daily too.

As I will soon have two in nappies, I think my Fuzzis and easyfits will do fine for day, and both in bamboo at night, and I will have a good system. With two I would need to wash daily anyway.

What do you put in your Fuzzis? I have microfibre pads and will boost with bamboo.

PurplePidjin Sun 12-Aug-12 10:31:16


I've started already for pfb due early December! I've amassed a varied collection of second hand fitteds and cotton/PUL wraps, a mate is sending me some terries and knitting me a soaker from some wool i bought, now i just need a baby bum to fluff up!

Actually, i need to get boosters too. And some <shudder> sposies for my mum to use wink And a bucket. And nice smelling oil. And net bags. And groovy outers. And and and...


ValiumQueen Sun 12-Aug-12 10:44:37

<<waves back>>

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and discovering fluff! Before my first was born I spent some time practicing on my teddy ( the shame ) and it was wonderful when DD1 arrived and I could put them on a real person! Never tried wool soakers. Not sure I like the idea of washing them so infrequently. I have heard they are ace. Maybe your mum will come round to washables?

PurplePidjin Sun 12-Aug-12 13:47:32

Thanks thanks i think she'll convert, but i might need some funky aio's to convince her with! A good friend has had three of her four dc in fluff and wool and is a complete addict. I shall try the wool and see how it goes at least for over night.

fudge74 Sun 12-Aug-12 14:24:21

yes valiumqueen - i've thought the same about how things have changed - my ds1 is 10 tomorrow and so i've not done any nappy research since then!
the cheapies are very similar to fuzzis coz they are the kind i like best - hate the nature baby stuffables! tried the cheap one from yellowmoon this am (£4.49 inc 2 mf inserts) and it was also v good, though yesterday's was a better fit (3 poppers rather than 2). i've been stuffing with a wide mf, with a smaller bamboo (little lamb i think). really chuffed - now need to sell off some of the odds so i can add to my stash!

fudge74 Sun 12-Aug-12 14:26:45

ps - purple i recommend getting the pocket aios for your mum to use - they are just as easy as disposables and i'm going over to them to avoid those probs tha hubs and other helpers get with two part systems! Wraps falling off, etc...

PurplePidjin Sun 12-Aug-12 14:45:59

Fudge, i showed her some and she's pretty nearly convinced. When i was tiny she chose sposies over cloth because of the faff of folding and the nadty plastic pants. Now there's such a good range of fitteds and covers are modern, i think she'll convert easily.

Although, any excuse...

Ps if you fancy destashing nb size boys, pm me wink

ValiumQueen Sun 12-Aug-12 15:45:05

fudge I had a look at the Babyworld3000 cheapies and they seem pretty good. I really should not get any more though. I need to find the Fuzzis! I have a broken leg at the moment and 29 weeks pregnant so the thought of emptying the spare room to find them is a bit daunting. I need to get it fit for a little person though, and I could eBay some stuff to buy more fluff....<< Ponders>>

What pattern did you get? And what is all this 'minky' all about??

I first bought washables nearly 7 years ago, and the advice then was to wet pail with tea tree oil, which I hated.

PurplePidjin Sun 12-Aug-12 16:07:13

<boak> Poo soup, apparently!

ValiumQueen Sun 12-Aug-12 16:59:19

I did rinse them first, but yes, poo soup.

fudge74 Mon 13-Aug-12 22:20:41

hi purple - i'll have a look at what i've got in smaller but i think the small size is mostly little lamb bamboo nappies, with two or three stuffables - i'll get back on that tmrw.
valium - poor you with a broken leg! <omg we've just had a bbq birthday party for ds1 and i the heavens have just opened!!! - what timing!> i got a plain green one (no 37), there are only 9 choices in poppered normal ones. minky is NEW to me too - it looks like a fluffy fleece type outer, rather luxurious! the choices we get these days! i want to throw away all my saved grey scratchy stiff old towelling shaped nappies and start again!!
is it possible to put a pic into a post? if so, i'll take a pic of the cheapy one.

fudge74 Mon 13-Aug-12 22:22:40

oh and i've always dry pailed using mesh bag, no oil just kept lid on! and they go straight in wash with the other laundry on 30 degrees!

PurplePidjin Mon 13-Aug-12 22:28:40

Sounds like what I've already got - and terry shaped is definitely familiar and sitting in my airing cupboard awaiting a boil wash nearer the time!

fudge74 Mon 13-Aug-12 22:35:20

i really need to learn how to sell things on ebay .....!

PurplePidjin Mon 13-Aug-12 22:46:46

I get my dad to do it, he's a whizz! Goes through his paypal and he gives me the cash minus fees or buys more stuff for me grin

I really shouldn't have joined the preloved nappy group my mate invited me to on farcebook. Soooooooo tempting!

ValiumQueen Tue 14-Aug-12 08:34:42

I threw away a lot of my handmade microfibre inserts as they were very bulky and I have enough other ones now. I also have a one life trial pack that I did not like as it was so bulky, and some bambino Mio wraps and pre folds. Hated them.

My blueberry wrap arrived yesterday. Love! Love! Love! As does DD. little owls. Wanted cow, but that was sold out.

ValiumQueen Tue 14-Aug-12 08:36:38

I have never washed with other clothes. I always wash pooey clothes separately, and how do you get over the 'use less powder and no conditioner' requirements?

PurplePidjin Tue 14-Aug-12 08:50:25

I wondered if i could make my own, do i just buy microfibre cleaning cloths, fold into thirds and stitch?

Boots had rubber pants 5 for £5 are they any good?

So many questions blush hope my stash shows up today, was expecting it in yesterdays post!

fudge74 Tue 14-Aug-12 10:43:25

Wow I have two hands free so can do proper typing with caps! (normally go on when BF baby).
Purple you just asked exactly what I was going to ask! As I am new to stuffables, and new to the variety of cloth options, I need advice on what is the best stuffing for stuffables! I have Little Lamb bamboo boosters but they are not wide enough to fill the gusset properly, I have terry boosters that I made from towelling, and I have a few microfibre ones which are larger and a better fit.
Can anyone advise - I am prepared to do what purple suggested and buy cleaning cloths, but there seem to be quite a few different types of 'microfibre' will any type do??
Re rubber pants - I resorted to sending my boys to nursery with plastic pants as they threw away lost more than one of my kushies wraps!

PurplePidjin Tue 14-Aug-12 10:52:17

I was thinking maybe 2 layers microfibre with cheap towels chopped up to make an outer. Afaik you can use any cotton, including old tee shirts, but obviously need lots of layers for absorbency.

Is the fleece for making flongies the same stuff i can buy by the metre in fabric land?

ValiumQueen Tue 14-Aug-12 11:43:36

You can use anything to stuff them. I bought microfibre cloths from pound land and folded them in three. Had to stitch by hand and my fingers were so sore. Threw them away recently as they did two babies and I do not really need them now. If I need any more I would leave them flat for newborns as they dry quicker, just fold as necessary, then in larger sized nappy I would actually cut into three and sew with a machine as the result is neater and less bulky. I would use with a bamboo booster or two.

I think microfibre is the most absorbent, yet so is bamboo? I get confused. The bamboo nappies work so much better, yet they are only 60% more absorbent than cotton, but microfibre is meant to be 40x more absorbent, which is a lot more than 60%. Interested to hear what others think.

In an emergency and on holidays I have cut the pad out of value nappies and used that.

PurplePidjin Tue 14-Aug-12 11:51:24

I'll cut and sew, then, thank you thanks

I have nappy shaped things made of towelling, these are Nappies, yes? Some are just that, and some have a fold out tongue and are called Pocket Nappies? Then I have Wraps to go over - Wool or Fleece are Longies, Shorties or Soakers, PUL is a Wrap? And i need Boosters made of terry, microfibre, hemp or bamboo to lay down the middle and soak up lots of wee? This is an AI2 system?

PurplePidjin Tue 14-Aug-12 11:51:49


ValiumQueen Tue 14-Aug-12 13:18:21

The nappy shaped things are likely to be nappies. Find a teddy or doll around newborn size, and try how things fit. Have they got Velcro or poppas? Do they cross over at the front? If not they are likely to just be inserts, if they do cross over and no Velcro or poppas then they will likely need a nippa to hold it together. Some people just put a wrap over, but I would prefer a nippa. These will need a wrap over the top.

If it has a fold out tongue then it is not a pocket nappy. A pocket nappy is just the wrap and liner sewn together, with a hole at the back to stuff a soaker in.

PUL is a fabric that is sometimes used for wraps. An alternative is wool or fleece

AI1 is all in one, which may or may not have a flop out tongue.

AI2 is all in two which is when bits poppa together.

Two part nappy system is when you have an inner soaker nappy or pads, with a wrap over the top.

Boosters can be whatever fabric you want. Best to get a little selection to see what works for you.

I have never done Longies shorties or soakers.

<<wibbles too>>

PurplePidjin Tue 14-Aug-12 13:52:28

Some poppers, some i have bought pins for (3 for 2 in Boots, also got the two necessary types of pad for my hospital bag. Woo, exciting) Tbh, I would assume you fasten the soaky-uppy bit then get the waterproofy bit on after, bit like pulling up pants and tights - gets a bit tangled if you do both together?

Ok, so I'll be using a two part system. I find the terminology more muddling than anything! Am i right in thinking that any reusable nappy system is "fluff"??

ValiumQueen Tue 14-Aug-12 13:59:10

Yes. Fluff is an all-encompassing term. I put the inner and outer on separately as I get in a twist too, especially with a 2yo who does not want to stay still. I would recommend you use disposables until the meconium is through, or at least until you are home from hospital, unless you meant pads for yourself. In which case why two types?

I have never used rubber pants, well, since I was 2 anyway.

PurplePidjin Tue 14-Aug-12 14:48:25

Yeah, will claim Huggies free from Tesco <voucher clipper>

Pads for both pants and bra!

I have an entire bin liner just passed over by the Parcel Farce man... My nappies are here!!! grin

ValiumQueen Tue 14-Aug-12 14:58:27

Duh! Breast pads! <<adds to list>>

Enjoy your package grin

PurplePidjin Tue 14-Aug-12 15:06:25

10 small white prefolds
11 large white prefolds
24 large white with blue overlocking prefolds (labelled Tommee Tippee Cotton Bottoms)
4 random sposies
26 more small white prefolds
10 Polyester wraps, newborn size
8 polyester wraps, small size

Yikes! shock

ValiumQueen Tue 14-Aug-12 15:21:01

Any idea on the make of the wraps?

ValiumQueen Tue 14-Aug-12 15:32:58

Pre folds are tricky so do not be put off before you start. Lots of videos on The Internet.

PurplePidjin Tue 14-Aug-12 15:35:15

Also Cotton Bottoms.

Now i need a dolly to practice on!

PurplePidjin Tue 14-Aug-12 15:51:34

I paid £30 plus £16 p+p, so even if the wraps don't fit I've got 71 nappies for 64p each delivered to my door! How much are Pampers again, and you have to bin them?!

ValiumQueen Tue 14-Aug-12 15:55:54

About 20p each. Good for you purple I have seen mixed reports of those nappies, they work for some and not others , and even if you only use them 3 times you have saved money. The wraps would probably do fine on lots of other types of nappies too if you find pre folds are not working for you.

PurplePidjin Tue 14-Aug-12 16:33:34

Ha, so money back in a week, not including wraps grin

I figure prefolds are prefolds wherever you get them, and wraps depend almost entirely on what shape baby turns out to be. At this rate I'll end up weaving my own soakers out of lentils!

ValiumQueen Tue 14-Aug-12 16:53:28

A week might be a bit unrealistic. A couple of months perhaps. Not sure how effective the lentils would be, but I would love to see a picture!

PurplePidjin Tue 14-Aug-12 16:58:17

There are pictures on my profile of various things I've made, not out of handspun lentils though, I'm afraid wink

ValiumQueen Tue 14-Aug-12 17:04:42

Lovely items. Your little one especially is very lucky. I can knit but crochet is beyond me. I am good at sewing though.

PurplePidjin Tue 14-Aug-12 17:08:03

I'm the other way round, can crochet but not knit. I also sew, was tempted by microfibre teatowels in poundstretcher earlier but the nesting has caused a pile up round my machine so i persuaded myself to wait grin

ValiumQueen Tue 14-Aug-12 18:18:05

The waffle type relief pattern tea towels come up quite bulky. Try to find plain flat ones, possibly in the car care or cleaning bit rather than the tea towels. Sometimes Tesco or Asda have cheaper ones if you are buying 5. I have a million outstanding sewing projects.

PurplePidjin Tue 14-Aug-12 18:36:01

They had packs of different colours, but they were different textures for different things. I'll keep my eyes peeled

Now, how to introduce my Mum to prefolds... I showed dp and he just went "ok" and shrugged. His sister used cloth for a while so that's easy grin

fudge74 Tue 14-Aug-12 21:01:15

can i add to valium's rather fab summery of nappy types etc? thanks
re liners...
last time 7 yrs ago the only option i had was paper disposable liners. now i've got fleece washable liners to use with my two part nappies and they are GREAT! also the pocket nappies as valium says are simply a liner sewn onto the wrap, the liner also being made of fleece. this is great the are so much drier for baby's bum than the paper liners! BUT DD is still not on proper food so her poos are pretty harmless BF poos so i may change my mind...the paper ones went straight into the loo grin what do others think? can the fleece liners be wiped before the wash... or rinsed into the loo...?...?

PurplePidjin Tue 14-Aug-12 21:10:29

And is it the kind of fleece i can buy in a shop, or is it a special expensive kind? like most nappy stuff

ValiumQueen Tue 14-Aug-12 21:10:33

grin I like fleece liners. Most poos just peel off with a little stretch of the fleece. If they are more sticky I flush them down the loo, whilst holding onto them obviously. You can get some other disposable liners that are less papery, but I have never used them.

Thinking back, I used fleece liners with my Fuzzis. That was probably why they leaked! I was very protective of my Fuzzis.

My little lamb fleece liners are too fluffy and slip down/crumple up and absorb the poo, so I am going to make some of my own using microfleece I think. I will use the little lambs as wipes.

ValiumQueen Tue 14-Aug-12 21:12:41

Any thin-ish fleece will do. I bought a cheap dressing gown from Primark to make DDs ones, but will probably go for a thinner microfleece for my new baby. Any market fleece would do.

PurplePidjin Wed 15-Aug-12 07:22:37

Excellent, I'll start chopping and stitching once the dining table is clear of dp's DIY stuff 3 months and counting thanks

mrstiggywinklethehappyhedgehog Wed 15-Aug-12 12:56:47

Hello ladies, can I join you? I have recently started using cloth nappies on my 1yo and love them! I took advice from the nappy lady and did a trial of 6 different nappies from Fill Your Pants and am converted! I am using Bumbles and MioSolos, the bumbles are so fat and fluffy... And the MioSolos are nice colours, though I quite fancy some patterned wraps for my bumbles, mine are plain. Trying to restrain myself from actually spending more than I would have on disposables...!

ValiumQueen Wed 15-Aug-12 18:11:43

Welcome tiggy Do not worry about spending more than you would have on disposables. You cannot sell on disposables, and they just do not give the same warm feeling inside grin If you weren't getting that buzz from washables, you would be buying (more) books, or DVDs, chocolate or wine (possibly)

Never used bumbles or MioSolos as just returning to washables after a break.

fudge74 Wed 15-Aug-12 19:49:43

welcome to the fluffy gang tiggy! i've not used those myself so just looked them up - there is so much choice these days! With my DS1 10 yrs ago I got a trial kit from eco babies (I think!) and liked the tots bots best - so I took a pattern off them and made my own out of towelling! Far cheaper! Had to buy the wraps tho.

That collection two kids later is now however very stiff, grey and tired. And thankfully I have been given a lovely selection of hand me downs to add to my stash. I'm totally into the new choices available too, especially the pocket nappies, so am investing in some new ones for DD!

As valium says, we should not worry TOO much about cost as they can be sold on when finished

mrstiggywinklethehappyhedgehog Wed 15-Aug-12 19:50:37

That's very true - buying nappies has been my treat - why is it so addictive?! The bumbles are quite bulky and give DD that big-nappy-bottom look which I think is adorable! Plus they are like a lovely cushion for her as she's practicing standing and often sits down rather suddenly... ValiumQueen, how come you took a break from cloth, is this your 2nd (or 3rd or 4th...!) DC? DD is my first and I've already been thinking it's ok, I'll have another DC and that will justify the nappy-buying blush

mrstiggywinklethehappyhedgehog Wed 15-Aug-12 19:54:10

Hi fudge! I can def recommend both of them, they are both quite long so good for my tall girl. It's so nice to meet some fellow nappy addicts, none of my mates uses them (unless it's like a dirty (literally, ho ho...) secret!)

ValiumQueen Wed 15-Aug-12 20:13:00

I have been looking at your nappies tiggy They both seem lovely. I even found a code for a free Miowotsit, but it had expired.

DD1 is 6 and I used Fuzzis on her until she went to Nursery at 11 months. I tried to use a mix as nursery would not have washables, but as she was such a heavy wetter I had to resort to a disposable overnight from about 6months. It therefore meant I was only using washables at the weekend, and I gave up. Followed a similar pattern with DD2.

I have been off work now for 6 weeks (annual leave prior to Mat Leave for DC3) and decided I would put DD2 (age2) back in fluff, and DC3 also when he appears. I am loving it! I was planning to use Fuzzis again, but things have clearly improved over the years, and I was seduced by a Little Lambs Bamboo offer a few weeks back, and they work at night!!!!! I also spent my Tesco points on some TotsBots Easyfits, and Bamboozle Stretchies. My most exciting purchase to date is a blueberry wrap with little owls on. DD is loving them, DD1 wants to go back in nappies, so we are all happy. DD1 was late to potty training, and was still wet at night up to age 5, so I figure I will get use out of them with DD2 and DS.

Due to breaking my leg 5 weeks ago I have yet to dig out my Fuzzis but so looking forward to seeing my old friends again. I will use different boosters in them and I am sure they will be my main daytime nappies for both the kids.

ValiumQueen Wed 15-Aug-12 20:18:11

My mates think I am crazy using them, but there is another mum at nursery who does. Nursery now accepts them too which is fab! DD2 still was disposables at nursery because my parents are having to take her there and back each day, and it is not fair to put added pressure on them, but her little bottom gets sore now when in disposables. Thankfully she is not there much.

Been lurking on this thread... DD3 due in November and I'm admitting it here... I'm addicted to fluff! In the last week I've bought 2 new BumGenius XS, a Lollipop Bamboo starter pack, some pre-loved Ebay cheapies and some pre-loved Kushies...
I just can't keep away from all the different websites and groups on Facebook looking for bargains blush

ValiumQueen Thu 16-Aug-12 16:36:28

It is ok blue you are amongst friends grin we understand. Did you get a good deal on the lollipop bamboos?

It was £ 24.99 plus shipping for 5 plus a wrap and a wet bag... smile half price!

ValiumQueen Thu 16-Aug-12 17:26:54

Not bad grin

No indeed! Now just need to keep them hidden from DH just for now! Trying to convince him to use reusable wipes!

mrstiggywinklethehappyhedgehog Thu 16-Aug-12 21:55:28

Hi Bluetinkerbell! That sounds like a good deal on the lollipop bamboos, where from? Reusable wipes are great, I've had them from the start, I've got some bummis ones and am going to get some cheeky wipes too, might get the mini kit from Nappy Lady so I can use them when out too. The bumbles were 5 for £35 I think from the Easy Peasy nappies website & MioSolos 5 for £57 from the Nappy Lady, they are quite pricey otherwise (£15 each I think if you buy just one) - I also like looking on the used nappy websites, which groups are best for 2nd hand ones on Facebook ??

ValiumQueen I can't believe you have 2 DCs, a brokenleg and are pg.... I hope your DP is waiting on you hand and foot! smile

ValiumQueen Fri 17-Aug-12 07:03:05

The lollipop offers is still on at the lollipop nappies website. Just google, sorry cannot do links on this. I was sorely tempted myself!

I have so far resisted the Facebook groups, but have joined cloth nappy tree, but am finding it a bit confusing.

tiggy I wish! I just have a moon boot on now thankfully so am fairly mobile in the house, and it does not hurt much now, but cannot drive and cannot walk for any decent distances outside. I can take 6 yo out, but cannot risk the 2yo even with reins as if she got away from me, I would not be able to catch her. Hopefully two more weeks and I should be able to walk without the boot and have a try at driving.

ValiumQueen Fri 17-Aug-12 07:05:08

There is an offer on Little Lambs nappies at the moment, on their website. A night time nappy kit. You need to like them on Facebook to be able to see it I think.

No more nappy buys for me this month sad
Waiting for the BabyShow in Manchester to check some more brands out and convince DH to buy some more wink

PurplePidjin Sat 18-Aug-12 18:24:35

I find CNT a bit hunni-ish, i like the no-nonsense style of mn blush

ValiumQueen Sat 18-Aug-12 21:03:17

I must admit I thought that too purple I also thought the prices were a bit steep for pre-shat stuff. May well go there to sell grin

ValiumQueen Sat 18-Aug-12 21:04:13

blue lucky you going to the Baby Show.

ValiumQueen Tue 28-Aug-12 16:06:47

Yay! I found my Fuzzis. Nearly got lost in the spare room (which will need to be a nursery in 8 weeks!) but managed to find my way out again dragging the huge bag behind me. I have 16 small, 10 medium and 10 large, and some inserts- not enough though.

Also found a motherease and an onelife. Realised I still have a birth to nappy set of pre folds and wraps which I bought pre-loved six years ago and hated. I will probably stick them on eBay. Someone may want them. So chuffed to find my Fuzzis though!

Is it ok for a boy to have a pink nappy when in small size? There is only one pink one, but I will likely need all 16 on rotation. I guess I could leave it for emergency use only.

ValiumQueen Tue 04-Sep-12 12:22:16

I have now decided a boy in pink is a cool dude, as I bought six Little Lamb all in ones in pink. They are lush, and with all the microfibre inserts they came with I now have enough for both babies. Indeed I need to whittle down my stash a bit. The motherease and one life can go, as can the pre folds and wraps. I need to try to identify the brand before listing.

I finally got out this last few days following breaking my leg, so first stop was mothercare, and second stop a charity shop that specialises in baby equipment. Bought a Bambino Mio starter kit in the first, reduced to £5 from £25. Expensive at £5! Does anyone actually use these? I thought they were horrid, but will use the wrap. I was shocked at the prices in the latter, as nappies that looked like they had served sextuplets were £4 plus! Just for one! They had thousands, so clearly are overpriced.

Still awaiting delivery of my eBay cheapie.

ValiumQueen Tue 04-Sep-12 12:46:44

Have identified the wraps. Lite wraps. Made in china but the reports are quite good. I will try them over my bamboo nappies. I do not like the pre folds one bit. Any ideas what I could use the fabric for? I hate waste. I may freecycle and just sell the wraps when I have tested them. I would not sell anything I would not use or had not used.

ValiumQueen Tue 11-Sep-12 12:46:04

I am clearly talking to myself! grin

Well, toddler too chubby in the leg for the Little Lamb OSFA, so put aside for DS. Using the inserts now though. Quite disappointed tbh as she is not a fat child, and all other nappies fit her just fine. I did the leg poppa on the biggest setting and she cried instantly. Vicious elastic. Poor honey. Plenty of room at the waist.

eBay cheapie (Alva baby) arrived this morning. Looks and feels lovely, and well worth the money. Likely will get more. Also came with a free insert, and is minky fabric, which I did not expect. Seems big enough too.

I am just using the TB and LL bamboos when we go out for the day, or overnight, as they are a bitch to wash poo out of, and I do not like that the nappy gets wet right up to the waist band. It is the same with the easyfits. I prefer the dryness of the pockets (Fuzzis mainly) DD does not seem bothered at all though. I may well use them with DS as BF poos are different. Time will tell.

Notgrownupinmyhead Tue 11-Sep-12 20:08:48

Hi! I ended up buying more off Ebay. Got some animal print minky ones 2nd hand but the brand has worn off the label so will email the seller and find out who it is. Just waiting for some more to arrive and yet again the brand isnt mentioned.

Dishwasher tablets to strip btw. Then a normal wash with extra rinse after seemed to fix the poo stench wink

mrstiggywinklethehappyhedgehog Tue 11-Sep-12 20:25:49

Hello again ladies, ValiumQueen what was wrong with the bambino mio nappies? Are they prefolds? I bought some size small bummis prefolds before dd was born planning to use washables from the start and then never used them! blush and angry what a waste of my council subsidy voucher... Couldn't get on with them at all when I did try them. I really like bummis wraps though, I've got one now, brilliant containment and they come in fab prints. I've had some leaks recently from my miosolos so I think need to use boosters, I've got some LL bamboo ones on order so fingers crossed no more damp little bottom once they arrive. notgrownup what is minky? Is is like fleece?

ValiumQueen Tue 11-Sep-12 20:39:24

mrstiggy yep, just pre folds. I do not like pre folds. Even without using them. I am clearly very judgemental and prejudiced. I do not like the feel of them, and can imagine they feel a bit cardboard like in the gusset. The reviews also largely say poor containment etc.

I had my first experience of minky today. It is the waterproof fabric on the inside, but the outside has a very short pile so very fleece like, but waterproof.

Notgrownupinmyhead Tue 11-Sep-12 20:52:01

Like Valium said. Would you say they feel like soft toys/velvet too VS?

They're too small for ds2 so when ds3 decides to vacate my womb he shall be wearing them!

ValiumQueen Tue 11-Sep-12 21:05:29

Yes, velvet not fleece! I was trying to remember that word! I blame belly dweller. DD2 spent some time stroking the fabric, as have I, I must admit.

Notgrownupinmyhead Tue 11-Sep-12 21:49:02

I was rubbing it on my cheek. Its lovely. Are you still in pot??

mrstiggywinklethehappyhedgehog Tue 11-Sep-12 22:15:40

Sounds lovely soft and snuggly! Is thefleecy outside waterproof?? Has anyone used boots waterproof pants as a nappy wrap? Ther have a pack of 5 for just a few £ and it says they're for using over terries. Any thoughts?

ValiumQueen Wed 12-Sep-12 07:31:29

mrstiggy yes, it is a built in waterproof what with thin fleecy type lining, and a hole at the back to stuff.

I have vague recollections of wearing plastic pants as a child and they are not good memories. I think they would be sweaty, not very good at containment, and hard to get a snug fit. I may be wrong though. I think the fabric they use now is much kinder on the skin, and a bit breathable, plus the plastic pants get brittle over time and crack.

notgrownup I am guessing you are referring to my leg? No cast or boot now. Ongoing pain, but it is gradually easing. I can drive now! I am due in 6 weeks so the bump is my biggest issue at the moment. If you are referring to cannabis, it is a long long long time since I indulged in such things grin

mrstiggywinklethehappyhedgehog Wed 12-Sep-12 08:01:19

Hmm think I'll give the plastic pants a miss then...

I love 'belly dweller'! Glad to hear the leg is getting better VQ 6 weeks isn't long! I'm getting all broody now....

ValiumQueen Wed 12-Sep-12 09:13:30

Belly dweller is nicer than parasite I figure grin even though he is, draining every ounce of energy I have! I may be judging the plastic pants unfairly. Perhaps if you have a look at some reviews? Or start a specific thread about them? Sometimes the old ways are the best.

Notgrownupinmyhead Thu 13-Sep-12 13:55:39

Of course i meant er th

Notgrownupinmyhead Thu 13-Sep-12 13:58:00

E cast (stupid phone) wink

Im running out of room to store all the nappies i keep on buying off Ebay. angry

Was meant to be having a sweep today but mw are too busy. Im fecking massive.

ValiumQueen Fri 14-Sep-12 08:12:06

notgrownup I so know what you mean. I want to buy lots of the eBay cheapies now. Maybe one a week? I want the giraffe print, and the tiger, etc. they are lovely.

Notgrownupinmyhead Fri 14-Sep-12 15:14:19

I got some this morning and the minkies are Dudeybaba and the others babyland and haute traditional pockets. I think they'll suit a smaller baby but will try them out during the day with ds2.

ValiumQueen Fri 14-Sep-12 19:34:34

There are so many types. It is mind boggling.

fudge74 Fri 14-Sep-12 22:01:24

Hi girls - been in summer hols land, not been on MN for ages!
VALIUM what ebay cheapies have you bought? Which vendors? And how much?
I'm waiting for one from LottiesLittleFeet2010 to see what it's like (£3.90 incl 1 insert). I have not tried any minky ones - but am now tempted.... wink

Notgrownupinmyhead Fri 14-Sep-12 22:22:35



Whats a holiday??

ValiumQueen Sat 15-Sep-12 09:08:21

Bestclothdaiper01 is the seller I used. Not perfect feedback, but they sell a lot. I have only the one Alva Baby nappy version 3, which is bigger I think. It fits my 2.4yo with room to spare, and is quite like a fuzzibunz. It seems well made, my DD loves it, and comes with a microfibre insert. I have used it a couple of times so far, with a bamboo booster and it is doing fine. There are other sellers and nappies available, and I do not have an affiliation with the seller grin

ValiumQueen Sat 15-Sep-12 09:09:38

It was. £3.90 but is coming from china so will take a while. Free delivery.

Notgrownupinmyhead Sat 15-Sep-12 09:36:32

Thats who I saw selling those ones. Even if it does turn out to be a shite purchase it was only a few quid.

fudge74 Mon 17-Sep-12 19:59:14

I've sent off an order to China - the designs are great! It's funny how obsessed we get with a pattern or colour that let's face it is very unlikely to be seen, as we get very few days where baby can strip down to their nappy in this country!!
My Lotties order has still not come but in response to my 'where is it please?' message they have said they'll put another one in the post - very good response. Will feed back on what it's like once I've got it and had a go!
My summer hols were spent camping, and at home looking after kids, doing prep with DS1 for 11plus, and building DS1 and DS2 a platform bed - no sunbathing or beaches [except one beach in wales...] smile

ValiumQueen Mon 17-Sep-12 20:32:20

I have ordered another cheapie. Giraffe. DD gets so excited when she has her cow nappy on, and refuses to get dressed! Thankfully we have a warm house. I love cloth!!!

LeBFG Wed 19-Sep-12 20:18:26

Rejoining this thread...and I haven't read all the thread yet, sorry. I'm in a conundrum. DS has started to pee more all of a sudden. He leaks the size 2 LL wrap within an hour! So, I wanna buy yet more nappies and wraps of course. So far, we've been on separates. Even though he's a bit over 10kg he's never got on with the Itty Bitty medium SI2. Bit fustrating. Any ideas? I'm tempted by the Lollipop bamboos recommended by a poster just upthread. I'd be happy to buy used though - perhaps LL size 2? I'm on the pre-loved cloth nappies facebook page, but nothing that tempts me. Everyone else but me finds used nappy bargins on ebay...except me! Any advice/help very much appreciated wink

ValiumQueen Thu 20-Sep-12 14:14:10

LeBFG are you using bamboo with an extra booster? I have little lamb and tots bots bamboozles size 2 and they will last overnight with a booster, or for longer car trips where I need the security and cannot change 2 hourly. I would be surprised if he could out-wee that combination, especially if booster is to the front.

I have decided I am not so keen on washables when there is poo involved! I love them, but wonder why I bother when I am washing the poo out. Disposables are so much easier from that respect!

ValiumQueen Thu 20-Sep-12 14:16:43

In relation to eBay, you will get more luck if you try for local pick up items. I think they are going for silly money at the moment, so prefer to look for offers on new ones. Got some lovely nappies for £3-4 from Little Lambs by liking their FB page and watching for offers, plus used my Tesco points in their exchange for my tots bots.

LeBFG Thu 20-Sep-12 16:43:04

The LL size 1's are just too small I reckon, even with the booster. Plus they're starting to rub his legs. He's just gone/still going through a growth spurt! Where will it end?

I so agree about ebay - some used, stained, smelly (as per description) LLs went for 3.90 a nappy the other night shock. I had much better deals on Cloth Nappy Tree. Ho hum.

Also, I'm in agreement about the poo Valium! I've got morning sickness so particularly sensitive at the moment. DS always has a giant poo just after he wakes up so I've had to put him in a disposable o/n so he can do his deed and I can throw it away. Basta.

ValiumQueen Thu 20-Sep-12 19:13:48

At 10KG you need a size 2 LL.

I must admit I have considered putting a disposable on after dinner as that is when she usually has a poo, the little rascal has started doing on on waking though, on a saturated stinky night nappy. Yuk! I must get into a habit of using the fleece liners. Not got the shape just right yet though.

LeBFG Fri 21-Sep-12 10:15:01

Yeah, I'll need to fork out again, just when I thought I'd sorted out DS til potty training hmm. I have some larger Nature Babies Diddy Diapers so I thought I'd be able to stretch these out with the size 1's....not to be, it seems.

I just 'liked' the little lambs facebook site - do I just wait for the offer to arrive? Or do I need to email them?

Fleece liners are good but I always find a bit, or more than a bit, slides off onto the nappy so not ideal. The days he has a roll-off poo are pretty great days smile <how easily pleased am i?>

ValiumQueen Fri 21-Sep-12 10:34:46

Keep an eye on the website and they will advertise an offer every few weeks. The offers will be limited numbers or time. I usually do a post on here once I have bought some. How old is DS?

I agree about poo always missing a bit of the liner. Still easier with fleece though.

LeBFG Fri 21-Sep-12 11:31:15

DS is 18mo, is average height but on the skinny side, so he's outgrown 18m clothes lengthwise but trousers slip down his hips if he's not wearing a nice fluff nappy. The size 1s were doing OK with a booster for a few hours, they fitted his waist but now they rub a bit, hang too low and quickly become saturated. So time for a change. So annoyed the Itty Bittys are not up to the job tbh.

LeBFG Fri 21-Sep-12 12:40:04

Oh, before I forget: what's the verdict on Ebay cheapies? The prices are so tempting. But do they work/fit? Sometimes it takes a few weeks and washes before really finding out - what's everyone's experience been?

ValiumQueen Fri 21-Sep-12 12:56:08

Little lamb size 1 are for 3-9 kg so I think you got your money's worth out of them. I got the LL OSFA and do not even do up on my DD who is 12.5kg and 2.4 yo. I have put them by for DS due in 4 weeks. He will not mind the pinkness.

I think if you have such a heavy wetter you may struggle with the eBay cheapies, but would recommend you still try just one. Size wise they would do fine. DD is on the middle fastenings, so room for growth and would fit a slimmer child too. I use 1 of the supplied microfibre inserts with 1 LL bamboo booster, and they last a couple of big wee's, although I try to change after one as she is weeping less frequently. Good on poo containment, and I like the fleece lining as it keeps her bum dry. Only used in rotation, so about 5 times so far, and she loves it. I am ordering one at a time as postage is free, and it is a cheap way of getting my fix.

I have not tried any of the other nappies you mention.

I have LL bamboo, totsbots bamboozles, totsbots easyfit, Fuzzis and Alva baby 3 eBay cheapies, and actually prefer the Alva for daytime.

I will buy some size 1 LL bamboo when next on offer. Was tempted by the microfibre, but prefer my pockets for day.

mrstiggywinklethehappyhedgehog Fri 21-Sep-12 13:28:14

Mmm lovely poo chat! I use softys disposable liners from the nappy lady, so far they haven't damaged our plumbing... It is good to be able to just pick the liner up by the corners and chuck it down the loo, but we've had a few runny ones lately which needed scrubbing, I can't imagine doing that with morning sickness << nearly throws up just imagining it>>. LeBFG my DD is a big wee-er and I'm finding the bumbles from easy peasy nappies (5 for 32.50) vg, I used a bamboo booster as well as the cotton one it comes with when we were on a train journey and it lasted 4 hours. Would def recommend them.

LeBFG Fri 21-Sep-12 14:10:44

Ah, MrsTiggy, I've just found the bumble's deal. So, to boost, do you stuff the nappy? The deal looks good. Also, I'm liking the lollipop bamboos for 25 quid. These sorts of nappies are all pretty much the same. I'm suddenly reminded I want quicker drying options too. As I've already got bamboos, I can imagine for the lollipops, but what about the bumbles? They're in microterry aren't they?

The choice is so confusing. I keep thinking I'll try 1 ebay cheapie, then look at the price and wanna buy 10, then keep thinking 'ah, but will they work?' and then end up buying nothing. Argh. Just too cautious.

ValiumQueen Fri 21-Sep-12 14:24:03

Go on get one! You know you want to. They take a while to arrive though. If you don't like it, send it to me grin

LeBFG Fri 21-Sep-12 15:34:36

Gosh, you are evil wink. I know I should just bite the bullet and stop being such a wimp!

ValiumQueen Fri 21-Sep-12 16:26:14

Do it!

ValiumQueen Fri 21-Sep-12 16:26:24

Buy me!

ValiumQueen Fri 21-Sep-12 16:26:36

You know you want to!

ValiumQueen Fri 21-Sep-12 16:26:48

Buy me now!

ValiumQueen Fri 21-Sep-12 16:27:00

In cow print!

ValiumQueen Fri 21-Sep-12 16:27:36

Resistance is futile.

ValiumQueen Fri 21-Sep-12 16:28:03

It will happen eventually, so why prolong the agony?

ValiumQueen Fri 21-Sep-12 16:28:38

I am tempted by the lollipop offer, if that helps.

LeBFG Fri 21-Sep-12 17:33:53

Oh buggar. You may have convinced me to try at least one. What's to lose? I'm still tempted by the lollipop too. Have to think on that one a bit longer though grin

ValiumQueen Fri 21-Sep-12 17:37:33

Just try one. You can always get more. But do not feel pressured grin

ValiumQueen Fri 21-Sep-12 17:47:20

Little lamb Facebook have a top up kit. 9 size 2 bamboo and 3 wraps and liners for £50 including postage, which is quite reasonable.

LeBFG Fri 21-Sep-12 18:16:45 fingers tapping least I know resale value of LL is bloody high.

RE the fleece liners: I find that now DS is much more mobile of late (climbing up trailors and running at full tilt) the liners move so much more. I've just cleaned a poopy nappy and more than half was on the nappy as the liner twisted. Ever have that? So annoying. I half think why bother with the liners tbh.

ValiumQueen Fri 21-Sep-12 18:20:47

That happens here too. I am working on a kinda wraparound liner, so it can be secured on itself and held in place by the nappy. May not work. Will keep you updated.

mrstiggywinklethehappyhedgehog Fri 21-Sep-12 21:38:11

Ha ha VQ you are a bad influence! Making me want to get on eBay and I've tried to be so sensible up to now! DD would look cute with a cow print bum... BFG I don't know resale value on bumbles but at £6.50 each they're good value I think. To dry, I hang them out on the clothes airer all day then overnight in hot airing cupboard and they're dry by the next day. I use the LL bamboo boosters and I actually think they take longer to dry. I don't use the bamboo boosters every time with bumbles, only when i need it to last longer. They come with a cotton booster attached by poppers and then you just tuck the other booster in the pocket with it, v easy. They're actuallyBTP, you can take out the cotton booster and popper it down to make it smaller but I've only been using them since DD was 11mo so haven't tried that.

Just sent a massive fb message to an old friend who was asking about cloth so feeling very hopeful that I've got someone else addicted to cloth now! grin

LeBFG Sat 22-Sep-12 08:45:07

Thanks for the info mrstiggy, very helpful. I'm always spreading the word too - a bit like a new age evangeliser grin (mind you, I do the same about bf cos I live in France and I feel a bit responsible to help 'normalise' these things a bit). I've not convinced anyone I know of yet on either score....humph.

Notgrownupinmyhead Sat 22-Sep-12 09:57:29

My neighbours think im a bit odd using disposables. I too have cow and giraffe.

When ds3's cord stump has fallen off he'll be in them. Hes skinny so they my be a bit lose on him.

Ive not bought any this month gringrin

ValiumQueen Sat 22-Sep-12 11:11:10

notgrownup he has arrived then? Congratulations! When? How heavy? How was the birth?

ValiumQueen Sat 22-Sep-12 11:22:00

I have 4 weeks 5 days to go. Not that I am counting <<wonders how many nappies I can buy in that time>> I will put both in disposables until I am fit enough to wash them again as DH just does not understand the complicated process involved confused

I only have Fuzzis in small, have totsbots bamboozles that are pretty much one size, and DS is likely to be big. I have some OSFAs as well. Aagh! I am gonna have a newborn again!

How is it with three notgrownup any tips?L?

Notgrownupinmyhead Sat 22-Sep-12 14:15:37

16th arrived at hospital 8.30 born at 10 home by 3.30!! 7lb 3oz and is really feckin tiny oh my god. Mind you ds2 is a sturdy boy and makes anyone look small.

Ill let you know Wed when dh goes back to work. Ds1 is being really badly behaved atm with the start of school and that.

Im dreading it. Thanks though! grin

Im using dispoables til his cord stump falls off. Hopefully what ive got will fit his chicken legs.

Everyone is well fed up with being pg now it seems this time round everyones finding it harder.

Notgrownupinmyhead Sat 22-Sep-12 14:23:39

Sorry, birth was great went in when i was every 2-4 mins then 8cm when i got to triage so they whizzed me straight to delivery and in the pool. Fantastic experience thus tine.

ValiumQueen Sat 22-Sep-12 19:32:48

notgrownup that sounds wonderful. Really pleased for you all. My section will not be as desirable, but is the safest option and the end result is the same, except fatter!

Notgrownupinmyhead Sat 22-Sep-12 20:40:26

Fatter! Big dude then? grin

Bet you cant wait for it to be all over. Ive not looked online for any nappies the past 2 weeks. It is becoming an addiction.

ValiumQueen Sat 22-Sep-12 20:53:53

Scan last week put him at 6lb3 already. DD2 was 10lb 3 and as this is a boy, likely bigger. I grow them well, just not very good at popping them out.

I will be glad when he is here and I can concentrate on the nappies!!!

Notgrownupinmyhead Sat 22-Sep-12 21:50:01

Jeebus!! I thought this one was going to be a huge mofo but ended up being the smallest.

Ive not told dh how much ive spent on nappies he'd faint.

Still want need more though!!

ValiumQueen Sun 23-Sep-12 09:03:55

If you think how much disposables are though... Probably works out about the same grin The thing is, if we were not buying nappies, what else would we be buying? No doubt things that do not actually save money, are not better than disposables for baby's skin, environment etc. things that do not have such good resale value etc. Plus you are saving money on wipes potentially, but definately cream etc. (ignores cost of laundering)

fudge74 Sun 23-Sep-12 20:15:32

I just sat and updated myself whilst BF DD to sleep, and have now hung out the nappy wash before sitting down to post. Also, I have to share, I just had a roll-off poo on the last nappy of the day smile SO easily pleased am I!

On the subject of the ebay cheapies - of the three sellers I've bought from (still waiting for order from China) I would say the babyworld3000 one was best, a bit bigger than the yellowbloom and lottieslittlefeet ones, and it also had 3 poppers. They are all really good though and really make me wonder about paying any more!

On the resale value front, I must get my size one bamboo LLs listed on ebay - too late for the free listing weekend that is about to finish - bah! I'll have to put them individually as 99p listings perhaps... Or bite the bullet and PAY a FEE!!! I've just started trading on ebay hope it works hmm.

Anyhoo I'm knackered - hence the babbling - and must get off the computer now.....

ValiumQueen Sun 23-Sep-12 20:26:16

I had two roll off poos today. It really does help!

fudge74 Sun 23-Sep-12 20:37:24

That's all we need in life, eh? I may start a tally! wink

Notgrownupinmyhead Mon 24-Sep-12 20:46:03

Ive had 2 that rolled off the flushable liner if that counts!?

fudge74 Mon 24-Sep-12 21:38:32

It all counts! I had such a crappy day yesterday at a baby nearly new sale, trying to raise some cash but only made a profit of 6 -yes 6 - pounds (not counting spend in cafe sad) that the roll off poo just made my day grin!

I'm so sleep deprived...... it's all a drama at the moment - the only thing that is hard about having kids is when they stop you getting a good night's sleep!!

notgrownup glad to hear your flushable liners are working with your drains, our cellar flooded some years ago when I was regularly flushing liners, and my FIL blamed them! Now scared to flush, and very glad of the fleece alternatives we can get these days. smile

LeBFG Tue 25-Sep-12 08:35:45

DS is only 18mo but I think I've forgotten already just how horrible sleep deprivation was in the first 6-9 months. I changed personality, really short tempered and tearful - no wonder it's used to torture people. Chin up and all that fudge! I've got all that to look forward to in 5 months - what am I letting myself in for?

I bought some liners from the nappy lady. They were apparently fine for septic tanks. But one look at them, it's clear they aren't, so I've barely ever used them. What a waste! Plus they leak poo stains whereas the fleecy ones mop up a lot more. Long live fleecy liners that's what I say.

I've been off pricing up ebay cheapies - I want to try just one but the postage to where I live is more than the nappy is worth. So, I'm not keen just yet. I've been following a few LL ebay auctions and one lot of 9 nappies plus wrap went for 16 quid! Just shows that sometimes, you can get a bargin. Needless to say, with this renewed enthusiasm I went and bidded on a few and of course they went up over 3 quid each. Ne'er mind. I'm still eyeing up the lollipops so if I get really fustrated over the next week on ebay, I shall just probably buy two packs new and be done with it.

I'm quite pleased with my wizard duos, but not the price of course. Can anyone recommend some other snap-in-2 design that's a bit cheaper?

Notgrownupinmyhead Tue 25-Sep-12 09:58:21

Im using the Bambino Mio ones. The downpipe from the toilet drops straight into the drain so sofar no blockages.

I need to stock up on boosters, what do you all recommend? Im using the ones that came with the nappy bundles.

ValiumQueen Tue 25-Sep-12 12:20:04

The giraffe has arrived! What print next? Have giraffe and cow so far....

ValiumQueen Tue 25-Sep-12 15:39:44

Tiger on order. Clearly there is no hope for me. It was a tricky decision, and I nearly went for camouflage.

LeBFG Tue 25-Sep-12 16:42:34

Ha, you're clearly NappyQueen. I liked the leopard spotty one. Feeling a little pleased with myself - just bagged 4 LL and 2 wraps for under 6 quid. Still only goes part way to what I need, but very pleased to have got them smile.

Notgrownupinmyhead Tue 25-Sep-12 22:05:27

Leopard, camo (army household), tiger!!!!!!

If you can get tiger that is. blush

ValiumQueen Tue 25-Sep-12 22:40:08

White tiger and orange tiger. I went for orange tiger.

BFG nice bargain! Well done! I like the NappyQueen comment grin

LeBFG Fri 28-Sep-12 08:25:25

Now waiting for my lovely nappies to arrive in the post. I was just wondering whether our addiction to the fluff is more of an internet shopping addiction? How's the incubating going Valium? Can you even bend over to change nappies at

LeBFG Fri 28-Sep-12 08:25:37

*the minute?

LeBFG Fri 28-Sep-12 08:26:28

Oh, just remembered why I was posting. LL have an offer on OSFA nappies at £32 for 8.

PurplePidjin Fri 28-Sep-12 08:46:03

I lost this thread, glad I've found it again <waves>

congratulations, Notgrownup thanks

9 weeks till i can try out my cloth, and it's really hard not to buy pretties - i really want to wait till i know what fits, so am determinedly sticking to my stock of prefolds with the occasional bargain/free for coffee and cake AIO and fitted grin

Love my weehuggers guitar wrap though blush

LeBFG Fri 28-Sep-12 08:59:16

One of the very few things I bought for DS when he came as an early surprise was some fluff. I was overwhelmed about fit at first. Took a lot of getting used to (mind you, so did disposables...I'm not a natural). They were really useful in those months were they just poo every couple of hours - I would frequently just need to change the liner and not the nappy, so saved loads on nappies. I think I would be a lot less precious now though wrt fitting the nappy and worrying about rolling etc. I'm looking forward to doing all that again - yeah!

By the way, anyone recommend newborn nappies? I did use muslins a lot in the early days but aborbancy was crap. I've had a sneaky eye on the Sandys - any experiences?

ValiumQueen Fri 28-Sep-12 10:18:39

BFG 3 weeks 6 days to go thank God! I am actually a lot more able than I was with my last pregnancy. I weigh two stone less than I did at this point last time, and do not have the same crippling PGP I had last time. Just the odd twinge, of course last time my youngest was nearly 4, whereas DD2 is 2.4 and still in nappies. When I broke my leg I got used to changing her on a changing mat on the sofa, and still do. My preferred place is on the floor, and I tried that when the cast came off, but it was not easy or comfy.

Thank you for the tip about the LL OSFA. If they did indeed fit all, I would get some more!

I just put mine in small Fuzzis when new, as I produce big chunky babies. I am hoping the bamboozles also fit once they sleep through, which is usually about 7weeks.

Last night DD1 was wearing (for fun over clothes) a large fuzzi. Complete with pad. Very funny.

DD2 has an infected clitoris (ouch) which I think is due to a fibre of bamboo getting under the hood. They shed so much at first. Do you think it is a possibility? The doctor seemed a bit concerned, suggesting possible abuse that I was really upset about.

LeBFG Fri 28-Sep-12 10:48:51

7 weeks!!! You've got good sleeping genes in your family. Personally, I'm hoping DC2 bucks the trend set by DC1. Valium, are the Fuzzis pocket nappies? I have yet to brave the pockets. So far, all mine are fitted seperates or SI2. Perhaps I'm missing out. Do fuzzis dry quickly? I found with newborns, turnaround time was terribly important.

The bamboo shouldn't shed at all after the first few washes. It kind of piles a bit. I would be surprised if it was the nappy. Stupid doctor - don't listen to him - don't let him upset you. I have some real horror stories about GPs, one in particular about what my ex-GP did to DS's penis when he was 2mo. Won't go any further but I sometimes feel GPs live in a different world to the rest of us. As DS was prem I've had a lot of interaction with HP of all kinds. I find if you are open about all doubts they respond better. Be frank with yours, ask him straight 'what, do you think I've been neglecting my DC?'

ValiumQueen Fri 28-Sep-12 11:04:30

BFG a combination of big babies, and feeding them gold top boobie milk I think, with a big dose of luck!

Fuzzis are pockets and I think they are fab. I have the older sized ones. Lovely fleece lining so baby stays dry and poo rolls off mostly. They dry so quickly, you can wash at night and they are dry by morning, and you can stuff them with old socks if you want. I use microfibre inserts and bamboo booster if needing a bit more time, but often just change after each wee. Not so good overnight as bamboo though.

That was helpful what you said about the GP. Ours is excellent, but renowned for his straight talking. He said is there any chance anyone could be touching her? I said no, then it kinda sank in what he had said. I asked him if it was a classic sign of abuse, and he said no. She is at nursery, and it did get me worrying and really quite upset. DH was also really upset, as he said that he would be the likely suspect, and was really upset to think that something like that could be happening to our little girl. Having thought further, I think it was a stupid thing for the doctor to say. He could have worded it better, but I guess however it is worded would cause upset. my nappies are still shedding as I have 20 blush and only use them at night, so having had them a couple of months there is still the odd fibre filled one, like there was this morning.

BiscuitCrumbsInBed Fri 28-Sep-12 12:37:17

Hi all, it's mrstiggywinkle here (name was too long!) just been catching up on the thread, ValiumQueen hope you're ok after your gp's comment, you must have been quite shaken up, how horrible. Your poor DD too the infection can't be nice, I hope she gets better soon.

I'm thinking about trying fleecy liners but we've had some horrible squirty poos and I can't stand the thought of any more pooo scrubbing... I have taken to singing 'poo fingers... ' to the tune of 'goldfinger' when rinsing the manky nappies down the loo... And that's with the liners catching the worst of it!

Uh oh just realised DD is eating a newspaper must run!

PurplePidjin Fri 28-Sep-12 14:07:27

VQ, if there was any suspicion whatsoever of abuse in the home, he wouldn't have mentioned it - he'd just report his concerns (I'm a youth worker and have done a lit with various vulnerable groups) to someone trained to investigate a lot more subtly.

I've got a couple of Sandy's in my stash that are going in the hospital bag - i have 7 fitteds and 10 prefolds, plus 4 wraps (8-15lb size) and, when they show up I'll pop my two 4-11lb size wraps in. Should be enough for a couple of days? I'll grab some sposies if i get a free voucher, just to deal with meconium. Oh, and i have Boots disposable liners. Mw already thinks I'm a bit odd grin

I'm good at changing pull ups on teens intent on pulling my hair out and throwing my glasses across the room, will that be a transferable skill?? wink

ValiumQueen Fri 28-Sep-12 14:17:51

Thank you biscuit DD doesn't seem to bothered thankfully. I am feeling better as time goes on. It was horrid though, you imagine Social Services swooping and taking your child in the initial instance, plus the potential horror of what your child may have experienced. I feel for you on the poo front!

Thank you purple that is reassuring. Subtlety is not something he is blessed with, but I do trust his clinical judgement. Your skills in nappy changing on teens will be transferable to a toddler most definately. Sometimes I feel I have done ten rounds with Tyson after grappling with DD2! She loves running away as soon as nappy is off. I find letting her choose the next nappy helps a bit. I look forward to hearing how you get on with the prefolds. I have never used them.

PurplePidjin Fri 28-Sep-12 14:41:02

SS don't swoop and take without a lot of evidence, court order, police etc. If anything were suspected of you, some very particular questions would be asked in a very subtle way - otherwise, you'd just lie and cover it up.

I have 60 something prefolds in 3 sizes, happy to negotiate swaps - people i know who use them swear by them, as it's much easier to get a decent fit (apparently) smile

ValiumQueen Fri 28-Sep-12 15:43:37

My sensible head knows that purple, but in the first few moments your head goes a bit crazy. Thank you though thanks. Your job sounds very interesting!

I have some bambino mio prefolds, but have never been brave enough, and have heard less than positive things. I will watch with interest.

LeBFG Fri 28-Sep-12 15:47:31

Prefolds sound much better than muslin squares. Do you buy them online PP? Can you use them with any normal wrap? I guess it'll be a whole lot cheaper than buying 20 sandys nappies!

LeBFG Fri 28-Sep-12 15:48:23

What's the difference between terry squares and prefold (forgive my ignorance)?

ValiumQueen Fri 28-Sep-12 16:05:30

I think prefolds are made of muslin. I have 4 bamboo squares, so terry type that I will use on new boy. I had forgotten about them grin. The wrap needs to be snug with a prefolds unless a pin or clip is used, not that I have any experience of them.

PurplePidjin Fri 28-Sep-12 16:06:58 and Wraps/bummis prefold.jpg

I have lots of these...

(hang on, i can only do one link at a time)

PurplePidjin Fri 28-Sep-12 16:08:01

Which you can fold in thirds and use like this...

PurplePidjin Fri 28-Sep-12 16:08:43
PurplePidjin Fri 28-Sep-12 16:11:04

Or use like a terry with a nippa/pin


They make super-absorbent muzzies, or extra boosters for night nappies, etc blah blah!

PurplePidjin Fri 28-Sep-12 16:12:06

Afaik a terry square is just a towel!

ValiumQueen Fri 28-Sep-12 16:27:22

A terry square is a towel! A type of towel anyway. The quality varies.

Is the green nappy yours? What is it?

LeBFG Fri 28-Sep-12 16:29:42

They look good - much better than ordinary muslin squares. Must put that on the to-buy list when the time gets nearer! Perhaps some relatives will buy some for the new baby <can but hope>

PurplePidjin Fri 28-Sep-12 17:21:43

No idea, random google images!

BFG, they're really cheap preloved - my 60 odd plus 2 4-10lb , 8 7-11lb and 10 8-15lb wraps cost £46. It's more faff than AIO/SIO/AI2 but way cheaper, my guitar wrap cost £9 pl, new AIO pretties are £20-30... I don't have that kind of cash.

LeBFG Fri 28-Sep-12 18:44:48

Where did you source them PP? We live frugally at our place, so a cheap alternative in the early days sounds great.

PurplePidjin Fri 28-Sep-12 18:55:57

Friend of a friend on facebook, but I'm in a couple of preloved groups on there too smile

fudge74 Fri 28-Sep-12 21:48:57

Has anyone used prefolds as stuffing in a stuffable...? They may be cheaper to buy than the normal boosters...perhaps?

....I'm still waiting for my order from China....

I LOVE the stuffable nappies, they dry so quickly. I have been meaning to ask -

Has anyone ever just changed the stuffing when wet, rather than putting the whole lot in the wash? I wondered if that was an option, seeing as the fleece inner seems to be completely dry. Thoughts, ladies?

ValiumQueen Fri 28-Sep-12 21:56:42

You can use anything to stuff a stuffable. I have used microfibre cleaning cloths, and cut up value nappies when on holiday and wanting to reduce washing. You could also remove and replace the insert, but it could get whiffy, and even though the fleece is dry, the wee would have still gone through it, which would put me off. I would only do it if absolutely necessary, and not more than once. I love them too!

PurplePidjin Sat 29-Sep-12 10:25:08

I plan to use the prefolds to boost, if that's the same thing? But then I'm handy with a sewing machine so could easily cut them to size...

Notgrownupinmyhead Sat 29-Sep-12 10:57:09

Christ on a bike vq! We had ss round the other month after ds1 had a bizarre pattern of bruises on his back and it turned out a kid from nursey had whacked him one. Is she ok now? Are you ok?

Thanks PP!

Ive had to keep washing me nappies with dishwasher tablets as the ammonia in the morning is eye watering. Im putting it down to teething. Daytime widdles dont smell just the overnight ones.

Which fleece would you girls recommend to use as liners? Hes wet through by morning but no leaks so just need to work on that.

What does SIO mean? And OSFA is it? In on my phone and cant scroll down.

LeBFG Sat 29-Sep-12 11:03:17

SIO: snap-in-one - the inner absorbant bits snap into the matching wrap so like an AIO once assembled, but quicker drying.

OSFA: one-size-fits-all - though, of course, they probably don't.

I use distilled white vinegar. Oh so cheap and works like a treat. I was recommended it on here. If you have some problematic nappies, first soak them in vinegar/water for a few hours before washing. But once cleaned like this, you just need to put a squirt into the rinse each time (the vinegar and ammonia turn to salt and water). Sometimes it helps to give the nappies an extra rinse cycle as modern water-saving washing machines don't rinse out the detergent very well.

ValiumQueen Sat 29-Sep-12 11:26:04

BFG that is useful about the vinegar. Will look out for some.

notgrownup I am fine now, and DD2 is doing well with the antibiotics. Still has the funny little patch on her clitoris, but it is not red at all and no longer sore at nappy changes. DH has calmed down now too. It is a horrid world we live in, and every day there is a new story in the news about children being abused, so I think always is a fear of parents unless you have sole care of them 24/7. Glad it all got sorted with your lad - that must have been horrid. DD1 had a blood clotting disorder earlier this year and looked like she had been beaten to within an inch of her life. Initially they thought it was leukaemia, but it was ITP, which she has now thankfully cleared naturally.

In relation to fleece, nothing too fluffy, or thick. If you have a fabric store near you, you could try a couple, and see what you like, if you can buy off cuts or just 20cm. I have got a fleece blanket from Asda which was £3 which I have yet to experiment with properly. You could also get a fleece top from a charity shop? They do not need hemming, and I would initially cut around a booster liner and keep a paper copy of shape so you can adjust and adapt.

BiscuitCrumbsInBed Sat 29-Sep-12 20:52:32

VQ I'm glad that the family are all ok now! Hope next week is a calmer one in the Valium house!

PP I'm impressed that you're going to use cloth from the start, what will you do with the nappies while in hospital, are you just going to bag them up and take them home with you? What if you're in more than one night? Newborns wee lots IIRC. Def use fleece liners or sposies for the meconium, it's not nice... Sorry, not trying to scare you, just curious!

Also can anyone recommend a good wet bag for out and about? I've had a nature babies one, it leaked, exchanged it, new one felt damp on the outside today after first use, huh!

ValiumQueen Sat 29-Sep-12 21:10:07

Spoke too soon sad wondering if DD2 has had a bit of a reaction to the antibiotic (trimethoprim) as had a slight temp all day, but tonight spiked a temp and has thrown up, and been looking somewhat listless. Dr reckons it was a UTI, but she was pretty much ok apart from her sore patch. Temp has come down and she is sleeping peacefully. I will contact NHS24 in morning or tonight if condition worsens. I will not be giving her any more unless I clear it with Dr. May be nothing to do with the antibiotic.

PurplePidjin Sat 29-Sep-12 23:31:18

I'm looking for a camping wetbag. Not bothered about pretty pictures on it, so going for cheap and sturdy! Nappies will go in there then home with dp for laundering. I anticipate 1 day in hospital then 2-3 in MLU, with lots of visits from my folks, mil and dp, all of whom i trust to bring appropriate supplies when necessary. Meconium, and therefore sposies, will be at least 2 days so I'll take 2 days worth of cloth and leave the rest somewhere obvious for dp to grab if necessary.

Poor little mite, hope you can all get some rest and recover, VQ sad

ValiumQueen Sun 30-Sep-12 04:27:43

Not too bad a night all things considered. I have yet to find a good wet bag. I know you can get some monkey sommat ones, but they are expensive. I usually put them in a nappy bag, but they are always at risk of getting thrown away by accident, especially if in hospital.

Had a leak this week with an eBay cheapie. Not the nappys fault. Lack of monitoring by DH. It was the cow print minky and she did not have trousers on, so it was not visible, and he is not one to check. Just wee thankfully. It only came to light when she sat on her big sister, and her sister complained she was soaking. The minky fabric was sopping wet, but still looked normal. Could have happened with any tbh.

Kelbells Sun 30-Sep-12 08:07:43

biscuit Have a look at the 'my little patch' website, she's a wahm who makes the most gorgeous, leakproof wetbags! I bought my first one from there, but she has a Facebook page where she sells slightly mis-sized and some different have a large one at home, a couple for out and about and small ones for reusable wipes... Can't recommend her enough!

vq sorry to hear that you're having a turbulent time! Hope life settles down in time for the new one to arrive!

You've all inspired me to try the Alva babies... I've just had a couple arrive (zebra and giraffe) although I off to a baby shower today where the mum to be is interested in fluff... So I may gift her one to try! grin

PurplePidjin Sun 30-Sep-12 08:22:23

Kelbels, as a "first time mum to be interested in fluff" that would probably be my favouritest present grin

Kelbells Sun 30-Sep-12 08:37:59

Got to spread the love grin purple.... Just hope I can let go of it when I hand it over wink

PurplePidjin Sun 30-Sep-12 08:42:26

You hand it over with a wink, a business card, and a "Now you know what to get me for Christmas" wink

Kelbells Sun 30-Sep-12 08:46:49


ValiumQueen Sun 30-Sep-12 09:19:48

Very good idea. I would love some fluff! Thinking of asking for it for Christmas. Would that be a bit sad?

PurplePidjin Sun 30-Sep-12 09:22:24

Nope, although you might want to suggest that Baby would appreciate some cool nappies...

ValiumQueen Sun 30-Sep-12 10:08:38

Much better idea purple. As DC3 he will not be needing much!

Dr thinks it was a reaction to antibiotic, so now on another. She is much better, but still low grade temp. Being a rascal which is always a good sign. Yawn.

peanutMD Sun 30-Sep-12 10:45:01

Hi ladies, I'm 17 Weeks pregnant with DC2 and have been looking into cloth nappies but haven't a clue where to start.

I used disposables for DS as I thought it was all Terry squares and rubber pants which my mum informed me was a Bugger when I was younger.

The main thing stopping me from just going for it is that my DP is really not keen on the idea and can be stubborn so I worry that they'd be difficult for him to use IYSWIM, has anyone else dealt with this?

The other thing is that the baby will be starring nursery at 9 months as I have to return to work then, are they simple enough for them to use?

How many would you suggest buying and what would I need to go with them?

is it possible to get without a massive outlay a we are on a tight budget and don't want to spend to much incase its not practical for us.

Any brand to look for or avoid?


ValiumQueen Sun 30-Sep-12 12:57:36

peanut welcome. I think it is worth having a read of the threads and reviews on here. There is good advice for those considering cloth, and how to decide what will work. Also recommend you have a look at the nappy lady website as she will advise individuals. We all have our favourites though, as will you as it is addictive.

It might be worth talking to nursery to make sure they will use them, and consider seriously if you want to be bothered with washing nappies after working, and with two children to look after too. My nursery would not, but do now. With my first two I reverted to disposables, but with my DS due soon, I want to keep up with cloth as I will also have two in nappies.

General advice would be to not buy a birth to potty set until you are sure they are right for you, and that you will use them. I think it is more fun to have a selection, and some are better for different occasions, like nights, nursery, when GPs and dads are in charge etc. Pre-loved may be an option, or a trial pack, but have a read of the threads...

I am sure DH will like them once he sees what they are like.

LeBFG Sun 30-Sep-12 18:14:40

A bit of additional advice: it's very easy to spend a lot especially in the beginning. You can get some good deals on both new and used nappies if you are patient and look around for a while.

I particularly second VQ's point about having a range. You'll find some suit DC better and that might change as s/he ages. Plus, it's nice to have more absorbant ones that take longer to dry mixed with less absorbents that a speedy driers. Only you'll be able to find out what suits the best.

Notgrownupinmyhead Sun 30-Sep-12 19:54:45

Thanks LBFG!! VQ Poor lambs been in the feckin wars then! How old is she? Yeah ds's nursery rang ss when dh emailed them a pic of the bruises so it was the whole she bang - interview, home visit and that. Then ss turned round to us asking if we wanted to make a complaint!! All we asked was for nursery to keep am eye in the boys. Mad.

Ill have a look at some fleeces, the liners i have atm might be too small hence his wet bits, the skin is starting to rash too.

Will coloured bamboo be ok with some bleach in the washer? Its fluffwashday 2moro and the smell is hotching. Ammonia but will use the vinegar method. I got a huge lidded bucket off Ebay and it gets full every 3/4 days so you can imagine how bad it is!!

Good evening to you all!!

ValiumQueen Sun 30-Sep-12 20:33:16

She is 2.4 poor little scrap. A bit of goo came out today, and she is keeping well on the new antibiotics (hopefully anyway). I have never used bleach. I think 3 days is the absolute maximum to leave nappies before washing. Might be worth washing the overnight ones out before putting in bucket.

LeBFG Mon 01-Oct-12 07:43:01

Yeah, agree that three days is the max really. I used to use bleach clothes/sheets all the time until I found out how crap it is. Whatever you do, don't use it! It degrades fabric terribly (I've holey shirts to prove this) and will bleach the colour on your nappies. For stains, use sunlight where possible - even on a window ledge will help. For smells, vinegar and proper rinsing is the trick. A poster on here told me if I did this, I would never have problems with smells, and she was right.

VQ: how awful for your DD. Fingers firmly crossed that the new antibiotics do the trick this time. Poor mite.

PurplePidjin Mon 01-Oct-12 07:47:55

I read that if you bleach cat wee it smells more like wee! Dunno if that works for humans though?

Notgrownupinmyhead Mon 01-Oct-12 12:27:37

Im staring at the bucket now.

Has DD perked up a bit today?

Using my Dudeebaba pockets today and so far so good. But, its nap time now so that'll be the test.

I think ill double the fleece at night time and see how we get on.

Notgrownupinmyhead Mon 01-Oct-12 12:30:18

Just read t'other messages. I think its been 3 days since they were first put in there cos the whole household wash cycle seems to be that!

Call me Dot Cotton. confused

Ive half a pint of vinegar left so half if that can go in.

Thanks for the advice re bleach. Ill leave that for the floors!!

ValiumQueen Mon 01-Oct-12 12:34:51

DD is a little swine, which is good. Thanks for asking smile

I would advise against doubling fleece as it can be counter productive and become water resistant making nappy leak and bum even wetter. Same with disposable liners, they should be cut to size rather than folded.

PurplePidjin Mon 01-Oct-12 12:58:17

Fleece blankets: Liners, soakers or both? confused

Glad dd has perked up smile

Notgrownupinmyhead Mon 01-Oct-12 13:19:13

Ha ha always a sign the kids are better when they start playing up.

Ill aquire one of ds1's fleece blankets and make some longer liners then rather than double up. confused i didn't think of that! Thanks grin

ValiumQueen Mon 01-Oct-12 15:52:27

Fleece is only good as a liner, as the wee goes through it rather than gets absorbed by it. Baby bum: liner : soaker : booster: wrap. If it is a pocket nappy, chances are it will have a fleece layer next to bum anyway. My mistake previously with my Fuzzis was using a fleece liner with them, thus resulting in leaks.

PurplePidjin Mon 01-Oct-12 16:56:12

So what are flongies made from? confused

ValiumQueen Mon 01-Oct-12 18:21:59

Flongies are made of fleece, but are thicker, so are waterproof like a wrap. They have a similar effect as a doubled over fleece liner would if it were the proper fleece, not the little lamb crap stuff. Fleece is funny stuff.

ValiumQueen Mon 01-Oct-12 18:22:38

Blooming complicated innit!

PurplePidjin Mon 01-Oct-12 18:43:09

So i could make shorties/soakers from a double layer of normal fleece?

ValiumQueen Mon 01-Oct-12 19:08:35

I don't know. I am not acquainted with such things. I know you can find instructions on the Internet.

BiscuitCrumbsInBed Mon 01-Oct-12 20:12:15

Thanks Kelbells for the wet bag tip, I'll check them out!

Purple it sounds like you're well prepared, good on you! When is LO due?

VQ glad your DD is back to normal, and hope you have a stress free time til the next one arrives...

I've seen knitting patterns online for wool soakers, I wasn't sure what they were (before I got into cloth!) Do you use them instead of a wrap? I can't quite believe they would be waterproof though. Guess they must be or people wouldn't use them.

Poor old DD has a cold, is teething, and did a horrible pop today that's given her such a sore bum. It's bright red and she cries when being changed and cried and wouldn't sit down in the bath, poor little thing sad I'm using lashings of sudocrem, anyone know of any miracle cures?!

ValiumQueen Mon 01-Oct-12 20:24:10

biscuit I swear by metanium, although would be careful with cloth. It is the only thing that touches my kids nappy rash.

The wool is waterproof, so you do not need a wrap. There is quite a bit of evaporation, and you do not wash them. You need to waterproof them with lanolin. I do not like the idea of it. I need to be able to wash stuff.

24 sleeps (or attempts at sleeps) until DC3 arrives.

I put DD in disposables yesterday as she had the squits with the antibiotics. Sodding thing leaked when DH was 'watching' her, cue shitty footprints all over the carpet, and bum prints on the sofas and cushions. I went to see what she was up to as she was quiet. There are advantages and disadvantages to having poo coloured sofas. Thankfully they are leather. Needless to say she went straight back to washables. Lesson learned.

BiscuitCrumbsInBed Mon 01-Oct-12 21:18:25

Chuckling at wipeable, poo coloured sofas - I don't think our cream coloured fabric sofa will last long now DD is mobile... Washables are definitely better for containment, DD has done some very squirty poos recently while teething and no leaks. Wish I had used them when she was a few months old and regularly doing poos that would escape, right up to the back of her neck!

I don't like the idea of not washing things either, my washing machine sees a lot of action particularly the 60 degree cycle! For my nappies I do a 60 or 40 degree wash with a prewash and usually with miofresh sanitizer. Haven't had any problems with ammonia smells yet but not using washable at night.

BiscuitCrumbsInBed Mon 01-Oct-12 22:35:43

Ps thanks for tip re metanium, I've got some but haven't used it since she's been in cloth, maybe with paper liner would be ok - I'll have to try it tomorrow, the poor little monkey is so sore.

LeBFG Tue 02-Oct-12 07:10:41

Love the poo story VQ. Made me chuckle over breakfast tea!

I've always successfully treated a red bum with sudocream. Each time I applied some I would put him in a disposible until it cleared (normally half a day - miracle sudocream) but recently I've done it with fleece liners and I've discovered little if none at all ends up on the liner. I don't plaster it on and it all sticks and gets absorbed by the skin. The liners have then washed up no problem, not a sign of grease on them. So I would, cautiously, say it's OK to use.

Nappy Lady likes to wash fluff at 60. She goes to the manufacturers who've marked 40 on their stuff and got them to say 60 is fine. There was an exception, but I can't remember what it was. I alternate 40 and 60 degree washes. I sometimes wash with the washing nuts and sometimes with a tiny bit of cheap bio powder.

ValiumQueen Tue 02-Oct-12 07:14:37

I always wash at 40 I must admit. Sudocream has never worked for mine, but they are all different.

BiscuitCrumbsInBed Tue 02-Oct-12 12:32:21

I've used metanium this morning and a disposable liner and it doesn't seem to have got through to the nappy on the first change - although as she'd dne a huge poo it didn't really have a chance! So I'll keep using metanium for now I think and see how we go. I have used sudocrem before in cloth and it's been ok, but I have some fleece-backed washable wipes and when I use those on her after she's had sudocrem, they do seem to pick it up and it doesn't always come out in the wash. Washing at 60 seems to do the trick though. Poor little monkey her bum is still very red, I hope it clears today.

One good thing has happened though today: she's never liked her cot and has slept in with us since about 4 months, but we've recently struggled a bit as shes's so big and wriggly (14 months now!) so ordered a single mattress to go on the floor in her room, it came this morning and i made it up straight away with a John Lewis flannelette sheet which is SO SOFT and snuggly I am going to get one for us too...! Anyway She fell asleep on me after a feed at 11ish, I've transferred her to the mattress, she stirred a bit, stroked the sheet (really!) and went back to sleep and is still there!!! I don't want to jinx it but OMG! First nap in her own room since she was about 4 months old... YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Notgrownupinmyhead Tue 02-Oct-12 13:37:38

Sudo doesnt work fir ds2 but metainium does. Hes in sposies today as he has a bad rash thats bleeding. Bloody teeth and shitting one after the other yesterday!! I used the vinegar and no smells. Its raining heavy outside so ill whap me maiden out and get them on there.

VQ that story is funny but not. Reminds me of the time ds2 took his nappy off, smeared it all over his cot, face, body etc and im not sure if he ate any. Stupid mummy for not putting pants/vest on. Baby+velcro=big mistake!!!

Notgrownupinmyhead Tue 02-Oct-12 13:39:57

Check you out crumbs!!! Thats ace! I got ds2 a lambskin that arrived today. I need one for me!!!! Its so soft and snuggly. Hopefully he'll be easier to settle.

BiscuitCrumbsInBed Tue 02-Oct-12 18:12:07

Sorry Notgrownup but I am laughing out loud at your DS smearing poo over himself and his cot... It won't be funny when it happens to me (and I'm sure it will!) Hope your DS's nappy rash clears up soon, poor little thing. DD's looks slightly better and she had a good nap so I'm hopeful she will sleep better tonight. Unlikely with a cold but I live in hope! I would love a giant sheepskin to wrap myself in, that would be so lovely on a cold evening!

Notgrownupinmyhead Wed 03-Oct-12 11:43:40

Biscuit I laughed and screamed at the same time when I went in his room. 2 baths and half a bottle of dettol on the cot. I did take a pic and shall embarrass him when hes older!!

Bloody nappy rash!

LeBFG Wed 03-Oct-12 12:19:33

Have just received my preloved LL size 2s. They are nice and thick - the newer label too and elastic nice and springy still. The problem is the rise. They rise no higher over DS's bum than the size 1s. I can only think it's because the elastic on my old label size 1s is shot and so they stretch further. Still, DS is only average for his size at 19m - although I'm sure absorbancy'll be much better, I'm not sure the fit will see him through til potty training. Poo...metaphorically speaking angry.

Notgrownupinmyhead Wed 03-Oct-12 13:44:09

Hmmmm, wonder if you could extend them yourself??

Builders bum on babies grin

ValiumQueen Wed 03-Oct-12 15:01:43

They have brought out a size 3 LL. DD must be literally a short arse then as they are fine on her.

BiscuitCrumbsInBed Wed 03-Oct-12 15:10:53

I had an LL size 2 microfibre on trial from fill your pants, loved it but it was too short for DD (14 months and 98th centile for height and weight...)

ValiumQueen Wed 03-Oct-12 15:26:12

Gosh! The OSFA did not get anywhere near her thighs. Perhaps they need to rethink their sizings. Loving my Fuzzis even more grin

LeBFG Wed 03-Oct-12 15:27:29

The odd thing is DS isn't really tall or pudgy...perhaps I'm worry-gutting too much. For the moment it isn't a builder's bum grin. I just like to see rise comfortably over iyswim. Bit like comfey pants grin. Yes, I saw the size 3s but thought surely he'll never need them? (he was only 4lb4 at birth - I can't imagine him all big and stuff). Sigh. They are a lot more absorbant though, which is a blessed relief.

ValiumQueen Wed 03-Oct-12 15:35:03

DD was 10lb 3 so I never thought she would be average. Now on 50 th centile

BiscuitCrumbsInBed Wed 03-Oct-12 17:14:30

10lb 3!! I though DD was a whopper at 9lb2! well done VQ let's hope the next one is a bit smaller!

ValiumQueen Wed 03-Oct-12 18:23:50

She was a sunroof job after DD1 got stuck at 8lb 13. DS is likely to be bigger still. I grow them well, just shite at pushing them out grin

Notgrownupinmyhead Wed 03-Oct-12 22:20:28

Thems is big childrens!!! Fark!!

I might knit some wool liners, could i get away with it?

Im going to make some boosters out of the terry TB I couldn't sell, may as well get some use out of them.

Ds2's rash is horrendous today all bleeding and lumpy. His shite isnt as firm either. Poor sod. sad

LeBFG Thu 04-Oct-12 08:03:38

Poor little buggar Notgrownup sad. Hope he gets better soon. Perhaps it's the super toxic poo that his skin is reacting to. Once that's passed, perhaps his bum'll be able to heal properly.

Update on used nappies: they stink. I kinda expected this. They were v. cheap. I've had this before with second hand nappies too. But still...I'm about as skanky as they come, but I would be hestitant to give away nappies that reeked of ammonia after one wear. How can people do it? I dunno. Cue massive vinegar soak, 60 wash and extra cold wash for the rinse. Out on the line for a (hopefully) sunshiny day. We'll see what this does.

VQ - so funny how DCs weave an image into your head then astound you by changing. It's been marvellous following my DS's growth and development (PFB complex probably). Can you even get babies bigger than 10lb3?!

Notgrownupinmyhead Thu 04-Oct-12 09:26:02

Im a minger but theres no way I'd sell/give something away that smelled

Thanks, the peachy bum seems a bit better, im mixing the creams with vaseline and ditched the paper liners. He has been eating more the past week or so too. Hes a right chunky kid.

Vq you make me 'lol' the way you have with words.

Nappies hung out on the maiden in a sunny room since yesterday and they smell fine. The overnight nappy didnt honk of ammonia either!! I did was them with detergent twice though after the vinegar rinse.

I took ds1 to school in my jamas.

PurplePidjin Thu 04-Oct-12 09:36:35

Bleurgh, BFG, that's minging! I've benefitted from a couple of cheap destashes and no smells (bit rough even after I've washed (pfb) though, might try tumbling them??)

My friend's dd was 10lb15, VB no epi shock makes me glad dp and i are both shortarses!

ValiumQueen Thu 04-Oct-12 11:10:05

I nursed a baby that was over 12lb born. The biggest baby ever born was 23lb 12 oz, in Ohio in 1979. He sadly died a few hours later.

DD2 now has thrush down below to add to her infection, plus is teething too. She is not sleeping well, understandably, but is fine in the day.

notgrownup could your lad have thrush? It does not look like the thrush we have, more lumpy and pustules. Would knitted liners work?

Notgrownupinmyhead Thu 04-Oct-12 17:46:46

Yo VQ, thats what his butt looks like. Ive a half used 6m old tube of Canestan. Ill get some more!!

Would wool work? The really soft stuff? Im still learning nappy wise.

Your poor DD!!!! Its just one thing after the ither!!

fudge74 Thu 04-Oct-12 21:23:03

Just catching up on this thread and interested in the vinegar treatment. I don't generally have trouble with smells, BUT my towelling nappies are just REALLY stiff grey and old (using on 3rd child, and were first used on DS 1 who is now 10) and our tumble dryer is bust not that I like using it anyway, Any tips on whitening/softening treatments....?
Also, I'm planning on selling some of my smaller sized stash, anyone had any problems buying or selling pre-loved nappies? Anything I should try and avoid? (apart from making sure they don't stink, eh?)

LeBFG Fri 05-Oct-12 08:47:56

Hum, vinegar should help with the softness and line drying of course. A friend gave me some very old and well used muslins that were grey. No amount of washing and sun-bleaching made them any less grey.

I've been using and following ebay recently. People either sell all together or seperate. I'm not sure which is the best strategy. I don't think you get any more by selling individually, plus with the fag of seperate packaging, addresses etc, I would choose selling as a bundle on balance. I've also bought a couple of things recently from the Pre-loved Cloth Nappies facebook group too. There's quite a lot of activity on there - lots of bartering I suspect.

My main bug is lack of description. I'm forever emailing questions about state of elastic, any stains etc. Hope that helps fudge.

ValiumQueen Fri 05-Oct-12 08:56:42

notgrownup I have hydrocortisone 1% prescribed for DD, spread thinly, twice a day and it is working wonders. I am not sure canesten is what he needs as it is different to what we get, apparently. Her sore patch on her clitoris is still there, and looking a bit angrier and bigger. Waiting for it to explode. She is not bothered by it, unless it is touched directly in nappy change.

fudge my recommendation for your predicament is.... Treat yourself to some new ones! 10 years old the nappies do not owe you anything, and I am not sure anything would cure them. I appreciate this may not be an option for you though. How old is your youngest? I have yet to sell any of mine as awaiting my third. My Fuzzis are 7 years old, and many were pre-loved. They are still my best nappies.

DD has a giraffe bum today. I love it!

Notgrownupinmyhead Fri 05-Oct-12 09:16:01

Ill have a look for that strength, thanks.

Your poor DD she must be in a right state. I wonder if shes scratched it when shes been in the nip?? Ds2 has discovered his little general and always seems to grab it when hes covered in shite.

Im watching a load of stuffables on Ebay and they end in an hour.

Anyone doing owt exciting today?

LeBFG Fri 05-Oct-12 09:20:24

I'm washing nappies, ha! And waiting for the postman to bring me a nappy pressie. And making those chocolate fudgy squares hopefully. Yum.

PurplePidjin Fri 05-Oct-12 09:51:22

Ripping up old carpets ready for new ones next week

ValiumQueen Fri 05-Oct-12 09:59:01

notgrownup could be she scratched herself. I have never seen her rummaging, but she always lunges when nappy is off. I remember one day she lunged, and ended up losing a finger as she grabbed so ferociously. The look of shock on her face was a picture! I think that has put her off for a while. Of course we have no idea what they get up to in the wee hours. Good luck with the auction.

Being lazy today, just me and DD2 at home, and grandma is getting DD1 from school so I do not even need to get dressed. I have felt awful this week as getting very near section date, so a rest is called for. I will spend a bit of time sorting the nursery a bit better, and do a bit more baby washing.

DD is not keen on wearing a nappy, not surprisingly, so I am giving her a choice at each nappy change. Just a choice of two, or we would be there all day. Pink at the moment.

BFG look forward to hearing about the nappy prezzie.

Notgrownupinmyhead Fri 05-Oct-12 10:28:29

Chocolate fudge!!!!!!!! Shame your in France. angry

I won them grin

Ds3 is just dropping off so ds2 needs dressing after hes finished throwing baby wipes everywhere and sucking them. He is a very busy boy.

Im putting my jamas back on too VQ dont feel awful for not doing owt. wink

LeBFG Fri 05-Oct-12 13:00:36

Been a pj morning here too. I feel guilty n all but there, sometimes other things take priority like second breakfast.

I sniggered at you comment, VQ, about Fudge's nappies not owing her anything grin. Fraid the nappy present isn't anything as exciting as a giraffe nappy. I've bought some preloved stuff and, as much as anything, I want them to turn up so I don't have to chase them. At least with new or things off ebay you have some kind of guarantee they'll arrive, or at least you'll be reimbursed.

ValiumQueen Fri 05-Oct-12 13:06:00

The recipe for fudge is required please. Either that or a sample in the post. Even if you are in France!

So these pockets you just won notgrownup details please grin