How do nanny shares work?

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Chabby Mon 07-Nov-16 14:47:28


I would really appreciate some advice.

I'm starting a new job 3 days a week which doesn't pay v well, but for various reasons a nanny is our preferred choice for childcare for your two daughters.

If you have a nanny, do you pay cash in hand? Or are you their official employer i.e you pay their tax and national insurance before they get a net salary?

What if you have a nanny share? Are they then self-employed or how do you share the tax and NI responsibilities with the other family?


SarahAnderson Tue 08-Nov-16 13:09:32

Yes you are the employer and no you can't pay cash in hand. It's your legal responsibility to operate PAYE scheme (if you don't it is you who is liable not the nanny). Nannies can't be self employed except in specific circumstances (which it sounds like you don't meet sorry). Nanny share is still an employment situation and you will need to both be the employers, so both pay minimum wage per hour (each) and also both pay tax and NI.

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