Love Sibelius and Elgar. Like Greig and Tchaikovsky what else?

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morchoxplz Sat 26-Apr-14 21:02:52

Just that really. After 20+ years of Indie/rock I'm reverting to the music I had the privilege of being introduced to as a child.
The Brahms thread below interested me so may try a bit of what else would I like?

joanofarchitrave Sat 26-Apr-14 21:05:12

Gavin Bryars - try his classic Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet?

borisgudanov Tue 29-Apr-14 22:10:24

Those are four very different composers from about similar periods almost. Nothing else really resembles Sibelius.

Brahms. Symphony no 1 in C minor; and no 4 in E minor.
Vaughan Williams. Symphony no 4 in F minor. A composer I generally detest but this blew my socks off.
Mahler. Symphony no 5 in F sharp minor.

Oh dear, all profound minor mode works. Then also

Dvorak. Symphony no 8 in G.
Mussorgsky. Pictures at an Exhibition.
Borodin. In the Steppes of Central Asia is often played but I like the Symphony no 2 in B minor.

Don't neglect the lesser piano concertos of Tchaikovsky. No 2 in G is great fun, but not "profound" in the sense of no 1.

Prokofiev - the Classical Symphony; fantastic
Shostakovich - 5th symphony is wonderful

Oh, and Mahler.

Tried Mozart?

Maestro Thu 01-May-14 21:53:19

Anyone from a similar period might appeal.

There's nobody quite like Sibelius, but Nielsen is a contemporary and an equally unique voice. There are few Scandinavian composers of a similar stature, but Nils Gade and Johan Svendsen might be worth a listen.

After Tchaikovsky, there's Borodin, Rimsky-Korsakoff, Glazunov (going through a bit of a revival at the moment), and on to Shostakovich, Rachmaninov, Prokofiev, Kalinnikov and Myaskovsky. Venturing into nearby lands, Dvořák and Smetana, and perhaps on to Suk, Janáček, and maybe even Martinů.

From Elgar, you could try Parry or Moeran or Delius.

Maybe venture into Germany and Austria with Mendelssohn, Schubert, Schumann, Strauss (Richard), Mahler and Bruckner.

Or into France with Berlioz, Debussy, Fauré and Ravel. Maybe even some Poulenc.

Or even to Italy and Respighi, or Spain and Albéniz.

If you get through that, I've got more suggestions...

Ferguson Tue 20-May-14 19:41:24

And I hope you all saw the recent BBC4 Young Musician series; if not, I'm sure it must be available on 'catch up'.

This Friday is the Jazz portion, a new innovation this year.

I'll try and come back with other suggestions sometime.

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