DS1 is getting a Ukulele for his birthday, what book should I get him to help him learn to play it?

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quietbatperson Sun 19-May-13 19:02:26

DS1 is going to be 6 and has been asking for a Ukulele for a few months, and will be getting one for his birthday in a few weeks. I would like to get him a book to help him along with learning to play, but it needs to be something quite simple so that he can help himself (I have other DC so can't 100% devote my time to helping him). I am not necessarily looking for something that will teach him to read music, but don't know if tablature is even available for the Ukulele, or whether its even a good idea and I should just help him to learn to read music and be done with it? Is there a series of books that I could buy one at a time if he kept up the interest?

Also, how is a Ukulele tuned? In perfect fourths or fifths or more complicated than that?

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