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NOW CLOSED: Do you do paid work at home: either for yourself or for an employer? If so please take a few minutes to complete a short survey: you could win a £250 voucher

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 03-May-12 16:38:02

We have been asked to find Mumsnetters to complete a survey - we are looking for mums (or mums to be) who undertake any kind of paid work at home.

This would include full or part time work at home, being self employed and working from home, running a business from home, working some of your working week at home, being a freelancer etc..

The survey is about your views and experiences of working at home as well as energy use at home.

If this is you, please take a few minutes to complete this survey - everyone who does will be entered into a prize draw where one winner will get a £250 voucher for Capital Bonds - this can be spent at over 160 retailers (including John Lewis, Boots, B&Q, Homebase and many more!).

Here's the survey link

Thanks and good luck

ilove Thu 03-May-12 16:42:31


LadySybilDeChocolate Thu 03-May-12 16:50:36

done. smile

Xroads Thu 03-May-12 16:57:01


FlankerMum Thu 03-May-12 17:00:55


SardineQueen Thu 03-May-12 17:06:52

I did it but the kids were on me and I put my MN password down as the answer to my email address blush

What can I do about that?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 03-May-12 17:31:48

SardineQueen - so long as your mn name is in there it'll be fine! thanks

SardineQueen Thu 03-May-12 17:45:48

I feel a right arse grin

Jellykat Thu 03-May-12 18:52:32

Done smile

duchesse Fri 04-May-12 00:58:22


MyNameIsntFUCKINGWarren Fri 04-May-12 07:39:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.


bobthebuddha Fri 04-May-12 14:36:20

Well I completed the survey but once I'd done so there was no confirmation it had gone through okay. I hope I didn't waste valuable home-working time doing it....

4goingon14 Fri 04-May-12 14:59:10


AfricanExport Fri 04-May-12 15:30:22


badpoet Fri 04-May-12 15:33:23

I used to work exclusively from home - for 7 years until October last year - can I complete the survey?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 04-May-12 15:45:21

badpoet - yes if you can think about the time when you were at home. thanks

LineRunner Fri 04-May-12 15:46:20


done. Mine was a bit hard to answer

MardyBra Fri 04-May-12 17:30:52

Done. I'm up for a £250 spree in John Lewis...

DirtyMartini Fri 04-May-12 17:36:15



(Hoping my employer doesn't become party to any of the information about the amount of watching neighbours and making cakes-- work I do... wink )

Done (I think!! Having pressed done, there was no confirmation .......)


BellaOfTheBalls Fri 04-May-12 18:41:20


Gauchita Fri 04-May-12 19:03:44


LadyInPink Fri 04-May-12 19:16:35

Done smile

BIWItheBold Fri 04-May-12 19:19:47

Done - but there was a massive assumption that those completing the survey had young/small children at home to deal with - unlike me, who has much older children.

DirtyMartini Fri 04-May-12 19:28:40

Or me - I have small ones but I use paid childcare on my work days, which didn't seem to fit into Q11.

Maybe a box for any other relevant info would be worth adding if not too late?

potoroo Fri 04-May-12 19:45:18

What DirtyMartini said. When I'm working I use paid child care.

Done smile

gazzalw Fri 04-May-12 20:13:46

What are you all doing from home? DW is looking for some inspiration ;-)

Instinctivemum Fri 04-May-12 20:16:22

Done ! How exciting to have a chance to win the vouchers <salivates at the thought>

Bibblebobbleparsnip Fri 04-May-12 20:17:22

Done. And me too re the working from home but use paid childcare...

Babylon1 Fri 04-May-12 20:20:50

Done grin

BellaOfTheBalls Fri 04-May-12 20:25:39

gazza admin & HR. All done via email & calls. I field emails, process time sheets, do all paperwork relating to hiring & firing. It's not rocket science but pays the bills!

DirtyMartini Fri 04-May-12 20:39:07

I'm probably overthinking this, but having looked at the questions again, it does read a little bit like a survey written by people who think mothers working at home automatically = mothers simultaneously working and being in charge of children. I mean surely "views and experiences of working at home" should acknowledge a broader set of scenarios. Don't quite a lot of self-employed people use childcare?

It strikes me as a teensy bit sexist, actually. We are not all constructing matchboxes whilst huddled around the dying embers with our shoeless brood in order to make ends meet, as in some Victorian etching.

Have they really asked you for "mums", MNHQ? Would they not want a dad to fill it out?

Hmmm <strokes chin>

DirtyMartini Fri 04-May-12 20:39:34

gazza, editing & proofreading smile

I'm a script editor. And yes, I use childcare during the week and after school, apart from a couple of evenings where ds1 is home with me for an hour and a half. He's happy entertaining himself and I'm in the same room so he's not completely fending for himself. smile

SardineQueen Fri 04-May-12 20:52:15

Adding to the list of people who use paid childcare while they work at home.

Dirtymartini that is a good post I was a bit baffled by that question as well. Clearly I am not going to be able to work whilst looking after a toddler.

SardineQueen Fri 04-May-12 20:52:50

I put that I fit work around the children. Which is true, I work when they aren't there grin

potoroo Fri 04-May-12 20:53:48

Again, I agree with DirtyMartini (I am not stalking).
Some of the questions didn't really fit me. I work for a large employer, but most of my colleagues are in other parts of the world. I spend a lot of time on conference calls and doing presentations, so there's no way I could look after children at the same time; in fact, I imagine my employer wouldn't allow it, emergencies notwithstanding.
The "claims" question didn't fit for me either. My business phone line, Internet package and mobile are paid for by my employer directly - same as they would be if I worked in an office.

duchesse Fri 04-May-12 21:02:49

I use childcare- DD3 goes to day nursery when I have work. When I don't have work, she still goes 2 days a week, but I add days where necessary and supplement with DH and MIL as required.

duchesse Fri 04-May-12 21:03:46

Oh, and I'm a translator. Freelance. No boss peering over my shoulder, only honest to goodness deadlines to work to.


gazzalw Fri 04-May-12 21:09:43

Thanks for your answers!

1andAhalfWines Fri 04-May-12 21:43:13

Done, although on maternity leave at the mo. The office is now a dumping ground smile

kellykateneedsaholiday Fri 04-May-12 21:50:56


membrillo Fri 04-May-12 21:51:34

I too was annoyed by the assumption that people 'work at home' to avoid childcare costs. I'm a professional- my children are in school/childcare when I'm working, whether that is in an office, out on-site, or at home!

BIWItheBold Fri 04-May-12 21:54:41

I did feel that the questions indicated a singular lack of understanding about people (and women) who work at home. But I'm also not sure that the way this questionnaire was written will give them much more insight into what it's really like.

Still, if they want to do any qualitative work to explore it further - I'm your man! (so to speak)

Katiebeau Fri 04-May-12 22:00:05


fotheringhay Fri 04-May-12 22:36:25

Done. But I use childcare (downstairs) while I'm working (upstairs). Could anyone work at the same time as looking after a toddler? confused

SardineQueen Fri 04-May-12 22:41:46

Sometimes I have to try a bit.

It goes like this

Don't touch the computer NO DON'T TOUCH THE COMPUTER What WHAT? Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Look it's peppa pig. Over there look it's peppa pig. PEPPA PIG LOOK AT THE TELLY Just for five minutes then I will play lego. Now look at Peppa Pig LOOK AT PEPPA PIG! No, please don't touch the computer DON'T TOUCH ad infinitum

Short answer = no you can't work with a toddler there

membrillo Fri 04-May-12 22:43:19

Yay BIWI! - Working from home, even as she types grin

BIWItheBold Fri 04-May-12 22:47:05

<stands to attention>

fotheringhay Fri 04-May-12 22:52:41

Sardine grin I pity your blood pressure on those occasions!

SardineQueen Fri 04-May-12 23:02:04

I guess the main thing they need to take away from this survey is that working from home is still work, and the same rules apply as if you are working away from the home and whether you are a "mum" or anyone else.

I can't think of any work I could reasonably get done with the kids here. Even the housework (which is work obv although unpaid) is restricted to a few tasks that won't be too tricky to be "helped" with.

Done. Some of the questions didn't really seem to understand the issues though.

membrillo Sat 05-May-12 00:16:55

Why are you BOLD BIWI?

MeDented Sat 05-May-12 00:34:19


twofingerstoGideon Sat 05-May-12 07:06:47


Anchorwoman Sat 05-May-12 07:12:18

What a strange survey! I, like many others here, use paid child care and work from home for my employer. Why the assumption that mothers work from home in order to look after their children at the same time?

lemniscate Sat 05-May-12 08:23:54

Done. Strange not just for childcare assumptions but also fixation in strange things - asking if I leave the tap on while I do things more often than before???

fotheringhay Sat 05-May-12 08:39:53

Exactly. You wouldn't expect a childminder to be able to do other paid work at the same time. They'd explode!

MsGee Sat 05-May-12 08:59:57


lemniscate I had to laugh at the tap q too. As if I lost the ability to turn off taps during working hours because I set up my own business.

It does assume that there is no childcare involved. Most self employed mums I know have some childcare provision ... We just find that it's not enough and you have to work at night too.

SardineQueen that is spot on. Although my DD turned four recently and for the first time this week I did an hours work whilst she watched a film. there is hope for the future!

At least the survey did not use the term Mumtrepreneur. That makes my skin crawl...

fuckwittery Sat 05-May-12 09:34:47

Yes I thought some of the questions were odd too. I work round my children's needs when I'm working from home but in the sense that I start work at 9.30am after drop offs, pause for 45 mins at about 2.45 to go and do school run and drop DD1 off at the childminders, and then be ready to stop again for 5.30pm to go and pick the kids up. During the actual workingfromhome bit, all I am doing is working. The house doesn't get messy with kids playing while I work, and it certainly doesn't get tidied either.

BIWItheBold Sat 05-May-12 09:35:16

membrillo - I have morphed from being BIWIWhoMustBeObeyed - from my role on the Low Carb Bootcamp threads to BIWItheBold, because I have to shout at my charges quite a lot to vaguely attempt to keep them on the straight and narrow!

Done grin

PigeonPie Sat 05-May-12 16:27:05

done too.

Gazza, I'm a parish clerk for 3 parishes and I do other virtual PA stuff on a self-employed basis.

BackforGood Sat 05-May-12 16:36:49

I think it depends on the ages of your dc though. If you have pre-schoolers, then obviously you can't really be doing work while they were there (work you needed to concentrate on, anyway), however, if you have older children, then it means it can save on childcare, as they can be of that 'inbetween age' where you feel they are too young to walk home, let themselves in, and be on their own for a couple of hours before you get in, but they don't need you to entertain them as such while they are there after school. My 'being in the house' means ds can't spend 2 hours on the x-box which he would if I weren't there, is a great bonus (not cash measurable, as my 10 yr old being able to be here because I'm in the house, does, as otherwise I'd still be paying out of school care for her).

I too wondered about why working from home would render you unable to turn off taps ?? hmm

CoffeeRevel Sat 05-May-12 18:35:10

Done smile

PermanentlyOnEdge Sat 05-May-12 19:46:28


nah1974 Sat 05-May-12 20:01:28


ninja Sat 05-May-12 21:29:48


AquaBoo Sat 05-May-12 23:41:35

Done, and I also object to the assumption that people (women?) work from home to avoid childcare costs and that they look after kids while working. When the kids are at home when I'm working, they are being looked after by their dad. And if we're both working, we use a childminder. And during the day they're at school. Very strange questions!

duchesse Sun 06-May-12 01:03:26

I go the impression that the questions were focused around the assumption that women working from home were doing a "mum job" for pin money, which I found rather insulting to be honest. As though it were impossible to earn a living wage while working from home. The questionnaire rings as though it were devised by a childless 23 year old with assumptions about what working from home means.

KatieMiddleton Sun 06-May-12 03:36:28


I also echo the assumption of the survey was that working from home = no childcare or working around the demands of children. Of course it doesn't! I use childcare because I have a small child. If I had an older child they could entertain themselves. When considering flexible working requests in the past with an element of homeworking every organisation I have worked with/for has insisted childcare be in place for the majority of the day before agreeing the request.

In fact one of my clients asked me the other day about how best to manage a situation with an employee (with a flexible working request in place) who is supposed to be homeworking one day a week but has no childcare for her 2 year old. But you'll have to cough up if you want to know what I advised wink

Also (this is a teeny tiny point) can you not set up your Survey Monkey account to do question logic so it jumps automatically excludes questions that are not applicable? It's quite annoying finding a question in the middle of the survey that just applies to some respondents but not all. It's really easy to do.

KatieMiddleton Sun 06-May-12 03:38:25

Oh, and it's a shame dh can't complete the survey what with being a male and all. He often works from home and has all the same benefits and issues as I do.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 06-May-12 08:58:35

Hi - thanks for completing the survey - always interesting to find how how many folks would qualify for surveys where it's not everyone and it seems many of you are doing paid work at home (says I sitting here in my pjs, not in MNHQ!).

As we said in the survey intro we know there are so many different circumstances for working from home - from type of job, hours worked, age of your children, childcare arrangements and so not all questions/ responses would be applicable to everyone. Apologies if some annoyed you. The working round the children aspect was really about many women who will work from home whilst children are at school and then resume again when they child-free time later, we totally get that childcare is used.

Good point re Dads who are MNers and who do paid work at home - we'd welcome their views as well.

stealthsquiggle Sun 06-May-12 14:37:20

Agree with all the comments of assuming child care is not in place - I very rarely never work with my DC actually at home, apart from the odd hour after school when they will amuse themselves - and as pre-schoolers if I was working, they were in nursery. OTOH I may have included avoiding childcare costs in my answers, because if I were not working from home I would probably be 2+ hours away, so I would need 4 more hours of childcare per day, IYSWIM...

and yes, DH could have completed the survey too as if he didn't work from home sometimes then I couldn't work elsewhere, as we juggle school runs etc between us and a full working day in the office for either of us means being gone before the DC get up and home after they are in bed.

Working from home with 2yo with no childcare is completely not on IMHO.

BackforGood Sun 06-May-12 14:58:17

No, but my youngest is 10. I have my "lunch break" at 3 to go and fetch her, then she is perfectly capable of entertaining herself while I get back to work. I wouldn't be comfortable with her walking hom on her own, letting herself in to a house that has been empty all day, and being on her own until I got home at 5.30ish. So, in those circumstances, it can save you childcare. I am lucky enough in my job / with my manger, that, if she is in a match after school or something, I can actually knock off at 3 and start again at 7 for a couple of hours if I wish. I realise not everyone can do that - it depends on the nature of your work.

sheeplikessleep Sun 06-May-12 18:43:09


BusinessTrills Mon 07-May-12 20:20:06

As often happens, I am allowed to choose "None" in number of children but then the "Ages of children" question is mandatory.

jennywren123 Tue 08-May-12 00:40:42


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