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NOW CLOSED - All MNers - complete our short survey on beauty - you could win a spa day for two at The Grove, Halos N Horns or Ecover goodies, Boots vouchers or a Glossybox sub

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 21-Feb-12 12:01:44

Here at MNHQ we want to know about you and beauty - whatever you are like......are you a skin care queen, are your nails scared of the beauty parlour or do you use the same facecream your mother used? smile

Tell us by completing our survey and you could win one of our many fab prizes.

We've gathered together a "Total Harmony" day for two in the Spa at The Grove Hotel in Watford, worth £400, £150 of vouchers to spend on Boots Treat Street, two Halos and Horns bundles worth £24 each, a 6 month subscription to Glossybox worth £77 and an Ecover gift box worth £50 grin. For full details on the prizes please see here.

The survey is open to all Mumsnetters.

Please take a few minutes to complete it - add your details at the end and you will be entered into the prize draws.


Done. Could have done with a few extra options - instead of the daily/never. What about the 'sometimes'??

jepa Tue 21-Feb-12 12:28:39

Done - I could so do with a day at Spa !
Has made me realise I spend a lot more than I thought on beauty products!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 21-Feb-12 12:30:18

done - changed from most days to typically use! thanks

DurhamDurham Tue 21-Feb-12 12:42:22

If my husband knew how mcuh I spent!!

This is between me and you Mumsnet ok?!

grin at the prizes being everything plus what's under the kitchen sink.

grumpypants Tue 21-Feb-12 12:53:07

AAAARGH! I really wanted to enter but i have just completed it and then put my mumsnet password not my email address! any chance of rectifying it or do I have to go thro the whole thing again?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 21-Feb-12 12:55:12

grumpypants - don't worry I will sort!


orangina Tue 21-Feb-12 13:05:18


grumpypants Tue 21-Feb-12 13:09:35

Thanks Ann - can't believe i'm so dense. Beauty products addled my brain, obv.

moonbells Tue 21-Feb-12 13:10:59

Heh. I'm a makeup hater (makes me feel like someone's plastered me with concrete) and DH isn't fond of me in it either so my answers are probably the most extreme possible! (apart from shampoos... )

My mother would never go out with lipstick - I can't bear the thought of going out with it!

(Also I came to the conclusion years ago that nothing on this planet was ever going to make me stop looking like the back end of a bus pretty so I wasn't going to spend a fortune on trying to!)

Feel free to try and convince me, though!

LoonyRationalist Tue 21-Feb-12 13:11:13

Done but I feel that the prizes on offer will skew the results. Those who don't use make up are not likely to be interested. Depends if you want your survey skewed in this way I guess?

moonbells Tue 21-Feb-12 13:11:39

Oh dear - I meant mother would never go out without lipstick. (shoots self in foot)

poorbuthappy Tue 21-Feb-12 13:24:05

I sort of lost interest towards the end. I bet you can tell from the lack of enthusiasm at the bottom. wink
I thought that was really hard work!!

LadySybilDeChocolate Tue 21-Feb-12 13:37:48


LadyWellian Tue 21-Feb-12 13:41:04

Why is waxing in there twice? (in the 'how much do you spend on xyz' question). I don't know where to include it.

HaveYouTakenLeaveOfYourCervix Tue 21-Feb-12 13:46:27

Done. And it has confirmed my suspicions that I have turned into my mother. thanks

Pekka Tue 21-Feb-12 13:46:45

Done, I hope I win!!!!! Could really do with a spa day.

GreatGooglyMoogly Tue 21-Feb-12 14:06:44

Done but please could there be a None option in question 6 blush and waxing appears twice in question 22.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 21-Feb-12 14:12:24

Re Q22 - you can include it in both bits!

MissBerta Tue 21-Feb-12 14:12:47


AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 21-Feb-12 14:13:04

GreatGooglyMoogly - done!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 21-Feb-12 14:14:38

LoonyRationalist - surely everyone is tempted by the Ecover? smile - and we checked and you can gift the Grove Spa day to a beauty loving friend if you like (or just go and have lunch!)

issimma Tue 21-Feb-12 14:28:20

Done. But did it submit ok? I pressed click to complete survey, and I had to log in again...

ProfCoxWouldGetIt Tue 21-Feb-12 14:39:34

Done - but just a question about the phone, is there a reason why those of us with Blackberrys can't take part?

GetOrfMoiiLand Tue 21-Feb-12 14:42:56

I have completed it.

I LOATHE spa days though, so god knows qhy I have entered.

Lol at spa in Watford, btw.

LadyWellian Tue 21-Feb-12 14:44:53

GetOrf I'll take your spa day if you win it and you can have my cleaning products if I win them.

I was a bit grin at 'spa in Watford' as well.

Jackstini Tue 21-Feb-12 14:56:00


GetOrfMoiiLand Tue 21-Feb-12 15:11:50

lol at swapping a spa day for ecover products. grin

If they were Method products I may have thought about it ladywelian, but I don't like Ecover smells of cat piss

Gauchita Tue 21-Feb-12 15:19:36


LoonyRationalist Tue 21-Feb-12 15:34:36

Ok I guess I could earn some brownie points with my mil. I don't use cleaning products either, that is dh's realm. Not sure how impressed he'd be but we'll see. I guess after all this moaning I'm not high on the list for winner anyway ;)

cybbo Tue 21-Feb-12 16:59:00

Getorf I KNEW you'd be on here

Mebbe you can sell spa day on ebay

MayorNaze Tue 21-Feb-12 17:17:23

dh thinks ecover is a beauty product

he uses washing up liquid as bubble bath


TeamEdward Tue 21-Feb-12 18:13:38

I luuuuurve The Grove.
Last time I was there I had breakfast with Mark Owen.

Mbear Tue 21-Feb-12 18:34:28

Done! Can I win please????? grin

mumsachocoholic Tue 21-Feb-12 18:38:50

done! really hope i win.

QuintessentialyHollow Tue 21-Feb-12 18:59:09

I need to win. Please. wink

I need a spa break the MOST.

40notTrendy Tue 21-Feb-12 19:43:55

Done. I love doing beauty surveys. Has reminded me I've yet to find my ultimate mascara.

I'm on the same bus as 40notTrendy in search of the non existent mascara!


Merrylegs Tue 21-Feb-12 20:22:33

The Grove is bloody gorjuss. Seriously. It puts the Wow in Watford. Last time (OK, only time) I was there I met the whole England team (plus Fabio!). They were charming.

Done. I may have skewed the figures as I am not concerned about beauty but am over 30.

GetOrfMoiiLand Tue 21-Feb-12 20:34:43

Oh I will stop tking the piss out of the Grove Watford - I have just had a look and it looks lovely.

moonbells Tue 21-Feb-12 21:02:22

The Grove is lovely. We went there for Valentine's lunch last year while DS was at nursery grin. We don't get out much, so it was a treat...

GrownUp2012 Tue 21-Feb-12 21:05:25

I don't really watch television, so I put that in the advert bit.

Blatherskite Tue 21-Feb-12 21:26:08

Done. I so need a spa day!

Tortoise Tue 21-Feb-12 21:31:58

My answers were really dull! But done anyway!

Kaloobear Tue 21-Feb-12 21:41:54



keepmoving Tue 21-Feb-12 22:05:04

Now I know where my money goes...blush

MegIet Tue 21-Feb-12 22:07:39


40notTrendy Tue 21-Feb-12 22:28:36

Hey Fizzog, let me know when you get there with that mascara. grin

metamorphosis Tue 21-Feb-12 22:34:35

The link to the survey isn't working for me. Why?! I am desperate to win so please can you fix it!

CointreauVersial Tue 21-Feb-12 22:36:20

Linky not working! Linky not working!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 21-Feb-12 22:41:31

Odd link works for me....
And no one has mentioned the it?!

brighthair Tue 21-Feb-12 22:50:27

Done - but no option for no children

metamorphosis Tue 21-Feb-12 23:12:14

Done - is okay now.

ScorpionQueen Tue 21-Feb-12 23:20:15

I hadn't realised I spend so much on haircare. It is still wild.

CointreauVersial Tue 21-Feb-12 23:23:50

Link works now; was obviously having a "moment". Survey done.....

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 21-Feb-12 23:28:11

brighthair - sorry - duly amended.

Done! Wow I probably spend far too much sad

aristocat Tue 21-Feb-12 23:53:08


Pornyissue Wed 22-Feb-12 00:15:31


TheTempest Wed 22-Feb-12 08:40:52

Done it, It has made me realize that I can't remember a single beauty advert though!

I only remember the ones that annoy me, especially that Pantene one with the "boffin" lady wearing giant glasses - seriously, she looks like Brains from thunderbirdsgrin

Choclatespread Wed 22-Feb-12 11:57:04

Done. Think I'll just have a pamper morning.

RhinosDontEatPancakes Sat 25-Feb-12 01:30:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.



Done but nearly nodded off before the end.

bluebump Mon 27-Feb-12 18:26:34


FeathersMcGraw Mon 27-Feb-12 20:27:45

done - I am such a cheapskate with the brands I've ticked blush

SmileItsSunny Mon 27-Feb-12 20:49:49

Ha Feathers, can't be worse than mine!
No adverts entered my brain...
Beauty advice I would give to my younger self? I would have been better off with my younger self giving me tips!

GetOrfMoiiLand Mon 27-Feb-12 21:31:48

I put Claudia Schiffer and Boswellox as my most hated advert.

Warmwoollenmittens Mon 27-Feb-12 22:23:45

Done - sleep now

Done .
Watford is an awfully long way from south Wales though.
Can I just have a lipstick instead please .

theseventhdwarf Tue 28-Feb-12 14:40:41

Done !

Itsnoteasybeing2 Tue 28-Feb-12 18:03:02


MadeInChinaBaby Tue 28-Feb-12 21:40:12

Done! My mum lives near Watford so I'm really hoping to win. I'd love to take her to a spa when I'm next in the UK.

eandz Wed 29-Feb-12 00:27:31

i keep hearing about the grove. i would definitely like to go.


fionathepink Thu 01-Mar-12 20:37:44

Happily done. Sorry about the rant about shampoo adverts.

HarrietVane Thu 01-Mar-12 20:41:18


grumpypants Fri 02-Mar-12 14:38:46

When do we find if iv'e anyone's won?

I have done it and ranted about my dislike for beauty products in general. Quite satisfying....

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 02-Mar-12 18:37:18

grumpypants - the plan is to close this on Wed - we need a few more respondents yet! thanks for completing it.

QOD Fri 02-Mar-12 19:02:43

I think I've done this already!??

Jux Fri 02-Mar-12 19:25:00

Done. No way could I get to Watford though, but I don't like spa days either.

NannyPlumIsMyMum Sun 04-Mar-12 01:07:18

I have done this too .
Please Jim Fix It for me to win .
I so need a pick me up .

MyNameIsntFUCKINGWarren Sun 04-Mar-12 07:20:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MuslinSuit Sun 04-Mar-12 10:25:19

Done - it just took me to the comps homepage after though, did it definitely go in? Ann if you could check for me if it's not a total pita?

Codandchops Sun 04-Mar-12 13:01:44

I've done it already but would add primer as an essential item now. Lovely stuff.

TheDogTheDogHesAtItAgain Sun 04-Mar-12 13:12:36

Agree that the prize will skew interest towards those who do like the beauty/pampering thang - and those within easyish/affordable reach of Watford. Neither of these applies to me but I'll do the survey for the sake of balance grin.

MarshaBrady Sun 04-Mar-12 13:12:52

Done. When I pressed the finish button it took me to the survey home page is that right?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 04-Mar-12 19:26:05

thanks guys - at the end it does just go to our new shiney surveys and product tests page so you can see all the things we are busy with now!

legoballoon Sun 04-Mar-12 20:25:35

Done! But by 'eck - the longest MN survey ever! Acquired new wrinkles and grey hairs whilst completing it grin

Teaddict Mon 05-Mar-12 10:13:38

Done, makes me want to go out and look for shiny new products tho! Do we get a chance to see the results? I am interested to see if everyone is as vain/gullible as me....

Annieuk75 Mon 05-Mar-12 18:44:09

All filled in :-)

helenlynn Tue 06-Mar-12 21:46:31

Done. Got quite sarky by the end.

KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 07-Mar-12 14:42:57

Thank you to everyone who completed the beauty survey, we have done the prize draw and congratulations go to.......

NoWittyName - The Grove spa package
Smallbean - £100 Boots voucher
Tmesis - £50 Boots voucher
Spagbolagain - Halos N Horns products
dressmeplease - Halos N Horns products
jaggythistle - Glossybox subscription
JulesJules - Ecover products

I'll PM you all to get your details.

MyNameIsntFUCKINGWarren Wed 07-Mar-12 18:20:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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