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OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 22-Feb-10 13:14:47

Holiday Autos want to know all about the joys of holidaying with young children, in particular travelling with and relying on airlines and car hire firms for essential pieces of kit such as car seats.
The survey is open to all parents of at least one child aged 6 and under - whether you have been abroad with them or not.

Everyone who completes the survey and adds their details at the end will be entered into a prize draw to win a £250 voucher for the store of their choice.

Thanks and good luck

IwishIwasmoreorganised Mon 22-Feb-10 13:25:56

done - would love to see some of the changes mentioned really happen grin

what pisses me off is when you book a car seat for your hire car and it turns out to be of awful quality with shabby grubby covers and inadequate straps


pixierara Mon 22-Feb-10 14:06:29

done - the last time we went away, we spent nearly 2 hours in the car hire queue with all 3 DC's tired and whinging....We then got the key only to find that the seats that were meant to be in the car weren't so then had to go back and forth...the seats when they eventually turned up were just awful.......totally inadequate IMO but we had no choice......we didn't drive as much as we had planned to because of this...t'was Italy by the way

midnightexpress Mon 22-Feb-10 14:14:10


bobblehat Mon 22-Feb-10 14:17:18

We always take our own car seats as the ones that are available are shockingly bad.

EasyEggs Mon 22-Feb-10 14:31:32


Fimblehobbs Mon 22-Feb-10 14:32:07

Done. Why don't they make Trunkis that are car seats too somehow? That would be genius!

RealityIsMyOnlyDelusion Mon 22-Feb-10 14:53:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LilyBolero Mon 22-Feb-10 14:54:09

They are doing aren't they - I'm sure I saw that on Dragons' Den Revisited - a rucksack that opens out to be a carseat.

LilyBolero Mon 22-Feb-10 14:55:36
Horton Mon 22-Feb-10 16:13:42

I've never been charged to take a car seat on a flight. Also, I do like surveys where you can add other comments if you want to. I must say, I agree about the quality of car seats available for hire cars being shockingly poor.

Rosa Mon 22-Feb-10 16:37:11

Agree about the standard. I had one in the Uk that I refused as it was it was falling apart.
Then at Christmas I had 2 from Europcar and they were both clean and in pretty good condition. PLus they both had copies of the instructions on how to install rather than having to look at ths stickers on the seat.
The seats should be date stamped for car hire companies and then withdrawn after 6 mths max a year..Or earlier if they are manky and unsafe!

geordieminx Mon 22-Feb-10 16:51:01

"Would you like to see designated car parking at airports for families with yooung children?"


Can you imagine the influx of AIBU threads?


geordieminx Mon 22-Feb-10 16:52:29

I wouldnt want to hand my £150 car seat over to the spanish luggage handlers.... it would come back in 1000 pieces hmm

PandaEis Mon 22-Feb-10 17:25:17

donesmile can i win please?? i never win anythinghmm i have participated in almost all of the competitions for the 5 years i have posted here and i have yet to win a thingsad

does it work if i beg??wink


LilRedWG Mon 22-Feb-10 17:39:21


TrinityIsFuckingTrying Mon 22-Feb-10 17:49:57

sorry t o hijack
juist seen realitys status

geniusly hilarious grin

MumGoneCrazy Mon 22-Feb-10 17:50:00

Done smile

RealityIsMyOnlyDelusion Mon 22-Feb-10 18:06:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

5inthebed Mon 22-Feb-10 18:21:34


<ponders about taking reality up on her offer>



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