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NOW CLOSED take our family friendly survey: you could win £200 Sanctuary voucher to spend in the spa or on products.

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carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 08-Feb-11 17:04:44

You may have clocked that Mumsnet has launched a Mumsnet Family Friendly campaign The aim is to make Britain the most family friendly country in Europe (nothing too ambitious then grin) which we hope to achieve by highlighting the best family friendly practices and organisations as well as identifying what could make them better. Obviously we'll need lots of help and input from the folks who know most about all this - ie you. The next stage of our campaign is this survey which asks how you rate both you and/or your partner's workplaces (where applicable) as well as the country as a whole for being family friendly.

Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey. It's open to all UK Mumsnetters and everyone who takes part and adds their details at the end will be entered into a prize draw to win a fab £200 Sanctuary voucher, which can either be used at one of their spas or on their lovely home spa products.
Thanks for your time and good luck with the prize draw.


Tee2072 Tue 08-Feb-11 17:13:48

Answered! Can I win? I never win!

"It's open to all UK Mumsnetters"

Is it? When there's a question about the ages of your children and no option to tick 'none'?

GastonTheLadybird Tue 08-Feb-11 17:45:07


ImFab Tue 08-Feb-11 18:25:40

Done too!

doughnutty Tue 08-Feb-11 18:41:53


AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 08-Feb-11 18:43:52

TrillianAstra checking for you...sorry for confusion

samels001 Tue 08-Feb-11 18:56:27


Bicnod Tue 08-Feb-11 19:16:28


AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 08-Feb-11 19:20:36

TrillianAstra - (following frantic emails) the survey is open to all UK MNers - I've added an option for "no children, not pregnant" - some questions may not be so relevant but we welcome opinions from all. Thanks smile. Do let me know if you'd like me to edit your response.

MissQue Tue 08-Feb-11 19:26:00


balia Tue 08-Feb-11 19:27:04

Done - and a brilliant idea for a campaign.

Hulababy Tue 08-Feb-11 19:35:07


gothicmama Tue 08-Feb-11 19:51:27

can we do something about hotel accommodation if you have 3 or more children as this is a real pita

blowbroth Tue 08-Feb-11 20:00:11

Done! I want two hundred quids worth of Sanctuary Candles which are divine! Thank you.

PussinJimmyChoos Tue 08-Feb-11 20:28:14

No option for the Middle East in the places you visited in the last three years to rate as family friendly

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Tue 08-Feb-11 20:59:44

done! i lurve Sanctuary stuff oh please oh please oh please......

I didn't want to lie so didn't finish - will go do it again now. I have lot of opinions even without children

MrsKitty Tue 08-Feb-11 23:02:27

Done. Was sad when I had to tick "n/a, not visited" to every single holiday destination on the list sad. £200 voucher would make me feel better grin.

Mbear Tue 08-Feb-11 23:35:42

Done and entered!

SandStorm Wed 09-Feb-11 06:45:08

Done but there are no options for mainland Europe, only certain countries. I've been to Portugal with the family and had the most positive experiences there but there was nowhere for me to say that.

Done, fingers crossed.... could really use some Sanctuary pampering grin

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 09-Feb-11 09:40:43

Hi sandstorm and others - do feel free to add other comments on specifics on this thread....we couldn't include all countries on the list but are interested in other experiences. Many thanks


CuppaTeaJanice Wed 09-Feb-11 09:53:19

No questions for us hard working self-employed mums - we're just lumped together with people who don't work. sad

Some questions had very variable answers - for example some restaurants are fab with kids and some are really crap. I didn't know how to answer!

UKcanuck Wed 09-Feb-11 11:05:13

Since when is Canada not part of North America? hmm

Done and would be delighted to talk to the media about frankly how crap we are in this country. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to make companies more family friendly - but it does take cooperation and loyalty on both sides - something I feel we are sadly lacking in the UK.

MummyBerryJuice Wed 09-Feb-11 11:16:02

Done. Please can I win
<pleading eyes emoticon>

I never win anything
<sulky pout>

LawrieMarlow Wed 09-Feb-11 11:50:43


eyeofhorus Wed 09-Feb-11 12:03:49


notcitrus Wed 09-Feb-11 14:34:15

Done - I feel that individual staff are more important than facilities.

Could Mumsnet perhaps join this campaign up with campaigns to make the UK more disability-friendly, as many changes could be improvements for both?

Eg putting lifts in at rail stations, providing customer toilets in shops, quick provision of drinks in restaurants, etc.


This is MUMSnet, right? How can you not have on one of your surveys the option for a SAHM to put that she is a SAHM, rather than having to check the 'don't work' box. I DO work, just don't get flipping paid for it. Made me so cross I haven't finished survey, £200 voucher or not.

CharlotteBronteSaurus Wed 09-Feb-11 20:03:23


gaelicsheep Wed 09-Feb-11 22:19:36

Ditto for a SAHD hairygodmother. sad

ACMDowding Thu 10-Feb-11 08:36:24

First time i read the thread title I read it as
"win £200 sanitary voucher"blush.

And then i thought "the winner will be able to buy quite a few mooncups with that voucher" grin

carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 10-Feb-11 16:04:48

Hi hairygodmother and gaelicsheep - We're so sorry we've caused offence this was absolutely not our intention. We are fully aware that SAHM (and SAHD) do a lot of (unpaid) work and try really hard to make sure this is reflected in survey questions etc. The question (Q3) asks if you are in employment because the next few questions relate primarily to those who are in paid employment as they are about the policies etc of the employer. We should, however, on reflection have said are you in paid employment to make it clearer. Likewise in Q4 where we say Don't/doesn't work - we have now added doesn't work in paid employment for clarity.

So sorry for the confusion and upset, I think as so much of the emphasis at the beginning of the survey is on company policies we slipped up, but please do complete the rest of the survey - there's lots of questions for folks not in paid employment.

Thanks again for raising this - we do try hard but we don't always get it right.

gaelicsheep Thu 10-Feb-11 20:22:33

I did the survey Carrie. I'm the WOHM. smile

Meglet Thu 10-Feb-11 21:20:45


FeathersMcGraw Thu 10-Feb-11 23:07:53


Starbear Fri 11-Feb-11 10:05:03

Done. Would love to win.

I think i've done it but can you check please. My connection went just as i finished it so not sure if it was completed

fruitshootsandheaves Tue 15-Feb-11 12:22:56

I do apologise as my brief description at the end turned into a bit of a rant!

Memoo Tue 15-Feb-11 16:27:38

Done. I really really really would like to win the vouchers to stay in the spa! Because I'm in need of some time away from dh and the kids and checking myself back into the looney bin seems a bit extreme.

belledechocchipcookie Tue 15-Feb-11 19:02:02


PandaEis Tue 15-Feb-11 21:57:03

i have entered too smile

huffythethreadslayer Tue 15-Feb-11 22:07:30

Done. Had to fudge some answers, but done.

Ivegotmrbitey Wed 16-Feb-11 11:58:01

Done. Would you like to give me a job as your survey designer in future?

NellieTheEllie Wed 16-Feb-11 12:41:51

Carrie - i've completed the survey, but have put a different email address to the one that i'm registered to Mumsnet with - will that matter? Can i change it?
Don't want to miss my 'winner' email!

brookeslay Wed 16-Feb-11 13:09:26

done fingers crossed knackered mummy smiley needed !!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 16-Feb-11 14:45:48

nellie- no that's fine!

midnightexpress Wed 16-Feb-11 17:14:50


hobbgoblin Wed 16-Feb-11 18:35:29

The more questions I answered the more pissed off I got at how un family friendly this country is. Am glad I responded now. hope very much it makes a difference.


threefeethighandrising Fri 18-Feb-11 14:05:28

A bit difficult to answer a lot of the questions as DP works frelance.

LilRedWG Sat 19-Feb-11 21:06:09


fit2drop Sun 20-Feb-11 18:39:52

ermmm where is the survey? blush

fit2drop Sun 20-Feb-11 18:55:21

ok found it ..done it

sorry vacant moment

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 09-Mar-11 08:15:37

Katymouse won the £200 Sanctuary voucher for completing this family friendly survey - well done!

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