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NOW CLOSED: Please complete a short survey about Ford and Mumsnet - you could win £250 John Lewis vouchers

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JosieMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 02-Feb-11 16:30:16

We worked with Ford throughout 2010, and we'd love to know what you think of Ford in general, as well as your feedback on the campaign, so whether you've taken part in some way or not even noticed us at all, we'd really appreciate your feedback.

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and everyone who takes part and adds their details at the end will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 of John Lewis vouchers. Please click here to take part in the survey.

You're also welcome to add other comments/ feedback to this thread if you want to.

Thanks for your time and good luck with the prize draw!


PuzzleRocks Wed 02-Feb-11 17:26:12


ThaliaKeith Wed 02-Feb-11 17:32:46

Have answered. And looked to see if there was any footage of my excellent lap at Donington.

There wasn't

ChippyMinton Wed 02-Feb-11 17:49:53

Wonder if I witnessed your lap ThaliaKeith? Some of the driving was awe-inspiring. My fave was the off-road though. I really want a truck grin

samels001 Wed 02-Feb-11 18:22:10

Done! (But why Ford tho'!)

LadyBiscuit Wed 02-Feb-11 19:12:00

Done and by christ that is the worst designed survey I have ever seen on SurveyMonkey. Really badly laid out with tick boxes for the questions. Did you get a work experience person to do it? I think it needs sorting out or you might get a load of buggered up responses.

And thank you Ford for my lovely Donington day out

Bicnod Wed 02-Feb-11 19:30:20


Tortoise Wed 02-Feb-11 19:45:13

Not really applicable to me because i can't drive!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Wed 02-Feb-11 20:12:40

Done - I keep noticing loads of stylish looking S Max's around since the MN'ers tested them!

ThaliaKeith Wed 02-Feb-11 21:25:51

I had a different name then. And a red coat

Can't remember which group I was in though - might have been yellow. Might not have been

BlackSwan Wed 02-Feb-11 21:56:56

Done - absolutely no recollection of any Ford ad on mumsnet. Is this a windup?

Goober Wed 02-Feb-11 22:19:02

Still dislike all Fords, but at least I'm honest. grin

I cant drive yet desperately wishing I could

I'm sorry but do not like the cmax smax or galaxys sorry but they are too square not funky and very very middle age mumsy.
We want Ford to bring back the Maverick!

bosch Wed 02-Feb-11 22:50:49


Just reminded me to give yet more feedback

ChippyMinton Wed 02-Feb-11 22:58:33

yy the ladyinred. i was there cheering you on!

Kbear Thu 03-Feb-11 10:40:31


I'm stil a bit annoyed with Ford cos they wouldn't let me keep that fabulous Ford Galaxy I kindly test drove for them... DH upset, Kbear upset, kids upset - it was traumatic handing it back that's for sure!!

Goldberry Thu 03-Feb-11 11:45:30


5inthebed Thu 03-Feb-11 11:56:51


We were lucky enough to test drive a Galaxy last year. DH nearly cried when he had to ahnd it back grin

SummerRain Thu 03-Feb-11 12:05:02


Did anyone see the shot of the new Ford Focus on Top Gear on Sunday.... it looks beautiful.

Pity the chances of me buying a car new are directly correlated to my chances of winning the lotto sad

ruddynorah Thu 03-Feb-11 12:16:39

Done. We thoroughly enjoyed our 3wk test drive!

bottersnike Thu 03-Feb-11 12:37:50

Vouchers mentally spent

not1not2 Thu 03-Feb-11 13:09:03

Done although to be honest this kind of thing really doesn't get me interested in using the goods at all (whether Fords, coats or lego games -sorry)

Now can I have the vouchers please? wink

fruitshootsandheaves Thu 03-Feb-11 14:41:23


Why has it taken Ford SO long to make a car with sliding doors? Would have bought one long ago if they had..well would have liked to anyway! Not so important now as children are all older.

bluebump Thu 03-Feb-11 15:11:58


Katz Thu 03-Feb-11 15:38:18


Hulababy Thu 03-Feb-11 18:46:54


QueenBathsheba Thu 03-Feb-11 18:58:54

I was once told FORD stood for, fix or repair daily grin

mole1 Thu 03-Feb-11 22:10:39

Lol - clicked on this thinking it was Gina Ford!

Borisismyhousespider Thu 03-Feb-11 22:19:25


CoffeeGoneColdAgain Fri 04-Feb-11 08:48:46


LilRedWG Fri 04-Feb-11 12:56:21


HeroShrew Fri 04-Feb-11 19:57:49

Done. With L plates on.

youtalkingtome Sat 05-Feb-11 20:14:25

Like the C-max but heated windscreen not working on the driver's side. You can see the connection is broken and it looks unfixable.

Trawling the internet, it seems this is a very common problem. Why such a poor design and flimsy connection for the heated windscreen?

SoupDragon Sat 05-Feb-11 20:29:46

<<strokes shiney new S-Max possessively>>

I"d decided that it was the car for me ages ago but the MN reviews etc sealed it for me. I am not disappointed.

AspieDad Sun 06-Feb-11 20:49:26

What happened to the presentation of the survey?
Not sure if I ticked the boxes against the items I wanted due to the dodgy layout.

Been happy with my 2nd hand Ford Focus Estate. Just taken it from 48K to 141K and still does 57mpg. If it can survive another couple of years my eldest will be able to learn to drive in it.

A few niggles that would have been expensive if parts weren't so common in scrap yards.

WARNING any turbo car will cost over £500 in parts to replace the turbo.

Cain Sun 06-Feb-11 22:55:41

AspieDad, what is the origin of your name?

Done - I should be so lucky!

hatwoman Tue 08-Feb-11 17:03:57

[disppointed]...I thought this was about freedom of speech, libel on the internet, swmnbn etc etc.

I've done it as I have a Ford but as I said on the survey hell will freeze over before I buy another ford!

They will tempt you to say they're there for you and as soon as you have a problem with it you'll be on your own!

Build quality = rubbish!

Be warned....

ednurse Sun 13-Feb-11 16:40:15


huffythethreadslayer Sun 13-Feb-11 20:50:52


Rannaldini Mon 14-Feb-11 08:32:31

done done done done done

brookeslay Tue 15-Feb-11 19:14:21

all done

PandaEis Tue 15-Feb-11 23:03:09

done smile

kormachameleon Thu 17-Feb-11 12:20:13


When did it end? I was just filling it in and when I pressed enter it said the survey was now closed.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 14-Mar-11 22:47:25

Sorry for the delay - am pleased to say the winner of the £250 John Lewis voucher was honeydragon. Well done.

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