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This topic is for feedback on Mumsnet product tests. If you're a company / brand and would like to run product test on Mumsnet email

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NOW CLOSED Mumsnetters needed to test drive the NEW Toyota Verso. Find out more here 177 Dysgu 30/04/13 23:23
NOW CLOSED: YouView feedback thread: Non Testers: share the TV programme you'd love to rewind, watch again or pause for a chance to win a £100 JL voucher 275 AnnMumsnet 22/04/13 12:23
NOW CLOSED Mumsnetters needed to try Tesco Loves Baby bedding range - lots of different products to choose from and £100 cash to be won 40 FudgeyCookie 20/04/13 20:25
NOW CLOSED Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Infusion – Mumsnetter reviewer feedback thread 35 reastie 17/04/13 13:42
NOW CLOSED Blossom Hill Vie reviewer feedback thread. Read the feedback and get the MN exclusive money off coupon 113 Berniebennett 08/04/13 21:18
NOW CLOSED Put a Kärcher Steam Cleaner through its paces (RRP £219.99) and get to keep it after testing. 466 Woofers 31/03/13 23:03
NOW CLOSED Wholegrain Goodness challenge: add your feedback here and be in with a chance of winning supermarket vouchers - open to non-'official' testers too - prizes to be won 306 Gilla01 30/03/13 22:28
NOW CLOSED: Share the favourite teatime treat for your family - you could win a £50 voucher - also feedback thread for Birds Eye range testers 126 AnnMumsnet 20/03/13 16:04
NOW CLOSED: MNers needed to try a YouView box (RRP £299) and share their thoughts on site 178 AwkwardAnnie 13/03/13 21:16
NOW CLOSED: Ella's Kitchen Dairy products review thread: Super Smooth + Creamy Fromage Frais, Raspberry Rice Pudding and Thick + Smooth Yoghurt 89 Sokmonsta 08/03/13 01:08
NOW CLOSED Cadbury Egg n Spoon tester feedback thread. Non-official testers welcome too - prizes for both to be won! 129 AlexMumsnet 06/03/13 14:38
NOW CLOSED: Share your thoughts on your child & football or give your feedback on the FA Tesco football skills session your child attended - you could win a specialised coaching sesh for their class/club 62 AnnMumsnet 04/03/13 11:49
NOW CLOSED: Get the family cooking for the Mum in the household this Mother's Day with Birds Eye: testers needed 61 MonsterBookOfTysons 28/02/13 21:14
NOW CLOSED MNers needed to try Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Infusion and be in with a chance of winning an Estée Lauder goody bag worth over £180*! 150 BelindaCarlisle 20/02/13 22:23
NOW CLOSED: Ella's Kitchen dairy testers needed for new range. Do you have a child aged 6 months - 4 yrs? Find out more... 90 AnnMumsnet 19/02/13 14:25
NOW CLOSED More testers needed for Kelo-cote silicone gel for c-section scars. £200 John Lewis vouchers to be won! 22 KatieBMumsnet 19/02/13 11:21
NOW CLOSED McVitie's Breakfast Biscuits feedback thread 81 ControlGeek 13/02/13 18:06
3nearly 4year old does she have a problem 3 flowerandrandd 12/02/13 12:56
NOW CLOSED Chocolate loving testers needed to try a brand new children's Easter treat from Cadbury's! There's also £250 up for grabs 190 hermancakedestroyer 12/02/13 08:49
NOW CLOSED Mumsnetters needed to try the new lower alcohol Blossom Hill Vie. £100 Debenhams Gift Card to be won. 233 BehindLockNumberNine 03/02/13 18:49
NOW CLOSED: Looking for a new breakfast idea for yourself? Testers needed for new McVitie's Breakfast Biscuits. £250 voucher to be won for feedback 200 justshootmenow 29/01/13 12:00
Philips AVENT Comfort electric breast pump feedback thread 52 DoingTheSwanThing 25/01/13 16:06
NOW CLOSED Primula PODs - tester feedback thread 197 KatieBMumsnet 21/01/13 10:03
NOW CLOSED: Dyson Digital Slim DC44 Tester feedback review thread – Non testers – you could win a Dyson 320 swallowedAfly 18/01/13 17:26
NOW CLOSED Take part in the Wholegrain Goodness challenge for 2 weeks and receive a £10 food shopping voucher and be in with a chance of winning a £150 supermarket voucher 72 TheOtherHelenMumsnet 18/01/13 11:05
did I imagine the steam mop product test? 13 HappyTurquoise 14/01/13 19:45
Chicco toy test faults 2 HeffalumpsAndWoozles 11/01/13 21:04
NOW CLOSED Try Amazon Family free for 3 months and give your feedback to be in with a chance of winning a bundle of OXO Tot products 112 TheOtherHelenMumsnet 09/01/13 14:12
NOW CLOSED Sign up to Amazon Family - open to new and existing Amazon Prime users 38 TheOtherHelenMumsnet 09/01/13 14:10
NOW CLOSED Method Laundry Liquid 25 Wash Pump - tester review thread 1298 MrsKwazii 08/01/13 23:33
a2 milk reviews thread? 7 NiniLegsInTheAir 03/01/13 10:01
NOW CLOSED Dyson testers needed to put the new Dyson Digital Slim through its paces – (DC44 RRP £280) - only the rushed off their feet this Christmas need apply… 242 AnnMumsnet 26/12/12 20:55
NOW CLOSED: Breastfeeding / expressing for your baby/ child? Want to try the new Philips Avent Comfort Electric Breastpump (RRP £115)? Testers needed 105 AnnMumsnet 20/12/12 11:35
NOW CLOSED Testers wanted to try new Primula PODs cheese snack. There's a £150 worth of Debenhams vouchers to be won 72 KnittyFoxyMa 18/12/12 00:03
NOW CLOSED Do you have a c-section scar less than a year old or an older but still troublesome one? Try the new Kelo-cote silicone gel, £200 JL voucher to be won 100 AmandinePoulain 17/12/12 15:11
pod reviews 3 StNiChaolas 17/12/12 09:40
pods my comments 2 BeataNoxPotter 16/12/12 16:48
NOW CLOSED: Chicco Baby and Toddler Toy feedback thread (now with final feedback questions added) 61 AnnMumsnet 13/12/12 13:25
NOW CLOSED: Philips PerfectCare Xpress Iron Feedback review thread PLUS your chance to win your own one (RRP £120) 140 AnnMumsnet 12/12/12 14:16
NOW CLOSED Do you suspect you or your DC has a milk or dairy intolerance? Try a2 Milk for free - a new, entirely natural type of British cows' milk and give your feedback to win a £100 JL voucher 75 IvanaNapAfte… 10/12/12 22:27
PlayStation Wonderbook: Book of Spells event and game review thread 166 Elfontheshel… 05/12/12 21:02
Method laundry liquid 3 TheOtherHelenMumsnet 04/12/12 12:38
NOW CLOSED Want to try out Method Laundry Liquid 25 Wash Pump and give your feedback to win a £250 shopping voucher 304 lisad123 03/12/12 23:56
Method laundry liquid - instructions? 11 mamij 30/11/12 17:15
NOW CLOSED: Testers needed for the new Philips PerfectCare Xpress iron (RRP £120) 226 AnnMumsnet 29/11/12 16:13
bugaboo cameleon 3 test 4 KatieBMumsnet 27/11/12 17:04
Mumsnet HQ 4 Whistlingwaves 24/11/12 19:25
FEEDBACK NOW CLOSED: Ecover Multi-Action Wipes feedback thread 232 AnnMumsnet 22/11/12 17:17
NOW CLOSED Aveda Invati reviewer feedback thread 38 LightHousekeeping 21/11/12 22:27
NOW CLOSED Aldi Mamia baby toiletries range - product tester review thread 103 TheOtherHelenMumsnet 20/11/12 14:42
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