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Please note: This topic is for your comments and feedback on Product Tests being run by Mumsnet. It is not the place to post (or ask for) comments on other products. If you do this, your comments may be deleted. If you'd like to run your own product test, please email If you are an entrepreneur or start-up and would like to ask for some feedback, please visit our media requests topic.

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RapidHair Hair Volumising Formula feedback thread: testers share your opinion! 111 Koe44 14/04/14 17:46
Always Dailies Flexible Liners Feedback thread: non testers - add your thoughts on the small things that make a positive difference to your day for a chance to win £100 205 Fizzyplonk 18/04/14 23:31
Haven Holidays – MNers feedback thread – non testers – add your top tips for family holidays with toddlers for a chance to win a £100 voucher 108 Fizzyplonk 18/04/14 23:28
MNers needed to be part of a special panel for Flora - prizes to be won for participating 29 LoveBeingCan… 19/04/14 09:20
TASSIMO Vivy feedback thread. Non-testers: Tell TASSIMO what your favourite hot drink is for a chance to win a TASSIMO Vivy! 108 Willemdefoeismine 17/04/14 16:30
Dyson Cinetic™ review thread - The only vacuum that never loses suction is put to the MN test 122 Janjump 13/04/14 23:02
THORPE PARK Resort Happy Height Day reviewer thread. Non testers: tell us what makes the ultimate fun day out and you could win THORPE PARK Resort annual family passes worth £196 214 Dollydowser 17/04/14 20:14
Want your floor cleaned quickly? No time for the mop and bucket? Testers needed to try new Cif Express Direct to Floor Cleaner - £250 to be won for feedback 22 cadidog 19/04/14 09:45
Mumsnetters needed to visit a HouseTrip location in May – free stay for three nights in return for feedback 45 bellabelly 19/04/14 00:05
Sky year-long test 15 SerialKipper 08/05/12 17:52
tesco eco cleaning products? 132 StateofConfusion 01/05/12 22:54
NOW CLOSED! Try out Tesco's Naturally Powered range of cleaning products and you could win £200 Tesco vouchers 327 AnnMumsnet 01/05/12 14:57
Metanium nappy cream - testing testing? 8 KatieBMumsnet 30/04/12 10:53
NOW CLOSED Do you have a child in nappies? Try out Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment and win Office and Debenhams vouchers 64 MyDogShitsShoes 28/04/12 15:11
NOW CLOSED Aldi's Lacura Wrinkle Stop face cream - tester review thread 160 chimchar 28/04/12 13:40
NOW CLOSED: Do you have a child aged 3-6? Reviewers needed for new My Little Pony range – you could win a £100 Argos voucher for feedback 122 NoKnownAllergies 24/04/12 19:39
My little pony products 13 KatieBMumsnet 24/04/12 09:25
My Little Pony is in da house! 8 TheEpilator 21/04/12 14:26
NOW CLOSED Netflix product testers review thread 201 KatieBMumsnet 20/04/12 15:22
Hey, whens our Tesco soap powder coming? 17 mrsfollowill 15/04/12 00:10
Hey, whens our Tesco soap powder coming? 3 Tee2072 14/04/12 16:07
NOW CLOSED Want to try out the Xbox 360 with Kinect Disneyland Adventures and Pixar Rush games? Sign up here - 8 Mumsnetters needed! 78 2gorgeousboys 30/03/12 21:58
Mumsnet allplay tennis challenge feedback thread 44 PosiePumblechook 26/03/12 14:34
Pearson books thread 1 BigBadBear 21/03/12 23:08
NOW CLOSED: Young's 'Twice a Week Challenge' feedback thread 151 AnnMumsnet 15/03/12 17:05
NOW CLOSED: Tell us what you think of James Martin’s recipes and win a £50 Love2Shop voucher 100 AnnMumsnet 15/03/12 10:52
NOW CLOSED Try Netflix for one month and win a 40” Samsung LED TV and a PS3! 58 AnnMumsnet 14/03/12 14:37
NOW CLOSED Dettol Power and Pure product testers review thread 114 KatieBMumsnet 14/03/12 09:19
NOW CLOSED Add your chocolate porridge feedback and win a £250 Amazon voucher 572 KatieBMumsnet 08/03/12 10:04
Itax headlice treatment feedback 114 JessAssassin 06/03/12 14:22
NOW CLOSED grocery shopping feedback thread 69 TheOtherHelenMumsnet 05/03/12 09:52
NOW CLOSED Try Dettol’s new Power and Pure range and be in with a chance of winning £100 of John Lewis vouchers 117 Dylthan 03/03/12 17:53
Dettol thread? 1 rusmum 02/03/12 13:20
Just got a load of easy read books for older children - did I sign up for something? 5 OhDoAdmitMrsDeVere 29/02/12 22:39
NOW CLOSED Try Quaker's Oat So Simple Kids Chocolate porridge and win a £250 Amazon voucher 414 gemma4d 28/02/12 22:12
NOW CLOSED: Want to get your family eating more fish? Or any fish? Testers needed for Young’s frozen fish range – you could win Jamie Oliver goodies 101 AnnMumsnet 20/02/12 16:39
lets face it "product test feedback threads" are unread by everyone who didnt get the stuff arnte they? 32 TeamEdward 19/02/12 17:40
NOW CLOSED: Ecover product testers review thread 109 LovesBeingWe… 17/02/12 10:56
NOW CLOSED Halos N Horns product test feedback thread 231 onetwothreefourfive 11/02/12 22:44
NOW CLOSED: Kleenex Balsam Feedback thread 95 TimeForMeAndDD 09/02/12 11:50
NOW CLOSED Win a £500 Amazon voucher by trying out 's credit card comparison service 106 KatieBMumsnet 08/02/12 09:23
NOW CLOSED: manyfacesofpotatoes. January Feedback - Love2Shop voucher up for grabs 44 EttiKetti 07/02/12 16:39
NOW CLOSED Do you do your grocery shopping in Tesco? Would you like to try shopping with Tesco online? Put to the test and you could win a £100 giftcard 56 grumpypants 06/02/12 19:13
NOW CLOSED: Bio-Oil Review Feedback Thread - now with final questions added 123 Memoo 06/02/12 14:53
Ford "You Choose" feedback review thread 85 Hulababy 28/01/12 20:18
Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System - product testers feedback thread 6 EssentialFattyAcid 28/01/12 13:44
Dettol 2 EssentialFattyAcid 28/01/12 13:27
NOW CLOSED: Runny nose? Never tried Kleenex Balsam tissues? Want to try them and add feedback on MN? You could win John Lewis vouchers! 67 AnnMumsnet 26/01/12 12:55
NOW CLOSED: Want to put Ecover cleaning and laundry products to the test? 75 MNers needed - £250 of John Lewis vouchers to be won for feedback 160 Groovee 24/01/12 21:00
NOW CLOSED Try out Halos N Horns Zingy Orange Hair & Body Wash with your DC and win toys and a kids’ digital camera 115 TheOtherHelenMumsnet 23/01/12 15:23
NOW CLOSED Want one of those American-style fridge freezers?....We need 30 MNers to try a Samsung one! 767 Kato1 19/01/12 21:58
NOW CLOSED: Calling all spud lovers - tell us how you would customise these potato recipes and win a Love2Shop voucher 103 AnnMumsnet 10/01/12 08:26
NOW CLOSED: "You Choose" any Ford car to test drive over Christmas for three weeks - video reviewers needed 127 AnnMumsnet 22/12/11 13:30
Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend - feedback thread 30 AnnMumsnet 13/12/11 11:22
My First Wii Challenge - feedback thread (open to non testers too - you could win 2 Wii games) 217 Collision 11/12/11 09:45
Ford KUGA feedback review thread 61 kellestar 07/12/11 19:48
NOW CLOSED Matalan school uniform testers feedback thread 121 NewGirlHelenMumsnet 05/12/11 09:29
NOW CLOSED Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer - review thread for testers 58 NewGirlHelenMumsnet 25/11/11 15:03
Philips Man Iron Product Test feedback thread - FINALQUESTIONS ADDED 82 AnnMumsnet 24/11/11 11:19
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