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This topic is for feedback on Mumsnet product tests. If you're a company / brand and would like to run product test on Mumsnet email

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Mixed Buttons Tester Review Thread 164 Traceyedd 09/02/16 21:49
Want to have access to GP services via your phone? Testers for needed for a new app - you could win a £200 Love2Shop voucher for feedback NOW CLOSED 87 trukevoli 19/07/15 09:56
TomTom GO 5000 feedback thread NOW CLOSED 533 Sockmatcher 10/07/15 15:05
Mini Milk Feedback Thread - £300 John Lewis voucher to be won for feedback NOW CLOSED 240 AngelieMumsnet 07/07/15 15:55
Baby aged up to 6 months? Want to try new WaterWipes - "The world's purest baby wipe"? £300 to be won for feedback NOW CLOSED 73 AnnMumsnet 07/07/15 12:26
Mumsnetters needed to try out the Miele Complete C3 Total Solution Allergy Powerline vacuum cleaner - worth £300! *NOW CLOSED* 59 lottietiger 28/06/15 23:48
See how Mumsnetters got on with the Brantano children’s shoe fitting experience! NOW CLOSED 116 pinkcomet 28/06/15 23:20
Hedrin Once Spray Gel - feedback thread NOW CLOSED 234 Sixgeese 27/06/15 19:22
LEGO® rewards Feedback Thread – Non testers: what occasions do you usually reward your children for? 10 MNers will win a LEGO® set of their choice worth £50 *NOW CLOSED* 418 KathrynMumsnet 23/06/15 17:12
Kenwood are looking for 20 Mumsnetters to try their new kCook NOW CLOSED 276 Bambooshoots14 22/06/15 20:08
Samsung Smart TV Hub Feedback Thread – £300 Love2Shop voucher for feedback! NOW CLOSED 28 welshmumof3boys 22/06/15 10:25
Weight Watchers Feedback Thread NOW CLOSED 417 ShyPhilosopher 19/06/15 12:52
New Ikea mattress - very strong smell (chemical/plasticky) - anyone had this? 7 Fleecyleesy 18/06/15 17:55
Do you have a baby aged 6-7 months? Sign up to test baby food and you could win a £150 Love2Shop voucher for feedback NOW CLOSED 6 AngelBlue12 13/06/15 20:58
MNers needed to visit a Brantano store to buy shoes for their DCs - vouchers to be had! NOW CLOSED 186 Babymamamama 12/06/15 14:51
Sign up to try Mini Milk with your DCs and you could win a £300 John Lewis voucher for feedback NOW CLOSED 71 GatoradeMeBitch 01/06/15 13:36
See what MNers and their DCs thought of Colgate’s® Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid NeutraliserTM toothpaste - £300 voucher prize draw for testers’ feedback *NOW CLOSED* 226 Sarahb8990 29/05/15 12:17
Anchor Butter Feedback Thread - see what Mumsnetters created with Anchor butter PLUS chance for non testers to win £250! NOW CLOSED 310 mshell1231 28/05/15 16:03
retiresavvy feedback thread: read the MNers opinion of the new portal from Skipton NOW CLOSED 56 AnnMumsnet 18/05/15 10:49
Do you have a child aged 5+? Looking to reward your DCs with LEGO®? Sign up and you could win a £300 Love2Shop voucher for feedback NOW CLOSED 141 Kitsandkids 13/05/15 21:40
Kinder Surprise Storymakers website feedback thread - £250 voucher prize draw for testers NOW CLOSED 112 MichelleMumsnet 11/05/15 10:18
Mumsnetters who own a Samsung Smart television are invited to test out the Smart TV hub and share their thoughts onsite – £300 Love2Shop voucher to be won for feedback! NOW CLOSED 28 Kerberos 09/05/15 09:50
See what 25 Mumsnetters thought of the LG KizON NOW CLOSED 34 AngelBlue12 05/05/15 10:57
Miele G6410SC Dishwasher Review Thread NOW CLOSED 131 HollyJollyDillydolly 01/05/15 11:51
See what MNers thought of Aldi’s Mamia nappies - £300 voucher prize draw for testers’ feedback NOW CLOSED 240 MichelleMumsnet 29/04/15 16:32
Have you recently had a baby (or have a toddler?) and want to take part in a product test? 1 of 6 x £250 vouchers to be won! NOW CLOSED 162 AngelieMumsnet 28/04/15 17:07
Roadtest the new portal retiresavvy – you could win £300! NOW CLOSED 11 AnnMumsnet 22/04/15 15:45
Online questionnaire for feedback on baby ready meals?? 4 mamato3luvleys 21/04/15 17:22
Anchor Butter: child aged 4-11? Bakers needed to get creative with their children - £300 to be won for feedback NOW CLOSED 51 AnnMumsnet 17/04/15 14:53
Cow & Gate Friends Savoury Pouches Feedback Thread - £250 Mothercare voucher to be won for feedback NOW CLOSED 162 AngelieMumsnet 17/04/15 11:03
Kärcher SC1 Steam Stick - Review thread - non testers - chance to win one of your own! NOW CLOSED 562 BeansInBoots 16/04/15 12:44
HouseTrip review thread. Non-testers: Share your top tips on how to make the most of holidaying in an entire house, apartment or villa and you could win a £200 Boots voucher NOW CLOSED 145 Skandi 15/04/15 10:44
Do you have a child aged 3 – 9 and live in the UK? If so, sign up for your chance to try LG’s latest communication device that is designed with families in mind – introducing the LG KizON. NOW CLOSED 102 MichelleMumsnet 14/04/15 14:41
THORPE PARK Resort #MyFirstCoaster Day reviewer thread NOW CLOSED 57 Lonelynessie 09/04/15 17:06
Have you or your child got headlice? Sign up to try out Hedrin Once Spray Gel: £200 to be won for feedback NOW CLOSED 62 Falloverabla… 07/04/15 13:37
ASDA Click & Collect Feedback Thread NOW CLOSED 23 Orangeanddemons 02/04/15 15:30
LowLow Snack Pack Feedback Thread - £250 John Lewis voucher to be won NOW CLOSED 233 AngelieMumsnet 01/04/15 15:17
See what Mumsnetters thought of Universal’s Decorative Egg Wraps and tell Universal how you decorate your Easter eggs - £150 voucher prize draw for non-testers!*NOW CLOSED* 243 KathrynMumsnet 30/03/15 09:51
Sign up to try the NEW and breakthrough Colgate® Maximum Cavity Protection toothpaste with your DCs for your chance to WIN a £300 voucher. NOW CLOSED 47 gallicgirl 22/03/15 23:19
Do you have a child in nappies? Sign up here to try Aldi’s Mamia nappies - £300 voucher to be won! NOW CLOSED 114 RumAppleGinger 21/03/15 19:07
Mobile by Sainsbury's feedback thread - £200 Sainsbury's giftcard to be won NOW CLOSED 63 AngelieMumsnet 19/03/15 12:28
Would you like to review social platforms for the NSPCC? Percy and Reed gift set to be won! NOW CLOSED 5 my4kids 18/03/15 13:43
Mumsnetters needed to visit THORPE PARK Resort on #MyFirstCoaster day! NOW CLOSED 26 Nannyplum2015 13/03/15 13:09
Do you have a child age 4-10? Sign up to try Universal’s Decorative Egg Wraps - £300 voucher prize draw! NOW CLOSED 34 MummyBtothree 13/03/15 12:11
MNers with a child age 6 months – 3 years needed to be part of a panel for Arla – prizes to be won for taking part! NOW CLOSED 68 Bellossom 11/03/15 16:42
Miele Complete C3 PowerLine Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner review thread NOW CLOSED 28 ldt87 03/03/15 10:34
TTCing and no luck to date? Trialists needed for The Stork, a new home conception aid! RECRUITMENT NOW CLOSED 55 notonly 01/03/15 18:41
Miele WMH120WPS Washing Machine Review Thread NOW CLOSED 84 elvisola 25/02/15 11:46
See what Mumsnetters think of the Microsoft Lumia 735, Xbox One and Linx tablet *NOW CLOSED* 109 YvesJutteau 22/02/15 23:32
Farrow & Ball decorating feedback thread - find out how the MNers get on with their paint and at the colour talk - non testers: chance to win paint! NOW CLOSED 165 tutu2 20/02/15 21:03
THORPE PARK Resort Happy Height Day reviewer thread. Non testers: tell us what makes the ultimate fun day out and you could win THORPE PARK Resort annual family passes worth £196 NOW CLOSED 246 321zerobaby 19/02/15 09:39
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