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This topic is for feedback on Mumsnet product tests. If you're a company / brand and would like to run a product test on Mumsnet email

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Pearson books thread 1 BigBadBear 21/03/12 23:08
NOW CLOSED: Young's 'Twice a Week Challenge' feedback thread 151 AnnMumsnet 15/03/12 17:05
NOW CLOSED: Tell us what you think of James Martin’s recipes and win a £50 Love2Shop voucher 100 AnnMumsnet 15/03/12 10:52
NOW CLOSED Try Netflix for one month and win a 40” Samsung LED TV and a PS3! 58 AnnMumsnet 14/03/12 14:37
NOW CLOSED Dettol Power and Pure product testers review thread 114 KatieBMumsnet 14/03/12 09:19
NOW CLOSED Add your chocolate porridge feedback and win a £250 Amazon voucher 572 KatieBMumsnet 08/03/12 10:04
Itax headlice treatment feedback 114 JessAssassin 06/03/12 14:22
NOW CLOSED grocery shopping feedback thread 69 TheOtherHelenMumsnet 05/03/12 09:52
NOW CLOSED Try Dettol’s new Power and Pure range and be in with a chance of winning £100 of John Lewis vouchers 117 Dylthan 03/03/12 17:53
Dettol thread? 1 rusmum 02/03/12 13:20
Just got a load of easy read books for older children - did I sign up for something? 5 OhDoAdmitMrsDeVere 29/02/12 22:39
NOW CLOSED Try Quaker's Oat So Simple Kids Chocolate porridge and win a £250 Amazon voucher 414 gemma4d 28/02/12 22:12
NOW CLOSED: Want to get your family eating more fish? Or any fish? Testers needed for Young’s frozen fish range – you could win Jamie Oliver goodies 101 AnnMumsnet 20/02/12 16:39
lets face it "product test feedback threads" are unread by everyone who didnt get the stuff arnte they? 32 TeamEdward 19/02/12 17:40
NOW CLOSED: Ecover product testers review thread 109 LovesBeingWe… 17/02/12 10:56
NOW CLOSED Halos N Horns product test feedback thread 231 onetwothreefourfive 11/02/12 22:44
NOW CLOSED: Kleenex Balsam Feedback thread 95 TimeForMeAndDD 09/02/12 11:50
NOW CLOSED Win a £500 Amazon voucher by trying out's credit card comparison service 106 KatieBMumsnet 08/02/12 09:23
NOW CLOSED: January Feedback - Love2Shop voucher up for grabs 44 EttiKetti 07/02/12 16:39
NOW CLOSED Do you do your grocery shopping in Tesco? Would you like to try shopping with Tesco online? Put to the test and you could win a £100 giftcard 56 grumpypants 06/02/12 19:13
NOW CLOSED: Bio-Oil Review Feedback Thread - now with final questions added 123 Memoo 06/02/12 14:53
Ford "You Choose" feedback review thread 85 Hulababy 28/01/12 20:18
Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System - product testers feedback thread 6 EssentialFattyAcid 28/01/12 13:44
Dettol 2 EssentialFattyAcid 28/01/12 13:27
NOW CLOSED: Runny nose? Never tried Kleenex Balsam tissues? Want to try them and add feedback on MN? You could win John Lewis vouchers! 67 AnnMumsnet 26/01/12 12:55
NOW CLOSED: Want to put Ecover cleaning and laundry products to the test? 75 MNers needed - £250 of John Lewis vouchers to be won for feedback 160 Groovee 24/01/12 21:00
NOW CLOSED Try out Halos N Horns Zingy Orange Hair & Body Wash with your DC and win toys and a kids’ digital camera 115 TheOtherHelenMumsnet 23/01/12 15:23
NOW CLOSED Want one of those American-style fridge freezers?....We need 30 MNers to try a Samsung one! 767 Kato1 19/01/12 21:58
NOW CLOSED: Calling all spud lovers - tell us how you would customise these potato recipes and win a Love2Shop voucher 103 AnnMumsnet 10/01/12 08:26
NOW CLOSED: "You Choose" any Ford car to test drive over Christmas for three weeks - video reviewers needed 127 AnnMumsnet 22/12/11 13:30
Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend - feedback thread 30 AnnMumsnet 13/12/11 11:22
My First Wii Challenge - feedback thread (open to non testers too - you could win 2 Wii games) 217 Collision 11/12/11 09:45
Ford KUGA feedback review thread 61 kellestar 07/12/11 19:48
NOW CLOSED Matalan school uniform testers feedback thread 121 NewGirlHelenMumsnet 05/12/11 09:29
NOW CLOSED Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer - review thread for testers 58 NewGirlHelenMumsnet 25/11/11 15:03
Philips Man Iron Product Test feedback thread - FINALQUESTIONS ADDED 82 AnnMumsnet 24/11/11 11:19
NOW CLOSED: Do you have a child aged 7-11? Want to join the MN-Pearson book review panel? You'll receive books to review and be entered into a prize draw 50 inmysparetime 22/11/11 07:37
Ford C-MAX, Grand C-MAX and Focus extended test drives review thread 164 AnnMumsnet 21/11/11 17:55
MNHQ ~ coo-ee my nappies have arrived! 4 Fillybuster 21/11/11 10:26
NOW CLOSED Try out a Hasbro Top 10 toy or game with your family and get a video camera to keep 253 ibbydibby 17/11/11 12:58
Hot Wheels Wall Tracks feedback thread 53 AnnMumsnet 16/11/11 18:07
NOW CLOSED Try out Clinique's New Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer and win a £250 JL voucher 127 NewGirlHelenMumsnet 11/11/11 16:55
NOW CLOSED Do you have a child aged 1-4? Would they like to try a Winnie The Pooh Interactive Friend worth £39.99? Testers needed 154 ChutesTooNarrow 11/11/11 13:25
NOW CLOSED: Do you or your DC’s have stretch marks, scars or other skin blemishes? Want to try Bio-Oil and add your feedback on Mumsnet? You could win a £100 Boots voucher 69 Memoo 06/11/11 14:07
NOW CLOSED: Does your child aged 7-11 struggle with their reading? Are they considered behind their peers? Do they have dyslexia? Would you like to join the Pearson KS2 panel and review some books? 17 mumatron 01/11/11 20:09
NOW CLOSED: Video reviewing test drivers wanted for Ford Kuga 63 mumdad2kidsandadog 29/10/11 23:43
NOW CLOSED Walkers Sunbites - feedback thread for testers 757 fromheretomaternity 26/10/11 22:30
NOW CLOSED: Do you have a child aged 4+ Want to try the new Hot Wheels Wall Tracks? 91 AnnMumsnet 24/10/11 11:37
NOW CLOSED: Anyone for Tennis? Join the Mumsnet allplay challenge - you get lessons, trainers, rackets + £100 103 PosiesOfPoison 23/10/11 10:50
Dolmio Tomato Growing Seeds - progress reporting thread 472 ReaperView 12/10/11 21:46
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