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Miele feedback thread. Non-testers: Share your tips on living with allergies or what makes your perfect vacuum cleaner – Miele S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy to be won! NOW CLOSED

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MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 17-Apr-14 09:41:31

This thread is for the 10 Mumsnetters who tried either the Miele S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy or the Miele S8 Silence Solution.

Here’s what Miele say, “Build quality and efficiency have always been at the forefront of our vacuum cleaner design, with improving your lifestyle at home as our goal. Our Hyclean dustbags are an important functionality of the Miele vacuum cleaner being the most effective way of keeping dust and dirt from re-entering your home. Each bag is made from a special kind of fleece that gives you nine layers of filtration designed to capture even the smallest of particles and its automatic hygiene shutter ensuring dust and bacteria is not expelled back into the air when you dispose of it, making it perfect for allergy sufferers.

Built with allergy sufferers in mind, the S8 Silence Solution and the S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy detailed in this thread both feature our new HEPA 13 filter designed to remove up to 99.999% of particles* from the air making them perfect for all allergy sufferers including dust, pollen and asthma.

With all of these key features combined, the Miele vacuum cleaner system facilitates the capture of the smallest allergens that are not visible to the naked eye, such as bed bugs, dust mite and dust mite faeces that typically cause irritation.

(*according to IEC 60312)”

Non-testers: If you or any of your family have any allergies, what tips do you have to make living with allergies a bit easier, be they inside or outside the home? If you, or any of your family, don’t have any allergies tell us about what would make your perfect vacuum cleaner. What does your vacuum cleaner not do which you think it should? Whatever it is, tell us about it!

Everyone who adds their comments will be entered into a prize draw where one Mumsnetter will win a Miele S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy.

Testers: Thanks for testing out one of the Miele vacuum cleaners. Please answer the questions below to give us your feedback. Of course, feel free to add any other comments you may have as well.

Q1. Which Miele vacuum cleaner did you try, the S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy or the S8 Silence Solution? What was your overall impression?
Q2. How effective did you think the vacuum cleaner was in helping to prevent allergic reactions in the home?
Q3. How quiet or noisy did you find the vacuum cleaner? Would you be happy to vacuum clean while someone in your home was asleep without being afraid of waking them up, or not?
Q4. Would you recommend the Miele vacuum cleaner which you tried to friends or family? If so, why? If not, why not?

Please also post a review of your Miele in the review section of Mumsnet here.



BoffinMum Thu 17-Apr-14 10:25:15

Miele S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy

Box opening post here:
The Miele Silence Plus s8390 Vacuum Cleaner Box Opening. Oh Yes.

Q1. Which Miele vacuum cleaner did you try, the S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy or the S8 Silence Solution? What was your overall impression?

This is a well designed vacuum that really impressed me. It's attractively designed and relatively simple to use, even for someone with arthritis. The height adjustable function means that DH (5'11'') and DC4 (age 5) were easily able to take turns with the thing. It coped well with different surfaces including lino, wood and carpet. The cable is very long which helps simplify vacuuming, and it gives a lot of suck, IYSWIM. Congratulations to Miele.

Q2. How effective did you think the vacuum cleaner was in helping to prevent allergic reactions in the home?

I am not sure because the pollen for my allergy is only just coming out, but I think there has been some impact.

Q3. How quiet or noisy did you find the vacuum cleaner? Would you be happy to vacuum clean while someone in your home was asleep without being afraid of waking them up, or not?

It is so quiet I didn't trust its suction at first, as I have been conditioned into associating dramatic engine noise with powerful performance. I think in my house you could vacuum the downstairs without people upstairs waking, but in a small flat it would depend on how deeply people slept. It would be an ideal vacuum to buy if you had a small child who was afraid of them, as it is probably significantly less scary.

Q4. Would you recommend the Miele vacuum cleaner which you tried to friends or family? If so, why? If not, why not?

Yes, because this is a robust and attractively designed piece of kit that will deal with everything a family throws at it. Wattage has been reduced in this design meaning (presumably) reduced power consumption, and the reduced noise is a bonus. Plus they last 20 years, so worth saving up for.

tinypumpkin Thu 17-Apr-14 10:33:38

Just to say that I picked this up about half an hour ago so will come back to this and post my thoughts once I had had a proper vacuum. It looks great and is much quieter on first try. I have not yet put it through its paces though properly!

ouryve Thu 17-Apr-14 11:02:29

Non-tester, here.

The thing that we find helps the most is being careful about opening windows when there's a high pollen count. We find it more effective to keep the house cool by closing curtains in south facing rooms, so the heat doesn't build up. If we do open windows, then we close them around tea time, as the pollen and dust starts to settle.

My own personal worst allergy is to print - particularly magazines and newspapers. I can't emphasise how much electronic media has improved my life, in this respect tbugrin

telsa Thu 17-Apr-14 12:06:19

Non-tester: I am still seeking the perfect vacuum cleaner that is very small - to fit into our tiny home - but with a high bag capacity. It should be wireless (do these exist?) or at least have a fantastic retractable wire. The hose part should be retractable. It should have easily changeable attachments for carpets, stairs, sofas, sofa edges. It should also divert anything solid (lost gold rings sucked up) into a separate area for retrieval. None of this should be too hard. Professor Branestawm get on it!

mjmooseface Thu 17-Apr-14 12:41:29

telsa There are such things as wireless vacuums!!! They can be a bit pricey and some only run for 10 minutes on a full charge!! I've seen one that can last for half an hour tho. Wireless and silent is the perfect vacuum for me! lol

HopefulHamster Thu 17-Apr-14 13:31:15

Got mine today! Very excited as my dust allergy is a real pain at the moment (am pregnant and can't take anything), so this could make a real difference. Will probably review after weekend - parents are coming to visit so I definitely need to do a thorough vacuum smile

Ramblings Thu 17-Apr-14 17:14:22

Shower every night to remove all pollen, grass etc from the body, pay particular attention to the face.

If you know you will be doing something that aggravates allergies then take antihistamines in advance!

I really wanted to review this vac due to v bad allergies in our household so I'm reading the reviews with real interest!

CheeseTMouse Thu 17-Apr-14 17:14:33

Non tester: my perfect vacuum cleaner would be nice and light so I am not getting it round the house and amazing suction to get at the variety of food that my baby seems to have mushed into the floor.

My Henry is very friendly but I have lost count of the number of times I have clonked and damaged the skirting boards with him.

DoItTooJulia Thu 17-Apr-14 17:24:07

Non tester: I suffer from hayfever and I want a vacuum that can cope with every surface. I'd like it to be super quiet and super effective. I buy loads of vacuums but still haven't found the perfect one....send me Miele, please? Maybe then I can stop my incessant search for the perfect one!

Khaly Thu 17-Apr-14 17:25:56

Non tester- I have a Dyson which is bagless and I have to get my husband to empty it as my eyes stream and nose runs when emptying it. I would definitely recommend a bagged vacuum for those with allergies

CheeseStrawWars Thu 17-Apr-14 17:38:14

Non tester with friends allergic to cat hair - I've been told it's better to do a vacuum some time before they arrive, rather than just before they're due, as that way any hairs stirred up by the process have time to settle. Obviously it would be ideal if the vacuum was so good it got all those pesky hairs! A vacuum which can get long cat hairs off carpet without making a mountain out of a molehill about it would be great.

rootypig Thu 17-Apr-14 17:40:13

Non tester. My worst allergy is hayfever, severe enough as a child to leave the country. Top tip is about trying to prevent pollen covering everything in your home: windows closed, sadly; don't dry your clothes outside; change your clothes and shower when you come in for the day.

Take your anti histamine last thing at night, so that you're not already having a flare up when you wake in the morning. Keep eye drops in the fridge for the most relief.

Dealing with the allergy itself: coffee seems to check the sneezing and eye watering somewhat, and nothing beats a basin of ice cold water to plunge your face into!

Dust allergy - all you can do is stay on top of it, and always clean with a very damp, almost wet cloth, so it's not being swirled up into the air. We have hard floors, which show up all the dirt - exhausting, but ultimately beneficial I think.

Eczema - DH and DD have. A good friend with it told me to drink as much water as I could hold when I got it around my eyes, that helped! and wash at 60% with liquid (dissolves and therefore rinses more easily) that is free from fragrance and other irritants. Ecover and Surcare both work for us.

Non tester: I really like the clear dust collectors we have in many modern hoovers - its a very visual way of saying when you need to empty, but I seem to be able to fill the dust collector on just one hoover of the house. A MASSIVE dust collection capacity, with very visual full indictor would be good.

nushcar Thu 17-Apr-14 18:32:00


Stress reduction helps any allergies. Drink water and cleanse system by starting and ending each day with warm water with fresh lemon, air your house and keep it dust free if that's your allergy, wash bed linen regularly and avoid whatever you're allergic to as much as possible of course ... Doh!

kateandme Thu 17-Apr-14 19:04:15

keep on your tablets if you find they work.its easy to think your not so bad today and miss them.but like painkillers it helps to stay on top of the dose so your ready for each new possible day of pollen.

checking the weather pollen count for the next day is very usuefull.its just helps being prepared especially if your going out anywwhre.

when its a really bad hayfever day you just hve to shut your windown and use a fan if its so hot.

always take a towel or rug out with you incase you want to sit on the floor.

wiping the eyes with a cold flannel right into the corner to make sure nothing has managed to get stuck inyour eyelasshes or corners.

keep hydrated.there is nothing worse than feeling all irritated from the allergys and also lathargic from the heat too.

cutie101 Thu 17-Apr-14 19:27:10

Hayfever is rife in my house. My husband has it but can deal with it, but my poor little 3 year old has it too and just can't do anything to help herself. I have to keep windows and doors closed and keep the house as well hoovered as possible. We have a very fine mesh over the windows just in case we do need them open and hand washing as soon as we get home plus shoes off at the front door so we bring as little in from the outside are essential.

mjmooseface Thu 17-Apr-14 19:30:58

Non Tester:

I'm enjoying reading these reviews... I have never had any sort of experience with a quite vacuum cleaner and was almost sceptical it could be true! I would love to be able to hoover whilst people are sleeping so I don't have to put the dog in one room, the baby in another, the husband in another and then rotate! I could just hoover around people then! (The hoover makes the dog bark which makes the baby cry and we have neighbours below us, it's a whole thing when it comes to hoovering!!!)

As for allergies... We have a garden and a dog. The dog brings grass in all over the house so I'm always running around after him, getting the grass off him, picking it up off the floor and closing bedroom doors so he doesn't go in there. I wash the sheets much more regularly in the spring/summer, too and keep the windows on the open locked setting.

affafantoosh Thu 17-Apr-14 19:31:42

Non tester ... I am allergic to cats and dogs and I take daily antihistamines. The allergy isn't due to the hairs but due to the dander - allergenic particles of dried saliva from grooming. So wiping them down with a damp cloth a couple of times a day makes a big difference, even if it seems crazy. That and hoovering hoovering hoovering ...

RandomMess Thu 17-Apr-14 19:35:38

Non tester here:

Allergic to cats/dogs, pollens, grass, trees, house dust mites - you know all those things routinely tested for!

Biggest difference was chucking out the bedroom carpet and putting down laminete flooring, getting rid of curtains and having a roller blind instead. Hoovering regularly with our miele grin

Also have wooden flooring downstairs and a leather sofa and virtually no soft furnishings - has made a huge difference to my life.

kmills Thu 17-Apr-14 19:49:33


My brother is allergic to my dogs hairs but no matter how much I hoover, I just can't get my vacuum to pick them all up. So, when my brother arrives it's non-stop sneezing from him. This vacuum sounds fantastic!

BoffinMum Thu 17-Apr-14 20:01:36

DH has a dust mite allergy so today I used the new test Miele to spring clean the entire master bedroom. This seems to have had a good effect and was easy to do, but one interesting observation - the floor head is designed just a little bit too high to go easily under flat pack furniture such as IKEA cupboards, and up to the edge of the carpet.

DoctorGilbertson Thu 17-Apr-14 20:25:36

Non tester. Antihistamines are really what help me with sneezing ... but I am sure that hoovering is good too.wink My dream vacuum cleaner would be as good as the one I have for the house but work in the car

OldBagWantsNewBag Thu 17-Apr-14 20:41:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HappySunflower Thu 17-Apr-14 20:48:30

My daughter has asthma and I react badly to pet hair and pollen.

I use wet wipes quite often to damp dust. I find that helps to keep skirting boards and window wills free of dust. When my daughter was in a cot I would remove the mattress and damp dust it every so often.

I empty my Hoover bag outside so as to avoid dust escaping back into my home.

My idea vacuum cleaner would be one that was:
Easy to empty
Not too noisy
Has a few attachments
Is suitable for using on upholstery as well

sharond101 Thu 17-Apr-14 21:37:19

Non-tester with allergies.

Wear sunglasses all year round. Put some vaseline at both your nostrils to block allergens getting in. Do not hang washing outside. Hoover everywhere, twice. Change bedding weekly. use one a day antihistamine religiously.

Giflo Thu 17-Apr-14 23:06:05

Non Tester,
With my daughter who suffers from eczema, hayfever and allergies, oh why, oh why do they have to come in threes.
Our tips of the day;

Itcy eyes, we have resorted to obtaining a pair of clear precription glasses from a very nice Opticians. A cheap and quicker option would be a pair of sunglasses and as it is apporaching summer, they become a fashion item for those of secondary school age. This option deters, no hinder them from rubbing their eyes and reduces the pollen and irritants that reaches them.

Food allergies,

well food is a personal thing and we have alot of personal things that are not encouraged, tomatoes, peppery food, sweets, cheese, we drink lactose free milk the list goes on and on. It has all helped but like most things a spring clean and minimalization diet would be best, the few and the good seems quite stark to any child, especially a pre-teenie, the battle continues.


long sleeves and tights, cleaning with Ecover as even the most kindest of cleaning agent causes a raft of itching all over the body. It is like a battle field on her body, not nice to see or deal with, so we try to be very careful. Lovely doctor has given gloves for her hands, which suffer the most at the moment. We cut the tips off and this make them more managable as she goes about her day.

Yes I have a hoover, and I think it is a good hoover but it lacks some of the options i would like.
Living in a flat means that, yes, we have quite close neighbours and at times I feel very guilty when I hoover at night, never after 11pm but would love not to feel so guilty with a quietier hoover. With greater filteration gathering more of the little critters that seem to evade us .........then invade us.

katiewalters Thu 17-Apr-14 23:09:04

Myself and my 4year old son have asthma. For me mine is affected by cats, dust, feathers, and my sons is dust and pollen. I get rid of dust everywhere in the house, particularly the front room and our bedrooms every other day, I air the rooms each day. I use baby wipes to get rid of dust, with mr sheen spay.

AndHarry Thu 17-Apr-14 23:13:00

Non-tester. I have asthma, hay fever and an allergy to fur/dander. We can't have furry pets but I keep things fun for the DC by ordering caterpillars each year, which turn into butterflies in about a month and going on bug hunts in the garden.

ataraxia Fri 18-Apr-14 06:59:54

Good supply of anti-histamine stored in bedside cabinet

Reastie Fri 18-Apr-14 07:10:29

Non tester here. My tip to dust allergies is to hoover under the bed regularly. It's one of those places that gets forgotten and is an absolute dust trap. Also, blinds instead of curtains (or wash curtains regularly)

My perfect vacuum cleaner would have amazing suction to take everything (apart from the carpet!) out of the carpet. Mine is old and getting a little useless and I'm fed up of going over and over the same bits of carpet seeing it STILL hasn't picked up fluff. It would also be lightweight and go right into the corners/edge of carpet without an attachment.

turkeyboots Fri 18-Apr-14 07:50:02

Non tester. Top allergy tip is to wet dust and vacuum mattresses as often as floors. Avoiding feather bedding really helps too.

BoffinMum Fri 18-Apr-14 07:55:22

Two other tips for pollen allergy:

1. Vaseline smeared over lining of nose.
2. Shower and hair wash when getting home reduces pollen load and makes for a more pleasant evening.

SixImpossible Fri 18-Apr-14 08:13:55

I have yet to find the perfect vac. I loath trailing a cylinder vac around - I find it a hassle getting around furniture etc - yet OTOH uprights are a hassle with stairs and with getting under furniture. I prefer a vac that is not fiddly, so I like Miele's self-winding cords and on-board storage. I once used an upright where the handle was also the nozzle. not like the Dyson, where you have to flip the handle over to use it. with this one you just lifted the handle out of the machine and the nozzle was there, ready fot use. no idea what make it was, though! Noise doesn't particularly bother me.

woodchuck Fri 18-Apr-14 08:45:05

Non tester. I am lucky that my DCs have no allergies, hut Dh is allergic to dust. This means that I get the dusty jobs! I have cats too and am aware that this can also aggravate his allergies so need to keep up e7th vacuuming. I have a decent vac with pet hair attachments which does the job. My ideal vac is bagless and portable, light enough to easily vac the stairs and empty without making a mess

WowOoo Fri 18-Apr-14 09:57:22

Non tester:

When my dh gets hay fever he insists that I keep all of the windows closed. It does seem to help.

I seem to have a mild allergy to cats - I sneeze about 20 times if I'm in a house with one. Simple solution: no cats!

MadMonkeys Fri 18-Apr-14 14:57:53

Non tester - I'd like a vacuum cleaner which cleans right up to the skirting boards instead of having to use attachments.

Madrigals Fri 18-Apr-14 20:29:53

Non- tester - I would like a vacuum cleaner that isn't too heavy. Ours is just very weighty!

Non-tester here.

For allergies, you need a very secure vacuum that doesn't let dust escape. Also I think a bagged system is best, so you can empty it without dust going in your face! But large capacity bags, and where you can clearly tell when they need to be changed would be good. And very good filtering so you don't get dusty smells coming out when you use the machine.

Non-tester here. We really struggle with allergies in our house. Pulling out all the beds and doing a really good vacuum and dust seems to help - for one night at least...

stephgr Sat 19-Apr-14 04:18:10

Non tester. I would love a cleaner which could really get into corners! I always find the bristles get clogged up with hair and I often find that me crouching down with a really stiff carpet brush and dustpan gets carpets cleaner.

flamingtoaster Sat 19-Apr-14 13:59:59

Non-tester. I've always been very sensitive to dustmite, as has DD - possibly a third as DH claims he isn't but coughs and sneezes if in contact with dust. My perfect vacuum cleaner would be light, have superb filtering with no dusty smell - and preferable washable hepa filters. Washable bags or bagless would be fantastic to keep down the running costs.

Tips: when dusting either damp dust or use microfibre cloths which trap the dirt and wash them immediately after each use. If you open windows to air the house be sure to close the windows before the temperature begins to drop as that is when lots of pollen drawn up by the heat of the day comes down in quantity.

Non-tester Having a good vacuum cleaner helps with dust allergens and I try and vacuum as much as possible, at least once a day.

CMOTDibbler Sat 19-Apr-14 21:19:08

Non tester. My ideal vacuum would deal with the copious amounts of cat hair, dog hair, and not get clogged with my hair

Q1. Which Miele vacuum cleaner did you try, the S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy or the S8 Silence Solution? What was your overall impression?

I was sent the S8 Silence Plus Ecoline Allergy. Overall impression of the cleaner is that it is, basically, it is the most impressive vacuum I've used. Its an attractive design, love the fact all the tools are on board, and its very powerful and yet the quietest cleaner I've had. I was waiting for the loud 'jet engine' sound and when it didn't start I was fully expecting a vacuum that sort of wafted around the room that moved the dust about rather than removing it. Then i tried to push it and, with it on the highest setting, discovered that my carpet was actually a completely different colour to what I'd thought!

Q2. How effective did you think the vacuum cleaner was in helping to prevent allergic reactions in the home?

I have used the cleaner now for a couple of days. As I am sensitive to dust and pet hair (I have a cat and friends frequently bring in hair from their cats and dogs) and have noticed a difference when sitting in my living room. My son has a slight sleep apnoea and I have noticed that after vacuuming his bedroom his sleep seems to be more settled. As I say I have only used it for a few days so I will pop back and let you know how its going after a few more.

Q3. How quiet or noisy did you find the vacuum cleaner? Would you be happy to vacuum clean while someone in your home was asleep without being afraid of waking them up, or not?

As I've said the cleaner is the quietest one I've ever used. It does get louder when you are using one of the other tools rather than the main floor cleaner. However I don't think you would be using those tools during a time when people are sleeping. Saying that though it is still quieter than other cleaners. I would be absolutely happy to use the cleaner downstairs while my children were sleeping upstairs and have done so three times now. I would use it upstairs too but maybe not in the same room.

Q4. Would you recommend the Miele vacuum cleaner which you tried to friends or family? If so, why? If not, why not?

I would definitely recommend this cleaner to friends and family and actually already have done! I have several friends with children who are scared of the vacuum and will be recommending this to them as the noise level is low. One of my children has sensitivity to noise and finds certain pitches intolerable. She has wanted to use this cleaner which is a first (and obviously a bonus!)

NicNak71 Sat 19-Apr-14 22:16:50

Non tester - my perfect vacuum cleaner would be one that silently does it all itself while I'm in bed asleep!

Apart from that dream, I want light weight, , very quiet, never loses suction, preferably bagless or with re-useable bags and filters. A cord long enough to reach the whole of my downstairs without having to plug it in elsewhere.

tinypumpkin Sat 19-Apr-14 22:23:04

Q1. Which Miele vacuum cleaner did you try, the S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy or the S8 Silence Solution? What was your overall impression?

I was lucky enough to get the S8 Silence Solution. I really like it. It looks fab (pathetic I know) and is small enough to be storable. It works like a dream. It is very powerful and incredibly quiet. I didn't feel that it would be able to achieve both of those things but it does. It is by far the quietest vacuum I have ever had. It has done a great job of cleaning my carpets and picks up much better than my aging dyson. My carpets are much happier! The attachments are easy to access and the vacuum is really easy to use. DD2 particularly likes returning the cord to the vacuum.

Q2. How effective did you think the vacuum cleaner was in helping to prevent allergic reactions in the home?

I can't say that I have noticed a major difference in terms of actual allergic reactions in all honesty. There is less dust though. Will give it a few more days and pop back again I think.

Q3. How quiet or noisy did you find the vacuum cleaner? Would you be happy to vacuum clean while someone in your home was asleep without being afraid of waking them up, or not?

Super quiet! DD2 actually likes it and she is a fully vacuum hating child. Even buying a toy Henry did not help her hatred of my dyson. This on the other hand is fine. I was able to vacuum around her this morning with no bother. DD3 is not quite so accepting as yet. I did manage to vacuum whilst DD3 ws asleep earlier and she did not wake up. I braved the challenge! I am still amazed each time that I switch it on that it really is as quiet as it is. I keep thinking that the noise will increase but it doesn't. This is a major plus point in our house.

Q4. Would you recommend the Miele vacuum cleaner which you tried to friends or family? If so, why? If not, why not?

I would recommend it. I think it is powerful and quiet. I also really like the look of it <shallow>. For me, the best thing is the reduced noise. That is because it has been such an issue in our house and vacuuming has been a PITA if the children are around. I am converted smile

Thank you for choosing me.

Non-tester. My perfect vacuum cleaner would be quiet and small, easy to tidy away. It should have a child lock so playful toddlers can't switch it on and off while I'm using it. A retractable hose would be amazing and a simple and clean way to empty bags. Not asking for much!

Willemdefoeismine Sun 20-Apr-14 12:13:12

Non tester - we don't have any allergies so can't answer from that perspective.
The perfect vacuum cleaner would be silent, compact, with extra bits packed within/on it rather than needing to be stored separately. It would also have the ability to compress t the hair/dust/bits so that the vacuum cleaner didn't need to be emptied so frequently - big bugbear in this house!

acsec Sun 20-Apr-14 12:47:39

Going to try mine tomorrow, haven't had a chance yet as had new carpet and flooring fitted on Thursday then been out all weekend!

BiscuitCrumb Sun 20-Apr-14 13:10:36

I'm a non tester but I just want to share that having suffered with asthma since I was 7, the first day I managed to sleep through the night without needing my inhaler was the day we moved into our new home that had a wooden floor in the bedroom. I've now removed the carpet in our living room. We still have carpet in places where I don't linger (if you see what I mean). But I will never have carpet in my bedroom ever again. The other thing I really recommend is vacuuming your mattress often.

BiscuitCrumb Sun 20-Apr-14 13:12:41

Oh and a good vacuum in my opinion has fab suction. So much so, it's hard to push around. I find this very reassuring I know it's sucking up all the crap because it's virtually lifting the floorboards! ;)

I also like it to leave lines on carpets to give that I've just hoovered look! smile

Jinty64 Sun 20-Apr-14 19:53:43

We have wooden flooring in ds's bedroom and are about to put it in the living room. I vacuum his room and damp dust daily. The biggest change, I think, was after getting anti allergy bedding (mattress cover, pillow cover and duvet protector). I used to have to change his bedding daily as he would scratch himself raw and the creams made such a mess but this is much better now.

funnyperson Mon 21-Apr-14 03:29:38

Non tester. I have terrible asthma allergy (hosp admissions) and hate noise and often get back v late from work so a quiet hoover would be v handy.

My top tip is to damp dust window sills and bedside cabinets with a clean damp cloth twice a week and hoover under beds once a week and never never never go near bonfires as the smoke could set you off.

mummy81 Mon 21-Apr-14 14:46:23

Non tester
I have to make sure my husband is not in the house when I empty the cylinder so not to aggravate his dust allergies.

themitch21 Mon 21-Apr-14 16:19:44

Non Tester - I suffer from quite a few allergies myself and I'm yet to come up with any solution other than antihistamines. At this time of year I make sure to take one first thing in the morning and early evening whether I'm planning on going out or not. better to be safe than sorry (and snotty) later.

DurhamDurham Mon 21-Apr-14 20:05:09


We got rid of carpet in most of our rooms and replaced with wood, laminate or tiles. We mop regularly to keep dust to a minimum.

We damp dust without chemicals to get rid of as much dust as possible.

We open doors and windows everyday for a few minutes (or all day if weather is good) to air the house.

We don't have central heating on too often or too high.

We keep the house as cool and as clean as possible without it impacting upon would all be pointless if we didn't enjoy life!

HeartStarCircleSquare Mon 21-Apr-14 21:07:04


My DH has allergies and we keep the place well dusted (but we use a wet duster to not spread the dust in the air) and also the vacuum attachments so as again to not spread dust aroun.

My children have skin allergies and for them I only use water wipes and not normal baby wipes and non fragranced all natural baby supplies.

GetKnitted Mon 21-Apr-14 22:17:16

My perfect vacuum cleaner would be able to do the dishes too

CheeryCherry Tue 22-Apr-14 10:08:01

Sadly a non tester!
We have several allergies in this household with dust and pollen being the worst. I wish suction was even better, particularly for pet hair, and I'd love the remote control one...that would be dreamy grin

vixo Tue 22-Apr-14 10:46:17

Non - tester:
My ideal vacuum would have really easily interchangeable bits so that swapping from the main vacuum to the 'crevice tool' (that always makes me laugh!!) is effortless. Basically, I rarely bother, so the main bits of any room are clean, but the edges are decidedly grubby!

vincenta Tue 22-Apr-14 11:27:37

First of all thank you for this fantastic opportunity to test Miele vacuum cleaner! It is brilliant!

Q1. Which Miele vacuum cleaner did you try, the S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy or the S8 Silence Solution? What was your overall impression?

I am lucky to try S8 Silence Solution vacuum cleaner. I am so impressed with this vacuum and not only me,even my hubby(Dyson fan) liked Miele vacuum cleaner and used it for three times already. He even hoovered stairs which I begged him to do ages ago, as for me carry our upright Dyson hoover which is heavy is very uncomfortable. Upholstery brush was great in hoovering stairs. My husband also hoovered his PS3 and PS4 using dusting brush and suction was much stronger than with our old Dyson. Crevice tool was fantastic for all those hard to reach corners and edges(end of carpet and start of wall,where you can find a lot of dust and different kind of crumbles too.It is very convenient that all tools are stored in vacuum cleaner.We have carpets and hard floor in kitchen/living room and Miele S8 was great in vacuuming both. I should add that to clean carpets I required more effort to push the floor head around however it was worth it.
Also I liked that it was easy to manoevre it around our home.
Easily adjustable power was also something good to mention, as it is great that I can change power from strong to not so strong and even vacuum curtains smile I wash them too but option to vacuum curtains really is useful for us and it was so easy. I would never ever even try to do it with upright Dyson.

Q2. How effective did you think the vacuum cleaner was in helping to prevent allergic reactions in the home?

We all have dust allergy and Miele vacuum cleaner made huge difference.Especially for me. I am pregnant and my dust allergy became much worse, I got irritated eyes, I was sneezing and this runny nose was driving me crazy. I tried to vacuum as much as possible but somehow I started to feel that our old Dyson didn't change anything,and to hoover twice a day???? Honestly I feel my self so tired and still sick most of the time. That's why Miele vacuum S8 comes like God sendsmile It really made the huge difference, first time in ages I felt myself so great, it was lovely Easter with no runny nose, stuffed nose or sneezing.My son usually start to cough and mostly it is not from cold but from dust, that's why I try to hoover as much as possible. With Miele S8 my home feels dust free for longer, when you can breath easily.That's why I agree that Miele S8 vacuum cleaner is effective in helping to prevent allergic reactions in my home.
Q3. How quiet or noisy did you find the vacuum cleaner? Would you be happy to vacuum clean while someone in your home was asleep without being afraid of waking them up, or not?

To be honest after our Dyson, Miele vacuum cleaner is so quite!!! At the same time it works great, with powerful, excellent suction. I think I would risk to hoover on low power setting when someone in my household was asleep. AS Miele S8 isn't too loud.However it will depend who would be asleep, army husband wake up from every noise even the quitest one. However to hoover when someone is watching TV will not be problem any more, no complaints,as it is possible to hear TV while Miele S8 hoover is working!
Q4. Would you recommend the Miele vacuum cleaner which you tried to friends or family? If so, why? If not, why not?
Yes,definitely. I already recommended it to my friends and my sister in law who have asthma and was looking for new vacuum cleaner.
My husband was impressed with Miele S8 vacuum cleaner high quality, it looks well made.Price also is reasonable,as usually when you pay little bit more you got much better quality. However I should add that there will be more spending involved as we need to change dust bags.It was very convenient to have Dyson with dust bags, but at the same time, it didn't worked so well as Miele,that's why it is worth to buy dust bags to have dust free homesmile
By the way price for 4 dust bags,1 motor filter, 1 super airclean filter is 10.49 which isn't so expensive.

HopefulHamster Tue 22-Apr-14 11:46:02


Q1:Which Miele vacuum cleaner did you try, the S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy or the S8 Silence Solution? What was your overall impression?

We tried the S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy, which is fantastic as I have allergies and I've got a pre-schooler who's a pretty light sleeper too. 'We' are me (with dust, animal and pollen allergies), and my husband and son who aren't diagnosed but I'm pretty sure my husband is allergic to dust, and my son to pollen and dust (he's 3.5). I was impressed with the look of it – not that it should matter so much but it's sleek and smart, bit like a high-end German car! ;). It's a good size – you could easily fit it in a cupboard. It looks high quality and robust, especially compared to our cheapie vacuum that we picked up in a supermarket.

We put it together quite easily and put it to work - the suction is great. It instantly made our carpet looked cleaner, which again made me realise how bad our vacuum is - oh dear! We used it on carpet, kitchen tile, stairs, dusty sideboards, with different heads, and it performed well on them all. Yes this review is a little bit ott, but it is a £300 vacuum!

Q2: How effective did you think the vacuum cleaner was in helping to prevent allergic reactions in the home?
This may need more time to know for sure, but I didn't sneeze while using it (sometimes just tidying up brings up a load of dust that will set off a reaction). Also our current vacuum is bagless, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but it needs cleaning out every time and it's really hard to empty out without getting dust everywhere or leaving a lot of it inside. This Miele high-tech dustbag seemed like a great idea - my only 'concern' would be how easy it is to get more of them and how much they cost.

Q3. How quiet or noisy did you find the vacuum cleaner? Would you be happy to vacuum clean while someone in your home was asleep without being afraid of waking them up, or not?
We tried it in normal and silent mode. Normal itself is pretty quiet compared to most models. Silent is even better - you could definitely use this with a little one asleep upstairs. Bear in mind we are the kind of pathetic parents who used to tip-toe up the stairs to prevent waking my son!

Q4:Would you recommend the Miele vacuum cleaner which you tried to friends or family? If so, why? If not, why not?
On the basis of what I've seen so far, I'd definitely recommend it. It's just really good at what it sets out to do, and I think if you're worried about noise or allergies then it's worth the money. Certainly we'll look at budgeting for one, though I don't really want to put up with our current 'old bagless' for much longer smile

Meanderer Tue 22-Apr-14 11:56:05

for generally 'allergic' people - try probiotics to improve immune system balance


DH has a cat allergy and we have a cat (!). We have wooden floors so I tend to vacuum regularly and use the crevice tool to get right into the corners. I also have to regularly vacuum the bed mattress too as this is a real trap for dust and I can tell when it needs doing based on DH's inhaler use.

The very best thing about our very first Dyson was that not only it felt sturdy (unlike our new one that wobbles all over the place) but all the tools attached to the vacuum. I didn't need a bag somewhere with all the bits in, I didn't get to the top of the stairs and realise the tool I want is still in the cupboard downstairs. This is a main requirement when buying further vacuums. I just hate having lots of random things hanging around the under stairs cupboard.

unadulterateddad Tue 22-Apr-14 22:41:23

non tester, alway remember to clean the filters in the vacuum cleaner - build up there can make a big difference.

my perfect vacuum would be quiet, easy to operate with one foot with a cord that consistently goes back into the body of the machine.

stealthsquiggle Tue 22-Apr-14 23:12:08

Non-tester. Allergies - lifelong hay fever for me, which has now gone year-round - spores, dust, who knows what else. DS (11) has gradually worsening hay fever.

Tips: much as I love the smell of line-dried laundry, I dry my bedding and DS's in the tumble drier. We both wear sunglasses at all times when even vaguely sunny. I am a fresh air freak and, in any case, don't find that keeping windows shut makes much difference. A bottle of water by the side of the bed at all times helps to ease the raging throat in the early hours, and good drugs make all the difference.

Assorted contact allergies also shared. I am currently trying to train DS to apply aveeno at the first sign of dryness and not wait until it gets sore enough to mention to me do as I say, not as I do

Carex should be banned from everywhere, as it is from our housesmile . My DM just buys a different variety of it when I mention that it rips my hands to bits (but then she did her level best to ignore all my allergies when I was a child, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised)

Hopezibah Tue 22-Apr-14 23:16:24

My perfect Vacuum cleaner would be light weight and easy to use as i get back pain easily otherwise.

I just want something straightforward that does its job well!

Living with allergies: My son has asthma which can be triggered by a dust allergy for him. Changing his flooring to laminate (from carpet) really helped as does regular vacuuming of his room, curtains and headboard.

maloofysmum Wed 23-Apr-14 10:38:36

Tester: We have the S8 Silence solution

Q1. Which Miele vacuum cleaner did you try, the S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy or the S8 Silence Solution? What was your overall impression?
My first impression is how compact it is compared to my current vacuum (Henry) easy to assemble, tools in a handy compartment meaning no rushing around trying to find the right attachment. When I turned it on for the first time, it started on the highest setting which was quite loud, but wow was very powerful, could hardly push the handle/head. Yy ds (8) found it impossible grin. I decided to try it in dd's (12) bedroom, which attracts fluff and dust at an alarming rate for some reason... was very light to carry up the stairs which is a bonus, and not awkward I could easily carry the vacuum and handle/head in one hand. I decided to start with the thick pile carpet setting and see how I got on. The sound level reduced dramatically the lower the setting (and when on the energy-saving setting was very quiet). The Miele was great, lifted the bits of hair (yuk!) easily, and there was some glitter that had fallen out of a folder which cleared easily. The brush goes to the edges well and manoeuvres well also allowing me to get into the corners by the door. It didn't take long about 5 minutes, I didn't go under bed etc. but found the handle when fully extended reached quite far so would be easy to reach under hard to reach places. Did try with the heavily soiled setting as a test and found it very hard to push (would give an excellent work out using it for 20 mins or more!)

Q2. How effective did you think the vacuum cleaner was in helping to prevent allergic reactions in the home?
I think the vacuum will help quite a bit to reduce allergies in the home. Due to the intense sucking power this beauty will clear dust from most surfaces including mattresses. The curtains/lightweight fabrics setting is perfect for after the windows and doors have been open in the summer, just vacuuming the curtains/voile would help to get rid of the pollen etc as is quite gentle.

Q3. How quiet or noisy did you find the vacuum cleaner? Would you be happy to vacuum clean while someone in your home was asleep without being afraid of waking them up, or not?
The vacuum wasn't as quiet as I thought it would be, especially when on the highest setting. The eco setting though, is very quiet in comparison but the suction is reduced lots so is OK if you just need a quick once over if you have visitors coming or if you've spilled something. I would use on this setting when people are asleep and wish I had it when my children were younger. Also in that setting it wouldn't scare a small child or pet.

Q4. Would you recommend the Miele vacuum cleaner which you tried to friends or family? If so, why? If not, why not?
I would recommend the Miele S8 Silence Solution to friends and family and will! It's great for all ages, as the handle reduces/increases in size. I will encourage my dd and ds to vacuum more often (but wont hold my breath!). The handle is ergonomic so would suit an arthritic/older persons hands plus as said isn't heavy to carry around. It's great for parents with babies as you can vacuum on the eco setting when they're sleeping - its not silent but much quieter than any vacuum I've used before.

My vacuum was delayed so only got last night (had to liberate from an unknown neighbour as was misaddressed they seemed quite disappointed to let me have it!) Will post more as I use, still haven't used the attachments or tried all settings.

beeelaine Wed 23-Apr-14 14:05:03


My son and myself suffer from hayfever (my man is fine), and also our son gets an allergic skin rash which is worse during the hayfever season. My tip is to use half the amount of washing powder in your wash - when i heard this for the first time i thought it wouldnt work as it would not wash out the dirt but it does just as good, if not better job with less detergent, this helps our sons skin a lot - and i shake the dirty washing at the back door to get more dust off before i wash it (esp school uniform it seems to be dust magnet). I change our sons bedding more often to stop build up of skin cells and dust and when i vacuum in there i go round the skirtings with the brush on the vac and do all the nooks and crannies! His rug gets a good thwak on the washing line after ive vacuumed it and its amazing what dust still comes off! When i peg out washing i dont leave any of my sons clothes out for a long time so that the pollen cant settle on it and before i pop it in the cupboard even though it is dry when the pollen is bad i pop in the drier just for 2 mins as i swear the pollen comes off (and maybe it helps not having to iron as much as well)! Dont use paper tissues they just make mounds of dust! My last tip is to get whoever doesnt have any allergies in the house to empty the vacuum - that is my mans job!

KateOxford Wed 23-Apr-14 14:39:13

I think my vacuum cleaner should come with more attachments for cleaning under the bed, the mattress etc. It would be useful to have a built in battery to charge so that I don't need to unplug it and plug it in, in every room.

Roseformeplease Wed 23-Apr-14 18:31:05

Regular hoovering makes a huge difference, as do the newer allergy bedding types, pillow protectors etc. Also, not allowing things to get started. E.g. We have animal allergies here and, once sneezing, wheezing and scratching has started, it is really difficult to stop. However, staying away from animals or, at the least, being prepared with anti-histamines and so forth, really helps. Prevention is better than cure.

<weeps into coffee at being turned down for yet another test that we would have been perfect for>

EldonAve Wed 23-Apr-14 19:55:10

We have allergies to many things, dust mites included. Imo a vacuum cleaner can't be quiet enough.

Moogdroog Thu 24-Apr-14 17:00:21

Non tester here:
Tips for keeping on top of allergies. Clean clean clean. Rather than dust, user your vacuum for dusting - capture the dust target than spread it around and vacuum add often as you possibly can.

MakkaPakkasSponge Thu 24-Apr-14 21:51:25

Non tester.
Am reading the tips here because nothing really works to reduce my symptoms other than constantly taking antihistamines.
I use top of the range allergy/HEPA filter vacuums but they seem to make it worse for me by stirring things up.
I'm getting rid of some of our carpets soon, I hope it will help (fingers crossed/end of my tether)

JS06 Fri 25-Apr-14 07:24:13


I find that teenage son has a better night's sleep during hay fever season if he has his window open at night as he likes to feel cool but we remember to hose the patio below his room with water at dusk or later and that seems to keep things damped down. Also he starts hay fever medication in early April just to try and keep ahead of the game.

My pet hate with last couple of Dysons we've had is that the tube length doesn't stretch enough from bottom of stairs to top to clean in one fell swoop. I've got a standard house with standard staircase yet this frustration remains.

My perfect vacuum would be lightweight, I'd like to buy one and get one free so I could keep one upstairs! Hose length would be significant and the suction power would be strong/stronger/ultrastrong with me being able to determine what I want. I'd also want it to convert into a small handheld system too so I could take it cordlessly out to the car. I'd like a limited number of attachments and when I bought it - a weblink to take me to a video blog of how to use it in one minute flat. Don't want to read a manual or trawl the internet.

gutted2014 Fri 25-Apr-14 08:17:50


We are very lucky as a family as none of us have any allergies, so I can't really answer that question smile

My perfect vacuum cleaner would be lightweight & compact, so that it handles & stores easily. We have mainly wood & laminate floors, so it would glide over those, but also have a setting for carpet where needed. It would also be great if the machine could incorporate some kind of mopping function. Cordless ability would be a plus. Finally, it would last more than 2 years, unlike my latest machines!

Belmo Fri 25-Apr-14 09:33:12

Sorry I'm late! Missed the delivery and total pita picking if up. But it's here and I'm sooo excited!! The toddler has already crumbled the polystyrene packaging all over the floor to give me some extra testing material! Will do my proper review tonight grin

custardcream1000 Fri 25-Apr-14 14:38:05

Non-tester - We have a range of allergies in our family, from dust to fragrances.

Myself and my children mainly suffer with skin allergies so we tend to buy products that are natural and scent free - simple (the brand) products seem to suit us the best, and it is the only sun cream that does not bring my eldest out in hives.

My husband suffers with dust allergies so we make sure we clean and vacuum areas which gather dust daily.

My perfect vacuum would work on multiple surfaces, be silent, be easy to empty, and have powerful suction.

custardcream1000 Fri 25-Apr-14 14:43:48


Just wanted to add - It would be amazing if they made a vacuum with a built in radio/music system. I love to listen to music as I clean and it's a PITA carrying a music player around the house while I vacuum smile

Uzma01 Fri 25-Apr-14 16:38:50


I have hay fever (tree pollen variety) & dust-mite allergy too - keeping clutter to a minimum helps, have leather sofas & laminate downstairs which make a big difference. Probably should vacuum a bit more than I do - but my Dyson is large & heavy. Dusting with a damp cloth is good; keeping the windows closed helps especially in our bedroom where DH insisted on keeping them open. Bit after a few days of waking up at night or having water streaming out of my eyes and masses of sneezing - he agreed it was best to keep them closed.

MegBusset Fri 25-Apr-14 17:26:58

Q1. Which Miele vacuum cleaner did you try, the S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy or the S8 Silence Solution? What was your overall impression?

I tried the Silence Solution - thanks! My impression was very positive. The design is lovely and it didn't feel cheap or flimsy like some vacuum cleaners do. It gave good suction and picked up an embarrassing amount of dust from my rug blush

Q2. How effective did you think the vacuum cleaner was in helping to prevent allergic reactions in the home?

It's hard to judge because obviously I had no 'control' to measure it against. It certainly did a good job of picking up dog hair and dust. I was unsure about using a bagged cleaner (I have used bagless for years) but I can see the benefit of the bags, usually I end up with a face full of dust when I empty the vacuum!

Q3. How quiet or noisy did you find the vacuum cleaner? Would you be happy to vacuum clean while someone in your home was asleep without being afraid of waking them up, or not?

I was really impressed with how quiet it was. Certainly it didn't wake my kids up when I tried it! I don't think I'd specifically buy a 'quiet' vacuum as the build quality and power are more important but it's a nice extra feature.

Q4. Would you recommend the Miele vacuum cleaner which you tried to friends or family? If so, why? If not, why not?
It would depend on price and particularly how much the bags cost, I think. If someone had a severe dust allergy I would recommend it, otherwise it might be a pain having to get hold of the bags. That's the only downside of it, it really is a great vacuum in terms of performance.

Bankholidaybaby Fri 25-Apr-14 18:16:15

Q1. Which Miele vacuum cleaner did you try, the S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy or the S8 Silence Solution? What was your overall impression?

I received the S8 Silence Solution. I was very happy to get a blue one, as that's my favourite colour. I think it looks solidly built and I was quite interested in all the different buttons and features. I love how long the brush is and I was childishly excited by how I could suck the power cable back into the machine at the press of a button! The power cable is also really long, so I don't have to keep plugging it into different sockets as I move around the rooms of my flat. It was very easy to use. I can press the buttons with my toes(probably not recommended), I feel like it's easier to push and pull about the floor than our old upright.

Q2. How effective did you think the vacuum cleaner was in helping to prevent allergic reactions in the home?
My husband refuses to vacuum as our previous cleaner seemed to chuck dust back into the room, and it always smells a bit funny after I've used it. With the Miele one, I couldn't smell anything and I don't think dust was coming back out. I think this will help hugely with the dust allergy and will remove at least one of his excuses for refusing to clean!
Q3. How quiet or noisy did you find the vacuum cleaner? Would you be happy to vacuum clean while someone in your home was asleep without being afraid of waking them up, or not?
I tried vacuuming whilst my son was asleep. I wasn't brave enough to go into his room, but I cleaned the hall outside and he didn't stir. This is excellent, as he is definitely not sleeping as deeply or for as long as he did when he was tiny.
Q4. Would you recommend the Miele vacuum cleaner which you tried to friends or family? If so, why? If not, why not? Yes, I would. It's picking dust up on the first pass over the floor, rather than me feeling like I have to really work at heaving it backwards and forwards.

Bankholidaybaby Fri 25-Apr-14 18:23:36

Ps, sorry it's taken so long - my baby came down with a cold and 40 degree c fever, so there hasn't been much housework done in the last week! He's nearly better now, so I'm catching up. Yay, cleaning sad

Pjran Sat 26-Apr-14 14:01:20

Non tester but would love to win one.

I'm allergic to dust and paper so need to vacuum frequently, more so once the hedge is in leaf!

My ideal vacuum needs to be light, high suction with minimal blowout, easy to empty - no bags, washable filters, long lead, easy to store, quiet, well made and good reliable brand.

lozzybeast Sat 26-Apr-14 22:23:45

Non-Tester I have 4 cats a toddler and a pre-teen so good suction is essential. I also have a bad back, so a lightweight vacuum to get up and down the stairs would be so helpful

Bubbles85 Sun 27-Apr-14 09:51:12

My husband has hay fever and we find local (not just any) honey works a treat

acsec Sun 27-Apr-14 21:00:24

Q1. Which Miele vacuum cleaner did you try, the S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy or the S8 Silence Solution? What was your overall impression?

I tried the S8 Silence Solution and thought it was brilliant!

Q2. How effective did you think the vacuum cleaner was in helping to prevent allergic reactions in the home?

Both DSS and DH have allergic asthma to house dust, and DSS get hay fever too. I found the vacuum definitely made a difference. We've recently moved house and there's been a fair bit of dust kicked up by moving boxes and furniture around and DH was complaining of feeling 'chesty', but since I've used the vacuum a few times, he's said he can feel the difference. We've also had the back doors open a lot with the nice weather and I've vacuumed after closing them in the evening and DSS hay fever hasn't been as bad, IMO.

Q3. How quiet or noisy did you find the vacuum cleaner? Would you be happy to vacuum clean while someone in your home was asleep without being afraid of waking them up, or not?

The vacuum is very quite! I did use it whilst DSS was asleep, but only downstairs, I still didn't feel quite brave enough to vacuum outside his bedroom door.

Q4. Would you recommend the Miele vacuum cleaner which you tried to friends or family? If so, why? If not, why not?

I already have recommended it to my mum a couple of colleagues and anyone who will listen! It's quite, efficient and works.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to test this fantastic product!

I've been testing mine for a week now over the Easter Hols. (It got posted to a neighbour who then went away for the weekend sigh)

I am enjoying it. I think it's a great vaccuum. I am not sure if its as good on tile as the Dyson though.

I have people staying that leave tomorrow- they're taking their dog with them.... I will be putting it all to the test tomorrow. Plus the comparative noise test (video to follow...)

My floors have never been cleaner... But I'm not sure if its because of the new vacuum or because I am still whiz zing around with it out of the novelty of it all!

Will answer the Q &A questions tomorrow as well grin

spababe Mon 28-Apr-14 09:29:49

Make sure you wash bedding at 60 degrees and tumble dry to get rid of allergans like pollen, dust mites and bed bugs (!)

spababe Mon 28-Apr-14 09:32:20


When you change the bedclothes, hoover the matress

I have a son with a range of allergies mainly food, asthma, dust mites and fragrances. Also we keep an air filter in his room and this has helped his asthma and allergic rhinititis

Nouseforausername Mon 28-Apr-14 14:16:03

my 10mo has currently in a flare up of atopic eczema, not something I have experienced before but im now armed with emollient creams and bath additives and I'm interested to read up about banishing dust mites as the next few years might be spent tackling flare ups

maloofysmum Mon 28-Apr-14 14:27:07

Adding to my review, have been testing vigorously the Miele S8 Silence Solution for the last week and have managed to fill the bag. I have pulled everything out and vacuumed behind beds, cupboards etc. I have to say am still very impressed. Even on the lowest setting it picks up more than my old Henry vac. The attachments are great and always at hand. I also love that I can now (safely) vacuum my bathroom without getting a shock as the handle has a strip that stops the static from talcum powder. My DH vaccumed the car and said was also great as could put the vacuum in the car and get into all the nooks and cranny's. Also DD has developed Hay fever the last week so have been vacuuming around her room, curtains bedding etc after I shut the windows before bed. I think it has helped as she's not sneezing and snuffling as much. Would definitely recommend. smile

Snoozie101 Mon 28-Apr-14 18:20:21

Non Tester:
Cope with daughter's hay fever by keeping windows closed at dusk as the air settles. Not drying her clothes or bedding outside in the summer. Damp dust all rooms.

Recently acquired new dog who sheds hair a lot more than our previous dog, so I'm vacuuming much more regularly now. I like a long cable on my vacuum as I don't have many power sockets! Also one that is easy to empty and not too heavy.

leanneth Mon 28-Apr-14 21:37:43

Non-tester and no allergies...

My perfect vacuum cleaner would be lightweight but with a big capacity so it doesn't need emptying too often. Good attachments are vital for cleaning edges and small areas. Some very fine, flexible attachments for cleaning down the side of the car seats would be good. Something to help clean the actual car seats too, either wet or dry, would be greatly appreciated.

Belmo Mon 28-Apr-14 23:38:26

Q1. Which Miele vacuum cleaner did you try, the S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy or the S8 Silence Solution? What was your overall impression?

I'm testing the S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy. This was sooo exciting!! Must admit that anything would seem pretty good in comparison to what I was using before - and our upstairs carpets were filthy blush so I gave it a v thorough workout!
I love it. It looks gorgeous (does that sound mad?! - as far as a vacuum can!). There be nozzles!! And I love the wee compartment they live in - very cool and can be popped open one handed.
Easy to put together and figure out how to work without bothering to read the instructions properly <lazy>
And it works! Used it on the laminate downstairs and the disgraceful cheapo carpet upstairs - suction is so strong (on max - you can dial it up/down) it was pulling up our crappy carpet. Which now looks a completely different colour, and very slightly less crappy. Coped admirably with my v long hair which seems to get everywhere and our last vacuum just willfully ignored. Love it.
Also fab for stairs - the cable is very long so can get more than half way up, and it's thin enough to sit on a stair so you can take it up with you, if you know what I mean <eloquent>

Q2. How effective did you think the vacuum cleaner was in helping to prevent allergic reactions in the home?

I usually need all the windows open to hoover and still cough but there seems to be absolutely no dust in the air while using it. The toddler was noticeably less wheezy at night after a thorough room hoover/dust. The biggest test will be DP who has a pretty bad dust allergy, allergic rhinitis, hayfever and probable cat allergy. Only been 4 days so can't tell for sure but we haven't had the 20 minute long sneezing session on waking since I did our room, so I would say very effective.

Q3. How quiet or noisy did you find the vacuum cleaner? Would you be happy to vacuum clean while someone in your home was asleep without being afraid of waking them up, or not?

It's unbelievably quiet! DD who is terrified of vacuums/hair dryers etc actually held on and "helped" me. I would definitely make DP vacuum clean in the evening, although possibly not in DD's actual room as she's murder to settle and would be too scared to risk it. Everywhere else though, which is fab as it's actually a better time to get things done.
And tbh it's so quiet I probably would get away with it in her room too. Even the cat doesn't find it as traumatic as usual!

Q4. Would you recommend the Miele vacuum cleaner which you tried to friends or family? If so, why? If not, why not?

Absolutely, already have to anyone who'll listen actually! Because it's lovely, quiet, doesn't make the house smell all 'hoovery' and most importantly actually sucks everything up! Thanks so much for letting me try it grin

momscribe Tue 29-Apr-14 14:21:28

Non-tester :

1- If you or any of your family have any allergies, what tips do you have to make living with allergies a bit easier, be they inside or outside the home?

I make sure I clean my home everyday when my kids are at school. Also, most of the time the doors and windows are kept closed. I also make sure that my kids wash their hands and feet every time they enter home from outside.

2- If you, or any of your family, don’t have any allergies tell us about what would make your perfect vacuum cleaner. What does your vacuum cleaner not do which you think it should? Whatever it is, tell us about it!

I want a vacuum cleaner that does the job quiet. I don't like using a hoover that screams as and when it works. Also, I hate cleaning the dust accumulation every now and then. What if there was a vacuum cleaner that break down the dust particles (a little larger particles) to make space for more hoovering. I also like to see a vacuum cleaner that comes with a easy disposable hoover bags (it avoids opening up the bag to clean it up as well as spreading of dusts when opened).

CrewElla Wed 30-Apr-14 12:51:12

I use a cyclone vaccuum and the thing that bothers me is the cloud of dust that is created when I empty the receptacle and the grime that clings to the sides afterwards. What are the solutions for those two issues?

Bankholidaybaby Wed 30-Apr-14 18:51:28

Tester update:

Our cleaner came round yesterday and used the S8 Silence Solution. I was in the next room feeding my son, not aware of exactly what she was doing, and it was so quiet I honestly thought it was a light rain shower.

I showed my mum when she came over at the weekend, and we stood it next to my Dyson and we both thought the design and quality of materials of the Miele model put the Dyson to shame. It'll be a pain getting bags for it, but I think it's worth it for the difference it's made to the dust and the colour of my rugs!

hunhun007 Wed 30-Apr-14 21:22:44

I didn't find my perfect vacuum cleaner as yet. Currently I use Henry but I am not 100% happy with it - it has a great suction but with 4 pets it does struggle with per hairs at times.
We have a child with allergies. We use purifier and try to keep house more clean that usually. We also air the bedding at least once a week (weather permitted) and try to pick a day with stronger wind. It helps a lot with a sleeping routine.

tinypumpkin Wed 30-Apr-14 22:08:50

i agree with all you have said Bankholidaybaby re the cleaner (save the bit about the cleaner as we don't have one)! It really is so quiet and I love it.

I have just sorted the 10 yr guarantee so that says something about the fact that I do love it. I thought that £50 for 10 years was very reasonable too.

I agree that buying bags is a pain but that is probably because I have been spoilt with a Dyson. Although, my Dyson does not work in any way as well as it used to. Miele claim that the vacuums should work as well in 10 years time as they do know. We will have to wait and see...

Still very happy with it smile

HopefulHamster Wed 30-Apr-14 22:48:12

The other day I vacuumed downstairs with the Miele and was impressed as before. Then I did the upstairs with our old Samsung model just because it was there - it felt like using a toy vacuum in comparison! There's just no power in it.

thesoupdragon44 Thu 01-May-14 11:00:59

I am luck that we don't have any allergy's although my OH has hay fever sometime quite bad, I do try to keep the dust down, but sometimes find this difficult. Keeping windows closed during dawn and dusk helps keep the pollen down too.

solastyear Thu 01-May-14 12:42:54

Non tester. Perfect vacuum cleaner would be light - easy to carry upstairs with great suction to get up all dust and fluff etc. My vacuum cleaner (Dyson DC50) is great because it is so light and easy to push around but the hose is just not long enough. It only manages to stretch to about 4 steps and will not reach the high ceilings like the old Dyson DC04. Also it is quite flimsy - does not feel as sturdy as old Dyson.

Wednesbury Thu 01-May-14 13:44:41

Non tester: I basically don't like bagless cleaners. The fact that you have to somehow extract all the dust by hand once it needs emptying seems to remove the point? It's clouding all round the house and you are breathing in all the stuff you were vacuuming up. I have to open mine up an pull fluff off the filter nearly every time I use it as the dust wraps around the central filter, thus reducing the suction to nearly useless. Then I have to wash and dry the filters probably about every 2 weeks.

A cleaner with an attachment that can vigorously vacuum the stairs and is easy to manouevre up/down them would be good. Mine (a VAX) has loads of attachments but none of them really do the stairs well. I end up trying to drag a heavy cleaner halfway up, twist the attachments upside down to do the upright bits ... it's all a bit of a faff.

Also, either a cleaner where all the tools sit on it sensibly without being unwieldy, or comes with some sort of storing box to put them in (mine currently sit in a cardboard wine box).

Allergies/dust management: vacuum regularly, and damp dust. Don't clutter up surfaces with things that make it difficult to dust.

mimidl Thu 01-May-14 15:52:21


I would say my best advice is to always have anti-histamines at hand and if you know you are going somewhere that may trigger your allergies, take the anti-histamine about 20-30 minutes before arriving.

SixImpossible Sat 03-May-14 07:50:39

Crewella, your problem is caused by static electricity making the dust fly up and cling to the container. You need to wipe down the outside of the dust container with a damp cloth immediately before you empty it.

amistillsexy Sat 03-May-14 22:34:35

Non-tester here. My Dh and Ds2 both suffer from bad eczema. I try to keep on top of the dust by vacuuming really well: I move the furniture every week, and vacuum underneath and into the corners of rooms. I also dust with a wet cloth so I don't simply sweep it into the air.

lottietiger Sat 03-May-14 23:11:54

Non tester
I have hay fever and generally I'm sneezing at some sort of pollen.
Ideal vacuum ..something with a good pollen filter, quiet enough to vacuum when ds is in bed, light to carry around, very long lead oh and never needs emptying!

kelandab Sun 04-May-14 09:29:23

I'm a non- tester

Three out of four of us have allergies to pollen, dust & pet hair. The best way to control it is by having less soft furnishings & surfaces that collect dust & pollen. We have wood floors, blinds & everything if kept away in boxes & cupboards to make it easier to dust everything.

1intheoven Mon 05-May-14 11:48:32

Hi, I'm a non-tester. We have some hayfever allergies in our household. We make sure that we always stock up on local honey. It seems to work at least a little. Other than that it's the one a day antihistamines.
My ideal vacuum would be:
Light (carrying our one upstairs is a nightmare when pregnant).
Easily transition between hard floors and carpets.
Not too noisy so I can hear the baby monitor.
Easily tranfer to nozzle for cobwebs etc.
Pretty long lead for going between rooms and hoovering the stairs etc.
Could use in the car so it would need to have attachments for the wee nooks and crannys.
Bags would need to be easy to get hold of and replace.

hareinthemoon Mon 05-May-14 18:59:11


My ideal vacuum cleaner would be one that was so much fun to use the kids would volunteer to do their rooms.

Failing that, one that had a flip-top end so that you could easily make it tiny to get into corners and then flip the big head back on.

Wjjkl Wed 07-May-14 13:47:05

Non tester

I have a Miele pet vacuum - it's great, but my perfect vac would be a bit more furniture friendly - I'm forever bumping into furniture with it & worry about damaging things - rubber bumpers or something similar to help protect from bashes would be great

museumworker Wed 07-May-14 20:06:15

Non tester here smile

The other half has an allergy to pet hair - we just don't have pets! When we're staying at people's houses who have pets he takes an anti-histamine and tries not to sneeze too much!

My perfect vacuum cleaner would do the vacuuming for me! Failing that, it would be super-light, so that I could lift it a lot easier (especially when pregnant like I am now). It would roll up and down the stairs by itself, rather than me having to balance it against myself to stop it tumbling over.

boptanana Wed 07-May-14 23:47:44

Non tester
Perfect vacuum would be lightweight, powerful and pick up dog hairs from edges/ corners properly. Would also filter tiny toys/Lego people/hair bands into a separate section wink. Quiet would be a bonus and unlike my Henry not easily controlled by a 1 year old leading to very frustrating stop start vacuuming sessions whilst she explores cause and effect!

joolsb16 Sat 10-May-14 12:19:41

I have a daughter with asthma. The best thing we did was remove the carpets from the lounge and her bedroom. You do still get a lot of dust with wooden floors but when you have swept or hoovered you know that it is gone. It has made a big difference. I do still have carpets in the house so a decent vaccum cleaner would be great.

vincenta Mon 12-May-14 10:46:17

Just wanted to add that more we use our Miele vacuum cleaner more we are in love with it. Fantastic, quit and powerful performance, so easy to do vacuuming, even hubby started to vacuum more.Really pleasure to do house chores and there are no dust flying around while I vacuum. Very pleased!

RhinosAreFatUnicorns Mon 12-May-14 20:37:57


We have hay fever sufferers, so always check the weather the evening/week before, and take anti histamines as necessary. If it's particularly bad, we close windows.

As for the perfect vacuum cleaner? Quiet, works as effectively on my long tuft rugs and wooden floor as it does on my carpet. Picks up all the hair that my moulting Labrador sheds, has the necessary attachments to pick up aforementioned dog hair from down sofa cushions, is light enough to vacuum stairs effectively. And to be really perfect? Do all this without me having to grin

Bingbongbinglybunglyboo Tue 13-May-14 14:45:59

Non tester, no allergys,

I have a Henry Hoover that I love, but wish it didn't take up so much space when not in use, also annoying it has bags but had a bag less one and hated cleaning it out.

ataraxia Wed 14-May-14 06:50:24

non-tester - allergies: always have antihistamine on the bedside cabinet, and sunglasses in the summer

wifeymerrick Thu 15-May-14 17:29:21

1) The Miele Silence Plus. 2)Totally love this vacumn, I'm a hayfever sufferer and my son has asthma....we have both felt a huge dust difference in the house and on bedding 3) have vacuumed when husband and son are asleep no hassle at all, however the suction on silent isn't as good but still does an ok job. 4) would and have recommended this to others it's been a fabulous household appliance thank you !!

MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 16-May-14 15:01:38

Thanks to all the testers who posted their feedback and to all the non-testers who also posted their thoughts on this thread, this thread has now closed. Congratulations to MummyBtothree who won the prize draw for a Miele S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy!

Thank you so much!!!!!! perfect timing as well, our vacuum has had it so this has truly made my day. Thank you!!! :D

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