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See how MNers are getting on test-driving the new Toyota Auris Icon 1.8 Hybrid. Non-testers: Tell us your fave things about Britain - £200 voucher to be won. NOW CLOSED

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 14-Jun-13 16:06:38

This thread is for the 8 Mumsnetters who are taking part in the extended test-drive of the new Toyota Auris Icon Hybrid.
Five testers and their families will also be making a video of their test drive - so look out for this on Toyota's page on Mumsnet soon.

Below are some questions for you to answer over the course of the test drive - please don't worry about answering all of them straight away, some may be more relevant after you've had the car for a week or so.

We'd like you to post updates on this thread at least twice a week - more if you'd like! Please also remember to send any photos of your test-drive to me.

- What were your/your partner's first impressions of the car?
- What do the children think of it?
- How did you find driving a Hybrid? Was it what you expected?
- What's it like to drive?
- Is it a comfortable ride?
- What's the boot space like?
- What do you think about the features of the car? E.g Heads up display, electric seats, smart start system, multimedia system, rear-parking camera?
- Were these features what you expected the Auris to have or additional?
- Are there any other features you?d like the car to have?
- Has testing this car made you more or less likely to buy a Toyota in future?
- Has testing this car changed your perception of Toyota cars at all? If so, how?
- What one thing do you like best about it?
- What one thing would you change about it?

For those of you not taking part in the extended test drive, did you know the Toyota Auris is made right here in Britain? With this in mind, we'd love to know your favourite things about Britain?...What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family? Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer? What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can? Share your comments and you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 Love2Shop voucher

Thanks and good luck,


melliebobs Fri 14-Jun-13 16:46:06

Whoop whoop. Picking mine up midday tommorow. Typical girl thing - I hope it's a nice colour. Bright white would do me :-D

Jamdoughnutfiend Fri 14-Jun-13 18:21:46

I get my at 9am tomorrow - very excited! Am hoping it will pusuade DH that we need to trade my rust bucket car for a new car!!

OodPi Fri 14-Jun-13 18:26:50

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer? We are going to Bath for a city break and hoping for Beamish as an over night trip later in the summer. Not having a proper holiday this year but hoping to do a bit of exploring Britsin next year.

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can? We try & buy British and use local suppliers where possible. We've a good market & local green grocers/ butchers who all source from as locally as possible.

cbatbh Fri 14-Jun-13 20:33:21

Have fun melliebobs and Jamdoughnutfiend! I'm in the second wave of testers in 2 weeks.

sharond101 Fri 14-Jun-13 21:51:13

I was gutted not to be picked but I can add my comments as a non-tester about the best of Britain. I love Britain in the Summer for it's countryside. We holidayed in May in the Lake District and the walking was tremendous. I like the sunshine but would get bored of that easily and Britain offers so much outdoor and indoor to do. We love going to British cafes for scones and tea or to British restaurants for traditional meals.

As for buying British I try where possible but sometimes convenience gets in the way.

alemci Fri 14-Jun-13 22:09:15

I have picked up the car and had a drive in it. bit nerve racking tbh. I am so used to my own car and this will take a bit of getting used to.

got mine too this s.morning. no time as we.headed.straight into a 150 mile drive. the automatic takes some getting.use to.

lovely pearlised white though! first impressions good.

melliebobs Sat 15-Jun-13 15:47:45

First impressions.

I've never been so daunted to drive a car!! So much going on with it, the guy lost me on the locking/unlocking system!

alemci Sat 15-Jun-13 21:35:12

yes i found the turning on the car tricky. it seemed like I had to turn it on once then again at times. a bit like half turning on the ignition.

went for a drive and i felt more confident.

tried to do a video at the dealership but hadn't recorded it as we aren't used to using the tablet. nevermind.

melliebobs Sat 15-Jun-13 21:38:24

The dealership were great and took me out for a drive to explain stuff as it came up and then let me drive back to get used to it.

Had a go on the motorway and used the cruise control. Very odd but nice to have

alemci Sat 15-Jun-13 21:40:52

The dealership were really nice where I was too but I let my DH drive it back home. went for a drive on my own today. not sure of the vision out of the back windscreen. i know i have the camera but it is weird.

Trills Sat 15-Jun-13 21:41:58

My favourite thing about Britain is how in the supermarket (or even in very small shops) you can buy ingredients and foods from all around the world.

So many other countries that you visit, they are great for the first couple of days, and you eat lots of <insert lovely local thing here> until you realise that the selection is very limited and there is no way to get any food that is not "native" to that country's cuisine.

Jamdoughnutfiend Sun 16-Jun-13 08:48:05

Got the car yesterday and headed off from Crydon back through central london to home. So about a 1.5 hour drive from the dealership. Was a good chance to get used to the car.

So quick first impressions...

- What were your/your partner's first impressions of the car?
It was bigger than I expected, quite sleek and a little bit boxy looking around the boot, but a really nice car - bigger than I was expecting
- What do the children think of it?
My children are small, DD1 was disappointed it wasn't pink (she is nearly 4) and DD2(22 months) liked the leather seats - she kept stroking them going "mmmmmm, nice "

- How did you find driving a Hybrid? Was it what you expected?
Found the hybrid a bit weird to start with - because it doesn't start, you just have a green ready light, which is a bit disconcerting when you drive an old, noisy diesel estate like me! But I got used to it really quickly. I liked the fact that when you were just poodling along in traffic it is nice and quiet and just rolls along, but if you put your foot down it is pretty nippy. I was a bit concerned as I live on a very steep hill, so getting out of my road onto the main road is like is pretty dangerous. DH's car is a Galaxy and is seriously under-powered, and is a nightmare at this junction, so I was concerned. But The Auris was great, no hill start, foot down, no waiting. Am really impressed
- What's it like to drive?
It is lovely to drive - but to be fair, it has more bells and whistles than any other car I have ever driven. It is very smooth, easy to park and drive around London and the small congested streets where I live. It is quite firm over the speed bumps, but I really like that.
- Is it a comfortable ride?
It is comfortable, the seats are really nice andsupportive, there is good leg room in the front. The back isn't so great for leg room, I am 6ft and DH is 6ft4 so with us in the front, there isn't much room in the back - even the girls are a bit cramped in the car seats, especially DD2, in her stage 2 seat, her legs sort of stick straight out and because (unsuprisingly) she is tall, the stick straight into the back of the seat.

- What's the boot space like?
I was really impressed with the boot space. We have an estate and a Galaxy, so used to really huge boots, but I can fit my Phil and Ted in easily and a few shopping bags, so I am pretty happy. I also like the little pockets at the sides for "bits" so they don't roll around the boot - very useful yesterday when I went to the garden centre.

- What do you think about the features of the car? E.g Heads up display, electric seats, smart start system, multimedia system, rear-parking camera?

I have never used parking sensors before, I don't need them, but I did think the parking camera was very very good. I love being able to stream music from my iphone and answer calls (novelty!) hate hate hate the navigation system. We set it to direct us home and it was so annoying and intrustive. We spent ages trying to turn it off, and couldn't figure it out - in the end we found the prompt volume under a random setting and turned the sound down - so irritating!
- What one thing would you change about it?
Bigger rear window, is tiny and I hate not being able to see behind me properly

Once I have had more chance to drive, I will add more and I think DH will have a few comments too

Firewall Sun 16-Jun-13 10:48:58

What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family?

Walking in the hills and mountains. Exploring British nature and what Britain has to offer outside!

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?
Yes, we have booked a holiday in Wales and Scotland to have a few adventures up the mountains.

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?
Yes definitely! On the subject of British summer- there's nothing better than British strawberries and cream on a summers day! Cliche but true!

ratbagcatbag Sun 16-Jun-13 10:58:54

Great british days out for us as family are walks in the countryside, spotting different native wildlife and geocaching along the way, we love finding out of the way places and sitting down with a picnic. Another great British day out for us is heading to some of the big parks in this country with family and friends and setting up rounders, cricket and football. My stepson at 14 still loves this.

Are we going on holiday in Britain this year: this is the first year in ten we've not holidayed at all due to having a newborn, however all our holidays are uk based normally, and we have booked a stunning large house with friends next Easter in the Scottish highlands to do more walking and geocaching.

What about British produce: I try and use a local farm shop, however sometimes due to convenience and cost it doesn't always come top of the priority list. For other things such as gifts etc i try and source items that are personal and handmade and British.

melliebobs Sun 16-Jun-13 12:50:54

Just done a big shop with it. Like the side pocket to the boot. Big enough to fit in a 2l bottle of coke in so it's not rollin around the boot. It's the simple things grin

I was surprised to learn that the Hybrid is made in Britain. From the reviews it sounds lovely, gutted I couldn't apply (too far from pick up points.) I'll add my comments about Britain though smile

What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family?
We love to visit Castles, National Parks and museums, and try to go to as many as we can locally and when on holiday.

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?
We always tend to holiday in Britain, it's much less stress and there are so many lovely places to choose from. We're camping in Devon followed by a stop off at Weston Super Mare this summer.

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?
When we're on holiday we buy as much as we can locally, it costs a bit more than the supermarket but it's a luxury while we're on holiday. In the supermarket I do buy British produce, but don't necessarily go out of my way to find it, IYSWIM.

Dh and I have now both driven the car. He isn't so keen as he doesn't like automatics and says it isn't a drivers car.

- What were your/your partner's first impressions of the car? It's pretty and modern looking. Lovely pearlescent white extreior, leather seats, but quite cheap looking plastic metal look bits kind of spoiled it a bit for me.
- What do the children think of it? DS (2) was excited by what appeared to be a tv in the front and wanted cbeebees on!
- How did you find driving a Hybrid? Was it what you expected? I've never driven an automatic before, so kept finding me left hand and foot reaching for something that wasn't there, but quickly got used to it. Steering is light as a feather and even though its a hybrid, still has a good bit of oomph when you need it. It's baffling at first when y are not sure what all dials and knob and lights are for but quickly get used to it. LOVE the keyleSs entry and start. Having a child and all the accoutrements that go with him will make such difference not have to rummage around in my bag for keys!
- What's it like to drive? Smooth and quiet, even on the motorway.
- Is it a comfortable ride? Yes, the seats are fully adjustable as is the steering wheel, once set up I was good to go!
- What's the boot space like? Boot space is good. I've taken out the shelf to make use of the extra space as we had suitcases and dss BJCM to hoik up the road.
- What do you think about the features of the car? E.g Heads up display, electric seats, smart start system, multimedia system, rear-parking camera? I hate the reversing sensors and the camera, feels like an unnecessary gimmick and quite distracting with the beeping. I can park my car no problem but aborted my attempt at a parallel park in favour of a drive into space. The display screen is great but again will take a bit of getting used to. My only gripe is when driving if it is sunny y can't see the screen at all because of the glare. It's fab to DAB radio, I need to work out how to use it properly thgh. By electric seats I think you mean the heated seats? It's June, I don't think I'd be using them, althgh I am in Scotland. Will report back later on those. I like that's there is an extra 12v socket in the rear. MeAning DS can have the iPad on during long journeys to watch films without the risk of it dying on him. The auto lights and wipers are great too.
- Were these features what you expected the Auris to have or additional? I would expect the auris to have these feature at this specification going by the price.
- Are there any other features you?d like the car to have? Will answer this later
- Has testing this car made you more or less likely to buy a Toyota in future? Will answer this later
- Has testing this car changed your perception of Toyota cars at all? If so, how? Will answer this later
- What one thing do you like best about it? Will answer this later
- What one thing would you change about it? Leg room front and back. Dh is tall and felt squashed in the front. And DS didn't like how close the front seats were to his feet either.

Catiinthehat Sun 16-Jun-13 22:00:09

'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family?
We love visiting national trust properties, they have lovely grounds and huge amounts of space to run around and picnic on.

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?
We do caravan holidays occasionally as our LO is in a huge caravan phase and loves them!

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?
Yes, if we see it we will buy it!

alemci Mon 17-Jun-13 13:13:12

getting used to the car and my ipod is back with us after going pear shaped in the car which is good as they are expensive to replace.

went to work but didn't dare park it in the car park as it is double parking etc and no proper spaces. still find the camera weird. and not sure about that P button.

BornToFolk Mon 17-Jun-13 13:39:56

I had no idea that Toyota manufactured in Britain. If I was able to afford a car, I'd definitely be more inclined to buy Toyota on that basis.

What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family?

We love to spend time by the river (Thames). We had a lovely day out in Windsor recently (can't get more British than that!) where we walked along the river and had a boat ride

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?
We're going to have a long weekend in York at the end of July, to visit some museums and sightsee. I prefer to do the main holiday abroad as I do like a bit of sun and you can't rely on the British weather! However, there are so many interesting places to visit in the UK and DS and I are really looking forward to exploring York

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?

Yes, when I can. British strawberries and apples are the best by far.

cather Mon 17-Jun-13 13:49:13

We always holiday in Britain as there are so many lovely places to go. I love the country lanes and the red post boxes and occasional old red telephone boxes that you see when you are driving around. We have wonderful scenery and everything is always green.

melliebobs Mon 17-Jun-13 13:54:25

Today I have a 25 min mway commute to work. Great opportunity to try out the cruise control.

Bit unnerving but it works!

melliebobs Mon 17-Jun-13 13:56:09

alemci what does the P button do? That wasn't explained and I ain't reading through that bible manual to find out!!!!

Parking brake. Use it when idling at lights etc, put it into neutral, press p button and remember to press the brake pedal to put it back into drive.

HannahLI Mon 17-Jun-13 15:17:38

I am not a tester and I didn't know the Auris was made in the UK in fact I am not sure I have even heard of this car before. We are planning to holiday in Devon later in the year which is what we used to do when I was a child because its so pretty and there is lots to do, in particular we love salcome and dartmouth, paignton zoo. We also love days out closer to home one of the things that I love about Britain is that its geared up for walking. I lived in the US for 3 years and where we were there wasnt a pavement in sight! Here I love that we can make a day of taking a walk by the river followed by a picnic lunch. We live in Ely and its perfect for days out such as these!

flamingtoaster Mon 17-Jun-13 15:33:57

'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family?
Yes whether it is the beach or museums and art galleries - or just seeing well known places that everyone should see.

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?
Yes - we tend to stay in the UK

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?
I do try to buy British - particular meat because I don't trust other producers as much as I trust British farmers. I particularly like to buy local produce from PIY or farm shops.

alemci Mon 17-Jun-13 16:44:17

it is either Park or Power. I have looked at some of the manual. it is confusing.

got blocked in today on the road and a colleague was standing behind the car as there was no room in front. didn't quite trust parking cameras. luckily the people moved

CheeryCherry Mon 17-Jun-13 18:18:47

Non tester here... we love a day trip to the east coast of Yorkshire, to spend time on the beach and have fish n chips for tea. Or a picnic dog walk in the Yorkshire dales, by a river or waterfall if possible. We have a week by the coast un Yorkshire every summer, where many friends and family join us for days during that week.
We always pick and buy British strawberries and the new potatoes locally grown. We also buy sacks of spuds all year round from the local farmers. We are lucky to have a farmers market on a weekend so enjoy local produce.
Always buy British cheeses, apples, and meat. If the price difference isn't too much, I will always buy British. (unlike DH who goes for cheapest every time!)

ThePskettiIncident Mon 17-Jun-13 19:48:47

My corner of the world in Devon and Cornwall is chock full of great British days out and produce; micro farms selling from local shops or on the roadside and local theme parks that brew local beer!

We'll definitely have some holidays at home when the weather is good; beaches, the moors and cliff walks. Truly lucky in those respects!

alemci Mon 17-Jun-13 21:07:56

more successful driving today and my ipod seems to be working again.

very pleased with the car and have managed to make some videos.

- What were your/your partner's first impressions of the car?

very attractive and sleek. nice to have a white car as it has been silver for so long but harder to keep clean. liked the mats and the blue shift

- What do the children think of it?

They liked it too and I took my 17 year old to work in it and collected her again at the weekend

- How did you find driving a Hybrid? Was it what you expected?

no not really what I expected. The Hybrid is great to drive once you get used to starting it up without a key and driving an automatic.

- What's it like to drive?

very easy and the steering is so light

- Is it a comfortable ride?

yes very smooth. good over speed bumps

- What's the boot space like?

good size. Easy to open

- What do you think about the features of the car? E.g Heads up display, electric seats, smart start system, multimedia system, rear-parking camera?

love the easy displays, media system is wonderful and easy to operate, not sure about smart start - takes a bit of getting used to as is the rear parking camera, still check over my shoulder as well. find it hard to drive back looking frontwards. needs practise.

* Were these features what you expected the Auris to have or additional?*

parking camera

- Are there any other features you?d like the car to have?

parking itself but not sure if I would trust it plus bootjack from drivers seat. I liked the petrol one.

- Has testing this car made you more or less likely to buy a Toyota in future?

have had Toyota before. would definitely consider buying another

- Has testing this car changed your perception of Toyota cars at all? If so, how?

has got me interested in Toyota again as the car is so good and seems very economical on fuel.

- What one thing do you like best about it?

automatic and media centre

- What one thing would you change about it?

bigger back windscreen. view felt a bit restricted.

majjsu Mon 17-Jun-13 21:16:56

When I travelled for months abroad, before children, I would miss proper cups of tea, Cadbury chocolate, a proper Sunday roast, the smell of fish and chips, the way we queue, breakfast news, country villages, farm shops and our local accents - those are my favourite things.

I love days out whether it in or outdoors. I think we are so lucky with what is on our doorstep - beach, castles, heritage sites, parks...

I do try to buy British wherever possible and try local farm shops.

Since having children, we now holiday mainly in UK. I think we have some great places, I love the diversity that we have from cities to the countryside.

hjmiller Tue 18-Jun-13 05:49:52

Great British Day Out - has to be a trip to the East Coast - Whitby is particularly lovely.
Holidays in Britain - none planned this year but we often do
Produce - I always try to buy British and as local as possible, both to support our producers & reduce the environmental impact by reducing food miles.

dahville Tue 18-Jun-13 07:14:28

Not a test driver and I didn't know the Auris was made in Britain - that is a consideration for us when looking at cars.

Our 'Great British Days Out' are (any guests who come to stay get to choose between these days out):
- cliff walking along the Welsh Coastal Path, especially St David's to Solva
- a drive along the Gospel Pass on the way to visit the ruins at Llanthony Priory and then Tintern Abbey
- looking for dinosaur footprints at Rhoose Point
- walking the Worm's Head, Rhossili at low tide
- a visit to Avebury stone circle
- any drive in Pembrokeshire, especially if it includes a visit to a beach :-)

GetKnitted Tue 18-Jun-13 07:25:35

My favourite thinng about britain, today, is the BBC!

Also, another poster already answered, but the p is the hand brake...

CMOTDibbler Tue 18-Jun-13 10:10:06

My favourite days out in Britain are some of the seasonal things - I love village fetes (and in the area I'm in now, the 'walkabout' where the fete spreads over the whole village with stalls in peoples gardens, decoration competitions etc), agricultural shows, and carnivals.

We'll be camping in the UK as our holiday this year, and we buy as local as possible. Am very lucky to live in an amazing produce region which celebrates the main crops and I love seeing the new season produce come into the farm shops and our fab greengrocer

GiraffesAndButterflies Wed 19-Jun-13 05:17:10

What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family?
The beach! In a British way of bloody well going whether it's sunny or not grin. We like Brighton and the Kent coast.

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?
We've had it- a trip to Wales over the bank hol weekend.

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?
Yes definitely, although I'm not sure that would ever extend to car buying. But in the supermarket, yes always (except wine).

For those of you not taking part in the extended test drive, did you know the Toyota Auris is made right here in Britain?

I did not know that! As a young graduate, i spent time teaching english to japanese high school students in the city of Toyota where the car originally comes from so it will always have positive associations for me.

British summer always means lovely long days - not always dry or warm it is true but bright early mornings and late evenings which I love, so much more than winter's short darkness. I always thing of festivals esp Glastonbury, school holidays, strawberries and Wimbledon.

DH is the local butcher so we are very aware of the provenance of our food and strive to buy local where possible.

For a good British day out you can't beat a trip to the seaside, shivering on a beach eating cod and chips with an ice cream for afters smile

We have already had a long weekend away with the kids this year so the summer holiday will consist of cheap or free day trips, Heacham Beach and Sandringham woods are top of the list.

I try to buy British and support local farmers and small businesses, we're very lucky where we live in a rural area to buy fruit and veg and eggs direct from neighbours allotments.

manfalou Wed 19-Jun-13 09:12:52

Gutted not to be chosen a tester =( However... The best of british HAS to be seaside fish and chips! No holidays in britain for us this year but a couple of weekends away in Chester. I live around 20 minutes from Chatsworth... another thing thats great about britain... the stately homes and grounds that are available to explore and visit on sunny days with your family picnic =)

hermancakedestroyer Wed 19-Jun-13 14:32:01

Hi, I'm a non tester unfortunately!
...What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family?
Picnics are a must in the 'summer'
A trip to London to explore the sights is always very enjoyable.

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?
We are going camping in Devon this year - a beautiful part of the country

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?
I love British produce. Tastes better, lower carbon footprint etc.
Yes I do try to buy British whenever I can

I love Britain!

Any testers finding the app a nightmare to upload to? I've tried about 5 times to upload one picture and it keeps failing. I dread to think how long a video will take!

MadMonkeys Wed 19-Jun-13 18:43:42

Non tester here - I love holidays in Britain. The best area for us is the west highlands and islands if Scotland, especially Skye. We also particularly like Cornwall and Northumberland. We buy British where possible - locally grown as much as we can, veg and fruit and gorgeous pork from Packington Moor Farm shop in Staffs.

melliebobs Thu 20-Jun-13 08:40:27

Ok so keyless entry is proving to be a pain in the arse when it wants to. They said its work with the keys in ur bag. Mine are in my pocket and with handfuls of shopping coa I chose not to get a carrier bag I've just had to stand there in the middle of the car park rubbing my bloody leg on the door angry

weenwee Thu 20-Jun-13 15:23:39

I'm a non-tester (*sob*), but here's what I, as an expat, love about my adopted homeland:

Britain (and I mean Wales, England, Scotland, IRE, and NI) feels like to me an old, cankaterous, but ultimately cuddly pensioner. They've seen it all, and have the battle scars to prove it, but still has hope for the youngsters who are coming up after them (cough United States cough), and knows that eventually, cooler heads will prevail. I love to go to the little villages where most of the houses are older than America, and just soak up the quiet beauty of it. There is nothing like eating fresh strawberries 50 yards away from the plants that grew them, or Cornish cream in Cornwall! Our fave thing is to head to mid-Wales and get fish caught fresh that morning - the smell of the sea stays with you for days. Twywn, Wales, is the perfect spot for us - you wake in the foothills of the Snowdonia mountains, and the sea at your feet. Lucky life.

Littlecherublegs Thu 20-Jun-13 15:25:41

Non-tester here:

Yes, another proud Brit!!!

Since we've had our son (now 9 months) we've taken even more advantage of the amazing Great British countryside, parks, green space, and National Parks (we live right near the Peak District!).
We've also had trips around GB including Center Parcs at Sherwood Forest (twice!), Edinburgh, and Chester.

And yes we try to buy British produce when we can.

janekirk Thu 20-Jun-13 15:35:40

The feeling of contentment after a great family day out. When everyone is tired out and you can just all flop back on the settee.

pussinwellyboots Thu 20-Jun-13 15:46:52

For those of you not taking part in the extended test drive, did you know the Toyota Auris is made right here in Britain?
No I didn't but it would make me more likely to buy it if it were an option.
With this in mind, we'd love to know your favourite things about Britain?...What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family?
Visits to lakes, seaside anywhere outside and good for picnicking

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?
Yes, a week in Devon over the summer

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?
I try to buy British wherever possible.
Share your comments and you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 Love2Shop voucher

ouryve Thu 20-Jun-13 16:08:22

What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family? Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer? What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?

I think we have some fabulous coastline - everything from the lovely quiet beaches with lots of white sand, tucked away in Northumberland to stony ones with lots of rock pools. We're not planning any holidays, this year, but always manage a few days out, when we can.

I'm pretty fanatical about buying British produce, where possible. Apples, for example - for about 9 months of the year , we have no excuse for buying imported ones, yet very few supermarkets offer British apples through their season. Imported strawberries are always expensive and disappointing (though I will occasionally buy Spanish blueberries in Spring, before our own bushes bear fruit. I never get them from the other side of the world, though). I love British rhubarb, too! 95% of the meat I buy is british, higher welfare, if possible (I usually make it possible) and locally sourced, when I can. We have some lovely organic meat producers, here in the northeast

Babycarmen Thu 20-Jun-13 16:11:58

I am extremely proud to be British. I love buying British produce, especially meat and veg. We always holiday in Britain, we live in North East Scotland and the countryside is gorgeous up here, and there are loads of great beaches and attractions. It would be nicer if the weather was warmer sometimes but we don't complain smile

helcrai Thu 20-Jun-13 17:20:28

What Great British days out are a must?
Well living in the Lake District I am very lucky to have the best family days out on my doorstep and for free! We love to do the "traditional" lakes things like walking around the shores of Lake Derwentwater and strolling through Keswick where there are lovely gift shops and cafes but there are so many other quieter "off the beaten track" places to visit you really are spoilt for choice. Mirehouse, a beautiful house and gardens has gorgeous views over Bassenthwaite Lake with adventure playgrounds for kids of all ages. Across the road is the Sawmill tearooms and Little Dodd to climb.

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this Summer?
Sadly no due to financial constraints like most people but I'm sure we'll have plenty of picnics out in the Lakes which is great.

What about produce/do you buy British?
We have lovely fresh produce from local farm shops so whenever I can I try and buy it. Sometimes it can be cheaper than the supermarkets and nearly always better quality. Carrots and potatoes are always so much tastier. We have some fab local butchers who stock all the local farmers' meats especially lamb.

goldenretriever Thu 20-Jun-13 17:33:55

I like the eccentric nature of the British and the fact that they always root for the underdog, thought here is no reason why they should. The ice cream is also amazing.

serendipity1980 Thu 20-Jun-13 19:18:25

I always try to buy British produce, it is important to support our own little island. I love the British countryside, fish and chips by the sea, ice creams in the summer, fudge and clotted cream (we live in the south west). Also good pub food - all homely, especially sticky pudding!

newfashionedmum Thu 20-Jun-13 20:45:00

Love holidays in Britain, getting to know new bits of it every time, travelling without the hassle of airports and guilt of carbon guzzling, being able to cram as much as I want in the car, even rainy days on holiday because I love an excuse for us to watch a film/read a book/play a board game/visit a museum.

Oh and the obligatory 'rightmove' searches on the way home and plans of 'moving to the country/seaside/etc' that never quite come to fruition...

Hopezibah Thu 20-Jun-13 21:30:46

not a tester but here are my views on Britain... We love holidaying at home. There is so much to see and do right on our doorstep that we often take it for granted. Some of our fave places - days out in London to see the sights and the wonderful museums, we love Bath and Longleat, Cardiff was amazing- especially loved the museum there too. Brighton beach - love it there - fish & chips on the beach! So much fantastic coastline.

We teach the kids about buying local and seasonal if possible and look out for locally sourced fruit and veg in the supermarket. Sometimes get a veg box too.

We go along to our local farmers market from time to time. Wide range of crafts, produce, even locally made soap! Fab!

daisybrown Thu 20-Jun-13 22:47:06

We love camping in the UK with the kids, even though the weather can be so unpredictable. Children love the freedom it gives them, and getting back to nature does everyone a world of good.

missorinoco Fri 21-Jun-13 10:46:01

We are holidaying in Brtain this year. Going to Devon for a week. beach, barbecues and picnics with a bit of luck. I like holidaying in UK, and iif the weather was more settled, certainly now I have very small children this would be my preference to going abroad.

We don't have any great British Days Out so to speak, I will watch this thread for tips. Scones with jam and cream, strawberries and a picnic. Mmmm.

I buy mainly british fruit and vegetables and often british meat.

katiewalters Fri 21-Jun-13 11:16:09

My family love visiting british beaches. We have been to some lovely beaches in devon and cornwall. A day by the seaside, is great for the adults and the kids, especially if the weather is great. We are not planning any british holidays this year, only as were having our 2nd child in 3 weeks, so couldnt afford it. Last year we went to pembrokeshire and the year before woolacoombe. British holidays are just as good as going abroad.
I do try to buy british produce when i can. I always look at the meat, etc to see where it is from.

poachedeggs Fri 21-Jun-13 20:16:40

Scotland is the best thing about Britain. Wonderful scenery, outdoor activities Anna amazing fresh food right on our doorstep. How lucky are we?

wibblyjelly Fri 21-Jun-13 21:08:04

I do civil war reenactments, which are always good for a day out. They are mostly based at English Heritage sites, so beautiful places, and if you have kids, they learn something, awhile being entertained by big bangs!

lorisparkle Fri 21-Jun-13 23:56:04

What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family?

My boys love the beach - they don't care about the weather as long as there is sand and sea with an ice cream to follow. We also love visiting National Trust properties - we have family membership for Christmas then free days out all year!

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?

Our first camping holiday - venue yet to be decided but probably the Isle of Wight - everything you want close by, a boat trip to make it feel like a real holiday, but still like home.

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?

I'm afraid cost and convenience are top priorities but would love to be able to buy British if I had more time and money!

winkygirl Sat 22-Jun-13 15:14:12

The thing I love most about Britain is traditional villages. These are things that most of the time you only see in Miss Marple, Midsomer Murders etc. but when you stray off the main roads there are so many quaint villages with a church, post office/stores and a pub. The houses are old and beautiful. The church graveyard tells the story of the same families living there for generations with the more elaborate graves belonging to the family from the big house, the sad little graves belonging to children and the war memorial where everyone gathers on remembrance Sunday.
Driving through these always fuels my imagination about the past lives and the current ones too.

TiredFeet Sat 22-Jun-13 15:20:27

not a tester. the thing I love most about Britain is the countryside, especially devon, cornwall, the Yorkshire dales and the lake district.

we're planning a holiday to cornwall in a weeks time, can't wait! hoping for some lovely non-british weather but if not we will have the eden project to visit and some walks in our wellies.

For days out, I love taking ds up to London we went the other week and went for a ride on a double decker bus, he thought it was amazing.

I love buying british if I can, I hate thinking of food flying from all over the world, but it is hard to avoid. I love some of the English cheeses, a really good cheddar or blue stilton or wensleydale...

whattodoo Sun 23-Jun-13 10:10:12

i'm a non-tester.
I love that you can be in a vibrant city in Britain, and then travel a few miles and be in some glorious countryside.
Great British Days out - sightseeing in London. local farms (and local farm produce), seaside, village fetes in summer.
We're holidaying in wales and lake district this year. There's so much to do, but the weather is always a risk!
I love going to farmers markets when we're on holiday and generally come back with a load of chutneys, jams, bread etc.
Yes, we try to buy british when possible.

alemci Sun 23-Jun-13 17:24:44

P for park Melbobs say at lights. then you don't have to keep foot on brake. just make sure you put foot back on break to start driving again

gazzalw Sun 23-Jun-13 18:08:29

Non-tester here....

I love that it's just so lush and green and when the sun is shining there's nothing that beats the British countryside....No matter how far I've travelled around the World there's nowt that beats that memory.....

The history can't be beaten either - it just oozes thro' the 'pores' of Britain - everywhere......We are so lucky to have such a heritage...

And yes, we are patriotic and loyal to our Country and holiday here (since children). Will be going up to Northumberland this Summer...plenty to do even if the weather is grim......

I am more keen on buying British somewhere like a Farmers' Market than in a supermarket....just seems more likely to be truly British!

lauralovesulots Mon 24-Jun-13 18:38:46

So here's my first post. I'm a non tester and here is the list of things I love about Britain (surprisingly the list keeps expanding!):

1. Countryside - Green grass, Streams, Canals, Rivers etc
2. Food specialists - Nothing like a cuppa tea and some fish and chips
3. Music - Variety is the spice of life they say?
4. Television & Advertising - Yes, I included advertising! Nowhere near as cheesy as other countries, and some with meaningful messages (eg. Hovis)
5. Heritage Buildings - Castles, Manors, Ruins, some of which restored for the pleasure of us all to relive History
6. Patriotism - We may not show as much patriotism as other countries do all the time, but when we need to pull together we do. Every time there has been a World Cup - the St George's flag flies high.
7. Smiles & Thank yous - Not from everybody, but the people who enjoy the smaller things in life. Do we need to thank you for saying thank you? Not really - but we do smile

That will be all for now. Laura

IncaAztec Mon 24-Jun-13 20:37:13

Toyota manufactures right here on my doorstep in Burnaston, near Derby.

Great British and great local sites to visit nearby! - Chatsworth House - amazing in Winter, Summer or any season in fact. Sudbury Hall - great museum of childhood and fab picnic area.

Haven't been on holiday this year yet but really love Tenby and the surrounding area, stunning scenery. Caldey Island is fab too.

British produce - I buy local and British whenever I can. Love locally grown strawberries from Swarkestone (nearish by your manufacturing plant!)

LadyRockingham Mon 24-Jun-13 22:31:45

What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family?
A day by the Seaside. A trip to London Museums/exhibitions. A trip to any local town to find out more about it.

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?
Yes – Southwold

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?
All things being equal, yes. That is, it's in Sainsbury's, it's easily visible, it's about the same price.

Cherryoats Tue 25-Jun-13 15:33:59

We love the beach for days out. Its secret where we go though ;)
We love going on walks also, so many places to go, especially going from national trust sites.
We have beach trips planned this year for our holidays.
I buy from the local farm shop when we can, always buy british if its cheaper
I didnt know the toyota auris was made in britain smile

alemci Tue 25-Jun-13 22:11:32

I'm really enjoying driving the car. It seems to be very good on petrol but I wouldn't know how much a full tank of petrol would be. I would rather drive an automatic car in future.

Have been out tonight with a friend for a walk and gone in my car. I never mind driving this car. it is lovely and smooth on the road and easy to park apart from in my work car park which is a nightmare.

I like the camera but still turn round as well as it is weird looking at a camera and driving backwards.

I love the stereo and playing my ipod.

It's about £50 to fill the tank! I can't believe the mpg I'm getting on the short, about town, drives I do! It was up at almost 60mpg! Longer moron way drives are about average at 45ish mpg, but the cruise control definitely helps with economical driving. Also watching the charge/Eco/power dial on the dash definitely makes your right foot lighter so you can see the battery being charged, or the EV mode kick in!

I'm going to be sad to see it go on Friday, I would definitely recommend this car to anyone. I love the automatic and I am much more used to the bells a whistles reversing comes with now. I'm actually pricing up maybe buying one!! don't tell dh

Now I just need to work it how to get these bloomin videos uploaded!!

melliebobs Tue 25-Jun-13 22:27:12

At 20k dh has already said no sad

cbatbh Tue 25-Jun-13 23:33:54

I'm picking the Auris up on Saturday. I was a bit nervous about the automatic but everyone says you getused to it qquickly. It should at least be better for my knees! I am keen to see what mpg I get. Currently I get 38 around town and 47 on motorway (Ford cmax).

alemci Wed 26-Jun-13 14:47:06

yes I agree Glaikit. I really am enjoying this car. and have become much more confident driving it. It is good on petrol.

I haven't tried the cruise control.

sometimes it feels like it has stalled when you are stationary which is weird.

I want one as well but it is a bit pricey and it must cost alot to maintain.

I've been checking out used ones. A couple of years old brings them in much more comfortably to my price bracket.

melliebobs Wed 26-Jun-13 17:51:32

Ah right. There was at 60 plate Auris next to me at work today. It's a lot curvier n smooth. I like the boxy-angry ness of this one

Yeah the shape is different! Maybe I'll wait a while until this ones are classed as used! Dh has just changed his car, so I will have to wait anyway!

melliebobs Thu 27-Jun-13 08:34:13

Dh has my old clapped out banger KA that is currently held together with petrol and rust. We are buying a new/ish one for him in the next few weeks. But this is outta our price range as car buying has also coincided with new boiler/central heating being installed in the entirety of our house. Ouch

That reminds me. Did I win the lottery yesterday?! goes n checks

KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 27-Jun-13 11:27:48

Thanks for all your feedback and comments so far. Toyota have asked for the following to be posted:
"Love your hybrid? Here at Toyota we are on the look out for MNers who own an Auris hybrid or Yaris hybrid. We'd love to know what you think and chat to you for our This Way customer magazine."

If you'd like to be involved or find out more please PM me.

There is a yaris hybrid..............??? <off to google!>

melliebobs Thu 27-Jun-13 17:37:40

Yerr. Think its 62 or 13 plate onwards. Expensive though. Might as well get they Auris though

melliebobs Thu 27-Jun-13 17:38:31

Don't quote me on the ages though grin

Hmmmmm, there is a possibility!! grin

alemci Thu 27-Jun-13 20:30:30

quite sad to be taking the car back. Managed to get it into a really tight space at work. It is so easy to manouevre. I definitely don't want to drive my old car home again so hoping there may be something else there I like.

sealight123 Thu 27-Jun-13 20:38:39

What I love about Britain-

Caravan/camping holidays in the rain- always ended up huddled up with the family, all under masses of blankets, playing silly games like the word association game

Haribo sweeties

Tea and crumpets ofcourse darling!

Bovril- perfect for when you need a nice warm belly

The sound of a British ice cream van

A proper day out to the seaside- bucket, spade, rock and all

Our music/fashion/culture

How we all love tennis when Wimbledon is on and we all banded together to cheer on the Olympics and Paralympics

Britains spirit!!!

My list could seriously go on

melliebobs Thu 27-Jun-13 21:03:04

what were your/your partner’s first impressions of the car?
On the way to the dealership we played guess the colour. Loved that it is white, but not just white but that BRIGHT WHITE that all new cars seem to be. Externally it’s amazing, gun metal alloys, LED headlights, angry looking at the front (dh’s words) and tinted rear windows. Aesthetically it’s stunning. A far cry from my SEAT Ibiza. However once we were talked through it I’ve never been so daunted on the prospect of driving a car. Let alone a 20k one. Just having the locking system explained had me baffled. ‘So all you have to do is touch the door handle to lock it??’ I asked. Then there is what looks like an on board computer to get my head round AND it’s an automatic. But after a quick spin it wasn’t that complicated and it is essentially a very high tech go cart.

what do your children think of it?
DD is only 15 months so didn’t have much to say on the matter, but thoroughly enjoyed watching Trooping the Colour and making a right mess with some rice cakes in the showroom whilst i went for a test drive! Thank you Toyota!

How do you find driving a Hybrid?
Driving a hybrid I have to admit does take a bit of the fun out of driving a car as it’s an automatic. In my car I like having a clutch and gears as you can use it to your advantage like if you’ve pulled out of a junction a bit too late. But the most noticeable thing is how quiet it is. When you switch it on it’s silent. Same with speeds <20MPH. Even on the motorway there is barely any noise either from the engine or the road. The 3 different drive settings are great so you can drive economically but also have that boost of power if you need it. I really didn’t know what to expect with a hybrid but I know i like it. No. LOVE it! This is Dh’s 1st attempt at an automatic, he found it hard to get over that he had an arm and a leg that was now redundant. But he found it quick to get to grips with as it’s almost impossible to get it wrong.

What’s it like to drive
It takes a bit of getting used to but it’s good to drive and as mad as it sounds I think it’s made me a safer driver. This is due to a display in the centre of the instrument panel that you can scroll to give you varying stats (Journey time, power supply etc) and I have mine set to Average MPG. The car doesn’t have a rev counter but a clock that shows you when the battery is charging and when you are driving economically, so with this I’ve ended up treating my driving like a computer game and trying to increase my AverageMPG by gentle acceleration and keeping the needle within eco. On top of that it handles really well. I’m used to light power steering and this is no different. The steering column is fully adjustable and there is an arm rest for your left arm that now has nothing to do! The wipers and the lights are automatic and will switch on and off as and when it seems to need to. Reversing using the camera is a trust thing, it is a bit gimmicky and nothing beats having a good look round with your eyes but it helps especially with parallel parking. There are also front and rear bumper sensors so it will let you know when you get to close to anything and as I live in a terraced street where the ability to park this way is a must but when there’s a particularly tight space these things really help. The engine is a 1.8 and when not using the Pwr mode seems a bit of a waste, but with alot of motorway driving I had this switched on most of the time to give it a bit of a boost. Speaking of the motorway this brings me on to the cruise control. I found myself often setting it to 70MPH, switching it on and letting it accelerate and brake for me. Bit nerve wracking at first but again helps with the overall efficiency.

Is it a comfortable ride?
Yes it’s very comfortable. I took my mum for a ride and as she has back problems she said it’s a good height to get into. IE it’s not too low down. The seats are leather and comfy and give ample support as they can be lifted up and down and the steering column can be adjusted. The electric seats were a bit too much heat wise and being the middle of summer (apparently) weren’t necessary. The dual air con is also really good. I can have my side of the car freezing cold and DH can have his toasty warm. As for leg room, DH is 6ft1 and with the car seat in the back he still felt he had ample room. However we have had the emergency forward facing car seat in as this was a temporary measure. We normally have an Extended Rear Facing one, but it was a sod to get into my SEAT so i wasn’t transferring it over. But having looked at it and measured it up, this car would still have the case where the passenger seat would have to be so far forward to have the ERF seat in, so DH would really struggle to get in let alone sit and be comfortable, which for such a big car in all other areas seems a shame.

What’s the boot space like?
The boot is HUGE!!! (I’ve sent in pics) In my Ibiza I have to put my iCandy Peach Jogger in on it’s side and that’s most of the boot gone. In this I can lay it flat and still have room for shopping. For work I carry alot of kit and it only takes ¼ of the space compared to ½ of my car. The boot also has a shelf to it so you can have it on a higher setting and this then provides a sort of cubby underneath for smaller bit and bobs or things that are dirty. I also really liked that in the corner there is a moulded pocket (I sent in a pic of this too) that is the perfect size for 2l bottles, wine bottles and milk etc so they aren’t rolling around after a shop on the drive home.

What do you think about the features of the car? E.g. Heads up display, electric seats, smart start system, multimedia system, rear parking camera?
Heads up display:- From what i’ve read about heads up display this car doesn’t have it.
Electric Seats:- I bet they are nice to have in winter. I found them to be a bit burny hot than anything else.
Smart Start:- Well cool. No ignition which was heard to get my head around. Kept trying to go for keys that weren’t there. But literally turn the car on and off at the touch of a button and your keys can be in your bag or pocket or wherever!
Multimedia:- Sat Nav – I like that you can choose the most economical as well as the shortest and the fastest route. But i entered my mums postcode and it kept giving the street over from her! I also found that the directions didn’t give you much notice and it would be good if it faded your music in and out when it spoke to you. The car also beeps at you when there are speed cameras approaching. Not that you should be speeding anyway :-p
CDPlayer/DAB/Aux in – With the AUX in you can plug your MP3 in and there’s a USB port too. I like that it has a DAB Radio as currently I have my phone hooked up to the AUX port and use radio apps to listen to anything digital. For FM it also has autotune, so if you have a station on and go to a different part of the country you don’t have to retune. It also has Bluetooth and you can configure your phone or whatever to play music via this. The music controls are on the steering wheel which makes skipping tracks or changing the volume easy.
Phone – Your mobile can be configured to the car so any calls can be made or recieved via the touchscreen or the controls on the steering wheel.
Rear Parking Camera :- It took me a while to trust it but it does help with parking. Particularly as mentioned before but also getting out of my street as I have to reverse into an alley way and it’s not always possible to see what rubbish has been left in it. But with all good things it doesn’t take away from having a good look around.

Were these features you expected the Auris to have or additional?
A basic model Auris i’d expect a sat nav as standard (which it doesn’t have)and i’d expect to be able to plug in my iPod as standard (which it doesn’t have) Push button start i wouldn’t expect and i could take that or leave it anyway. But for the price of the Hybrid model is i’d expect electric seats/parking camera/fancy multimedia thing for the money i would be paying.

Are there any features you’d like the car to have?
DH has said Nitros, under floor lights and that bouncy suspension stuff but i think he’s taking the piss. Seriously we suggest considering it has Bluetooth/AUX in, it would be good to have somewhere mounted to keep your phone/ipod rather than having it in the cup holder. Also the car is seriously lacking in room/door height so could do with a bit more. DD is in a forward facing Britax and there is barely any room to get her into it once the seat has been belted in. The gaps so small I have to manoeuvre her in head first and kind of drop her into her seat. It’s a hell of a lot easier getting her into the same seat in a 3 door KA in the rain! Finally considering all the gadgets and gizmos it does have and how it seems to centre on multimedia, maybe a built in DVD player/screens on the back of the front seat headrest for those sat in the back. Again not necessary but nice to have, specially as DD grows up.

Has testing this car made you more or less likely to buy a Toyota in future?
As with any major purchase our decision would be more based on what is available in our price range at that particular time. But we wouldn’t rule out going to try something from the Toyota brand.

Has testing this car changed your perception of Toyota cars at all? If so, How?
DH has a fairly positive perception of Toyota as he learnt to drive in a yaris and really liked it, however he has just said his extremely positive perception has been tainted somewhat by as he calls them ‘bloody Aygo adverts during T4’. My opinion was pretty neutral before I got this car. I learnt to drive in a Corolla back in the day for a bit and it was nothing to write home about. I was aware of all the recalls from a couple of years ago but that was so minimal it didn’t make me think negatively of them. Since having an extended test drive my perception is now a positive one.

What one thing do you like best about it
Me – DAB Radio and £0 road tax
DH – That there are times when it’s free to drive as it’s using the battery! Although he’s sure there are more economical cars out there.

What one thing would you change
Me – The clock. I’ve sent a picture of this in as it really bugs me. Someone was obviously paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to design this car, yet it’s like they designed everything and thought ‘crap, i forgot to put a clock in it’. Everything on this car has a purpose, looks really sporty and really techie yet the clock seems a complete afterthought. It’s just a basic LCD display out of the drivers main line of sight. They could have put it near the speedo on the display in the centre, they could have put it on the multimedia unit, they could even have put it on the air con display. But no it’s over towards the passenger side and looking a bit out of place.
Dh – the price! We are in the market for a new car (we will be buying before September) and we loooooooove this but it’s a bit too expensive for what it is &#61516;
So Toyota yoooo hooooo Toyoooooota if you’re reading this, and there’s some weird kind of twist to the whole test driving experience and you’re going to give away one of these, please, please dear god let it be ME! I’ll be your Toyota advertising wench till the end of time!

v3an Thu 27-Jun-13 22:33:58

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?
YES - discover the countryside, and also enjoy the open spaces that London provides - beautiful parks with loads to do and see. Eg. the deer at Richmond park, the zoo at Regents Park, the views from Hampstead Heath, etc...

zombie31 Fri 28-Jun-13 06:25:11

With this in mind, we'd love to know your favourite things about Britain?
Fish and chips, strawberries and ice cream, Cornwall, cream tea's, cobbled streets, red post boxes,

What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family? Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?

yes we love Cornwall, think it is so beautiful. Also love other coastal spots such as Dorset and then love the countryside and quaintness of the Cotswold. We visit these areas regularly throughout the year. We also enjoy short breaks to London- it is an amazing city.

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?

try to, but often price factors in rather than choice

trice Fri 28-Jun-13 11:20:42

Fave thing about Britain: Seaside resorts, buckets and spades, rock pools, ice cream and fish and chips. National Trust tea shops.

Great British days out: Forbidden Corner is just magical.

I always try to buy British. We have the best fashion, crafts and art. Local produce veg, fruit cheese and meat is healthier and tastier.

One of my favourite things about Britain is that you can be in the middle of a bustling city and merely 2 hours drive away you can be in the most awe inspiring, majestic countryside that there is.

Our favourite Great British day out is to Portavadie Marina on Loch Fyne. It's a world class resort with fabulous restaurants and facilities, amazing berthing rates and they're building a spa.... if I could I would just move in!

We try to 'buy British', but sometimes it's far too expensive to allow us to do so.

alemci Fri 28-Jun-13 21:27:44

gave my friend a lift to airport and felt confident about driving car there using sat nav. car is so easy to drive and I feel confident whereas I always felt nervous in my own car if I was out of comfort zone. sad to give it back

melliebobs Sat 29-Jun-13 10:00:59

Heading back with Raul (that's what I've named this car) although shit myself when i got a phone call saying apparantly it was due back yesterday. Whoops

melliebobs Sat 29-Jun-13 11:39:08

It's gone sad

alemci Sat 29-Jun-13 17:20:36

so has mine sad. I was so tempted to buy another car from the showroom but I came home with my old car again.

cbatbh Sat 29-Jun-13 20:27:05

Picked it up today. First drive on motorway eek! But was surprisingly easy to get used to an automatic and keep left leg and left hand still. Keyless was good on way back from shop and keys were in the bottom of my bag. Will report back when I have done more driving and can answer all the questions.

MissSingerbrains Sat 29-Jun-13 21:45:40

We'd love to know your favourite things about Britain?...

Pubs and beer gardens, TV, comedians, theatres, stately homes, fish and chips, Pimms, shops... the list goes on!

What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family?

We love a visit to Blackpool every couple of years - the kids and the adults enjoy it.

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?

Yes, we are going camping in Aviemore, Scotland - I can't wait (even despite the midges!)

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?

Yes, when finances allow! British fruit and veg always taste better, and when it comes to meat, I try to buy British too. Having said that, the financial aspect is always a concern as quite often imported produce is cheaper (why???)

Solo Sun 30-Jun-13 01:39:24

Feeling very lucky to have been chosen to test drive the Auris and picked it up on Saturday lunch time. I will wait a while to review it, but I will say...

I waaaaaaaant one!!! grin

Letticetheslug Sun 30-Jun-13 15:49:12

I have a 3 year old one and love it. I need to drive an automatic ( back problems) and had a corolla automatic before which I adored. This is even better. I thought I wouldn't like the keyless ignition, but now I have it I wouldn't go back.

Catmint Mon 01-Jul-13 20:33:13

Great British days out: I highly recommend the national trust. We get so much use out of our membership.

I live quite near the Toyota factory, random, irrelevant fact fans.

k8vincent Tue 02-Jul-13 08:39:10

Another vote for the NT. Even with 3 small boys we find they provide us with a brilliant day out.
We also love our favourite family walks, seeing how little things change according to the season.
A trip to a big city never goes amiss. DSs best day out includes train ride to London, London Transport Museum (not free unfortunately, but one ticket covers any return trips for a whole year) and then going to Canary Wharf.

ItsintheBag Tue 02-Jul-13 16:55:43

Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family?
Yes we love the outdoors, so hiking,crabbing, going to the beach, to our local RSPB reserve,rare breed farms.Most of those are free and great fun.

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?
Yes we are,we are going to Norfolk, renting a cottage, I have been to this area before and it's really lovely and peaceful.We are also doing a trip to London DS wants to see Big Ben and we all want to go to the science museum and NHM.

ChocChaffinch Tue 02-Jul-13 20:13:39

favourite things about Britain

The rain. It is cool and refreshing and keeps us green! An excuse to have a large selection of coats, macs, scarves, hats, umbrellas...
A brilliant strong cup of tea, strong enough to stand the spoon up in
Stiff upper lip - easier to apply lipstick...
Picking and eating apples off the tree
British birds - robins, sparrows, bluetits

must do Great British Days out
Strawberry picking with the kids. They love fruit picking. Just have to await a dry-ish day..
Visiting a castle - such as Warwick Castle. Getting a real taste of history
Our local RAF museum - Cosford. Awe-inspiring to revisit what Britain achieved during the dark days of the early 1940s
British holidays this summer
we're possibly off to Wales, to hit the beach and have a Mr Whippy <Mr Whiskey as ds calls it>
British produce
Can't beat the fruit and veg from the farm shops, our own apple trees and fruit from the fields. Sadly British vino needs to up the ante to compete with the Aussies....

Buy British when I can?
I don't go out of my way to buy British, but if the price is right and the food looks good, then yes. And then I feel like I've done my bit.

malachite Tue 02-Jul-13 21:05:58

A great British day out for me has to be exploring castles in Wales or the Lake District. One in the morning then a picnic lunch followed by a different one in the afternoon.

I buy British cheese and strawberries for picnic food but other than that I don't particularly pay attention.

RipMacWinkle Wed 03-Jul-13 22:08:26

We've signed up for Historic Scotland this year so we're planning to get out and about and see as much as we can. Top of the list are the castles at Edinburgh and Stirling and Linlithgow Palace. Plus getting to the parks and beaches.

Holidaying in Scotland this year, so keeping fingers crossed that the weather is dry even if it won't be tropical. The thing I love about Britain is that everything is pretty accessible (admittedly if you have a car!) You don't have to drive for two days to hit a beach or a park or find loads of things to do.

Buying British - I mostly try to. The recent horsemeat scares have made me more nervous about what we're eating so I have been finding myself checking the origins of things a lot more in the supermarket.

Plus with the current economic situation I want to support buying locally made products. Food and otherwise.

Jamdoughnutfiend Thu 04-Jul-13 11:16:02

Ok coming back with my final thoughts on the car:

How did you find driving a Hybrid? Was it what you expected?

After driving the Auris for 2 weeks I found it really difficult to go back to my car. I got used to the automatic really quickly and found it a really relaxing way to drive. I am definitely going to buy a hybrid as my next car. DH was completely against the idea of the car to start with (total petrol head in his youth) but was won over by how easy it was to drive in central london. He does a lot of inner city driving and was really happy with the size of the car, how easy it was in traffic and how quiet it is to drive - plus it is very economical.

What do you think about the features of the car? E.g Heads up display, electric seats, smart start system, multimedia system, rear-parking camera?

I am not a fan of the navigation system or the radio - I found them both so difficult to use compared to my tomtom and the radio was a nightmare to find the stations - the only truly disappointing bit of the car in my option. I loved the keyless entry - it was the most useful thing I have come across and I really really miss it, especially in the mornings when I am juggling 2 toddlers, 2 nursery bags, a handbag and laptop bag - just so useful - I wish my house had it!

- Were these features what you expected the Auris to have or additional?
I don't expect a car to park itself or need a review camera for parking - my sense is that if you need those features, you probably shouldn't be allowed on the roads!!

- Are there any other features you?d like the car to have?

Has testing this car made you more or less likely to buy a Toyota in future?
I would be very keen to buy a Toyota in the future. Both DH and I are very tall and we found the size good in the front seats, but we had to have the seats pushed back quite far to make it comfortable which impacted on the girls in the back. They are only little, so at the moment it wouldn't be an issue, but they are going to be tall too, so I don't think an Auris would work for us as a family car. I believe the Prius+ is bigger, so I would be keen to test that when I am buying my next car.

- Has testing this car changed your perception of Toyota cars at all? If so, how?

No - I always had a high opinion of Toyota and this has just reinforced it.

What one thing do you like best about it?

Keyless entry - I LOVED it!

What one thing would you change about it?

The horn is not loud enough and the sat nav and radio really let the car down

I just wanted to say what a great opportunity the extended test drive was - both DH and I were really impressed with Jemca Toyota Croydon, and Richard from Toyota couldn't have been nicer or more helpful - thanks Mumsnet and Toyota!

My Toyota auris didn't have a navigation system sad

But I totally agree with the keyless entry and ignition! Fab-u-lous! I do indeed want it on my house!

Solo Thu 04-Jul-13 18:49:28

Well, I'm some days into my test drive now and this is my first report on 'my' car! wink

- What were your/your partner's first impressions of the car?

Sleek, ice blue in colour, and totally fabulous! 8 1/2K on the clock and still with that new car smell and clean and bright inside and out...I love that smell and settled down to our homeward traffic!
The car is very smooth, quiet and has a massive feel good factor about it. I feel quite posh driving it actually.

- What do the children think of it?

The children both love it, though my almost 15yo is 6'3" tall and either has to put the front seat right back to accommodate his legs or needs more headroom in the back with a bit of room for his legs. Dd is loving it totally, but hates that I can take away her control of the electric windows rendering her window unusable to her unless I open it! They do both love the car though!
Ds helped me enormously at first by remembering what Richard at Toyota had said about various controls etc too smile

- How did you find driving a Hybrid? Was it what you expected?

I do like the hybrid, yes! It is very different from my diesel Picasso and is sooo quiet that the first two days, I started and restarted it several times because I wasn't actually sure it was running! blush. I do find that it's completely different to drive than a 'normal' car. You do think carefully about getting out of a turning quickly as you can't be sure entirely that you'll make the gap, though I think the gap will get smaller as you get used to it.
I have no idea what I expected as I'd never looked at one before really, so had no preconceptions about them at all.

- What's it like to drive?

Smooth! comfortable! luxurious! Fab-u-lous!!! actually, it's a joy to drive.

- Is it a comfortable ride?

It is a comfortable ride. It deals with the road very efficiently when you consider all the potholes and 'quilting' the roads seem to have permanently these days.

- What's the boot space like?

Much better than I originally thought actually. I love the two tier boot shelves! what a simple, but great idea!
I put Dd's booster with back attached straight into the boot and had loads of space for other things. Very impressive!

- What do you think about the features of the car? E.g Heads up display, electric seats, smart start system, multimedia system, rear-parking camera?

The features are very high tech and just scream 'posh car' luxury!
There's no 'heads up' feature on the hybrid.
Ds tried the electric seat and was cooing over it, but I haven't put it on yet; it's not really the weather yet!
Smart start once worked out is brilliant smile
Multimedia is lovely. I'm not used to DAB and like not having to retune the radio when I travel around.
Starting to enjoy using the rear parking camera, though I am used to parking well without and get into impossibly small spaces a lot of the time.
I have a Garmin satnav which is easy to use, but the inbuilt car one is better. It is easy to use once you look at it logically.
The cruise control is great too. Never used one before, but it's so easy to keep to a speed limit that I think all cars should have them as standard.

- Were these features what you expected the Auris to have or additional?

This is the top of the range car, so it should have all these features. I just didn't know what to expect as I haven't looked at a new and modern car for nearly a decade.

- Are there any other features you?d like the car to have?

Other than a chauffeur? I can't think of anything at the moment.

- Has testing this car made you more or less likely to buy a Toyota in future?

I'm very tempted by this car I must admit. It seems well made. When you close the doors, they really close; nothing tinny about them at all. I like that!

- Has testing this car changed your perception of Toyota cars at all? If so, how?

Yes it has. I always thought of Toyota as 'Jap crap' from decades gone by...they used to be quite cheaply made and rusted easily. That has clearly changed. I'm now a big fan!

- What one thing do you like best about it?

The luxurious look and feel of the car I think, though I could list loads!

- What one thing would you change about it?

The head restraints. It gets in my way when I wear my hair up!

ataraxia Thu 04-Jul-13 20:37:12

I would not go out of my way to buy something just because it's British but if price and quality are equal then I 'd probably choose the British option due tofood miles.

Trying to visit more places in the UK as realized I've travelled a lot abroad but not in my own country.

British days out - I recently enjoyed a trip to Portsmout - outlet mall in the city centre, great views from the Spinnaker tower, good food and arts centre.

Solo Fri 05-Jul-13 23:33:18

More about 'the car' ...motorway driving is a breeze. Just lovely. I really am loving the lack of key too. And the automatic folding mirrors. And the B button for down hill braking.

I put £25 in the petrol tank as the reserve/empty symbol came on and the gauge went up to more than half a tank! that's over 200 miles!!!!

I don't like the positioning of the clock. It's more geared up to be read by the passengers, not the driver.

I rate this car 99/100 as far as driving it is concerned. I do wonder how much a typical service might be though and how many miles the tyres might do...

declansmum Sat 06-Jul-13 13:52:47

Great British day out would have to be to the beach when the weather is good, you just can't beat it! We have some stunning beaches here in Britain and I love going to them even if the weather is cold or raining, I'd recommend a long walk along them in the winter (when you're all wrapped up of course), they are mostly deserted apart from the odd dog walker and it's a great way to clear your thoughts and get some fresh air. I guarantee you will arrive back home feeling better and with a different perspective on any problems you were worrying about before you left the house.

Solo Sun 07-Jul-13 23:35:18

Motorway driving today with some of the time stuck in a jam, plus some country lanes (trying to escape the jams!), car full of two extra large adults, mediumish me and tall Ds and tall but 6.6yo Dd.

The Auris pulled like a dream! made absolutely no difference having a loaded up car, it handled very well and felt like it does with just myself in it.
The country lanes felt like rails to the wheels and going from 50mph to 40mph often was easy just using the cruise control speed up/speed down stalk.
There were no complaints re the comfort of the passengers though I did remove the high backed booster seat and had Dd use the centre seat without her booster to ensure my Mum and Ds had enough space (Ds's idea, but I think they would've coped ok with the seat in place if they'd had to).

Over all, a very enjoyable drive today smile

We've had our Auris for just over a week now and so far the verdict is... fun for a fortnight; still wouldn't buy one; fuel economy not all that and a box of socks.

- What were your/your partner's first impressions of the car?
Shiny! Oh no it has that awful new car smell! Shiny! Being serious, it's very slick looking but for that price point there's an awful lot of plastic.

- What do the children think of it?
DD is only 13 months so she hasn't offered an opinion. But that brings me on to something really annoying: she's in a Group 0+ carseat and once it's in there's hardly any room between it and the back of the passenger seat - I have to pull the seat a long way forward which is surprising given my car is smaller and I don't have that problem.

- How did you find driving a Hybrid? Was it what you expected?
It's nice, very quiet, but I'm not that in awe of the fuel economy. Maybe it's years of driving diesels but I'd expected better.

- What's it like to drive?
Smooth, quiet, but no guts at all at speed which is not great when you're trying to merge onto a fast road. That said, I had an Auris as a hire car in 2007 and I'm pleased to note they've changed the gearbox for the better.

The rear view window is ludicrously small; no wonder they've added a rear view camera.

- Is it a comfortable ride?
Yes, though it's cramped in the passenger seat with the carseat behind it.

- What's the boot space like?
A lot better than I thought it would be; enough space for the pushchair and shopping besides.

- What do you think about the features of the car? E.g Heads up display, electric seats, smart start system, multimedia system, rear-parking camera?

I like the rear camera and the parking sensors. DH's car also has Park Assist so we're used to that and it's a great feature to have. Seats in mine aren't electric. The multimedia screen is in a ridiculous place - too low-down - and the SatNav doesn't display instructions in the maxidot MFD screen on the dashboard; there's no reason it couldn't.

Finally, I echo the criticisms regarding the clock - what a crazy place to put it! There's no clock in the MFD either which is just lazy design.

- Were these features what you expected the Auris to have or additional?
For the kind of money they're asking for this car I expected these features, though I didn't realise it had front sensors til they activated by surprise.

- Are there any other features you?d like the car to have?
I'd like better bluetooth. I keep having to sync it up with my phone every journey, even though my phone remembers the car.

- Has testing this car made you more or less likely to buy a Toyota in future?
I was never really planning on buying a Toyota. I think they're pretty overpriced compared to the rest of the market.

- Has testing this car changed your perception of Toyota cars at all? If so, how?
I'm more favourable towards them now - my mum had a Yaris which had all the stability of a tin can - but I think there's a lot of work to be done on hybrids engines before I'd be interested, and even then I'm more interested in what's happening with all-electric vehicles. I'm not a speedfreak - far from it - but when my 16 year old diesel does comparable mileage to a brand new hybrid I'm not that impressed.

- What one thing do you like best about it?
The near-silence when driving on electric only.

- What one thing would you change about it?
The multimedia screen and MFD.

Basically if someone gave me one for free I'd be delighted and I wouldn't sell it on eBay, but as a family we have rather exacting standards for cars, given DH's commute, and the Auris doesn't really fit the bill.

HairyPotter Mon 08-Jul-13 18:22:19

We have had ours for just over a week now and I have to say, I love it! It's a great size for my family, my Clio is getting a bit cramped now my dds are older.

I was apprehensive when I discovered it was automatic, the only time I bought an automatic, I hated it so much I took it back the next day. I have completely changed my opinions now though. We were stuck in a traffic jam and it was so effortless to drive when it was slow moving nose to tail traffic.

I'll be back with a full review later.

carriedaway Tue 09-Jul-13 11:05:11

My favourite thing about Britain is our resignation to always being the underdog which allows us such great joy when we actually win something (eg Andy Murray at Wimbledon).
I always buy British where I can and out family especially loves British strawberries.
We have just been caking in the Lake District and are planning to go camping in Wales next month. Every new year we go away to cottages around the uk with a large group group of friends and enjoy visiting a new place and their local pub!

wittymacs Tue 09-Jul-13 16:17:50

There are so many things I love about Britain. Here are just some of them..

I love the traditions, the pomp and ceremony that we Brits do best; the Royal family; the fine stately homes all around the British Isles. All the periods in history which can be traced far back and makes this country so unique and special. I love the flowers and plants grown in the British Isles - there is nothing like the scent of English Roses and the lush green grass. The countryside is breathtaking and the coastline stunning. We should be proud of our sporting achievements as a Nation - what Andy Murray did on Sunday simply highlights how great we are in team and individual events - especially given the size of the Isles. I love British food be it a delicious Sunday roast with beef, horseradish and of course Yorkshire Pudding or comfort foods such as Sausage and Mash and Hotpot in the Winter. In Summer English Strawberries are the best - and then there is the good old cup of tea!

In a few weeks time we are heading to the Dorset coast with our caravan which is a perfect example of British seaside at it's best. Our 10 year old daughter has never been abroad and loves to watch Punch & Judy shows and try her luck on the 2p amusements! When the weather is sunny there is nowhere like a day on the beach. We love Swanage, Studland, parts of the Devon and Yorkshire coast but there are so many lovely places to visit.

I am proud to be British and hopefully always will be.....

chrismse Tue 09-Jul-13 18:55:09

My fav things about Britian is the countryside. You are never very far away from green fields, hills, canals and lovely views. I would also give the National Trust a nod for all the fabulous place they take care of for us all to enjoy.

JakeBullet Thu 11-Jul-13 07:32:08

Goodness my favourite things about Britain...too many to list.

I love the fact that you are never very far away from the sea. We have beautiful coastal regions.

We have Scotland which IMHO is unequalled for it's beautiful mountain regions.....oh and Wales too.

Lots of beautiful green open spaces

Quaint villages with lovely tea rooms.

Fabulous green areas and forest areas thanks to our climate. When my friend came over from Australia she couldn't get over how green everything was.

We have lively and vibrant city areas and regeneration in areas where it hasn't been so good.

Oh and we have an unequalled Welfare State which cares for everyone who needs it.

And we are suckers for our pets. smile

trolleycoin Thu 11-Jul-13 14:31:24

- What were your/your partner's first impressions of the car?
I thought it was very sleek.. It was very comfortable. DH said it had a sporty look/feel to it (reminded him a bit of the Toyota Celica). He said “Wow its quiet”, whilst it was running on battery on the roads in town. Inside its roomy in the front of the cabin. Legroom in the back isn’t great for tall people. My Dad is about 5ft 7 and his feet were under the seat in front when he sat in the back. Tinted windows in the back were good for DS.

- What do the children think of it?
DS said he liked it and then he wanted potty (he is only 2!) He did nod off for a cheeky morning nap after 5 minutes in the car on the way to the shop so he must have been comfortable.

- How did you find driving a Hybrid? Was it what you expected?
Suprisingly easy. A lot easier than I expected. It is less stressful than driving a manual – no constantly changing gears up and down when stopping and starting in town centre traffic jams. I got used to the automatic straight away. It was impressive to feel how it drives on the battery and then the engine kicks in when needed. DH said it was really quiet and my not-easily-impressed father was really impressed with how clever the hybrid system is. You can see on the display the different modes e.g. normal engine being used, hybrid battery being used and battery being charged. I’m glad it has the power mode as I felt that was important when driving on the motorway up into the Cumbrian mountains. The car had enough “umph” when needed, but I still thought my 1.6 petrol coped better on the fast acceleration required on the motorway.

- What's it like to drive?
Easy and once Roland at the dealership had explained how it all worked, it made perfect sense. It was relaxing and a lot easier than a stick-shift manual in a busy town centre. Roland at the dealership told me to ignore the three buttons EV, Eco and Power modes, but after reading the manual, I decided to go for it and I’m glad I did as I realised that the Auris did have that little bit extra umph when using the power mode on steep hills or when quick acceleration was needed on the motorway. Its really good in town and on faster roads, really smooth and so much easier than a manual as there are no gears to worry about, so driving is easier and more relaxing. My average fuel economy for the test drive was 71mpg, which is impressive considering I had been using the air con for most of the two weeks. My current car does 44mpg on a good day, about 38mpg with air con on.

- Is it a comfortable ride?
Yes. Seating position was good. I am used to driving an MPV which is higher up, but I felt fine in the Auris, I still had a good comfortable driving position. It was so quiet and a very chilled out drive. DH really liked it, he fell asleep in the car! Plus with it being an automatic, my left knee has definitely felt the benefits over the last two weeks of no clutch!

- What's the boot space like?
I do like a big boot! DH put the stroller in and said “It only just fits and there’s not much room”. Until I pointed out that the boot space can be made bigger by lowering the top shelf. Even so, it would only fit our stroller in and not the big pram without removing the parcel shelf. However to be fair to the Auris, we only found one car out of all the MPVs, family saloons and hatchbacks that had a big enough boot space to fit the whopper pram in. In terms of luggage though it was fine – 3 big holdalls or suitcases plus room either side for coats and boots. I could fit a whole weekly shop in there no problem. The split boot idea is good if you wanted to put heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top.

- What do you think about the features of the car? E.g Heads up display, electric seats, smart start system, multimedia system, rear-parking camera?
_Heads Up display_: Didn’t have this.
_Electric Seats_: Didn’t use as it was July.
_Smart Start_: Was great. Came in handy at the supermarket when keys were in my bag and I couldn’t be bothered to root around for them. I will really miss this feature when I have to give the car back (unless Toyota say I can keep it wink pretty please). Then to just sit in, press brake and then power button is brilliant. Friends and family that I showed the car to were amazed at the no key start, it is pretty impressive that the keys could be in my handbag and yet I can still drive the car.
Multimedia: AM/FM/DAB radio is good and I like how the available radio stations are shown on the screen and change when you drive into another region. The screen is very clear to see, even at night or in bright sunlight and the touchscreen worked fine. For me, I felt the location of the screen was too low down. We connected DH phone to the multimedia system via Bluetooth to play music which worked straight away and was easy to set up. SatNav was easy to use and it had useful features like zooming in and out of the map, showing petrol stations and the voice guidance was not too intrusive. I also found the traffic incident page useful, which showed all the delays, road closures e.t.c near our locations.
_Rear Parking Camera_: Useful, but doesn’t replace a good look around to either side of you and it did take some getting used to when reversing but looking in front to use the camera. The camera does have a good wide view, which DH pointed out was good for seeing any pedestrians stepping out. I just couldn’t get used to it though.
_Other features_: Good positioning of the USB port and phone charging socket – not all cars have them in a sensible, accessible place that doesn’t get in the way of the car controls/handbrake, but the Auris control panel was well designed for this. I can only echo what other testers said about the clock. Really looks like an afterthought in terms of design and I couldn’t read it from the drivers seat. Electric mirror adjuster was a little bit too low for me, I preferred that mine on my own car is located on the driver’s door panel. Auto sensing lights were great, I’ve never had these before. They were brilliant in tunnels and underground car parks when I only needed the lights on for a short space of time and they would auto switch on and off. I believe the windscreen wipers also have this function, but it didn’t rain whilst I had the car so I didn’t use this capability.

- Were these features what you expected the Auris to have or additional? To be honest for the price of this model, I would expect the Auris to have all these features.

- Are there any other features you’d like the car to have?
I would like it to have an internal rear passenger view mirror. I currently have an integral one on my MPV and its great for keeping an eye on DS in back without having to turn around. Other than that, no, it had everything else needed and more.
DH and Dad pointed out: spare tyre! £20k for a car and no spare tyre, but then lots of manufacturers seem to be doing this now, just providing a puncture kit.

- Has testing this car made you more or less likely to buy a Toyota in future? More likely to consider a Toyota, but as lovely as this car was, £20k is out of our price range, but the 2 year old used are within price range. Perhaps the Avensis or Prius is more our cup of tea, being that bit bigger. I would be willing to test drive one of those for Toyota if they so wish (hint hint grin)

- Has testing this car changed your perception of Toyota cars at all? If so, how? People I have talked to have always spoken highly of Toyota, but I’ve never had one myself to be able to comment. The car did live up to the expectations that I had and perceptions of both DH and father who are both interested in cars. Driving this car, it felt as though Toyota have really thought about it from a drivers’ perspective and requirements. It is well planned and designed and very comfortable. The technology is clever, even better than I thought it would be and the mpg is great. I also spoke to an AA breakdown patrol man, who said when he gets call outs to Toyota its only ever tyres or batteries that is the problem, nothing mechanical with the cars at all. So it has reinforced and improved further my perception of Toyota cars.

- What one thing do you like best about it?
It was comfortable and easy to drive. My MPV feels like the seats are made of breeze block and being back to driving a manual gear box is boring now!

- What one thing would you change about it?
A button to create a fake engine noise when in battery mode. This is not so much a criticism of Toyota or the car, but a reflection of how people can be so oblivious and aimlessly wander about, unaware of their surroundings (maybe a big stick to poke them with would be better grin). On 3 occasions I have encountered situations where people didn’t realise I was there in the car or even that the car was running because it is so quiet. On the first occasion, the trolley man at Asda had the fright of his life as he hadn’t heard the car and I sat there for ages waiting for him to move. He wanted to know how I’d got there behind him and he hadn’t heard me. On the second occasion, we were trying to reverse out of a space whilst the lads in the car next to us had all their doors open and were stood in the way. To be fair, they did apologise and said they didn’t even know the engine was running. They seemed impressed with the car and were talking about it. Then the third time, straight after the second, we had to drive up a short road to the exit, which was the same road pedestrians used to enter and exit the country park. A group of 6 heard the car in front of us and moved into single file to get out of the way, but then reformed to chat and effectively blocked us from driving past them so we had to crawl along behind them. It was clear that they hadn’t heard us. Then the Dad turned around and saw us and told the rest of the group to move to the side. We had the windows open and I heard one of the kids say “why is that car not making a noise?” to which the Mum replied “Because it’s a hybrid, its electric”.

Solo Sat 13-Jul-13 22:58:49

We returned the Auris today...very sad. We miss it already!!!

I think the only things I/we didn't like about it were:

-The head/leg room.
-The clock is in a daft place.
-The anti car jack door locking is totally manual and I'd like it to be automatic like my Picasso, but I also have the option to switch it off, the Auris has no option, it has to be done manually.
The drivers door pocket is small so I can't fit much rubbish in it .
There's no spare wheel as standard (but you can buy it as an extra but lose some boot space.

When I got into the Auris on the first day, I didn't 'notice' that it was better/smoother/easier than my car, it was just a new car that was really nice and I was getting used to it; I suppose my attention was all on the learning how to drive it. I got back into my car this afternoon and it felt heavy and not easy to drive! but it also felt massive the interior is roomy and with loads of head and leg room. This was far more apparent than the lack of the same in the Toyota on the first day which is strange! I also think that it is far more tiring to drive than the Auris.

I'm still looking at my finances and I may very well buy one in the near future!!!

HairyPotter Sun 14-Jul-13 22:36:31

What were your/your partner's first impressions of the car?
Very impressed. Good size, brilliant white with lots of bells and whistles (but also a fair amount of plastic inside) It looked pretty complicated at first sight though.
What do the children think of it?
They both loved it, it had more space in the back than my Clio, they made full use of the USB for iPads etc. They also enjoyed the electric windows in the back.
How did you find driving a Hybrid? Was it what you expected?
I wasn't sure what to expect tbh. When I told people I would be test driving one, the jokes about lawnmowers were flying about. I was pleasantly surprised by it. I have always disliked automatics but was soon won over. On a long motorway drive, all I really had to do was steer. Cruise control and the automatic gearbox did the rest for me. It was light and easy to handle.
What's it like to drive?
Very easy. Because it was automatic, it was a dream to drive in the middle of a traffic jam on the M6. That's when I was really won over. I would question the mpg claims however. I was nowhere near 70mpg, the most i managed was 56ish on shirt journeys and 47 on motorway. I was surprised to see that my dh's focus diesel got better mpg than the Auris.
Is it a comfortable ride?
Yes, very. The seats were a good fit for me and supported my back well, even on long journeys. We are not a tall family however and a few of my taller friends would possibly struggle.
What's the boot space like?
Very roomy, loved the two storey divider. Such a simple but effective idea.
What do you think about the features of the car? E.g Heads up display, electric seats, smart start system, multimedia system, rear-parking camera?
Heads up display - was not a feature on the car we had.
Electric seats - we had a heat wave and I completely forgot about it blush
Smart start- easy to use.
Multimedia system- sorry to say I wasn't a fan. I found it very hard to find a station I wanted and ended up playing CDs. I will admit that I kept forgetting to check the manual so it was probably just me.
Rear parking camera - hated this as well, sorry. The endless beeping drove me crazy and I would be far happier without any help to park.
Were these features what you expected the Auris to have or additional?
Yes, I would expect a car in this price bracket to have most of the gadgets featured. I can't think of anything else it would need.
Are there any other features you?d like the car to have?
An easier to read clock. It was clearly an afterthought and looks really cheap and nasty.
Has testing this car made you more or less likely to buy a Toyota in future?
Yes it has. We had an Avensis last year as our main car and loved it. I would definitely consider an Auris or a Yaris to replace my Clio next year.
Has testing this car changed your perception of Toyota cars at all? If so, how?
No, I have always liked them and am now more likely to buy another one, although not necessarily a hybrid.

ThatsSoVanquish Mon 15-Jul-13 22:28:20

Favourite things about Britain?

I'm not a union jack bunting type so it is not a topic that I have a ready response for. I don think that the UK is relatively advanced in tmers of the expectation of equality on society, even if that doesn't always happen in reality.

No holidays planned yet but we do go on lots of days/weekends out... Stirling, Ayrshire coast, Angus, Perthshire. I love having beautiful contryside nearby, especially when we have this weather! Also a good opportunity to pick up British produce - Arbroath Smokies, Stornoway Black Pudding, Forfar Bridies (not all at once though!).

Crazybit Fri 19-Jul-13 23:39:28

The great thing about Britain: Everyone knows we have rights, if we want to change something-a policy at a school, things about an area that we live, a defective item we purchased that is not fit for use, bad service, we can do something about it! We can complain, make others aware of issues, create support for ourselves and actually change things. Alright, some things are a lot harder than others but I love that we have the ability and the resources available to make a difference to ourselves, friends, family. This is not always the case in many other nations .

florencebabyjo Sun 21-Jul-13 11:41:56

I am a non tester too. My favourite things about Britain is the variety of our countryside with the woods, hills and beaches that we are spoilt with. I live on the edge of the South Downs National park and we are priviledged to have both the downs and the sea as well as gorgeous walking countryside. There are wonderful woodland walks nearby and I love to go doen to our local farmers market and pick up a picnic made with produce from the local producers. There are wonderful pies, local cheeses, bread and cakes at ours and it is a real treat to gather some of these together and head off for a peaceful walk with the kids before finding some shady spot and tucking in. There is nothing better!

KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 22-Jul-13 10:40:43

Thanks for all your comments. The winner of the prize draw is...


Congratulations, I'll PM you for your details.

sealight123 Thu 08-Aug-13 20:28:55

A very belated thank you thank you thank you smile Really looking forward to spoiling my family rotten smile xxx

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