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NOW CLOSED Kärcher steam cleaner feedback thread: Non testers – win a steam cleaner (RRP: £219.99) for yourself by letting Kärcher know your home’s ‘dirty secrets’

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Crazybit Wed 08-May-13 22:22:42

Did any of the video testers get a John Lewis voucher? I tried emailing Alex but it I got a reply saying that she has now left..

AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 25-Apr-13 11:41:28

Thank you all for your feedback testers, and thanks for sharing your 'Dirty Secrets' non-testers.

The prize draw has taken place and the winner of the Steam Cleaner is...


Congratulations! We will be in contact soon to organise this.

ataraxia Wed 24-Apr-13 22:15:01

Dirty secret is I store far too much under my bed and never get round to cleaning there - definitely needs a good clean out!

Crocodilehunter Wed 24-Apr-13 21:21:49

non tester here

My dirty secrets have to be the taps in the bathroom ewwww I saw something I can only describe as a big glob of grey matter dangling from the cold water tap the other day <boak> it seriously frightened me! I made my DP get it as if it was a tarantula or something haha

The others are the oven and underneath the radiators which always seem to pass me by when it comes to cleaning!

williaminajetfighter Tue 23-Apr-13 22:31:47

Marking place...

MushroomSoup Tue 23-Apr-13 21:53:50

My dirty secret...if someone is coming round and the house is a mess, I vacuum the stairs only as far as an adult would see from the front door! (My nana taught me that trick!)

Fiderer Mon 22-Apr-13 16:16:57

I bought one after reading this thread. Worth it alone for the ease of cleaning the kitchen cupboards which seem to absorb grease/muck/grime. Hate the faff (and whiff) of cleaning products, the scrub/rinse/wipe hassle which only seemed like a temporary clean and takes ages.

Kitchen cupboards and handles now a shade lighter after one go with the Kärcher. Bathroom tiles/floor very easy. Doors and frames one-wipe clean.

Trying the parquet and windows next. No window-cleaners here so if it makes that job easier I will be even more enthusiastic, have a lot of windows.

Oven glass door - didn't lift the dirt but 'melted' it (was foul) and then I scraped it off with a ceramic hob scraper thingy. Took 4 mins start to finish. I can now see through the door.

Also agree the cloths provided are insufficient but having read that on here I ordered more, and the bathroom cleaning set, all for under €200.

littlemissbehave Mon 22-Apr-13 12:29:47

Non tester and my dirty secret is my hallway. Although it's not a secret as visitors immediately get a bad impression. The floor is tiled and the dog shakes all his dirt and mud off in the hallway and it dries and stays there till the next day....and so on....

Eskarina Sun 21-Apr-13 18:30:31

My home's dirty secret is the utility room. It houses the cat's feeding bowls and litter tray and she is a messy girl when using both. Could definitely do with a deep steam clean!

nickysom Sun 21-Apr-13 15:19:13

My home's "Dirty Secret". Now let me see. Basically wherever "The Black Menace" decides to lay his head or go a wandering. Alfie, my crazy labradoodle is affectionately known as The Black Menace. He's meant to be hypoallergenic and not molt but unfortunately he didn't read his job description smile and molts everywhere. In addition to the fur, he loves nothing better than a big muddy puddle and it seems no matter how much I clean, my house always has that eau de Alfie blush. I'd love a Kärcher steam cleaner to help me keep things really clean and smelling of flowers

JimmyCorkhill Sun 21-Apr-13 13:56:29

I forgot to mention the sofa. Maybe I shouldn't mention it as no one would come round blush.

JimmyCorkhill Sun 21-Apr-13 13:55:35

Non tester sad and I was gutted!
My dirty secret? Where to start?! I mopped downstairs (all laminate) when we moved in 2 years ago. Now I just baby wipe the worst bits when people come round. The backs of our kitchen chairs and the edges of our kitchen and dining tables have encrusted toddler food on them which I never notice before it hardens like concrete. The kitchen and bathroom taps are starting to look like they're made from coral. I suppose I could have a seaside theme in the bathroom hmm. There are handprints/crayon marks on our walls but I suppose the worst thing is our range cooker. It was brand new 2 years ago but now we daren't use either grill or the large oven and when we use the little side we have to open the back door, put the extractor on and open all the windows to get rid of the smell and the smoke. Hundreds of pounds and we can't really use it...and it's all our fault blush. I lust over steam cleaner infomercials, pleeeeeease pick me!

Servalan Sun 21-Apr-13 09:28:13

Non tester here

So many areas of my home that could do with a good old steam clean - the inside of cupboards, the "unseen" areas of the kitchen floor under some cupboards that I've ended up just leaving, the greasy tops of the kitchen cupboards (out of sight, out of mind...), the cupboard doors - actually the whole kitchen - let's face it - the uncleanable laminate in the utility area that's just festering - the grotty bathroom tiles...

Blimey - now I'm thinking about it I've really let things build up!! Years of OCD rendered me a curled up, gibbering mess, unable to face the areas of my house that terrified me. I seem to be waking up and tackling it bit by bit - but my goodness, there's lots to do!

morethanpotatoprints Sat 20-Apr-13 22:06:05


I have done carpets but not sure if you can. There are no pictures on the box of carpets being cleaned and there is for everything else you can do.
Also, there is a warning that says stains can spread to a bigger area, which unfortunately happened to me. My own fault entirely as I had read this in the handbook.
It doesn't clean them from what I can gather, but I used the small brush. Cloths don't glide on the floor and are useless for carpets, i found.
What did happen was lots of hair and dirty fluff stuff came up in the brushes, even on a newish carpet. They look cleaner because of this.
If you do carpets be careful.

sprout44 Sat 20-Apr-13 10:09:15

Pleas can someone tell me how to clean carpets with it, which attachment do you use and a cloth. Also can it clean curtains while still hanging up?
I mainly use mine for kitchen and bathrooms its great for those small to reach areas and corners. Its great in the Fridge, it blasts the dirt form the little angels and ledges.

PolkaDotCups Sat 20-Apr-13 08:25:14

My dirty secret is ... Laminate flooring and baby led weaning. Honestly she can fling food a fair old distance and our laminate has very fine gaps between each piece (home fitted, the gaps weren't really that visible until the floor was getting a regular pasting in food). It's impossible to get it clean, even on my hands and knees with an old toothbrush.

Really wish I'd been selected as a tester for this product!

Dittle Fri 19-Apr-13 19:39:15

Our dirty secret is trying to clean out white rug - there's so much foot traffic in our flat that it's always a kind of grubby grey colour and I would LOVE to have it white again smile

wannaBe Fri 19-Apr-13 12:59:05

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how? yes, I actually do clean my house now. wink seriously yes and no. I will use it if I'm doing lots of cleaning i.e. the floors etc, but for things like surfaces I sometimes just don't think and whip out a bottle of whatever because it's quicker than getting the steamcleaner out.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt, this cleaned well.

2) limescale in the bathroom. I didn't find that it did much for limescale tbh, maybe I'm doing it wrong.

3) tough grease from the oven hood. yes - I tried this the day I got it actually and ds was marvelling at how clean it looked after I'd steamed it.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results? the ceal around my patio doors/window.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not? I probably would, but not sure if I would at that price tbh. It's a lot of money to pay for any kind of cleaning product which while effective is not an absolute necessity such as a vacuum cleaner as there are cheaper (albeit chemical) alternatives. At that price it's not a product that just anyone could afford to go out and buy.

JoshNCaitlinsMummy Fri 19-Apr-13 12:41:56

I have two children under four so it seems the whole house could do with a good steam clean, but it's under/behind the fridge and my bathroom walls that could use the magic of a Kärcher steam cleaner!

morethanpotatoprints Fri 19-Apr-13 12:18:45


~ After a few uses I have found that I am cleaning in general a lot more. Especially on kitchen floors~

~ Yes I tried the steamer on all 3. Everyday dirt is gone in a wipe, the cooker hood improved instantly and after doing twice was like new. The mildew and mold were instantly gone in the bathroom, as were the limescale and soap debri ~

~ Other places I have tried it on are carpets and rugs, they are like new again and in places of little tread have come up new. There is a bounce to most of them except areas of high traffic, which I wouldn't expect to be perfect.

~ I am not waiting for it to come up in conversation, I am recommending it to everyone I talk to. Several friends have placed an order on German Amazon and saved £100 off the rrp

gyinnit Fri 19-Apr-13 10:05:13

Non tester here

My kitchen needs a good deep clean. There are so many areas that get covered in grime and then don't get fully cleaned because its usually time for the kids to go to bed.

jessica789 Thu 18-Apr-13 21:12:33

Non-tester here (but I could really do with one of these)

My dirty secret is our ensuite shower room. We moved into this house 6 weeks ago and it obviously hadn't been cleaned for quite some time. I've done what I can to remove the previous occupiers grime, but still haven't got round to tackling the shower room. Somehow other people's dirt is even worse than your own. I just don't use that shower!

natcat7000 Thu 18-Apr-13 20:54:08

Non-tester here.

Definitely the grottiest area of the house is our kitchen. My husband likes to cook (which is lovely of course) but he cooks with wild abandon, chucking bits down the backs of cupboards, tossing spices around and pouring olive oil down the front of the oven. I have a week old baby plus a toddler and can't face deep cleaning the kitchen every time he has been cooking!

Lent1l Thu 18-Apr-13 16:48:35

We have wooden floors throughout our house, parquet downstairs and floorboards upstairs. With a cat in the house and my hair, which seems to shed at a rate that means I should by all rights be bald by now, the dust bunnies are not so much bunnies as giant hares (groan!). By the time I've managed to clean all of them away I don't have the energy to mop as well, but I'm sure with one of your steam cleaners I would relish the thought of having bright, shiny, clean floors and my house would be a dust free zone.

mummylin Thu 18-Apr-13 16:28:38

I would love a steam cleaner so I could really give my lounge carpet a really deep down clean. I would also like to give my kitchen tiles the same treatment, in fact I would use it all over the house and clean everything that's possible with it.i am too old to be a "scrubber" now!

TheSecondComing Thu 18-Apr-13 16:15:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sunny2013 Thu 18-Apr-13 16:02:16

Dreaming of owning (winning) one of these fab machines , then my hubby cant whinge at me for spending HIS hard earned money.... Please close your eyes and dream with me , of cleanlieness restored in my home back to pre children running around, when floors that were mopped remained just so .... not worse than when i had mopped them just moments ago.... Of glass panels, mirrors and windows that gleam , not hazy and smudgy from finger prints and lip prints galore :-( .... of a bathroom and a toilet sparkiling and white, clean and dry to sit on oh what a delight that would be for me.... and finally for my poor car to see the grey seats back to what they were, not covered in milk or sweets or worse that cant be read , but no more germs left worrying my head , so if i had one of of these dream machines ....( a fabulous Karcher steam cleaner ) my home would be oh so clean , with no more dirty secrets to share except maybe the oven , but i could target that next, nothing will be exempt from my steam cleaning regime ... so please Mumsnet make my dream come true and send me one of these magnificent Karcher steam cleaning machines ... delivered by a blonde hair, blue eyed, hairy chested middle aged man in a white coat to demonstrate it to me whilst I - -- ---- -- (TBC) if i win xxx now back to reality of a mop and bucket of bleach following around loads of dirty little feet :-)

NoToast Wed 17-Apr-13 16:02:24

We're carers for the PIL who have lived a heady life of non-domesticity in their crumbling house. There have been many spots of shame but most recent yuk moment was realising the 60 year old Aga top wasn't hideously corroded but instead covered in a (in parts) centimetre deep layer of desiccated grease. We'd been told before not to scrape it as the aga had a protective surface! We like to chisel away at it on quiet evenings, am not sure whether a steamer would be up to it...

mylot Wed 17-Apr-13 15:39:21

the walls. the bottom third of the 'white' walls (and doors) throughout the house could do with a go.

Cailleach Wed 17-Apr-13 13:50:04

My kitchen could really do with a whizz over with one of these: it's small and cramped and very difficult to clean as a result. The grout on my tile splashback is filthy despite bleach and lots of elbow grease, and I suspect steam would help shift the muck much better than scrubbing alone.

And don't get me started on the oven...!

After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

Yes, it's made it quicker and easier! I now don't use any chemicals, just steam everything to within an inch of it's life! I love how it's so portable aswell, the little wheels on the bottom mean its so easy to pull it around the kitchen and over the laminate floors.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

Yes I've tried it on all 3 and was really impressed. The everyday dirt was gone instantly, just needed a wipe over after with a microfibre cloth, the limescale in the bathroom needed a couple of goes to get it completely off, but no scrubbing required or anything. The grease on the oven hood again took a couple of goes but did eventually come up sparkling!

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

Carpets and rugs. I havent tried on any stains as such, but to freshen up the carpets and rugs, it's fab! They look brand new!

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

Yes, definitely. In fact I have a couple of friends who want to borrow it from me and have a go before they go out and buy one. They'll have to wrestle me for it though :wink:

MNPin2013 Wed 17-Apr-13 09:40:50

Non tester here, the feedback is fantastic.

Our 'Dirty Secret' are the inside and outside of the windows and doors and sills from the cats and the stains on the carpet which seem to dispel regular cleaning efforts.

SetFiretotheRain Wed 17-Apr-13 00:18:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FeijoaVodkaStat Tue 16-Apr-13 22:23:12

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

Well I'm mopping my kitchen floor more often as I don't have an annoying bucket of dirty water to deal with. I'll probably clean the outside of my windows more often too.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

Everyday dirt, this would mostly be the kitchen floor. The steamer is more convenient then a mop and bucket, especially with 2 young children about. I wouldn't say the floor looks any cleaner though.
I did also use it in my bathroom and the grouting in all the tile work came up much much cleaner than I could ever get it with cif/bleach and a scrubing brush. Things like around the taps are still better off with a cloth however.

No limescale, but the oven hood grease didn't stand a chance. Well except I can only do it a bit at a time because I have to keep taking the cloth off and washing it.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

On my windows. I did them inside and out and it was so quick and easy. A quick blast from the steam jet got rid of the dried on bird poo, then the upholstery head with cloth on took care of the rest. A microfibre cloth took care of the streaks left by the squeegy.

I also steam cleaned my sons's very grubby down jacket which came up looking just as clean as it did out of the washing machine. But with the bonus of not ruining the feathers.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

If asked in a conversation about steam cleaners I would recommend the Karcher steam cleaner, but I would also have to point out I have never used any other brands so cannot offer a comparison.

madamy Tue 16-Apr-13 22:23:03

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

No, not really. I still clean with cleaning products, mop etc but now tend to use the steam cleaner to clean the extra bits eg grouting, hard to reach nooks and crannies. It's a bit of a faff tbh.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

Good on everyday dirt, but what really happens is that dirty steam is sprayed everywhere.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

On the carpets on stubborn spots.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

Yes as an extra if they had spare money, but I wouldn't have wanted to spend over £200 on it.

If you’re not an official tester but you’d like another chance to get a steam cleaner (RRP: £219.99) for yourself then please share on this thread where in your house could really benefit from a bit of a deep-steam-clean. What’s your home’s ‘dirty secret’ – the place where you’ve let the grime build up and now can’t bare to look at? Where would you most want to use the steam cleaner?


CalamityJ Tue 16-Apr-13 21:40:53

Non tester - Since having my daughter I breastfeed/express and one handed feed myself on my sofa. In front of the sofa is the coffee table and between the two is my "dirty secret". I wiped it down the other day and there were cake crumbs, breast milk, baby sick, marmalade and coffee. I was so embarrassed! I REALLY need a steam cleaner to clean my living room so that when new mums with babies come round and they play on the floor, the babies don't find all my cake crumbs or slurp up the split breast milk!

queenofthenewyear Tue 16-Apr-13 20:34:43

Definitely the floor under the freezer - it gets cleaned once a year when the freezer is so frosted up that chipping away the ice doesn't work any more and the whole thing has to be dragged outside for the 'full treatment.' I wince at the look on hub's and children's faces as they try to identify the furry Cheerios and pasta twirls that have lain there since forever. Sigh - a Kärcher cleaner would make it so much easier to keep on top of things....

MadMonkeys Tue 16-Apr-13 19:12:18

Non tester

My dirty secret isn't much of a secret - the kitchen floor! It gets so dirty I'm ashamed of it! Dd2 has just starter blw, nuff see!

IveNoIntentionOfMakingCupcakes Mon 15-Apr-13 21:09:52

Non tester here.

I have wanted a karcher steam cleaner forEVER so I'd literally pee my pants if I won one (and then steam the floor so it wouldn't matter). I have a 24month old, an 8 month old, builders in and a very messy partner so my whole house could do with a blummin good steaming. But the bits that most shame me are the inside frames of all my upvc windows. I hide them behind blinds but they are utterly disgusting with a build up of years of grime. I reckon steaming them would be about the most satisfying task in the world!

Maggietess Mon 15-Apr-13 21:01:25

My dirty little secret is that instead of mopping the whole floor I sometimes just take antibacterial wipes to the worst bits sometimes!

K8Middleton Mon 15-Apr-13 17:49:26

I also have a sofa you could swab for a DNA profile. Would a Karcher work on that? I was going to get a new sofa. A karcher would be cheaper...

Does that grubby confession count for the comp?

SarahStratton Mon 15-Apr-13 17:45:53

My dirty little secret is that I have a very elderly, and smelly, ferret living in my kitchen. blush

LackaDAISYcal Mon 15-Apr-13 16:29:28

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

Yes, my floors are a LOT cleaner now! They were quite manky before, and I look forward to cleaning them rather than dreading it.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

1) fine on everyday dirt, gets the job done and blasting muck is quite satisfying.
2) bathroom limescale; it made a decent job of the shower screeen, but we have really bad limescale build up at the bottom of the screen where it meets the seal. I removed the seal and blasted the limescale with the steamer and this and vinegar got the job done. Vinegar alone wasn't enough though, so it has helped, but it didn't so it on its own.
3) the grease on the cooker hood is donkeys years old here, and though it made a big difference after first attemopt, it's taken several goes to get it starting to look very clean again.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

Yes, used it on the cupboard doors in the kitchen and on spot stains on carpets and they have come up really nicely.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

Possibly not, though I would probably suggest a cheaper steam mop, as floor cleaning seems to be the best thing about it and it is quite expensive for what is essentially a fancy mop! I would offer to lend them it to see how they liked it before committing to buying one themself.

coribells Mon 15-Apr-13 14:24:41

1. I do use it instead of moping so in that sense it's changed my routine. Even though its quite good in the bathroom and on tiles I probably wouldn't bother to lug it out of the cupboard everytime I wanted to do this. Bit lazy that way and would rather give a once over with a anti bad wipe every couple of days.
2.yes I've tried it on every day dirt and it works well.
lime scale - didn't notice moving the lime scale at well. Maybe because we are in a particularly hard water area.
- ovenhood and baked on grease. Does this particularly well and no need for harsh scrubbing or nasty chemicals
Skirting boards and other hard to reach places

If it came up in conversation would you recommend the Karcher steam cleaner: I would recommend it if people had particular areas of large wooden/laminate floors. or for people who wanted to avoid chemical cleaning methods.
Defintely need to supply more cloths though.

ninja Mon 15-Apr-13 10:37:52

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

Yes - I will definitely use this instead of a mop every time. I have also found as it's so easy to change attachemnts that I've cleaned a lot more things e.g. skirting boards, kitchen cupboards, doors ....

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like:

1) everyday dirt

Great - floors and surfaces are clean quickly and easily

2) limescale in the bathroom

we don't really have this problem. It workes well on tiles and grout and for getting into bits of the shower door that acn;'t be reached otherwise

3) tough grease from the oven hood.

Vegetarian so don't have the ingrained grease, but I have used on bits of the oven and oven pans. I found which it loosened the grease, dirt it didn;t get rid of it completely. I used a scourer in one hand and the steam cleaner in the other which worked well.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

wooden doors,

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

My next door neighbour has borrowed it and as a reluctant cleaner she's impressed, I have also mentioned and raved about it to family members. Not sure though, that I could suggest that they paid that money for it unless they were really keen to

On another poine again NOT ENOUGH CLOTHS and also my brush thing after only 2 weeks is really battered and doesn't stay on properly

Lucilulondon Sun 14-Apr-13 20:26:48


My dirty little secret is that I need to clean all my floors as I have a baby who has just discovered crawling = nightmare combination. wink I need something to disinfect and clean up my floors and get into the nooks and cranies my little boy is about to discover round my house blush

ToomuchWaternotWine Sun 14-Apr-13 15:07:36

Non tester here.

My dirty little secret is my utility room. Also known as the futility room. It's where the dogs bowls are, and he is a constantly shedding, drooling, mud magnet of a Labrador. He manages to drink some water then swing his head round and spray it all over the floor. The walls have black hair and mud marks everywhere from drying him off after walks. Spills from the recycling box. Dribbles of washing powder and fabric conditioner. Yuck from the spare shoes stored there. Mud dragged in from kids running in and out of the back garden. The Lino is several shades darker than it started life and mopping doesn't appear to make ANY difference. All this gunk also gets trailed through into the kitchen next door, despite my efforts to stem the tide like a domestic Canute.

Would also like to try it on my rather shameful oven and my bathroom floors.

HSCM Sun 14-Apr-13 10:48:39

Not a tester.
I would like the steam to cleaner to clean my oven top/around the oven as I hate doing this and so rarely get around to it. Am also busy with 4mo baby. If I could quickly steam clean it this would prevent my MIL from feeling the need to do it next time she comes around (and would also spare me the lecture on what cleaning products I should be using & how I shouldn't let the dirt build up so much!)

Seaholly Sun 14-Apr-13 09:30:16

My sofa is my hideous secret, the children have spilt milk, juice and wiped lots of sticky fingers over it and it's terrible. it has to be covered with a throw hen people visit. it would be nice to have it clean again.

ChocolateCremeEggBag Sun 14-Apr-13 07:46:56

Not selected but really need a steam cleaner!!
My dirty secret is that the beigey grey tiles in our kitchen and dining area are should be white/grey. I have used my mums v old Karcher once and it was like being in a commercial with a clear before/after

My excuses are mucky toddler/Labrador/DH - but really am just a slattern.

To be honest whole house would benefit - bathroom, windows, highchair, oven, dog bed, car seat, BBQ, outside furniture, front door, back door - I could go on and on
(fx to get picked)

Wheresthecoffee Sun 14-Apr-13 07:29:18

I wasn't selected but my bathroom is in dire need of a deep clean! The grout is soooo bad, especially where the tiles meet the bath. I have to keep the shower curtain open permanently over it is just so revolting!

florencebabyjo Sat 13-Apr-13 21:42:40

I haven't been selected but my house has several areas which really could do with a deep clean. With 5 children all at home I struggle to keep up with the grubby bits that they create and am always chasing my tail. I manage to do the areas that are seen with not too much problem, but the bathroom and toilet floors are not as clean as they should be to say the least, but the worst bits are round the edges of the kitchen floor, and especially round the bottom of the dishwasher which get really grimy. I sweep the floor several times a day after meals and although I always sweep up the bits, I'm sure that they get pushed to the edges and make this awful caked on mess just where the skirting meets the floor. It drives me crazy and even scraping at it with a knife is difficult. The baby still crawls around the floor and my DD who is only 2 drops nearly everything she eats so a deep steam clean would be amazing and just what my kitchen floor needs!

HappyHippyChick Sat 13-Apr-13 15:25:33

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

It hasn't yet, as it has been the school holidays and everything is a bit out of kilter but I hope that as I get back in the swing of things I will use the steam cleaner weekly to clean the paintwork in our hall which is always covered in jammy fingerprints and other assorted grubbiness. I will also use it to clean the kitchen, bathroom and toilet floors which don't get mopped as often as I would like.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like:

1) everyday dirt
It is great on everyday dirt, a squirt of steam and a quick rub with a cloth and most marks lift right off.

2) limescale in the bathroom
We live in a hard water area and so have a lot of limescale, I found it was great on the taps, which only had a thin layer, but not so much on the shower door or bath.

3) tough grease from the oven hood.
I had really great results cleaning my very greasy oven hood, filthy oven (outside mainly and inside the door) and my hob it looks great. However this has left the little brush attachment with a build up of grease that I can't seem to remove.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

It was fab on all my appliances in the utility room, they gleamed! Also as mentioned before on woodwork etc.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

I would, if they had a specific purpose in mind. One of my friends is interested in borrowing it to see how well it cleans her bathroom without chemicals, and I think she will like it, but the price is quite steep.

K8Middleton Fri 12-Apr-13 22:43:34

Non-tester here.

My dirty little secret? My filthy bathroom. Particularly the grouting and ceiling. I regularly take an old toothbrush and neat bleach to the groutung but it is a pain because it's teeny bathroom with the only loo in the house so cleaning the floor tiles is tricky because Piccadilly Curcus is less busy. I have been known to regrout the floor before guests come shock blush The ceiling also tends to get a bit yukky due to a combination of rubbish ventilation and the wrong paint I think. Oh and my bathroom window is a sash with 12 panes and if I don't blitz it regularly it has a tendency to grow black mould. Again the wrong paint I think. I'd like to get it clean and dry enough to repaint but I seem to be fighting a losing battle. And the shower screen. I forgot the shower screen! It's got a limescale problem and I'd love it to gleam.

VainViolet Fri 12-Apr-13 22:24:29

Non Tester.
I NEED this thing, am a vomit phobic and with 4 children that is not great. Also, 1 has multiple food alergies as well as house dust mite blush. I really should be a bit OCD about my home but could do with some help ...

CutePuppy Fri 12-Apr-13 20:21:18

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

Sort of. The deep cleans are more frequent as it is so easy to change attachments and as it is faster than usual I find myself saying, oh I have five minutes I may as well do this while I am here.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

Everyday dirt - great. Floors look better than ever. Bathroom tiles shiny.
Lime scale - it has had the best result of anything I have tried. I think once you are on top of it, and then do it regularly, it would be quite good. Initially I was disappointed, but having kept at it, more is coming off so I know it is working. We are in a very hard water area though.
Oven hood - we don't have a hood but I tried the inside glass. I was disappointed but admit my oven hasn't been cleaned in a long time!

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?
I tried it on a few spot stains on the carpet and was very impressed., it spurred me to do all of the carpet and we have saved the cost of the annual carpet clean!

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?
Yes! I think it is great and one of my friends has already got one!

majjsu Fri 12-Apr-13 19:55:50

Non tester.

Eeurghh to clean under fridge/ freezer, when I try to get things from under there that my little one has pushed under, yuk yuk yuk.

Oooh to have shining bathroom tiles would be a bonus!

majjsu Fri 12-Apr-13 19:55:50

Non tester.

Eeurghh to clean under fridge/ freezer, when I try to get things from under there that my little one has pushed under, yuk yuk yuk.

Oooh to have shining bathroom tiles would be a bonus!

malachite Fri 12-Apr-13 19:35:12

Non-tester here

My shamefully dirty parts of the house are down the sides of the washing machine and behind the toilet where it's hard to reach. Also, the oven!

Snoozie101 Fri 12-Apr-13 18:05:10

A non-tester here. My shower needs some serious attention. The grouting and bits around the door seem impossible to keep clean. I try to shower at the sports centre just to avoid looking at it! Unfortunately when the in-laws come to stay they don't take to showering at the sports centre and see the state it has got into....

babyseal Fri 12-Apr-13 14:45:26

Forgot to add, that I have not used any other steam cleaner before, so I would probably not be able to recommend to friends the Karcher one per se (and therefore whether it is good value for money), but that I am pleased that I have a steam cleaner now and I would recommend my friends to invest in one if they have the money. I have mentioned to people though that they would need to buy extra cloths.

Oh, and forgot to add, I also am particularly impressed with how easy it is to clean hinges on oven door / dishwasher.

babyseal Fri 12-Apr-13 14:41:36

Tester here (namechanged from 12stonelighter50feettaller)

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

I am doing deep cleans and the floors a bit more often as I can do them quicker and easier. I find that if I am cleaning the bathroom floor I will give the underneath of the toilet / tiles a quick blast as well to use up the steam, when I maybe would only of tackled those bits as well every second time I gave the bathroom a clean.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

Everyday dirt: I have used it on this, where usually I may have wiped surfaces over with a cloth if I am using the steam cleaner for something else in that room I will do everything with the steam cleaner. Good results.

Limescale in bathroom: I have not touched the Viakal since getting my steam cleaner, but I still think I am going to have to top up with some chemical cleaning occasionally to keep on top of it.

Tough Grease on Oven: I do not have an oven hood, but really pleased with the results on the oven door, tiles around the oven. I found it did not get rid of tough grease completely, but is good for loosening it up before cleaning with a cloth, rather than having to really scrub.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

Really impressed with how it makes short work of the fiddly jobs I would probably have avoided before, such as cleaning the buggy, behind the kitchen units and other hard to reach spots. The highchair is the best bit - I used to hate cleaning the highchair, but I love how my steam cleaner just blasts off all the old food, and is done in a minute.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

I would, yes, it can be a faff getting it out and water heated up for just one job, but it has sliced time off all of my big cleaning tasks, and I am a lot more confident now that my house is more sanitary!!!! I have already got a queue of family and friends wanting to borrow it to do deep cleans on their houses.

lalalonglegs Fri 12-Apr-13 14:03:25

Yes, where were my manners? Thanks for choosing me as a tester.

Silver66 Fri 12-Apr-13 13:40:25

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

I definitely clean the kitchen floor more - very easy and quick and it does dry far faster - and while I have it out, I do the surfaces, tiles and hob, the tiles would have been left for far longer if I didn't have the steam cleaner. I did the bathroom yesterday but don't think it was any more effective than cleaning with a cloth, even though it was faster. Shower screen still had marks on it. I cleaned the windows and was very impressed - a quick wipe down with a micro cloth and streak free shine

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

1) great for floors and windows, and removed an ingrained patch of dirt from the cat coming through the cat-flap effortlessly.

2) no visible difference to limescale but got the stains off the grouting very effectively

3) oven hood is relatively new so not much grease but when I did try it, it was still sticky after steaming.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

Fabric blinds in the living room came up like new - no other way of washing them so I'm delighted, and regret taking the blinds down from other windows because they had got too dirty sad

Grouting in the bathroom like new.

Windows were the bain on my life - always ended up with a streak somewhere - now easy peasy to do

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

Yes I would - only gripe is the lack of cloths that limit how much cleaning you can do in one go. If you are like me and tend to blitz the whole house in one go, it's very frustrating to have to stop when the cloths are dirty. That said I will just order more cloths, but for the money I would expect at least 4 of each.

I would say, don't think like I did, that you are getting the equivalent of an indoor jet-wash. It's not. It is easy and effective but elbow grease is still required.

£200 spread over the year isn't that much, but that's not helpful if you can't afford the initial outlay

Thankyou Mumsnet for choosing me as a tester, and after reading these reviews I think I would have bought one, had I not been chosen.

SoupDragon Fri 12-Apr-13 13:24:59

After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? Not really as I don't think it is suited to routine cleaning. For occasional deep cleans and "emergency" cleaning, yes, but it is simply too much faff to use on a regular basis for me. Having said that, I could probably see me using it for the kitchen floor instead of a mop.

Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like:
1) everyday dirt Good for the nooks and crannies of stupid panelled kitchen cupboard doors and it made short work of the muddy-dog-engrained grout of the kitchen floor. It also did good job of the difficult to clean hinges of my dishwasher.
2) limescale in the bathroom Good on the kind round the base of taps that is difficult to remove otherwise but I was disappointed with the glass shower door and the glass bricks of the shower enclosure. It cleaned the grout to the tiles well though.
3) tough grease from the oven hood. I tried it on the grease on the oven door and he results were disappointing. The mess it created via spray back was almost worse than the original mess!

Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results? Carpet stains. My living room carpet has been through three children dropping stuff onto it and has see better days, thus I was happy to try the steam cleaner on it (It couldn't get any worse!). It made a better job on the old stains than vast amounts of carpet cleaner had made on them when they were fresh spills. It also reduced a long-standing tea stain on my parents' carpet.

If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not? In all honesty, I'm not sure. I did like it but I feel it has limited use as it is cumbersome and would need to be stored somewhere. I am not sure that, at the RRP, it would get enough use to make it worthwhile.

I wish it had some kind of lid on the water chamber as it makes the carpet really wet if you accidentally pull the steam cleaner over!

MyLifeIsStillChaotic Fri 12-Apr-13 12:56:18

Non tester here

My dirty secret is the grout in the tiles on the floor in the back room of the house. We have two dogs and I can never, ever get the floor to look clean because the grout is so disgusting. I would love to get a steam cleaner on the floor to see what it could do!

lalalonglegs Fri 12-Apr-13 12:03:42

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?
Yes, I use it all the time in the bathroom and on the kitchen cupboard doors - I now use very little detergent as it cleans those surfaces very well without them. I plan to use it periodically on my wooden floors when they need a deep clean.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.
I've used it on all three areas and the results were really impressive - I love the way it shines up my shower screen - I just steam it and give it a quick buff with a microfibre cloth - before I was having to spray with Viakal, rinse, spray again with vinegar solution and then buff.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?
I used it on the tiles in the shower room and those came up pretty well and the windows were simple like the shower screen.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?
I'd definitely recommend it.

SqueakyCleanNameChange Fri 12-Apr-13 11:51:13

NotInMyDay I also refold and use all four sides of the cloth to do the kitchen floor, and have a problem finding a wash to put it in.

Am I the only one who gets squeamish about putting something so filthy in the washing machine with anything else? Even if I used several cloths to do the floor that still wouldn't justify a wash, and I don't have a rugby playing son or mud-rolling dog to generate loads of filthy kit/towels.

OJW13 Fri 12-Apr-13 09:58:49

My 'dirty secret' is the floor of my larder, we moved in at the end of February and whilst I have cleaned everything else in it I still haven't done the floor and vents on the walls at the bottom of it. I'm now 38.5 weeks pregnant and don't see this happening for a while!
I'd also love to steam clean the sofa, who knows what grime would come off that before the new baby arrives!

NotInMyDay Fri 12-Apr-13 09:42:12

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

Yes I believe it has. I find that once I've pulled the steamer out, plugged it in, filled with water and waited the 6 mins for it to heat up I want to get as much cleaning done as possible to make it worthwhile. I've tended to do both bathrooms and the kitchen floor at least. I like to do a 'hygiene blast' on things as I go past them. Door handles are my favourite. They look no different but I know they are clean.
~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like:
1) everyday dirt
Yes it's been good but it takes all 4 sides of the floor cloth for me to feel like its clean rather than just moving dirt about. Then I've to wash the cloth without softener so it needs to go in a certain bundle of washing then I can't do the floor again til it's washed and dried.
2) limescale in the bathroom
Soft water area so not too bad. It took off the orange stains very easily though. Not impressed with it in the bath at all. Still left grainy soap scum. Chemicals still needed.
3) tough grease from the oven hood.
Don't have an oven hood but the oven door has baked on grease and it made little difference.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?
Children's toys - I know they are hygienicly clean. Guinea Pig cage. So much cleaner than I got it with pet safe chemicals and elbow grease.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?
I don't know. I do think its a worthwhile tool but for a once a week deep clean rather than every day. I'd find it hard to recommend something this expensive unless someone said they were looking for a steam cleaner and have over £200 to spend.

Also as someone else said. Get rid of that advert on tv. Awful. Scrubbing and wiping and elbow grease is still needed.

Lastly, if the Karcher could suck up the dirt the way my Vax carpet washer does instead of just blasting it around I'd recommend it to everyone I ever met. Ever!

lougle Thu 11-Apr-13 23:16:31

Non tester here, too.

My dirty secret is the porch floor. We live in Local Authority housing and it has those cheap vinyl tiles in the porch area. The door is too flush with the floor to change the flooring and the flooring is so old that a mop just doesn't do the job.

A bit of steam would work a treat, I think!

Scrambledchocpancake Thu 11-Apr-13 22:55:08

Non tester!
My dirty secret is my real 70 style bathrooms. I have scrubbed them for almost 2 years and it is still not clean. If it could all go in the washing machine it would be ideal but I guess a steam cleaner is about the same!

cairnterrier Thu 11-Apr-13 21:21:55

Hmm, would a steam cleaner work on mucked up threads? <ponders>

cairnterrier Thu 11-Apr-13 21:21:20

Oh heck, wasn't trying to get noticed twice, sorry for mucking up the thread.

cairnterrier Thu 11-Apr-13 21:20:48


Our bathroom has no extractor fan so after 2 showers in the morning, the walls are running wet with condensation. The DS's bath toys are forever getting gunked up with black mould and there's now algae growing in between the rubber bit and the bottom of the shower screen (shower is over the bath). I feel like it's a never ending battle with the black mould. Oh and bath crayons.

cairnterrier Thu 11-Apr-13 21:20:35


Our bathroom has no extractor fan so after 2 showers in the morning, the walls are running wet with condensation. The DS's bath toys are forever getting gunked up with black mould and there's now algae growing in between the rubber bit and the bottom of the shower screen (shower is over the bath). I feel like it's a never ending battle with the black mould. Oh and bath crayons.

Non tester here

My problem would be the kitchen floor, it was a lovely light coloured lino when we first put it in about a million years ago, now it looks dull and tired and despite all my cleaning - with mop, I'm not getting down on my hands and knees to scrub it - the mop never seems to get right up against the skirting boards or cupboard kick boards, I have a grimy line around the room! Also under the kitchen table where the cats tend to throw up after eating my spider plant..... I have to get down on my hands and knees then! Bleargh!

Hopezibah Thu 11-Apr-13 21:03:38

not a tester. My home's dirty secret is the lino in the corners on the bathroom! They often get neglected and so the dirt and grime really builds up there.

Cloudmummy Thu 11-Apr-13 20:54:40

Non tester
My dirty secret is the kitchen floor. Natural slate with crevasses and grooves everywhere, baby food dropped daily, a cat that spends his life on the floor (loves the underfloor heating), and a husband who loves to come in from the garden without taking his shoes off. Yep, it really needs a steam clean.

cherrylolly Thu 11-Apr-13 20:50:14

"Dirty little secret" places - there are many I try and ignore but the muckiest one has to be under the table in the lean to, it's where the recycling boxes are kept and there's quite a few sticky patches -yeuk!!!!!

Naoko Thu 11-Apr-13 19:36:46

Non tester here too. Dirty secret isn't very secret, it's my kitchen floor and thus plain for everyone to see. It's covered in vinyl that's older than I am, I hate mopping, I'm bad at mopping, and it looks awful. I hoover it and halfheartedly wipe at any stains with a mop, but I know it's not properly clean.

babsmam Thu 11-Apr-13 18:04:22

My dirty little secret has to be the bathroom tiles.. I got a lovely new bathroom 3 years ago and have just been a total neglectful slattern since then. I would love to blast it with a steam cleaner as not sure how I could Len it otherwise it has got so bad

MrsMarigold Thu 11-Apr-13 17:49:19

Also living in period property dust just seems to breed and my husband has a phobia of the vacuum cleaner.

MrsMarigold Thu 11-Apr-13 17:39:33

Non-tester here too.

My biggest dirty secret is the space between the cooker and the units - I'm too feeble to move the whole cooker and don't know about the wiring, gas pipes etc. There is SO much food stuck in that gap and I've tried hoovering, inserting a ruler with on hot cloth wound round it, a feather duster but it's greasy and it's disgusting.

VilootShesCute Thu 11-Apr-13 17:36:14

Non tester. I was thinking my wet room is impossible to clean but now realise my oven is worse. Haven't actually cleaned it in 8 years. Embarrassing

alemci Thu 11-Apr-13 16:44:51

Not a tester

would love to be able to clean out my wall oven using a cleaner and the my cooker hood which is really sticky and grimey.


Forgot to say, am a non tester

My manky oven is a disgrace, could do with a good steam clean x

Nyx Thu 11-Apr-13 15:41:44

Non tester who has already mentioned her house's dirty secrets, but would also like to say that if we were to be allowed a shot of a Karcher steam cleaner we would also use it on the underside of the wall cupboards in the kitchen. The reason the underside of the cupboard is so yucky is - am embarrassed to admit this, but you did want dirty secrets - because of the deep fat fryer we use to fry our chips. DH 'took agin' oven chips years ago and we fry ours, this means that the kitchen needs properly cleaned quite regularly. And I want a steam cleaner to do it with!

I have tried with a different steam implement (ok, it was a wallpaper steamer). I would really like to try a proper steam cleaner!

Marticol04 Thu 11-Apr-13 14:55:10

NOT A TESTER: All my dreams would come true to be able to steam clean behind the toilet and bathroom sink, My gorgeous little boy grew into a minging teenager smile

snowballinashoebox Thu 11-Apr-13 14:32:37

Non tester here and my dirty secret is the cupboard from hell in the kitchen.
It's one of those corner cupboards that you once carefully placed all your rarely used cake tins and random things which you never need and can't get to cos it's dark in there and you have to get down on hands and knees and bend your whole arm and body in, past cobwebs and scuttly things.

Last week I was brave enough to open it and found a bag of growing potatoesblush some of the roots were several feet long and they must have been there for a long time.... my useful housekeeping tip of the week is that a small cup of apple juice placed in cupboards nicely catches little black fruit fly things.

colette Thu 11-Apr-13 13:48:49

non tester- still hankering after one envy
The grouting on the bathroom floor tiles - it's as grey as the tiles !

non tester here. I have lots of dirty secrets but the primary one is my ensuite shower. Yuk sad I do have a water softener which helps enormously but even so the grout gets so mucky or even yucky. I cant reach the top of the shower cubicle easily so that grout has mould on I. I don't like using the strong cleaning products like viakal. They are good, but I would rather use elbow grease and steam.

Coconutfeet Thu 11-Apr-13 13:24:46

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

I find that I can get more cleaning done in the short time that I’ve got. Whereas before I might have just mopped the floor, I often give the cupboard fronts, hob etc and quick going over as well. It dries quickly too. I can give the bathroom a quick once-over much faster that I could previously as I’m not faffing with different equipment, which is really handy as I have to fit cleaning in while ds naps.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

It’s good on everyday dirt. The kitchen floor is visibly cleaner than when I do it with a mop and bucket.

I’ve been less impressed on bathroom limescale. We live in a very hard water area and I still need to use some kind of descaler to get rid of it.

We don’t have an oven hood.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

I found that, by improvising with an Ecloth over the larger attachment, the windows can be done really fast. We have a very sunny room which is particularly unforgiving and I had previously tried them with the microfibre cloth that was included and it was very smeary. I’m also more likely to do them as I don’t have to lug the steps out as I can easily reach with the longer handle.

I cleaned a dirty old plastic trike that had been left outside in all weathers and some children’s garden furniture and it loosened all the dirt very easily so I just had to wipe it down.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

I think it’s expensive especially as you have to buy extra cloths if you really want to get maximum use out of it. I’m not sure how well it compares with other steam cleaners. If someone cleaned a lot and they had a lot of money, I would as it is versatile, but with caveats.

starjules Thu 11-Apr-13 13:02:04

Non Tester here, my dirty secret is our kitchen. I have a 16 month old and a mental dog, they do not make for a clean floor. It was lovely until they both came along now my lovely beige tiles and white grout are brown. In fact I could just cry looking at it.

dahville Thu 11-Apr-13 12:52:07

What dirty secret does my home have? The whole thing!!! It's tidy enough but the shower stalls could definitely use a great big blast of steam, as could the hob, and the patio wondows!

katiewalters Thu 11-Apr-13 12:42:56

the bathroom floor is lino and always seems to be grimey, especially the corners which a normal mop doesnt clean very well, so could really do with a good steam clean

haveyouwashedyourhands Thu 11-Apr-13 12:42:11

Non-tester who'd love to win one: my kitchen is crying out for a deep clean and this'd be a massive help.

stripesorspots Thu 11-Apr-13 12:31:57

Non tester here envy my dirty secret is our shower cubicle. My dream would be to have another bathroom for guests which would never get used by the general family, which I could just keep spotless at all times. I am secretly pleased when I have friends staying who are short sighted and remove contact lenses/glasses before stepping into our shower!!

kissyfur Thu 11-Apr-13 12:27:53

Non tester here..,

My home has a few dirty secrets! One is the wooden floor in the dining room, swept occasionally but never mopped blush I would love to see what a steam clean would do to it!

Another is the grouting and sealant in the bathroom, it's got black mould which won't come out despite lots of scrubbing with v harsh chemicals. Maybe a steam cleaner could shift it?

MrsDeVere Thu 11-Apr-13 12:22:33

Non tester here too.
My 'dirty secret' or my 'monica's closet' <fans of Friends will know what that is) is my OH's wet room.

I am a clean freak. I am not a very good one but boy do I put the effort in. I am not what you would call a minimalist so my house is full of the usual stuff. However it is very clean.

My OH's wet room is another matter. It was put in as part of the adaptations needed to accommodate his disabilities. We also had a kitchen put in but by the time we got to the wet room he had a tantrum and refused to let me have a say in the decor. hmm

So what we are left with is a mess. It looks awful (even he has to admit it). I can't bear it in there so I don't use it. Because I don't use it, I don't clean it.

So it falls far below my bonkers standards. Unfortunately it is our only downstairs loo so is used by visitors.

I really need to learn to love it and the first step would be to give it a bloody good clean. Its all tiles and non-slip flooring so a steam cleaner would be ideal.

That and a total refit but I can't see that happening. The floor doesn't match the walls <shudder>

Sparklegeek Thu 11-Apr-13 12:13:48

Non tester here & one that would like to live up to my username grin

My biggest dirty secret has to be my oven. Oh my, I can't face it blush Luckily I don't have to put up with it for too much longer as we're moving in 3 weeks - but I do feel I should make a bit of an effort with it for our buyers.

Am not too sure whether the fact that I have four ovens in my new kitchen is a good or bad thing....

Callmecordelia Thu 11-Apr-13 12:10:10

Non tester.

Dirty little secret? The seals around the shower tray. I've tried and tried to shift the grime, and it doesn't lift sad.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Thu 11-Apr-13 12:03:06

My 'dirty little secret'? My son's room. He's a falconer, sometimes he has 'birds' home. Of the feathered variety. Need I say more?

Should be living room carpet, I clearly got away from myself in the excitement of telling such a thrilling tale!

Not a tester

Mine is the big black stain on the living when struggling 7m old DS kicked a bottle of banana antibiotic medicine while I was attempting to administer it. We now have a rather oddly placed playmat in front of the sofa, which is a bit surplus to requirements as he is now 3!

LillethTheCat Thu 11-Apr-13 10:00:14

After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?
It has been used for all the hard floor surfaces rather than a mop

Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.
1) yes the results were good
2) no as we had no limescale
3) yes it did really well

Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?
Windows. Made them very shiney.

If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

mindingalongtime Thu 11-Apr-13 09:07:11

Not a tester.

When the skirting boards need cleaning it's time to move.

My DF said, when he heard I'd bought a new oven, "why, was the old one dirty!" If something is too gross to clean, I do tend to chuck it out and bu a new one!

Keep painting over the mildew on the bathroom ceiling

Clothqueen Thu 11-Apr-13 07:54:30

Non tester here too. We have a room off the kitchen which is very hard to clean infarct I give up and don't even go there!I often wonder what the steam cleaner would make of it as a vocation and think it would find a great sense of fulfilment ! Lots of hard to get grime !

MildlyMiserable Thu 11-Apr-13 00:51:25

Non tester
Unfortunately as a long term arthritis sufferer my bathroom has suffered. Scrubbing tiles and the shower screen have been abandoned for a quick wipe.
An easy to use appliance to make them sparkle would be a great addition to this household!

TheOldestCat Wed 10-Apr-13 22:43:14

(not a tester)

My home's dirty secret? I am shortsighted but apart from TV watching, I never wear my glasses at home. If I can't see the cobwebs/child-and cat-generated muck/other filth, then THE DIRT DOESN'T EXIST.

If I win one of these fab steam cleaners, I will be able to wear my glasses at home and stop bumping into things.

ouryve Wed 10-Apr-13 21:15:28

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

Not really. The kids have been off school and I've not been able to use it with them round because I'm concerned about the safety. I'm more likely to bring it out for a good deep clean rather than use it for everyday cleaning.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

1) It did a good job of my floors - only the oldest, most ingrained stains remained on the ancient tiles. For once, the floor looked clean and not streaky.

2) I did. It didn't touch it. The wall tiles remained spotty. I et better results just spraying with vinegar and rinsing with the shower.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

While it was cooling down, I opened the back door to air the house and blasted the inside off the upvc frame. It took off all the nasty sticky half alive dirt that had accumulated a treat!

DH attacked the old, sticky, dusty venetian blind in the kitchen with it. It took ages and was a lot of work, but it's an improvement on what it was and means we can hold onto them for a little longer without being quite as embarrassed by them.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

I think it's a little pricey for what it achieves, but I might suggest it to someone with a particular problem.


Only DH had had chance to use it, by the time the first lot of questions had been asked, but I managed to use the one childfree day between receiving it and the holidays starting to have a go. I have mobility problems with my hands - my thumb joints have degenerated and have limited movement and i found it very difficult to hold onto it. The tube where the trigger is was a bit too big for me to grip comfortably (and without constantly setting it off, even when I didn't want steam) and there was nothing to stop it from slipping in my hands. I found myself pulling my hands up to the flexible tub to get comfortable and, unsurprisingly, that was HOT!

Iloveamerman Wed 10-Apr-13 21:03:29

Non tester here.
My dirty secret is around the edges of the kitchen floor, particularly the little gap between the washing machine and cupboard that I'm scared to stick my arm into, and between the fridge and the wall.

Crazybit Wed 10-Apr-13 20:36:28

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

It has in that if I see something that needs doing my first thought is 'can I steam clean it?!' I certainly use it for peace of mind on things sich as safety gates, door handles and the hichchair as I know it is sanitised.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

1) Yes, mainly excellent.
2) Yes, on the tiles where it has a thin layer of limescale was a lot more satisfying than thick limescale. i think it does need a good dose of vinegar to go with it.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

It does bring things up nice, espacially mirrors and stainless steel items. I am impressed with most surfaces after they've been steamed.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

Yes definitely, in fact I have a queue of people ready to borrow it, even my friend's mum is waiting!

mrsrat Wed 10-Apr-13 19:53:56

Non tester
My tip - if micro wave has exploded food in it which has hardened, put a jug of hot water with a slice of lemon in it and put in microwave on high for 5 minutes. Then just wipe around with kitchen towel and it will all come off

Jankinn Wed 10-Apr-13 19:01:01


Everywhere!! My 6 month old daughter has reflux and is sick around ten times a day... Its only milk and often I can't find where it has been afterwards. I've thought about sniffing round the house to try to find the sour-milk-sick patches, but then she got a horrible tummy bug and now I'm seriously in trouble. Yuk! I either need to move house or get this steam cleaner smile xx

HannahLI Wed 10-Apr-13 13:30:23

Our walk in shower is my dirty house secret, its a rented house and it was not clean when we moved in but i just dont have the right things to clean it and the dirt seems ingrained so I have just left it and left it! It needs a miracle! I am thankful that our visitors never see it!

mrswong Wed 10-Apr-13 11:33:45

Non-tester here.

Our hob/oven doesn't sit flush with the rest of the kitchen cabinets so bits of food/etc constantly fall through, and short of ripping the whole unit out, I can't get to it all! It's HORRIFYING the crap that's back there, I'm so happy we can't post photos on here or everyone would see my shame.

Forgetfulmog Wed 10-Apr-13 10:02:51

Not a tester but would like to be entered into the draw.

I think the grubbiest place must be behind the radiators. There is so much grime, dirt & dust there. I pride myself on being quite house proud but I just can't work out how to possibly clean behind there & I'm assuming a powerful steam cleaner would be just the thing!

AlfalfaMum Wed 10-Apr-13 09:36:32

I'd also love to steam clean the bathroom, especially the all the gunk low down behind the sink.

MissEleanorLavish Wed 10-Apr-13 09:31:13

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

Have done the floors a couple more times a week than normal (I'd usually leave it til I do all the housework) but not changed much else

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

1) the floor does feel clean when I've given it the once over with the steam cleaner, although it doesn't dry instantly. I still have to sweep/vac first though so it's not a quick job to do the floors and more cloths are absolutely necessary - the one given is soaking by the time I've done the kitchen and so I've had to fashion some out of some old towels.

2)it's ok on limescale, but it's not replaced Viakal by any stretch of the imagination. It's fine if I've got the cleaner in the bathroom anyway, but it's generally faster to just give the taps a quick spray/wipe

3) our cooker hood is so greasy that it's not made much difference - just moved the grease around

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

Our hob came up very well - although again I needed a lot of cloths!

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

I think it's expensive for what it is - if it was half the price I'd recommend it I'm sure, but at over £200 I think you'd have to be certain that you'd use it several times a week, and I'm worried that once the novelty of mine has worn off, it'll end up being a once a month thing. Still very happy to have it thoughsmile

Orianaj Tue 09-Apr-13 23:33:48

My place's dirty secret - the bathroom! Steamy hot showers leading to streamy, smeary, streaky tiles and a limescale ridden window. So it would be good to get all steamed up over a good steam clean

SlambangSweepstakeQueen Tue 09-Apr-13 21:30:44

Nah - beat you, Onehundred wink

SlambangSweepstakeQueen Tue 09-Apr-13 21:29:05

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

Yes. I have not got the mop out once. It makes floors easier and cleaner. V good.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like:
1) everyday dirt - Well the everyday dirt in our house is fairly hardcore mud, dog hair and spillages. It needs removing not just steaming, so the steamer on its own would never replace brushes, hoovers and cloths. The steamer for me is really more of a post-clean sterilise. For cleaning around in general it's fine but after cleaning an area the steamer cloth gets sodden and drips. It needs to be regularly rinsed out (and it's bloody hot!). I've found manoeuverability difficult in small spaces (downstairs loo, bathrooms) so it ends up being a bit of a faff. Much better for the bigger floor spaces.

2) limescale in the bathroom - we're in quite a soft water area so not much limescale but the small detail brush did great shakes round the taps and rust stains under the shower pipe things. I'm afraid it didn't make a big difference to the slightly smeary shower screen.
3) tough grease from the oven hood. - disappointing. I spent hours going over and over that goddamed hood with every attachment (and it wasn't that greasy to start with). It did eventually remove most of the grease (which inevitably all ended in a greasy puddles on the worktops and hob) but it didn't make the oven hood shiny sparkly clean which I'd been hoping for. It was still sticky to the touch. I'm afraid I've gone back to strong chemicals which have had a far better effect with much less effort in much less time.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

All the floors (wood, tiled and laminate) outstanding results and great to know that it's actually hygienic and not just wet.

Grouting on bathroom tiles (we have a mosaic strip with loads of fiddly gaps) - the small detail brush was more effective than anything else I've tried including toothbrushes.

I also took a risk and went over a grubby white wool rug (after a thorough hoovering) with the hand brush. The rug looked the cleanest and freshest it had for years and much less soggy than after a carpet shampoo.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

Not for the current cost of £200-odd. Frankly, when I compare it with my Dyson (I know it's not the same function but the cost is in the same region) it just feels a bit cheaper in terms of power, versatility and usefulness. It seems like it will only be (for me) a very nice, quite handy optional extra rather than essential tool.

OneHundredSecondsofSolitude Tue 09-Apr-13 20:45:02

Do I win an extra prize for Longest Post So Far?

OneHundredSecondsofSolitude Tue 09-Apr-13 20:44:07


~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

I would like to say I'm cleaning more often, truth is I'm not really, but the cleaning I do do is quicker and more effective I think. A proper clean rather than a quick wipe

~ Have you tried the iSteam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like:

1) everyday dirt

It was very good on the Lino floors in the kitchen and bathroom. Very good for a quick swipe over cupboard doors,things where the cloth is over the brush were best. I was less impressed with dusty things, you just get wet dust which then needs wiping away, much as a damp cloth would have done perfectly well. Things like the fluffy, awkward bits behind the loo or under the pipes under the washbasin. I thought it would be great here but again just damp fluff

2) limescale in the bathroom

We are in a very hard water area and do have A LOT of limescale. We also moved last year and inherited some really ingrained limescale. The karcher didn't touch this, but then nothing has. A think if it was used regularly to swipe over the tiles / shower screen it would probably keep the limescale at bay.

3) tough grease from the oven hood.

We don't have an oven hood. I tried it on the door, it wasn't very good. it was effective on the tiles behind the cooker which get splattered and greasy. Also v good on our glass hob which gets really quite mucky

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

It was great at blasting little tiny books and cracks, where parts of the dishwasher or fridge meet, or where the sink meets the work top, the stuff it got out of there made even me raise my eyebrows

I used it on a polished goatskin satchel that a can of diet coke popped in, leaving a deep tide mark all around the bottom. It certainly faded the stain, and whereas I didn't want to use chemicals on it I was happy to give steam a whirl. It didn't adversely effect the leather

I also used it on the chicken coop, and am very excited at the prospect of blasting any red mite we might get in the summer (a nasty bloodsucking bug that infests cracks and is hard to get rid of)

I've been de-dusting houseplants plants too, it's good for that

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

It depends. If they were slovenly like me, doing the bare minimum only when required, probably not. But someone who does a regular whip around everything, before it Goes Beyond I think it would be very good for that person and would recommend it. It's fun to use, it's quick, it's no more effort to get out than mop, spray, dusters etc. if you are a cleaning type I think you'd love it

i aim to become that person. The karcher is definitely helping me, in that once it's out it's easy to do everything, rather than just doing the floor and leaving the surfaces or just the tiles but not the floor iyswim

WildThong Tue 09-Apr-13 20:08:54

After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?
Yes it has. I used to clean upstairs one day then downstairs next day, now I get the steam cleaner out and do what I can with it all at once eg bathrooms, hard floors, worktops etc, then doing the remaining non steam stuff the next day.

Have you tried the steam cleaner on any of the following?
1. Everyday dirt?
Yes, the windows came up really clean although as I dont have a squeegee they were a bit wetter than normal so I had to give them a good buff up.

2. Lime scale in the bathroom?
Yes, I have chrome fittings and they get cloudy with residue, they are now sparkling!

3. Tough grease from the oven hood?
My oven hood is pretty new so it wasn't too bad and it cleaned up well.

Is there anywhere else that you have used the cleaner and been impressed?
Really brilliant for cleaning floor tile grout and shower grout particularly as no bleach etc required.
I steam cleaned the stainless steel splash back behind the oven and for the first time in ages it is clean and streak free, just needed a little buff.
I also successfully steamed a couple of really old stains out of the living room carpet and I steamed my orchid (not a euphemism) from a distance of about a foot - it is quite old and was looking dry and tired but it has had a new lease of life with a few puffs of steam every few days.

Yes I would recommend it as its a handy thing to have, I'm sure I will get a lot of use out of it as we get to know each other better.

Doogle2 Tue 09-Apr-13 20:02:23

Non tester here. I would love to use this to reach the tiles around the back of my toilet! It's a hands and knees job and I never get it to look naice. Will be good to get it sparkling whilst standing up!

CharlotteBronteSaurus Tue 09-Apr-13 18:21:56

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

I am cleaning the bathroom floor more often! I have put the mop away, and am using the Kärcher instead on all hard floors.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like:
1) everyday dirt
I assume floors count here? I have found it fine on tiled flooring, and really good on laminate. I seem to put in less effort than when mopping, and the floors are drier.

2) limescale in the bathroom
It's ok on limescale - no better/worse than conventional cleaning. I have to buff chrome/tiles with a microfibre cloth to get them shiny after using the Kärcher, so may as well just clean with a microfibre.

3) tough grease from the oven hood.
Didn't shift this. I am happy to accept that my cooker hood is dirtier than average though.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

It's been best on floors, grout, and a few niggly corners in the bathroom that would otherwise need scrubbing with a toothbrush.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

To be honest, I think for the price, the effect is not good enough for me to recommend it. However, I am converted to steam cleaning the floor, and if someone had lots of wood/laminate, I probably would recommend that they get a steam mop of some sort, perhaps a simpler, cheaper one.

SqueakyCleanNameChange Tue 09-Apr-13 18:06:46

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

I'll definitely be using it for the kitchen floor in future. It's only the same amount of work as using a mop, and it gets much better results, really truly clean.

Also I'll get it out once a week for spot cleaning upholstery stains etc - I'm just about to have a go at a single stain on DD's wool coat which I CBA to take to the drycleaners.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

1) great, especially in little nooks and crannies
2) I have really really hard water, and was a bit disappointed; it's not much cop on tiles and shower screen, it needs a lot of vinegar or scrubbing or both, but good on funny little angles - acheived a bit of progress on the pongy limescale round the lip of the poorly designed toilet bowl.
3) had a go, but results not great. Better on metal than on glass/wood/tiles though - it's something to do with thermal conductivity I guess.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

We have some velvet upholstery and it's taken the miscellaneous stains off very nicely. Ditto the random felt tip mark in the middle of DS's bedroom floor.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

Yes for floor cleaning - especially if they had pets, and if they could afford the outlay.

schilke Tue 09-Apr-13 17:53:08

Non-tester. My secret (actually not that secret - plainly obvious) grimy place is the shower. I spend ages scrubbing at the grouting and it doesn't look any better. Would love a steam cleaner to let loose on this area.

Apologies for my c&p post. Clumsy fingers.

wehavearaspberry Tue 09-Apr-13 17:02:20

As a non-tester, I would like the opportunity to let one of these loose on the 'secret' cupboard under the sink in the bathroom. With our firstborn due in the next month visitors are more likely to unofficially inspect the home for cleanliness. Following the bathroom being redecorated 4 years ago, all we had left to do was box in and put doors on the cupboard under the sink. Needless to say other priorities got in the way, and a painted piece of MDF was duly temporarily placed in front. Upon recent inspection, in preparation for 'nesting', it is fair to say that the walls and inners of this cupboard closer resembled a scene from Grimebusters as opposed to the sanctum of cleanliness that the inlaws will expect for their grandson! A steam cleaner sounds like the perfect answer!

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how? 

A little. I now do all the floors once a week with it instead of mopping.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

With everyday dirt it really just makes things wet. They still need wiped so it adds more work I find.

It took a few goes to get the grease off. But although slower than using a spray, the lack of chemicals needed was good.

I dont have any limescale, but I did use it on a particularly dirty area near the door. Hard to reach dirt in a very small space was blasted out nicely.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

Kitchen cupboard doors and stubborn stains on a lino floor.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not? 

I would reccommend. However, I feel that the price is a bit high. I dont think this is an everyday tool for me. More an occasional deep clean tool. The main benefit is cleaning the floors without chemicals knowing my baby can start crawling on clean floors.

MyMamaToldMe Tue 09-Apr-13 16:56:58

~After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

Yes, I now have a gadget which I use as much as possible for cleaning to save on using chemicals. There are still some areas that need the chemicals, but as much as possible I will use the steam cleaner.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like:

1) everyday dirt
Good results - cleans everyday dirt really well (more ingrained dirt, not so well)

2) limescale in the bathroom
So far not very impressed with the results. I expected more. There is a bit of a limescale deposit on the bath taps, and there still is. The steamer did nothing to shift this.

3) tough grease from the oven hood.
Again, not as impressed. The tough strains didn't shift. I'm not sure if the stains would have shifted after repeated use, but they certainly didn't after a very thorough going over the 1st time I used it.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

My laminate flooring came up lovely and clean (but did take a while to dry which I found really disappointing as I was really excited by the advert, thinking I don't have to stress about my DH, DD or cats walking on the floor. But actually I did).

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

I would be hesitant at the price, especially after watching the ads. I was expecting a miracle worker! I would perhaps offer for a friend or family member to try it out first and then let them make up their minds.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try the device out. We will be using it as much as possible, and I love the fact we will not be using as many checmical products.

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Tue 09-Apr-13 16:56:30

After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

I clean more often! Strange but true. I don't think I was much of a minger before, but in particular with regards the kitchen floor (3 DCs, one mucky hound), it is so much easier to get the Karcher out and clean the floor that way, rather than filling a bucket with flash and using a mop. Particularly as the floor dries so quickly afterwards.

Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.
(1) Every dirt, particularly on the floors - both wooden and tiles. So easy and both come up a treat. The tiled walls in the bathrooms too - soap scum comes off really easily with no scrubbing and the long handle makes it easy for a titch like me to reach the ceiling.
(2) Limescale in the bathroom - depends quite how bad it is. We live in a hardwater area and I've had limited success. I tried using limescale remover first and leaving it for a few minutes before attacking it with the little brush. It did get some of it off, but not all of it, and the brush is quite hard so you do have to be careful not to rub too hard on the taps as the "silver" bit is wearing a bit thing hmm. Putting a cloth over the end of the brush does stop you rubbing excessively though.
(3) I have to be honest and say my cooker hood isn't very dirty. It is made of glass so I have to keep it fairly clean anyway or it just looks vile. It worked wonders on the inside glass of the oven door, though.

Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?
The front path - tiled Victorian - came up beautifully. I thought the tiles were beige: turns out they're white!
We also used it on the outside woodwork and window sills very successfully though you do have to be a little careful not to use full power as the paint bubbles.
Also, as DH pointed out, using it on the cold glass of the windows (particularly "old" windows) might not be a good idea as the glass might well crack with the temperature difference.

If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?
I would, because it is just so easy to clean with it, and you can clean so many things whilst it is out, rather than gathering together different cleaning implements (mops, brushes, whatever).
As an asthma/allergy sufferer, not having to use chemicals can only be a benefit too.
Initially I wasn't convinced as it isn't cheap, but having used it extensively for a fortnight (not a day has gone by without my using it for something!) I now wouldn't want to live without it!

So it's a YES from me!

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how? 

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not? 

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

It's changed a little, I wouldn't say massively to be honest. It's quicker to clean the floor, so I do it more often now.

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

1) Yes. Great results. It's been brilliant.
2) No, it's not something we have an issue with
3) Not the cooker hood, but certainly the door of the oven. You know when the grease gets kinda baked on? It was rubbish. Absolutely no help there whatsoever

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

Nothing else jumps out at me.

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

I would, but as long as they hadn't just seen the advert. The advert seems kinda misleading (not too sure if right word) the floor doesn't dry quick enough for kids to crawl on it, let alone eat a fallen biscuit! Also, it just didn't do what I thought it would.

That being said, I still love it. We are moving soon, so I think we'd get even more use when we do. We'll be going to tiled flooring.

jacobsyummymummy Tue 09-Apr-13 16:03:46

not a tester, but am a lone woman in a house of lads.... the one thing that isn't used often enough by any of them is the shower... HOWEVER because showers are infrequent they seem to save up the grime and filth which always seems to congeal around the glass shower panel where the grime builds up...particularly around the rubber seals.... I hate cleaning the grunge - (sometimes with a sharp instrument!) completely gross

Filibear Tue 09-Apr-13 15:57:05

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AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 09-Apr-13 14:43:58

Testers Thanks for continuing to test out the Kärcher steam cleaner.

Kärcher have asked us to say: “We would like to thank all of you for your insightful feedback so far, your views have been very interesting and we’ve picked up on a two popular suggestions, about the clarity of instructions and number of cloths included, we are now looking into how we can realise these recommendations.”

Here are the final questions for you to answer now that you’ve had a bit longer to use the steam cleaner:

~ After a few uses, has your Steam Cleaner changed your cleaning regime at all? If so, how?

~ Have you tried the Steam Cleaner out on any of the following? If so, please tell us what the results were like: 1) everyday dirt 2) limescale in the bathroom 3) tough grease from the oven hood.

~ Is there anywhere else that you've used the Steam Cleaner where you've been impressed with the results?

~ If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Kärcher steam cleaner to a friend or family member or not?

If you’re not an official tester but you’d like another chance to get a steam cleaner (RRP: £219.99) for yourself then please share on this thread where in your house could really benefit from a bit of a deep-steam-clean. What’s your home’s ‘dirty secret’ – the place where you’ve let the grime build up and now can’t bare to look at? Where would you most want to use the steam cleaner?


Moneypennyf2 Tue 09-Apr-13 14:42:29

My dirty secret is that we live in a 600 year old house with solid wooden floors. I am not sure they have ever had a really deep clean blush and with 2 kittens and a baby on the way it would be lovely to think that the floor was really clean and hygenic for the baby to use!


~ Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?

Yep, really easy. Instructions were a bit vague, the diagrams were pants, but to be fair its pretty self explanatory.

~ Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?

Tiles, grout, oven, floors, mattress, window frames, patio doors, dogs bed, car blush

~ What were your impressions from the first few uses?

Awesome on tiles and grout. Rubbish on the oven. Heats up quickly, fun to use.

~ What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a Steam cleaner?

Floor tiles. The grout has gone from black to white! When I moved in I just assumed it was black grouting <shameful>

Crazybit Mon 08-Apr-13 22:19:12

I'm loving my steamer. I did a burnt pan today.I also did my bin, and tried it on a school uniform but that didn't work.

Lurleene Mon 08-Apr-13 20:31:37

Not a tester, but I am the proud owner of a brand spanking new kitchen, completed on Friday, and I would love to keep it looking like it does now. As for my dirty secret - every other room in the house, including a 16 year old's bedroom - I hold my breath before I enter.

mum2jakie Sat 06-Apr-13 20:08:30

Not a lucky tester, sadly.

My dirty secret is pretty much my whole house, embarrassingly enough. The worst area is the bathroom, where grime -and the unmentionables- collect around the base of the toilet and sink. I really should be on one of those programmes set to shame people with dirty houses! sad

The silicone sealant around the bath is also beyond the rescue of any cleaner that I've tried as yet.

Amma2010 Sat 06-Apr-13 17:14:09

Not a tester.

I have a toddler who keeps messing the floor up with food etc. so my laminate floor will definitely benefit with a karcher steam cleaner. And also the floor and wall tiles in the bathroom for suresmile

Cherrybright Fri 05-Apr-13 22:29:50

Non tester here too. Mine is the bathroom tiles and the limescale on the taps. They are gross.... I didnt clean them when I had a new born and now time has passed. I attempt to clean them and give up.... ( i need one of these cleaners!)

FannyFifer Fri 05-Apr-13 16:47:12

When does the award for biggest slattern get announced then?

SamraLee Fri 05-Apr-13 16:17:58

Non tester.

My living room carpet has had to bear the brunt of me being a first time mum. It's lived through learning that we must use a mat when changing DD on it have the lovely pee and poo spots to prove it and lots of food being squished and squashed on and into it because we never put anything under her highchair blush when she eats. Now that she's starting to cruise lots of other things are being thrown onto it and it's starting to look like it could use a good clean despite daily vacuuming.

slambang Fri 05-Apr-13 12:59:51

Tester testing.

Has anyone else mentioned the open water filler tank? Why on earth is there no little rubber cap on it to stop toddlers dropping biscuits and lego into the water tank when it's switched off?

It's a pity Karcher don't recommend essential oils or something because I do miss the clean smell. I know I know - I've just been conditioned to expect the smell through the power of advertising etc and it is 99.9% clean without chemicals. But I like that smell and it masks the smell of dog for 5 minutes.

Dear Karcher - I know I'm norty I'm defeating the object of steam cleaning but if I want smell would it be better to use essential oil or an alcohol-based scent (was thinking lemon-scented cologne)? I don't want to bugger up my cleaner with gunk.

Love Slambang


The tiling behind the downstairs loo always gets overlooked... in fact any tiling doesn't get donetoo much and winning a steam cleaner would be a great help to me! wink

How do you get to be a 'tester' I wonder?

tigerlilygrr Fri 05-Apr-13 12:41:29

Non tester here. My dirty secret is the windows, we have never cleaned them in the thirteen months since we moved in and I would bet money that the previous owners didn't bother either. Some of them have window security grilles so it will be a fiddly job!

AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 05-Apr-13 12:25:40

A few of you have been asking about using aromatic oils in the Steam Cleaner. Kärcher wanted to contact to say:

"Kärcher would not encourage adding aromatherapy oils to the steam cleaner as the units are designed to kill 99.99% of bacteria and clean deeper without any chemicals using just tap water."

lindsey3uk Fri 05-Apr-13 01:01:47

Non tester

My dirty secret is my skirting boards. I hope that people won't look down too much when they come in my house but over 3 years of having children constantly bumping into them with certain ride-on, scooting toys they would certainly benefit from a good old steam clean.

Siri1 Thu 04-Apr-13 22:58:09

Non-tester here
It started with the morning sickness...bending over to clean to tiles and base in the shower was pointless as id get the urge to heave-ho pronto. Later in the pregnancy my girth has increased to a point where the logistics of reaching the now mouldy lower tiles was too much to contemplate... However, I'll be expecting many visitors after the the arrival of the little one...but I can feel the shame of an unclean shower burning on my (slightly puffy) cheeks. Only a karcher steam cleaner can save me now!

Madamy I did stairs and landing carpet with the hand tool (no cloth on though). I didn't use a cloth after, just left it to dry. It brought all sorts of crap up to the surface which I just hoovered up once it was dry. I did the same with my rugs.

madamy Thu 04-Apr-13 21:17:58

Those of you who have done carpets, did you do the whole thing or just dirty bits? Which tool did you use and did you need a cloth to dab up the dirty bits?

Forgot to add - the 2 cloths which were included are now a horrible dirty grey colour (even after numerous boil washes). I think there ought to be more than just the 2 included in the box.

Does anyone know if you can buy spares of the little cloth which goes on the hand tool?

Sorry, only just got around to doing this, I've been too busy steaming things grin

~ Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?

I found it very easy to set up, the instructions were ok for setting it up although it was quite self-explanatory anyway, but I thought they were pretty useless at telling you how to work it and what you could use it for etc.

~ Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?

I've steamed LOTS! If it didn't move, it got steamed! I've done tiles, bath, showers, toilets, sinks, oven hood, hob, benches, curtains, glossed woodwork (doors and skirtings), carpets, rugs, mirrors, windows, kitchen cupboard doors, laminate floor, lino.

~ What were your impressions from the first few uses?

I was very impressed. My carpets and rugs have come up lovely, infact the rugs look brand new! It is so easy and quick to use, the bathrooms are clean and sparkly in less than half the time I usually spend scrubbing. I can't believe how brilliant it is on windows, no streaks and I can actually see through them now!

~ What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a Steam Cleaner?

Bathrooms, definitely (see above). Closely followed by windows. I usually spend ages polishing the windows so that they don't look all streaky as soon as the sun comes out. Using the steam cleaner, I don't need to polish at all, just a quick wipe over with a microfibre cloth after steaming, and they are perfect.

I honestly love this machine, DH and I have been fighting over who is going to use it grin. Working full time (sometimes away from home too) means I don't have much spare time as it is and really hated spending most of that time on cleaning. This makes it so much easier and quicker, it's just fabulous!

Boggler Thu 04-Apr-13 20:43:30

Non tester here.

I'd like to put it to work on my oven its like the black hole of Calcutta at the moment. If it copes with that next would be my shower cubicle and my kitchen foot that gets loads of sticky baby food bits stuck to it and then it's nearly impossible to get the concrete bits off.

pleasestoptalking Thu 04-Apr-13 20:39:09

Non tester

I am mum to 3 small children, one of whom is a 4-year-old boy who is easily distracted and likes impressing his sisters with the tricks he can do whilst wee-ing. "Look no hands!" is the mildest.
We are in serious need of a steam cleaner.

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Thu 04-Apr-13 19:41:59

Also DD's highchair hasn't been so clean in a long time blush. The bonus was once I had blasted all of the crud out of the nooks and crannies I just changed the head and mopped it all off the floor. No faffing with a separate mop.

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Thu 04-Apr-13 19:38:19

More feedback. It is finally warm enough to steam my windows without breaking them and Wow! I've never cleaned the windows so fast. My biggest problem was the squeegy leaving marks grin. They were done in a third of the time and a fraction of the paper towels. The only complaint is the hose gets to hot to hold.

Also I used the upholstery brush (with cloth) to freshen up DS's down jacket and it looks much better with out damaging the down in the washing machine. (he's an active 5 year old who get grubby sitting quietly, with this prolonged cold spell his winter coat hasn't stood a chance of staying clean!)

Littleorangetree Thu 04-Apr-13 19:33:45

The area of kitchen floor under my cat's food dishes leaves alot to be desiderd in the cleanliness stakes... blush

chrisrobin Thu 04-Apr-13 19:08:14

Non tester

My dirty secret is our motorhome. I have just been in it, it has been off the road for about 6 mths, and realised it is very dirty. It never gets a proper clean as we are either in it on holiday or just back from holiday and not in the mood. The bathroom (which is an all in one job with a shower tray in the floor) could do with a good clean in all its nooks, so could to toilet- which for reasons which escape me has decorative indents which collect dirt.

magentastardust Thu 04-Apr-13 18:29:44

Non tester here

My dirty secret (blush) is my shower room -really needs a lot more elbow grease on the tiles and shower area than I have been giving it-I would be mortified if I had guest to stay at the moment-a steam cleaner would be a total boost and godsend. 3 children mean I am spending less time on cleaning than I should be!

attachmentmummy Thu 04-Apr-13 18:11:56

I have been totally sucked in by the TV ad for these!! Our house is a mass of smeared food, spilt drinks, scattered cat litter, fur balls, and cat food spillages. I am sure this could help with all of that!!

As for the hidden bits, hmm, well just don't look in the corners of the ceilings or the windows at all the yucky cobwebs, eurgh!

Salmon8 Thu 04-Apr-13 16:40:59

Non tester here.

My dirty secret is the children's (girls) bedroom floor. Our 4 year old daughter is fascinated with making "potions" and gets everything she can get her hands on (secretly) This consists of toothpaste, shower gel, makeup, paint, talcum powder, body shimmer .... The list goes on. She then PAINTS !!!! (secretly again) the bedroom carpet. I have scrubbed it with all sorts of cleaning products to no avail. I think a steam cleaner would definitely help this smile

madamy Thu 04-Apr-13 16:23:17

Sorry, tester coming bit late to this thread what with RL getting in the way!

~ Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?

Easy to set up but didn't really the instructions as they made it all a bit complicated.

~ Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?

Everywhere! Tiled kitchen floor, sink in kitchen, cooker hood and hob, units, tiled bathroom floor, around bath, loo and sink, some mildewy bits around UPvc windows. Grimey house obviously!

~ What were your impressions from the first few uses?

Its not made a huge impression tbh. I thought it would change my life lol! Everywhere quite wet once steamed and needs a good wipe with a cloth to stop streaks. Good for hardto reach places and around bath. Really good on floor around toilet, got some vile smelling stuff out, boak! The 2 terry cloths got dirty really quickly and the little brush attachment already looks worn.

~ What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a steam cleaner?

The hard to reach parts, nooks and crannies. Moulded kitchen cupboard doors look great now. Not tried in on carpet yet.

MTBMummy Thu 04-Apr-13 16:22:14

Non Tester here, and our dirtiest secret has to be our bathroom, it's got no ventilation, so gets really steamy especially in this cold weather, and as a result we have an awful mould problem, when we have guests over we literally have to get a ladder out and scrub the ceiling to get rid of the black marks, thankfully the tiles are a bit easier, but the only thing that gets rid of it is about 2 hours of elbow grease, and then in 2 weeks it's back to square one sad

MyMillsBaby Thu 04-Apr-13 15:44:26

I'm not a tester but we could sure use this in our house. It's rented (from our friends) and I'm scared to give it back to them! The bathroom needs a proper seeing to! Hard with a young baby!

nancerama Thu 04-Apr-13 15:00:53

Non tester with loads of dirty secrets!

I have beautiful quarry tiles in my kitchen, but although I sweep every day and mop a couple of times a week, they really could do with a proper deep clean. My 69 year ld mother puts me to shame with a hot soapy bucket and a scrubbing brush, but I really need to find a lazy method (aside from doing nothing, which is my preferred lazy method).

Punkatheart Thu 04-Apr-13 14:53:55

Blimey. I have a really tall hallway with the's part of the thatched part of the house. I cannot reach the oldest, mankiest, largest set of cobwebs I have ever seen. That's my dirty secret!

trice Thu 04-Apr-13 13:10:34

The grout in my shower is full of mould. I have tried baking powder poultices and lake land mould treatment but it needs cutting away with a Stanley knife and replacing. I don't trust myself not to end up in a&e so have been putting it off.

Mouseface Thu 04-Apr-13 12:55:55

If you're not an official tester but you'd like another chance to get a steam cleaner (RRP: £219.99) for yourself then please share on this thread where in your house could really benefit from a bit of a deep-steam-clean. What's your home's 'dirty secret' ? the place where you've let the grime build up and now can't bear to look at? Where would you most want to use the steam cleaner?

I'm afraid to say that it would be the festering Bio Hazard we currently have upstairs, aka my 14 year old DD's bedroom! blush

It's a room that not many dare enter, in fact, it tends to just be other teen girls so maybe they are immune to the dangerous gasses emanating from the various piles of 'clothing' and 'things' abandoned around said room.

Occasionally, I will open the door, hold my breath and grab the laundry basket out, hoping to see something in there to be washed and rescued. These once 'I have to have it' loved items of fashion are cleaned with love and care, then returned to the Room of Doom, to await their fate.


You see, we struck a deal, (as I did with my parents at around the same age), something along the lines of it's her own private space and therefore, if she keeps it clean and tidy, (you know, dusts or wet wipes the surfaces, vacs the floor and gives it mop each week), the she can have £5.00. I did push my luck by suggesting that in order to do the aforementioned, she'd have to pick her clothes and general tat other belongings up off the floor first but alas, no £5 notes have been issued for some time now sad

But as a teen I recall this being a compulsory task, not a chance to earn pocket money. It was a 'do it or else' kind of deal, which I suppose, doesn't really make it a deal does it? hmm grin

<sprays Detol on to the thread as not to contaminate>

coorong Thu 04-Apr-13 12:22:12

god the sofa and the carpet in the front room - I daren't think of the stuff lurking in the cushions after various bouts of illness by DDs ... and the oven - ...... do NOT look at our oven .... or in the car - the carpets / carseat - again victims of my eldest daughter;s eagerness to recylce the contents of her stomach ....

BeCool Thu 04-Apr-13 09:50:31

My toddler (nearly 2) creates filth in her wake everywhere. I confess to not cleaning the wall by the table where she eats as often as I could. Sometimes it feels pointless.
And what is the special ingredient in porridge that makes it so sticky and spready - I find it everywhere sad

vincenta Thu 04-Apr-13 09:08:47

Non_testersmile I try to do my best and clean as much as possible, but my oven is far from clean. As I cook all our meals, most snacks and desserts from scratch, and I don't have dishwasher, it take ages to wash all dishes, clean worktop and hob and usually there is no time to clean oven properly too....

noscat Thu 04-Apr-13 08:42:05

Non tester. My dirty secrets aren't really that secret - with three cats, a dog and miscellaneous teenagers in and out of the house it's just a losing battle. Fur felts the furniture, with this wet muddy winter and spring the floor seems permanently covered in mud. Sadly my slatternly ways are obvious to all!

LeonieDeSainteVire Thu 04-Apr-13 08:13:44

Another non tester!

Dirty secret? Undoubtedly the shower cubicle! I have no idea how it gets so disgusting especially round the tracks and sealant. If I don't get a steam cleaner I shall have to try the naked with vinegar tip mentioned above! And you wouldn't want that would you?

Second worse place? The grouting on the tiles around the loo (small boys in this house!) it's grim and I have scrubbed and scrubbed. Could steam shift it?

Kittycatcat Thu 04-Apr-13 08:13:23

No tester

Where to begin... I'm allergic to housework in the sense that I hate it. If there's something else to do I will do it. I recently cleaned the oven after at least two years. It was vile. Dirt gathers under the entrance mat in the hall. The garden is accessed from the living room so summer is a nightmare. The much that comes in means dh is always sweeping. Help us definitely needed.

TheTempest Thu 04-Apr-13 08:08:15

I just typed a long reply and lost it. Flipping phone.

I was going to say the playroom as it has a former incarnation as a puppy room and never seems to be properly clean. Having said that though we have been in this house for a year, and I've not cleaned the oven yet so maybe that should be my dirty secret!

My sister has a steam cleaner and raves about it, I'd love to know what the fuss is about!

MsGee Thu 04-Apr-13 07:15:13


Where would I use a steam mop ... hmmmn... MN has had me dreaming over the idea of a steam mop for some time so I know this one!

- hallway and under stairs. For some reason it is always filthy, with mud from shoes, scooters and manages to combine this with great big bits of fluff that gather there. It annoys me on a daily basis and I would love to clean it every day, just so it doesn't keep irritating me. A steam mop would be the incentive to do this grin

- oven ... I haven't cleaned my oven since we moved in. It bothers me quite a lot that it has the grease and grime of the previous person there. blush

- bathrooms. This might sound quite sad but as DH does all the difficult cleaning (bathrooms, kitchens etc.) I would quite like to tackle these myself and have them all shiny so he doesn't have to spend his weekend cleaning.

starfishmummy Thu 04-Apr-13 00:08:07

Non tester.

Where to start - the whole house needs a blitz. But toilet training is ongoing so the smallest room probably (probably? Who am I kidding?) needs the biggest clean!

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Wed 03-Apr-13 23:51:23

Non tester

My shower door is especially grubby as is the grouting. I mostly ignore it but when a friend phoned last week to ask if she could have an emergency shower as her boiler had stopped working I noticed just how skanky it was

Silverlace Wed 03-Apr-13 22:20:29

I was looking at my baking trays the other day and wondering why, despite cleaning them well after each use they still change colour and look dirty. I would love to see if they can look as good as new again.

While I had the cleaner in the kitchen I would give the extractor and under the units a good clean.

Bean74 Wed 03-Apr-13 21:50:33

I'm a non-tester. Grimmest area in our house has to be behind the sink plinth in the kids' bathroom, sticky with grime, dust & cat fur - bleurgh!

likesnowflakesinanocean Wed 03-Apr-13 21:44:49

non tester, despite the fact that i brush and mop the floor i always forget to do behind the door so there is a gathering of dust and treasures the dog has hid soon as tge door is openedblush

oops just discovered a truly grim one - behind the unit that houses our tv, wii. dvd player etc my son appears to have spilt orange juice more than once without mentioning it. nice sticky mess to clear up.

Fast Wed 03-Apr-13 21:37:36

Non-tester here

We live in a hard-water area but that is still no excuse for the state of our shower. Clearly the designer of our shower stall had never actually had to clean one - tiny tracks that are impossible to get your hand in to scrub but just large enough to collect muck. Up to now the only way I've found to give it all a good clean is to get in there, naked, and armed with a catering-sized jug of white vinegar. The problem with that is then the upstairs of our house smells like Harry Ramsden's for days afterwards.

LaTristesse Wed 03-Apr-13 21:18:25

I'm not a tester but would love to see what a Kärcher Steam Cleaner would make of that disgusting area on the 'husband's side of the bed'.
It's foul, I don't go round there. In between his floordrobe and the jumble of wires and gadgets near the plug socket the cat has been sick at least once and Kleenex appear to be breeding. Personally I'd like to torch the lot, but given that I have to share the bedroom that's probably not wise, but steam cleaning...there's an idea!

steffibabes Wed 03-Apr-13 20:56:31

I am also not a tester. I had my kitchen done a few years ago. Then one day my lovely new kitchen cupboards fell off the wall scaring my mother who was just about to go and make yummy lasagne sad . ( I digress) Anyway, the carnage that ensued, broken bottles of vinegar, oil etc were spread over the kitchen floor. It all splatted up onto the plinths and I have never managed to get them clean. if you choose me, Karcher, that is the first place I would try to use the steam cleaner.

danmoore00 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:47:05


I have just noticed the grime behind the bathroom door and admit that I can't remember when I cleaned that last - that would be perfect for a zap with the Karcher steam cleaner. Think my oven would lovevthe steam-cleaner too as it's not been clean & shiny for years!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Wed 03-Apr-13 20:42:35

Non tester here (though I was very keen to try!).

Like so many others my oven is my dirtiest not very well kept secret. I am scared of the chemicals in most of the cleaning products and those with less of the chemicals just don't seem to be up to the job. I think I'm going to pay one of the specialist companies to do it for me.

Other than that, the tops of the kitchen cupboards could probably do with a very good clean (I've stopped looking so don't really know how bad they are) and if I was able to pull the washing machine, fridge and freezer up there is a massive amount of dust that could be cleared.

LentilAsAnything Wed 03-Apr-13 20:28:09

Not a tester! I'd love a really good deep clean of the kitchen. I think kitchens need to be the most hygienic place in the home. Ours gets a bit messy as toddler DS is a keen cook, and an even keener mess-maker. Please help me! smile

DairyNips Wed 03-Apr-13 20:23:32

Non Tester here.
I would have to say my dirty secret is my oven, i hardly ever clean it and it is a disgrace! 3 kids and a dog are partly to blame. My kitchen tiles and cooker hood could also do with a freshen up!
I'd love to own one of these and be able to tackle these areas!

Puppypoppet Wed 03-Apr-13 20:17:48

Non tester here.

Dirty secrets in our house - quite a few as I don't devote as much time as I should to cleaning. Areas include blinds in front room (horizontal ones) such a faff to clean, oven, underneath beds, on top of kitchen cupboards and velux windows in sunroom as so high up. Also had dormer conversion last year so upstairs windows need doing outside debating whether to clean them myself or get a window cleaner to do it!

Babycarmen Wed 03-Apr-13 20:16:46

I have 2 dirty secrets.. shame
The tiles in my upstairs bathroom.. I have almost given up on them! Also, the 'wet-room' flooring in our teeny bottom loo, it NEEDS steam cleaned!

Bigspring Wed 03-Apr-13 20:12:20

Under my sons bed, I just moved it to clean and was shocked by the "lost toys" I found and the dust build up!

ImperialBlether Wed 03-Apr-13 19:54:16

Non tester here. I suffer from psoriatic arthritis which means that my hands hurt non stop. Nothing really touches it. It's a relief to type (thank god as I'm writing a novel) but if I have to put any pressure on my hands or my finger joints then the pain is excrutiating.

Because of that I find it difficult to grip anything. Anything that could make it easier would be a massive, massive help. I'm having to call my kids home from university to do ordinary household tasks (am a single mum) and I hate it!

Does anyone know whether a steam mop would help?

mamof3boys Wed 03-Apr-13 19:46:43

I'm a non tester and I'm ashamed to say that my house has got a few dirty secrets. The kitchen cupboards and bathroom tiles are desperate for a good clean but my biggest problem is my oven. There is so much grease that normal cleaning fluids don't seem to touch it. I can hardly bear to look at it when I open it up, and I can't see through the glass in the door when cooking. I find it really difficult to clean off grease and it ruins the look of my kitchen.

WindUpBird Wed 03-Apr-13 19:45:36

A non-tester here!
Hmmm, I guess my biggest dirty secret would be the bits under the units in the kitchen..there is no plinth to stop dust, cat hair and bits of food finding their way under there. I can just about get a brush under there to sweep but it never gets properly cleaned! It's a definite biohazard.

goldenretriever Wed 03-Apr-13 19:37:37

Dirty secret place - would have to be the shower. Sorry, Mum, just can't be bothered!

In all honesty, I have so many household dirty secrets that it's difficult to choose. The oven is one of them but I've recently discovered products you spray around, shut the door for 30mins and wipe (genius!).

So... my number one dirty secret is having pretty dirty bathroom taps. It started so well when we had our bathroom re-done 3 years ago and I vowed to clean them every week. But the yellowy limescale has built up around the base of the taps and no amount of scrubbing will remove it. I did resort to scratching it off with a pin last year blush but it's back again. The rest of the taps are okay, it's just that stubborn limescale. I've tried bleaching it and all manner of products on it but I'm now resigned to it staying there (or finding a pin again!!)

racingheart Wed 03-Apr-13 19:21:48

Non tester's dirty secret here: we have black tiles in our bathroom. And black grouting. But it was once white blush. I'd start there!

winkygirl Wed 03-Apr-13 19:10:44

I am a non-tester

My house's dirty little secret is the wardrobe in the spare room. It is my Monica cupboard and is very mouldy! I would love to tackle it with a good steam!

katiewalters Wed 03-Apr-13 19:06:38

the bathroom could do with a big clean; the tiles are grimey and around the bath

Macdog Wed 03-Apr-13 19:05:21

I'm not a tester.
I moved house last year to one with an all tiled bathroom. I find it really hard to get the tiles to stay clean and avoid the build up of pink tinged residue.
I have eczema, and have to avoid most chemical cleaners.
I seem to be on a hiding to nothing, and have yet to find any product that I can use that will shift the grime.
I also have a problem in the kitchen with grease, crumbs and food residue getting trapped under edges of the built in hob.
Again the problem is my allergies to chemical cleaning products.
Even spray residue in the air makes me itch like mad.

I was desperate to be a tester, but was not lucky.
{crosses fingers, legs and eyes for this one...}

shufflebum Wed 03-Apr-13 19:04:48

Non tester
Dirty Secret?! My children's car seats and underneath or infact my entire car! I have dogs, horses and children oh and a husband, need I say more!
Oops just realised my car is not in my house, inside it would be my sofa. On it, around it and under it.<shudder> I dare not look.
When people come round I chuck a throw over it but the rest of the time the dog and children use it as a bed/trampoline/cafe.
Would love to see if I could steam it back to its former glory as its not that old.

My oven, underneath it, in it the hob all round it. ugh

Tortoise Wed 03-Apr-13 18:57:06

And now my cooker has broken sad and I have no choice but to clean it by hand before the engineer comes out to look at it. If I had the steam cleaner it would already be sparkling!

JS06 Wed 03-Apr-13 18:55:31

Not a tester

Our garage is connected to the house so is really handy for carrying rubbish through to the bins. Trouble is we also have kids' mud traffic from the back garden to the front, we trail the green recyling waste bins through for collection each week too. It's a holy mess. There's a build up of muck of which I'm truly ashamed. Would dearly love to bottom it all and get it deep cleaned so that I could start from scratch again.

EwanHoozami Wed 03-Apr-13 18:46:07

Non-tester here.

My dirty secret is that I've moved into a house that might have been previously occupied by someone that Kim and Aggie would have had trouble wrestling towards cleanliness.

the landlord has obviously had a professional cleaner in but things, horrible things have been missed. When I was lying on the bathroom floor the other day (as one does...) I saw something that looked like splattered gravy on the tiles under the radiator. Shudder.

I am pretending desperately that i have not seen this abomination but a steam cleaner might jolt me out of my denial!

tiggerbounce77 Wed 03-Apr-13 18:44:26

I am a non tester but I have a few dirty secrets.

My curtains are in desperate need of a clean and my kitchen floor never seems to be clean!

HeadFairy Wed 03-Apr-13 18:29:25

Sorry, forgot to add I'm a non tester too.

pennylovesleonard Wed 03-Apr-13 18:29:25

I'm a non tester & have a few dirty secrets!!!

Behind the bathroom door is hideous! Enormous dust bunnies lurking and I just pretend I can't see them!

The skirting boards in the hallway are also filthy - I know it would take 5 minutes to clean them but I just can't face it!!

HeadFairy Wed 03-Apr-13 18:28:39

The sofa in our playroom is utterly grim, the kids sometimes have picnic lunches in there when I'm feeling lazy tired and the amount of yoghurt and squished sandwiches I've wiped off there have left their mark. I've been eyeing up a Karcher steam cleaner for a while to attempt getting some of the grime off because I'm far to ashamed to get a professional cleaner in to do it as it'll be so useful in those other places I ignore miss, like behind the toilet, under the kitchen table and around where the cats eat.

LittlePurpleCircle Wed 03-Apr-13 18:28:37

Well, not a tester, but have plenty of dirty spots in my home blush. Now I've started looking, I'm thoroughly ashamed, and must run out and buy a Karcher steam cleaner forthwith! Unless those kind, lovely folks from Karcher would like to send me one anyway grin. I think i would have to start with under/alongside the fridge, then behind bathroom pipes, then crannies in skirting...need I go on?

Katryn Wed 03-Apr-13 18:19:43

Secret places that need a clean -behind the washing machine, and under the oven.

snailsontour Wed 03-Apr-13 18:19:22

Non Tester.

Dirty secret? Are you serious? Where do I begin... Dare I say it? - it's the whole house?
I mean EVERYTHING is under scrutiny right now as we are MOVING. The house is up for sale so all the dirty secrets are out in the open - shameful!

500internalerror Wed 03-Apr-13 18:18:09

I'm sitting here wondering if one of these would get rid of all the yellow staining around the toilet floor/behind the pipes blush... it just wont clean, after 2 small boys!

Dirty secret: I've just spotted the gap underneath the dishwasher door. Oh my days.

helcrai Wed 03-Apr-13 18:10:08

Not a tester. The kitchen floor tiles behind my fridge freezer are My dirty secret and desperate for a deep clean. It's been 3 years since I last pulled the fridge out to clean behind. That was only out of shame as I was having the painter come & decorate! I found enough stale food for a three course dinner so goodness knows what's there now two messy kids later.

insertname Wed 03-Apr-13 18:02:20

Dirty little secret: 2 places, firstly the skirtings particularly near the children's beds where juice gets spilled. Then, the kickboards and behind the kickboards in the kitchen - amazing how many times they have to come off for plumbers etc.

Blatherskite Wed 03-Apr-13 17:49:40

I'd love one of these cleaners for my bathroom. It was redone - in gleaming white tile - before I moved in and while I try and try to keep it clean, I feel like I'm losing the battle. The grouting seems to be going especially grey which is not a good look when the first thing you see as you walk through the door is a wall full of tile - I have nowhere to hide!

I've scrubbed it and bleached it and made myself cough from the awful chemicals but it's still grey.

Even worse, my Mum suggested that I coat the tiles in Turtle wax to try to keep them clean and it stained all the grout green!!

So then it was back to the scrubbing and the bleaching and the coughing sad

Lizzzombie Wed 03-Apr-13 17:48:32

We have a hideous hard water problem in my area. That, plus a dodgy leaky old shower has resulted in actual stalactites forming under my shower control panel. I think I may just grow them until my children do Geography GCSE & they can take them in for show & tell.

I am ashamed, but at least it will help them educationally in the long run!

BuiltForComfort Wed 03-Apr-13 17:43:33

I would love one of these - mainly for the lime scale / streaks in the shower, but also for the hall floor - it looks fab when mopped but quickly dulls again and I would love to get it really sparkling clean. I reckon a new gadget would persuade me to do it more than once or twice a week too!

LookAtHerGo Wed 03-Apr-13 00:56:26

Non tester here, but boy oh boy would I love to win one of these, with twelve week old twins and an 18 month old toddler I want anything that can make my life easier. We also try and be as environmentally friendly as possible, no mean feat some days.

My first job if I were to win one would he the shower room, we live in rented accommodation and never managed to get all of the black marks and lime scale off the shower when we moved in, the floor has weird Lino on it that just never gets clean no matter what we do, and there is a crack in the sink that needs cleaning before it can be filled. Then after I've tackled the shower room I'd do the bathroom and the kitchen closely followed by the floor everywhere as the laminate needs a clean I just keep managing to not get around to.

zipzap Wed 03-Apr-13 00:22:50

It's really difficult to choose one little secret place that's in need of a really good clean - it would be easier to choose one little place that's not!

But probably the best place to start would be the place I avoid as much as I possibly can, other than swooping in to change towels and the loo mat - the downstairs loo. I have two young boys and dh and they all use it. No matter how much I clean it with ordinary cleaner, I can never get rid of that Public Toilet smell - you can smell the cleaner but you can also still smell the undertones of pee. And I don't know what else to try - the family bathroom is also used by the two boys but doesn't smell, and dh it must be said is obviously already very well house trained and probably better at cleaning than me too so no problems in our bathroom, just downstairs. And it's horrible because that's where I have to direct guests if they've come to visit because the rest of the house is too messy to let them wander freely, especially upstairs and I have a smelly cloakroom.

So it would be fantastic to have a steam cleaner - it's about the only thing I haven't tried and it looks and sounds like it might actually solve the problem from what I've read about it online...

And then I'm sure it would also make a fine job of the rest of the dirty secret house - from the kitchen floors (which conveniently hide most dirt from being immediately visible to me at least, dh usually spots it and wipes it up before I get to it, so help on that front would make him very happy too) to the oven which never gets more than a regular annually quick wipe and the sofas we got from ebay that are very nice but have a distinct whiff of mildew or having been stored in the damp about them, and that's before I've got started on the rest of the kitchen and the bathrooms that are all a bit grubby... ponders on the sad state of the house and it's grunge

AllIWant85 Tue 02-Apr-13 23:28:06

Non-tester here

I used a steam cleaner for the first time at the weekend at my parents' house. My Mum has been harping on about the wonders of steam for months but it wasn't until I tried it on her floor that I was converted!

Now I need one in my life! I need to get my house ready for sale. With a young baby, an excitable dog and a dodgy back my floors need the love and attention only a steam cleaner could give! I think though that my 'dirty little secret' would have to be the oven. It it now at the stage where I am afraid to use the grill in case my house catches alight!

Melfish Tue 02-Apr-13 23:26:28

Non tester here. Would love to use the steam cleaner on my cooker hood and the bathroom walls, which are totally tiled. Have not been able to properly clean the top bits since we moved in 3 years ago, eek!

tanukiton Tue 02-Apr-13 22:53:14

I am not a tester but I have one and the power washer!!
I love it as I can clean without using any chemicals and it just feels really clean. My lot have dust allergies and eczema, and I would reccomend it for reducing these. I LOVE it.
I use it for :
Built up grime the room goes from just clean to sparkle new
tiles and grease removal in the kitchen
Windows ( do need a squeezy for it)
Wooden flooring
Sliding door surrounds.
Bathroom got rid of the lime scale on an old toliet.
furniture (it is ok at this gets the grim off but not really deep stains)
Inside the car.
spider attack.

You don't need the special cloths they give with it just, buy some cheap flannels and away you go. I do need a lot of these as I clean the whole (wooden floored)house with the machine.
BECAREFUL with wooden varnished/waxed floors if you spot clean with no cloth it will take the varnish off. For me this was great as I was moving into a new house and the floors needed redoing. It is fine on wooden floors if you use a cloth over the end and not the fine noozle.

I would also like to know if it is ok to put aromatic oils in it.

The power washer is amazing toosmile

KelleStar Tue 02-Apr-13 20:24:04

another non-tester. Had my fingers crossed that I'd get in for the trial, but no luck, however I have been following everyone's feedback so far.

I'm now 38 weeks pregnant with DC2 and I've spent most of my time either being sick or chasing/entertaining DD who is 2. Housework has been the one thing that has slipped standards, a well meaning MIL isn't helping matters as she seems to like to re-organise my cupboards rather than clean the areas I need help.

The area I really want a steam cleaner to help me on is the flooring, we have carpet in the lounge, which is fine to hoover, but the rest of our floors are a mix of lino, tiles and slates. Mops are a hateful thing and I have yet to find one that is effective [usually end up on my knees scrubbing it clean] one was binned because slugs set up home in the pole, another because a mouse had nested in the rag head and had mouse babies in it. The latest one, which was only used once had an infestation of earwigs. It makes me boak that my floors are being cleaned by something that isn't clean. So I've just ignored it for now and wipe up spills as I go, at the moment with a foot as I just cannot bend smile

DH was thinking about buying me a nice piece of jewellery for my birthday this year... I never, ever thought I'd say this, but I want a steam mop for my birthday! wah

Mine is the utility room floor, it has a rubber floor which has got some weird mucky patches which won't come out.

nightcap Tue 02-Apr-13 19:23:10

another non-tester - not so much a dirty secret as a floor of shame that we can't hide:

we have the world's stupidest kitchen floor. it's made of super-glossy white tiles that are incredibly easy to damage (i've cracked one already just by knocking a spoon off the worktop). and it attracts general crap like nobody's business. and nothing, and i mean nothing, gets it properly clean without leaving a scudgy residue. except possibly mopping it daily, and clearly i'm not going to do that because i can't be arsed.

tallulah Tue 02-Apr-13 17:54:34

Non tester.

We had a lovely new fabric sofa 2 years ago. DH and DS have sat on it every day in their horrible filthy jeans and it is no longer pinkish but a nasty grey. And it stinks sad I want my settee back.

Rikalaily Tue 02-Apr-13 13:50:53

Non tester here

Oh god where to start on the hidden filth in my house (and some not so hidden!)

Behind the loo - Ds is a sprayer and there are lots of pipes. It looks clean but there's always a lingering smell because of all the crevices.

The oven - Only gets cleaned about once a year. Did it a few months ago but needs doing again. Last time I scrubbed so hard I felt like I had been to the gym!

Bathroom - I try my best but the blooming mildew/mould keeps coming back on the grout, ceiling, bath sealant. I'm sick of breaking my back balancing on the edge of the tub scrubbing it off. I hate it being there because I feel like we are breathing in spores every time we get a bath/shower. We have the extractor fan on every night and the window open a crack, just don't understand why it won't stay away.

The car - It's been off the road so has now sprouted mould which refuses to stay away.

The worst though is the downstairs carpets. I vacuum constantly and borrow carpet cleaners but it's 10 years old and gone through 4 babies/toddlers and looks and smells awful no matter what I do, I've even spent a whole day on my hands and knees scrubbing it by hand with bleach water and floor cloths. Can't afford to replace it and the floor is concrete and freezing cold so need it sad

Chuchygirl Tue 02-Apr-13 13:18:50

My house is generally filthy, but I'd say that by far the dirtiest place is the granny flat which is a place that I hardly dare venture for fear of what I might find!

robbie1972 Tue 02-Apr-13 12:24:35

non tester here

kitchen floor is horrendous and so is the oven - would love to give them a BIG clean, I just seem to overlook that room!

ImTooHecsyForYourParty Tue 02-Apr-13 09:46:40

my home's dirty secret - skirting boards behind the furniture. Never get done. blush when they get so bad, it's time to repaint the room.

TenaciousOne Tue 02-Apr-13 09:05:40

Our dirty secret is my husbands office, he has a huge desk which I can't navigate to get the windows clean.

Isaidhangonamin Tue 02-Apr-13 07:07:37

OMG - non tester guilty grot spot alert. It has to be the shower room shared by my 2 sons for the past 8 years. It's not great in there! Even the ceiling is mouldy...

In the rest of the house I tend to clean as I go to keep housework manageable but as they are either using it or asleep in their room when I'm home I don't go in there much hmm

I'd love a steam cleaner!

HoneyDragon Tue 02-Apr-13 00:16:38

My name is Honeydragon and I throw out rugs rather than try to clean them blush

Nothing does a good enough job to keep on top regularly even the vax only gets them so clean.

So I bin ,em.

tootssweet Tue 02-Apr-13 00:12:49

Another non-tester

I would love a steam cleaner though I wouldn't know where to start! Oven? Dogs bed? Skirting boards?

I could go on at length (but won't)

SoupDragon Mon 01-Apr-13 19:59:04

Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?

Yes, it was very easy. I only referred to the instructions for filling/switching on the first time. Other than that I just got on with it.

Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?

Bathroom - taps, shower cubicle, bath surround, sink, toilet seat
Kitchen - floor, cupboard doors, ceramic hob
Living room & stairs/landing - carpet
Other - rugby boots!

* What were your impressions from the first few uses?*

It can be messy. There seemed to be a lot of muck sprayed around in places like the bathroom and kitchen. Anywhere that wasn't absorbent really. I guess it's to be expected really when the pressured steam blasts grime away but it was surprise.

What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a Steam Cleaner?

I think the carpet and the nooks and crannies on taps and the kitchen cupboard doors. My living room carpet is due for renewal now my children are old enough to be trusted not to drop so much stuff on it and there are many long standing marks. The steam cleaner shifted these (and a tea stain on my parents carpet that has withstood many removal attempts!)

SqueakyCleanNameChange Mon 01-Apr-13 19:50:08

Tester here, been away for a couple of days so only really got to grips with the bathroom so far.

~ Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?

The instructions were rubbish , and then I lost them, but I managed to set it up anyway - it's pretty foolproof.

~ Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?

Amtico floor (grubby bits between the tiles), loo (limescale deposits underneath the rim which attract smells - it's a badly designed pan, and it's a sod to clean conventionally), random dirt-attracting glue deposits on the edge of the shower screen, limescale around the plug hole, slightly mouldy grout, and very skanky shower hose.

~ What were your impressions from the first few uses?

Fun, noisy, reasonably effective but not actually made of magical cleaning pixies sad. Most disappointing realisation was that I'm going to have to wear headphones to listen to my usual podcasts while I clean, because otherwise it's too noisy, and I'm probably not going to be able to watch DVDs while I clean the kitchen at all.

Some limescale jobs I saw noticeable improvements ata first attempt, but I'm going to have to go back again after applying some vinegar to achieve proper sparkling perfection.

The filth inbetween the Amtico tiles came away nicely, but I have doubts about using intensive steaming there too often - I think it might loosen the tiles.

I tried it on a couple of black mould spots on the mastic, but wasn't surprised to see no improvement., but it worked reasonably well on normal grout.

~ What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a Steam Cleaner?

My shower hose was covered in red yucky stuff which I assumed was rust, and I was going to have to replace it. However a quick once over with the Karcher made it all fall off in clumps leaving shiny chrome underneath - it was apparently just limescale with the dreaded red bacteria on top blush.

fayummummy Mon 01-Apr-13 14:01:17

Non tester here:
After 11 months of grappling a new baby and a super clumsy, pea-brained, mesy dog, my whole house is my dirty secret, never mind one nook or cranny. I'd love a Karcher because a) it might just save me having to get a whole new bathroom if I can restore the grout and the bit between the bath and shower that I can't get to with any of our existing cleaning implements and b) it won't matter any more that my dog thinks the kitchen floor is there for her to clean her paws on after digging up my lawn.

CocoNutter Mon 01-Apr-13 00:36:27

When we moved into our current house I had to scrape grease off the tops of the kitchen cupboards with a wallpaper scraper. We are moving soon... I cannot face doing that again!!!

My dirty secret is the kitchen and living room floors which I sweep all the time regularly but don't clean nearly as often as I should... Our lovely but hairy dog gets hair and slobber everywhere and I just can't keep on top of it!! I've also developed hand eczema in the few months we've had her, due to the frequency with which I now wash my hands, so I hate using cleaning products because they makes it worse. A steam cleaner would make SUCH a difference!!

EllenParsons Sun 31-Mar-13 23:15:01

Non tester

My whole kitchen and dining room open plan area floor could really benefit from this. When we moved into the flat, the cleaners who did the end of tenancy clean for the last people did such a crap job and so we just did it ourselves but I have never felt like we've ever got the place looking as sparkling clean as it could do!

archfiend Sun 31-Mar-13 21:54:25

Non tester here.

As well as the usual oven/grotty kitchen floor issues I also live with an elderly cat who for the last year has had a recurring sinus infection which has basically resulted in my entire house being coated in copious amounts of snot. And while I clean it off, we do occasionally far too often find patches of dried cat snot on the walls, floors and soft furnishings.

It doesn't come off. And it make me feel sick having to scrub at it. And the vet can't make him stop sneezing. <wails, pleads and throws self on MN/Karcher's mercy>

LackaDAISYcal Sun 31-Mar-13 19:14:28


been too busy cleaning things to post!

Loving the thing so far, floor has never been cleaner!

Buuuuut, my main criticisms are, the lack of retractable power lead, could have done with more than one cloth for each head and the instructions were a bit vague. Oh, and I used it on out adhesive floor tiled dining are and the edges are now lifting up. My fault though, I just didn't think!

The cooker hood has taken a few goes, but is finally looking clean! In fact, my DD said "I never knew you could see through that bit" of the glass bit that folds out.

And just a thought, but I would like some scented oil or something to add to the reservoir to make things smell nice when cleaning...but maybe that's jusdt me!

More later. off to read the other comments.

Corygal Sun 31-Mar-13 17:15:06

can I steam clean a duvet? O I want to - would save 30 quid a go, not to mention the pillows.

twotrackmind Sun 31-Mar-13 16:04:36

Lucky testers!

I tend to think things aren't too bad on the cleaning front, but our kitchen floor grout needs balsted - mopping just doesn't seem to do it!

DerbyNottsLeicsNightNanny Sun 31-Mar-13 14:03:41

non tester here, dirty secret in our house is the high chair! My son manages to get it filthy and a steam cleaner would be great for getting into all of the 'nooks & crannies'!

armagh Sun 31-Mar-13 10:33:48

Hope the Karcher Steam Cleaner is better than the Karcher Window Cleaner. Streaked badly. Total waste of money. I've gone back to the traditional method of window washing.hmm

non tester here.

i would say grimiest area would be the skirting in the bathroom particularly in the dust trap area behind the toilet and bath - though the tiling in the shower would benefit from a good blast too.

where i'd love to use the steamer though is my floors downstairs - i have two dogs trailing dirt in on a daily basis and the whole mop one layer of filth, clean mop and change water and mop again then try and keep dogs and child off the floors whilst they dry routine really gets me down. would love a faster option.

juggling work and single parenting and animal owning is taking it's toll on my house!

AllSWornOut Sat 30-Mar-13 19:54:21


So many dirty secrets... Where to start?
- ceiling cobwebs
- grouting behind the toilet
- our walk in shower
- under the sink
- the hob
- kitchen worktops in general
- tops of cupboards/furniture
- behind the sofa
- under the dining table

I could go on... blush

DTisMYdoctor Sat 30-Mar-13 18:03:33

Non tester here. My dirty little secret is the en-suite. It's always the last room in the house to get a clean each week if we get to it because no-one who visits ever sees it. It gets a cursory going over, but the shower cubicle could really do with a good steam clean. It's a really cheap poor design and has a million nooks and crannies which are impossible to get into. I borrowed a friend's steam cleaner once on account of DS and a mattress related accident, and I had a go at the shower cubicle with it. It was amazingly satisfying to see all the black bits of gunk break away from the hidden nooks.

JulesJules Sat 30-Mar-13 15:17:31

Non tester here.

I have so many dirty secrets grin

I have never got rid of the cobwebs high up in the stairwell. How on earth are you supposed to reach? So I just don't look up. Saw an excellent suggestion on twitter though, which was to throw glitter at them. Makes them all pretty.

I haven't cleaned the cooker for about 6 3 years because I'm intending to get Ovenu in to do it...but I haven't got round to it.

I have one room with laminate floor which I sweep, vacuum and wipe up spills from, but have NEVER mopped.

If I had a steamcleaner, I would definitely clean around the catflap in the backdoor. It gets really dirty, and I hate cleaning it by hand. And the kitchen cupboards could do with a good clean...

Non tester.

My dirty secret is the radiator in the bathroom. It's almost beside the toilet, and I have a DS with v bad aim. It's seriously minging. It does get a wipe down when I'm cleaning, but it needs something more serious applied, or just replaced.

non tester here

eeek!... my dirty secret is... I have never cleaned the top of my kitchen cupboards (I moved in 10 years ago). I went up recently and the grease/grime is so thick that even undiluted cleaner had no effect shock I need something very powerful to clean it blush blush blush

flamingtoaster Sat 30-Mar-13 14:31:23

Non-tester. My dirty secret is that over time water that has been spilled and not wiped up quickly enough from the vinyl in the kitchen has created darker patches which are almost impossible to clean.

Still a non-tester.

My oven is a seriously dirty secret. I only clean it when the smoke caused by the burnt on debris is too thick to see what is cooking in there. blush

skyebluesapphire Sat 30-Mar-13 14:12:43

non tester - I would really like to use a steam cleaner on my side porch where the cats bowls and litter tray are. It doesnt matter how much newspaper is put down, the cat still makes a mess everywhere. I would love a steam cleaner to get all the bits of dried catfood off the lino!

MadameJosephine Sat 30-Mar-13 13:34:01

Non tester

Oh god my oven! It's got to a point now where I have to open the kitchen windows to stop the smoke alarm going off. Im so embarrassed at the state of it! I cant even use 4 month old DD as an excuse as weve lived here for 4 years and it's never been properly cleaned! When I was nesting while pregnant I couldn't use the nasty chemical cleaners to get the gunk off and now I can't expose baby to the fumes but if I had a steam cleaner maybe I could finally have a clean oven

Tyranasaurus Sat 30-Mar-13 13:32:29

My kitchen floor is my 'dirty secret' , it's original quarry tiles andno matter how many times I mop it it never comes out properly clean.

Chopchopbusybusy Sat 30-Mar-13 13:22:39

I am not a tester but would love a steam cleaner.
The place I'd look forward to using it most would be the shower, closely followed by the bathroom.
I have two teenage DDs and they spend an excessive length of time in the shower and bathroom. I seem to be fighting a losing battle trying to keep the tiles free of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and because there always seems to be one of them bathing mould is becoming an issue on the grouting due to constant dampness!

vixo Sat 30-Mar-13 09:51:35


We have a number of dirty secrets...! I never clean behind the loo as I'm hoping one day we'll be able to re-do the bathroom, and until then I pretend that all the dust and grime doesn't exist. I practice a similar method of 'ignorance is bliss' in the utility room which is tiled - behind the boiler is a definite black hole of dirt and dust. Lastly, and sadly not so secret, are the millions of grubby handprints all over the windows at toddler hand height as we have 3 children under 5!

duchesse Sat 30-Mar-13 09:31:18

I know exactly what the problem is in my house! Mould- in the kitchen cupboards, at the top of the walls and on the ceiling, in DD2's bedroom, in the bathrooms. It's an old house and various bits were renovated rather poorly by previous owners meaning that some bits are cold and damp, a fatal combination for mould.

Plus it seems to grow its own dust and dirt on the tops of cupboards and any flat surface. We have log burners and two large dogs, so nothing in it is every truly spotless. I could (and have on occasion) spent 15 hours a week cleaning and it's still bloody dirty.

mercibucket Sat 30-Mar-13 09:12:56

not a tester

i am going to buy one tho as i want to deep clean tiles, the oven and the floors

Tortoise Sat 30-Mar-13 07:57:22

Non tester My dirty secret has to be the oven. Bought about 4 years ago, its been cleaned twice. I do wipe the halogen top but it's got burnt stuff on from pans boiling over and I can't get it properly clean.blush

StellaMarie Sat 30-Mar-13 06:56:58

Non tester - The people we bought our house off must have loved frying food, the kitchen is so grimy and greasy. I keep cleaning and scrubbing but there is still sticky yuckiness left. I reckon a good blast of steam would help me to clean this area properly!

Bambi86 Sat 30-Mar-13 03:10:34

Not a tester- but have a few dirty secrets....well more my DP's dirt that drives me up the wall (especially as I only have birth 3 days ago!)

1. DP's soles of slippers are filthy! I clean them every day, but still I what the infuriating "sticking" sound as he shuffles across the laminate floor....confused it leaves horrid sticky sole marks all over the flooring!
2. We have two house trained rabbits. They are litter trained, but I am dying to steam clean their entire play area (laminate floors under their play mats, the skirting boards, radiators) as I feel an ordinary mop just moves around bacteria- can't manage a proper floor scrubbing so soon after birth wink

Silver66 Fri 29-Mar-13 21:07:10

Quick update (tester)

After using steam cleaner again today I am wondering how I ever lived without one.

I've done the rug and material blinds and curtains and even if they don't look any better at the moment (in the dark) I know they are clean.

I've done the kitchen floor again, so easy, and if it was a mop and bucket job, I wouldn't have washed it for at least another month.

The house just 'feels cleaner'.

I will tackle the bathroom tomorrow and see how it performs....

after being distinctly underwhelmed I am a little bit in love with my new machine...

Also - windows - I've only done the french windows in the kitchen, and they needed a quick wipe down with micro cloth after steaming but - streak free and clean.

The only gripe at the moment is the lack of cloths. If you start with cleaning the oven, or anything greasy, then the cloth is f**ed and you can't go on to clean anything else....

I hope you are taking note Kartcher!!!!

aftereight Fri 29-Mar-13 20:17:30

Not a tester, but my home's dirty secrets are mostly underneath and behind the fridge freezer!
Oh, and behind the loo and sink pedestals, where I can't reach properly..

Non tester but our grotty dirty secret has to be the bathroom. It was already horrible with stained grouting when we moved in.

Though if I am honest I wouldn't really want anyone inspecting my oven either!

TheEasterQODdy Fri 29-Mar-13 19:13:41

Dirty secret ... Skanky scuzzy utility under and round the washing machine <gag>

Snog Fri 29-Mar-13 19:06:28

I'm not a tester but I wold love to use the steam cleaner on the bathroom floor, especially the bit behind the toilet!

ProphetOfDoom Fri 29-Mar-13 14:55:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Helspopje Fri 29-Mar-13 14:36:58

We have some muddy-sport crazy people, a few babies/todders and a mucky, mucky husband in our house so a steam cleaner would be a godsend to deal with the grimy bike and trailer tracks, grotty boot and shoe room and general baby-related detritus. A steam cleaner would be great for general kitchen, bathroom and floor cleaning in a house where we have to be careful about cleaning chemicals as all of us have eczema and allergies. It would probably provide me the courage to deal with the dreaded 'man-cave' that is my husband's study/relaxing room too!

fuckwittery Fri 29-Mar-13 13:43:01

Non tester. Those bits behind the bathroom sink, loo and under our kitchen sink. V old house with a mess of pipes and nooks and crannys which are really hard to clean!

NotInMyDay Fri 29-Mar-13 13:37:08

Just adding to my previous feedback.

I have now steam cleaned my guinea pigs' cage. It was great for this as I have to be really careful when using chemicals. It took a bit of elbow grease but has made a good improvement. It'll be better if I do it each week though.
I also steamed DD's snow boots as she had an accident and they were covered in pee. I like knowing that any nasties have been killed.
I have a date with the steam cleaner and a gritty front door later wink

Pam100127 Fri 29-Mar-13 11:45:16

Well my walk in shower is ......well I'm glad I keep my eyes closed in there. The little grooves and crevices that cannot be reached by any device - I own....the build up of mould along the corners, the grouting and the doors could only be removed by a good steam cleaner.

openerofjars Fri 29-Mar-13 11:09:47

Oh yes, the oven. sad. Poor oven.

Creameggkr Fri 29-Mar-13 10:49:41

I have three stories of laminate or tiles and have to admit I very rarely do more than Hoover them and spot clean. blush the stone tiles in the kitchen are light grey and although mopped often I believe would change colour if cleaned deeper.
I also a bit crap at cleaning my oven as I simply hate it and am allergic to most cleaning chemicals so dh does it infrequently.

openerofjars Fri 29-Mar-13 09:42:02

Nontester here.

I would have to say that the grottiest, least easy to clean area would have to be the house.

Within that, I would like to single out the bathroom mould farm and corner hair display for honourable mentions, as well as that bit of the kitchen floor that is perpendicular to the walls.

The thin, semi-visible layer of Weetabix under DD's highchair is also particularly distressing. It has topography now.

Okay, I'm exaggerating slightly but please help! I have two small sticky children, a mould situation and a husband who seems to be moulting. I need an intervention here, people. If you can't send a steam cleaner, send Aggie and Kim. Stat.

12stonelighter50feettaller Fri 29-Mar-13 09:29:55

Late to review sorry, I have been busy cleaning! I am overall loving my new spangly steam cleaner, although it is not the saviour of my sanity I thought it may be.

My house is pretty shabby really, a large Victorian rental property that could have done with an overhaul about 5 years ago. Laminate flooring in the kitchen and bathroom which needs replacing and shows up dirt really easily, a beautiful original tiled hallway floor, usually covered in dust bunnies and children's wellies, a daughter who loves nothing better than showering Ribena around and drawing on the walls, and her mother hates cleaning the oven. Well, her mother hates cleaning.

~ Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?

I looked at the instructions before looking at the cleaner, and thought, uh-oh, the instructions are going to be as much use as a chocolate teapot. Bizarre diagrams and patchy instructions once you had got through the very well-explained and thorough safety warnings. Luckily, the cleaner was really easy to put together, and it was easy to work out what attachments did what and where they went. I didn't really use the instructions to put it together, and just looked over them for basics for using the cleaner. I think they were confusing and need a rehaul.

~ Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?

So far I have used the Karcher on: Kitchen floor, cupboards, front and top of oven, hallway tiled floor, living room windows, whole of bathroom.

~ What were your impressions from the first few uses?

The first thing I tackled was the front and top of my oven / surrounding tiles. It is chrome with a glass "cover" for the top, and there is no extractor hood above it, so the tiles above it are covered in stubborn grease build-up. It worked well on cleaning the tiles, glass and chrome surfaces and in the nooks and crannies around the dials and door hinges, but sadly blasted off a couple of the symbols showing me what ring I am turning on sad. I also gave my cupboard fronts a blast. First impression; it was much quicker to clean everything, and using the small brush to blast stuff was fun.

I was pleased with the results on the kitchen and hallway floors, especially how much quicker the floors dried. Will take much pleasure in chucking out my manky mop and bucket soon.

I won't be using it on windows again, they looked really smeared after they had dried and I had to go back over them with a microfibre cloth, which is how I clean them usually anyway.

I also gave some felt tip drawing on a painted wood doorframe a blast, and it completely disappeared with very little effort! Very pleased!

I was really pleased with the cleaner for my bathroom, again, how much quicker it was to get the job done, and the short shrift it made of the grouting around the shower. And great for getting behind the loo without having to get down on my hands and knees and contort myself into weird shapes.

I think the actual cleaner could do with a lead tidy of some sort, and I think for the price you pay just providing one of each type of towelling cloth is pretty stingy. They get dirty very quickly, and I am having to wait to use my cleaner again until they are out of the wash.

~ What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a Steam Cleaner?

felt tip removal and hard to reach corners of rooms / behind the loo.

Bert2e Fri 29-Mar-13 09:17:45

Non tester here!

The top of my cooker extractor hood could do with a good clean - I can't see up there so I ignore it but I know it's horrid up there! As for the top of the kitchen cupboards.............

Totallyataloss Fri 29-Mar-13 07:58:58

My oven makes me feel ashamed every time I look at it - which is frequently as I do all the cooking blush It's gone beyond being cleaned now and I will need to get s professional in (or a steam cleaner)...

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Fri 29-Mar-13 00:07:46

~ Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?
Yes it was easy to set up, and that was with a very nosy 5 year old hovering right there. Even though I read the instructions I would have managed the initial set up with out them to be honest. It wasn't really until I came to filling it with water and turning it on that I needed them.

~ Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?
So far I have cleaned my kitchen floor (twice, messy family), steamed the carpets and done half my bathroom grouting.

~ What were your impressions from the first few uses?
My initial thoughts were that it's a bit noisy when it's heating the water up, but actually it's very fast (just a couple of minutes) and the noise stops when it's up to temp. I also noticed a lingering odour which I think may just be the smell of plastic parts being used for the first couple of times, but I'll be paying attention as to whether the smell stops after further usage because although it's not a noxious smell, I personally find it a bit annoying.
A bit of a faff for simple jobs like mopping the kitchen floor, although it's nice not having to use chemicals with small children about.
Refreshing the carpets, well they definitely look cleaner, but I'll still be hiring a Rug Dr when I move out of this house.
Bathroom. Doing great things for my grouting, but I do wonder what I'm breathing in with all that steam in such a small room. Especially as it has been to cold to open the window for long.

~ What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a Steam Cleaner?
The bathroom floor grouting. It's a bit grotty from being walked on so much with dirty feet, but moping never really gets between the tiles clean. One half arsed go and they look much much better.

I'm not brave enough to try cleaning the windows yet (don't want to crack them), but will be giving them a go just as soon as the weather warms up a little bit more.

I also feel that they need to provide another couple of cloths, especially the small one for the upholstery attachment. I did half the range hood over the oven and had to put it in the wash (and it wasn't even that greasy). It's easy enough to put cheap cloths on the big foot, but I really don't fancy having to sew a little pouch for the small foot.

custardcream1000 Thu 28-Mar-13 23:36:00


Which room in my house does not have dirty secrets! I think the worst is the oven. I spent over an hour trying to clean it last week and it does not look any different and still omits a burning smell when you turn it is clearly not my forte smile

puffylovett Thu 28-Mar-13 22:37:31

Non tester here.

I want to clean my 13 year old sofa (which used to be gold tapestry but is now black with grime)

And most importantly my mattress (my moon cup runneth over blush)

eteo Thu 28-Mar-13 22:27:25

we have wooden floor. i use mop but it just broke yesterday. i hate to clean under the sofa or cupboard. that the worst part.

PointlessCow Thu 28-Mar-13 22:01:30

Non-tester here.

My wall tiles in the bathroom are shockingly neglected on the cleaning front (do steam cleaners do walls?!).

Also, we have a very small pantry/utility area which houses the washing machine, dog food tub and kitchen bin. Rather handily it has a door, which, funnily enough, closes, so when I accidentally drop a teabag on the floor next to the bin I can ignore the splatter mark rather well blush

Nyx Thu 28-Mar-13 21:55:21

I'm not a tester (waily waily) but if I was lucky enough to get my hands on a karcher steam cleaner, I would straightaway use it on the supposed to be white but are actually manky black bits of our windowsills.

I would then take it to the kitchen and use it on the lino.
Then I would take it into the bathroom and do the seal between the bath and the wall, then the tiles.

I'd maybe have a cuppa at this point, then I'd tackle the oven.

And if it is suitable for steaming curtains while they are hanging, I would de-wrinkle the living room curtains.

Of all those things, the dirty secret would be the windowsills...! Oh, and the painted wooden door jambs, they are looking a bit grubby too, now I come to think of it.

MelLT Thu 28-Mar-13 21:48:46

Non tester - My dirty secret is I have been using the excuse of I'm getting an extension and new kitchen for 10 months now to avoid cleaning the oven! Please let me have one as don't think the new kitchen (and oven) will be here for a fair few months yet! As well as a downstairs bathroom without an extractor fan = lots of condensation and constant battles with mould on walls and grouting. Not sure my sons buying the "its a pattern" line!

OneHundredSecondsofSolitude Thu 28-Mar-13 21:35:58

I've had a steam cleaning epiphany!

I spent done quality time with steamy Steve earlier. I think I started off too ambitiously with my really very very very dirty glass cooker door, and limescale that we inherited when we moved in two years ago

For stuff like cleaning cupboard doors it's brilliant! Whereas usually I'd spray, scrub with wet cloth, rinse cloth, wring, scrub, rinse, wring etc, change water, scrub and so on, a quick blast then a wipe over and job done. I am impressed after all

It was particularly brilliantly disgusting on those really, really narrow gaps on the fridge and dishwasher where one part meets another. Run a jet of steam along and out runs brown stuff.

I think my previous suggestion that you do have to wipe afterwards is true. You toby just happily steam from a distance and that's that. You do still have to wipe away the actual dirt. I've been through a 10 pack of ikea flannels in the kitchen. It should deffo come with more cloths. I'd intended doing the wooden floor tomorrow but having done the kitchen lino I'll Need to clean the provided cloth first and I can't be arse. I'm no good st cleaning, they'd what got me here ikea flannels aren't big enough

Also on the subject of using it for floors, has anyone else found the cloth on the big head kind of rucks up after a big of use, even when clipped in tightly? I might suggest really strong Velcro like Lakeland mops might be better than the clips

Nigglenaggle Thu 28-Mar-13 21:27:00

My houses dirty secret - our bedroom. With door shut hiding it from non-family eyes I can't remember the last time I hoovered <blush> mainly because I can't see the carpet to hoover it. And the gaps between the struts of the head board - a mistake, we should have got a solid one. Thick layer of dust. I dont look ^^

MeDented Thu 28-Mar-13 20:12:44

Non - tester here (sob)

My dirty secret is the en-suite, as a room that visitors rarely see it is always bottom of the list for anything more than a cat lick. After living here for 10 years (was a brand new house) it is now awful. I sooo wish I had kept on top of it instead of letting it get to this. I would honestly rip it all out and start again if we could afford it. A karcher steam cleaner might just make the job manageable and possibly enjoyable!

celebmum Thu 28-Mar-13 20:06:09

my biggest dirty secret would be the tiles/grout around and underneath the toilet....... eeuugh!! grin

HappyHippyChick Thu 28-Mar-13 19:55:46

~ Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?
Setting it up was quite easy although the directions were very sparse!

~ Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?
In the kitchen: cleaned the hob, extremely greasy cooker hood, mould on rubber sealant, kitchen tiles, woodwork in hallway, Kitchen window and laminate floor in kitchen.

~ What were your impressions from the first few uses?
Amazing! Easy to use, but quite noisy and I seem to spurt out a jet of water each time I start using it, but the steam follows quickly after. I would have liked a couple more cloths as they get dirty quickly (in my grubby house!) blush
~ What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a Steam Cleaner?
I had some mouldy rubber seal by my kitchen sink that nothing shifted. I wasn't even going to bother with the steam but gave it a go and it blasted most of it away! grin

snowballschanceineaster Thu 28-Mar-13 19:31:56

I'm a non-tester by the way...

snowballschanceineaster Thu 28-Mar-13 19:31:34

We have builders in right now and my house is dust covered, grime ingrained and manky as hell. I would be most keen to give my oven a good fettling, before we bang it on Ebay and my floors a good scrub before we install the shiny bannister in the hall. Workmen's feet, dog paws and muddy snow boots have all conspired to make our house grungy beyond reason :D

PessimisticMissPiggy Thu 28-Mar-13 19:11:14


My dirty secret is my manky grease covered exposed brickwork in my kitchen. I've tired to muster up the energy to use elbow greasy and sugar soap.

I have a steam mop but it's only suitable as a mop and I can't afford to replace with a more versatile product. I wish I'd done my research better.

OneHundredSecondsofSolitude Thu 28-Mar-13 18:53:11

With floors, this I'd probably something I should know by now, but I have the same with a mop: so I swish swish, then the cloth is filthy. Do I carry on with the same cloth for the rest if the floor? With my microfibre mop I've bought lots of cloths so I can switch mid clean. Do I need to go the same here or can I keep on and to the whole floor with the same cloth?

OneHundredSecondsofSolitude Thu 28-Mar-13 18:25:07

*Non tester here .... But dare I mention that oh-so-hard-to-reach space behind the loo that accumulates fluff and spiders etc.

And the area around where we keep the shoes ...

Sighs happily at the concept of something to clean these hard to reach places!*

See this ^ is perhaps where my slight....disappointment is a bit strong, but no, if you to that you'll be left with damp cobwebby dust. It doesn't vaporise dirt, it just loosens it so yiu can them wipe it away, with hindsight I think my expectations were far too high. I wanted vaporisation!

bluebump Thu 28-Mar-13 18:23:27

Non tester...

My bathroom is probably the room that requires a bit of a going over with a steam cleaner, the loo, sink and bath/shower areas are always kept clean but the tiles are not as shiny as they should be and there is a limit to how high I can reach to clean them!

The absolute worst bit of my house is actually my sofa and even a steam cleaner can't sort that out. Needless to say I don't put my hand down the side to retrieve remotes and toys unless I have gloves on! Bleugh.

pussinwellyboots Thu 28-Mar-13 18:22:24

Non tester here. The secretly filthy parts of my home that I would love to attack with a steam cleaner are the oven and hob and also all the fiddly parts of the bathroom such as behind the sink and loo and also the tiles and grout. I would LOVE to win one of these.

WildThong Thu 28-Mar-13 17:10:31

Tester here, further to my previous feedback, today I steamed my orchid which is quite old and it looks shiny and healthy again.

Eh...that isn't a euphemism by the way grin

hazel yes you can steam clothes and curtains but there is an extra attachment for that which you need to buy.

peronel Thu 28-Mar-13 16:58:07

So many secrets, where to begin. The worst has to be the garage - everything just gets dumped there and the floor's manky! Steam cleaner to the rescue? wink

Ugh, well, our house is only recently ours and so I'd like to deep clean everywhere! Mainly around the shower and the bathrooms generally. Also, around the windows is very grimy. Winning a steam cleaner would be loverly.

OneHundredSecondsofSolitude Thu 28-Mar-13 16:32:35

Right. I've finally had a chance to bust it out

I've not read the thread because I am easily influenced

Here are my initial impressions

~ Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?
Yes, putting it together was easy. When I first turned it on the steam all came out through the maintenance plug thing because it wasn't tightened up brook me a while to realise it wasn't meant to. I wish the key to the parts was on the outer side of the flip out bit in the instruction book so you don't have to keep flicking back and forth
~ Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?

The kitchen sink
The glass from the oven door

~ What were your impressions from the first few uses?

I'm not sure if I'm missing the point or misunderstanding how it works (I'll go back and read through the thread and probably see that I am). The decades old limescale on the stainless steel sink was unaffected. I appreciate the instructions say to soak in vinegar first. A few stains have also been unaffected. It's not all shiny. Are you meant to squirt steam / wipe / steam / wipe? I'm not sure. Just steaming seems to have little effect. It did produce some frankly alarming stuff from the overflow hole. Not sure I wanted it out. It may have been better off staying in there

The oven glass was admittedly really very bad. I started with just the gun thing, used in conjunction with a cloth it was pretty effective on the edges. The really thick stuff not so much. I switched to the small brush which quickly became totally gunged up. Not sure how I'm meant to clean the brush confused

The kids are terrified of it

Dp initially was enthusiastic, it's a new gadget after all, but quickly declared a cloth and a bit of washing up liquid equally effective. At the moment I'm incline to agree although I think I may need to experiment to get the best out of it, either that or it's a bit sledgehammer to break a nut

~ What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a Steam Cleaner?

Give me a time, I need to try it out a bit more

thestylethatdecadesforgot Thu 28-Mar-13 16:17:47

Non-tester here!

My dirty not-so-secret is the windows, we rent and they are single glazed upvc. So instead of keeping the heat in,they just look like they do and are covered in mould. I have scrubbed them all but over winter they get really bad again and need doing but it's so time consuming. I bet the steam cleaner would do a great quick job!
Also the grout behind the bathroom taps has discoloured and the limescale on the shower screen is so hard to get off.

The worst things are the marks on the walls and the sofa, I dread to think what bacteria are lurking in the sofa!

LifeofPo Thu 28-Mar-13 15:34:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BoysWillGrow Thu 28-Mar-13 15:31:23

not a dirty secret as such but still pretty mank is my upstairs toilet, the floor tiles behind the toilet and behind the door are disgusting. Hairs, pee, dust, random bits of lego and god knows what else is down there. It only gets cleaned when we have guests over, if we know in advance blush

ShatnersBassoon Thu 28-Mar-13 14:50:51

My dirty secret is my stainless steel cooker hood. The matte steel hides an impenetrable layer of greasy dust blush

HormonalHousewife Thu 28-Mar-13 14:19:35

Another non tester here...

My dirty secret is this <whispers>

when we moved into this house a year ago DH promised we could have a new kitchen. A year on and for lots of reasons mainly cost we are still in the planning stages.

The kitchen is clean, it had to be because the previous owners had 2 huge bull mastiffs which lived in the kitchen and utility and I needed all trace of them to be gone.

However what I havent yet tackled are the walls and i know they will be minging grin Its a very large rectangular kitchen and at both opposite ends are exposed rough brick walls, 70's style. A feature wall some might say hmm

One brick wall has the cooker on it too - so lots of lovely grease marks for the fur to attach too

I hate them and ultimately they will be plastered and smoothed over and I will have a sleek modern minimal style room of beauty.

But for now the brown brick walls are staying. It would be lovely to know they are clean and non sticky

Non tester, would be happy to give my thoughts if I win the last one though!

Dirty secret 1 - I have just cleaned the bathroom for the first time since DS was born, he's 9 months old...

Dirty secret 2 - we get a lot of condensation mould on our walls, I have given up trying to clean it and now paint over it!

Dirty secret 3 - I don't own a mop but have two wood floors and a laminate floor...

You can see why I need the cleaner right?!

Elkieb Thu 28-Mar-13 11:57:28

I'm a non tester but my secret shame is the oven. I hate cleaning it but maybe the steam would take the grind and the grime out of it?!

forbetterorworsted Thu 28-Mar-13 11:44:03

Not so much my dirty secret but my parents'! My mum does all the housework but it's harder now that she's getting older and my dad and brothers are no help! So I'm planning to go down one weekend with my husband and we'll clean all the grotty places she doesn't have time for - the blackened carpets, sofa upholstery, bits behind the toilets and the damp in the bedroom. The damp in particular would benefit from a steam clean now that they've sorted the leak!

HazeltheMcWitch Thu 28-Mar-13 10:32:42

Oh no. wannaBe - thanks for that.
Hmm, will keep reading the Karcher feedback in that case!

lemontwist Thu 28-Mar-13 10:23:38

I'm a non tester...
My dirty secret is my kitchen floor. It has big stone flags that are quite uneven. It looks lovely when its clean but that takes a lot of effort to get into all the nooks and crannies. A quick sweep and a mop just don't cut it which is no good with a 2 year old, a one year old and two very fluffy cats.

Stinkyminkymoo Thu 28-Mar-13 09:37:58

My poor husband discovered upon marrying me that I was a horsewife, not a housewife.

As a result, our floors are in desperate need of a jolly good clean with the wonderful mix of dog, horse and my postpartum hair. The whole house is a 'dirty secret' even though my poor husband (who's desperate for a steam cleaner!) hoovers everyday after work even though he misses the cobwebs.

Non-tester here...
Our dirty secret is the sofas in our sitting room. Our poor guests have no idea what they are sitting on.blush We've had them since we met, and when we had the DC they were due for replacing but we said "Oh let's wait until the kids are through the messy stage, then get new ones." We are now having trouble figuring out when this 'messy stage' is supposed to end hmm so the sofas remain. They have been subject to all sorts of unmentionable stains and spills which we have ineffectively dabbed at, then turned the cushions over / placed cushions over the worst bits. Seriously shameful!

wannaBe Thu 28-Mar-13 01:14:08

a warning about the h2o mop - it has a tendency to work for a weekk or so and then cease - I bought one from qvc a while back, it died after about three uses, and when I checked the reviews a few months later this seems too be a common occurrence.

LaVitaBellissima Wed 27-Mar-13 23:00:02

Non tester

My dirty secret is underneath the washing machine and behind our American fridge freezer, both are just too heavy and I can imagine they are just filthy underneath and begging them <boak>

CheeryChickChickChickChicken Wed 27-Mar-13 22:34:24

Non tester
Shower room tiles, from floor to ceiling, supposed to be white blush .... They're my nightmare cleaning area. I prefer to clean the loo than all that grotty grouting! The shower screens are not far behind... Plus the kitchen/utility tiled floor could do with a good blast too!

HazeltheMcWitch Wed 27-Mar-13 22:07:50

Oh, no bother Grockle. Thanks for that link. I've seen that one advertised on late night tv. Have been sooo tempted. It says you can steam clothes. Testers - can you steam clothes with the Karcher?

Also, that one that Grockle linked to (H2O Mop) also sells fragranced oils to add to the water... Anyone else tried that? I'd probably freestyle it with essential oils, if I had a steamer. 'Cept I don't yet <sadface>

A non-tester here.... As well as on my grubby kitchen tiles, can this also be used on the grease-encrusted tops of my kitchen cupboards??

lottytheladybird Wed 27-Mar-13 21:56:36


Bathroom floors, shower cubicles, oven extractor fan, tops of bookshelves, fire place, curtain poles...hmm...looks like I should stop typing and start cleaning...but then again, maybe it could wait another day/week/month/year...

Grockle Wed 27-Mar-13 21:53:49

One was this one

I'm a bit cross that I didn't go for that.

Can look the other one up later if that helps.

HazeltheMcWitch Wed 27-Mar-13 21:47:06

OOh, Grockle - can you remember what Which's top-selling cleaner was?
Sorry you bought a lemon.

<A bit obsessed with steam cleaner emoticon>

Grockle Wed 27-Mar-13 21:38:13

Non tester. I actually bought a Karcher steam cleaner (a cheaper model than the one on this thread) since I wasn't picked for the trial. It was one of Which? worst buys so I would normally avoid an item with suck a low ranking BUT the reviews on Amazon were really good.

Anyway, it's rubbish. I really wanted to be able to steam the grout in the kitchen & bathroom (not horrific but a but grubby-looking). My exMIL had a steamer that squirted grouting beautifully clean but my Karcher did nothing I also used it on the carpet where the dog had left footprints & assorted stains but it didn't lift those either. It's fun to use and means I've mopped the floor more than I usually would but I can't say it has helped with deep cleaning like I hoped it would. I think Which? may have been right.

Crazybit Wed 27-Mar-13 21:34:03

I already wrote a 'First Impressions' piece so I am submitting this to the thread and will answer the specific questions underneath.

Well it arrived! I was super excited, I unpacked it straight away with dd2s help (age 5) and the wheels went on easy enough. I had a read through the instructions but it was a little unclear what bits and bobs had come with it in the box and whether these would usually be included or where an added extra. However, it looked really pretty simple to put together.
I wanted to use it immediately, on everything, even the kids, unfortunately that is not a usage listed so they had a bath instead.

Once they were in bed, I had a quick go on the kitchen sinks and taps.
Filling up with water is pretty self-explanatory and the connections are not hard to work out.

Now my kitchen sink and taps are not particularly dirty, so I couldn't really tell a big improvement, although it did look like it had been cleaned.
So I moved on to the cupboards and handles, now they were grimy. My kitchen is small with a rubbish extractor fan so it does get grease everywhere. So far, I am impressed. It did a nice job, there was patches of ground in dirt that I had to spend a little bit of time doing but they came up pretty good. I ended up doing the whole kitchen cupboards, hob and extractor fan which took about 90 minutes. I realised that if you let a little bit of pressure build up, your first squeeze of the trigger is most powerful which is good for getting into the little corners of drawer handles that you could not get clean with just a cloth.
I did find that when I turned it off, it would still steam, for quite a while afterwards. .something that is worth bearing in mind if it is to be left out near young children. Another thing I noted, there is a storage hole for the mains cable, I’m not keen on this, I’d prefer something to wrap the cord round, or ideally it could be wound in internally to keep it tidy.

~ Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?

Yes I found it pretty easy, the instructions are not particularly clear to be honest but with a little bit of time it can be worked out.

~ Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?
I've used it in the kitchen-on the cupboards and the hob.

~ What were your impressions from the first few uses?
I think that is great! It makes light work of some jobs and leaves most things looking good. However, I'm not convinced it is the magic cure I have dreamed of and it will need some elbow grease to go with it.

~ What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a Steam Cleaner?
So far-the kitchen cupboards and top of the extractor fan.

shaztwins1 Wed 27-Mar-13 21:13:43

no tester here too.

a steam cleaner would be perfect for the tiles in my bathroom (tiled from floor to ceiling all round) it takes me most of the day and lots of effort to get them sparkling hence its not done very often blush im sure it would take dh me 5 mins with a posh steamergrin

SilveryMoon Wed 27-Mar-13 20:36:00

Non-tester here.
I have a few dirty secrets in my home blush
On the surface, my home looks lovely, people comment on how tidy and clean it looks (not sure how they expect it to look) but I ever let anyone look inside my oven. I hadn't cleaned it for about 2 years blush blush and now it'll take hours and hours. I try to give it a wipe when it's still warm from being used, but it needs a hell of a lot more than that!
The grouting in my kitchen and bathroom has seen better days and I don't clean behind doors blush We rarely close any of the doors in our place, so I forget to clean behind them. Means a quick dash for the dustpan and brush and a babywipe when a visitor goes to the bathroom! (our bathroom door is outward opening, so when it's closed, you can see all the dust etc in the hallway.

I think I'd use a steam cleaner mostly in the kitchen and bathroom for tiles and taps.

Corygal Wed 27-Mar-13 20:27:11

Non tester here.

I have never cleaned the oven. Now it gives me The Fear (and oddly fragranced cakes).

But my real dirty secret is the flaming pipes and skirting - 30s place, with those long pipes and bevelled kickboards. Yech. Dont mention the oh-so chic chrome towel rail, dob 1927. Could be beauteous, but when I have a go but retire swooning.

TotallyEasterEggFlipped Wed 27-Mar-13 20:16:37

Not a tester.

Where in my house wouldn't benefit from a deep steam clean? blush

The worst room is probably the bathroom. There's orange dust all over it from the dry rot and loads of general scum/dirt that's built up since the last time I got around to cleaning it properly.

I dread to think what's lurking around the edges of the kitchen, since the floor itself is bad enough. As for the oven. Better not to think about that.

I feel really dirty now. I promise, I'll clean my house. eventually

SecretLindtBunny Wed 27-Mar-13 19:43:32

Non tester.

I have a little segment beneath the gas cooker which is in dire need of a BGC (Bloody Good Clean)

There is also the really flipping awkwardly place toilet upstairs that DH manages to miss occasionally. I use the downstairs loo, so he is fully responsible for upstairs as I was getting really fed up. He isn't the most observant cleaner so it is in a bit of a state.

Please can I win?

missorinoco Wed 27-Mar-13 19:34:34

Non tester. My dirty secret is behind the U bends in the bathrooms. Even when I do them, unless I get on my hands and knees with a multisurface wipe and scrub, they are lacking. And I scrub about as often as there are 5 Saturdays and Sundays in March - once every 857 years they said on the radio earlier.

flutterbynight Wed 27-Mar-13 19:02:56

Non-tester here - my very dirty and not so secret area of the house which could benefit from a steam clean is the kitchen units - they get so greasy and take ages to clean so it's a job I often neglect! My DH is a great cook but I swear it's like he's smearing butter all over the cupboard fascias when he's in there! I may have o watch him at work and see if this is actually the case... Either way, would love a product to cut through the grime!

Thisisanoutrage Wed 27-Mar-13 18:56:44

Non tester - the ensuite bathroom. Nobody but my husband and I go in there, so I always leave it till last to clean. Luckily one of the spotlights has broken so I no longer have to see the dirt.