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NOW CLOSED Put a Kärcher Steam Cleaner through its paces (RRP £219.99) and get to keep it after testing.

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AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Mar-13 12:26:22

We've been asked by Kärcher to find 30 UK based Mumsnetters keen to put their Steam Cleaners to the test.

Kärcher say their Steam Cleaners "revolutionise home cleaning, tackling any and all frequent and difficult cleaning tasks with professional results and abolishing the need for hours of endless scrubbing! Our steam cleaner is a natural and environmentally-friendly solution that provides a family-focussed alternative from chemical cleaners that aggravate allergies and are harmful to children, killing 99.99% of all common household bacteria without the need for detergents"*

They are particularly looking for MNers who are brand new to steam cleaning and who are keen to make light work of their cleaning needs. From day to day tasks such as laminate flooring and kitchen surfaces, to those jobs we all put off such as limescale and mould in the bathroom and tough grease on the oven hood in the kitchen.

For more info on the Karcher steam cleaner that's available for test, click here - testers will be trying out the SC2.500C model. Kärcher say "We are thrilled to have created a product that achieves professional standard cleaning without the need for chemicals just using tap water. Our steam cleaners are perfect for busy parents who don't have the time to spend hours on end cleaning but want to achieve a deep down clean. 99.99% of all household bacteria are killed when thoroughly cleaning with the Kärcher Steam Cleaners hard household surfaces."

We're also looking for a further 5 testers to demonstrate the versatility of the cleaner by taking video footage of it tackling a variety of common cleaning issues, including:

~ Everyday dirt on laminate floors or tiles
~ Baked on oven grease (on the over hood)
~ Mould/limescale on bathroom tiles

If you're happy to make a film for Kärcher please tick the box on the application form. Videos will be recorded using a smartphone, so please make sure you have one of the models listed on the form. If you're selected you'll be asked to film yourself in your home using the product. You'll then need to send the footage here to MN. Please note the videos will be edited into a montage and will feature on the Kärcher website as well as on retailer websites. It may also be used elsewhere (eg Facebook, MN) - your name will not be used.

If you're selected to take part then you'll be asked to leave feedback at least twice on a thread on Mumsnet: we'd like first impressions and then some comments after you've used the cleaner a few times. You'll also be asked to add a review to the steam cleaner review section on MN.
Everyone who takes part in the product test and leaves their feedback as requested gets to keep the Kärcher steam cleaner after testing (RRP £219.99).

Additionally, the five testers who send in video footage as required will be sent a £20 John Lewis voucher.
Deliveries will take place on Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd and Monday 25th March. Please indicate on the sign up form what day and time slot you prefer.

If you'd like to take part please add your details here:

Please only apply if you are around at the end of March/ Early April for testing and feedback.

Thanks and good luck!

PS - look out for the feedback thread because if you're not selected there's a chance to win your very own Kärcher SC2.500C worth £219.99!

*When thoroughly cleaning with the Kärcher Steam Cleaner 99.99% of all common household bacteria will be killed on common household hard floor surfaces.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 11-Mar-13 12:27:57

OMG I would LOVE one of these!!

eminemmerdale Mon 11-Mar-13 12:35:21


mercibucket Mon 11-Mar-13 12:39:53

please please please choose meeeeeeeeeeeee


I would love one!

MissEleanorLavish Mon 11-Mar-13 12:47:43

Done - I sooooooo want one of these. Pretty pretty pleasesmile

MissEleanorLavish Mon 11-Mar-13 12:48:54

Oooh and forgot to mention my extensive limescale problem in my shower. That's really test it!

Jenjii Mon 11-Mar-13 12:52:00

Done! Call me sad but I desperately want one of these!

OneHundredSecondsofSolitude Mon 11-Mar-13 12:52:03

Gerrof it's MINE!

NoWuckingFurries Mon 11-Mar-13 12:53:23

Pick me!!! Please please pretty please!
<tries to bribe with thanks and wine >

LillethTheCat Mon 11-Mar-13 12:54:37

Id love one of these, but I dont have a smartphone sad nor do I feel comfortable filming myself

Anything that sorts out cleaning without a multitude of products is good!
Im in! grin

ThingummyBob Mon 11-Mar-13 12:58:35


Don't have any of those phones though so I am unable to wow you all with any mucky home videos grin

Imflabulous Mon 11-Mar-13 12:58:38

Done smile

MayTheOddsBeEverInYourFavour Mon 11-Mar-13 12:58:56

Done smile

I hope being honest about our six kids, three giant dogs and seven guinea pigs won't put them off choosing me grin

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Mon 11-Mar-13 12:59:06

Pick me, pick me! [jumps up and down like a child]

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Mar-13 13:00:52

LillethTheCat - only 5 of the 30 testers need to make a film

IwishIwasmoreorganised Mon 11-Mar-13 13:01:58

Done - the address I have out down is DH's work address, otherwise we'd struggle to be in for the delivery.

dottygamekeeper Mon 11-Mar-13 13:09:00

Done - forgot to add, am interested to see how steam cleaning compares to using chemical products. Would love to try one to see if it makes the job of cleaning our tiles floors quicker and easier (looks at trail of muddy dog prints...)

<starts windmilling>

Gerrout my waaaaayyyyy.

I want one.

Pretty please grin

dramaqueen Mon 11-Mar-13 13:18:27

Done. It is so mine &#128522;

ouryve Mon 11-Mar-13 13:18:34


Miffed that none of the delivery times excluded the school run, though.

Eskino Mon 11-Mar-13 13:19:38

Survey done

sweetkitty Mon 11-Mar-13 13:23:50

So want one of these two, might actually do some cleaning.

FascinatingNewThing Mon 11-Mar-13 13:25:46

Done smile

lemontwist Mon 11-Mar-13 13:27:57

Me me me. Am convinced that owning one of these would change my grubby house into a sparkling show home overnight. Hmm maybe not but worth a try.

Kormachameleon Mon 11-Mar-13 13:30:44

Omg I want this so much.
Are you open to bribes ???

aristocat Mon 11-Mar-13 13:32:07

meeeeee smile

Weekipper Mon 11-Mar-13 13:33:52

I've been thinking of buying a steam cleaner so would love to put it through its paces.

OohShiny Mon 11-Mar-13 13:34:19

Pick me! <offers gin>

Oh this would be fantastic! What a great product test! I've fallen in love with these already and I've only watched the video, what a saddo grin

fallenempires Mon 11-Mar-13 13:36:43


schilke Mon 11-Mar-13 13:37:57

Would love this.

IamtheZombie Mon 11-Mar-13 13:39:56


< fingers and toes crossed >

PostmanPatsBlackandWhiteCat Mon 11-Mar-13 13:41:20

I would love to try one Please Please
it would help me clean my very grubby house

notso Mon 11-Mar-13 13:42:52

We go away for two weeks on the 25th can I still enter or would I have to be using it straight away? <<considers cancelling holiday>>

georgie22 Mon 11-Mar-13 13:46:34

Done! Would live to test it out.

Pozzled Mon 11-Mar-13 13:52:40

Me please, pretty please, pick me!

Oh yes please! I am often mortified at the colour of my floors even though I mop them regularly. Hairy dog paw prints are regular features!

FEEdec Mon 11-Mar-13 13:54:29

Oh I'd love to try this!

lorka Mon 11-Mar-13 13:54:42

Yes please!! smile

Done. This would be really useful in my house move. Two houses to clean!


<slides home made cake and brownies into thread> grin

Done. Fingers crossed.

AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Mar-13 14:26:36

Hi notso, you will need to be around for testing straight after the delivery so please only apply if you are available to do this. Thanks!

FriedSprout Mon 11-Mar-13 14:28:06

Is there still room, so want to try one of these. Pleeeeease

AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Mar-13 14:31:12

Yes, please apply FriedSprout smile

HugeSigh Mon 11-Mar-13 14:31:39

I'm pretty sure I used all my luck up when I got a Dyson before christmas but I'm going to put my name forward anyway grin

FoxyRevenger Mon 11-Mar-13 14:33:03

Done! I think. Stupid phone.

Fillybuster Mon 11-Mar-13 14:36:17

Done. Don't care how sad, I need one of these in my life!

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Mon 11-Mar-13 14:40:37

Form submitted (sends full case of Gin and Vodka to MNHQ).

(Stops short of batting eyelashes)

DewDr0p Mon 11-Mar-13 14:41:18

Please pick me!

notso Mon 11-Mar-13 14:41:21


Pick meeee! grin

MirandaWest Mon 11-Mar-13 14:45:55

Does it make a difference to your chance of being selected if you post on here I wonder....

Grumpla Mon 11-Mar-13 14:46:19

Done grin

Tee2072 Mon 11-Mar-13 14:48:26


LillethTheCat Mon 11-Mar-13 14:51:12

LillethTheCat - only 5 of the 30 testers need to make a film

Yey, just seen this response grin

<goes off to apply and crosses fingers>
<learns to read properly blush >

Pascha Mon 11-Mar-13 14:53:58

I've entered. It must be my turn soon.

ClaraOswinOswald Mon 11-Mar-13 14:55:42

I never expected to be the type of woman to get all excited over a steam cleaner but I want one of these so much I'm willing to do (almost) anything!

Moominsarehippos Mon 11-Mar-13 15:02:39

Can I blast the boys with it too?

CockyFox Mon 11-Mar-13 15:05:12

I want to try this, on the oven and around the cats tray. Fingers crossed

notso Mon 11-Mar-13 15:07:33

I don't think it does Miranda I do so it goes into threads I'm on but have never been picked, it's high school netball all over again!

If anyone who does get picked would like to steam clean my house while I'm away feel free!

CuriousMama Mon 11-Mar-13 15:10:52

Dss would help me with filming they love doing that.

BambieO Mon 11-Mar-13 15:16:32

Done smile

INeverSaidThat Mon 11-Mar-13 15:19:15

Survey done and steam cleaned dusted.

MonaLotte Mon 11-Mar-13 15:22:51

Done! Would love one as using harsh chemicals affects my asthma and would love to see the difference no chemicals cleaning would make!

Madlizzy Mon 11-Mar-13 15:24:52

I forgot to put laminate floors on the form. D'oh!

ClaraOswinOswald Mon 11-Mar-13 15:28:31

If I'm picked I'll happily bring it round to the homes of local Mumsnetters to try
in exchange for coffee and cake.

Greywacke Mon 11-Mar-13 15:37:58

Done! Would love to try

pixi2 Mon 11-Mar-13 16:55:48

I have done it. Taken a second wishful peek at it on the website and didn't realise it did windows too. I have a glass dining table that needs frequent cleaning after little fingers and gravy.

signet Mon 11-Mar-13 17:02:26

Done. Would love to test this!

slambang Mon 11-Mar-13 17:24:39


I've never had a chance to be a tester -eeeveeeer.

LaVitaBellissima Mon 11-Mar-13 17:24:52

Meeeeeeeeee grin

blibblibs Mon 11-Mar-13 17:29:50

Oh, would love to test this. survey done!


HazeltheMcWitch Mon 11-Mar-13 17:37:39

Ooh, I SOOOOO want this! Crosses fingers....

NotInMyDay Mon 11-Mar-13 17:39:41


I wanted the Dyson at Christmas but wasn't picked confused. Testing this would make it seem like Christmas had come twice though wink

Me me me me me <jumps up and down>

wannaBe Mon 11-Mar-13 17:45:27

me me me me me me me. Does the fact I have two dogs, two cats and a parrot, and am VI so cleaning would be made easier for me count? In fact, if they don't pick me can I claim they're being disablist? [winnk] grin

KaraStarbuckThrace Mon 11-Mar-13 17:49:32

Please, please, please, please!

I would love to do this! Something to blast away all the grime would be bloody lovely! Pick meeeeeeeee! Please. Pretty please with a gin soaked strawberry on top grin thanks

Silver66 Mon 11-Mar-13 17:51:12

windows.....and ovens.......


muchostinky Mon 11-Mar-13 17:53:54

I want one!!!!! grin

SqueakyCleanNameChange Mon 11-Mar-13 17:56:18

So keen to get this that I have changed my name special so I can get it delivered to work and do the video filming without outing myself.

My rarely seen inner Anthea Turner is rearing her immaculately coiffed head.

SqueakyCleanNameChange Mon 11-Mar-13 17:57:29

I am also still mourning my failure to get picked for the Christmas Dyson sad

harrogatehussy Mon 11-Mar-13 17:59:48

I have one of these. I hate it, I honestly think they're rubbish, I only use it to clean my loo. Buying replacement cloths for the floor attachments etc was such a rip-off I nearly fell over with the shock.

bluebump Mon 11-Mar-13 18:00:54

Done, I hope my entry was received ok - it went to a survey monkey thank you page rather than the MN one it normally does...

We once borrowed a steam cleaner to get rid of fleas that a neighbours cat brought into the house. I was amazed by it and would love to give my house a going over again!

Groovee Mon 11-Mar-13 18:02:27

OMG I would fill the easter holidays steaming the house if I was picked.

Done and crosses fingers.

scripsi Mon 11-Mar-13 18:37:12

slightly desperate for this, filling in form now ...

Belmo Mon 11-Mar-13 18:39:26

Want want want

Oh Dear Lord - please pick me!!! I don't deserve to live in a house with manky tiles - pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Stropzilla Mon 11-Mar-13 18:46:31

Fingers crossed I guess, this would really help me out!

KelleStar Mon 11-Mar-13 18:48:38

My house is so filthy it would be brilliant! Pregnant and been letting things lapse.

TwoPoundCharityShopShoes Mon 11-Mar-13 18:58:38

Done smile

MerryMarigold Mon 11-Mar-13 19:02:27

I really, really want one. So badly. Been thinking of it for ages, but a bit strapped for cash.

KelleStar Mon 11-Mar-13 19:16:16

just told DH can't do the cleaning... just in case I get one... you've really got to test these things... smile He wants to know what my excuse has been for the last 8 months tho!

Skyebluesapphire Mon 11-Mar-13 19:29:00

fingers crossed, I need something to clean my lino smile

morethanpotatoprints Mon 11-Mar-13 19:30:21

OMG have seen these today when researching steam cleaners and thought in my wildest dreams.

BanjoPlayingTiger Mon 11-Mar-13 19:37:59

I have ticked "other" on the filming question as I could film on my iPad but there was nowhere to specify what the "other" was.

Please pick me. The previous occupants of this house were clearly Kim and Aggie candidates and I want rid of all the dirt!

Liveinthepresent Mon 11-Mar-13 19:49:31

done it!
I have had such a rubbish day today this would literally make up for all the chaos I have endured!
Another one who missed out on the Dyson too.
I would never convince DH to spend this much on one of these - but reckon he would secretly love it!
Fingers crossed.

Indith Mon 11-Mar-13 19:52:20

<<crosses fingers and toes>>

Indith Mon 11-Mar-13 20:00:08

If I get one will I be able to swoosh through my impossibly clean home with my steam cleaner and cloth and do all my cleaning with a dreamy look on my face just pausing once to smile at my beautiful, happy crawling baby or will I still have to do the cleaning while breaking up world war 3 between the big 2 and stopping the baby from eating paper/emptying the bin/licking the toilet/climbing into the dishwasher?

Indith Mon 11-Mar-13 20:01:54

I also ticked "other" and there was not box to specify what it was. Although I was quite happy about that because I don't know what my phone is. It says Sony on it so I know that much.....

mrspink27 Mon 11-Mar-13 20:03:26

Fingers crossed here to... Wonder whether it would transform me into a house cleaning wizardess!!!

ByTheWay1 Mon 11-Mar-13 20:05:00

Another one with fingers crossed- my kitchen NEEDS one of these - it really, really does!!!

ArtexMonkey Mon 11-Mar-13 20:05:55

Oh em gee. Hellooooooo you beauty.

Lavendersbluedillydilly1969 Mon 11-Mar-13 20:12:49

Done. Never tried a feedback thread before, would love to get it.

WithASpider Mon 11-Mar-13 20:20:47

For the smartphone question there's no box to specify the other. Have a Galaxy Note smile

janey223 Mon 11-Mar-13 20:43:01

Wonder how it stands up to my 14m olds breakfast porridge after bedtime! :D mine mine please?

Tortoise Mon 11-Mar-13 20:54:22

Done. Would love to test this. The mould in my bathroom is horrendous!

celebmum Mon 11-Mar-13 20:57:22

ooh done!

very excited about this! was just talking about loving a steam cleaner this afternoon! smile

CharlotteBronteSaurus Mon 11-Mar-13 20:59:36

I'll have a go. I have had some Sainsbury's mock-shreddies stuck to my laminate for days now.
<throws down gauntlet>

NotSoNervous Mon 11-Mar-13 20:59:53

Really really want to try

damnitdamnit Mon 11-Mar-13 21:13:35

Hope I am picked I need something to motivate me!

Bimbledorf Mon 11-Mar-13 21:13:35

I don't even like cleaning, but I would LOVE to try this out! Anything to make life easier and steam cleaners do look like they are incredibly satisfying to use.

Well those American infomercials that I can't quite tear my eyes away from make out prove they do.

Done! I missed out on a hoover trial a while back so pretty pretty please!! I have an HTC phone (explorer) but it wasn't listed so I ticked "other".

PigeonStreet Mon 11-Mar-13 21:37:06

Done and everything crossed...

Grockle Mon 11-Mar-13 21:45:19

Done! <hopeful>

SerenaJoy Mon 11-Mar-13 21:52:21

Done. OMG pick me, I would LOVE one of these bad boys!

VinoEsmeralda Mon 11-Mar-13 21:56:21

I've literally just finishes mopping my kitchen floor with the VAC steam cleaner from my neighbour- impressed with result so would love one that is more all round such as the above!

Also DS gave me 5 vouchers to hoover and mop down stairs for Mothering Sunday :-)

sharond101 Mon 11-Mar-13 22:05:18

This sounds like my new cleaning lady.

pearlgirl Mon 11-Mar-13 22:08:03

Have signed up- would love one of these.

Woofers Mon 11-Mar-13 22:21:41

Pick me. I have a filthy kitchen floor which is hammered by several sets of muddy paws and shoes. Please please grin

Dysgu Mon 11-Mar-13 22:22:36

Fingers crossed - I have just filled in the survey and would love to have one of these. I can just imagine it is the ONE thing that will enable me to get the house sorted for getting the house clean ready for the arrival for DC3.

It didn't say anything about needing to live on the UK mainland so hopefully they will pick me (I would have been happy to tick the box for filming but not sure what phone DP has and he has gone to bed already!)

violetwellies Mon 11-Mar-13 22:24:45

Oh me, pleeeeease, this way - the house with all the mud.....

Crazybit Mon 11-Mar-13 22:33:03

Ok I filled in the application and then went for a bath. I was laid there looking at the disgusting tiles and the limescale encrusted taps and grotty shower screen and thought of all I could do if I am chosen. My bathroom would be soo sparkly!! Forgot to put all this in to the application though. hmm

blondieminx Mon 11-Mar-13 22:33:44

Done smile

Ledkr Mon 11-Mar-13 22:38:28

Rolls eyes at yet another one completed!!

LittlePicnic Mon 11-Mar-13 22:52:43

Done - we need help. Please!

puffylovett Mon 11-Mar-13 23:02:23

Please please please pick me!!!!!

Isitme1 Mon 11-Mar-13 23:43:46

Would love a go at this smile

WinkyWankyWonkyPeppa Mon 11-Mar-13 23:47:16

Signed up! Pleeeease pick me! [hopeful] grin

ExBrightonBell Tue 12-Mar-13 00:02:57

Done, but I won't be selected I'm sure :-(

LackaDAISYcal Tue 12-Mar-13 01:43:29

ooooh, would love to give this a go. My old decrepit house (and decrepit arthriitic joints) are in desperate need.

TheFutureMrsB Tue 12-Mar-13 02:21:10

Done smile

Jayne266 Tue 12-Mar-13 03:44:22


Done :+) would love to try this!

LeonieDeSainteVire Tue 12-Mar-13 08:56:48

When I completed the survey it didn't return me to mumsnet just says thanks for completing survey - is that right? I would hate to miss out on at least trying for this.

Jux Tue 12-Mar-13 09:07:34

Need need need need need!!!!

orangina Tue 12-Mar-13 09:30:37

Survey done!

pickofthepops Tue 12-Mar-13 09:31:44

Done fingers crossed grin

<<looks at spaniel>>
<<looks at kitchen floor>>

and we live in a hard water area so limescale is an issue. and mould because I am slovernly

Astley Tue 12-Mar-13 09:33:13

Please please pick me! I cannot tell you how many dirt issues need addressing in Casa De Astley grin

vincenta Tue 12-Mar-13 09:45:14 parent in law will come to visit us from abroad for first time. in middle of April! I would love to test steam cleaner it will be so handy and hopefully my home will, be clean, shiny and grease free with less effortsmile))I am crossing my fingers, toes and ears for luck!smile))

vincenta Tue 12-Mar-13 09:46:24 parent in law will come to visit us from abroad for first time. in middle of April! I would love to test steam cleaner it will be so handy and hopefully my home will, be clean, shiny and grease free with less effortsmile))I am crossing my fingers, toes and ears for luck!smile))

AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 12-Mar-13 09:57:51

Thanks bluebump we received your application

TaggieCampbellBlack Tue 12-Mar-13 10:09:46

Same as WithASpider.

There's an 'other' box to tick for what sort of fancyphone and it asks which, but there's nowhere to type which.
I also have a Galaxy Note.

OrangeforDd Tue 12-Mar-13 10:15:29

Done and would soooo love to be chosen!!! smile

AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 12-Mar-13 10:39:12

Hi all, thanks for pointing out the 'Other' box issue. Sorry about that - we've fixed it now. We'll amend the forms of those who have mentioned their phone here

EeyoresGloomyPlace Tue 12-Mar-13 10:40:28

Done but the survey stayed open after I clicked submit, does that mean I need to click again or can I close the page? <bit thick today>

I would love one of these!

MrsMarigold Tue 12-Mar-13 10:45:14

Oh I would love one I have a lot of floors to clean

MmeLindor Tue 12-Mar-13 10:53:43


We have been looking at these, cause we weren't that impressed by the Lakeland one, and DH has been saying we should have bought a Kaercher instead. Vorsprung durch Steammop smile

lumpybumps Tue 12-Mar-13 11:15:49

ooooooooo i really really really really want this!!! please please please!

Done! Would love to try one of these, hopefully it would make my bathroom white again grin

landofsoapandglory Tue 12-Mar-13 11:48:27


I really do need one of these. My poor joints can't stand up to scrubbing, and although DH has very long arms they won't reach from the Falklands!

iseenodust Tue 12-Mar-13 12:22:40

It's a question of need over want in this house. blush

<ponders whether DH & DS could be persuaded it is as much fun to clean the shower tiles as it is the patio with one of these?>

Done - and everything crossed (fingers, toes, legs, eyes ....) that I get chosen. I am convinced that a steam cleaner is the cleaning product that will transform me into a domestic goddess.

stinky101 Tue 12-Mar-13 13:26:28

please pick me - stinky just been sick on kitchen floor, any chance of one today!

Done - fingers crossed, etc.

napkin Tue 12-Mar-13 14:48:24

Done thanks

lubeybooby Tue 12-Mar-13 15:05:15

Oooh! Pick meeeee grin

Survey completed. I could really do with something to sort out my oven and also the shower cubicle <fingers crossed> smile

prakattack Tue 12-Mar-13 16:05:15

Done. I would LOVE one of these - I had no idea it needed no chemicals at all! And avoiding scrubbing tiled floors on hands and knees... bliss!
I second whoever it was upthread that said they were disappointed there were no delivery time slots that avoided the school run though...

bluebump Tue 12-Mar-13 16:47:36

Thanks Alex for checking!

madamy Tue 12-Mar-13 17:21:44

Done - how I long never to clean again around the toilet on my hands and knees bleurgh!

starjules Tue 12-Mar-13 20:41:51

Done, desperate for one of these, a 14 month old and a messy dog are a bad mix.

SpareHeadThree Tue 12-Mar-13 21:12:25

Oh, I'd love one of these. It might actually motivate me to do some cleaning! grin

SpareHeadThree Tue 12-Mar-13 21:14:05

Forgot to add, I'd love one of these as I have a huge tiled kitchen floor that's a real pain in the botty to clean, takes forever to get clean and anything that might tackle the thing is a winner in my eyes!

DorisIsWaiting Tue 12-Mar-13 21:28:37

I would LOVE to have a go with one of these

<looks shamefully towards kitchen floor, then looks anywhere else but the floor!>

SlinkyB Tue 12-Mar-13 21:30:04

Done! Please pick me! thanks wine

SoftKittyWarmKitty Tue 12-Mar-13 21:43:33

Ooh, I've always wanted to try a steam cleaner on my ground-in bathroom floor dirt blush

Hope I'm picked! <begs>

INeverSaidThat Tue 12-Mar-13 23:00:06

A question,
Will our email addresses be used for marketing purposes?
I am very careful to opt out of marketing but there was nothing on the survey. (Unless I was being thick grin )
I have opted out of Mumsnet marketing so would that cover the survey hmm


It usually says that email addresses are used purely for the survey and nothing else.

AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 13-Mar-13 09:29:08

Hi INeverSaidThat - Your email address won't be used for any marketing purposes. If you sign up to be a video tester we would have to pass on your email to the company that helps produce those, but again they won't use it for marketing purposes!

wannaBe Wed 13-Mar-13 09:33:35

so when do we get too find out? <impatient>

smileyface1978 Wed 13-Mar-13 10:45:58

just wondering if you can check if my survey for this went through as it said error inloading the page and i had to recover it and now i don't know, sad

aliasjoey Wed 13-Mar-13 10:50:53

I would love one of those, but not sure it would work on my kitchen floor. floor. We have laminate tiles not sure what's between each tile but they are quite old. Would the steam get in between them?

Puppypoppet Wed 13-Mar-13 10:52:30

Done - if it is as good as our Karcher pressure washer (still going strong after 12 years) I am sure the steam cleaner will be brilliant.

tigerlilygrr Wed 13-Mar-13 11:05:09

Oh this would be great... I have every floor surface in my home bar carpet, so would be perfect! Everything crossed...

IncogKNEEto Wed 13-Mar-13 11:28:43

Done smile Would love to give one of these a try.

AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 13-Mar-13 11:35:20

Has all gone through fine smileyface1978

PooFlower Wed 13-Mar-13 14:17:08

Done, I would love to try this.

leolion Wed 13-Mar-13 14:25:30

Done. Fingers crossed!

TeaOneSugar Wed 13-Mar-13 16:54:58

Done smile

lougle Wed 13-Mar-13 17:14:50

Done. It would be so nice. Currently looking with dismay at bloodied cupboards from a daft dog's tail!

Done grin

Norem Wed 13-Mar-13 19:00:17

Done and now I really want one smile

kissyfur Wed 13-Mar-13 19:16:28

Oooooo been wanting to try one of these for ages!! Really want to blitz my house and get it sparkling!

MeSoFunny Wed 13-Mar-13 19:18:25

Done. Yes purrrlease!

Sparklegeek Wed 13-Mar-13 19:21:24

Ooooh please choose me so that I can have a house that lives up to my username grin

MNPin2013 Wed 13-Mar-13 19:24:25

Oh wow, we could see if it is up to the task of cleaning after cats, chickens and thru a partial house renovation in a 1960's Bungalow.

luisad Wed 13-Mar-13 19:25:13

survey done and now its fingers crossed time

ItsOkayItsJustMyBreath Wed 13-Mar-13 19:26:12

Oh good god, just seen this and I am crossing all possible appendages in the hope of being chosen. I am such a convert to steam cleaning but my old one has issues meaning it may not be with me for much longer <sobs>

I've done it, I hope it worked!

Done. My poor house is in desperate need!

Daffssmellofwee Wed 13-Mar-13 19:46:33

Pick meee please! I need this in my life with 2 small boys grin

Done! With 2 cats and a toddler plus my slatternly ways my house NEEDS a Karcher steam cleaner!

Moochicken Wed 13-Mar-13 20:02:15

Done. Fingers crossed!

Me me me me.... Please.
Been trying to persuade my DH to buy a steam cleaner for ages

Done. Anything that will make light work of our vast expanse of laminate/real wood flooring will be much appreciated!

supamummy Wed 13-Mar-13 20:28:43

done, really need this with 2 kids and 3 cats, pick me xx

Pennykettle Wed 13-Mar-13 20:47:13

Done - I'd be thrilled to try this cleaner as my son has skin problems yet is the messiest teenager alive!

Done - not long moved into a house with no carpets, just tiles and Lino flooring. This would be a godsend to remove stains created by the DC <ignores previously white floor>

ThedementedPenguin Wed 13-Mar-13 21:16:00

I've signed up would be great to give it a try.

Whydobabiescry Wed 13-Mar-13 21:42:33

I would so love to test this, my house needs this please pick me.

Lizzzombie Wed 13-Mar-13 21:45:09

I'd love one of these, it would make my life so much easier (cleaner!)

Nyx Wed 13-Mar-13 22:44:57

Pick me please! We would love so much to be picked for this.

Glitterfairys Wed 13-Mar-13 22:45:48

I would love to test the steam cleaner in my house grin

Northernexile Wed 13-Mar-13 22:46:24

Done. I would kill for one of these! grin

newlark Wed 13-Mar-13 22:53:49

Done - would love to try this!

So excited - would love to try this. I DS, 1 cat, plenty of dirt each day! Would really like to try on limescale.

ninja Thu 14-Mar-13 07:09:54

I'm adding myself to the list of people who really want one too. Sadly a steam cleaner was on my wish list for Christmas sad

CarpeJugulum Thu 14-Mar-13 08:26:12

When does it close? not that I'm putting off cleaning my oven or anything

Quejica Thu 14-Mar-13 08:59:04

I keep waking up at night fantasising about things I could clean. This is unheard of! shock

pooka Thu 14-Mar-13 10:26:52

We live in very hard water area so I NEED one. The limescale!

Plus 3 dcs and 3 cats.

acsec Thu 14-Mar-13 10:28:16

Oh, doh! I meant to put my work address! Woops sad

ButteryJam Thu 14-Mar-13 10:46:35

Done smile

Would love to be selected!

pussinwellyboots Thu 14-Mar-13 11:29:24

would also love to be selected

alemci Thu 14-Mar-13 11:32:25

so would I. Its always worth giving it a go. You never know.

Jayne266 Thu 14-Mar-13 11:34:19

When does this thread close?

MyMamaToldMe Thu 14-Mar-13 11:41:29

I neeeeeed one of these - please!!! smile thanks

AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Mar-13 11:46:04

If you PM me your work address acsec I'll change this for you.

The thread will close at some point this afternoon Jayne266, so make sure to sign up soon!

OneHundredSecondsofSolitude Thu 14-Mar-13 13:05:45

How will you pick the lucky recipient?

I don't think i pleaded enough. Nor gave enough detail of the myriad types if filth I've got and the challenges I can provide

kasbah72 Thu 14-Mar-13 13:19:29

Oooh, did I get my entry in in time for the cut off? This would be brilliant!! Oh, and I forgot limescale. HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN THE LIMESCALE??? And the fingerprints on the wall. And the smears on the painted walls. HEEEEELPPPP!

AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Mar-13 14:05:07

Yep, yours is in kasbah72

Tee2072 Thu 14-Mar-13 14:59:36

::awaits email::

::thinking positive::

owlface Thu 14-Mar-13 15:02:58

Aww I clicked on the link and filled out the survey but it said it is closed!

Woofers Thu 14-Mar-13 15:15:00

When do we find out who the lucky testers are??

Keeps fingers, toes and legs crossed smile

Tortoise Thu 14-Mar-13 16:53:24

Fingers tightly crossed. smile

My email hasn't come through yet...

WildThong Thu 14-Mar-13 19:55:41

It's meeeeee!

Stropzilla Fri 15-Mar-13 08:02:36

Dammit sad !

WildThong Fri 15-Mar-13 08:06:02

Joking, sorry

Stropzilla Fri 15-Mar-13 09:29:36

Meanie wink ! Still hope then...

Everything still crossed here! When will you be choosing the lucky few MNHQ?

Can't decide whether to start scrubbing my floors or wait and hope I'm chosen.....think I'll wait grin

I've decided to do no housework at all until my steam cleaner arrives. I am a lazy hound want to give it a challenge.

PeachActiviaMinge Fri 15-Mar-13 14:46:44

Just got stupidly over excited by the talk round up sad

LeonieDeSainteVire Fri 15-Mar-13 15:51:01

In the absence of an email <<stern look>> I am mopping my kitchen floor. By the law of sod this should guarantee I am picked.

<< clutches at straws>>

If not my floor will at least be clean but not as clean as it would be with a steam clean

lubeybooby Fri 15-Mar-13 16:34:12

Please put us out of our misery <tears out hair>

The suspenders is killing me!

suspense blush stupid phone

AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 15-Mar-13 17:10:40

To prevent any weekend Karcher-based-nervous-breakdowns, I can reveal that the selected testers will be notified early next week! But you should keep everything crossed till then grin

Next week! shock That is evil.

I'll never survive the weekend. <weeps>

LillethTheCat Fri 15-Mar-13 17:40:33

Best get busy then so the weekend flies by

lubeybooby Fri 15-Mar-13 17:57:27

Oh, man.... <trudges off to get busy also>

Jeez... <buys mop>

ClaraOswinOswald Fri 15-Mar-13 19:31:40

Wildthong That was very funny, I've been tempted to do that myself.

openerofjars Fri 15-Mar-13 22:54:40

Oh, but my house is filthy. Can you put in a good word for my encrusted laminate and mouldy bathroom? Failing that, send Kim and Aggie...

Woofers Sat 16-Mar-13 12:32:23

Suspenders gringringringrin

It makes house work more fun!

I used to iron in new stilettos to break them in. . . . Those were the days.

5madthings Sat 16-Mar-13 22:47:50

Hope i get picked!

Fillybuster Sun 17-Mar-13 23:43:25

<crosses fingers>

<crosses toes>

<crosses eyes>

<looks squintily at tiled surfaces and dreams of steam cleaner tester selection email....>

LillethTheCat Mon 18-Mar-13 08:04:49

<opens email so I can see any new email straight away>

<crosses fingers, toes and anything else that can be crossed>

5madthings Mon 18-Mar-13 08:18:31

Do you get a pm as well as an email only my virgin email is being crap.

LeonieDeSainteVire Mon 18-Mar-13 10:04:49

Anyone? Anything?

<refreshes emails>

Nothing yet hmm

LackaDAISYcal Mon 18-Mar-13 10:12:31

nothing here yet

shufflebum Mon 18-Mar-13 10:14:04

Pleeeassse be me! Have put off mopping my floors this morning just in case I am one of the chosen ones!

PeachActiviaMinge Mon 18-Mar-13 10:16:59

Oi MNHQ get up and get my email sent out grin

Tortoise Mon 18-Mar-13 10:31:26

I keep seeing steam cleaners advertised on tv. I really need one now! grin

Tee2072 Mon 18-Mar-13 10:33:02

::taps foot::

Now? How about now? What about now?

LillethTheCat Mon 18-Mar-13 10:40:06

MNHQ did say early this week so that could mean tomorrow. Dont know how I can compose myself till tomorrow

Stropzilla Mon 18-Mar-13 11:16:08

It's early this week NOW!

Tee2072 Mon 18-Mar-13 12:29:56

That's kind of what I was thinking, Strop!!

michelleblane Mon 18-Mar-13 13:15:37

Four sets of muddy cat prints and a bouncy muddy Springer Spaniel all over the hall,utility room and kitchen. Nasty greasy tiles and masses of grimy grout. Perhaps if I make a start on cleaning, I will get an email........

HazeltheMcWitch Mon 18-Mar-13 14:12:40

I've had to wipe off paw prints from the kitchen floor TWICE today. Bloody cats and bloody mud.

I had to go on my hands and knees! Like in the olden days!
It would be so easy, nay, a pleasure were I to be able to do it with a Karcher Steam Cleaner!

ArtexMonkey Mon 18-Mar-13 14:16:11

The other day I found an old photo of my dd from 4 years ago when we first moved into this house and she's stood in the kitchen on the new tiles. I had forgotten that the grouting used to be white not grey..... I do mop them, honest I do... hmm

Indith Mon 18-Mar-13 14:16:22

I have a tummy bug. I need a steam cleaner now so I can make dh sanitise the bathroom so nobody else gets it.

openerofjars Mon 18-Mar-13 14:41:30

Four muddy little boys just took their wellies off in my hall...

The suspense is killing me, but I'm not a lucky person so doesn't hold out much hope sniff

schilke Mon 18-Mar-13 16:01:14

I got very excited when a mumsnet email arrived earlier - only to be disappointed! If someone had told me 20 years ago that I would be this excited about a steam cleaner, I wouldn't have believed them grin

SqueakyCleanNameChange Mon 18-Mar-13 16:10:17

Come on MNHQ. I can't be arsed to change this name until you've dashed my hopes, and the longer you leave it the greater my risk of accidentally getting involved in a huge and horrible bunfight or accidentally confessing to something awful (with way TMI) on a Crush Of Shame thread.

PeachActiviaMinge Mon 18-Mar-13 16:12:21

Pft watch "Early next week" turn into "Friday" then I can't go cry and use my pregnancy as an excuse to make DH feel bad for me and buy me one not that we can bloody afford it sad

I think it's too late now to hear today hmm

Shall I stop refreshing every 30 seconds until tomorrow? grin

FannyFifer Mon 18-Mar-13 16:21:36

Was mega excited to see Mumsnet email, alas no steam cleaner.

Stropzilla Mon 18-Mar-13 17:07:41

Not fair! I just got an email from Mumsnet...I opened it, breathless and excited...a smile already forming on my lips and...NOOOO! Spam?!?! Really?? You choose now to send that email? How cruel is that! I deserve, no, demand to be picked to make up for this horrible trick!

no email yet so i gave up, boiled the kettle and got Dh to mop the floors grin diy steam cleaning grin

ClaraOswinOswald Tue 19-Mar-13 09:28:37

How sad is it that I came back to look?

I've been chosen! gringringringrin

Thank you MN and Kärcher, I can't wait to put it through its paces!

lubeybooby Tue 19-Mar-13 09:38:20


frantically searches email

f5 f5 f5 f5 f5

WildThongsEggHunt Tue 19-Mar-13 09:43:07

OMG - Ive been selected too!!

I can honestly say I am looking forward to cleaning now

ninja Tue 19-Mar-13 09:43:25

I've been chosen - thanks you sooooooo much smile I needed something to cheer me up.

How do I find out which delivery slots I put?

So excited!!!

schilke Tue 19-Mar-13 09:43:54

Sob - not me. My email pinged, but it was spam.

madamy Tue 19-Mar-13 09:45:54

I've also been selected grin grin shock ! Am delighted but will have no excuse now not to clean! Thank you mn!

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Tue 19-Mar-13 09:53:12

OMG! I've been selected too. Poor DS is all like 'come and play Mummy' and I'm all just 'hang on, I'm to busy grining from ear to ear!'

SoupDreggon Tue 19-Mar-13 09:54:12


FannyFifer Tue 19-Mar-13 09:57:20

No email for me, [huff]

lubeybooby Tue 19-Mar-13 09:58:46

Gah! still nothing in my email sad

NormaSpoonOeufEggcher Tue 19-Mar-13 09:59:45

Not me either sad

wannaBe Tue 19-Mar-13 10:01:04

grin grin grin grin grin

Indith Tue 19-Mar-13 10:03:49

Nothing for me. Have fun all you testers!

Nothing for me either. Someone must have told them what a lazy mare domestically challenged person I am!

toughdecisions Tue 19-Mar-13 10:13:53

No email, no sparkling surfaces.

SoupDreggon Tue 19-Mar-13 10:18:21

Someone must have told them what a lazy mare domestically challenged person I am!

Clearly they didn't mention that about me grin

5madthings Tue 19-Mar-13 10:19:20

I am out all day and cant check my email on my phone as virgin media is being a pita!!!


HazeltheMcWitch Tue 19-Mar-13 10:41:38

I am sulking too.
In my midden.

SoupDreggon Tue 19-Mar-13 10:42:43

<<strokes manky shower door>>
<<looks at hands>>
<<scrubs hands with bleach>>

TeggieCampbeggBlegg Tue 19-Mar-13 10:45:21


Humph. Humph. Humph. Humph. Humph.



HappyHippyChick Tue 19-Mar-13 10:53:06

O.M.G!!!!!! grin grin

Squeeeeee!!! I can't believe I was chosen!! I never get chosen for stuff. My house is pretty manky though blush

NotInMyDay Tue 19-Mar-13 10:54:08

Wow. This has totally made my morning!!

tigerlilygrr Tue 19-Mar-13 11:08:53

MNHQ can you let us know when the emails have all been sent so the rest of us can go and cry in our filthy hovels please?

MissEleanorLavish Tue 19-Mar-13 11:11:44

Oh you know I'm a domestic slut too!! Thank you grin drawing up a list of filthy places that need a deep clean!

WildThongsEggHunt Tue 19-Mar-13 11:13:51

AlexMumsnet - is there anyway of finding out what delivery slots I chose? sorry I should have noted it down.

HippiTEEHoppoTEE Tue 19-Mar-13 11:16:22


PeachActiviaMinge Tue 19-Mar-13 11:18:52

angry Completely admitted to being a domestic slob with a damp ridden home too angry Still not surprised though to be fair grin

AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 19-Mar-13 11:20:49

Hi WildThongsEggHunt, I'll email you with those smile

I've been chosen!

Actually squealed with happiness. DS just looked at me like this hmm and confused

ouryve Tue 19-Mar-13 12:09:50

I've got one to test grin

For some reason, DH hasn't responded with joy to my suggestion of al the jobs he can do with it.hmm

LackaDAISYcal Tue 19-Mar-13 12:42:19

Squeeeeeeeee grin

My floors will be so happy! didn't want to admit it before, but I can't honestly remember the last time I cleaned my kitchen floor blush no excuse not to now!


<drags manky old mop out yet again>

<peers sadly at caked-on gunge on oven door>

Back to the ol' elbow grease, eh? Good luck to all of you who got selected!

Tortoise Tue 19-Mar-13 12:57:30

sad no steam cleaner for me sad

LeonieDeSainteVire Tue 19-Mar-13 13:04:36


CharlotteBronteSaurus Tue 19-Mar-13 13:25:52

oooh - I'm in smile! thank you very much.
Does this mean I can stop cleaning until it arrives, to ensure a sufficient challenge?

ninja Tue 19-Mar-13 13:41:37

CharlotteBronteSaurus absolutely!! You mean you've cleaned between applying and finding you'd got one??

It says it does mouldy grouting in bathrooms, if it really does it can have a big kiss from me (grin)

lubeybooby Tue 19-Mar-13 14:16:22

<cries pitifully>

woe... woe... and woe sad

Babieseverywhere Tue 19-Mar-13 14:39:00

Well done to everyone who was lucky enough to be chosen. smile

<BE wanders off to mop kitchen floor without using steam sad>

LillethTheCat Tue 19-Mar-13 14:43:20

Yey Ive got one too grin

I looked at my emails on my phone while out shopping and there was an email telling me I had been selected. Caused a few hmm when I squealed in the middle of TK Maxx

Im actually going to enjoy cleaning for once.

<looks forward to a clean kitchen>

Moominsarehippos Tue 19-Mar-13 14:46:24

Where's mine?

Don't want one anymore. They smell.


openerofjars Tue 19-Mar-13 15:45:36

Aw, now I have to do harsh, difficult cleaning on my hands and knees, with a scrubbing brush. I was so looking forward to the day when I could stop being a scrubber, but alas, twas not to be. sad

SqueakyCleanNameChange Tue 19-Mar-13 15:49:02


Am walking around making mental notes of the filthiest bits of my house as I type.

Woofers Tue 19-Mar-13 16:13:18

Pfft. I reckon they don't work anyway. I'm just going to blow on my floor. Prob do the same confusedconfused

slambang Tue 19-Mar-13 16:48:14

I'm so very lucky, lucky, lucky lucky! grin

Ds2 heard me squeal and when I told him what it was he looked distinctly non-plussed. "Oh, is that all". He'll understand when he trials it as part of his chores wink

Does this mean that I mustn't do any cleaning from now until it arrives to give it a proper trial? (I really think I shouldn't, should i?)

Alex, I'd appreciate a reminder on the delivery day too please.

I'm so very lucky in lurve.

Boggler Tue 19-Mar-13 17:20:45

I've checked a few nay a lot today and unfortunately no email for me sad

Fillybuster Tue 19-Mar-13 17:41:16


sadsadsadsadsadsad This poor heavily pregnant woman will just have to get on her knees and scrub then.....

Moominsarehippos Tue 19-Mar-13 18:07:48

Oh well, that's a good way to get the baby to turn into the correct birth position.

chocoflump Tue 19-Mar-13 19:53:33

Fuck that then sadsadsadsad

I agree woofers, probably make your floor even dirtier. hmm

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Tue 19-Mar-13 19:54:30

Slambang I was looking at my kitchen floor earlier thinking 'Oh well, no point mopping it now' grin

DH was most impressed when I told him I'd been chosen to product test a steam cleaner, and I suspect when it arrives we may have an argument over who gets to use it [eyeroll] grin

Um, I also don't remember my delivery date ...

Woofers Tue 19-Mar-13 20:21:47

Vodkandcheesies. I thought you said

'I was licking my floor earlier'

Maybe that's why you got one.......

I refuse to do any cleaning until it arrives so that I can test it to its limits wink

Sorry Alex but I can't remember which date I selected for delivery either blush

Crazybit Tue 19-Mar-13 22:07:50

Sqeual, me too, for the video one. OMG!
Really made my week this has!
DP was not impressed, DD was a bit impressed grin
Um, so sorry, but i can't remember my delivery date either, pretty please can you email me mine Alex?

wannaBe Tue 19-Mar-13 22:53:32

I told my mum I'd been selected and she said, "you realise that in order to get good results you actually have to use it though?" grin cheaky cow. grin

SoupDreggon Wed 20-Mar-13 07:05:10

What?? You mean you don't just fill it up, place it in a room and let it get on with it?? shock

SoupDreggon Wed 20-Mar-13 07:06:58

Alex, and I did reply to the email asking to be told which delivery slot they were using. Mainly as I need to plan stuff but also because I can't remember which dates I chose.

AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 20-Mar-13 14:50:10

Please make sure to check your junk mail folder, some of the emails seem to have gone that way!

tigerlilygrr Wed 20-Mar-13 15:29:40

Unless it's from the intriguingly named Darya L. with the subject 'let's talk more my bunny' I'm afraid there's nothing in my spam box! But I am happy to be on the reserve list if you can't get hold of people!

wannabeEostregoddess Wed 20-Mar-13 15:45:10

Oooooh I am so excited.

Two houses to clean next weekend. I am looking forward to it shock grin

It went to my junk folder! Must remember to actually check that regularly!

rachel19784 Wed 20-Mar-13 16:41:59

I really want one of these with my mucky boys and that includes husband and cat who leave dirt and grime everywhere

SoupDreggon Wed 20-Mar-13 16:43:31

WHY did I put next Monday down as my first choice of delivery date?

I could have had it tomorrow, but no.

LillethTheCat Wed 20-Mar-13 17:29:57

Im the same Soup This is going to be one mucky house after the weekend grin

Woofers Wed 20-Mar-13 21:21:57

Ooh I just delete my junk. Was I on the list??

<moment of elevated hopefulness >

Shall I stop blowing on the floor?

Mine is coming tomorrow morning grin


LackaDAISYcal Thu 21-Mar-13 00:03:36

Mine too Tequila grin

Look out grungy grout on the tiles behind the hob...I'm gonna get ya grin

LackaDAISYcal Thu 21-Mar-13 09:11:30

It's Heeeeeeere grin

very impressed with the delivery, it came at 4 mins past 9!

wannaBe Thu 21-Mar-13 09:42:48

ooooooooh it's arrived! <excited>

wannaBe Thu 21-Mar-13 10:04:17

ok, quick q, can someone give me the model number so I can download the online manual <unablle to read it on the box due to VI>. ta much..

wannabeEostregoddess Thu 21-Mar-13 10:09:00

SC2.500C model (says in the OP smile )

wannaBe Thu 21-Mar-13 10:11:37

oops must pay more attention. blush cheers.

LillethTheCat Thu 21-Mar-13 10:27:29

So what does it come with? I was looking on internet and think it comes with a couple of different accessories.

Mine's not coming till Monday.

Yippeeeee, mine's here grin

Can't wait to finish work and get started!

wannaBe Thu 21-Mar-13 10:40:29

it comes with various brushes, a microfibre cloth, an extention thing, and a couple of other plastic bits which I as yet cannot figure out and trying to download the user manual currently so will be back :-)

LackaDAISYcal Thu 21-Mar-13 11:13:21

Been playing floor is mightily impressed. The tiles less so, but there are 25 years of baked in grease on that grout <not mine, from previous owners>, so it may take more than a quick play to get it kitchen is like a turkish bath now, there's so much steam in there!

And, my beauoooootiful pristine white cloth is now a manky grey rag sad
I assume you can just use any old bit of preloved terry nappy buy additional cloths?

wannaBe Thu 21-Mar-13 11:36:02

I think cloths are cloths tbh although microfibre are usually best for cleaning esp if not using any kinds of detergents.

I can't download the online manual soo it's going to have to wait until someone who can see what they're doing can have a look. I'm usually good with things like this but there are e.g. round bits of plastic which I have no idea what they're for ...

CutePuppy Thu 21-Mar-13 11:51:07

Mine has arrived! Just warming it up now. It arrived it time for me to do the floors before visitors this afternoon. So excited!

CutePuppy Thu 21-Mar-13 11:51:46

You can get large micro cloths in pound land I think.

LeggaDAISYcal Thu 21-Mar-13 11:53:39

they are the wheels wannaBe grin

Did you not get a paper manual in the box?

LeggaDAISYcal Thu 21-Mar-13 11:55:05

thanks cutepuppy smile I have an array of different microfibre cloths I can try, but not sure they are long enough for the big nozzle!

They can be made into covers for the small one though!

Crazybit Thu 21-Mar-13 12:00:07

Mine is not here yet. Its 12.01. I was promised before 12 sad
I hope it cones in the next hour as I need to go out.

LeonieDeSainteVire Thu 21-Mar-13 12:41:09

Those of you who were lucky enough to be chosen can you be really honest in the feedback please. Specifically, would you fork out over £200 of your own cash for one. So is it worth buying or just a nice to have.


KelleStar Thu 21-Mar-13 13:08:46

envy yes am looking forward to the review to see if it's worth investing in.

LeggaDAISYcal Thu 21-Mar-13 13:19:18

absolutely Leonie, I'll be brutally honest!

morethanpotatoprints Thu 21-Mar-13 14:31:47

OMG, I have just got mine and must have missed the email. Did anybody else get email telling them they were having one

Whipeeeeee, I never get to win anything.
I will be back tomorrow when I will be using it all day.

wannabeEostregoddess Thu 21-Mar-13 14:47:18

My email went to junk folder.

Mine comes tomorrow! Made DH promise not to go out until it arrives

Crazybit Thu 21-Mar-13 21:10:20

Mine came! At 12.10, driver was lost wink
Pretty good so far!

Crazybit Thu 21-Mar-13 22:04:52

When is the feedback thread going to be available?

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Fri 22-Mar-13 09:33:00

Ok, so as one of the VERY lucky recipients, shall I give you all my initial thoughts?

It is dead easy to set up - even I managed. I don't do instructions manuals so just used my bonce and it was fine. The water heats really quickly.

I had a very pleasant hour trying it out last night and started on the front door, which came up beautifully. The Victorian black and white tiles on the front path also look fabulous, as do the window sills.

I then tried it on the grouting on the tiled kitchen floor. Perhaps I'm particularly grubby, but it did take some patience, though it then came up lovely and clean. The kitchen floor itself was an absolute breeze with one of the microfibre cloths over the floor attachment, and it dried really quickly so I didn't have to shout: "DON'T WALK ON MY CLEAN WET FLOOR!" at anyone, which made a change.

The one thing I really wanted cleaning was my combi microwave-oven. The inside is textured (stainless steel, perhaps?) and some numpty cooked something in it last week without putting it on a tray and it overflowed and burnt onto the bottom. So, out came the steam cleaner with the nozzle, which lifted some of it but made very little difference to the really burnt bits, which was disappointing. I then sprayed some Fairy Power on the burn (not actually sure you're supposed to use it on that material), left it for a bit and tried again - and was disappointed yet again. So I resorted to my usual method of a bowl of water with a slosh of vinegar in it which I boiled in the microwave for 7 minutes and left for half an hour. It hasn't removed it all but was more effective than the steam cleaner. I suspect that just keeping it "wet" for a while is the trick, rather than just a jet of hot steam.

So, bring on the weekend when I intend to tackle all sorts of other jobs and do a little film.

It really couldn't be more simple to use but whether or not I would pay £200+ for one, I'm not sure. I'm delighted to have one and will definitely use it, but it is something else I need to find room to store. Having said that, as a household with grubby children and a dog, it is really reassuring to know that my kitchen floor will be pretty much germ free from now on, and without the use of chemicals. In fact, I get through a bottle of Flash every couple of weeks, which quickly adds up, price wise. So actually, yes I would invest in one. We already have a Karcher pressure washer which we've had for years and is well-used, so the steam cleaner will probably be as good in terms of quality.

Downside? It is quite noisy and ArseDog was terrified of it. He has refused to get onto his bed since I attacked the grouting under it (and no, he wasn't on it at the time!). He dragged his blanket into the hall last night and slept there instead. But actually, that really is the only downside!

slambang Fri 22-Mar-13 10:15:04

Waiting for mine this morning. I wonder if steam cleaners can get through snow.
(Who is the delivery company? Do they realise just how important this delivery is?)

Has anyone tried it on their sofa yet? I'm a bit scared incase it all goes horribly wrong!

CharlotteBronteSaurus Fri 22-Mar-13 10:32:54

I have just received mine smile
am off to work shortly, and then away for the weekend, so won't be unpacking it until then
tequila My sofas are sufficiently knackered that they can't be made worse, so will give them a go.

WildThongsEggHunt Fri 22-Mar-13 10:37:28

Whoooohooo mine just arrived!
A question, can I use it on Karndean, anyone know?
smartarse what are your front door and sills made of?

I'm just not sure what I can or can't use it on - any knowledgeable folk out there?

ninja Fri 22-Mar-13 11:38:25

Still waiting for mone, they have 25 mins left (and the snow isn't THAT bad!!)

I'll be trying it on my knackered sofas too

Oh - there's a delivery van outside! Back soon smile

slambang Fri 22-Mar-13 11:38:53

It's here. smile Poor delivery man's been slipping and sliding round the roads but still on time.

Now scissors to get into the box...

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Fri 22-Mar-13 11:52:43

YOU CAN DO SOFAS ON IT?! REALLY?!?!?!?! Now that I did not know. How exciting - I'll definitely be trying that this weekend. But surely it doesn't actually clean them? confused

Wild , the front door and window sills are just wood painted with gloss, but they looked really end-of-winter grubby and now they're sparkly white, like snow! grin

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Fri 22-Mar-13 11:53:13

Not "on" it ... WITH IT, clearly. [sigh]

LillethTheCat Fri 22-Mar-13 12:01:09

oooh can't wait for Monday now. Why on earth did I say Monday for my delivery slot?

mine isn't at home yet. They do have until 5pm tho... but still!

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Fri 22-Mar-13 12:20:28

Mine arrived at 9.30. My kitchen floor is clean and I just need the kids to go to bed so I can tackle the bathroom.

ninja Fri 22-Mar-13 12:28:27

It's Here - but so are three kids, so might haveto wait...

WildThongsEggHunt Fri 22-Mar-13 14:34:39

First job done, bathroom floor cleaned and the grout round the tiles is white again!

I didn't find the instructions very helpful so went on the Karcher website for some tips steamy

ouryve Fri 22-Mar-13 14:35:40

Mine arrived this morning. I was surprised how small the box was - expecting something bulkier.

And it's still in the box. My back's playing up, today and the walls of the house are so cold that I don't want to be generating steam, or else I'll be having to go round and dry all the walls off before more mould appears. I have 2 dehumidifiers blasting away, as it is.

Tried mine out. Only done the hall as ds is on one today.

It left the (admittedly cheap) laminate wetter than expected, although still dryer than a mop. The instructions aren't too clear either. I'll be able to use terry cloths as replacement pads I think, which is good

morethanpotatoprints Fri 22-Mar-13 18:55:58

I will agree that the instructions aren't that clear, having never used a steam mop before I wasn't sure how to do the carpets.
Well, I unpacked it today and set it up, was just about to start when dh came in and announced it was his new toy. Then dd 9 also joined in. (Instructions state over 8 can use it, so if you fancy child labour). No just joking, it was obviously the novelty. Anyway, both of them proceeded to steam anything that didn't move and now we have quite a clean house downstairs.
Of course I will give feedback in a constructive way, but atm can't think of anything else to say other than "Every house should have one". Would I have spent that much on one? No I wouldn't have done. But now, after almost full days use, most certainly. The amount of money you could save on cleaning products would soon recoup the investment.

morethanpotatoprints Fri 22-Mar-13 19:00:42

The return

I thought I read it wasn't for use on painted or polished surfaces? Wow will do my window cills now. I am attempting our mattress tomorrow, should be fun.

We have dralon covered dining chairs, have come up a treat but a bit damp, still not half as wet as a carpet cleaner though

slambang Fri 22-Mar-13 19:17:22

Well I've steamed everything bar the cat. Am I the only one who's just a little underwhelmed so far? (as grateful as I genuinely am). I was really keen to use it on my greasy cooker hood but despite 3 separate sessions with every tool available the hood still feels a bit sticky Fairy Power would have done a better job in half the time. Perhaps I'd been duped by the adverts and expected miracles.

Am I delighted to have one? Yes
Will I use it? Yes for some jobs.
Would I buy one for £219? Nope. Sorry blush

I have more comments + and - but will save them for the review section.

wannabeEostregoddess Fri 22-Mar-13 19:28:31

Hope mine gets here on monday through the snow sad

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Fri 22-Mar-13 19:56:43

I saw carpets mentioned up thread. Is there a way to do carpets? Because my no way near potty training toddler keeps removing her nappy then ends up weeing on the carpet.

Not going near the landlord's leather furniture though!

morethanpotatoprints Fri 22-Mar-13 20:28:08

I have used mine on the hall, stairs and ds2 did his carpet today. Oh it also did a fantastic job at removing a stain from a self coloured carpet we had. Carpets look better, but not sure on the patterned ones if they are cleaner. Dh asked how you would know, so maybe somebody else has the answer.

Ooh I must try it on the carpets, only done tiles and floors so far and I'm very impressed.

Can I use it on the inside of my manky electric cooker do you think?

morethanpotatoprints Fri 22-Mar-13 23:04:10


I did carpets and have looked on their website, seen the demos and nowhere does it show carpet cleaning.

Please don't do it on carpets because others have, I'm sure now that I shouldn't have

It does also say not the inside of ovens but dh did the Knobs and strips and the inside of the doors and it was ok. These were one glass and one enamel. The strips and knobs are enamel and plastic.

Thanks morethan, ill have a google about tomorrow, maybe there's some videos on youtube too.

Ok so now I've had a proper play with it (once I prised it from DH!), I love it! It has brought my manky rugs up a treat. The glossed doors are sparkly too, but the house is like a Turkish bath grin

Off to steam upstairs now!

SoupDreggon Sat 23-Mar-13 12:06:25

Do you think it would be good at de-icing a car?
Or clearing snow from a driveway?

ninja Sat 23-Mar-13 13:31:59

So how do you do rugs and carpets? With the floor tool or just balst them with steam??

I like the fact that you can use it to clean lots of things, so I can do the whole bathroom with just changing nozzles - not convinced about the bath though, may be forced to reclean.

Kitchen floor tiles lovely and clean.

About to challenge with with a slightly manky shower cubicle.

I used the smaller floor tool (without the cloth on) to do my rugs. About to tackle stair carpet using same tool.

ninja Sat 23-Mar-13 13:37:40

I like that one - it's the hand tool isn't it, you can just sweep it across anything! Thanks ...

Yep thats my favourite tool!

I'm still a bit scared to do sofa though, anybody tried it yet?