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NOW CLOSED Mumsnetters wanted to be Ovo Energy Research Group members for 12 months - your gas and electricity bills could be paid for a year in exchange!

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TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Mar-13 10:07:03

Ovo Energy have asked us to find 12 MNers to form a research group who they will work with over the course of a year, helping to develop new initiatives and providing feedback on existing activity.

Here is what Ovo Energy say about their plans: "Ovo Energy is about being cheaper, greener and simpler. We're doing things differently to other energy companies and part of that includes being open and honest. We're OK at this, but know we're not perfect, which is where you come in. We know that Mumsnetters aren't backwards in coming forwards with sharing their views (!) and would like to get your input on how we're doing, and how we can get better. We'd also like your help shaping our communications in the future - so this can be anything from what a bill looks like through to an advertising campaign."

We are looking for 12 UK MNers who are able to commit to:
~ Taking part in at least 2 online research activities per month - these will last 30mins-1 hour each and will need to be completed within 7 days of receiving the invitation
~ Attending up to 4 face-to-face research sessions during the year (one per quarter) - 2 of these will be daytime focus groups but the other 2 are more flexible and will be arranged around you. All expenses will be paid and they will be in locations convenient for panellists.

In exchange for your participation in all of the research activities you're invited to complete, your household energy bills will be paid by Ovo for 12 months. This will be done via monthly credits which will be in line with your existing household energy consumption. You will need to switch to Ovo in order to take part, but are free to switch again once the 12 months is up.
If you're interested in taking part, please sign up here. If you're selected, your details will be passed on to Ovo who will contact you. All data will be kept confidential by Ovo and will be used for research purposes only - you won't receive any marketing as a result.

Please note that all research activities will be organised and run by Ovo, we're just doing this initial recruitment stage on behalf of Ovo.

NB this applies to gas and electricity energy bills only.

If you have any queries about what's involved, please post them here and we'll get back to you.


LackaDAISYcal Wed 06-Mar-13 10:47:26

free bills...what's not to like about this one!

threepiecesuite Wed 06-Mar-13 11:18:44

Applied, sounds intriguing. And knowing we could go mad with the heating for a year would be ACE <not really in the spirit of things>

ValentineWiggins Wed 06-Mar-13 11:25:48


Onetwothreeoops Wed 06-Mar-13 12:43:22

We live in a rented property can we still take part?

JakeBullet Wed 06-Mar-13 12:44:43

Looks good, their website is good, even if I am not chosen I will look at swapping to them for my energy supply.

JakeBullet Wed 06-Mar-13 13:26:17

Will they accept people who have one prepayment and one credit meter? Their website won't even quote me .....the prepayment meter was here when I moved in and I have just continued with it.

Sounds good, but I'm tied in with Scottish Power, and I'd get less out of this than most as we have solar PV, and our bills are negative when FiTs are taken into account! If I got paid an "average" bill's worth I'd be right on it!
Where are the face to face things?

DukeSilver Wed 06-Mar-13 13:28:26

I don't have gas, just electric. Can I apply?

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Mar-13 13:51:07

InMySpareTime - the locations will be decided once panellists have been selected and Ovo have looked at their locations - they'll be in several locations that aren't too difficult for panellists to get to and all travel expenses will be paid.

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Mar-13 13:51:40

Onetwothreeoops - yes, please do apply!

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Mar-13 13:52:36

DukeSilver - yes, that's fine

JakeBullet - just checking with Ovo - will get back to you!

aristocat Wed 06-Mar-13 14:13:49

::crosses fingers::

Indith Wed 06-Mar-13 14:15:36

The daytime ones- are they going to be weekends or week days? Sounds interesting but I won't be able to book specific days off work, I have specific holiday weeks.

Cheeky question- when they say pay our energy bills does that include paying the coal man as well as my electric? We don't have gas, all our hot water and central heating runs off solid fuel.

AmandinePoulain Wed 06-Mar-13 14:21:55


The company looks very interesting, I'm sick of struggling to pay my bills whilst the big energy companies fill their pockets angry

MumVsKids Wed 06-Mar-13 14:26:00

Signed up, bills paid for 12 months?? Well yes please!!!

DukeSilver Wed 06-Mar-13 14:35:31

Thanks Helen smile I'll sign up now <fingers crossed.

lougle Wed 06-Mar-13 14:40:14

Done, thank you!

vincenta Wed 06-Mar-13 14:55:48

Done! Sounds great!

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Mar-13 15:51:42

JakeBullet - Ovo aren't able to do pre-payment meters as the switching process is very complicated. Very sorry!

3ofeach Wed 06-Mar-13 16:04:26

Done - pick me, pick me!

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Mar-13 16:11:28

Indith - sorry, I'm afraid it doesn't cover coal man payments!

The face-to-face daytime events could be weekend or weekday - we're not sure at the moment but it's flexible depending on panellists' commitments.

Indith Wed 06-Mar-13 16:15:48

worth a try grin

I like their website and their really simple tariffs smile

janey223 Wed 06-Mar-13 16:17:48

Can I go wild and actually put the heating on at night when baby's in bed?

This sounds amazing!

ChippyMinton Wed 06-Mar-13 16:21:22

I'll be watching with interest. It's about time a supplier actively embraced and promoted renewable power sources.

poorbuthappy Wed 06-Mar-13 16:54:53

Go on, how long do we need to wait until the crushing disappointment of not being picked?grin

ajandjjmum Wed 06-Mar-13 17:22:56

OVO - I don't think you could afford me, my bills are so ridiculously high - seriously. But I'm available!!!!

KristinaM Wed 06-Mar-13 17:36:31

Perhaps mumsnet coudl change the thread title to indicate this only includes gas and electricity bills, to save annoying the thousands of mumsnetters who don't have gas so rely on other fuels ? Eg oil, coal, LPG

lorka Wed 06-Mar-13 17:41:40

This sounds great. I'd love to be involved. I tried to do on my phone and got cut off. Is there any way to check my application has gone through ok? Thanks.

LegoAcupuncture Wed 06-Mar-13 18:15:20

When is the deadline for this?

marssparklesdownonme Wed 06-Mar-13 18:18:49

I'm already with Ovo . Can I still apply??

Skullnbones Wed 06-Mar-13 18:24:27

Bugger I just locked into a price freeze with npower!

lunar1 Wed 06-Mar-13 18:27:01

Fingers crossed!

ValentineWiggins Wed 06-Mar-13 18:28:23

I just checked - I'm locked in until August but exit fee only £30 so definitely worth switching if I get picked!

Wolfcub Wed 06-Mar-13 18:36:27

well I've tried to complete the survey but when I click submit it just goes back to the mumsnet insight page abd doesn't indicate that the entry has been received

Intriguing, sounds too good to be true..

Jux Wed 06-Mar-13 18:50:17

We're with EDF, who are OK, but I'm sure we could do better. just discussed this at length with dh.

Count me in!

OvO Wed 06-Mar-13 18:59:14

They've stolen my name! shockgrin

I need to know if they also chose the name coz it looks like an owl?

JakeBullet Wed 06-Mar-13 19:00:37

Dammit.....thanks for checking though.

Jux Wed 06-Mar-13 19:05:41

Wolfcub that happened to me too, so I hope that means it's OK.

AmandinePoulain Wed 06-Mar-13 19:11:41

OvO I thought of you when I saw this thread, I still remember your thread when you name changed to OvO grin

OvO Wed 06-Mar-13 19:23:42

Ahh that was the one where I modestly claimed to have the best MN name now. grinblush

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Mar-13 19:41:29


Perhaps mumsnet coudl change the thread title to indicate this only includes gas and electricity bills, to save annoying the thousands of mumsnetters who don't have gas so rely on other fuels ? Eg oil, coal, LPG

Thanks for this KristinaM, we have done just that.

mrspink27 Wed 06-Mar-13 19:45:16

I am already an OVO customer... but would love to take part... am I eligible?

Nikced Wed 06-Mar-13 20:45:46

I can do panels as long as they are school hols, I'm assuming lots of applicants would like term time instead though!
My dual fuel with npower ends soon so depends on dates tbh

Indith Wed 06-Mar-13 21:04:32

I wonder with things like this how wide spread the views energy companies actually get are?

This isn't a rant at all, just musing.

But thinking about it, the incentive for this is having your bills paid. Now that's great but they also want AT LEAST 1-2 hours a month, maybe more AND 4 panel sessions which is actually rather a lot. But for those who only have electric that isn't actually that much. Because our electric bill is fairly low I personally am unlikely to sign up because I don't think the "pay" will be worth the time I will have to put in though I can see that it would be for those with both gas and electric.

So if it ins't worth it for me, are other electric only people also unlikely to sign up? So does the panel end up being very much skewed to those with gas and do the energy company miss out on hearing the views of electric only customers? Electric only do tend to be pretty sidelined in general, we miss out on most of the best deals.

Anyway, in the interests of actually collecting meaningful data I suppose it is something energy companies may want to think about.

KristinaM Wed 06-Mar-13 21:25:36

Thanks Olivia

RoseandVioletCreams Wed 06-Mar-13 22:22:21

when do they let us know if we have been successful to be one of the 12?

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 07-Mar-13 10:25:28

Lorka - we've got your application thanks

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 07-Mar-13 10:27:14

wolfcub - we've got you too!

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 07-Mar-13 10:33:25

To answer a few queries:

- We'll be closing recruitment and choosing panellists early next week so please apply by 9am on Tuesday (12 Mar) if you want to take part

- Existing Ovo customers are welcome to apply

JakeBullet Thu 07-Mar-13 10:50:20

Certainly skewed against those of us who have inherited any prepayment meters sad .

ThingummyBob Thu 07-Mar-13 12:25:03

Completed grin

<<channels good thoughts towards MNHQ>> wink

tomsmumautism Thu 07-Mar-13 12:41:37

We're already with Ovo - hope that doesn't count us out

lorka Thu 07-Mar-13 14:00:01

Brilliant thanks for checking TheOtherHelenMumsnet smile

loubielou31 Thu 07-Mar-13 14:10:53

We could really do with the boost right now, and I'm very good at making my opinions known about all sorts of things.
Please, please, please pick me. thanks

shhhgobacktosleep Thu 07-Mar-13 14:27:40

MNHQ I filled in the survey online but got no thank you we've received your application message after submitting, could you check you got it for me please?

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 07-Mar-13 16:46:44

shhhgobacktosleep - yep, we've got your application thanks!

lougle Thu 07-Mar-13 18:56:04

I didn't even look for the 'thanks' -could you check I'm there, please?

Wolfcub Thu 07-Mar-13 19:30:40

thank you otherHelen wink wink

Jux Thu 07-Mar-13 19:33:55

And mine?

shhhgobacktosleep Thu 07-Mar-13 19:41:42

Thanks TheOtherHelen thanks

GrumpyKat Fri 08-Mar-13 08:30:52

Done. Interesting...

Nighteyes27 Fri 08-Mar-13 09:42:24

Cross fingers. Been thinking about changing suppliers. Thank You

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 08-Mar-13 10:17:14

jux and lougle you're both in.

There isn't a 'thanks' screen (we're obviously not polite enough!!) - you should be directed to the product tests & surveys page (here) at the end so if you get sent there, you know we've got your application.

lougle Fri 08-Mar-13 12:11:25

Well that would be why I don't remember seeing it! Thank you smile

magentastardust Fri 08-Mar-13 13:54:04

They don't supply North Scotland.


Rara27 Sat 09-Mar-13 17:51:52

What if the bill is in my OH's name? Currently it's all in his name, but dd payments come from my bank acc lol confused

lougle Sat 09-Mar-13 18:05:57

I'm sure that's fine, Rara smile

mrspink27 Sat 09-Mar-13 20:45:02

Did you get mine? Thanks...

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Mar-13 10:18:58

Rara27 - that is fine, please do sign up

mrspink27 - yes, we've got your application thanks

zipzap Tue 12-Mar-13 01:22:28

I was just about to submit my form for this when my browser crashed and wiped out everything so I've resubmitted it - if there are two applications from me, please can it be the second one that is considered!
I don't think the first one will have made it through but just on the off-chance...

Thank you

basijas46 Tue 12-Mar-13 11:27:50

Just checked their website and they don't supply to my postcode. Even though when I put my postcode in they said they didn't supply to a region that I don't live in!

IndecisivePramBuyer81 Tue 12-Mar-13 13:05:51

when will you let thr chosen ones know they've been chosen pls? sorry if you've already answered this somewhere!

poorbuthappy Thu 14-Mar-13 13:38:02

Any further news?
Have the emails gone out yet? confused

AmandinePoulain Fri 15-Mar-13 11:07:05

Have the lucky few been informed yet please <crosses fingers> smile

IndecisivePramBuyer81 Fri 15-Mar-13 14:49:38

I'd really like to know if I'm in because if I'm not I need to switch again asap!

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 19-Mar-13 14:41:03

Hi all - sorry for the delay in responding to your queries - we had tonnes of MNers apply so Ovo are busy reading through all of your applications. They're aiming to let us know by Friday who has been picked so we'll be in touch asap.

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 22-Mar-13 17:33:08

Hi all - I've just emailed 12 of you who have been shortlisted so please check your inboxes! We may be in touch with a few more of you next week if we need any more people so all is not lost if you haven't been picked!

ThePskettiIncident Fri 22-Mar-13 18:04:44

I'm full of excited gratitude!

Thank you so much!

jennywren123 Fri 22-Mar-13 18:07:45

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


florencebabyjo Fri 22-Mar-13 19:44:56

Yipee!! Thank you so much, I thought I had no chance as it had been a while! Can't wait!

PurpleCrazyHorse Fri 22-Mar-13 21:45:43

Thanks for shortlisting me. Fingers crossed smile

hurricanewyn Sat 23-Mar-13 07:33:47

Thank you MN & Ovo - so excited!!

jes73 Mon 25-Mar-13 09:53:15

I have just been chosen....Thank you so much Mumsnet.....Happy Happy grin

Crazybit Fri 05-Apr-13 21:47:53

Yippee!! Been chosen.
<whispers> I wonder if they've chosen people that live close to the head office...

ProjectSurveyNUBS Thu 15-Aug-13 19:57:02

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

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