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Please note: This topic is for your comments and feedback on Product Tests being run by Mumsnet. It is not the place to post (or ask for) comments on other products. If you do this, your comments may be deleted. If you'd like to run your own product test, please email If you are an entrepreneur or start-up and would like to ask for some feedback, please visit our media requests topic.

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Haven Holidays – MNers feedback thread – non testers – add your top tips for family holidays with toddlers for a chance to win a £100 voucher 117 ILoveCoreyHaim 24/04/14 08:40
MNers needed to be part of a special panel for Flora - prizes to be won for participating 31 polly164 21/04/14 21:13
TASSIMO Vivy feedback thread. Non-testers: Tell TASSIMO what your favourite hot drink is for a chance to win a TASSIMO Vivy! 122 MakkaPakkasSponge 24/04/14 21:43
Dyson Cinetic™ review thread - The only vacuum that never loses suction is put to the MN test 122 Janjump 13/04/14 23:02
THORPE PARK Resort Happy Height Day reviewer thread. Non testers: tell us what makes the ultimate fun day out and you could win THORPE PARK Resort annual family passes worth £196 220 redandyellowbits 24/04/14 22:20
Want your floor cleaned quickly? No time for the mop and bucket? Testers needed to try new Cif Express Direct to Floor Cleaner - £250 to be won for feedback 41 henbane 24/04/14 21:40
Kärcher SC2.500C review thread. Non-testers: Tell Kärcher about the cleaning tasks you avoid for a chance to win a SC2.500C Steam Cleaner! 209 CakeyCakeyCakey 25/04/14 08:58
Mumsnetters needed to visit a HouseTrip location in May – free stay for three nights in return for feedback NOW CLOSED 72 Ledkr 25/04/14 08:53
Miele feedback thread. Non-testers: Share your tips on living with allergies or what makes your perfect vacuum cleaner – Miele S8 Silence Plus EcoLine Allergy to be won! 77 gutted2014 25/04/14 08:17
Always Dailies Flexible Liners Feedback thread: non testers - add your thoughts on the small things that make a positive difference to your day for a chance to win £100 NOW CLOSED 210 AnnMumsnet 24/04/14 11:06
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active test - anyone else's handset faulty? And can I edit my review? 27 magentastardust 23/04/14 19:13
Aldi Almat washing powder and fabric conditioner - tester review thread 105 1sttimemummy89 22/04/14 23:50
Electric Breast pump 5 SaggyAndLucy 22/04/14 16:29
Testers wanted to try out one of Miele’s allergy friendly vacuum cleaners! NOW CLOSED 157 maloofysmum 22/04/14 11:57
RapidHair Hair Volumising Formula feedback thread: testers share your opinion! 112 magentastardust 20/04/14 00:09
Flora Buttery product test feedback thread - £200 John Lewis voucher to be won 257 candyflosscloud 17/04/14 16:57
See what MNers made with their Egg ‘n’ Spoon boxes and add your own creations for a chance to win a £250 voucher! NOW CLOSED 88 MichelleMumsnet 16/04/14 09:32
Mumsnetters needed to put the Kärcher SC2.500C Steam Cleaner through its paces (RRP £232.09) and get to keep it after testing NOW CLOSED 215 CakeyCakeyCakey 15/04/14 09:08
honeyboutique 1 kday1990 12/04/14 19:11
Sign up here to try the Tassimo Vivy (RRP £99.99)! NOW CLOSED 202 IamtheZombie 11/04/14 20:20
PruHealth Vitality Experience - wrap up thread - chance for non participants to win £50 NOW CLOSED 53 tinypumpkin 07/04/14 18:22
Flora panel - Baking Activity Feedback 73 mjmooseface 02/04/14 17:13
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active feedback thread: now with challenges added! 116 MellowMarshmallow 26/03/14 22:17
UK testers needed for Always Dailies Flexible Liners - £10 Figleaves voucher for all testers plus chance to win £200. NOW CLOSED 64 AnnMumsnet 25/03/14 10:13
Mumsnetters needed to visit THORPE PARK Resort on Happy Height Day! NOW CLOSED 227 Keepcalmanddrinkwine 22/03/14 22:07
PruHealth Vitality Experience - month 2 feedback thread with WEEKLY £50 prize for non participants.....NOW CLOSED 190 AnnMumsnet 21/03/14 12:41
Wifi booster 6 I8haggis4T 20/03/14 16:32
Get creative with Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg ‘N’ Spoon! Sign up to try Egg ‘N’ Spoon - £200 voucher prize draw for feedback NOW CLOSED 35 Mrshicken1 20/03/14 11:37
Fancy a Haven holiday? Testers needed – free stay plus £80 shopping voucher, £75 activity pass and £80 meal vouchers in return for feedback NOW CLOSED 121 Tortoise 20/03/14 07:34
Sign up to try Finish Power and Pure dishwasher tablets - £250 voucher prize draw for feedback NOW CLOSED 77 Moosy 18/03/14 09:50
So, mumsnet, did we ever get a response from Flora regarding the missing vouchers? 7 AngelieMumsnet 17/03/14 10:17
TalkTalk TV feedback thread NOW CLOSED 49 Taffeta 12/03/14 17:26
Sambucol feedback thread - non-testers: What do you do to support your DCs immunity? £100 hamper prize draw! NOW CLOSED 184 tigraj 08/03/14 23:43
British Gas smart meter reviewer feedback thread. Non testers: Share your thoughts on creating a greener environment for your DCs to be in with a chance of winning £100 worth of John Lewis vouchers NOW CLOSED 115 jamesleesaunders 08/03/14 14:51
Blossom Hill Vie reviewer feedback thread - £100 voucher prize draw for feedback NOW CLOSED 117 MichelleMumsnet 06/03/14 10:32
Do you have dull, lacklustre hair and long to regain youthful, full looking locks? Try out new RapidHair™ Hair Volumising Formula and win a beauty hamper worth £150 NOW CLOSED 134 MimsyBorogroves 04/03/14 21:27
Finish Power and Pure feedback thread - £250 voucher prize draw for feedback NOW CLOSED 147 MsIngaFewmarbles 03/03/14 19:44
Flora panel - Baking activity feedback NOW CLOSED 110 TheOnlySeven 02/03/14 13:47
Wanted: 20 MNers to put Dyson’s newest technology - The Dyson Cinetic™ vacuum cleaner, through its paces. We want manic homes. Messy children. And messier dogs. NOW CLOSED 252 TeamSwitzerland 28/02/14 12:14
Knorr Stock Pots Leftover Challenge Feedback Thread: Anyone can share their thoughts for a chance to win a Knorr Hamper worth £50. Testers: £150 voucher prize draw for feedback NOW CLOSED 116 AreYouBlueOr… 20/02/14 18:30
PruHealth Vitality Experience - month 1 feedback thread with WEEKLY prizes for non participants..... 401 Chopstheduck 17/02/14 14:42
Child aged 12-16? testers needed 67 gazzalw 17/02/14 12:46
Take the Wholegrain Goodness challenge: testers can win £250 – NON TESTERS: chance to win £150. NOW CLOSED 402 JS06 11/02/14 13:06
Mumsnetters needed to try lower alcohol Blossom Hill Vie. £100 Debenhams Gift Card to be won. NOW CLOSED 118 MrsPennyapple 07/02/14 10:40
Mothercare panel - what's happening? 14 surromummy 06/02/14 22:10
chocolate forum 33 sunderland123 06/02/14 15:22
Can anyone recommend a good chair bed for kids? 4 TheWomanThey… 05/02/14 13:00
Baby monitors 3 yellowsnowno… 04/02/14 15:17
Take the Wholegrain Goodness challenge and you could win supermarket vouchers worth up to £250. NOW CLOSED 77 subers 04/02/14 09:11
Non Participants - what's your best tip for including your 5-a-day in family meals? 3 AnnMumsnet 29/01/14 19:47
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