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Feedback session about new Dyson products March 10th 1pm

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JJMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 09-Mar-08 19:12:35

Hi all

This is the meeting point for the feedback session with Dyson's engineers on Monday March 10th at 1pm. We hope everyone who has been testing a new Dyson will join us. If for any reason you can't make it please feel free to post your feedback in advance (and send the absence note from your mum to MNHQ ) but we're really hoping for an interactive discussion session, so we hope as many as possible of you will be there on the day.


Shhhh Sun 09-Mar-08 20:22:13

hmm. Anyone shead anylight on this....? Testing a new dyson hmm...

God I love my Dyson, I wish I'd have known. I'm on my sixth and I can even name the wiggly bits!

littlelapin Sun 09-Mar-08 20:24:44

And remember, the idea about the retractable lead on the DC25 is MINE!

DualCycloneCod Sun 09-Mar-08 20:25:57

im sotring min eup to flirt wiht Ben adn tom

DualCycloneCod Sun 09-Mar-08 20:26:13

shit sorry new ergonomic mouse is crapper than usual

littlelapin Sun 09-Mar-08 20:27:27

Use the keyboard then love wink

NeverSayNevertoaDyson Sun 09-Mar-08 20:27:54


littlelapin Sun 09-Mar-08 20:28:01

I hear Ben and Tom only like good typists grin

DualCycloneCod Sun 09-Mar-08 20:30:35

i ahev seen ben and tom

oh yes.
and i need to tell one of them he is a very naughty boy.

littlelapin Sun 09-Mar-08 20:33:32


I only met Camilla (disclaimer - she is lovely) - but I would have loved to go to the factory. Hey Camilla, when I move to Wiltshire in August, please can I have a guided tour?! grin

littlelapin Mon 10-Mar-08 09:36:50

Are you ready ladies?

pouchofdouglas Mon 10-Mar-08 09:39:21

Message withdrawn

ScoobyDYSONDoo Mon 10-Mar-08 09:41:20

Hello, i will be here, have an interview this morning <scared> so my mind is elsewhere till that has passed.

Argh off to find the info on what needs to be known here.

I am loving my Dyon & to be honest only have 3 things which i "may" change about it!

One which has been mentioned already grin Lapin !!

SueW Mon 10-Mar-08 09:41:57

whomovedmychocolate you are on your sixth dyson.

Does that completely condemn them as a product? Unless you are about 140 years old!

(On first Sebo)

ScoobyDYSONDoo Mon 10-Mar-08 09:42:42

That will be loving my DYSON [blsuh] told you my mind was else where, seems my fingers are too!

pouchofdouglas Mon 10-Mar-08 09:43:09

Message withdrawn

ScoobyDYSONDoo Mon 10-Mar-08 09:43:30

Can someone find the other thread where a list was posted of what they want to know please, i can't find it!

pouchofdouglas Mon 10-Mar-08 09:43:39

Message withdrawn

FAQ Mon 10-Mar-08 09:44:29

oh glad I finally know what time it's at - shall be here grin

FAQ Mon 10-Mar-08 09:47:10

List of what they want to know?? What list??

littlelapin Mon 10-Mar-08 09:56:34

OK, I will be here (not going on in the rain etc) but here's my feedback before some other bugger nicks it! grin

I have the DC25 (the big upright one). She is named Dorothy Crackwhore because she's gorgeous and she'll suck anything wink.

Good points:

1) fantastic suction. We ran it over a carpet that had just been vacuumed with our old vacuum (and which looked clean) and the cylinder filled up wtih fluff!

2) very manoeuverable. The ball is great, it does take a little getting used to, but I definitely like it.

3) stylish. It looks fab!

4) the release method. Great, very easy, simple to chuck in the bin and release.

5) the kickstand. I really like this bit! It looks fab and is easy to use, very intuitive.

Bad points:

1) weight. I know you guys have tried to reduce the weight, but it does still weigh a tonne.

2) the lead. As I said, it is v stylish - except for the straggly lead on the back. I would really love to have a retractable lead instead.

3) the bit you pull out at the back. The solid bit is SO long, and I am rather short, so I struggle to get it out. I've also had the same problem as Cod, in that the hose doesn't appear very bendy, but I wondered if that is just because it is new?

4) the collection bin. It's a bit small!

5) the vacuum head. I'm not sure if I can explain this clearly - the bit with the brushes in has a rather flat front. I tried to vacuum up some raisins yesterday and it just pushed them across the floor. Would it be better more pointed - or even with a small gap between it and the floor? Also because of the weight it is tricky to just tilt it back and ounce on the raisins, if you see what I mean!

Random ideas

These are from a friend, so I can't claim any credit grin

1) could the tall uprights be hinged in some way at the back, so the handle could fold down? At the moment, you need quite a tall storage location for it.

2) the dust still billows out of the cylinder a bit when you empty it. It would be great if you could compress the debris in some way before releasing it, so it just falls out in a chunk?

Anyway, overall I love it, and am developing stronger arm muscles grin.

pouchofdouglas Mon 10-Mar-08 09:57:46

Message withdrawn

littlelapin Mon 10-Mar-08 09:57:47

1. How did you find the out-of-the box experience and assembling the machine?

2. Did you use the instruction manual?

3. How did you find the following:
a. Bin emptying
b. Attachments: did you use them?
c. Filters: locate them OK?
d. Manoeuvrability: get around furniture?
e. Cleaning stairs?

4. How does it compare to your current machine?

5. Where did you store your machine? If possible: can you send a picture of your Dyson in its new home?

6. Best thing?

7. Anything that you would change?

8. One addition you would make if you were a Dyson engineer?

pouchofdouglas Mon 10-Mar-08 10:01:18

Message withdrawn

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