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This topic is for feedback on Mumsnet product tests. If you'd like test a product on Mumsnet please mail insight@mumsnet.com.

NOW CLOSED Testers needed to trial the NEW Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF30 40ml. RRP £28

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Apr-13 10:45:12

We've been asked by Clinique to find 25 Mumsnetters to try the New Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream (RRP £28).

Here's what Clinique say about the product: "One day, your skin looks 'different.' Too red, sallow, dull or ashy. Our guiding dermatologists know why. Skin's undertones change. Now, Smart Colour Correcting Technology helps change them back. In seconds, you look like the picture of health. Lasting, oil-free hydration and a sunscreen mean a more flawless look tomorrow, too."

For more info on the product see: tinyurl.com/cv7a3xg

We are looking for a range of UK Mumsnetters to take part in the product test.

If you are selected you'll receive one full size product of Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30 RRP £28.

So, if you'd like to try out the NEW Clinique CC cream, please sign up here.

Thanks and good luck!


LeonieDeSainteVire Tue 14-May-13 13:13:20

Gutted sad

Do you think they'd consider sending us unlucky ones a sample size tester? See I would be prepared to buy this full price but only if I can try for a few days as a lot of products with sunscreen in just bring me out in spots, so I don't want to waste £30 if I can't use the stuff.

CheeryCherry Tue 14-May-13 13:19:37

Ooh exciting! smile

DameFanny Tue 14-May-13 15:32:46

Let me hear a "whoop whoop" grin

PoohBearsHole Tue 14-May-13 16:00:16

I am with Leonie, have the Clarins bb to test and would like to compare the two but am not going to spend £30 on something that might make me go even ikkier!

CurlyKiwiControl Tue 14-May-13 16:11:39

Whoohoo! First ever selection for me!!!

lubeybooby Tue 14-May-13 17:01:29

ohhh I'm in! thanks MNHQ flowers my skin says thanks too!

UnChartered Tue 14-May-13 18:18:27

i'll be the MNer with saggy & dull skin, sat in the corner eating worms biscuit then sad


well done to those who are testers, let us all know if it's any good? i'm in serious need of help here grin

JambalayaCodfishPie Tue 14-May-13 18:29:19

Great! Not me! Again!

Yey - I got picked! So pleased as I was about to buy some No7 stuff at the weekend.

Thanks Clinique & Mumsnet thanks

clux73 Thu 23-May-13 11:37:16

Has anyone received their CC Cream yet?

AmberLeaf Thu 23-May-13 18:23:12

Mine arrived on saturday.

clux73 Thu 23-May-13 18:37:56

Mine hasn't arrived yet.

DameFanny Thu 23-May-13 19:56:41

Mine came on Saturday, but still waiting for the feedback link

yesididthat Thu 23-May-13 20:30:12

Yes, mine arrived Saturday too and awaiting the questions!

Tee2072 Fri 24-May-13 07:42:40

Mine arrived Saturday as well and am awaiting link!

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