ANGEL - can I buy this for Littlelapin?

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fryalot Tue 08-May-07 22:00:26

I'll give a couple of quid if Littlelapin promises to use it for a month

ThomCat Tue 08-May-07 22:01:00


AitchTwoOh Tue 08-May-07 22:01:22

sorry, so sorry, but i'll vom... ll don't do it. i'll give you a fiver not to.

littlelapin Tue 08-May-07 22:01:40

You git <goes to search threads>

fryalot Tue 08-May-07 22:03:27

six quid

AitchTwoOh Tue 08-May-07 22:04:13

oh god. a bidding war.


littlelapin Tue 08-May-07 22:04:44

Ah-ha, there is Gitty and sweetcheeks1... fluffykins! You get me Angel and you get fluffykins.

Do you feel lucky pink? Well, do ya?

FiveFingeredFiend Tue 08-May-07 22:04:47

is she really a vampire?

littlelapain Tue 08-May-07 22:06:16

sometimes i think that this would be more appropriate...

fryalot Tue 08-May-07 22:09:45

six - seventy five

littlelapain Tue 08-May-07 22:11:08


littlelapinionated Tue 08-May-07 22:11:21

how about this one

fryalot Tue 08-May-07 22:12:11


bit long, but appropriate

littlelapain Tue 08-May-07 22:12:19

naice. ah laike eet.

littlelapintOfHeavy Tue 08-May-07 22:13:14

Or this?

fryalot Tue 08-May-07 22:13:51

make it a big pint of heavy, and I'll join you

littlelapin Tue 08-May-07 22:37:34

LOL, channelling the Big Yin there

DavidHasselhoff Tue 08-May-07 22:45:00

do you mean me? i've got a big yin. i'm well known for it.

DavidGest Tue 08-May-07 22:56:49

Sod off other David <sprays him with anti-tan>

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 10-May-07 09:41:09

Would someone please explain who is bidding for what and for whom and how much on this thread?!
<<Brain explodes>>

littlelapin Thu 10-May-07 09:44:08

Nothing to see, move along...

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 10-May-07 09:54:16

Move along indeed!
But there is money promised here, no?!

littlelapin Thu 10-May-07 11:54:49

I think Aitch in her lapain guise was last to bid at £7 - if she doesn't want to honour it I will happily pay £7 NOT to have to be called Angel for a week, let alone a month!

AitchTwoOh Thu 10-May-07 16:35:47

i really don't want it, but please add £7 to my bill, olivia.

littlelapin Thu 10-May-07 16:41:29

Are you running a tab Aitch (or should I say Angel )!

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