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MarsLady Sat 28-Apr-07 15:37:31

I bid a fiver.

Now MNHQ I'm away until the 7th so if I win (c'mon now people... step away from the name) I won't be able to pay till I'm back.

I thank you!


Skyler Fri 11-May-07 20:55:43

Great. Glad it arrived.

MarsLady Fri 11-May-07 13:49:11

Thank you skyler! Got it this morning! Interesting article.... but deffo not me!

Skyler Thu 10-May-07 19:59:01


Skyler Thu 10-May-07 19:58:36

Its a pleasure. That Lemon Drizzle Cake recipe deserves a favour in return

MarsLady Thu 10-May-07 19:45:54

Thank you

Skyler Thu 10-May-07 19:42:00

Posted article this morning. I would have sent the whole mag but couldn't get to the post office to have it weighed so just sent the article with a first class stamp. Hope OK

MarsLady Thu 10-May-07 19:38:55

Yes please!

Thank you!

Skyler Wed 09-May-07 20:31:04

I see MMJ has performed technical wizardry . Would you still like the article Mars??

MarsLady Wed 09-May-07 17:35:17

No that gorgeous woman is not quite as gorgeous as me! lol

But well worth the effort mmj!


bump for mars

right-have resizes it now!! see if that's better!!!

well it obviously isn't as she says it's not!!!! but it does look like her! i even put the pic next to a pic of mars and asked dh if he thought it was the same person and he thought it was!!

lulumama Wed 09-May-07 16:40:18

small pic, and i don;t have my glasses on, but i don;t think it is Mars !!

right-if you click on my profile the pic is now there!! finally!!!

MarsLady Wed 09-May-07 14:55:15

Not sad at all!

just spent an hour trying to get my scanner to work so that i could scan this opic and post it! sad aren't i??
maybe later!

Skyler Tue 08-May-07 19:43:44

Lol at this. There are six of you sat round the table. Stop denying it . No Lemon Drizzle cake though that probably wouldn't have lasted that long.

Do you want me to post it to you to see the person MN think is you???? Dare you???

Mail me if so clare amazon at hotmail dot co dot uk

lulumama Tue 08-May-07 17:55:03

no worries skyler...not interested if mars aint in it !

MarsLady Tue 08-May-07 17:53:46

You could always post your copy to me! lol

It is feasible that I know her... I mean she lives locally enough lol!

<<Must go investigate>>

Skyler Tue 08-May-07 16:28:29

I have the copy here and it does look like you. Do you know a Judith Castle, 49, graphic designer from Finsbury Park, London??? Presuming OK to post those details here seeing as it is in a national magazine and all.
Lulu, I am happy to post you my copy but not much point if it isn't Mars??????

you even!

no not a joke mars- i really thought it was yo.[confused emotion]

sorry-have i made a balls up?

lulumama Tue 08-May-07 12:55:11

ok, have just spent £3.20 on a mag i never buy, because you were in it allegedly.......grrr!

MarsLady Tue 08-May-07 12:54:06

Hold on hold on people!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not in any mag!


Now let my slightly less fried brain re-read this thread and check that what I thought was a joke was a joke! lol

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