Can I bid whatever for wickedwaterwitch1 please?

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WideWebWitch Fri 27-Apr-07 16:19:49

Do I have to make an offer or what?


ThatBeetroot Sat 28-Apr-07 15:29:41

I will bid a tenner

MotherSuperior Sat 28-Apr-07 15:33:23

Oi! No, no, no <screams>

MotherSuperior Sat 28-Apr-07 15:33:33

(I am www)

ThatBeetroot Sat 28-Apr-07 18:22:49

you better out bid bid me then

JustUsTwo Sat 28-Apr-07 18:28:49

Can I be nosy and ask why you want WWW1?

Surely WWW is better or is there a joke in there somewhere that I'm not getting?

MotherSuperior Sat 28-Apr-07 18:34:12

I don't particularly want it but am bidding to give a fiver to mile for Maude primarily! I won't use it. (this is www in another name)

JustUsTwo Sat 28-Apr-07 18:37:39

Of course.


ThatBeetroot Sat 28-Apr-07 18:39:09

so do you not want to give 11? I will not out bid you - (honest) just trying ot get the auctions going and raise the odds

ThatBeetroot Thu 10-May-07 17:11:31

doplease outbid me - I really don't want it - just rying to raise more money

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