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Bake hot cross buns with Dan Lepard, Mon 29 March, 10.30am to 12.30pm

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 25-Mar-10 12:43:45

We're very glad that baker and food writer Dan Lepard is back for another Mumsnet webchat and bakealong on Monday 29 March from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

This time, as it's nearly Easter, Dan will be making hot cross buns. You can see his recipe for easy hot cross buns, plus lovely picture of a batch he made earlier here.

While Dan's (and your) buns are in the oven <snurk>, he will answer questions and swap tips about baking, 1001 ways with yeast, and the like.

Please share a picture of the finished result on your profile, so we can all gawp in admiration.

If you don't have time to bake but still want to quiz Dan, please join us anyway.

And, of course, if you can't make it on Monday but have a question you'd like to ask Dan, please post it here.

CMOTdibbler Fri 26-Mar-10 15:47:12

Please Dan, you are so good at GF baking, could we have a GF hot cross bun recipe ? My attempts in the past have been foul

MmeLindt Fri 26-Mar-10 16:15:05

Oh, goody. Last webchat was good. I hope I can get all the ingredients here.

whoopstheregoesmymerkin Fri 26-Mar-10 16:59:37

I thought baking with Def Lepard! What a novelty! Then I put my bifocals on...

midnightexpress Fri 26-Mar-10 17:01:56

Oh yeay. He was so great last time AND tesco failed to deliver my HCBs AND the DCs want to make some.

<wonders if I can juggle work to be around>

SingingBear Fri 26-Mar-10 19:38:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chegirlWILLbeserene Fri 26-Mar-10 20:12:42

whoops me too, I got all excited and then a little confused.

I dont even wear glasses.

philosophymum Sat 27-Mar-10 07:27:03

Dan Lepard's recipes are great. I don't know that I've made his hot cross bun recipe, but all the ones I have made have turned out fantastically.

I can't do Monday but I have a question too. I've been trying to make sourdough bread lately, and the same thing keeps happening: it doesn't rise very enthusiastically in the tin during its second rise, despite being in the airing cupboard for ~6 hours, but then when I bake it the top rises a lot and starts to split off the bottom. Do you have any idea what might be going wrong?

thislittlesisterlola Sat 27-Mar-10 08:42:01

I have a question- how do you make GF cakes less dry is it to do with which flour you use? I'm currently using rice flour but I'm not sure if thats right.

MayOnnaise Sat 27-Mar-10 14:52:23

I posted my own recipe for GF Hot X loaf, I would have to see what Dan thinks of it though!!

Good for slicing freezing and toasting individual slices!


MayOnnaise Sat 27-Mar-10 18:58:45

CMOT dibbler, GF Hot cross loaf : have now figured how to add my recipe to mumsnet:


CMOTdibbler Sat 27-Mar-10 20:23:20

Cheers mayonaise - will give that a go.

Thislittlesisterlola - rice flour always works out dry. Try a gf flour blend like Doves Farm - mine aren't dry at all with that, even a plain sponge mix

PortBlacksandDweller Sun 28-Mar-10 17:22:15

Pour Some Sugar on Them... grin

....<gets coat>

bluejeans Sun 28-Mar-10 17:35:48

PMSL at baking with Def Leppard

silentcatastrophe Sun 28-Mar-10 19:59:24

The last time I made Hot Cross Buns, I was in the kitchen _ALL DAY LONG_! Anything quicker and easier? I didn't think my buns tasted any better than ones from the supermarket. hmm

matumble Sun 28-Mar-10 23:00:39

not a question for Dan but I wondered if MNHQ realised (I am guessing not) that the blurb for this on the front page says 'Join us on Mon 29 Mar from 10.30pm to 12.30pm' I was a little confused about baking at that time of night!

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 06:38:27

Just a quick question. Had another look at the recipe and noticed that it requires two rising pauses - one of 45 mins and one of 90 mins. Is it better if we start baking earlier?

I too read it as Def Lepard. Can we request that for next month?

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 07:40:53

Hi everyone, just setting off to head to mumsnet. MmeLindt, yes, do start baking earlier if you want to bake with me. I'll be bringing one batch of dough with to shape, and mixing another batch of dough as soon as I arrive. I find that you can leave the dough happily for a few hours after mixing and it makes good - maybe even better - buns.

SilentC, these buns should take about 3 - 4 hours - 1/2 a day - but to keep the time short use my trick of sitting the tray over a mixing bowl half-filled with boiling water. The added warmth gives an oomph to the rising and helps to keep the rising time short. Like you, I've had problems when they're taken an age to rise and found that, once shaped, that the dough gets cold easily and slows down.

thislittlesisterlola, I agree with CMOTdibbler, though I think it's the tapicoa starch they use that makes cakes so soft. So a combination of 3/4 rice flour. 1/4 tapioca starch plus extra liquid (the tapioca S absobs many times its weight in moisture)is a good substitute.


DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 07:49:21

P.S. If you use currants instead of raisins, don't use as many as they spread out during mixing/baking, and if there are too many they tear the dough as it rises.

I'll start an hour earlier then.

Hi Dan. The crosses, are they just flour and water, please?

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 08:30:35

Hi Gill, yes, just flour and water but I've found that if you mix it into a soft paste about an hour before you need it then it pipes easier.

CMOTdibbler Mon 29-Mar-10 09:03:34

I do think that too much tapioca flour can make cakes a bit chewy - it has a quite odd texture if you make things just with tapioca, but this can result in amazing brazilian cheese breads which are naturally gf and yummy.

Off to find gf hcb ingredients...

bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 09:07:53

Have just started & crossing fingers as I have never made hot cross buns before!

Dan - Can they be frozen & how long for if they can?

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 09:16:54

Ok, have started baking. Am using a mix of white and wholemeal flour.

Hi Mme Lindt.
I'm just starting too, set the yeast and am boiling the 75g milk.

I'm using 175g plain white and the remainder strong white (I've run out of plain flour).


and I'm at the warming the bowl stage now:


FaintlyMacabre Mon 29-Mar-10 09:51:48

Hello Dan- sorry I can't join in this morning, but I am going to make this recipe of yours later this week.

A question about GF baking though- where do you find tapioca flour? I am going to attempt some GF HCBs as well, but my recipe requires tapioca flour. My local Tesco does rice and potato flour but not tapioca. Any ideas?

bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 09:58:33

Am at the 90min resting stage now. Have found a recipe for chocolate HCBs so will adapt this one later in the week & make some of those too. Think one batch is enough for today!

Chocolate sounds wonderful bebejones.

Mine have fresh ginger, sultanas and are made with camomile tea for the water

Fast kneading stage here: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/HOEQaqJ9Z-RofNmwmFmosw?feat=directlink

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 10:07:31

Mine are rising, should be finished now. Good thing about these webchats is that I could look up when I last posted.

Went for a run so have earned my hcb today.

Resting for 45mins now, before shaping into individual rounds


bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 10:17:40

Camomile tea sounds nice, Earl Grey might be good too perhaps?

A run MmeLint.
I'd say you've earned your hcb yes.

Hi bebejones, early grey would be very good, I love that tea.

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 10:23:11

I'm here, not quite ready but here we go...

bebejones, yes they can be frozen. As soon as they're cold, stick them in a plastic bag and seal it well, then freeze. As Easter is coming up they'll last till then, though they're will be fine for 1 - 3 months. I tend to reheat them in a hot oven at 180c (160 fan) for 20 minutes, with a little foil over them to stop them burning.

FaintlyMacabre, buy tapioca flour at WingYip or in Chinatown (hope that's helpful). You can use angel delight (!!!) as that contains tapioca and I think is GF (??).

Off to the kitchen to catch up now...

Slubberdegullion Mon 29-Mar-10 10:32:57

Morning Dan.

I am at stage 6 already [swot] but have veered off course slightly with your ingredients (raisin fail and mixed peel in fridge looking a bit rough) so have gone for 300g chpped dried apricots. Hope this is OK.

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 10:36:30

Yes, I am feeling rather smug this morning.

It is ironing avoidance tbh.

Buns formed. Slightly worrying that I weighed them to make sure they were the right size. Not sure if they are rolled tightly enough.

Slubberdegullion Mon 29-Mar-10 10:37:57

gah I see loads of people are already WAY ahead of me

<removes swot hat>

HCBunBaker Mon 29-Mar-10 10:38:54

Still mixing up spices. Hope I'm not too late.

bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 10:39:45

MmeLindt - I weighed one too to guage size! blush Not sure mine were tightly rolled but did the best I could with my 19month old clinging to my leg! hmm

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 10:42:03

CMOTdibbler, I don't have a GF HXB recipe to hand but I like the look of the HX Loaf recipe MayOnnaise posted earlier - so much so that I'll be making it later this week, for my friend Wendy who is acutely allergic to wheat!

15 mins I'll be at stage 8, the shaping slubberdegullion.
I won't quite have enough time to draw them out of the oven in time I don't think.

Hi Dan
Hi HCBunBaker

midnightexpress Mon 29-Mar-10 10:47:33

<hands swot hat to MayOnnaise>

Sorry I can't join in this morning, but I'm following everyone's exploits with interest and will make some of my own later in the week when my sous chefs are back from nursery.

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Mar-10 10:47:35

Dan's just mixing the yeast and water and weighing out other ingredients. He'll be back on the thread soon.

(MmeLindt, congrats on the run.)

HCBunBaker Mon 29-Mar-10 10:50:24

Dan, are there pictures somewhere? (or will there be?).

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 10:50:29

Incidentally, if anyone's looking for the recipe, it's at http://www.mumsnet.com/food/bake-day-hot-cross-buns

Slubberdegullion, your chopped apricots should be lovely. Hi gillthepainter, good to see you here, and hi to everyone who was also at my last bake day.

Yes, thank you May-Onnaise. I'd have missed this otherwise, Midnight Express.

Slubberdegullion Mon 29-Mar-10 10:51:01

Resting in airing cupboard on top of the bowl of water stage.

buns not me.

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Mar-10 10:52:46

Yes, there will be pix. Will twitpic some of them during the chat and then will add some to the recipe page afterwards.

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 10:53:16

Earl grey tea sounds lovely. Think I will have one as I write my blog. I will put the pics on there as I go along. Save putting them on my profile here, if that is ok, MNHQ?

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Mar-10 10:55:24

oh, and forgot to say we're in Carrie's kitchen again. Last time there was thick snow outside, today just a bit damp.

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Mar-10 10:56:04

Yes, MmeLindt, will you post a link though?

bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 10:57:05

20mins to go until I pipe my crosses, bit nervous bout that one, think they might be more 'Hot Splodge Buns'! My piping skills are not the best!

Slubberdegullion Mon 29-Mar-10 10:58:24

Oh isn't this fun.

I missed the last one.

It is drizzly here in Cheshire
<whispers> is this what we do? While we wait for the buns to rest?

bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 10:59:36

Grey & Drizzly in Gloucestershire too!

That's a good sign, 1296g, divided by 12. That's easy enough.

Good luck with the piping bebejones.

"I'm not putting my white washing out" in Cheltenham.

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 11:03:03

Grey here in Switzerland, but the sun is struggling to break through the clouds.

Piping? Do we have to pipe? I am hopeless at that.

Should have read the recipe more carefully, also forgot the mixed peel.

Blog. Will finish it off later with pics of the finished product.

Gosh, the pressure, they have to look good. I cannot go to Tesco and get some to pass of as mine if they are a disaster.

CMOTdibbler Mon 29-Mar-10 11:05:57

I'll have a bash at the gf loaf later - builders are busy making lots of dust atm, so am working <ahem> rather than baking.

Easier to buy tapioca flour from larger health food stores I find - although a trip to Wing Yip is always fun, but rather a long way to go to buy 500g of flour. Or buy online, and freeze it if you have to buy more than you want

MayOnnaise Mon 29-Mar-10 11:06:04

MmeLindt where are you in Switzerland, I am in sunny Basel, I seem to be behind everyone else :-)

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 11:07:55

We are near Geneva. Send some of that sun over will you

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:09:37

Singingbear, sorry it took so long to get to you. Yes, fresh yeast and dry yeast are interchangable in that you will get a very similar result with both. I use volume:volume to traslate the recipes, and find that 1/2 tsp of fresh yeast weighs 3 1/2 grams. So for 1 tsp (7g) fresh yeast = 1 tsp dry instant yeast.

HCBunBaker Mon 29-Mar-10 11:10:31

Have found gillthepainter's pics - v impressive (particularly posting them up with hands covered in dough etc). Am waiting for my 10 mins to be up and swotting up on new oven. Will post my pics later.

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:11:05

bebejones, piping the crosses doesn't have to be scary. As I said earlier, best if you can mix the paste an hour before you need it, and let it stand. And put a damp paper towel or j-cloth under the bun tray, to prevent it slipping.

Then fill the piping bag, have your buns ready on the baking tray, and hold the piping bag an inch or two above the buns, starting at the end away from you.

Move straight down the row, squeezing out the paste as you go in one continuous movement (not one bun at a time). Then give the tray a quarter-turn, and ice each row towards you again in the same continuous method. You should now have good 'crosses' on each bun; a little paste will be wasted between them, but it's only flour and water.

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:15:04

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay but I had to get cracking in the kitchen. I've mixed the dough and I left it rising. We've taken some pics this morning and have uploaded them to twitter, twitpic.com/photos/mumsnettowers , so have a look and let me know whether your dough looks about the same. If you haven't made you cross mixture do that now as it pipes much better when left.
It's still raining here in London, the sun makes vain attempts to break through but hey, it's good for the garden…

MayOnnaise Mon 29-Mar-10 11:16:06

MmeLindt will do, I am still only on my first rise, as I have only just got back from the Hairdressers, so will have some time to send our Basel sun your way :-)! Depending on how fast my yeast wakes up that is :-) Are you using Zopfmehl for your Hot Cross Buns, I find it makes amazing bread here.

bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 11:25:08

Buns in the oven!

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:28:49

Philosophymum, what you need to do is leave the dough longer before you put it in the tin, and make sure the dough has risen by 1/4 - 1/2 (half is better, not double). Then it should rise better in the tin. Also, when you bake the bread put a smallish tray of boiling water (I use a swiss roll tin) on the lowest shelf before you bake and this will help stop it cracking around the upper crust. What's happening with your loaf is that steam is created where the dough touches the tin and this makes the dough at that point very fragile. Since your oven atmosphere is dry this causes the top to break away from the loaf as it bakes. Let me know how you get on, you can email me at info@danlepard.com


Thanks for the piping instructions Dan.
I'd have done them individually.


And shaped:

I've used loads of sultanas, they're all over the place.

Off to check your twitpic fotos ..........

HCBunBaker Mon 29-Mar-10 11:29:19

Thanks for the pics Dan; I have forgotten the orange Zest! Dough sitting for 45 mins before shaping - am I too late?

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:32:41

Never too late, HCBunBaker, lots of people at different stages I think!

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Mar-10 11:35:43

Oh hello
<waves to Dan and Gerry>
Gosh it smells LOVELY in here!

Erm, I'm a bit late coming to this I have had a bit of a morning of it blush but I will be making mine a bit later - (which I guess will make it a bake-a-thon not a bake-along) as hot x buns one of DH's Fave things ever
<Olivia confidently predicts receipt many marital brownie points>

Dan on the rising thing, I was going to leave in my rather hot kitchen, will that do the trick do you think?

bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 11:36:35

Thanks for the piping instructions, worked brilliantly (prob not perfect but better than my usual efforts!)

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 11:38:05

Ohoh, just had a look at the pics. Mine was not as sticky as that.

Maybe because I used half wholemeal flour?

Not rising that well either.


No, not tried that kind of flour, will give it a go. Incredible the range of flour available here and in neighbouring France.

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:39:25

If anyone is ready to bake their buns, use the tip I suggested to Philosophymum and place a tray of boiling water on the lowest shelf of the oven before baking (make sure there's a good space between the tray of water and the tray of buns). Off to shape my dough!

I've always wanted one of those baking bowls, Dan.
Better mix my piping paste, & I'll need a steady hand.

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:42:39

OliviaMumsnet, a rather hot kitchen will do the job, but to avoid the buns drying out, and getting a slightly hard crust, do cover them with a clean tea towel while they are rising.


OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Mar-10 11:43:33

Gill those bowls aren't as ££ as you may think
Google/ebay "Mason Cash"

Will do OliviaMumsnet.

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 11:46:16

I have one of the baking bowls too, got them as a wedding present. They are very hardy.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Mar-10 11:47:30

Here's a link to the twitpics Dan's dough looking loverly
Dan - a clean tea towel? shock <looks round kitchen desperately>That wasn't in the list of ingredients(!)wink

And just wondering if I need to put the bowl of hot water in the bottom of my Aga -I know that there are weird things afoot in the way the oven works.
<MN disclaimer- other range cookers are available>

JackRabbitBauer Mon 29-Mar-10 11:47:56

Hi all, was out at playgroup easter party so can't join in but am watching with interest, particualrly the GF talk. My mum is GF and dairy free (and potato free) and I want to make her something nice when I got to visit this weekend, any ideas or tips? I did make a clementine and almond cake last time but it was very claggy and I wanted something a bit lighter if possible.
Very nice looking dough. can almost smell it


Ah, a question.
I've not plain flour in, should I make the paste with self raising or strong white flour please?

I think I'll treat myself to one then MmeLindt. (say hello to Lausanne for me, I lived there 20 years ago). smile

MayOnnaise Mon 29-Mar-10 11:52:07

Not sure whether this has already been said, but Dan I could not see the zest mentioned in the method, mine went in, but I assume from the position in the ingreds, that it should go in with the egg and fruit. mine are shaped and on the second rise.

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:52:38

OliviaMumsnet, no need for water in an Aga, it's really only a problem with fan-assisted ovens. Aga's are great for holding the moisture in as the oven is almost a sealed unit and captures every bit of steam released form the buns.

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:52:50

hi gill, Mason Cash is now owned by Rayware, who have a slightly complicated website, but their 'traditional' range of mixing bowls are still being made, just not in quite so many sizes. They also make a batter bowl/jug in a similar pattern.

HCBunBaker Mon 29-Mar-10 11:53:22

Zest now kneaded in; paste made (twice - first time didn't realise it would go lumpy if not made like any other batter); dough now proving in newly acquired warming drawer (hoping for the best with that) and I am at the 'making coffee stage'. Love looking at the pics; I will post a link to mine once the buns are shaped.

SuSylvester Mon 29-Mar-10 11:53:57

get olivia and her ponce aga


MayOnnaise Mon 29-Mar-10 11:53:59

Jackrabbit, I have posted a GF Hot cross loaf on munsnet recipes, perhaps you can adapt that?


DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:54:53

gillthepainter, I'd go with strong white but SR flour might make the crosses more tender. They can be a bit tough. I have a friend who adds a little melted butter to the cross mixture so they taste a bit better.

Slubberdegullion Mon 29-Mar-10 11:56:30

I just put mine in the oven

and then reread instructions, took them out again and put them back in the airing cupboard.

90 mins goddamit

They don't look very dainty Dan.

JackRabbitBauer Mon 29-Mar-10 11:56:34

Oh that's perfect Mayo, where do I get GF flour from? Can I find it in tesco or sainsbos?
And can I use soy milk instead of normal or will it taste ming?

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:58:11

Zest, zest, zest, yes, that was an afterthought, so you can add it anytime. I mixed it in with the fruit but the recipes is very flexible and zest doesn't affect the chemistry.

bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 11:59:10

Buns out, glazed & cooling. They are slightly cracked coz didn't put water in oven. But for a first effort they are not bad IMO!

My dough looked like yours Dan so at least I got that bit right!! (I hope)

House smells amazing

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 11:59:15

Thanks for the sun. Has arrived

SuSylvester Mon 29-Mar-10 12:00:50

i am going to do these on friday with ds3

HCBunBaker Mon 29-Mar-10 12:01:16

OK, have now made paste three times (last version with SR flour); just wondering, instead of adding butter would making the paste with milk instead of water add a bit more tenderness (I can feel a fourth batch coming on while I fight my perfectionistic tendencies). In meantime, have 5 minutes left to drink the coffee.

Found it Dan, 35cm for about GBP30 odd. I'll use strong flour and a little butter - thank you.

And I've just seen how to do hyperlinks blush too.

Now to purchase that AGA! (or an oven with a warming drawer) envy

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 12:06:06

MmeLindt, yes, wholemeal flour will absorb more liquid than the same weight of white flour, so your dough may be a little drier and less sticky. If your dough is rising slowly, the tip i posted at 07:40:53 about sitting them on a tray, over a large bowl half-filled with boiling water, is still the best answer.

MayOnnaise Mon 29-Mar-10 12:14:14

JackRabbitBauer: I can get Dietary Specials which is now branded as Glutafin, there is also Doves Farm Gluten Free take a look on their site(which is good a/c to my friend who has a coeliac daughter, who I made this recipe for), which can be bought in Tesco. Most supermarkets do some form of GF flour these days. Soya would be OK (It may taste wierd to you but if your mum has this normally she may not notice any difference), you could also try Oatly if you can get hold of that, it may taste good with that in.

MmeLindt, glad to hear you have some sun, its even brighter here now :-)

Paste made, inclusive of a little butter.
A tad thicker than double cream:


GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Mar-10 12:17:54

Dan just discovered he's forgotten his piping bag, so he's improvising with a small bin bag (snipped the corner off). Apparently small sandwich bags etc also work fine.

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 12:20:26

I made a piping bag using greaseproof paper, like my mum used to. A bit messy, wish I had thought about the sandwich bags.

They are in oven now.

Darn I missed it! And with my name there's no excusegrin Am posting to keep this in Threads I'm on so I can get baking this week.

bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 12:27:49

Have posted couple of pics to my profile! I used a small sandwich bag for piping as DH has tidied piping bag away somewhere! hmm

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 12:29:30

Hands washed and clean now. Now having said all that about piping I looked in my bag and realised I'd left the piping bag and nozzle at home. So…tried snipping the end off a bag and found that the dough is toooo viscous and firm to pipe. So, having smeared the first two buns with paste and given up, I've resorted to a very old fashion way of making the cross and just cut into the top of each bun. I know, cutting a cross sounds a bit brutal and violent for good Friday buns, but perhaps apt.

Slubberdegullion Mon 29-Mar-10 12:29:55

Mine are now in after proper rising time.

We are having them for lunch.

bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 12:30:00

My buns are less than perfect but isn't that half the charm of homemade ones?

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 12:33:31

bebejones, lovely pics and I think you've done a great job with the crosses.

bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 12:34:01

Can't find cooling rack...Must remind DH not to tidy my things in the kitchen!!

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 12:35:13

JackRabbitBauer, baking that's both Gluten Free and Dairy Free can be a challenge, If you can, try out some recipes before visiting your Mum - if you want to branch out beyond cakes, I have a good recipe for GF white bread at www.danlepard.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2454&hilit=gluten+free which you might try (using soya yoghurt and unsweetened soya milk in place of regular).

Where butter is called for in recipes, you'll need to substitute a dairy-free spread - maybe other people would like to say what they've used ?

I've written GF recipes you might like to adapt, such as Gluten-Free Walnut Chocolate Cookies www.danlepard.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2459&hilit=gluten+free; GF Lemon Banana Cake www.danlepard.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2447&hilit=gluten+free and if you use GF plain white flour and DF spread, try Macadamia fudge cake www.danlepard.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2566

Sorry I don't have a perfect GF and DF solution immediately to hand!

HCBunBaker Mon 29-Mar-10 12:40:03

Just posting a link to the pics so far. Buns now proving.


MayOnnaise Mon 29-Mar-10 12:46:51

JackRabbitBauer, forget Oatly, duh, forgot that oats also have gluten in (can be tolerated by some coeliacs, but not all). Soya or rice milk will be your only alternatives.

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 12:46:57

Buns finished, pics on Blog

Not as squishy as proper HCBs, presumably because I made them with wholemeal flour. Smell delish though.

piped the paste using a bag, my pics so far are now on my profile here wink.

I'm popping them into the oven......

Your hotXbuns look wonderful bebejones.

bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 12:51:19

MmeLindt - Buns look fab!

Think I should have spent more time shaping mine as they look a bit lumpy!

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 12:53:23

Yours look great. Lovely and squishy.

Neighbour just called, she is coming over for tea. Hope she likes HCBs.

You have to make your profile public.

HCBunBaker Mon 29-Mar-10 12:53:24

Mme Lindt; lovely pics - hope mine turn out as good (long time to go yet - still an hour before the oven).

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 12:54:22

Finished, and they look and taste lovely - even with the cut crosses. We're just uploading twitpics now so you can see them. Thanks everyone for your tips and tricks, and for just getting into the spirit of it with such vigour. I'm off now, but will check back when I get home for any Q that I've missed. And will have a better look at your pics!

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Mar-10 12:57:21

Thanks Dan, and everybody who baked along and posted pix.

Scoffing the finished result - delicious grin

Bye Dan, and thanks a million.

Silly me Mmd Lindt - should be visible now?
& Your hotXbuns look beautiful, I hope mine do as well.

Just going into the oven ..........

bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 13:00:07

Thanks Dan!

MayOnnaise Mon 29-Mar-10 13:03:39

Mine are now out, and have posted them to Flickr set:


bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 13:06:14

MayO - they look FAB!

JackRabbitBauer Mon 29-Mar-10 13:07:11

Thanks dan, and Mayo, will make out a list and try and bake her something nice (that's not macarrons, which is all I normally managegrin)

They're incredible May-O. Nice one!

MayOnnaise Mon 29-Mar-10 13:10:36

Gill: mine turned out like monsters, I thought I would stick to instructions as it was the first time, next time, I will probably make 16 smaller ones as I normally do out of a 1/2kg flour mix. I must have speeded my yeast up, as I was behind at the start, and now mine are done, but it is warm here, and mine rose enough inside 1 hour, not 90mins.

Dan: I always use a snipped off freezer bag, that is why my crosses look runnier :-)

Slubberdegullion Mon 29-Mar-10 13:11:55

Mine are done and photographed and partially eaten.

hmm they don't look as lovely and raised as yours bebejones.

maybe it was the apricots.

they tasted bloody yum though.

Lovely pictures so far, HCBBaker. Looking forward to seeing the finished results.

Just turned the buns round in the oven, mine are enormous, 15mins to go.

Delicious, Slubberdegullion.
I bet the apricots taste great in there.

MayOnnaise Mon 29-Mar-10 13:15:52

Gill, mine were too! They still had a lot of rising power when they hit the oven, and got BIGGER!!! Looking forward to seeing your pics...

Slubberdegullion Mon 29-Mar-10 13:16:09

eveyones look like proper buns.

mine look like hot cross scones.

never mind

nearly there May-O. I'm worried the ones in the middle aren't browning ......... <nibbles fingernails>

MayOnnaise Mon 29-Mar-10 13:19:37

Have patience, they will!! Mine were so big they needed a little longer than I would normally give them in the oven (normally do them 20, perhaps 5 mins more...which was Dans given time!!)

BebeJones, yours looked great too :-)

I've brushed mine with beaten egg white and water for the last 5 mins (OH doesn't like sticky glazes too much)

And here we go, they're on my profile too. You can see how big they are next to the freezer clip:


HCBunBaker Mon 29-Mar-10 13:58:32

Mine are uploaded to. Have read the links instruction now and hope that this will work.


MayOnnaise Mon 29-Mar-10 14:05:47

Gill: Looking good :-)

Dan: If you try the GF Hot cross loaf recipe, let me know if you make any changes or adjustments to ingreds or method, I would be interested to know. As I said my Coeliac friend ate it sliced and toasted, and froze the remaining slices to eat later.

You're good at piping HCBBaker.
They look wonderful.

SingingBear Mon 29-Mar-10 15:39:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

midnightexpress Mon 29-Mar-10 15:45:07

Oh your buns all look magnificent! I am inspired.

Thanks for the tips Dan. Come back soon.

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 17:24:49

Thanks Dan and MNHQ for a fun afternoon.

Interesting to see how we all made slightly different variations of the same recipe.

They are delicious, shared them with my neighbour and the DC want to take them tomorrow for gôuter (school snack).

HCBunBaker Mon 29-Mar-10 19:19:07

Dan, was wondering this afternoon, if we wanted to have these fresh baked on Friday morning, would it be possible to leave the shaped buns proving in the fridge overnight ready to bake in the morning?

MayOnnaise Tue 30-Mar-10 13:03:58

HCB: Have a look at this recipe that I have also tried from Dan, its an overnight rise in the fridge, so you save time the next day. These are also very good too :-)


midnightexpress Tue 30-Mar-10 17:22:14

HCB, Nigella has a recipe for HCBs in 'Feast' which looks similar to Dan's, except she uses bread flour rather than normal flour, and she recommends leaving it overnight in the fridge.

HCBunBaker Tue 30-Mar-10 18:12:07

Thank you guyssmile! I will check out those recipes and make some notes for Thurs pm.

senua Thu 01-Apr-10 21:51:01

I lurve hot cross buns but shop-bought ones can be disappointing, they are flabby and full of air.

I have just made these HCB and they are gorgeous. They are doughy & chewy and yet, at the same time, light as a feather.

Thanks, Dan, for an easy but fabulous recipe.grin

bit late, but I just wanted to say thanks for the ace recipe. DD and I have just finished making them, and I am now off for a little lie down after eating too many.

pics on profile

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 05-Apr-10 10:36:44

Calling MayOnnaise (and anyone who needs a gluten-free fruit bread recipe).

Have a look at this gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan-ready fruited bread recipe by David Whitehouse on Dan's site.

It was inspired by MayOnnaise but incorporates lots of suggestions other people made on this thread.

Thanks David

haninka Fri 07-May-10 11:19:01

Hi Dan,
I started with GF baking just few months ago and I am not sure if using Original pudding Dr.Oetker- Vanila is coeliac safe?
I am coeliac myself and I feel fine after eating Dr. Oetker puddings.The product itsself is made just from cornstarch+natural flavours and colours but it's made in a factory which works also with milk and wheat.
Do you have any experiences with these products?
And if yes are these products safe for all coeliacs?

Thank you

thumbbunny Sat 23-Apr-11 10:55:53

I have just made these hot cross buns ready for tomorrow - and used spelt flour instead of ordinary. They look a bit darker but jolly good - DH is already salivating to try one! The only minor sadness is that the spelt flour crosses appear to have gone quite brown as well. But I'm sure they'll taste just fine, even if they don't look quite perfect. grin

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