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STOP PRESS - Scheherezade Goldsmith chat cancelled!

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Jun-08 11:54:30

Hi folks,
We’ve just heard that due to unforseen cirmcumstances Sheherazade Goldsmith is unable to come on for a live web chat this afternoon. We do apologise to those of you who were looking forward to taking part. Sheherazade has answered many of your questions however and her answers are posted below.

Is organic life about saving the planet or about feeling good and living the dream?

It’s about neither. Organic life is a way of looking after yourself and your children. Ensuring that what they are eating, playing with and living around is as safe as it can possibly be. As a mother, the fact that it also helps to look after a planet they will one day inherit is a bonus.

By zippitippitoes on Fri 13-Jun-08 13:18:10 in your view what would be the most eco way to spend a week on holiday?

Some of my favorite holidays are spent by the sea in the south west of England (which I will often travel to by train). Many people associate holidays with traveling half way across the globe, but with small kids it can turn out to be more hassle than it’s worth. It is true to say that children love the seaside, but they generally tend to be much more tolerant of bad or cold weather than us……..Their enjoyment comes from being outdoors and feeling unrestricted – they don’t mind if the beach has white sand or pebbles in the same way that they don’t care if the sea is grey or turquoise.

By Anchovy on Fri 13-Jun-08 13:42:08

Have you calculated your carbon footprint? How does it compare to, say, a similar-sized family living in an urban area? (Would be genuinely interested in that - I have a sneaky suspicion that living responsibly in an urban area is probably a more "eco" approach, where a lot of journeys can be done on foot or by public transport, etc)._

I have to admit that I haven’t calculated my carbon footprint. My approach to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle has always been a practical one. I do as much as I can, because I believe in all the benefits it brings, and try not too get too bogged down with guilt about the things I don’t do. For me being environmentally aware, simply means changing the things you can change, such as using energy efficient products, be it light bulbs, washing machines or solar panels, eating seasonally and sourcing locally grown food were possible, travelling responsibly and trying to recycle whatever you can. All of these things tend to have a double benefit – economically and environmentally

By Anchovy on Fri 13-Jun-08 14:44:31

How many flights do you take a year? Assuming you do fly, what criteria do you use for deciding whether the flight is necessary?__What are your best "eco" tips (I am unfeasibly proud of my blackberry being charged by solar power ) and what are areas in your life that you acknowledge still need work on?

I will probably fly once a year. If I can get to a destination within 24 hours by train (which includes a vast majority of areas around Europe), than I will take a train. But I don’t tend to travel that much, as I am fortunate enough to have a second home in Devon.

My best eco tips are generally about considering the way you consume – in other words, just considering a few simple questions before making a purchase ie thinking about where something has come from; how it was made – what sort of chemicals might have been used; who made it and were they treated fairly; how long will it last for; can you recycle it or will it just end up in a landfill site?

Many of these questions can be answered simply by using common sense – it is clear that one product claiming that ‘it can kill everything dead’ and carries a health hazard warning is going to have some pretty nasty stuff in it, likewise a packet of ready-made chicken nuggets that only actually have 20% meat in them is not going to be great.

My weakest area is definitely clothes – I have as yet to get as excited about an organic label as I am about something from Topshop….having said that organic cotton clothing essentials such as T-shirts, pants and socks are as good as any.

By BeauLocks on Fri 13-Jun-08 15:18:58

What is an "eco mum"?__How do you become an "eco mum"?__Who decides if you're an "eco mum"?__Do you wake up one morning and think "I know, I think I'll become an eco mum"?__Is there a register of "eco mums"?__

“Eco mum” is a label other people have given me not one I have given myself. When you start to consider the options, being an environmentally friendly mother, sort of comes naturally. Out of choice, no one would choose to feed their child food which may potentially have been sprayed with chemicals, nor would they give their children a Christmas present that has been made using child labour. Saving energy in your house, just makes economic sense and recycling is just about reforming a habit. Being an ‘eco mum’ is not about completely changing your lifestyle or giving up those things that make life easier and pleasurable, it is simply about considering the wider impact of the way you live and reconsidering the habits we have.

By buntinglicious on Fri 13-Jun-08 13:27:50 I am a part time working mum to a 1 year old. I live in a 1st floor flat with no garden (and no window sills). We are short on money, are desperately trying to budget our food shop, don't go on holiday, mostly buy second hand stuff (clothes, baby toys etc.), recycle where possible (plastic bottles, paper, card, glass, tins) don't have anywhere to put compost, living in rented accommodation in an old building(so fundamental house changes are impossible).__What realistic changes could I make in my life to become more eco friendly?

It sounds like your pretty eco friendly already. But there are a few things you could consider. Using energy efficient light bulbs in house will help save you money and will help save energy. I read somewhere that if every household in the UK used just 3 energy efficient light bulbs a year, it would save enough energy to light all the streets in the UK. Putting aluminium covered large pieces of cardboard behind your radiators, will help reflect any heat back into the room, saving you up to £10 per radiator per year or turning down your thermostat by 1% can help save as much as 10% on your gas bill.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recently proved that buying organic, locally sourced (produced in the UK) loose ingredients were less expensive than a ready made frozen meal – and cooking is often less time consuming than you would imagine. Being environmentally aware, which you clearly are, is already a step further than most. As individuals it’s easy to feel that our small token efforts are not enough, but the truth is that collectively they can make a massive difference.

By Issy on Fri 13-Jun-08 15:55:53

I'm sorry that I won't be here for Wednesday's chat, but questions that pop into my mind are:__1. What was the basis and extent of your research into the ecological effectiveness of each of your ideas?__2. Based on 2. above, are the projects in your book ranked in terms of their ecological effectiveness? And what is the ecological effectiveness of those projects in your book which could actually be undertaken by the average flat-dwelling, time and/or cash poor urbanite (particularly when discounted against the ecological impact of the production and distribution of the book)?__3. Without wishing to be intrusive upon your personal life, could you explain the duration and depth of your pesonal commitment to green issues, including around key areas such as cutting down airmiles?__4. Is your book printed on recycled paper?__5. Setting aside the big stuff like the Kyoto protocol, what do you think is the single most ecologically effective project or change in behaviour the average UK citizen can undertake? Personally I think it may be stop flying, but, given my ice-cap melting business travel schedule, I hope I'm wrong.

What a lot of very serious questions, I will do my best to answer them, but have to say don’t think my book was as well thought out as your questions!

The projects in Slice of Organic Life, are projects that I have tried at home and enjoyed doing. Their ecological factor simply comes from not using chemicals, and letting nature get on with it.

The whole of the first part of the book is filled with ideas for flat dwellers, as well as advice on what to look out for as a consumer.

The ecological production costs of the book, I assume will be fairly high, but if it has helped to inspire a few people to rethink the way they approach their daily lives than it will have been worth it. I don’t believe that you have to be a purist to care about the environment, just be part of a collective effort for a more positive environmental impact. The whole point of the book was to show people how easy and accessible it is to make a positive impact without feeling guilty about the things you don’t do.

My commitment to the environment started nine years ago, when I became pregnant with my first child and will last for as long as I have children – and I hope, one day grandchildren, so with any luck, a life time.

The book, like a lot of books today, was printed on partially recycled paper.

I think the most effective change people can make in the UK would be to consume less. Whether it be food, clothes, gadgets, toys, furnishings, traveling, we are all guilty of over consumption and the way we consume has a massive environmental impact.

By asking yourself a few simple questions before you purchase anything you can end up making your choice a positive one. Where has it come from and how was it made? Who made it? How long will it last and can it be recycled? Was it made using chemicals or did it have to travel long distances?

By johnso on Sun 15-Jun-08 12:03:24

I love organic food but can't afford it. How can we make it more affordable?

The only way organic food would become more affordable is if the demand increased. The perception is that organic food is the most expensive food you can buy but, as Hugh Fearnley-Witthingstall recently proved buying individual organic ingredients actually works out cheaper than buying a ready made meal.

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 11:59:41

oh i shall be able to get to college with my assignemt on time then smile

did she bottle it?

CatIsSleepy Wed 18-Jun-08 12:01:28

so why's it been cancelled?

BeauLocks Wed 18-Jun-08 12:01:49



MrsBadger Wed 18-Jun-08 12:01:55

peace with honour, methinks
thank you, MN towers grin

MaloryBriocheSaucepot Wed 18-Jun-08 12:02:43


she is running scared


BeauLocks Wed 18-Jun-08 12:03:32


pah. yellow more like.


TheArmadillo Wed 18-Jun-08 12:03:33

what a surprise.

And what non-answers to questions. Pick the easy ones, waffle for a bit. Say nothing of interest.

Also saying organic food is cheaper than ready meals presumes the person is buying ready meals and not cooking from scratch and carries on this myth than anyone not eating organic is living off preprocessed crap and can't be cooking from scratch.

What a pointless waste of time. And a coward.

ScooperThompson Wed 18-Jun-08 12:03:44

Been arrested for over-filling her wheelie bin

hoxtonchick Wed 18-Jun-08 12:04:19


JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Jun-08 12:04:49

Unforseen circs <equally innocent>.

Snaf Wed 18-Jun-08 12:05:22

Who else have you got lined up then, Justine? grin

BeauLocks Wed 18-Jun-08 12:05:53

She didn't foresee the bullshit monitors of MNetters perhaps?

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 12:05:57

so its not ahem postponed then

YeahBut Wed 18-Jun-08 12:07:20

It's like watching Peter Rabbit hopping away from Mr McGregor's garden without his tail...

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 12:09:18

oooo, how I would have paid to have been a fly on the wall when those 'unforseen circumstances' occured..

CatIsSleepy Wed 18-Jun-08 12:10:22

unforeseen circumstances eh?



I do like her reply about only needing to fly once a year because she has a second home in Dorset

and I think her answer to Issy's list of questions is rather telling
'What a lot of very serious questions, I will do my best to answer them, but have to say don’t think my book was as well thought out as your questions!'

kind of sums it all up nicely eh?
tsk to Issy and her serious questions!

AitchTwoCiao Wed 18-Jun-08 12:11:14

lololol at yellow. poor woman. a tactical retreat, methinks.

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 12:11:49

TheArmadillo on Wed 18-Jun-08 12:03:33

what she said.

And moving on...

can we have gill hicks please:

Gill Hicks was the last person to be rescued alive from the bombed train at Russell Square underground station in Central London on the morning of 7th July 2005. She had sustained horrific injuries, which led to both of her legs being amputated, and her life hung in the balance for several days. In her book *One Unknown* she tells of her experiences of that day and her remarkable recovery. She has set up Walktalk, an initiative which aims to bring together people who may otherwise never meet, never talk and, almost certainly, never walk side-by-side. They will be walking from Leeds to London during July and August.
One Unknown is published by Rodale.

Perhaps Mr McGregor got her.

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:11:55

I don’t believe that you have to be a purist to care about the environment


bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:12:36

(says it all really)

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Jun-08 12:12:38

I think we need to look for a national treasure next - someone no one could object to... any ideas? (pity the queen mum's no longer with us)

No, not Gill Hicks. Obvious x-post <backs away from thread>

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 12:13:02

she was on midweek this morning and sounded really interesting. although nothing to do with parenting grin!

Des O'Connor? He's a national treasure.

MrsBadger Wed 18-Jun-08 12:13:38

or someone who would be up for a real proper debate (did you see the Ben Goldacre thread?)

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:14:56

trouble with National Treasures is - what do you get them to talk about?

some of my favourite figures in the public eye, Victoria Wood, David Attenborough, Betty Boothroyd, are just, well people with no axe to grind.

or have they?

YeahBut Wed 18-Jun-08 12:15:22

Well, I posted it on the other thread but surely no-one could object to Kirstie and Phil?!

SheherazadetheGoat Wed 18-Jun-08 12:16:14

queen mother! you will be advertising gin and gambling next - pah! shame mother teresa is no longer with us.

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 12:16:37

yeahbut i think you might be wrong there lol

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:16:40

I'd love Kirstie and Phil

SheherazadetheGoat Wed 18-Jun-08 12:16:48

kistie - swoon.

Boco Wed 18-Jun-08 12:16:50

If the Queen Mother had been still alive, a live MN chat would have finished her off, National Treasure or not, throw her in with the vipers and she'd have been a gonner.

TheArmadillo Wed 18-Jun-08 12:17:09

I would object to Kirstie and Phill as a matter of principle wink

SheherazadetheGoat Wed 18-Jun-08 12:17:19

how about amy winehouse!

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:17:22


there was a reason why the Queen Mum never spoke in public

MrsBadger Wed 18-Jun-08 12:17:29

Hugh F-W himself?

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:18:18

nah to hfw

SheherazadetheGoat Wed 18-Jun-08 12:18:44

huge fernly eat-it-all would be lovely. but we would all be too busy pinching his cheeks nad stroking his darling curls

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:19:14

ew no

he needs a wash

MaloryBriocheSaucepot Wed 18-Jun-08 12:19:17

well i have no farkin idea whata love webchat is but i would defo learn for

kirtsie allsopp

kevin mcloud

mary portas

trinny and suz

fern b

jancis robinson

hugh FW


YeahBut Wed 18-Jun-08 12:19:19

Stay back you mumsnet vipers!!!!

SheherazadetheGoat Wed 18-Jun-08 12:19:24

germaine greer - i need to know why she has gone all 'i love posh spice' on me.

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 12:19:37

HFW is too overhyped and ubiquitous

and also still too exclusive imo

CatIsSleepy Wed 18-Jun-08 12:19:42

ooh, Hugh! there's an idea

LOL@ AMy Winehouse

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 12:19:57

Gordon Ramsey

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:20:11

rather have Amy oh than Hugh

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 12:20:15

only just noticed the full moon

YeahBut Wed 18-Jun-08 12:20:25

Oooooh Kevin McCloud. Could we have webcam for that one...wink

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 12:20:27

No I don't mean that. Someone who has actually done something.

Boco Wed 18-Jun-08 12:20:36

no, someone would reveal that they know someone in the production team and actually Hugh Fearlessly Shags it all is a womanising monster and he'd be shredded and braised too.

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:20:44

can we just say no cheffy types

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Jun-08 12:20:59

I think iirr Kirsty and Phil turned us down - will check. Certainly Kevin McCloud did.

morningpaper Wed 18-Jun-08 12:21:04

I want a live chat with Justine and Carrie

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:21:33

harumph @ kev turning us down

sfxmum Wed 18-Jun-08 12:22:14

David Attenborough please I have to fight back the urge to hug him every time I see himblush

CatIsSleepy Wed 18-Jun-08 12:22:29

hmm MN not good enough for Kevin McCloud eh?

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:23:26

what about Jacqui Smith?

I bet she'd give as good as she gets

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 12:23:27

id love to talk to that woman who had a pink aga in essex and then went to live a new life on anisland off nicaragua and it all went horrifically and tragically wrong because i would really really like to know where she and her children are now

so please get on to tracking her down

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Jun-08 12:23:34


morningpaper Wed 18-Jun-08 12:23:42

Gok Wan

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Jun-08 12:23:52

Hello MP - I'm here... what was it you wanted to know?

AitchNunsnet Wed 18-Jun-08 12:24:01

oh i'd love amy winehouse, we could talk some self-esteem into the girl...

kerry katona? (you can fix it so she can't search, huh?)

TheArmadillo Wed 18-Jun-08 12:24:10

why have I been deleted?

genuine puzzlement here?

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:24:12

oooh gok would be good

but we'd need sketches/visual aids

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:24:33

lol @ justine

morningpaper Wed 18-Jun-08 12:24:42

oooh Justine I want to know all about your life and how you juggle everything

<goes all shy and runs away>

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Jun-08 12:25:06

Jacqui Smith is worth persuing certainly and we're in touch with Gok's people (blimey I sound like a pratt!)

sfxmum Wed 18-Jun-08 12:25:16

am still hoping to have the chance Sheila Kitzinger about the whole orgasm thing
still want another baby and open to new experiencesgrin

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 12:26:07

Gok is a good one.

How great it must be to have "people".
I want some.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Jun-08 12:26:15

MP - she's like Anna Wintour and gets up at 4am! <DevilWearsPrada emoticon>

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 12:26:53

see this is much more fun than eco bunny rabbits.

YeahBut Wed 18-Jun-08 12:26:55

Justine, just tell Gok we'll all post pictures of our bangers on our profiles and he'll be here like a shot.

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Jun-08 12:27:00

Luckily my mother-in-law (family life and childcare guru) wrote a book many moons back called the Juggling Act which has been a great boon.

<I'm going to have to withdraw that aren't I>

CatIsSleepy Wed 18-Jun-08 12:27:31

am curious as to why Armadillo's post was deleted too

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 12:27:34

i thought mrs conran wrote that lol

morningpaper Wed 18-Jun-08 12:27:36

I get up at 4am

But I am normally cleaning up a pile of wee or tryign to persuade someone that there aren't actually lions in the bedroom

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Jun-08 12:27:49

personal attack

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Jun-08 12:28:34

that was in response to Armadillo deletion by the way not MP and her lions.

TheArmadillo Wed 18-Jun-08 12:29:08

oh I see and I apologise.

Someone else got deleted as well and I think they said same thing.

Whoops sorry.

Slight feeling of pride at first deleted message though blush

morningpaper Wed 18-Jun-08 12:29:44

personal lion attack is a big problem at 4am TBH

You are going to have to delete your own post Justine on the grounds of breaching our Excess Sarcasm guidelines

Carmenere Wed 18-Jun-08 12:29:53

How about Evan Davies?, he would be informative and entertaining (well if what it said on popbitch is true that is)
Although I can't really see why he would want to do it.....

Monkeytrousers Wed 18-Jun-08 12:30:30

"buying individual organic ingredients actually works out cheaper than buying a ready made meal."

Massive excuded middle here - buying individual non organic ingredients woerks out much cheaper.

Talk about spin.

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 12:30:33

Oh yes, I love Evan Davies.

morningpaper Wed 18-Jun-08 12:30:50

What about someone RELIGIOUS

How to bring up children in the spiritual life

That would be interesting

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 12:30:52

maybe we could take a gamble and say the next person to leave their very imporatnt papers somewhere silly

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:32:02

could you get your MIL on Justine?

or would that be seen as jobs for the girls?

WideWebWitch Wed 18-Jun-08 12:32:44

Oh I came on here with my lunch ready for this! <pretends she's been working all morning>

Not surprised she's cancelled tbh but that thread was funny.

Agree it says it all the answers to Issy's questions. That'll be because Issy is an ass kicking high flying lawyer and Shezza er, isn't

GordonRamsay Wed 18-Jun-08 12:33:32

Good choice Katie

WideWebWitch Wed 18-Jun-08 12:33:35

NO to someone religious, as imo there is no such thing as god

WideWebWitch Wed 18-Jun-08 12:34:19

hence lower case g

Monkeytrousers Wed 18-Jun-08 12:34:41

And I bet she's thinking M&S or Waitrose, not Costcutter or Netto!

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 12:35:10

Evan v lovely but only so much one can ask re: credit crunch and where he gets his suits from

WideWebWitch Wed 18-Jun-08 12:36:37

I'd like

Germaine Greer on feminism and where she thinks we are compared to when she wrote TFE

Naomi Wolf

Sarah Brown

Justine's MIL

Nicola Horlick

Carmenere Wed 18-Jun-08 12:36:39

We could ask about Dragons den and if it's true he like anonymous sex whilst dressed in rubber too though

WideWebWitch Wed 18-Jun-08 12:37:35

eww at thought of him in rubber, I'M EATING here Carmenere!

Carmenere Wed 18-Jun-08 12:38:34


Monkeytrousers Wed 18-Jun-08 12:39:55

Issy, I read a pretty compelling argument recently against the Kyoto agreement as a massive waste of money and that the funds should be put into local areas to protect against flood, etc. That doing that would save many more lives that meeting the Kyoto ommisions stuff, which is hugely expensive and won't stop many things happening anyway.

crumpet Wed 18-Jun-08 12:41:04

The other thread was very funny, but good on her for answering any questions given the kicking she got

naswm Wed 18-Jun-08 12:46:37

I like the way that MNHQ had just heard of the cancellation and that SG had submited all those answers - I doubt she was ever going to come along <cynical smile in knowing PR way>

Buda Wed 18-Jun-08 12:46:50

THIS thread is very funny - am off to find the other one. Could do with a giggle.

Were you all really really horrible?

(Stupid question really!!)

cheesesarnie Wed 18-Jun-08 12:47:22

i missed all this!admittidly ive only just found out who she isblush but would have been interesting.

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 12:56:25

<<Enid logs on in excitement then sadly puts away popcorn]

sophable Wed 18-Jun-08 12:56:59

I really really would like germaine greer. And Naomi Wolf.

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 12:59:44


I feel we are not up to Germaine Greer or Naomi Wolf tbh

WideWebWitch Wed 18-Jun-08 13:02:11

Oh we ARE Enid, we've had great threads on feminism
I think it's relevant
I'd like to ask Wolf how she feels about feminism now she has children

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 13:03:43

have read Shezzas answers now

blimey, they aren't rocket science are they?

"Errr, buy nice posh stuff that is made locally but also stuff from topshop, and erm, er, use energy saving lightbulbs"

[Enid rings publisher for lucrative book deal]


yes, I'd like naomi wolf.

And all the girls from smack the pony. can we have them? Please?

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 13:04:44

I have no time for Naomi Wolf

I would like to ask Germaine about her nice house and farm though

and the menopause

she is a ballsy old bird thats for sure

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 13:04:47

germaine greer is sometimes on review and she strikes me as quite irritating in her current incarnation

i guess she could talk about stansted

WideWebWitch Wed 18-Jun-08 13:05:49

lol at ringing publisher

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 13:06:18

yy agree she has incarnations

did anyone hear Esther Rantzen talking about The EMpty Nest 'syndrome' on R2 the other day?

Has she been/is she Ill?

DonDons Wed 18-Jun-08 13:06:59

janet street porter

don't know why, just lurve her

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 13:07:28

really do you dondons? hmm

I really can't get my head round this. Why wouldn't kirstie and Phil talk to us? angry

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 13:08:50

the best woman I have heard on the radio lately was that woman who shopped her son and he ended up going to prison

god she was strong and great

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 13:09:36

Is phil a bit simple?

we dont want Kirsty she is a proto-bunting cupcake (those tins she does)

DonDons Wed 18-Jun-08 13:09:56

yeah in a not sure why really kind of way. She's just got such a gob on her.

ggglimpopo Wed 18-Jun-08 13:10:18

I know someone who lost her virginity to HFW. <<By the by>>

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 13:11:22

get her on then we could have vicarious chat

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 13:11:24

[puts down sandwich in revulsion]

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 13:11:54

bundle, we could ask him what he thinks about organic produce?

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 13:12:46

Gordon Brown

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 13:13:17

well you could chat to me

[sits back to answer questions]

Monkeytrousers Wed 18-Jun-08 13:13:29

I'd love to talk to Greer. Lynne Segal would be even better for me though. I am so up for/and to that, thank you very mooch!

Monkeytrousers Wed 18-Jun-08 13:14:50

Naomi Wolf's a bit lightweight fopr me grin

shock Enid! I forgot about those tins!

I would like that you all considered the girls from Smack the Pony. They are my favourite brits.

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 13:16:55

i think Prof essor Simon Baron Cohen would be an ionteresting person

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 13:17:02

they seem to have fallen by the wayside thank god

I bet 'Cilla and Camilla' in Beaminster (bunting cupcake HQ) has some though

YeahBut Wed 18-Jun-08 13:17:06

So Enid, how do you manage to juggle three children with the demands of mumsnet? wink

MrsBadger Wed 18-Jun-08 13:17:57

Tanya Byron

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 13:17:59

Thank you for your question YeahBut. I have a part time job which comes in very handy for surfing the internet unfettered by children.

ggglimpopo Wed 18-Jun-08 13:18:03

George Clooney.

Keanu Reeves.

Or a random mumsnetter we could do 'truth or dare' with.

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 13:18:40


I would be like this:

shock _________________________________ shock

in awe

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 13:19:18

lol i thought tanya had already done one

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 13:19:21

LOL at truth or dare

Badger, do keep up, TB has been done.

I vote for Cod.

Isn't that Tanya a bit too sympathetic? grin

AitchNunsnet Wed 18-Jun-08 13:19:43

we've had tanya, she was great.

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 13:20:12

who katie? hfw? (not interested emoticon)

enid - no book deal, you do not have enough syllables in your name

what tins btw?

greer always good value on newsnight review (i watch better telly than yew emoticon)

Anyone else find it odd that Shezza said that her interest in environmental issues began when pregnant with her first child, and will continue for as long as she has children/grandchildren? I find this strange/stupid because it suggests that only those with children can really understand the need to be "environmentally aware", and it is also incredibly selfish - if she hadn't had children would she still be consuming to the hilt, sod the consequences, as after all it wouldn't be bothering her once she'd died..... hmm

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 13:20:55

i think i have only posted on two live chats

piers morgan and this one lol

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 13:21:00

No, Evan (it was a weak joke)

Oliveoil Wed 18-Jun-08 13:21:06

oh random MNer truth or dare

I love Janet Street Porter

Gordon Ramsey then I can ask him to iron his forehead

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 13:21:22

tanya was good, and frighteningly normal

we want more freaks, I think

you don't know the tins, bundle? they are usually next to cowshed toiletries...

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 13:21:54

I have one less than shez in RL bundy

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 13:21:58

sorry katie (not keeping up emoticon)

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 13:22:34

That Rebecca bird that is edits The Sun.

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 13:22:41

That Rebecca bird that edits The Sun.

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 13:22:59

ahhh but enid is your penname surely? (has nice ladybird book twang to it,no?0

Threadwormm Wed 18-Jun-08 13:23:23

Sandi Tocsvig(sp?)

MadamePlatypus Wed 18-Jun-08 13:23:24

I would like JK Rowling and Sarah Brown.

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 13:23:31
bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 13:23:37



what about Boris?

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 13:23:51

(or is that too londoncentric?)

ggglimpopo Wed 18-Jun-08 13:24:03

George Bush

Hilary Clinton (or Monica Lewinski)


Carla Bruni

Brigitte Bardot


Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 13:24:13

yes! freaks, freaks

[jumps up and down salivating]

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 13:24:32

carla bruni


Threadwormm Wed 18-Jun-08 13:25:08

Oh yes I would like JK Rowling so that we could shoot her down in flames over her many rip-offs from Lord of the Rings and other books, as well as for the utter total crapness of the last HP book.

pmsl at brigitte bardot

DonDons Wed 18-Jun-08 13:25:42

def Boris

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 13:25:51


i see they have String In A Tin too

(underwhelmed emoticon)

Oliveoil Wed 18-Jun-08 13:25:55

there is an agony aunt type woman, was married to a Dimbleby (iirc)

oh, tip of my tongue, someone help me

she would be good on relationship q&a

Wife: my husband is having an affair
MN Ranters: kick the bastard out!!!
Agony Woman: talk to him

Wife: my husband is moody
MN Ranters: kick the bastard out!!!
Agony Woman: talk to him

tigermoth Wed 18-Jun-08 13:27:09

No shererazade? No promise to re-schedule?

Perhaps the gap between 'eco' and 'mum'(as in real mums on mumsnet) is bigger than she realised.

I am a bit miffed at the assumption in her reply that the you save on food bills through buying organic ingredients to cook from scratch as opposied to buying ready cooked meals are more expensive. People who buy non organic food do cook from scratch, you know!

Of course I know that raw ingredients are cheaper than ready cooked meals. But non organic raw ingredients are a lot cheaper than organic ones.

Kewcumber Wed 18-Jun-08 13:27:19

Bel Mooney?

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 13:27:57

what about Bruni and Boris?

Oliveoil Wed 18-Jun-08 13:28:26

bel mooney!

well done Kewcumber grin

I think we should get her in, she had a column in The Times and it was really really good

Ags Wed 18-Jun-08 13:28:38

Olive, you mean Bel Mooney and she would be crucified because her column is in the Daily Mail! Not a good idea methinks!

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 13:28:39

pmsl @ olive

Monkeytrousers Wed 18-Jun-08 13:30:03

Hilary Clinton - but only after 'No One Left to Lie To: The Triangulations of William Jefferson Clinton' has been book of the month for a month

Oliveoil Wed 18-Jun-08 13:30:05

oh has she decamped to the Mail?

she was in The Times

ggglimpopo Wed 18-Jun-08 13:31:50

Angela Merkel (sp!)
we could help her with her dress sense

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 13:32:51


NotDoingTheHousework Wed 18-Jun-08 13:33:19

Tori Amos


Oliveoil Wed 18-Jun-08 13:33:57


oh pmsl at this whole palaver
is she American btw or can she just not spell hmm

DonDons Wed 18-Jun-08 13:34:59

Lisa Scott Lee


ggglimpopo Wed 18-Jun-08 13:35:01

Angelina Jolie

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 13:35:55

Ann Widdecombe?......... she says provocatively

WideWebWitch Wed 18-Jun-08 13:36:09

Wasn't Bel Mooney left for a younger woman who subsequently died? Or am I thinking of someone else?

Oliveoil Wed 18-Jun-08 13:37:24

yes that is correct

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 13:38:06

Madonna. I'm sure she'd do it.
Then I could ask her if Guy is up for grabs.

dilbertina Wed 18-Jun-08 13:38:39

Hows about Kim Wilde,
She could do motherhood and gardening and ummm being a popstar a while back.

dilbertina Wed 18-Jun-08 13:39:21

Jordan/Katie..would be interesting.

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 13:40:21

about to come back onto the market apparently katie

yes Jordan/Katie woudl be good

coudl answer in both persona

Swedes Wed 18-Jun-08 13:40:31

I think it has to be Germaine Greer. There has been a bit of a campaign on mumsnet for women to reclaim the word cunt - I think Greer feels the same way.

Cunting not bunting.

Pruners Wed 18-Jun-08 13:40:32

Message withdrawn

Threadwormm Wed 18-Jun-08 13:42:34

Oh yes, get Greer just to talk about reclaiming the word 'cunt'. It could be called 'Vagina Dialogue'.

Boco Wed 18-Jun-08 13:45:39

Cunting not bunting - what a rallying tagline for mumsnet.

WideWebWitch Wed 18-Jun-08 13:47:54

Oh yes, to getting Greer to talk about reclaiming cunt and lol at cunting not bunting

on that note, Eve Henschler or however you spell it?

SheherazadetheGoat Wed 18-Jun-08 13:49:04

pruners - kirstie and her fabulous coats are a big part of my life

[muttering nct breastfeeding bah!]

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 13:49:44

kirstie deserves a medal surely for delivering enormous baby

Miyazaki Wed 18-Jun-08 13:53:20

Mary Portas, solely so I can ask her where does she get her hair cut, and then sell kidney to go there.

tigermoth Wed 18-Jun-08 13:54:18

Whatever happened to the suggestion from MNHQ that a representative from MCDonald's should do a live chat?

Love the ideas here! I too came to an internet cafe specially for this.

Swedes Wed 18-Jun-08 13:54:47

Please no to someone from the NCT.


UnquietDad Wed 18-Jun-08 13:55:40

Did Shezza really say: "It sounds like your pretty eco friendly already" ?

My pretty eco friendly what?

I am PMSL that she bottled it. Or maybe it was delicately put to her that she shouldn't come...

Love the fact that she hadn't anticipated the inbuilt, shock-proof, organic-bullshit-filters which most people on here have.

Bet she was expecting a nice bunch of fluffy, bunting-cupcake, Boden-wearing mumsy-wumsies who spend their DHs' wads of money on organic chutneys and want a solar-powered water-feature to get one up on the Cholmondley-Warners.

Pruners Wed 18-Jun-08 13:55:53

Message withdrawn

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 13:56:28

That nutter from the moral maze - Melanie Phillips?

UnquietDad Wed 18-Jun-08 13:57:13

Martin Lewis
of moneysavingexpert fam e (appears on Jezza Vine show).

cardy Wed 18-Jun-08 13:58:22

I vote for Janet Street Porter too.

How about Naomi Klein?

Pruners Wed 18-Jun-08 14:00:39

Message withdrawn

Threadwormm Wed 18-Jun-08 14:01:10

Zoe Williams?

Issy Wed 18-Jun-08 14:02:10

I felt a glinting moment of pride at Shez's answer to my question, then felt rather shameful at such a heavy attempt to over-analyse a butterfly.

My eco-credentials are shot - I'm in New York for just two days for a meeting. blush

UnquietDad Wed 18-Jun-08 14:03:05

Richard Dawkins. About time we had a good honest atheist gobshite on here for all the crystal-gazers to get het up about.

And then if you want to counteract that with a goddy gobshite, Joanna Bogle.

Boco Wed 18-Jun-08 14:03:06

Jon Ronson.

But Aitch would have to be removed for that day so she doesn't say mean things about his voice.

Threadwormm Wed 18-Jun-08 14:04:09

I heard Jon Ronson on telly a month or so ago and was surprised to discover that his voice is, well, normal.

Miyazaki Wed 18-Jun-08 14:05:05

ZW only if there is moratorium on her talking about her kid.

UnquietDad Wed 18-Jun-08 14:06:00

God, can you imagine if Jon Ronson did it? It would appear in his column:

I have been invited to do a live chat on Mumsnet. I say to Elaine, "Hey, I have been invited to do a live chat on Mumsnet." Elaine says: "Really?" I say: "What do you mean, 'really'?" There is something about the way Elaine says "really?" which makes me worried. Joel says, "Cool, dad." I am now worried about doing a live chat on Mumsnet.

etc, etc.

smallwhitecat Wed 18-Jun-08 14:07:06

let her give all the lefties a right good handbagging tee hee

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Jun-08 14:08:20

Well thanks for your many wonderful suggestions.

Boris, JKR and Gok - we'll keep trying
Germaine and Janet Street P - we'll have a crack at (failing them Naomi Wolf/Rebecca Wade)
Ann Widdecombe - wouldn't be good for my karma

Let's hope no one's been put off!

ps Sorry Pruners for late announcement - we posted as soon as we could, honest.

cardy Wed 18-Jun-08 14:09:06

Richard and Judy....they've got nothing else to do now.

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Jun-08 14:10:24

Oh and we're also going to try George Monbiot because appart from being very clever green person apparently he and his mrs really do split the childcare/family responsibilities 50-50 - would you like him?

Swedes Wed 18-Jun-08 14:12:39

UQD, I fear Richard D's work on Mumsnet is done.

Oliveoil Wed 18-Jun-08 14:12:39

never heard of him

AitchNunsnet Wed 18-Jun-08 14:13:07

oh yes, we could quiz him on washing machine instructions to see if it's true.

so, george, i have a tomato-sauce stained bib and a fairy costume to clean... which programme do i use?

Boco Wed 18-Jun-08 14:13:19

UQD - did you see the time that Jon Ronson's wife came onto mn and told us all off? So actually that conversation would go 'Elaine, I'm going on mumsnet to do a live chat' Elaine - 'WHAT! That bunch of bitches! They all sit around like they're in ...institutions!' etc. (I think that's what she accused us of)

Pruners Wed 18-Jun-08 14:13:43

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Wed 18-Jun-08 14:14:27

lol UQD at Jon Ronson

SheherazadetheGoat Wed 18-Jun-08 14:15:08

lol @ Germaine and Janet Street P being on the A team and Naomi Wolf/Rebecca Wade on the B team.

Twiglett Wed 18-Jun-08 14:15:55

<spurts out tea at UQD's Jon Ronson >

ver' good

Pruners Wed 18-Jun-08 14:16:25

Message withdrawn

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 14:17:17

who needs Ronson when we've got UQD?

I bet Elaine is on here...slagging off Ronson, albeit anonymously

mrsshackleton Wed 18-Jun-08 14:17:32

coleen rooney

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 14:18:24

lol justine - but you can't just keep getting nice/agreeable types...Widdecombe et al would test us (and you!)

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 14:18:49

no to rooney

anyway isn't she still mclaughlin?

SheherazadetheGoat Wed 18-Jun-08 14:18:57

please ron johnson unquietdad can taunt him by echoing everything he says.

[i quite like him, he makes me laugh and the documentary he did wiht ian paisly in the jungle was amazing]

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 14:19:29

there was one with a fish too that was great, goatyone

smallwhitecat Wed 18-Jun-08 14:19:37


SheherazadetheGoat Wed 18-Jun-08 14:19:57

or my mother - she know everything apparently

Threadwormm Wed 18-Jun-08 14:20:07


orangina Wed 18-Jun-08 14:20:41

Jon or George please...

orangina Wed 18-Jun-08 14:22:12

(and frankly UQD could pose as Jon and none of us, except perhaps Elaine, would be any the wiser.....)

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 14:22:24

think Monbiot woudl be a tad dull

AitchNunsnet Wed 18-Jun-08 14:25:27

i am SORRY but you simply cannot have Jon Ronson.

he's the kind of weedy wet gurl who tracks people down who might have said slightly mean things about him on the internet and sends them emails to the effect that 'you didn't think when you wrote that i woudl hear aobut it it from my pal and email you to ask you whhyyyyyy, did you?'

er, no, i didn't. because while i thought you were a twat i couldn't have foreseen just how much of a twat you are, Ronson...

orangina Wed 18-Jun-08 14:30:53

He's quite funny though... blush

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Wed 18-Jun-08 14:31:19

My list of suggestions

Bruce (why not a sir?) Forsythe

(one for my DH) Naomi from Milkshake

David Dickinson (for french polishing tips)

Michael Aspel

Heather Mills

Peppa Pig

In fact they should do their live web chat at the same time. Pure #Bedlam.

(pst! Enid is Kirstie Allsopp in RL)

Boco Wed 18-Jun-08 14:33:46

I still love jon. Even if he told off Aitch.

I also love the voice of daddy pig. Is that wrong?

Mercy Wed 18-Jun-08 14:34:42

Have just noticed hte thread title has changed - was it really cancelled?

Looks like you are now talking about who else we'd like to see on MN


Boco Wed 18-Jun-08 14:34:46

Can we have Dylan Moran? He's funny. And crumpled.

AitchNunsnet Wed 18-Jun-08 14:36:20

oh yes mary portas

UnquietDad Wed 18-Jun-08 14:38:46

margo, you win this month's SNORT award from me for the idea of all those people doing their live webchat at once. I love it.

"Do you find people take the mickey out of you most for being a gold-digger or for having a false leg?"

NAOMI: "Well, I - "

"No, sorry, that one's for Heather."

BRUCIE: "Good game, good game!"

Marina Wed 18-Jun-08 14:48:52

Margaret Mountford

bythepowerofgreyskull Wed 18-Jun-08 14:51:21

anyone said justin fletcher MBE?

UnquietDad Wed 18-Jun-08 14:52:25

Russell T Davies OBE!

Twiglett Wed 18-Jun-08 14:53:01

I'd like Dara O'Briain .. I just would ok, don't ask me what I'd do with him though

Kewcumber Wed 18-Jun-08 14:59:10

I know what I'd do with him.

persil36 Wed 18-Jun-08 15:37:49

YES, YES, YES to Monbiot

Naomi Klein

WilfSell Wed 18-Jun-08 15:52:31

some academic/policy types you could try:

Robert Winston (of looks like he should be on Fawlty towers fame)

Catherine Hakim - does research on womens work and motherhood

Susan Greenfield - brain lady, no kids, wears red leather miniskirts

Sue Duncan - head of the Government Social Research Unit

Beverley Hughes, Minister for Children, Young People and Families

MadamePlatypus Wed 18-Jun-08 16:06:46

I would like RTD, but I would also like the new bloke Moffet? Mofett? Moffatt?

MadamePlatypus Wed 18-Jun-08 16:09:14

Just scrolling down - also going to back UQD's other suggestion - Marin Lewis of MSE

UnquietDad Wed 18-Jun-08 16:09:27

Steven Moffat is his name. One V, two Fs, one T.

No relation to Georgia Moffett who played the Doc's daughter.

Who is actually the daughter of Peter Davison, whose real name is Peter Moffett.

And he is no relation to Peter Moffatt, now deceased director who worked on some of Peter Davison's episodes!!


hifi Wed 18-Jun-08 16:10:39

i wonder who told shezza she was mince meat?

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 16:11:23

her PR probably wet herself when she read the pre-chat posts

no to Winston, Greenfield btw. they're just meeja tarts

yes to Hughes..could be interesting

Monkeytrousers Wed 18-Jun-08 16:14:58

Oh I have the perfect question for Widdecombe, 'How does a 60+ virgin still lioving with her mum get the idea she has useful advice to give to couples...or parents?

Melanie Phillips would be good actually, as long as she wasn't swamped with 'how do you justify israels treatment of the palestinians' type questions. Be great to get a bit deeper than that.

MadamePlatypus Wed 18-Jun-08 16:16:00

And then they throw in all those Troughtons! (is this the wrong thread to be discussing this on?)

UnquietDad Wed 18-Jun-08 16:17:19

Sayeeda Warsi, or some other conservatives who seem like reasonable people (Grayling, Davis, Julie Kirkbride).

UnquietDad Wed 18-Jun-08 16:18:08

@madamep - probably, but I know what you mean! (Alice isn't related to David & Pat.)

Monkeytrousers Wed 18-Jun-08 16:18:21


lulumama Wed 18-Jun-08 16:23:40

I'd like Ina May Gaskin and / or Beverley Lawrence Beech please.

MarsLady Wed 18-Jun-08 16:27:25

Ooh Beverley Lawrence Beech please. grin

lulumama Wed 18-Jun-08 16:33:35

i am meeting her <<fingers crossed>> next week!!

DarthVader Wed 18-Jun-08 16:33:46

Well I hypothesise that mumsnet HQ had perhaps felt slighted by poor Sheherezade due to some unpublicised minor incident a few weeks back, and that the HQ anticipated that advertising a live web chat appointment would avenge the slight

be very afraid of the HQ

Threadwormm Wed 18-Jun-08 16:41:28

Seriously? That would be MachiavelliNetHQ, wouldn't it?

UnquietDad Wed 18-Jun-08 16:44:57

darthvader? do tell more!

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 16:46:00

i have never heard of any of these people

but then i hadnt heard of sheharazade either only her father in law

MarsLady Wed 18-Jun-08 16:49:24

Beverley Beech is here smile

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 16:50:58

i have heard of susan greenfield i have one of her books the pirvate life of the brain

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 16:51:45

ah babies that is why i have never heard of her i am michel odent era

squeaver Wed 18-Jun-08 16:54:30

Can we have a fashiony person please e.g. the Sainted Mary of the Shops or a good journo e.g. Lisa Armstrong from the Times.

EffiePerine Wed 18-Jun-08 16:55:15

Please NO to George Monbiot. I would have to chew my own am off in boredom.

I vote for Michael Rosen

EffiePerine Wed 18-Jun-08 16:55:51

arm that is

Susan Greenfield would be fab, as would Lisa Jardine but not sure you could get 'em.

DarthVader Wed 18-Jun-08 16:55:59

Well the HQ did let the thread run and run without any comment and only pulled the live chat at the final moment - thus collecting as many comments as possible for the entertainment of PS (Poor Sheherezade)'s PR.

Also none of the more challenging but still fair questions were actually submitter to PS eg whether the many toilets in their houses are actually cleaned with rock salt, who does this task and how they really feel about the method used etc etc

EffiePerine Wed 18-Jun-08 16:57:16

you're just sad the quarry has bolted DV wink

zippitippitoes Wed 18-Jun-08 16:58:34

she did answer two of my questions

or a delegate of hers did

bundle Wed 18-Jun-08 16:59:49

maybe Peter Wabbit answered them

no to beverley wotsit

yes to mary queen of shops smile

DarthVader Wed 18-Jun-08 17:03:25

I find mumsnetters far more interesting and entertaining than rich/famous birds - we could ask for volunteer mumsnetters who want to discuss a particular subject they know about and ignore slebs

squeaver Wed 18-Jun-08 17:03:47

I think someone mentioned about McD's earlier. I actually think they'd do it if you approached them (I know a wee bit about them from the work front) - I believe they're trying to be open and honest etc

DarthVader Wed 18-Jun-08 17:04:34

Yes back down the burrow Effie unfortunately my ferrets have been fed for the night

DarthVader Wed 18-Jun-08 17:08:01

Sasha Baron Cohen
Chris Morris of Brass Eye

VersdeSociete Wed 18-Jun-08 17:13:14

Has someone said Jordan?
Kerry Katona?

hanaflower Wed 18-Jun-08 17:18:33

Shami Chakrabarti from Liberty
Darcey Bussell

Yes to Monbiot.

Monkeytrousers Wed 18-Jun-08 17:35:24

I cannot believe Ulrika is placed in the same group as those larks.

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 17:35:32

lol @ chris morris

he calls his children beelzebub and satan

Enid Wed 18-Jun-08 17:36:18



Monkeytrousers Wed 18-Jun-08 17:38:42

A delagate? That would be a very politician thing to do, not yummy mummy.

TotalChaos Wed 18-Jun-08 17:41:01

Clare Verity? grin
Jade Goody? grin

Monkeytrousers Wed 18-Jun-08 17:41:22

Lets just get someone dishy and housewives favoritey and watch everyone come over all peculiar...that would go stright into classics grin

Colin Firth maybe

Or that Sportacus fella

Monkeytrousers Wed 18-Jun-08 17:42:36

Or how about Tony Parsons for another laugh

DarthVader Wed 18-Jun-08 17:54:30

Enid Beelzebub & Satan??!!!

How did you come by this intelligence? wink

On the subject of PS all I can say is that I think there is a conspiracy theory here and that I have jumped lemming-like into the throng thinking mistakenly that my intelligence outranked plankton while all the time I danced unconsciously to the tune of the all-powerful mumsnet HQ drum

<<<<tucks into large portion of cleansing & protective garlic bread, seemingly unguided by hidden hands>>>>

CissyCharlton Wed 18-Jun-08 18:12:23

What about Sir Terry Leahey, the big cheese at Tesco?

Scuff Wed 18-Jun-08 18:17:07

Maureen Lipman.
She'd be cool.

Natasha Kaplinsky - "come over here if you think you're hard enough!" grin

Judy1234 Wed 18-Jun-08 18:45:11

I hope it wasn't cancelled because I mentioned the alleged affair on the other thread.

turquoise Wed 18-Jun-08 18:52:52

God I was dying to get to this all day, what a let down.

How about Sarah Beeney (I have a girlie crush on her) as well as Kirstie.

Would also like to rip into have a debate with Richard Desmond. Maybe Jordan too.

MadamePlatypus Wed 18-Jun-08 19:15:36

Oh yes, you have to ask Sportacus on. I am sure he has some very interesting observations on sport and healthy eating for pre-schoolers...

Pruners Wed 18-Jun-08 19:20:00

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Wed 18-Jun-08 19:26:01

Message withdrawn

Pruners Wed 18-Jun-08 19:38:40

Message withdrawn

fullmoonfiend Wed 18-Jun-08 19:47:45

PMSL at this thread...

can we not have Myleene Klass on to tell us how to juggle work and parenthood and bikini wearing? I'm sure I could learn a lot from her.

katierocket Wed 18-Jun-08 20:04:24

Has anyone mentioned Anthea? I think she'd go down really well.

fullmoonfiend Wed 18-Jun-08 20:17:01

Today has been one of those moments when I am so proud of mumsnet
<<clasps left nork in appreciative gesture of sisterly solidarity, wit, wisdom and the detection of bullshit>>

sis Wed 18-Jun-08 20:46:30

How about that man Alvin something who gives advice on handling money matters on tv?

ShinyPinkShoes Wed 18-Jun-08 21:49:42

Please Please Please can we have the wonderful, hilariously funny and lovely Dawn French?

I would take a day's leave to join in with that one! grin

Tinker Wed 18-Jun-08 22:10:01

Nicky Hambleton-Jones? grin

What about Anne Atkins? Joanna Bogle? Amanda Platell??? Who's that other strident parenting one [thinks, thinks]

NotDoingTheHousework Wed 18-Jun-08 22:14:14

Tori Amos.

<stamps foot>

Tinker Wed 18-Jun-08 22:17:30

Oh, I hate Tori Amos.

Marina Wed 18-Jun-08 22:19:44

Tinks, do you mean Cassandra "five kids" Jardine?

Marina Wed 18-Jun-08 22:20:23

(and so do I, urgh)

NotDoingTheHousework Wed 18-Jun-08 22:20:28

Oh that hurts, Tinker, it really hurts.

I luuuuurve her.

She's bonkers a genius.

Tinker Wed 18-Jun-08 22:24:40

Don't think so Marina. She looks a bit like Penelope Leach (who I like) but seems to be a smacker

(Ignoring any more Tori talk. She had a boyfriend called Wolf for god's sake.)

2sugarsagain Wed 18-Jun-08 22:25:34

Damn. I soooooooooo wanted to ask her if she'd ever considered changing her name.

2sugarsagain Wed 18-Jun-08 22:27:13

My vote goes to Basil Brush.

pinkteddy Wed 18-Jun-08 23:03:00

another vote for Shami Chakrabarti.

AitchNunsnet Wed 18-Jun-08 23:14:57

shami was disappointingly giggly on hignfy, imo.

tigermoth Thu 19-Jun-08 06:49:44

lol@ at the way this thread is going! All these name suggestions should keep MNHQ busy for years.

What a delicious thought that MNHQ started that thread in retaliation to something - my sensible head tells me they didn't but still....

Also, getting away from celebs, I'd like to see MD's of our favourite (or unfavourite) companies and shops put under the spotlight.

DarthVader Thu 19-Jun-08 07:56:14

Another vote for Basil Brush

UnquietDad Thu 19-Jun-08 10:04:43

Only if he brings Little Ticker, Mr Roy and Dirty Gertie.

carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 19-Jun-08 10:43:15

Thanks for all the suggestions - please keep them coming and we'll try to keep up.

A quick update on a few names

Alvin Hall will be coming on to talk money in the next couple of months and we've also got Desmond Morris booked, who should be fun

Beverley Hughes has already done a live chat and we're not sure she'd be too keen on coming back.....

On Mac D's - they approached us and offered their new man to talk about their new menu and image. We approached you and after much robust debate (involving everything from threats of resignations and anxieties about litigation) the decision was to say no on this occasion.

We have some concern that Basil Brush's typing may not be speedy enough to keep up with you all, but we promise, of course, to look into it grin

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 19-Jun-08 10:44:43

Great conspiracy theory too by the way - if only we were that clever grin.

bundle Thu 19-Jun-08 10:45:13

of course Alvin he's fab smile

still want Justine's MIL wink

hadn't realised that about Bev

Basil Brush could double up with Boris..

what a big wuss

EffiePerine Thu 19-Jun-08 10:48:45

Desmond Morris sounds fab

hanaflower Thu 19-Jun-08 10:50:01

Oooh.. can we get a sound feature with Alvin? Part of the joy is listening to his voice - could he BE any more bubbly. I'd like to talk to him about art too, not just money.

sis Thu 19-Jun-08 12:36:18

Oooh! was Alvin on the cards anyway or was my suggestion the prompt? Please let it be the latter!

katierocket Thu 19-Jun-08 13:41:24

ooo, Alvin, of course, why didn't I think of him. Brilliant.

DarthVader Thu 19-Jun-08 14:27:20

Basil Brush doesn't need to be able to type, just to dictate, surely? Don't tell me the live webchatter celebs do their own typing hmm

MadamePlatypus Thu 19-Jun-08 16:26:24

I love Alvin. I have a signed copy of one of his books.

hatwoman Thu 19-Jun-08 22:15:11

David Attenborough (I'm really not sure that's spelled right...)

sallystrawberry Thu 19-Jun-08 22:24:30

The Money Saving Expert blokey

can we get him on, I need to sort out my mortgage

UnquietDad Thu 19-Jun-08 22:48:27

That's three calls for Martin Lewis now!

WilfSell Thu 19-Jun-08 22:49:03

I've just seen Will Hutton speak today. Clever and strangely sexy. Methinks we need him on to explain all things economic and worky to us. He was very excellently deferring to his vv clever female assistant.

Let's have him on please?

littlemissbossy Thu 19-Jun-08 22:50:12

Another vote for Martin Lewis - in light of the current economic climate I think he'd be a good guest

cremolafoam Fri 20-Jun-08 17:32:28

definitely gok
huge fearnly- eatitall
betty boothroyd - want to ask her about her tiller girl days
dr pamela connolly

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