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Live chat with Zita West, Monday 12 November, 1pm

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OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 07-Nov-07 11:27:16

We're delighted to announce that Zita West will be here for an online chat with Mumsnetters next Monday 12 November.

Zita is a practicing midwife, acupuncturist and nutritional advisor. She worked in the NHS for over 20 years and then in 2002, she set up the Zita West clinic, a multi-disciplinary practice that uses evidence-based complementary therapies for fertility and pregnancy.

Zita will be joining us for an hour on Monday at 1 o'clock, so grab a sarnie, get your questions ready and join us then.

If for some strange reason, you can't be here (and we hope you've got a very good excuse) then please post any advance questions here.

Thanks, MNHQ


I shall be working

Will follow with interest smile

julesd2808 Fri 09-Nov-07 13:31:17

It is my first day back at work on Monday so will not be able to make the chat sad

I am almost 35, and really want to get pregnant again soon, but I am still breastfeeding my little boy (12 months) twice a day at 7am and 7pm, and my periods have not returned.

Is it because I am still breastfeeding that my periods have not returned? Could it be another reason? Does it mean that I am definately not ovulating if I am not having periods, and therefore cannot get pregnant?

Is the best course of action to reduce my feeding even further to one and then no feeds over the next few months, so that hopefully my preiods return asap. Are you most fertile when your periods first return?

Thank you so much for your help.

CathKidston Fri 09-Nov-07 13:32:51

Hi Zita
I'm out on Monday, but would love you to answer my question.

I'm 4 months pregnant with my first and am very anxious about the birth - I know from what I've read that if I'm stressed and anxious, this is only going to make things worse. How can I best prepare myself for this?

I've heard that analogy that having a baby is a bit like planning a wedding - the birth is the wedding day and the baby itself is the marriage - I feel like the birth is only one part of it but I seem most worried about that.

Any advice gratefully received. smile

yogabug Fri 09-Nov-07 13:57:23

Dear Zita

I am almost 45 years old (next week!) but that negative fact aside, I am very fit, very healthy and people say I look half my age! I have a lovely 6 year old daughter and would love to have another baby. My history: (in brief, however traumatic) is: 4 1/2 years ago I found myself pregnant; husband and I chose to have a termination. Then 2 1/2 years ago I found myself pregnant again (this time I felt happier about the pregnancy but my husband didn't). Unfortunately I became very ill with hyperemesis gravidarium and ended up in hospital. There I went through hell with having to decide what to do. I chose to have a termination - mainly because I was frightened of being so ill and wasn't thinking right. Since then I've managed to move on but unfortunately without a clear conscience - I still have moments of deep sadness, regret and guilt. Last year I got pregnant again but unfortunately had a 'missed miscarriage' (no heartbeat at 11 1/2 wks). I was heartbroken. But...I'm not giving up and have an inner belief that I CAN have another baby.

I have monthly acupuncture and I'm just about to start some hypnotherapy. Zita, is there anything you can personally advise or suggest...in any way. I will do anything (except IVF - my husband won't spend that sort of money on something he feels should be 'natural). PS. I've never smoked, I've given up drink now since 2 months, I practice yoga and eat very healthily. I would appreciate your help so much as I feel under so much pressure because of my age. Thank you.

AitchTwoOh Fri 09-Nov-07 14:03:55

i LOVE Zita West. grin
i once sent an email to her site in a fit of absolute ttc/pg loss horror and loneliness and would you believe it, she actually phoned to find out if i was okay!?

i wasn't a client or a patient, just some weirdy woman looking for a wee bit of internet advice (which i'd thought i might get from some underling, not Zita herself). How kind is that?

and even freakier, she called JUST after i'd had a brainstorm and done a pregnancy test at 9dpo and it had come up positive so i was more than a little freaked out.

her rather magnificent line when i told her i was pg? 'i get that a lot'. LOL.

so thank you, Zita West, for being so kind to me back then... from me, DH and my lovely 22-month-old dd. smile

Lulumama Fri 09-Nov-07 14:06:37

I have a question as i might not be here:

Hi Zita smile

Is fertility hereditary? My grandmother, mum , myself and my sister all got pregnant easily and quickly .. is it likely my children will be fertile? or is it total pot luck and does more depend on the DH too?

thank you

and thanks MNHQ for another great guest

mwah x

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 09-Nov-07 15:14:56


RubySlippers Fri 09-Nov-07 15:21:51

I am going to TTC no.2 next year when i will be heading towards 33 (eek)

My first pg was not brilliant - terrible SPD, and daily heparin injections (history of blood clots), utter exhaustion and nausea for the first trimester - can you recommend anything to make this next pregnancy (fingers crossed) more comfortable?

InspectorWotz Fri 09-Nov-07 15:24:03

I might not be around, but I am intersted and

wold like to ask a Question

My just turned 11 year old dd, has just began her period this week (I was 13 when I started, my mother was 15):

Q: Because of the dropping age of puberty does this mean that our daughters should be considering starting families earlier?

thank you.

Nbg Fri 09-Nov-07 15:36:01

Hi Zita

I would just like to ask for a bit of advice on behalf of my sister and brother in law.

They have been trying for a baby for nearly 2 years now with no success.
My sister in law had a laporoscapy earlier this year which didnt conclude anything and she has been going for ultrasound scans monthly and taking clomid and they can see that she is ovulating and everything is how it should be. Brother in law has also had all the checks and he is fine.

They have been refered to another hospital now for IVF and GIFT but they are so desperate for a child and becoming so frustrated.

What would you say to a couple in this situation and is there any advice you could give?

coffeemonster Fri 09-Nov-07 15:41:05

Hi Zita
Frivolous question grin but I've read that you worked with lots of celebrities. You probably can't say, but does birth hurt them as much as us mere mortals?!

twixfits Fri 09-Nov-07 15:49:37

We've been ttc for ten months now and doing all the "right things", folic acid for me, zinc and boxers for DP and I've worked really hard to lose some weight so my BMI is now in the normal range (though I'm still no size 10 lol)
What I'm really missing is wine. blush

What I want to know is what's the best thing to do on this? There's so much conflicting advice on alcohol. TTC and the angry and sad when we get another BFN makes us so tense. Sometimes I think a glass of wine would help us unwind but I don't want to harm our chances and so have been strict on this.

On the other hand, sex is becoming such a chore and I miss the days when we used to have a takeaway and some wine and fall into bed and sex was fun.

Is it better to have stress free sex or to stay off the booze?
I'd love to hear your views.

I'm 28 btw and DP is 30.

herbaceous Fri 09-Nov-07 16:01:31

I am nearly 42. I have had four miscarriages in the past two years, the last three being after 10 weeks. I've had all the tests, and nothing is wrong, except elevated killer cells, which I know is a controversial theory.

The last two losses were due to chromosonal problems - trisomies. I've been advised to 'keep trying', in the expectation that my luck will turn.

I conceived my previous four pregnancies within four or five months, but this one is taking longer. My day 3 FSH and LH are 'exceptional' for my age, at around 4, and I've just started taking my temperatures to see if I'm ovulating. I'm having acupuncture, taking chinese herbs, drinking grapefruit juice, and trying to engineer sex at the right time.

Is there anything else I can do? Should I give up tea and red wine (which frankly keep me going)?

VictoriaR Fri 09-Nov-07 16:14:45

I'm 41 and I've been told I've got to have my FSH levels tested. From what I understand if the result is over a certain number then I won't beeligible for fertility treatment. Now, I'm really worried about even having the test, in case it reveals that we're at the end of the road before we've even started. Is there anything I can do to help with this?

lemonmeringuepie Fri 09-Nov-07 16:22:35

After a disastrous failed marriage and very bitter divorce from a man who didn't make it clear he didn't want children, after three years alone, I've finally found a partner I can trust and we want to start a family. But I'm 43 (he's 41) and everybody keeps telling me we'll be wasting time by trying naturally - that if we give ourselves a few months of TTC we may be leaving it too late to have investigations etc.
I can't help but think I'm healthy, at a good weight for my height, don't drink too much and have had regular periods for years and that everything will be fine but am I setting myself up for heartbreak? If we should keep trying naturally to begin with, is there anythig we can do to improve our chances?

myboyjack Fri 09-Nov-07 16:29:59

I have a wonderful DS who's nearly two but I've had miscarriages in the past and I'm almost scared of trying again. I don't want to go into the long details but I've found it hard to get pregnant. So then the roller coaster of emotions when I'm falling pregnant and then the grief of discovering that the little bean has not held on is just too much to bear.
Is there ANYTHING I can do to prevent m/c and help myself carry a much wanted second baby to term?

superkat Fri 09-Nov-07 17:33:42

Hello Zita,

I read your book which I found very useful (and recommend to all).

I have PCOS but managed to concieve first try shock. I gave birth by c-section on June 5th. I had an infection following this which went after one course of anti-biotics. I am breast feeding and my periods have not returned. We really want to conceive our second as soon as possible.

My questions are:
*What can I do to facilitate my fertility returning?
*Can I breast feed and conceive?
*Will the PCOS or infection affect me getting pregnant again?

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us and to MNHQ for yet another super guest.


soosy Fri 09-Nov-07 21:05:41

Hello Zita

I have a DB 33 months, who was conceived through IVF (7 years,10th attempt). I eat healthily, take a multivitamin and Flaxseed oil, do yoga, when I can, and am having acupuncture - as I had it when I concieved and it seemed to make a difference. We have had 3 unsuccessful attempts since DB was born and I am conscious that I am now 38 and my age is not helping. Is there anything else I should be doing to help, my next attempt will be in January and I live in London.

poisondwarf Sat 10-Nov-07 14:35:43


Basically the same question as a couple of posters above. At (very nearly) 38, and still breastfeeding my 7-month-old, I would like to get pregnant again but my periods have not yet returned.

I got pregnant naturally at 36 within 4 to 5 months of trying. In your experience, would my fertility have declined significantly since then? I'd rather wean when my baby's ready, but obviously don't want to leave it too late. Is there anything I can do to help my periods return while still breastfeeding, or do you think I can risk leaving it a while and waiting for my period to come back on its own?


lissieloulou Sat 10-Nov-07 16:17:20

OMG, im so glad i have returned for this!

Zita, i am 29, dh is 31 and we have a 31 month old ds who was concieved after 4y ttc since ds was born (by crash cs after a difficult pg with lots of bleeding) i have had 5 early mc's (4 at the 6w mark and one at 7w) i have also had an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in the loss of my left tube. they discovered GBS in my uterus after ds was born, should i be taking anit-biotics as soon as i get pg, could the GBS be infecting my babies? also, since my last mc (june) i have noticed that my leutal phase is only about 8d, we are seeing a consultant but i want to ask if there is anything more i can do to stabilise it.

Thank you!

Lulumama Sat 10-Nov-07 16:44:55

please answer lissie's question smile

OracleInaCoracle Sat 10-Nov-07 16:45:54

hi lulu <mwah>

BellaBear Sat 10-Nov-07 16:54:23

Can I add an extension to lulumama's question? Are pregnancies hereditary? By which I mean things like when and how severely you get nausea (mine has been the smae as my mum's experience), whether you are early or late, how long your labour is and so on?

Thank you very much in advance.

juju71 Sun 11-Nov-07 08:58:40


I'm 36 with a 10 year old DD who was conceived without even trying! When she was 5 we decided to try for no.2 and conceived straight away, only to miscarry at 9 weeks, this was closely followed by two more miscarriages both just after 6 weeks. Since thene there's been nothing. I've taken clomid, had Lap and Dye's and hysterosalpingograms (urgh!) DH has has been tested and annoyingly we're both fine. My last treatment was Lipiodal tubal flushing which was very painful and the dye only made it down one tube. My NHS consultant has now said our only hope is IVF. We consider IVF to much of a gamble both financially and emotionally and i feel as though i'm giving up on my body.
I've been considering accupuncture as my next step, would you recommend i go down this route or maybe go for the IVF?

Sorry for the long post. Please help.


coggy Sun 11-Nov-07 16:04:49

Hurrah! What a fantastic woman to have on grin.
Sadly I shall be at work...but...
I and DH are 36.
TTC for 5 years, 3 cycles of clomid = DS (sadly stillborn through a knot in his cord)
Now been TTC again for 2 1/2 years sad.

After reading Zita's books I started charting/ noticing CM etc. and discovered I have a LP of only 8 or 9 days (which I have been told several times is not a problem or issue in our fertility problems).
I have finished 3 more clomids, 3 IUI cycles and I am going to have my one and only 'allowed' (NHS) IVF next month.

What natural things can we do to help us if the IVF doesn't work - obviously I can get pg and have a healthy pg so this is all rather frustrating and depressing now!

The doctors/consultants just say that IUI and IVF are our best bet....but that is no use if they don't work is it?

Thanks Zita.

LSH Sun 11-Nov-07 17:33:58

Dear Zita,

I am 38 with pco and conceived easily on 3rd month clomid having been ammenorrhoeic for 10 yrs. My child is 3 and we have been ttc for 18 months. I am having regular cycles though long..43 days, but ovulating around day 25. I am fit, a size 8 and don't drink. Would clomid help again even though i am having cycles albeit very long??
Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you

poppy75 Sun 11-Nov-07 17:43:04

Hello I will unfortunately be at work, if she does get the time I would love to ask her a question.

I fell pregnant 18 months ago very easily after trying for 3 months but unfortunately had a miscarriage (at 9 weeks). nothing has happened since, all scans, blood tests and sperm tests are normal.

I'm becoming alittle anxious and was wondering what steps we should take next. I'm 33 so I don't want to leave it too late.


deenymcqueenygoreandguts Sun 11-Nov-07 17:44:13

do i HAVE to go organic when ttc? can i eat "normal" stuff

What is your experience/opinion on ttc while on anti depressants (overhang from pnd from baby no 1) will it affect foetus/development/chances of conception etc?

thankyou x

nobodysfool Sun 11-Nov-07 18:00:33

How exciting is this ladies getting to ask THE Zita West questions......I have a 2.5 ds and it took us just over a year to conceive.I have recently found out i have a large cyst on my right ovary(endo)and adhesions in my right tube.I am due to have a laparoscopy in December to drain the cyst and remove the adhesions.Will this effect my fertility in a negative way or will it improve my chances of falling pregnant.Is there anything else i can do to improve our chances after surgery or in general.Thank you for taking the time to answer everybodys concerns and questions we really all appreciate it greatly.x

justjules Sun 11-Nov-07 18:37:38

hello zita,

i am 31, in good health, size 12 and i have always had very normal cycles etc,

i have had 3 miscarriages in the last 12 months sad

so far, i have got p/g in the first month of trying, so at least that is something,

the first was in jan at 8 weeks (mmc) picked up on an early scan, large sac no baby, natural bleed a few days later,

the second was in march at 5 weeks, scanned at 4 + 4 and a sac was found, hcg and progesterone were tested and they were both good/high, miscarried 3 days later with no warning, no pain etc, just huge blood loss very quickly, hcg was up and down for weeks afterwards and they eventually treated me with methotraxate, took 10 weeks from bleed to finally get a -ive p/g test,

waited 3 months as recommended,

third miscarriage was in august at 11 weeks (d + c this time) i was taking baby asprin and we had a heartbeat at 6 weeks, normal growth, all the signs were good, at the scan the week before, at 9 + 5 weeks we seen baby moving, heart stopped at 10 + 4, picked up the following week at a routine scan, again no warning, no pains, no bleeding sad

at this point we had chromosome testing done and me and dp are ok, baby was a little boy and he was ok too, no chromosome problems etc,

we have been refered to a consultant and he is thinking about heperin injections next time, we are ttc again now and i am very scared,

the thing is my little sister has just had her first miscarriage this week at 6 weeks, small bleed at 5 + 4 and no sac found on the scan, full bleed at 6 weeks,

we have no other sisters, its just the two of us and i find it bizarre that we have had 4 p/gs and 4 m/cs between us, surely this cant just be 'bad luck', we have both been tested for aps, lupus and hughes and so far all the tests are -ive,

i know some women only test +ive for these blood conditions while p/g and they can be hard to diagnose when they are not p/g,

so my question is, can miscarriage run in families? and if so, what are the possible causes?

sorry for the long post but i needed to try and explain the history blush

if you do get a chance to address this issue i would be very grateful,

thankyou smile

tars Sun 11-Nov-07 18:38:33

Hi im 34 years old,suffered a miscarriage back in sep,my period has come back,so been using clearblue fertility monitor,i use the first urine sample of the day,i have also bought the clearblue fertility sticks.which give you the smiley face.well today cycle day 15 my montitor says high,not peak,but the sticks which i use in afternoon shows a smiley face,so why dont monitor show peak.

jearund Sun 11-Nov-07 18:52:38

Hi Zita,

I'm 35 and still breastfeeding my 9 month old daughter twice a day (morning and evening). I am trying to get pregnant again and my periods came back 3 months ago when I started her on solids. However I have used an ovulation kit for the last 2 months, and apparently I am not ovulating. Is this possible when I am having regular periods (every 29 days)? I have no history of fertility problems and fell pregnant with my daughter as soon as I came off the Pill. I am about a stone overweight, which is slowly coming down (still trying to lose the baby weight!) but otherwise healthy.

joobjoob Sun 11-Nov-07 21:43:53

Hi Zita, I am 37 years old and had my first child 12 months ago, my husband and I have been TTC again for the last 8 months, naturally.

Could you provide us with any advice as to what additional steps we could take i.e are ovulation kits succesful ? Or due to my age should I consult my GP, my periods are pretty regular between day 28 - 30.

Many thanks for any suggestions you can give.

AbbyMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 12-Nov-07 10:05:16

Just a reminder that Zita will be here later on today... so don't forget to join that discussion at 1pm.

sarahnh Mon 12-Nov-07 10:11:05

Hi Zita,

I'm 32 and ttc #2 I have been trying for 11 months but no joy yet. My periods have been quite regular 29/31 days but for the last couple of months they have got longer and longer 36/37. I seem to have alot of cramping in the second part of the cycle too. I am 5ft 8inches and weigh 8st 2lbs.. am i too light to concieve? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Just have a quick question on behalf of those who have recently miscarried.

I am 35 and have 2 dd's already. I have just had a missed miscarriage at nearly 15 weeks, this weekend and are just home from hospital.

How long is safe to ttc again. If it happened very early (say within the following month) would there be any problems. Does it become safer the longer you wait after miscarriage?

Many thanks for any help you may be able to offer.

cbcb Mon 12-Nov-07 11:15:33

How exciting this is!

I have a question about concieving after c-sections. If the baby implants onto the scar tissue, does this increase the risk of miscarriage? ie is it harder for the baby to attach onto this tissue rather than a smooth womb wall?

I miscarried earlier in the year and I was worried this might have caused it.

Many thanks.

mimimimi Mon 12-Nov-07 11:27:54

dear yita,
our fertility history is a long and complicated one, and at the moment i am in the depths of despair again:
after a few years of trying, i had a laporoscopy which showd that my tubes were blocked )obne tube was filled with fliud, and as there is no ovary arttached - this was removed at nine years of age due to a huge cyst). i had ivf, which was successful at first try - both embryos implanted, sadly one disappeared at 9 weeks, but have a wonderful , 3 year old daughter today. she still breastfeeds once a day in the morning. to our great joy, i conceived spontanously this summer, sadly i had a missed abortion, a miscarriage that did not show with bleeding, at about 9 weeks.
since then, i have hoped to conceive naturally again, and am getting really sad and worked up.
do you have any tips or insights - should i try ivf again regardless?
i cannot start ivf before my daughter has weaned and she is really taking her time.
best wishes

mimimimi Mon 12-Nov-07 11:32:10

dear zita,
sorry, should add that i have noticed since the miscarriage that i have very short cycles (about 24 days as opposed to normal and very regular ones before) and that the period flow is preceded by a few days of brown discharge.
is this normal and has it anything to do with the miscarriage/d&c?
thank you,

po4 Mon 12-Nov-07 12:03:49

what are the real chances of a 37/38 year old conceiving- have 4 children already, and no serious health probs. thanks

bananaknickers Mon 12-Nov-07 12:05:38

Hi Zita

Is it true that hospitals do not turn breech babies anymore ?

Love Nanaknickers

AbbyMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 12-Nov-07 12:06:10


Peachy Mon 12-Nov-07 12:16:07

Yogabug ahev you come across the american site shadowlands, for people who have terminated for HG? It may help. <<hugs>>

Lulumama Mon 12-Nov-07 12:18:38

they do, bananknickers, if safe to do so , if the baby the right sort of breech, there is enough fluid and no previous c.s... it is called External cephalic version.. success varies from place to place.. there are things you can try at home to turn a breech.. moxibustion being one of them...and there are excercises and positions to try too.. HTH a bit. x

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 12:46:35


OracleInaCoracle Mon 12-Nov-07 12:48:10

oooh <lissie starts bouncing>

Lulumama Mon 12-Nov-07 12:51:56


RubySlippers Mon 12-Nov-07 12:54:11

<<pulls up chair>>

Sheherazadethegoat Mon 12-Nov-07 12:54:24

hi zita

i would love to know your opinion on fertility following a c-section. i have a nearly 4 year old dd who was concieved v. easily but have been ttc for over 2 years. have had day 21 test and hsg and everything appears to be fine. dh's sperm is fine too.

thank you


OracleInaCoracle Mon 12-Nov-07 12:54:41

wink <puts kettle on and fetches cakes from tea shop>

Sheherazadethegoat Mon 12-Nov-07 12:54:56

pmsl @ lissie

justjules Mon 12-Nov-07 12:55:45

takes seat next to lissie and lulu grin

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 12:59:53

Hello everyone. Thanks so much for inviting me - delighted to be here, and thank you for all your questions. I will try to answer as many as I can but am of course limited with the time allowed. Thanks again...


OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 12-Nov-07 12:59:58

Hi all

Just a quick post to welcome Zita West. grin We're delighted that she's here and know that she'll try and answer as many questions as possible, during the time available.

Over to you Zita….

Lulumama Mon 12-Nov-07 13:00:09

<<waves at ruby... offers jules a flapjack.. waits patiently..>>

willow Mon 12-Nov-07 13:00:12

Is there any hope for you if you've been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure?

Lulumama Mon 12-Nov-07 13:00:26

hello zita

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:00:28

Hi Jules
Fertility is greatly reduced during breast-feeding. The breast-feeding hormone prolactin keeps the ovaries suppressed, preventing ovulation, As the number of breast-feeds is reduced (during weaning) then over time the ovaries will become more active again allowing ovulation to happen and fertility to return. Although it is possible to get pregnant while still breast-feeding, for many women fertility does not return until after breast-feeding has been stopped completely and often for a month or so later.

Breast-feeding twice a day is quite likely to mean that you are still producing enough of the breast-feeding hormone to be suppressing your ovulation. Some women will ovulate before they have their first period after breast-feeding, but it is quite possible to have a period without ovulating. It can take several cycles after stopping breast-feeding for full fertility to return. So the answer is - if you want to conceive as soon as possible - you may need to reduce your breast-feeds further. Try cutting down to one feed per day. This may be enough to allow return of fertility. If not - then cut out the final feed. It may still take several months to conceive after stopping breast-feeding - again this is completely normal.

Check that your weight is within normal limits (not significantly higher or lower than when you conceived before) as this can be another reason for delayed fertility after breast-feeding. If you are concerned - then do discuss this with your doctor.

RubySlippers Mon 12-Nov-07 13:01:34

<<Hi lulu>>

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:04:41

Hi Willow..I am the eternal optomist but also a realist. I have seen some women who have been diagnosed and have to say in a few cases they have gone on to conceive. Others have considered egg donation. You want to feel that you've done everything you can so I look at lifestyle, emotional wellbeing and counseling but of course every case is different.

willow Mon 12-Nov-07 13:06:58

Thanks Zita - have thyroid problem and, by look of things, reactive hypolgycemia too - specialist has told me that am a bit of a mess genetically and that these things often go hand in hand, so won't hold my breath.

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:07:16

Hi Lulumama - thanks so much for your post - so thrilled that everything worked out for you in the end! Zita

cbcb Mon 12-Nov-07 13:08:05

hi zita, does having had a c-section previously make it harder to concieve again? i'm worried my miscarriage earlier in the year could have been caused by the embryo attaching onto scar tissue...

many thanks


OracleInaCoracle Mon 12-Nov-07 13:08:30

pants, i have to go, but can i add another question to my earlier one please:

Zita, my consultant has also implied that my problems conceiving and carrying is down to my childhood anorexia (from 6-14 and i have managable bouts now) is this possible? or do you think it might be down to the GBS/bad luck?

feb Mon 12-Nov-07 13:08:42

Hi Zita,
since having ds 10 months ago my periods have been irregular, and while i understand this is normal, my concern is that they get longer and longer by a few days every cycle. last cycle was 47 days. is this anything to be concerned about?
I am 26 and was on the pill for 10 years before having ds, got pregnant while on the pill!
many thanks

minxi Mon 12-Nov-07 13:11:19


I wonder if you can help me - I came off the depo injection last one was November 2004. My periods resumed properly August 2006, had tests Nov 2006 which were all fine. Saw a consultant March 2007 who prescribed clomid as lp was shorter. My husband had all the tests too which came back normal.

Have finished the clomid now as periods are 28/29 days. But still no joy. I do have two ds which both took about 10 months to conceive. The youngest is now over 4 and have effectively been trying since January 2005...

any advice would be greatly received!!


ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:11:29

Hi Cathkidston
First pregnancies are an anxious time for many women. Especially when you hear everyone else's horror stories. The best way to help with anxiety is to be able to talk. So it's important that you make contact with your midwife and talk through your fears. If that's not available for you then consider counseling via your GP or privately. Being prepared and understanding the process is also important so good ante-natal classes will help you with this. You could also try relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation or hypnosis which is used a lot for preparation for birth these days.

LittleSquirt Mon 12-Nov-07 13:16:27

Hi Zita! I was on the pill for 13 years, stopped last April and fell pregnant immediately. Unfortunately I had a Missed miscarriage discovered during a scan end of June. I had an ERPC early July and have been TTC since but without any luck so far. My cycles since have been 27, 29, 27 days which seems pretty normal. Could it be that I am finding it difficult to conceive again because the pill is still in my system somehow or does the fact that my cycles are now back to normal indicate that it is all out of my system?

Thank you!

Holly78 Mon 12-Nov-07 13:16:30

Hi Zita,
I'm had my iud (copper) removed last week does it take time for your body to get back to normal or will i be able to get pg straight away? i'm a litttle worried the iud may have caused damage to my cervix as i suffered a lot of pain with it and since its been out have a constant dull ache down my thighs,could this cause problems for me? thanks Holly.

Holly78 Mon 12-Nov-07 13:17:09

Hi Zita,
I'm had my iud (copper) removed last week does it take time for your body to get back to normal or will i be able to get pg straight away? i'm a litttle worried the iud may have caused damage to my cervix as i suffered a lot of pain with it and since its been out have a constant dull ache down my thighs,could this cause problems for me? thanks Holly.

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:18:33

Hi yogabug
I'm sorry to hear your history. Age is a big factor here but having said that you have conceived quite recently. The terminations you've had have affected you on a deep level and I think it would be very useful for you to have some counseling or hypnotherapy to try and help you move on. This is not uncommon. So many women I see at the clinic have experienced the same thing but a good counsellor will help you find a way forward. IVF is not an option for you as the success rates are very low for women your age. Your best chance is if you can is to try to get pregnant naturally. Your belief that you can get pregnant is very powerful and positive.

mimimimi Mon 12-Nov-07 13:20:37

hi zita,
thanks for coming onto mumsnet.
in case you were able to read my earlier post, would greatly value your advice.
thanks so much,

cedar12 Mon 12-Nov-07 13:22:53

I have had 2 ectopic pg. Since 2nd ectopic my period were very light and brownish in colour. since started accupunture period seem to be getting back to normal. My accupunturist has said my period before could have been causing a prob could this be a true. I have 1 daughter who was concieved no probs and I am 28. They said my remaining tube is in pretty good condition but I still had another ectopic. Any advise about concieving after an ectopic? Thanks

sarahnh Mon 12-Nov-07 13:23:24

Hi zita i posted this earlier but since you are on line now, i thought i would ask again!!

I'm 32 and ttc #2 I have been trying for 11 months but no joy yet. My periods have been quite regular 29/31 days but for the last couple of months they have got longer and longer 36/37. I seem to have alot of cramping in the second part of the cycle too. I am 5ft 8inches and weigh 8st 2lbs.. am i too light to concieve? Any advice would be greatly appreciated !!!

Hulababy Mon 12-Nov-07 13:23:57

I am 34 and have one child already. I had some problems conceiveing her - 15 months of TTC, early mc, and then another 15 months of TTC.

I am currently having treatment for Asherman's Syndrome - adhesions on the uterus, caused by my emergency c section back in April 2002. I have had one hysteroscopy with laser removal 2 months ago, and due to have a second to remove the reamining adhesions on 30 November.

I woulld really like to have a seocnd child, if the consultant can give me the go head following my treatment. My daughter is now 5.5 years old, and we had been TTC for a long time prior to my diagnosis.

Can you recommend any therpaies or advice to help increase my chances of concieving again once my treatment is complete?

Thank you.

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:27:10

Hi Coggy
What a sad history. In my experience everyone deals with grief differently. I know it's five years since this happened but one of first questions I would ask a client with your history is 'do you think the loss is effecting your ability to conceive this time'. Cycles change and vary for a number of reasons - stress, anxiety, lifestyle and weight all have their impact as well. It might be worth looking at the whole picture of what's happening in your life and tackle the areas that are appropriate to you (regarding grief/stress/lifestyle factors/emotions). It is only then you will be able to move on and do IVF. It is really tragic what happened to your baby but remember it is extremely unlikely that such a terrible event could happen again.

Luella Mon 12-Nov-07 13:28:24

Zita, just to say a big thanks to you. I had IVF after 4 years of ttc, which fortunately worked first time and resulted in our beautiful dd (nearly 2). When dd was about a year old, I found myself really wanting another baby, but reluctant to put myself through IVF again, so I got your book, 'Zita West's Guide to Getting Pregnant'. I found it so reassuring and so inspiring and so full of common sense, that it gave me confidence in my body. So I started eating healthily, put myself and DH on vitamin supplements, and most importantly enjoyed sex and stopped worrying about it all. I'm now nearly 38 weeks pregnant with no. 2. So Thank You!!!

FredAdair Mon 12-Nov-07 13:31:37

Hi Zita,

Any advice on boosting my chance at conception would be appreciated:

I have one daughter aged 3. We have been trying to conceive for 2+ years with 2 miscarriages last year and not a whisper of positive test this year.

An HSG shows one blocked tube (with scans showing large cysts forming on at least two cycles), I have sub-clinical hypothyroidism (now on throxine), pretty high FSH (wavering between 9 and 11+) and factor v leiden. So, a catalogue of unhelpfuls!

Any hope? (I'm nearly 37)

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:35:57

Hi myboyjack

Miscarriages are really tough to go through. Many of the women that I see in my miscarriage clinic have lost confidence and feel their lives are on hold. We see them from when they are five and a half minutes pregnant and they are very anxious and need a lot of support. You need to be properly investigated - the science in this area has improved greatly but sadly the options available vary from hospital trust to hospital trust so this can be out of your control which is frustrating. What is in control is your diet, your lifestyle and to keep trying and staying positive.

deenymcqueenygoreandguts Mon 12-Nov-07 13:36:57

is it esential to go organic to concieve?

what is your experience of people trying o concieve on ads?

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:38:40

Hi Luelle
What wonderful feedback - thank you. There are so many elements to getting pregnant but often it is an unconscious thing - the more conscious you make it the harder it becomes. Have a great birth!

frostythesnowmum Mon 12-Nov-07 13:41:03

Hi Zita
I am 10 weeks pg tomorrow and have 24/7 morning sickness, more nausea than vomiting. I have been off work for a month. Last pg it went at about 13 weeks am I likely to find the same this time round or could it stay. if it does stay is there anything that can be done - all the traditional remedies fail me.
Thanks smile

justjules Mon 12-Nov-07 13:41:38

hi zita,

i know you have loads of questions to get through but if you find the time before the end could you try and answer lissielou herbaceous and my questions on recurrent miscarriage please smile

Hi Zita
I'm 29, DH 28. Been ttc #1 for nearly 2 yrs. Had blood tests (only one cycle) and sperm tests (only once too) which showed I didn't ov and DH's sperm weren't great (low morphology -3%, but good sized sample, therefore enough 'good' ones to do the job)
I don't have PCO/PCOS or endo (or even irregular cycles) and there's no 'reason' behind why I didn't ov. DH and I both eat healthily and exercise regularly. (We're also having sex regularly, of course). I have never got a +ive pg test at all in 23 months of ttc. I'm on my 5th cycle of Clomid at the moment, out of 6, before we go back to specialist in Feb.
I'm not too confident in my care (NHS) either (no monitoring on Clomid/no diagnosis of why I'm not ov'ing/no repeat of tests to see if it was an anovulatory cycle etc) but I can't afford to go private.
What can we do to help our chances? What do you recommend we do next?
Thanks x

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:43:37

Hi Hulababy

This must be hard for you. I have treated many women with Ashermans Syndrome and do Acupuncture treatment to increase blood flow to the area. Plus we recommend nutritional therapy aimed at building up the Uterine lining plus we would use pro-biotics for you because of the anti-biotic use. However everyone is different and has different nutritional requirements. I hope this helps.

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:50:08

Hello deenymqueeny

You don't have to eat all organic to conceive. It's so expensive and not everyone can afford it. I often wonder with some of the organic produce you buy is actually organic! The best thing is to eat fresh food without additives, buy it locally and frequently. So many of the women I see worry that if they've eaten a non-organic pea that's the reason they're not conceiving! It's all about moderation and I believe a little of what you fancy does you good so don't deny yourself everything.

Hulababy Mon 12-Nov-07 13:51:03

Thank you. Interesting to see that there are things I could do. Where can I fnd out more of what is involved?

nobodysfool Mon 12-Nov-07 13:53:51

Hello Ms West,
I have posted earlier but thought i would try again....I have a 2.5 ds and had emergency c section.I am been diagosed with endometriosis and am due to have a laproscopy next month to drain a large cyst and remove adhesions.Just wanted to ask if this will effect my fertility in a positive or negative way.It took me a year to conceive the first time.many many thanks.

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:58:58

Hi twixfits

When you are pregnant all alcohol should stop (whatever the research says). But the odd glass of good wine when you are trying is not going to affect your chances. However I would stay off it around ovulation. Without a doubt sex does become mechanical when you are trying for a a baby. I hate to say this ladies, but 'Don't tell your partner every minute detail of what's going in your body. He doesn't need to know what your secretions are like! It can be a complete turn off which can cause a lot of pressure.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 12-Nov-07 13:59:31

Hi everyone,
I know that Zita has appointments for the rest of the day, so will have to go soon. We're sorry that time hasn't allowed for all of these questions to be answered, although with such specific questions, it's very hard for her to answer them all.
I'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks to Zita again for her time today.

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 14:00:10

So sorry I couldn't answer all of your questions but thanks so much for your posts.

I wish you all well.

Zita x

Sheherazadethegoat Mon 12-Nov-07 14:00:12

you mean showing dh my stretchy mucus is a turn off? shock

nobodysfool Mon 12-Nov-07 14:02:38

Surely everyman finds that a real turn on!!??

deenymcqueenygoreandguts Mon 12-Nov-07 14:02:53

thankyou kindly Zita.
no organic peas shall pass my lips smile

Sheherazadethegoat Mon 12-Nov-07 14:03:12

come on baby my cervix is high and soft!

nobodysfool Mon 12-Nov-07 14:10:13

my dh must be odd then as he wants to know every bloody detail of whats going on with my body.Then again he has seen me in labour and if he can still fancy me after that there is no putting him off.Bless him.

Ricci2 Mon 31-Aug-09 13:36:56

I have been on Yasmin for about two years and recently started evra, i got terrible side effects and stopped mid cycle after two weeks, i got my period three days after that and multiple breakthrough bleeds during this time. I have been off for about 10 weeks. My first normal period i got after 34 days and lasted only 3 days. My breasts have swollen and gotten really big and is sensitive. I have been getting low back pain. Today is the 34th day again and no period yet. Could i still get my period or could i be pregnant. I have done a blood preg test on the 12th of August. Could I have tested too early?

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 31-Aug-09 13:47:54

Hi ricci2 - you may find a better response on our conception boards here
Hope this helps and best of luck with it all
MN towers

sweethoney Fri 18-Sep-09 13:48:50

I'm 31 have 3 DC and had great big babies and natural births (I am a big advocate of home births) . I'm unsure as to whether at some stage to have a 4th. I feel very lucky already.

So my question is does pregnancy and birth get harder as you get older even if you have had previous children? In your expert opinion what would be the biological 'cut off age' to get pregnant and give birth in an ideal situation?

Is it true that the later/earlier you start your periods can effect how long you will be fertile for e.g. if you start at 16 you will be fertile for longer (in age terms) than a girl who starts at 11?

Also I was touched by a previous message that you actually took the time to call someone who sent an email to your clinic even though they weren't a client. It gives me a warm glow that you seem to genuinely care. Keep up the good work grin

Buda Fri 18-Sep-09 13:52:12

sweethoney - this thread and chat were actually in 2007!

lightrose Wed 12-May-10 18:48:04

Hi zeta, I am 37 had 3 failed iui and 1 failed ivf. about to try another nhs funded ivf have asked if i could have steriods at the end of treatment for best chance.. been advised that is only done after 4 attempts? Dont think i could go through any more so this is my last go. can i pay privetly to have additional steroids ect... ps at ivf hammersmith.

naffy Tue 08-Jun-10 15:12:40

Iam 27 years old and had asherman's syndrome which i under gone treatment in Egypt oct 2009. I was taking my recommended drugs and experienced my period for two month than the menses stoped coming. I contacted my Doctor in Egypt and he said i should come for another treatment. I have spent so much for the treatment and accommodation in Egypt close to $10,000. Now i do not have that kind of money to go back to Egypt and the menses is not coming at all since that time and occasionally i use to experienced stomach pain and vomitting, i do not know whether this is associated with lack of menses. Kindly advice me.

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