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Live webchat with Gok Wan, Mon 19 July, 7.30- 8.30pm

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OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Jul-10 22:45:07

Oh yes, it's true.
We're delighted that Gok has found some time in his very busy schedule of getting people naked to join us at Mumsnet Towers next Monday.

Fresh from his new series where he styled his first man on this evening's show, he'll be answering Mumsnetter's

If you can't make it (and we realise there may be a little bit of a bedtime clash) then post your question for Gok in advance here. (no nudity necessary!)

Holy crap!! Gok, can you sort me out? Look like a bag'o'shite due to sleep deprivation, big bangers (32ff if you need to know!)wobbly post baby belly and big ol' hips. To top it all I've got alopecia areata, so my hair looks like it's been attacked by a crazy lady wielding an axe. What do you recommend to make me look feel better?
big snogs from me xxx

LauraNorder Thu 15-Jul-10 13:18:39

I am not worthy shock wow wee!

LauraNorder Thu 15-Jul-10 13:21:34

I would love to be Goked! Whenever DH asks what I want for Xmas/birthday I always reply with "I want to be Goked!" grin

Saltire Thu 15-Jul-10 13:36:12

I'm 6ft and between an 18 and a 16 (due to weight loss, who hoo), big hips, and a 9according to my friends) very noticeable waist - which is actually a size 16, it's my hips that let me down, however, I live in jeans and t-shirts and trainers or hiking boots.
Some advice on how to make clothes sit better on me would be fab, also some general advice, I never wear heels becasue I think I look like a drag queen in them, but struggle to get shoes other than trainers as size 8 feet.

fruitshootsandheaves Thu 15-Jul-10 13:36:52

I'd rather have pins stuck in my eys, red hot pokers up my .... and fed mushrooms for a month than take all my clothes off for someone to tell me what clothes I should put back on. I'll stay looking scruffy and old ta very much.
I'm sure you're great thou!

MizDemeanor Thu 15-Jul-10 13:41:04

<<On knees>> You are my hero. I'm having a 50th big birthday Friday. My 14 yr old is trying to get me to look hip and happening, I think I should dress maturley more my age, is there a compromise do you think.

I really need to be Goked grin

blouseenthusiast Thu 15-Jul-10 13:49:45

do any of tne naked ladies ever actually go "eughh, I don't really like myself naked after all" at the end of the show? Or do you ever get the feeling they might be thinking that but can't say it?

trice Thu 15-Jul-10 13:56:31

Hi Gok, I love what you do with haberdashery, I adore expressive and individual style; preferably diy. Do you knit?

chimchar Thu 15-Jul-10 13:59:09

gok. i think i love you! wink

i have crap self esteem...only made a whole lot worse when i shop for clothes to find that the sizes are all to pot (12 in some, 14 in others, 16 in some...) the sales assistants are often young and sneery unhelpful, blah blah blah...

1. how do you see past the bad bits of yourself and maximize the good?

2. how do you make a shopping trip a happy and successful one?

i thank you!

Besom Thu 15-Jul-10 14:37:42

How exciting!

Hi Gok - what should you do when you reach that funny age where everything you try on either makes you look mutton or like your mother? Where is the middle ground and how do I find it?

starshaker Thu 15-Jul-10 14:39:47

I would love to be Goked but i think even he would struggle with me lol. Im pregnant with twins and dread to think how my body is gonna look after the little buggers darlings have been evicted.

Pollyanna Thu 15-Jul-10 14:42:47

I would like to be Goked too. I actually have reverse body dysmorphia I think and think I look better than I do.

I will think of a question now!

Ooh Gok!!!

I'm 5' 3" with 36H norks, a smallish waist, wobbly tum and I hate my short legs.

I go from loving my boobs to really hating them!! In photos all I ever see are these massive things stuck on my chest and I feel out of proportion. What kind of things will flatter my shape? Pleeeeease help!

Jux Thu 15-Jul-10 14:44:44

Dear Gok

My daughter adores you (so do I, secretly but don't tell dh). She desperately wants me to be Gokked, but I'd be far too embarrassed!

I am SHORT and FAT. If something goes round me then it's too long, and if it's the right length, then it's too tight. If it goes across my shoulders, then it doesn't go across my bum etc. These days, I just chuck stuff on and worry about the colours going together and don't much care whether something fits properly or not. Long full skirts are a boon, but I have terrible trouble with tops.

Hi Gok,

Just adore you. Really.

How do you balance out big norks, smallish normal bottoms? I am large chested (breastfeeding a 13week old, at the 34GG stage) so really struggle to get in anything other than large 14s and small 16s. Then on the bottom I'm swimming in 12's. I always feel so top heavy, and I notice myself hunching over to distract from the knockers.

Help help!

suzi2 Thu 15-Jul-10 14:57:34

I'm another 'suffering' in the big norks department. Lots of advice about things to wear for big boobs is targetted at those who are a D cup or something - not those of us who are starting to run out of letters in the alphabet. So what should we do with our J cups? Wrapover dresses don't even cover my nipples. Tops that fit at the boobs hang off my like a tent.

Any advice greatly appreciated. I too would love to be Gok'd. I look pretty decent naked but I HATE shopping so much and find it depressing. I make my 62 yr old mum buy for me!

LaTrucha Thu 15-Jul-10 15:03:16

Hi Gok,

I've just had my second baby and this time, unlike last time, I don't want to wear rubbish clothes while I wait to lose the baby weight.

I went shopping for clothes a few days ago, wanting to buy some jeans but post-pregnancy tummy made them all look rubbish as I needed an 18 to fit over my tummy but bottom and thighs are more like a 14-16.

Is there a style of jeans that will look good, or shall I just stick to skirts and tops and leggings and tunics for now?

I was a pear shape before. Now I'm probably still a pear shape with a tummy. hmm


mustrunmore Thu 15-Jul-10 15:05:45

Do you not think that in some cases you're a bit cruel, building up someone's confidence/self esteem enough to go naked, when actually it is just a confidence thing, and they actually do look dire? (like I would).

I dont think anyone in the world could make me stop looking pg when I'm not. Even when I lost 3 stone I still looked huge in the belly. And anything supposedly flattering to the belly just ends up like maternity wear sad

iamfabregasted Thu 15-Jul-10 15:06:51


Gok me please gok me please

if not, i'm size 10/12 with a fat arse and mummy belly, 34C boobs, 5ft 1

What should I wear?

WarrenPeace Thu 15-Jul-10 15:07:49

those g strings you cut off.
do you sell them on Ebay?

also how do you reconcile the "Gok Paradox"; that you promote body confidence, yet feel the need to put women in sausage casing corsets.

Gigantaur Thu 15-Jul-10 15:18:14

well i asked trinny and susannah and they ignored me so i pinning all my hopes on you.

I am 6'1 and a size 24.
Pics on me profile.

Now i find it impossible to get nice clothes. Places sell fat clothes or freaky tall clothes but they doont do a combination of the two.

What am i meant to wear? freakishly tall and i guess im an hourglass (though to me i look more like one of those ring stackers toddlers get, ya know, one lumpy bit under another lumpy bit..)

So what should i be wearing? or better still, come back to Crawley and Gok me!!

mustrunmore Thu 15-Jul-10 15:23:42

Gigantaur, you looked beautiful the other day, and I mean that genuinely not in a showbiz way smile
I have no idea if you have more than one set of clothes, but what you were wearing was fab, and (unlike me) you know how to use make up blush

southeastastra Thu 15-Jul-10 15:25:25

the bloke from the programme last night looked like he should have been in a-ha

Gigantaur Thu 15-Jul-10 15:30:51

mustrunmore - you are now my favourate Mner.
remind me again which one you were blush @ how rubbish i am at remembering names

AddictedtoCrunchies Thu 15-Jul-10 15:32:10

I love the idea of a 24 piece wardrobe but not sure I could wash and get it back in my wardrobe that quickly...

And what about sports gear (proper sports gear for actually doing sport in rather than strutting about). Can that be excluded from said 24 piece capsule wardrobe?

And I would truly truly love you to Gok me. I'm 5 11, size 16-18 and (according to your website) I'm a pear. 36DD with a big bum and legs but a reasonable waist. And mahoosive feet (size 9).

AddictedtoCrunchies Thu 15-Jul-10 15:35:59

Gigantaur I've just checked out your pics and you're gorgeous!! Amazing boobs too (said in a MN mate kind of way and not meaning anything untoward).

mustrunmore Thu 15-Jul-10 15:45:03

She is, she really looks like that in rl!
(I'm the one flame told you to say hi too!)

mustrunmore Thu 15-Jul-10 15:45:18

to blush

mustrunmore Thu 15-Jul-10 15:49:04

Oh and gigantaur, I do apologise if you have a sore throat; after I was whinging to you, I just about made it to the tube before going all shivery... severe tonsilitis. So I havent eaten anything since that biscuit we had! You think I infected everyone? (claim to fame, infecting Marco?)

MayorNaze Thu 15-Jul-10 15:54:54

OMG <<faints>>

oh gok. i heart you so much!

i first watched HTLGN while on holiday in may 2007. i was by myself with 3 kids. it was pissing it down outside (it was england, of course it was!). i was wearing nursing bras 2 sizes too big even though my youngest dc was well past being breast fed fulltime. my knickers were older than my oldest child (7 year gap between oldest and youngest, you do the math).

dh and i had not had grown up fun for a long time blushblushblush

i can honestly say that watching your programme for the first time that night gave me the positive kick up the arse reality check i needed. first thing i did when i arrived home was buy new pants. and bras that fitted. never under estimate how wearing nice undies will make you feel

it really was the first day of the rest of my life (and of dh's wink)and HTLGN is the highlight of my week when it is on.

i will now have to namechange after pouring out my heart but it is all true. thank you

shit that wasn't a question was it blush

bundle Thu 15-Jul-10 15:55:07

all of the makeover shows seem to end up making women look like they're going to work/cocktail parties - with lots of reliance on tailoring and structure

if, like me, you really don't suit or feel comfortable in such clothes, is there an alternative look?

i don't really like jeans but feel very happy in leggings/tunic/sandals all summer.

what's a pear to wear?

mustrunmore Thu 15-Jul-10 15:56:34

Lol Mayornaze, my knickers are much older than my firstborn, I wore them all thru both pregnancies, and they're g strings shock

Gigantaur Thu 15-Jul-10 16:04:13

Ahh now i know. you looked great, i loved your skirt. and your tat is beautifull.

i am cooking marco's meatballs tonight wink

mustrunmore Thu 15-Jul-10 16:11:15

My bil is here, and he offered to do turkey stir fry. Cos I was ill, I didnt come downstairs. Apparently it was great but he used the mince not the chunks, so that scuppered my meatballs plan tonihgt!!

SqueezyB Thu 15-Jul-10 16:17:39

please please please advice on how to hide the post-baby belly without looking still pregnant or wearing a sack! My second is 4 weeks old and I am struggling with an extra stone in weight, pretty much all on my belly. I'm 5'6, size 12-ish and a classic english pear shape. Oh, and to make matters worse tops need to be breastfeeding-friendly. Thanks!

Lizzzombie Thu 15-Jul-10 16:29:46

Dear Gok,
You are truly fabulous.
My boyfriend & I watch your programmes together & he always cries at the end of the make over bit. (I am a hard nosed bint so I don't) wink
He would dearly love to be made over himself - he won't take style tips from me.
Do you have any plans to do a man-make-over series which I can nominate him for?

Sometimes I think its harder for men as there is not so much to choose from and they end up wearing the same things they did 10 or 20 years ago.

What do you think?


SirBoobAlot Thu 15-Jul-10 16:41:02

Gok I love you blush grin

Firstly - thank you so much for "With A Difference" specials. I have to use a stick at all times, and a wheelchair on bad days, and I really enjoyed them. Though maybe you could do a special on accessorising medical equipment?

Question - have you got some advice as to how to look good whilst wearing a nursing bra? My norks appear to have sunk to my knees

Also could you lower the age limit, please, as I'm a young Mum, but really need to be Gok'd grin

MadreInglese Thu 15-Jul-10 16:42:27


woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooo

I love you!


TheFoosa Thu 15-Jul-10 16:50:08

I saw Gok Wan last week in Ashby Easy Stores, Kingsbridge last week

the very last place I would have expected to see him

I didn't say hello though

<hello Gok>

MadreInglese Thu 15-Jul-10 16:54:32

<composes self>

sorry that wasn't a question, was it?

Gok, please can you sort my bloody mother out other than getting someone on your show, how can you drag them kicking and screaming out of the permanent jeans-and-tshirt combo, even if they desperately want to but lack the confidence for change?

And how do you feel about becoming a verb?

CaveMum Thu 15-Jul-10 16:56:46

Fairy Gok Mother I hope you can help.

I'm 29 and a manager in my office, I like to look professional at work (lots of tailoring, etc) but I seem to be falling through a great big hole in the fahsion-market.

Shops with clothes aimed at women in their 20s tend to be too casual/revealing for my job but most of the smart "work" clothes I see seem to be aimed at the 40+ market!

Where can I find good quailty tailoring, at not too expensive a price, that will suit me AND my job? I adore the 40s/50s look and would love to find somewhere (shop/internet/whatever!) that stocks something along these lines.

BTW I'm 5ft6, 34-29-38 - what the heck shape does that make me?! Everytime I take one of these online quizes to figure out my shape I get a different answer!

Thank yooouuuu!

BonzoDoodah Thu 15-Jul-10 16:58:24

OOooo Gok-tastic! Welcome oh wonderous Fashion Sage.

I have a question for you:

What was your epiphany that made you realise you had to lose weight and change your image? How did you stick to it? And is that where you get all your confidence from - the new you being so fantastic?

And (this one's a general Mum's like me need advice) ---- With post baby odd shaped bodies - we really need help:
Breastfeeding large chested (think 38F/G), Post-C-Section overhang fat belly and no bum .... fits nothing in the shop without looking like a tent. Where should we start??

Many many thanks [grovel]

CuppaTeaJanice Thu 15-Jul-10 17:37:39

Hi Gok!

I've noticed that like a lot of young men these days, you wear your trousers very low - kind of the opposite of Simon Cowell!!

Do you have the waistband so low to show off a particularly snazzy pair of pants? Or does it make a man's body look better proportionally with a shorter leg section? And is it a look that should only be sported by a man with snake hips and a fabulous arse, or should I be persuading my boyfriend and dad to adopt the style?


Oh Gok i want you to be my best friend! I want to shop with the greatest.... grin

Canr wait for this one smile

GreatGooglyMoogly Thu 15-Jul-10 17:54:54

Welcome Gok!

I too struggle with what to wear (and would love to be Gok'd). I am a SAHM so I need to be comfortable/ don't need to be too dressy. I am 5"6, size 18 with short legs/ long trunk/ sway back, average norks, HUGE tummy(s), wide feet, short/ wide neck. What should I be wearing please?

belledechocolatefluffybunny Thu 15-Jul-10 18:08:09

Gok, you are God!

Your work on improving the self esteem of women is truly legendary, I bow down and worship you because you do such a fantastic thing.

I think low self esteem comes from mothers who criticise their daughters (and quite often their son's) and call them fat/ugly/porky, once a child reaches their teenage years their looks become really important to them but if they already suffer from low self esteem then it's a downward cycle. Once this damage has been done, how can it be repaired? I think there needs to be alot more work with teenagers in schools to emphasise the fact that they are all beautiful, is this a direction where you could go?

If you are ever in Derby I'll be more then happy to take you for a coffee and a slice of cake. smile

herbietea Thu 15-Jul-10 19:03:38

Message withdrawn

SirBoobAlot Thu 15-Jul-10 19:16:08

Question from my (unable to use a PC) mother -

I love watching your shows, and one of my friends Tracy from Seaford was lucky enough to go through a transformation by you. But could you please do some make overs with things that those of use on smaller budgets can afford to do, please? With shops like Primark / New look / H&M / charity shops?! grin


Shallishanti Thu 15-Jul-10 19:27:45


am sitting here with DD2, we love your show and always count how many pairs of glasses you wear!

My question is-
I am (erhm) 50. Currently my hair is in a rather outgrown short bob and dyed to retain my original colour, medium brown. But I reckon by now I am more or less grey all over. How do I get from here to a funky grey look? I really don't want to be mousey salt and pepper, which is why I have been dyeing it, but I don't want to look as if I'm trying to appear 20 yrs younger than I am (although, I am always telling the dcs that 50 is the new 30!)
Am about to undergo a major career change too, so now is a good moment for change!
Gok my hair! smile

Finbar Thu 15-Jul-10 19:51:11

Welcome to Mumsnet Gok

When did you learn to sew? I hate it meself, but love what you do with haberdashery to change outfits.

My DD age 12 loves your show - it's great lesson for her about body confidence, AND not always being seduced by designer labels!!

Help with long body, shortish legs and chunky calves please!
Total nightmare in summer - should I actually be wearing shorts?!! Ditsy skirts make me look squat somehow.

I have no idea how you are going to deal with this tsunami of Gokking requests - good luck!

suewool Thu 15-Jul-10 20:25:22

Dear Gok

I am 5ft 2" and suffer from cankles and fat ankles and i cant wear dresses or skirts, What do you suggest? I am fed up with trousers!!

grapeandlemon Thu 15-Jul-10 20:49:51

Hey Gok,

Lovin your work smile Pleeeease help me

What is the beat way to deal with long body short chunky legs scenario? I also have a really large hip bone structure and would like to look more long in the leg. I am 5 10' size 10 so quite long and lanky but just don't know what to do esp in summer months as I have to be super careful with dresses and skirts. Help me get out of my black leggings.
Fang kew


belledechocolatefluffybunny Thu 15-Jul-10 20:53:27

Sue, if you have the right bra on noone will be looking at your ankles wink

devilsadvocaat Thu 15-Jul-10 20:59:33

dear gok,

please will you squeeze my bangers?



devilsadvocaat Thu 15-Jul-10 21:04:14

ps - i cannot find any jeans that will contain my love handles hips. i only wear skirts. i am 5ft 8" size 12/14 pear shape with fat muscley legs but i do have a small waist. if i wear trousers i spend my whole day hoiking them up (if that is even a word). belts do not solve this problem. am i destined to live in skirts forever?

devilsadvocaat Thu 15-Jul-10 21:05:32

pps - do you ever have a day where you don't feel good about yourself? how do you make yourself feel better?

laughalot Thu 15-Jul-10 21:05:49

Gok gok the man of my dreams !!!!!! What tops should I look for with my size 38f boobies grin ?

Love ya xxx

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 15-Jul-10 21:30:10

I heart Gok

<<Piste melts>>

Hassled Thu 15-Jul-10 21:42:19

Gok - please give me ALL of your top belly covering tips that don't just serve to make one look pregnant.

I'm pretty slim - size 10 - but short and with the mother of all bellies (4 large babies, a fondness for wine). Please don't say sit ups - I need effective camouflage. I tried a drawstring at the waist dress recently and that actually worked better than I'd have thought - what else is there?

NomDePlume Thu 15-Jul-10 21:58:18

Fab. Perfect timing.

Gok, I have a formal wear quandry....

Very formal Black Tie Masked Ball @ The Dorchester in Sept.

I'm 28
5' 7"
Size 10-12
Legs good
Bum ok
Booby (32F)
Chin length hair
Brunette with dark eyes
Medium skin tone

I have a small tattoo (50p sized) at the top of my arm so would prefer something with sleeves (cap sleeved fine).

I suit jewel colours.

Budget about £120-£150, £200 if I need shoes.

Come on Gok, come to my rescue.

Goober Thu 15-Jul-10 22:05:25

Dear God,

Please help me, for I feel wrong with all clothes.

I am 5ft 10, with big (size 8) feet, size 12-14 and small bust (36*AA*). My arms are too long for standard length sleeves and legs are too long for standard trouser lengths.

I have a nice neck.... that is the best bit of me, everything else needs hiding.

My hair is short and I have pale skin.

And I love you, sir.


DrNortherner Thu 15-Jul-10 22:14:17

Gok, Gok, Gok. My lovely friend is hoping to stage a GOK style fashion show next year to rasie money for a wonder charity (local folk donate clothes and people GOK them and put them on the catwalk) would you be able to help/assist/endorse the event in anyway?!

We all love you Gok!!

childrenknowyourlimits Thu 15-Jul-10 22:27:16

How exciting!! My friends & I were only talking about Gok yesterday and how brilliant it would be if he could come visit us! This is the next best thing.

I seem to have the opposite problem to a lot of people in that I have absolutely no boobs at all!(32AA) It makes me feel not very grown up even though I have 2 kids. I struggle to find lovely underwear that fits properly without gaping and doesn't look as though it has a mattress stuffed down it. I was v offended when the lady in M&S told me to look in the teenage section! Not good for the self esteem! Also, can you suggest any tops that would look great?

Love you Gok! Won't have any internet access on Monday as away visiting rellies in the sticks so will post my q now in the hope that you can work a miracle help me out.

Am 5ft6 roughly size 16, sort of pear shaped, small to medium busooms, but no obvious waist, flabbyish upper arms, flabby post-baby belly and not good legs (short and shapeless)..apart from that I look great...ha ha ha!

Please do you have any suggestions on good purchases for 'work to evening' wear. Haven't the money to buy a large going out wardrobe but don't want to dress like a frump. Am 32 so still want to cling onto my youth for grim death dress reasonably fashionably.

Thanks so much in anticipation.

BrightLightBrightLight Thu 15-Jul-10 23:06:18

i was going to attempt not to gush.. but i can't.. I think you are truly fabulous and an inspiration and cannot tell you how much i admire what you've done and what you continue to do for women and girls and their self esteem.

Now.. i'm another big girl.. i have size 22/24 waist, and 40G boobs and a mummy tummy i can't shift and i'm 5'4 and have an hourglass figure, but i'm quite broad shouldered with it.. (but i must say your underwear range does wonders)

What sort of shapes and styles should i be going for to flatter my figure?

Also.. how do you feel about the high-street being so limiting for the bigger sized girls? I find these days i buy most of my stuff from Asda or Evans and its so boring!!

solo Fri 16-Jul-10 00:25:09

Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God!!!!!!!!

Oh. My. God! I missed the first new one? shock <passes clean out>

chocolatefroggie Fri 16-Jul-10 00:38:45

Gok oh Gok I do think your show is fantastic and I am in desperate need of your help smile! before having dd I was 23 a student and size 6/8 now I am 26 a stay at home mum and size 10/12. I have 2 wardrobes full of clothes and more denim than a line dancing convention, all in different sizes. I still have nothing to wear tho' because I'm such a different shape than before and quite frankly I feel old, fat and frumpy but I can't wear the sort of things I wore before baby and am a loss as to what to wear now so I just keep buying! Aaargh help me pleease before my unwearable wardrobe takes over the entire house and I take to wearing stripey kaftans confused

chocolatefroggie Fri 16-Jul-10 00:44:54

Oh I forgot to say I have soo many jeans because I have a big bottom and a small waist (comparitavely) so it's either flies not quite done up and muffin top or masses of fabric belts and a builders bum! help help help smile

corblimeymadam Fri 16-Jul-10 09:10:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RuthieCohen Fri 16-Jul-10 09:50:50

Gok, do you feel that the man with image confidence issues was really helped by you ridiculing his hairstyle and bullying him into cutting it?

You said something like "if you don't do this my way then we're finished here"

Very 'empowering' hmm

LaaLaa11 Fri 16-Jul-10 10:24:55

I am 5ft 3" size 14, with 36F boobs, and a wobbly tummy since I had my little girl last year. I really have no idea what suits me anymore, and the fashion is all for stick insects. I need practical but fun and fashionable clothes. My husband says I am beautiful and that he fancies me more than before, but I just don't believe him. I think I look short and stubby, and out of proportion. I have no idea what to do with my hair, as my daughter pulls on it all the time, so I generally wear it back, and that just makes me look tired.

At a loss.


Dommy Fri 16-Jul-10 10:43:28

Hello Gok how're you? Just wondered if you ever just shove on a T and tracy bottoms to go to the corner shop, or does that never happen? Love the show BTW! Thanks DH London

Bernice74 Fri 16-Jul-10 10:51:25

Hi Gok. How did you start out in the fashion business, and what led you to the TV shows (which are fab btw?

charlady Fri 16-Jul-10 13:33:02

I do watch your programmes when I get the chance, as do my friends. Talking with one of them the other day, what we'd really like to see is one on mothers of young children, who are trying to rediscover their own identity and come to terms with how they now look. We used to be fairly smart professional women, but now simply don't recognise ourselves!

TBF, wouldn't really need to be parents - anyone who's had a bit of a bodily and/or lifestyle change and is trying to sort themselves out afterwards would do.

mmsparkle Fri 16-Jul-10 13:48:19

Hi everyone! I love that we're all struggling with the same things here, I'm not alone!

Hi Gok, so exciting to be nearly 'meeting' you! I really need your help. I'm trying to recover my pre-baby body (and improve it) but it's a slow process. I'm just over 5'7, think I'm a size 12 but in reality appear to be a size 14. I used to be a large hourglass figure but now I'm a large hourglass with a large tummy - not sure what that shape is! I hate giving up on my clothes and financially money is very tight, so I end up wearing all sorts, other people's cast-offs, just whatever I can get my hands on.

My idea of a shopping spree would be about £15 in Primark (I did that about 2years ago, got 2 new pairs of jeans and 3 tshirts!)

A capsule wardrobe would be ideal, I'd like to be a smart colour co-ordinated Yummy Mummy ...

Gok, can you tell me how to work out what to throw out from my wardrobe?

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 16-Jul-10 14:28:17

I have a few very favourite clothes for work and going out, but what I love love love is putting on a pair of pyjama bottoms and vest type top in the evening when I'm at home.

Are you a pyjama man?!

dawntigga Fri 16-Jul-10 16:13:38

God Gok, you can squeeze my bangers any daywink

God's Gok's bit:

I'm starting a fashion foundation degree at the ripe old age of 41, what's the one thing I should really learn?

If you don't want to answer that question I've got a grown up one:

I love the Let Girls Be Girls campaign on Mumsnet (it's about 20 years to late but it's a start), is there anyway you can tailor your How to Look Good Naked approach so that it's suitable for the much younger? I think body confidence starts at a really young age and you're just the person to pick up the banner for this and march. I think you appeal to a very wide demographic and to have somebody who can communicate about body image in the way you can would be <american accent> awesome </american accent>. I'll follow you anywhere, but then, when you're on tv, I'm crushing madly in a totally unrequieted waywink

My random warblings at others:

Oh, and WarrenPeace I make corsets - the real type not the sausage casings. A corset made and fitted properly will enhance what you have comfortably, tight lacing is a whole other ball game and I don't do that - Mr Pearl does.

Bonzo my lovely, the gushing was fabulous - wish I'd thought of itwink

Finbar fabric glue if you can't sew and quite frankly anyone can! The trick is to take it slowly until your sure and practice! Before I sewed my first garment I couldn't use a sewing machine and now I make corsets/bra's/lingerie!


Curiousmama Fri 16-Jul-10 16:17:27

Gok, my dp loves you (as do I) so will you come and stay at our house please. We'll take you camping and show you the best pubs for beer although I don't think you can handle real ale but we'll have you converted soon enough grin
Don't want any advice as I'm sorted that is dp.. but would love to make you a nice homecooked meal and take you to a lovely pub we know (which is quiet and in the country so you wouldn't be mobbed wink)

Ok that sounds very stalkerish so just want to say you're fab and lovely and hope you enjoy the chat on here smile

LadyBlaBlah Fri 16-Jul-10 16:22:11

Hi Gok

The central theme of your show is that the average woman's self esteem is so low that it holds her back from doing things in her life - things that would make her happier (things such as parading in a shopping mall in your under garments).

By presuming low self esteem is caused simply by the size of a muffin top, are you not guilty of feeding and reinforcing the very neuroses you claim should not be worth bothering about?

superoz Fri 16-Jul-10 18:03:45

I'd like to ask how your parents reacted to you choosing a career in fashion and becoming gay? I guess they must have been supportive otherwise you wouldn't be where you are now!
Chinese Asian families are very traditionalist, they usually want their offspring to do something academic or professional and generally be quite conformist. So well done for breaking the mould smile

SantaLucia Fri 16-Jul-10 19:11:35

Question for Gok re: winter coats.

What are the best winter coats for different body shapes?

I am a size 12 with large breasts so sometimes struggle getting the buttons to fasten smoothly over the chest.

I know its early to be thinking about winter coats but its only 12 degrees up here in Scotland!

OdyMandrell Fri 16-Jul-10 20:52:15

Leggings will be a staple in my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. In your opinion - where can we buy the best leggings? And by best I mean ones that are matte, supportive and pull up high at the waist or have a nice wide waistband so as to not create the dreaded muffin top.

Thank you x.

everythingiseverything Fri 16-Jul-10 22:20:43

Hi Gok,
What are your thoughts on 'getting your colours done'? I had mine done and it totally change the way I shop, gave me a lot more confidence to try things (e.g. a bright red coat which I always get complimented on). I hear you mention colours sometimes in your show - how do you work out what tones suit people?

MonkeyChicken Fri 16-Jul-10 23:03:03

Hello Gok,

I feel I'm in the wilderness years. DD1 is nearly 2 yrs old and I'm about to pop DC2 within the next few weeks. My body shape has been constantly shifting. I looked awful after having my DD1 not just because I was carying extra weight but because that weight was in totally different places to what I was used to and as my weight was changing all the time I didn't want to spend much on clothes. I went from a fairly slim (ish) atheletic/pear to having huge bfing boobs and a tummy. Many of my fellow mummy friends looked lovely while they lost their baby weight but I was stuck in my second hand pregnancy jeans and baggy jumpers for over 6 months. My mum kept giving me her "fat" clothes and I wore them 'cos I didn't know what else to do. What should women wear post baby, when it takes a good 9 - 12 months to loose the weight and then you are a very different shape after anyway. Thanks. x

Oh I am a massive fan, pretty pretty please Gok me!

I'm very short (4'11") size 8-10, 32B chest, a bit straight up and down but with a slight post-baby tummy (complete with c-section overhang sad) Shoulder length hair which I rarely have time to style due to 2 young children, so I end up scraping it back in a ponytail or sporting the bedhead look.

I seem to live in jeans and a t-shirt but need some ideas for casual and smart-casual clothes that are a bit more inspiring. I am so sick of trying on things that are in style but realising that being such a shortarse I can't pull them off. What can I wear?

SpeedyGonzalez Sat 17-Jul-10 00:26:03

Gok - do you own shares in Spanx? If so, did they pay you your dividend from the pair I bought a couple of months ago? grin

Thanks for putting PowerUndies on the map, mate - you've done my post-pregnancy belly wonders.

Might come back with a real question...

hiphopshop1 Sat 17-Jul-10 09:59:30

how do you go on cam on this to talk to him i love gok wan

Oliveoil Sat 17-Jul-10 12:38:02

oooh a Gok chat, now I remember asking for this webchat aaaaaages ago!!

not been on MN for a while and don't need any advice wink but wanted to say well done MN

love all your stuff Gok xx

[goes for a MN lurk]

glammanana Sat 17-Jul-10 18:06:24

Would I like to be GOKED ? would I ever,I
am 6 weeks off 60 and feel 6weeks off 30,
enjoy all your programs and advice love
your sense of humour,am in desperate need of
fashion advice for the young at heart,wish
you where my son sweetheart.

NoMoreChocBiscuits Sat 17-Jul-10 18:12:29

Gok! When are you coming to Central Scotland? My lovely waist is seriously let down by my (whole size larger than the rest of me) huge thighs. Please help! grin xx

Rotunda Sat 17-Jul-10 18:16:26

Hi Gok,

Absolutely love your incredible shows & am always amazed at the transformation you make to the confidence people show.

So my question is: As a 40+, saggy tummied mother of two, petite in height only and a size 16. What underwear do you recommend ladies of my height and size should wear for a confidence boost in the bedroom?

What lingerie is most flattering to ladies like myself?

Will be absolutely Gok-smacked if I get an answer (feel totally unworthy) but will be eternally grateful - as will my DH! wink

MiniMarmite Sat 17-Jul-10 22:38:16

Hi Gok,

Are there any plans for a pregnancy fashion fix? It is a nightmare dressing with pregnant! How do you take into account body shape, changing body shape, season, stupid bras...without spending an absolute fortune? And even when I spend a fortune my trousers don't seem to want to stay up around my belly!

MilkNoSugarPlease Sat 17-Jul-10 23:40:07

shock So Gok will be in MN towers? <Changes career and moves to MN towers>

Gok, I think your bloody fab! and I ---love you!

Ok, I have a big tummy etc (am a size 26) but C cup boobs...i wear a 44C bra...but I want cleavage! I want a bra that lifts and boosts them and can make my tummy look a little flatter!

I cannot find a bra anywhere that will do this!

I would be eternally grateful!

Oh and where do you get your glasses from?

MadwoMen Sun 18-Jul-10 09:16:05

GOK!!! You're brilliant.
My 6 year old dd thinks you're fab too and wants to know what she can do/what route she can take to become a fashion stylist? grin

purepurple Sun 18-Jul-10 09:25:28

Hi Gok
Help, I am terrified of colour and pattern. Most of my clothes are black, with the odd red and purple top. I love black, love goth clothes and always wanted to be Morticia Adams.
Is it wrong to buy and wear what I like or should I be spending money on clothes I don't like and might not wear?

chimchar Sun 18-Jul-10 09:58:22

just marking my place again

is it wrong that i'm so excited??!!! grin

cereza Sun 18-Jul-10 20:26:29

Gok, I just wanted to thank you for helping me get rid of half a dozen brown items of clothing I thought were great. I have now come out of my camouflage clothes and I am more adventurous with colours! You are fab!!

MammyMakkaMoo Sun 18-Jul-10 21:42:53

Gok, Thank you for coming on here for this webchat. I admire what you do so much.

Have you got any suggestions for a 5'1 lady, size 16 and post breastfeeding boobs of a 34G? (age:29)

How can I go back to feeling fresh and attractive rather than frumpy and functional?

Have tried your trusty leggings and tunic-type option but don't think I'm getting it right. The looser tops are pushed out by my boobs and hang awkwardly in front, making my shape look bigger. I feel self-consious in the tighter long t-shirt type tops as they cling round my tummy. Please help!

dojg Sun 18-Jul-10 22:27:52

Any suggestions Gok? I was a size 12 and a 36 B/C, now I'm a size 12 and a 36 E due to the joys of breastfeeding - the majority of my tops don't fit, nor do most size 12 or 14 tops in my favourite shops - do I just have to wear a sack for the next few months?

P.S. is there an easy way to work out what shape you are, I know the theories but am still not sure what I am.

Gok - LOVE you and your shows!

I'm a 30F, the rest of my body shape isn't too bad. I exercise regularly so I'd say I'm a curvy 10 - 12.

My problem is my boobs - they really affect what I can wear and I seem to be drawn to floaty fabrics / dresses that hang off them and make the rest of me look bigger than I am.

I also feel very large when I wear tighter things!

Any tips on what kind of cuts to look our for when you've got bigger boobs would be really helpful!

Thanks - did I mention that I LOVE you?

Catilla Mon 19-Jul-10 10:43:21

Welcome Gok, thanks for coming on here - you can see we all LOVE your work!!

My only problems with your suggestions are around comfort & practicality. On the underwear front, you always seem to use hold-me-in underwear and it works. But in my experience it has some drawbacks:
- you get bulges at the edges
- the elastic stretches during the time you are wearing it and it does less good / moves about
- it's hard to know what size to buy as it feels soooo tight when you put it on.
- it's pricey... so we don't want to buy loads of different types to find the right one.
- hot weather and tight nylon don't go!

Any tips for getting the best compromise on this?

carlymc Mon 19-Jul-10 10:56:29

Gok I love you!

I used to be a skinny minny, now i have a mummy tummy (plus a much larger bum, thighs and saggy bangers!), so i need a whole new wardrobe. And i hate shopping. Where is the best place for me to shop on a limited budget?

If you need someone to Gok in Newcastle I will always be available for you!


scaredoflove Mon 19-Jul-10 11:50:52

Please can you re stock the larger back, smaller cup bras again

I have always had to squeeze into a 42B when I am in fact a 44A, the banger booster was fabulous but no longer available in my size - will there be more stock or are they discontinued??

Ohforfoxsake Mon 19-Jul-10 11:56:18

Everyone needs to be Gok'd from time to time grin

A one size fits all question, which I suspect many, many can relate to:

I fail to see anything I like about my body (except when I am pregnant - its the only time I truely appreciate it - and after doing that 4 times its not a solution!).
I have just turned 40, am not fat, but a bit overweight. I could cry when I look at how I am now, compared with what I used to be (although nothing special then, my self-esteem wasn't in pieces).

The life-changes make it all worthwhile, but every so often, when I remember to do it, I look in the mirror with sadness.

Any general advice for those of us who these days slouch, when we used to walk tall?

Thank you smile

Hello Gok smile

I read somewhere that you used to be quite large before morphing into the svelte Gok we see today.

My question is - if you were to wake up tomorrow and find yourself at your heaviest weight (some night out, hey?!), how do you think that would that affect your body confidence and how you feel about yourself? Would you rush to lose it all again?

Oh, and if you could take a quick peek at my profile picture and tell me what shape I am I would be eternally indebted grin

champagnesupernova Mon 19-Jul-10 12:15:25

Hello Gok

Thanks for coming on MN!

Know that imitation is the highest form of flattery and all, but wondered what you thought of the Impressions Show joke that you actually secretly LOVE all the banger-squeezing wink grin?

slug Mon 19-Jul-10 13:02:47

Hi Gok

I was watching one of your programmes on E4 a few weeks ago. The first thing you did with the woman you chose to restyle was to give her a tight, bandage style dress and some high heels to wear for a day. What followed then was possibly the five most disturbing minutes of TV I have seen in years. The camera followed her as she went to work, walked down the street and went to the pub with a friend. We were treated to the uneddifying display of white van men shouting abuse out of their windows, the eyes of men following her breasts and bum. The sight of her crouching painfully to pick up a dropped dart while men leered at her was particularly sickening. What distressed me most about this was the voice over which implied that being trussed up and displayed for male eddification and comment was somehow something to be pleased about.

I notice you always want to put women, especially those with active jobs, into high heels. These restrict their movement and the women are obvioulsy uncomfortable tottering around, unable to move and bend as they would normally need to in their daily work.

Why do you do this?

Why do all your programmes focus on putting women into uncomfortable, restrictive clothes?

Why should I let my 8 year old daughter watch a programme that focuses on trussing up women and presenting them to the male eye? Why can't you ever put women into comfortable clothes?



KickingKate Mon 19-Jul-10 13:09:15

Hi Gok - my husband and I love your programme - and HE would really love your help but insists you wouldn't feature a 'fatty' like him. He is classed as 'morbidly obese' and is carrying excess weight BUT he's very broad shouldered/broad chested and I think carries it better than most. He has a very low self-image and thinks I'm a freak for thinking he's attractive! Would you feature someone this large on your programme? And if not, why not?! Many thanks!

Saucepanman Mon 19-Jul-10 14:06:50

Hi Gok, how can I apply to be on Fashion Fixes? Tried the website but no joy. Thanks smile (obv love your work, as I want to be on it!)

Hi Gok! please help me i look like a fat dwarf!

i'm 5ft, 36 dd chest and my stomach after my section looks awful!

i cant get a pair of jeans to fit me as i'm so small with a bit of a belly but no bum.

all the trends that are in at the mo like the maxi dress drown me and i look like i'm wearing someone elses clothes. I knew what suited my figure and shape before i got pregnant but because my bodys changed i look like a younger liz mcdonald.....HELP!!!

DUSTIN Mon 19-Jul-10 14:36:38

Hello Gok-Oh my god I am so excited! You are great.

I need help. I am 5ft 5 and a size 10 but I have no bangers to speak of. Help me dress so I don't look like a boy. I want to feel feminine but can't afford a bbob job. Thanks

DUSTIN Mon 19-Jul-10 14:37:47

Sorry meant boob job- I was getting all flustered!

saucetastic Mon 19-Jul-10 14:38:01

I love your shows. I've wondered how you found the industry treated you being British Chinese. Did you find it a hindrance or a boon, or pretty much neutral?

I know quite a lot of BBC performers of all ages and find it interesting to hear their take on the industry/media and the opportunities that are presented to them.

Any advice for BBCs trying to get a bit further in the entertainment industry?

Ooh. That's two questions. Whichever takes your fancy - if you have time! This is a very popular thread!

Ladyem Mon 19-Jul-10 14:38:49

Hi Gok,

Not sure if anyone has already posted about this kind of problem, so appologies if it has already been asked.

I am so skinny. Since having my second child 10 months ago I have lost so much weight and after BFing I have no bust at all. I am all bones, angular and I am very self conscious of what others think of me (To give you an idea I am 5' 10" and 7st 10lbs). I've always been skinny, but even more so now. People can be very quick to judge when you are skinny - "oh she must have an eating disorder" - remember all those threads about the girl in the next catalogue?

I don't particularly mind not having boobs, it's more the fact that I can not find a bra that I fill, even the gel bras just gape on me, and dresses and tops just hang from my shoulders like a sack.

So, to my question (finally!!) is there a way that I can appear bigger, more curvy or just have some sort of female shape, and not feel like a boy in a dress? I am stuck in my skinny jeans, vest top and long cardigans as I don't see the point in wearing nice clothes that (a) don't fit me and (b) just look like a sack!!

Thanks in advance x

TheBolter Mon 19-Jul-10 14:58:19

Gok, I just want you to know that I LURRRVE you!

You truly are an inspiration, god bless you, you lovely lovely man wink

clarebear1 Mon 19-Jul-10 16:36:17


I am dying to know what body shape i am, but i dont know how to work it out. Prob would be easier seeing a pic of me but i dont know how to upload. So instead here are my specs if this helps;
5ft 7in, 34d bangers, size 12/14 with a muffin top.

If you still cant tell by these then if you just send me your number then we can do coffee one day ;-) x x

MJandRJsMum Mon 19-Jul-10 17:16:57

Oh my giddy Aunt! (or should I say Gokky Aunt?!) I think you're fab Gok. One question please....could you define/describe how you determine what shape ladies are; pear, apple, hourglass etc etc As I'm confused about what shape I am, so when I read your book it's hard to tell what clothes would suit me and what wouldn't.
Thanks very much!

GokWanFan Mon 19-Jul-10 17:40:22

Hi Gok

Wondered if you'd be able to help me, I am 5ft 4in and a size 18 and most of my podge is around the middle, I was just wondering what kind of things would best suit my body, I mean do I avoid the big belts ect ect.

Your help would be great.

Amanda X

P.S YOU ARE BLOODY BRILLIANT, your first male show was fantastic and the bloke was HOT

Spidermama Mon 19-Jul-10 17:47:54

My 8 year old son wants to ask you something ....

Spiderboy: Hello Gok. I think you are a very good role model to boys that are unusual, like me.
Are you annoyed that boys get less choice than girls with clothes and what did you do about it, if anything, when you were my age?

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 18:41:04


CaveMum Mon 19-Jul-10 18:44:28

Me again! I know I posted on page 1, but I have another (quick) question -

What do you think of the Bettie Page clothing range (40s/50s inspired clothes from the USA). I've been looking at it recently and found some UK stockists, but do you think I would look like a total 'nana if I wore something like this to work (in an office)?!

I love it but am not sure I have the confidence to carry it off!


onadietcokeboycott Mon 19-Jul-10 18:45:18

Gok..I am a 38HH and depressed. Every bra...approx 20 that I tried to a specialist bra stop after a 5 hr train ride to London didnt fit..Im also a size 22/24. Even when the lose weight the flamming "udders" remain.

Please can you help design some clothes for us big norked girls and also look at fashion plus sized clothing. I hate having to shop in Evans cos its the only thing that fits me at the moment. Where I live is very rural so we dont have the choice of shops.

herbietea Mon 19-Jul-10 18:46:21

Message withdrawn

20somethingmum Mon 19-Jul-10 18:48:10

Hi Gok. A group of us Mummy Bloggers, who frankly are too busy being Mummies and blogging to understand this fashion malarkey, would like to know if you'd ever consider doing a special show with a group of ladies of all shapes and sizes (and that's just our bangers!) to stop us being slummie mummies and make us fabulous Yummy mummies again?
We have an awards night called the Slummies and it would be great to look good for once.

We are all different ages, and have kids who range from tiny babies to teens and back again, and frankly we are to wussy to go on alone!

Thanks Gok, we love you loads!

herbietea Mon 19-Jul-10 18:49:19

Message withdrawn

gothicmama Mon 19-Jul-10 18:52:27

gothicgirl is keen to go into a fashion/ design career have you got any top tips for her. smile

gothicmama Mon 19-Jul-10 18:53:46


dawntigga Mon 19-Jul-10 19:05:27


domesticslattern Mon 19-Jul-10 19:10:37

Hi Gok

I get really depressed when I see your show and the husbands/ partners of the women you make over. They all seem so wet.

Why aren't these men making their women feel fantastic and treasuring them and telling them that they are sexy and saying WOW you look great in certain clothes and buying them great jewellery etc. Why does it take a gay man to tell a woman that she has a fantastic figure and ought to show it off? Why aren't heterosexual men all for it too? Is it that they prefer that the women don't look too great so they are not "out of their league"? And are there actually relationship problems after the women are all Gokked and empowered? Or is the appearance of totally wet rubbish partners just something the production company likes to major on?

Would be really interested in your views. smile

AlaskaNebraska Mon 19-Jul-10 19:13:11

erggh at the words "Mummy bloggers"

voteplease Mon 19-Jul-10 19:20:26

Hi Gok.

Just wondering what I should look out for for Autumn/ winter.

I know summer's not over and i'm off to Majorca in 3 weeks but when I get back i'll have to be thinking about winter wardrobe and who better to ask!


Monstermuncher Mon 19-Jul-10 19:23:09

Hi Gok, love your work although I'm always amazed that folk seem shocked they are going to have to get their kit off - they are on a show called How To Look Good Naked fgs. Anyhoo, was wondering if you can recommend some decent jeans for tall curvy types please(apologies if someone has already asked this). Magasines always recommend expensive designer brands - I can't justify spending upwards of £150 even if they do lift my saggy arse out of the gutter.


GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:24:45

HI girls I'm here!


GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:25:40


Magic underwear is great for anyone of any height… it doesn’t matter what size you are magic undies will always give you a boost.

CaveMum Mon 19-Jul-10 19:26:05

Whoop whoop!

MammyMakkaMoo Mon 19-Jul-10 19:26:06

just looking at others' posts and loving that i'm not the only one worrying about the aftermath of breastfeeding!
let's make the best of them ladies!

Spidermama Mon 19-Jul-10 19:26:16

My earlier question was from my son and not me so here's mine....

** Were you interested in fashion as a kid and did you get teased because of it?

My ds is a very camp 8 year old and he loves clothes, loves dressing dolls and girl friends as well as himself, but gets teased. sad Advice please.

Gok can you give me tips for supporting and dressing my massive bangers?

Everywhere i go they seem to tell me im a different size, whatever bra i get they fall out! Help grin

southeastastra Mon 19-Jul-10 19:27:35

hi what can i wear to hide fat stomach am slim everywhere else grin my mil asked me if i was pregnant and today the dentist asked me if had any medical updates to tell him about grin

starshaker Mon 19-Jul-10 19:27:51

OK i have a wee question. Im pregnant with twins (and look like the size of a house). I have no idea what my body will be like after they arrive but i dont want to waste too much money on clothes that might only fit for a few weeks (wishful thinking probably) What clothes could i get away with that would hopefully shrink with me

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:28:18


I was never teased about wanting to be stylist because I didn't know then I did want to be one. However, I was bullied lots... tell your son he is not alone and let him know to be in control of his voice and he has the power to say no to the teasing! send him my love x

PixieOnaLeaf Mon 19-Jul-10 19:28:36

Message withdrawn

kingbeat23 Mon 19-Jul-10 19:28:43

Holy flippin' flip!

How come even though I work in fashion retail and can dress others, I find it hard to find clothes that suit me??

I tried your website today and thought I was a said I had an athletic build!!! really??

Basic principles for an athletic apple apple please (5' 7", size 14, 34c)


p.s......i luuuuuuuuuuurve you!!

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:29:00


Congratulations!!! Don’t worry how your body will look after the twins you’re about to two little lovelies! X

starshaker Mon 19-Jul-10 19:30:00

ok im overly hormonal that actually made me cry lol

dawntigga Mon 19-Jul-10 19:30:17

Is sat drinking tea with Gok!


GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:30:20


A seamstress is the way forward! Get her to buy a size 6-8 and get it tailored. Hope that helps x

MrsJT Mon 19-Jul-10 19:30:55


I love you Gok blush

did you ever date Alan Carr? I know it's a fashion thread...blah blah blah

Spidermama Mon 19-Jul-10 19:31:15

Thanks Gok. My son is now jumping around the room screaming because Gok sent his love. x

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:31:44


Baby it's all about the big pants! also empire lines are gonna hide that fabulous tum! mwah x

PixieOnaLeaf Mon 19-Jul-10 19:32:03

Message withdrawn

em83 Mon 19-Jul-10 19:32:22

hi gok, your show is fab !!!!
just wonderinmg if you had any advice for me in the trouser department, i have really chunky calves and cannot whatsoever walk in heels so i always wear flats, which are usefull when out clubbing !!!
what trousers look best with flat shoes?

herbietea Mon 19-Jul-10 19:32:34

Message withdrawn

PixieOnaLeaf Mon 19-Jul-10 19:32:36

Message withdrawn

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:33:12


wear glam flats... I love a ballet pumps with sparkles... try customising your own x

herbietea Mon 19-Jul-10 19:34:24

Message withdrawn

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:34:48


Dolly try a pair of wide trousers that flair from the thigh... make sure they hit the floor and keep your flats simple... very san tropez! x

rockbudgie Mon 19-Jul-10 19:35:20

Gok - what would you suggest a new (or not so new!) mum does to regain some body confidence after enduring saggy tummy, saggy boobs and stretchmarks? I've tried magic knickers, bio oil, phytaoil (which I love!) and all sorts of things but I'm still not feeling the love!

Thank you!!!

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:35:36


Hey babes… Make sure your flat shoes are as glam as poss. I would suggest you get some fabulous ballet pumps and customize with some sparkles from a haberdashers! Happy time babycakes. X

em83 Mon 19-Jul-10 19:36:26

herbietea next have some very glam flats atm

PussinJimmyChoos Mon 19-Jul-10 19:36:41

Gok - I love your show but one thing - why do people have to get nekkid on a catwalk to feel good about themselves?

Don't you think we can and should feel just as good about ourselves just as well when covered?

You need to do a show for the Muslim gals - how to look good covered...but you won't be able to grab our bangers grin

herbietea Mon 19-Jul-10 19:36:48

Message withdrawn

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:37:19


There aint nothing better for a post baby tum than looking into that cott and realising why your body has changed! Nothing can surely make any women feel good about herself that than the child she created! much love, Aunty Gok x

em83 Mon 19-Jul-10 19:37:28

thanx GOK !!!
wide trousers that flair from the thigh anyone know where i should be looking for these?

pissovski Mon 19-Jul-10 19:37:43

Hi Gok!!

Love the advice you give I am a 'generously proportioned' size 16 (38dd) who is already a convert to 'big pants' (aka iron knickers!) but i still hate my flabby midriff and feel that i have to keep to covered - no fitted t shirt without a zipup over type thing any fab suggestions to hide what needs hiding without being far too hot!

Thanks lots xxx

PS met you in Liverpool - made me v happy!

dawntigga Mon 19-Jul-10 19:37:55

rockbudgie try emu oil, it lifts scarring really well, you need very little in your normal moisturiser. I made a soap and some moisturiser for a friend who had v bad scarring on his arm after coming of his motorbike. Silly bugger had a helmet on his arm and skidded in the wet. You'd hardly know the scarring was there now.


rockbudgie Mon 19-Jul-10 19:38:27

Yeah of course I adore her Gok. It's me I want to adore again! I just don't feel sexy anymore...

MrsJT Mon 19-Jul-10 19:38:30

sorry, MrJT just administering smelling salts - I've been shouting that question at the TV for the last 3 series of Naked/Fashion fix.

And breath grin

herbietea Mon 19-Jul-10 19:38:31

Message withdrawn

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:39:04

y PussinJimmyChoos

When my girls get naked its simply a way of them facing all their body fears.. also a live show gives them the extra push to enjoy being looked at again.... much love x

Hi Gok,

What dresses suit a butterfly shape, i have big boobs and wide hips but a slim tummy and small calves and arms.

Im only 5ft and size 14.

I want to be a Gokette by the way, let me know if your recruiting! Even my 7 yr old niece wants a capsule wardrobe a'la Gok. smile

CaveMum Mon 19-Jul-10 19:39:59


Gok, your thoughts on 40s/50s retro clothes. I've recently discovered the Bettie Page range but am a little afraid to take the plunge.
It would be so much easier if I worked in a 50s office a la Mad Men!!!

MammyMakkaMoo Mon 19-Jul-10 19:40:00

Aw, love what you said to rockbudgie. i'm going to print that out and stick it above my baby's bed, and give a copy to every new mummy

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:40:11


It sounds to your Aunty Gok, you need a really good fitting bra (get one fitted) and also take a long look in the mirror and realise how gorg’ you are! We all come in different shapes and sizes and we need to embrace that! Much love x

rockbudgie Mon 19-Jul-10 19:40:32

Wow dawntigga that sounds really good. I'm actually really happy with phytaoil for the old stretcmarks - it contains rosehips and really works wonders - I just still feel kind of large and unsexy!

bananastainsonallmytops Mon 19-Jul-10 19:41:40

Hi Gok, I am 5ft and have a large cleavage (32f), I just wondered if there was anything I could do to make myself look taller (without high high heels) and make my boobs look a bit smaller because I feel all out of proportion?

Thanks x

Whoamireally Mon 19-Jul-10 19:42:01

Hi Gok,
I've got great norks but horrid bingo wings. What sort of tops should I be wearing? x

BeachedWhale Mon 19-Jul-10 19:42:07

Hi Gok,
I'm 43, pear shaped and have had 3 kids leaving me with a saggy tum. Should I hang up my bikini now or can curvy old girls like me still get away with them? Did pick a bikini with big knickers but not sure if I'm past it now! Love, love, love the show x

PussinJimmyChoos Mon 19-Jul-10 19:43:04

He answered <simpers>

This is mumsnet after all so what about pregnancy fashion Gok - your do's and dont's?

Ok, I know that is an extra question but hopefully I can be let off grin

rockbudgie Mon 19-Jul-10 19:43:13

whoamireally you banging on about your great norks again?! wink

bertieboo Mon 19-Jul-10 19:43:18

@ herbietea - you can buy lots of very pretty ballet slipper type shoes at a company called FRENCH SOLE. They are based in London, but think they have a good website. Hope that helps.

@Gok, I heart you. I am forever loitering at Erroll's in the hope you'll come in when I am there. My hair looks great though grin

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:43:49


Darling it’s all about personal choice. If you feel more comfortable dressed down then do it but make sure you wear clothes are for your shape! Good Luck x

iamfabregasted Mon 19-Jul-10 19:44:18

Gok I am 5ft1, size10/12, 36C boobs but I have a baby belly (and the youngest is 8) and a fat arse.

What trousers are the best shape for me?

starshaker Mon 19-Jul-10 19:44:20

I love river island flats. comfy and sparkly

herbietea Mon 19-Jul-10 19:44:29

Message withdrawn

Whoamireally Mon 19-Jul-10 19:44:45

rockbudgie any opportunity grin

PixieOnaLeaf Mon 19-Jul-10 19:44:46

Message withdrawn

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 19-Jul-10 19:45:14

Yes please Gok, something for us pregnant laydees!
<waves from MN's country outpost>

GreenMonkies Mon 19-Jul-10 19:46:24

Hi Gok,

Please would you help to dispel the myth that breastfeeding makes your breasts saggy. Loads of women are baring all to prove that it is pregnancy and genetics that contribute to saggyness and not breastfeeding! I think it fits in with your work helping women feel proud of their bodies. More here, go on Gok, we all know how much you love a good pair of Bangers!!


CrosswordGeekWantsChange Mon 19-Jul-10 19:46:25

Gok, any chance you fancy doing a Mum/Daughter show? I think you should, and think my Mum and I would be happy to give ourselves over....

I need someone to make me fabulous so I don't end up as on old cat lady with an extremely embarassed daughter.

Anyway, can bigger girls pull off hareems and tight tops/bodies? I have post belly flab overhang, but so want to steal my friends style look fab in something trendy!

I'm so excited right now.

dawntigga Mon 19-Jul-10 19:46:26

Gotta go put The Cub to bed.

GokPLEASEPLEASE NameCheck HaveALookAtMyQuestionTiggaxx

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:46:29


Sound like your bum is biteable! try a wide leg trouser with no pockets or button to avoid extra bulk... mwah x

rockbudgie Mon 19-Jul-10 19:46:33

good to see you here whoamireally - always making me chuckle you are!

PussinJimmyChoos Mon 19-Jul-10 19:46:48

Olivia - I knew you would want to know that grin

gothicmama Mon 19-Jul-10 19:47:04

hi Gok gothicgirl who is 9 is using this thread as a reason to stay up just in case you answer her.
Love what you said re post baby tum

bertieboo Mon 19-Jul-10 19:47:21

herbie, personally i like the Hariett style - but they are cut low on the toe, so show a lot of toe cleavage, which i like as its the only cleavage I am prepared to show....

dawntigga Mon 19-Jul-10 19:47:24


iamfabregasted Mon 19-Jul-10 19:48:04


Thank you thank you thank you Aunty Gok

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:48:15


Babes... not enough time to give you loads of preggers fashion advice on here but my book Work Your Wardobe has a whole chapter on pregnancy wear... kisses x

GokWanFan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:48:24

Hi Gok

Wondered if you'd be able to help me, I am 5ft 4in and a size 18 and most of my podge is around the middle, I was just wondering what kind of things would best suit my body, I mean do I avoid the big belts ect ect.

Your help would be great.

Amanda X

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 19-Jul-10 19:48:58

pussinjimmychoos - you'd bang on about it too if you'd been likened to a ship in full sailhmmgrin

ktfsmith Mon 19-Jul-10 19:49:29

hi gok
iv just had a baby (1week ago) and the last couple of times wev been out iv realised i have no clothes to wear at all.....if its not maternity or leggins and a long tshirt then its pjs for me!!!!
help im frumpy!!!!!
i need some advice on easy to put together pieces that will be easy to breast feed in ( i want to keep these boobs for as long as poss!!!)

help help help

saw boyf x while out n about the other day and im sure she sniggled!! not good!


GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:50:23


I don’t believe that anyone should ‘dress their age’ it’s all expressing yourself and being true to your own opinion. Kisses, Gok x

MammyMakkaMoo Mon 19-Jul-10 19:50:59

I'm wondering about the big belt thing too. Can you recommend somewhere? Would that help with my 'boobs make clothes baggy round the middle' problem?

MyNeighbourTotoro Mon 19-Jul-10 19:51:13

Hi there,

I am 5'2", 36G bra size, have great legs but all of my weight is around my ribcage. How can I hide it ?

Thanks, Totoro

PussinJimmyChoos Mon 19-Jul-10 19:51:15

Olivia - rude feckers! Twat the idiot who said that to you...or sit on them grin

20somethingmum Mon 19-Jul-10 19:51:18

Hi Gok. A group of us Mummy Bloggers, who frankly are too busy being Mummies and blogging to understand this fashion malarkey, would like to know if you'd ever consider doing a special show with a group of ladies of all shapes and sizes (and that's just our bangers!) to stop us being slummie mummies and make us fabulous Yummy mummies again?
We have an awards night called the Slummies and it would be great to look good for once.

We are all different ages, and have kids who range from tiny babies to teens and back again, and frankly we are to wussy to go on alone!

Thanks Gok, we love you loads!

VJay Mon 19-Jul-10 19:53:20

Hi Gok, I'm 5ft8, post baby, size 16 on top and bottom, but about a size 18 around the middle, so not much waist, does that make me a tall apple? If so, what should I be wearing to try and give me a waist?

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:54:28


Going grey is tricky but I think if you want to go grey gracefully then you will need to go a hair salon and get your hair stripped and then dyed professionally. Ask the HD to wack on a silver toner to give it some jazz! Mwah, gok

Viiccxx Mon 19-Jul-10 19:54:44

What about us short girls?? I'm 4 ft 11 and look like a 12 yr old!! What should I wear? please

MammyMakkaMoo Mon 19-Jul-10 19:54:54

i've been banging (scuze the pun) on to my husband about the need for a'gok for slummy mummies' show for ages. good call, 20somethingmum

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:55:28


When you’re at uni the one thing you must learn is you are never too old to be successful, whether that’s education or a profession! Go girl!

rockbudgie Mon 19-Jul-10 19:55:54

I could totally be on that show!

So glad to hear you dismiss 'dressing your age'. I can't bear the 'ageism' that is spouted about how women should dress once they are a certain age.

Thank you, Gok!

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:56:36


Tell you’re darling son if he wants to be a stylist then get drawing and never let anyone tell him ANYTHING is impossible! That's what Momma Wan told me! Lots of love, aunty gok x

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:57:19


Have you tried Rigby and Peller, Bellisimo or Simply be? x

CrosswordGeekWantsChange Mon 19-Jul-10 19:58:41

I wish my Mum would stop with the "I'm too old for this, I'm too old for that."
She looks fab, but is getting a bit of a middle age spread, so almost refuses to wear anything. I've made her go maxi, and it looks so good on her! V jealous, my clothes look better on my Mum!

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 19:59:05


If you have thick ankles dolly then make sure you never wear shoes with ankle straps. Pointed stillies are best… happy dancing! X

chloesbaby Mon 19-Jul-10 20:00:05


My husband hates my skimpy knickers! He wants me to wear bigger pants and french knickers instead of thongs - what should I do?


MizDemeanor Mon 19-Jul-10 20:01:15

CrosswordGeekWantsChange - I have been thinking of a Maxi Dd says do it, Gok has just given me the courage to go for it wink

20somethingmum Mon 19-Jul-10 20:03:52

Thanks! If the lovely Gok says yes, you'll have to join us!

Come on Gok, how 'bout it, lots of bangers to fondle! tee hee!

MammyMakkaMoo Mon 19-Jul-10 20:04:32

Yes please!!!

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 20:05:22


I think it is sometimes hard for a partner to tell you compliments all the time.

I had this happen with a lady on my show and I asked her if she ever complimented her husband.. she said no.

I think in a relationship you need to create a 2 way dialogue which is based on mutual appreciation. It should not be one part of the relationship who is solely responsible for the praise.

Hope this helps? x

starshaker Mon 19-Jul-10 20:05:51

Gok do you ever come up to scotland. I would love you to Gok me. Trust me it would be a challenge lol

onadietcokeboycott Mon 19-Jul-10 20:05:52

Thank you looking at simply be on line.. Going to the doctors too to discuss a reduction after I have lost the weight

herbietea Mon 19-Jul-10 20:06:46

Message withdrawn

CrosswordGeekWantsChange Mon 19-Jul-10 20:07:21

MizDemeanor - LOVE my maxi dresses, other than the small problem of heat and fat thighs ahem I don't think more explanation is necessary. End up wearing control pants shorts to stop being uncomfortable, which then makes me hot!

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 20:07:27


Girlfriend... wear your pants for you! Does he consider what boxers to wear for you?


RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 19-Jul-10 20:08:51

If you're looking for tips on what to wear when preggie, there's a whole chapter in Gok's book, Work Your Wardrobe: Gok's Gorgeous Guide to Style that Lasts

iamfabregasted Mon 19-Jul-10 20:09:14

I wish I had the guts to be Gokked. I have printed out the forms off the website 3 times and binned them every time. I have changed so much in my life in the last year, now I just need to get some body confidence.

<<goes off to search for magic trousers>>

CrosswordGeekWantsChange Mon 19-Jul-10 20:10:15

How DO you apply to be on HTLGN?!

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 20:10:30



If you can find the confidence to wear that bikini then do it! It's about how you feel about your body. 98% of people on that beach are gonna hate their bodies... believe me... they will look at you with open hearts!



rockbudgie Mon 19-Jul-10 20:10:44

iamfabregasted so with you on needing the body confidence... still working on that one!

herbietea Mon 19-Jul-10 20:10:50

Message withdrawn

iamfabregasted Mon 19-Jul-10 20:10:53

Its on the channel 4 website - I will if you will lol

AlaskaNebraska Mon 19-Jul-10 20:11:14

agree re bikini
fgs go to spain they are all in em.
and if only THIN women UNDER 20 can wear them then they can piss off

<high fives gok>

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 20:11:16

y CrosswordGeekWantsChange


BumpNo3 Mon 19-Jul-10 20:11:22

Hi Gok!

My name is Beverley 33, have 2 Children and expecting my 3rd in November 2010!

I am going on Holiday in August! And have a Wedding to attend in September!

And I am seriously struggling to find any lovely Maternity Clothes! Especially a Bikini for my forever growing ( o Y o )'s!!

I am normally a dress size 12 but due to my Pregnancy ;-) And eating far to many pickles I am now a size 14/16!! Top half 36G!!

I would love your help or advice or even be Gok'd!!!!

Thanks Beverley

AlaskaNebraska Mon 19-Jul-10 20:11:59

can you do less driving gloves and neckerchief stuff and more " walking to the park" clothes?

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 20:12:38


Girl your bangers sound amazing! Try V neck and embrace the bangerage!

rockbudgie Mon 19-Jul-10 20:12:43

beachedwhale I was terrified of wearing a bikini on hols this year but I bought a new one and am so glad I did. I thought to hell with what everyone else thinks put it on and actually felt pretty good. If you're not happy with your tum cos of stretchmarks or sun damage or whatever do try phytaoil - I totally swear by it!

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 19-Jul-10 20:13:04

Hi Gok,
GerryMumsnet would like to know where you stand on fake tan.

AlaskaNebraska Mon 19-Jul-10 20:13:28

gok is a fake tan aficianado arent you?

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 20:14:16


I often have days when I struggle with how I look. I am just the same as everyone else. What I do is have a very strong word with myself and make myself realise how lucky I am. Appearance is only as deep as your smile! X

SirBoobAlot Mon 19-Jul-10 20:14:58

I think this is the first webchat I can actually picture MNHQ at a stand still for grin

herbietea Mon 19-Jul-10 20:15:53

Message withdrawn

without Mon 19-Jul-10 20:16:11

Hi Gok,
I'm 44 with 2 teenage boys and been a single mum for over a decade. I still have a bit of a mummy tummy and my thighs need some work (but working FT I rarely have time for me).

Am I getting too old to be wearing strappy tops in the summer and mini's with dark tights in the winter?

honeymom Mon 19-Jul-10 20:16:35

I really love my maxi dress and thought I loved great in it, However I've had 3 people ask me if i'm pregnant blush when I wear it, Have I got the cut wrong? it's fitted at the bust and then flares down

CrosswordGeekWantsChange Mon 19-Jul-10 20:16:45

cant find the link
Am I blind/tired or is it just not there? Starting to feel very stupid! Ladies, help?

iamfabregasted Mon 19-Jul-10 20:17:12

Found it, and missed half the chat - surely that must qualify me for extra bonus points if I apply ??

AlaskaNebraska Mon 19-Jul-10 20:17:15

@ without


<steals goks thunder>

iamfabregasted Mon 19-Jul-10 20:17:53

I forsee a MN special How To Look Good Naked

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 20:17:57


Hareem pants are quite hard to pull off for most shapes... bigger girls have to make sure the material is stiffer and also try and wear heels to balance the excess material. Also, make sure you define your waist to show your silhouette. Kisses, x

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 20:19:23


try a belt just under the bust... it will help show your shape off x

BeachedWhale Mon 19-Jul-10 20:20:04

Thank you Gok!

I never even stopped to think that other people on the beach are worried about their own bodies! I always think that everyone must be looking at my humongous thighs!

Will be strutting about in my bikini with pride this summer. Thanks for the confidence boost xxx

herbietea Mon 19-Jul-10 20:20:16

Message withdrawn

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 20:20:47


Girl, I love my trackie! Don’t be fooled by the quiff and black outfits! Some days are all about the comfort! Happy Slobbing! X

honeymom Mon 19-Jul-10 20:20:53

Thanks Gok i'll try that

AlaskaNebraska Mon 19-Jul-10 20:21:06

i too feel VERY strongly that we are our own worst enemies re bikinis.

AlaskaNebraska Mon 19-Jul-10 20:21:45

( and if its THAT bad then wear a strappy vest top whne walking about)

seshi Mon 19-Jul-10 20:22:30

Hi Gok
I love you!!

GreatGooglyMoogly Mon 19-Jul-10 20:22:38

Hi Gok,

Can short, larger women get away with maxi dresses?


Flamesparrow Mon 19-Jul-10 20:22:47

I am always stunned when you say you are a size 24 Gigantaur. You are one of the most stunning women I have met and do not look big, just amazonian iyswim

MammyMakkaMoo Mon 19-Jul-10 20:23:09

you really have slobby days? i never really thought of you having struggly days either. can't decide if my bubble's burst of i'm just totally reassured! thanks for your honesty! x

iamfabregasted Mon 19-Jul-10 20:24:21

Giagantaur - you are fab. I would love to be your size. Tall and in proportion - perfect.

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 20:25:16


Fake tan is better than sun baking at a risk! make sure you don't apply without using gloves otherwise your hands will stain for days!!! AHEM!!


Ladyem Mon 19-Jul-10 20:25:19

Hi Gok!

Hope you don't mind me re-posting my question as I posted before the webchat started!

I am so skinny. Since having my second child 10 months ago I have lost so much weight and after BFing I have no bust at all. I am all bones, angular and I am very self conscious of what others think of me. I am 5' 10" and a size 8 is quite big on me.

So, to my question, is there a way that I can appear bigger, more curvy or just have some sort of female shape, and not feel like a boy in a dress? I am stuck in my skinny jeans, vest top and long cardigans as I don't see the point in wearing nice clothes that (a) don't fit me and (b) just look like a sack!!

Thanks x

Flamesparrow Mon 19-Jul-10 20:25:36

Gok - I'm a 32F and want to wear nice dresses, but they all have teeny straps or small bust bits so the norks either don't stay in, or have huge bra straps.

I have yet to find a strapless bra I could wear all day comfortably.

Any advice?

Would love to be on HTLGN but need to have enough confidence to fill in the form. I see me at my biggest when I look in the mirror, regardless of what size my jeans say.

iamfabregasted Mon 19-Jul-10 20:25:53

I think Aunty Gok is speaking from experience on the gloves, eh??

BeachedWhale Mon 19-Jul-10 20:25:55


Thanks for the tip. Will get some phytaoil to try!

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 20:26:06


I am a terrible knitter, but don’t tell my Nan, she taught me! X

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 19-Jul-10 20:26:18

Sirboobalot, We're all working VERY hard actually.
Don't forget for us, MNing is work!! grin

AlaskaNebraska Mon 19-Jul-10 20:26:32

nail varnish remover gets it off

you are a LOT better than susannah nad trinny.
they just stumbled on, said fuck a lot and pissed off.

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 20:26:55


I have to say (touch wood) all my girls on the show genuinely love their body’s after they have been on the show. If anyone ever walked away didn’t then I would stop making the show. X

AlaskaNebraska Mon 19-Jul-10 20:27:19

they do add WHOOPs onto the soundtrack though dont they

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 19-Jul-10 20:27:46

Gerry says thanks for that Gok. She (ahem) would also like to know where you stand Boden grin.

seshi Mon 19-Jul-10 20:28:08

Hi Gok
What are your views on leggings under dresses for 40 year olds ? I am just 40 - 5ft 2 and size 8-10... will I look like mutton dresssed as lamb?? I am having difficulty dressing in my 40's as I have always loved young fashion (i am so not ready for Boden!) PS I am Alexias from MN friend so she knows what I look like

AlaskaNebraska Mon 19-Jul-10 20:28:10

but gerry is a FOX>
no way is she boden

rockbudgie Mon 19-Jul-10 20:28:57

You're welcome beachedwhale! Enjoy the phytaoil

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 19-Jul-10 20:29:11

A couple of messages from Twitter...
Please gok do a show just for bigger women?


Can you ask Gok which bras his models wear when they do High St vs Designer?

SirBoobAlot Mon 19-Jul-10 20:29:26

Sure you are Olivia wink What biscuits are you serving today, out of interest? grin

Gok, I love your show. I have a short question - What can shorties like me (4'11") get away with? I would love to have a bit more shape, but even though I'm a size 8-10 approx 32C I just look chunky yet not very shapely in most clothes. I'd love to look more in proportion if you know what I mean. What am I doing wrong?

GokWan Mon 19-Jul-10 20:30:07

My Darling MN'ers....

Thank you so much for having me in the towers today! It's been loads of fun and it's nice to speak to all you gorgeous mums doing a fabulous job of being great parents!

Remember, Aunty Gok LOVES YOU!

Kisses and snogs,

Gok x

iamfabregasted Mon 19-Jul-10 20:30:24

I would love to see a special on shopping from Primark and supermarkets, since that's all my budget will stretch to and its hard to find clothes that fit me properly in those ranges.

iamfabregasted Mon 19-Jul-10 20:31:07

<<hugs aunty gok mwah mwah>>

Flamesparrow Mon 19-Jul-10 20:31:08

Nooooooooooooo! Don't go!

misskellyhughes Mon 19-Jul-10 20:31:24

Gok..I Love You :D

Your into your 7th Series now (i think) & have Worked with sooo many women..& last week we saw your FINALLY Gok a Male..How Did It Compare To Your Usual Ladies & Bangers? &#9829;&#9829;

herbietea Mon 19-Jul-10 20:31:33

Message withdrawn

pissovski Mon 19-Jul-10 20:32:04

that went sooo fast!!

mwahs from me

MammyMakkaMoo Mon 19-Jul-10 20:32:23

sad bye gok!

SirBoobAlot Mon 19-Jul-10 20:33:25

Bye bye Aunty Gok, thank you!! Kisses and snogs back!

Bye Bye Aunty Gok. Mwah! smile

<I am so getting dp to help me takr required piccys to send in aplication for HTLGN> grin

leigh21 Mon 19-Jul-10 20:34:12

hi gok
i would like to see you do a show just on bigger women size 22-32 as not much fashion out there for these women and i think it doesnt matter how big you are you are still beautiful but do you think the same?

jessmartin365 Mon 19-Jul-10 20:34:25


iamfabregasted Mon 19-Jul-10 20:37:14

I predict a flood of applications for How to Look Good Naked.....

domesticslattern Mon 19-Jul-10 20:40:42

Bye Gok! Thanks for answering my question! I think you're totally right. Sorry I missed it as I was bathing juniorslattern... smile

Twinkletoes2009 Mon 19-Jul-10 20:41:42

hi Gok you are fab !!! seen you a couple of times!/photo.php?pid=2386329&op=35&o=global&view=global&subj=743088465& id=576345021
photo evidence haha !

i would love to know how to find a maxi dress for my 5'2 hight size 16 with 36 G boobs !! i love them do you think i can pull it off ?

love you xx

Amy xxx

loopylou0158 Mon 19-Jul-10 21:17:27

HELP GOK PLEASE im 40 in 3 weeks and im holiding a 70s night what do i wear ?????????????????im 5ft 3 38e size 16 basicly short fat and hairy and 2 top it off a red head please help meeeeeeeee

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 19-Jul-10 22:22:57

We're afraid Gok Wan has now left the building!sadgrin
Huge thanks to him for his webchat, and to all those who asked questions and apologies if your question wasn't answered.
MN Towers

GreenMonkies Mon 19-Jul-10 22:23:31

Flamesparrow get thee to La Senza, they quite a few nice bras in a 32F/FF, I have half a dozen or so now, I go for the coordinating bra strap look in vests etc now, making my pretty coloured bra a part of the outfit. There's a La Senza outlet store near me (Cheshire Oaks) and they are selling pretty much every bra for a fiver, it's great!!

MadwoMen Tue 20-Jul-10 01:41:39

Thanks for answering my question Gok!! Byeee
LOL at alaska answering questions and giving advice alongside grin

slug Tue 20-Jul-10 09:53:27

Well... that was a load of one line, trite answers wasn't it?

Am very very disappointed he didn't answer my question about his show encouraging women to feel happy about being leered at and sexually harassed in the street. <<cat's bum face>>

Redazzy Tue 20-Jul-10 10:06:00

I am a huge fan of Gok but have had a serious giggle reading this webchat this morning.

If Gok came on MN incognito, he would be bombarded with hmm emoticons and orders to get himself off to Netmums! At least he didn't call anyone hun!

NomDePlume Tue 20-Jul-10 21:31:09

Bloody rubbish.

He didn't answer me and his typing was atrocious and for the shameless book plug.


Last time I enter into a webchat with so called sleb.

NomDePlume Tue 20-Jul-10 21:34:04

BTW - Re LaSenza - I find them mega uncomfortable (padding agogo, I can wear my 32F/FF's as earrings in their bras) but I find that if I've ever tried their stuff on I've needed to size up at least 1 cup size. I think they go up to a G in some styles now.

GreenMonkies Tue 20-Jul-10 22:49:03

NomDePlume I find some La Senza stuff is small fitting, in some of their stuff I'm a 32F, in others a 32FF, and I hate the "hidden" padding shelf that is in some of their bras. As if someone with F/FF's needs f*cking padding?? But if you are selective, and try them on, you can find some nice ones, I love the Lullaby Lace collection (need a FF in them) and I have a gorgeous cream & red check/tartan one I got a few weeks ago too (only an F in that!) and the selection of colours they have is fab.

corblimeymadam Wed 21-Jul-10 20:47:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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