Please help me find the invisible duck before I go mad...

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ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 19:30:27

Every night for the last two weeks my DD (19mo) has been raging because I can't see an apparently invisible duck.

She stands next to the head board of the bed (shown here ) and makes all manner of quacking noises and signs duck. I should explain that she doesn't do much talking, only animal noises and signing so far hmm.

If I say "is there a duck?"

She points to the main cross over point in the centre.

If I say "where is the duck?"

She covers her eyes - which usually means hiding, or peekaboo, or the object I am talking about is partially obscured.

If I say "is the duck hiding?" She signs hiding again and looks all expectant.

I have not yet found anything to say after this point that does not result in a screaming fit of rage. Including silence.

If I deviate from the above script in any way she has a screaming fit of rage.

I am starting to feel like I am trapped in a 80's text adventure, the only outcome of which is a screaming toddler...

Please help me find the duck!

RubyGates Mon 21-Jan-13 19:32:41

I see two ostriches!

quoteunquote Mon 21-Jan-13 19:34:09

I can see it, think about where a duck bill meets the forehead,

ask where the eyes are.

littleduckie Mon 21-Jan-13 19:35:36

I can sort of see two duck heads facing in opposite directions.

quoteunquote Mon 21-Jan-13 19:35:39

or give her sticky paper to put on as eyes

thegreylady Mon 21-Jan-13 19:35:59

I can see it too-look at the shadow of the headboard smile

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 19:36:41

Okay at least one of you is kidding...I am looking and looking and I can't see anything!

There are two of them! With the top of their heads touching looking downwards smile

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 19:38:13

Shadow.... what shadow? <feeling increasingly paranoid>

HoneyDragon Mon 21-Jan-13 19:38:25

Have you sang 5 little ducks to her on the bed before?

Tee2072 Mon 21-Jan-13 19:38:49

The duck's beaks are pointing downward.

RubyGates Mon 21-Jan-13 19:39:15

No honestly, there are two birds with long necks (heck if I know the sign for ostrich, but I can do duck too)
they are bending down forehead to forhead. The stickers for eyes is a good idea.

I'd do "giraffe/duck" for ostrich maybe?

RainbowsFriend Mon 21-Jan-13 19:39:55

2 ducks looking outwards: Where the parallel horizontal lines are - forms the bills and a bit of the head.

2 ducks. They are each kissing the pillows. Your dd is right!

oh i see what you mean Tee

like the ducks are pecking the pillows?

Doyouthinktheysaurus Mon 21-Jan-13 19:41:01

Looks like 2 swans to me, but they could pass for ducks.

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 19:41:03

you lot are crazier than DD...

Okay so I will try the following two questions tomorrow:

1. How many ducks are there (actually this is a bad plan because she can't count bless her....and will certainly cause screaming rage).
2. Where are the ducks eyes? (this might work actually work!)

Tee2072 Mon 21-Jan-13 19:42:23

It's in the footboard too.

Tee2072 Mon 21-Jan-13 19:42:49

Exactly, Badger. Totally ducks pecking the pillows.

littleduckie Mon 21-Jan-13 19:43:17
ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 19:43:45

We have not sung about ducks up there....and she hasn't ever dropped a duck down the back of the bed (which was a possibility that hadn't occurred to me but which DH had tried with her).

DH also tried asking how she could tell it was a duck if she couldn't see it. I will leave you to guess what happened next....

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Mon 21-Jan-13 19:45:02

Yes! Big duck head, bill open, facing out wards!
The mid main crossover bit is where the eye is. Loop over too is top of head. Parallel horizontal lines are too of bill.

Ask her to feed the duck.

littleduckie Mon 21-Jan-13 19:47:06

by the way its a very nice nest bed!

Tee2072 Mon 21-Jan-13 19:47:06

Yes, I can kind of see it that way, Littleduckie (coincidence?) but I really see it with bills pointing downwards!

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 19:47:11

littleduckie what is that meant to be?? I do appreciate the effort but it ust looks like two red lines to me.....

I am no longer certain if I am more afraid of not finding the duck or that I might look and actually see it....

BillOddiesBeard Mon 21-Jan-13 19:47:25

Ooh that is a lovely bed, would you mind telling me where it is from?

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 19:48:01

Hang on a we have two different duck sightings pointing in different directions? confused

littleduckie Mon 21-Jan-13 19:48:01

ha no nickname was not changed for this thread!

I actually see it the way you see it Tee as well - pecking the pillows.

GrimmaTheNome Mon 21-Jan-13 19:48:57

Well, I can't see ducks either.

I see the rear ends of two dachshunds, butt to butt.

littleduckie Mon 21-Jan-13 19:50:20
Pascha Mon 21-Jan-13 19:53:03

Now I see 5 ducks or parts of ducks. I think your DS is very perceptive.

MrsReiver Mon 21-Jan-13 19:53:42

Ignore the random red oval - no idea where that came from...

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 19:54:26

wow nice art work !

....well that might explain why so much of it is hiding.....

hmm I could ask if there are any dogs too....

GrimmaTheNome Mon 21-Jan-13 19:55:16

Have we stumbled on the successor to Where's Wally? grin

MrsReiver Mon 21-Jan-13 19:55:23

Sigh, paint fail and now link fail.

Try again

SoldierKatnissEverdeen Mon 21-Jan-13 19:55:52

Lol at the thought of you never seeing the duck and wasting many an hour looking for the duck. Even when dd has flown the nest in 18 yrs time. (See what I did there?)

Ps I can see it too. Your dd will be an artist!

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 19:57:15

mrsR that looks promising...although she always points directly at the cross over point...

who said 5 ducks?!?!? They are breeding shock

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 19:58:11

gah...I am clearly utterly lacking in imagination!

fcr1980 Mon 21-Jan-13 19:59:15
MrsReiver Mon 21-Jan-13 19:59:17

Is that maybe because that's where the two ducks meet?

littleduckie Mon 21-Jan-13 19:59:27

ohhhh think i found it then. the cross over bit looks like the back of a duck.

Jenda Mon 21-Jan-13 19:59:35

i see the ducks facing down! can't you just say 'oh yes darling, ducks' ?!

carbondated Mon 21-Jan-13 20:00:53

I can see where dd is coming from. 2 ducks (more like swans imo but she's not to know!LOL) heads/necks with beaks pointing downwards.

Shaky Mon 21-Jan-13 20:00:55

The curved top bit, directly under the 2 pictures on the wall looks like a forward facing ducks beak to me

fcr1980 Mon 21-Jan-13 20:00:55

Did that work? I'm new!

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 20:02:18

jenda yup that was one of the first thing I tried...oh yes ducks...lovely.

But she is trying to tell me something else....not ust that they are is the frustration that causes the rage....

MrsReiver Mon 21-Jan-13 20:03:00

It did FCR grin

ICBIN You need to get your DD, (I don't care if she's sleeping - wake her up) and show her these doodles, we need to know if we're right!

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 20:04:54

Wow there is some serious art work going on here....

I could show it to DD...but she will quack...and we will be no further forward...

fcr1980 Mon 21-Jan-13 20:05:44

Yay lurked for ages, it's good to join in! smile

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Mon 21-Jan-13 20:06:53

If she's concerned about the 'duck' hiding does she simply want you to move the pillows?!

VictorAndBarry Mon 21-Jan-13 20:10:39

Where the red lines were drawn, that's where I saw a duck too. One face each way!

Tee2072 Mon 21-Jan-13 20:29:56

What FCR drew, that's what I see.

Although I can see it on LittleDuckie's too, but it's not the first one I saw.

Pascha Mon 21-Jan-13 20:33:44

The bit in the middle looks like a ducks beak facing forward, as someone else said upthread, but its a bit sinister, big looming pointy beak with no face and no eyes. Perhaps she's sees this and is telling you it's hiding and a bit scary?

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 20:37:12

Oh god - I really hope my DD is scared of the invisible ducks....

tbh I think they may keep me awake tonight...

glad we broke your duck fcr grin

Beehatch Mon 21-Jan-13 20:54:04

This is the hidden duck that I can see. It has it's head down as if hiding behind the pillows, wings stretched out each side.

(Sorry the picture looks more like a seagull!)

BertieBotts Mon 21-Jan-13 21:08:45

No, you're all wrong! I can see them totally differently, hang on...

BertieBotts Mon 21-Jan-13 21:09:11

(OP you should have posted this in one of the proper picture topics, would have been easier! grin)

Foggles Mon 21-Jan-13 21:09:37

I am sorry but I am crying with laughter at those duck pictures.

grin grin grin

magpieC Mon 21-Jan-13 21:13:28

Can she stroke the duck?

SunshineOutdoors Mon 21-Jan-13 21:13:45

This is the best thread of today.

BertieBotts Mon 21-Jan-13 21:14:50

This duck! - also an overlapping pair.

SunshineOutdoors Mon 21-Jan-13 21:15:03

frustratedsycamores can you explain your duck a bit more? Is the only one I can't see... tia

Tee2072 Mon 21-Jan-13 21:18:24

That one I don't see Bertie.

Badvoc Mon 21-Jan-13 21:18:51

Ducks are kissing the pillows.

LivingInAPinkBauble Mon 21-Jan-13 21:20:16

Me too Foggles, I think this must be one of my favourite threads! grin
Pleeaase OP give us an update when your DD is awake!

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 21:22:55

Bertie WTAF?!? and how the hell did you do that drawing? <awe struck>

Oh god there are so many ideas....I am so aware that I only get one shot in the morning before the rage sets that DH will be furious because we usually on get phantom ducks at bedtime and not in the morning....

Argh argh the pressure!

Okay people what do I ask?

At most I get one question and one follow up....

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 21:23:35

I REALLY hope this makes quote of the day

can you explain your duck a bit more? Is the only one I can't see

MrsReiver Mon 21-Jan-13 21:25:50

Ooh I don't like BeeHatch's duck, it's quite scary and inevitably the only duck I can see whenever I look at the bed frame now!

NippyDrips Mon 21-Jan-13 21:27:00

I think you may need to buy a new bed.

I saw the two ducks pecking the pillow and on the first pic the very centre part looked like a ducks face on the wall behind it but I am looking on my phone so not very reliable.

MrsReiver Mon 21-Jan-13 21:28:54

Put all the pictures in a single document and show it to her, and say "which duck is it?"

Foggles Mon 21-Jan-13 21:29:17
Tee2072 Mon 21-Jan-13 21:31:05

grin Foggles

HoneyDragon Mon 21-Jan-13 21:32:06

This thread has gone quackers

MrsReiver Mon 21-Jan-13 21:33:23

I'm saving all the pics to put in one PDF (because DH is playing the xbox and I need to kill time until Revenge starts) and I now have a folder on my desktop called "bedframe ducks"

I really need to take up a hobby or something....

NippyDrips Mon 21-Jan-13 21:34:26

Can anyone zoom in a bit on the center curved triangle bit? I can see an Orange upside-down triangle beak touching the black pillow and a round blue/grey eye touching the two corners or the triangle. Hope I am not imagining it!

Is that your actual took though?

EugenesAxe Mon 21-Jan-13 21:34:34

Hold the phone! Got inspiration from a comment - what if she's seeing a ducks arse like you see when they've bobbed down to feed, and she's trying to talk to you about it feeding or something?

The section under the cross is the duck bottom.

dinkystinky Mon 21-Jan-13 21:35:19

Why don't you sing 5 little ducks went swimming one day and at the end shoo the waiting duck out to its mummy?

Either that or invest in an invisible deerstalker hat and shotgun....

tapdancingmum Mon 21-Jan-13 21:36:04

I'm sorry to throw a spanner into the works but all I saw was a fish!!!

I think fcr1980 has it, that's all I can see anyway.

ALittleScatterOfRain Mon 21-Jan-13 21:44:43

I can see all those ducks, but the first thing I saw was an owl!

(With the ducks pecking the pillow as eyebrows instead, the triangle in the middle is a beak and the bits under the 'bends' of the ducks' necks as the eyes.)

This thread is hilarious. But op I feel your pain.

I can't see any ducks.

DoItRight Mon 21-Jan-13 21:55:44

Possibly the best thread I've seen on mumsnet grin
The first duck pic made me gringringrin

TomDudgeon Mon 21-Jan-13 22:06:49

I saw the owl first two. The top half of one

I'm trying to did another duck to
Throw into the mix grin

TomDudgeon Mon 21-Jan-13 22:09:48

I can see another duck!
<desperate> grin
Now tow oral out how to show you as an on phone

TomDudgeon Mon 21-Jan-13 22:10:21

To show not oral
Its Monday

NoTeaForMe Mon 21-Jan-13 22:14:13

I think the duck she sees is looking down, so when she tells you it's hiding she either can't see it's whole face or she thinks the duck is looking for something that's hiding!

I hope she can explain a bit clearer tomorrow, I wonder which duck is the closest to what she sees!

By the way, how are you all drawing on the photo?!?!

blackeyedsusan Mon 21-Jan-13 22:24:17

op i feel your pain. we had a seagull and/or parrot up there... terrifying him nd making him scream... could I find it? ... I think I haave identified it as a shadow on the ceiling and a nick out of the woodchip thta forms the eye. he was begging me to put the hole in the recycling yesterday...

I see the seagull like duck and berties duck... the est are pretty good too but needed pointing out.

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Mon 21-Jan-13 22:26:20

You are all wrong!

Think about Daddy Duck, only with long flowing eyebrows. The top of his head is what she can see. On the end board there are mad swirling loony toons eyes, but they are covered by the pillows on the head board.

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Mon 21-Jan-13 22:27:37

Daffy Duck, not daddy!

MrsReiver Mon 21-Jan-13 22:34:33

I can see that Feijoa but it looks like ALittle's owl to me grin

NoTea Right Click and save the image, open it in paint (or similar) and doodle to your heart's content!

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Mon 21-Jan-13 22:35:14

sunshine my earlier post explains the duck.

I can also now see a scary duck head.
Using the whole of the headboard, Can see the top of a duck head, looking straight at you top of the eyes, and big eyebrows (although why it has eyebrows is beyond me, doesn't need them) it is a scary hiding duck. Can't see it's beak. But enough of a duck to a 19mo IMO.

What does dd do if you move the pillows?

ThreadPirateFanjoBeard Mon 21-Jan-13 22:35:29

This is like magic eye all over again, I could see duck feck all in those as well.

MrsMushroom Mon 21-Jan-13 22:36:19

Tell the manufacturers there are ducks hiding in the bed...ask for a refund!

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Mon 21-Jan-13 22:37:50

feijoa that's my scary duck!!!

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 22:41:33

hmm having skimmed all those responses...I am left with the impression that I am heading to bed with an oral daddy duck with flowing eyebrows.

This is NOT a comfortable image!

mrsR please do post up the compilation! my head is all full of proto-ducks... all over lapped... all staring...

Had to lol at the thought of showing DD the picture and asking which duck it was!

I personally agree with the person who saw a fish. But DD can sign it clearly isn't the fish causing the problem...

Jojobump1986 Mon 21-Jan-13 22:44:13

I agree with the first picture - there are 2 ducks & they're hiding their heads behind your pillows. Move the pillows & let her see that there are no ducks!

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Mon 21-Jan-13 22:45:21

grin I instantly thought of Daffy and well he's not scary. Mildly psycho, but not scary. And he is obviously pretending to be a yellow eyed penguin, hence the old man brows.

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 22:46:23

We only have one pillow (don't ask) and it isn't usually obscuring much...DD can usually see most of the head board to the extent that you can see the foot board in the pictures.

I am thinking of taking one of her bath ducks up and casually leaving it around in case she wants to use it to demonstrate how the duck is oriented <unlikely> and some bread in case she wants to feed it....

DH is going to be so very very impressed....

MrsReiver Mon 21-Jan-13 23:06:30

A compilation for ICBIN

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Mon 21-Jan-13 23:06:59

icbineg ah, if she's seeing more of the headboard, then it is scary/daddy/daffy duck. With swirly eyes, if pillow was partially in the way that would explain why the duck was/is hiding. Or is the pillow the ducks bill?

Does she like the duck? Is it happy or sad?

I saw 2 ducks kissing pillows (that's a phrase I never thought I'd say!)

But more importantly, this whole thread is gringringringringrin after a crappy day.

Thank you OP! thanks

beachyhead Mon 21-Jan-13 23:08:07

Good luck duck hunting... I've loved this thread. And what a good mummy for seeking help for Lost Duck in Headboard!

I'm afraid I would have gone with the oh yes, hello duck! routine grin

Tee2072 Tue 22-Jan-13 07:38:41

Checking to wait for verdict!

Thank you fellow duck hunters. I have no other suggestions but I applaud your diligence

Woolfey Tue 22-Jan-13 08:04:40

So what happened last night then? Did she feed the ducks?

CadleCrap Tue 22-Jan-13 09:15:12

grin at Littleduckies second duck picture.

I am still chortling!

I'm waiting with baited breath for tonight's installment of good duck hunting! :D

SpanielFace Tue 22-Jan-13 09:27:09

I see the pillow kissing ducks as well!

Thank you for a fab post OP! gringringrin

PommePoire Tue 22-Jan-13 09:36:40

C'mon ICBINEG what does your imaginative little DD say? (Or sign?)

MrsReiver's ducky-bed round-up needs flowers I think. Well done, my head was exploding.

FCR1980 has it, I think. Now you've delurked you need a better posting name, FCR - how about Duckillustrator?

Foggles link had me in stitches but now DD2 wants the crazy chinese restaurant ornamental dumpling steamer style bird bed, so thanks for that Foggles.


ICBINEG Tue 22-Jan-13 09:49:56

Awwogah! Duck update!

I know how excited you will be... <not>

So I had the perfect opportunity this morning as DH left me and DD snuggling (DD using my pillow/head as a trampoline) while he emptied the washing machine.

So I asked if the duck was around.

DD: nods and points at the cross over point...then signs 'hiding'.

Me: Is the duck hungry (cunning..I know)

DD: nods furiously

Me: can you feed the duck?

DD: shakes head and signs 'hiding' again.

Me: You can't feed the duck because its hiding?

DD: gets right in my face and signs 'hiding' and is just beginning to kick off when DH returns and distracts her with new clothes....while I make up an excuse for why DD is upset.

So there you have it. Obviously you can't feed a duck that is hiding, even if it is hungry....

Equally obviously 'hiding' doesn't quite mean hiding in this case...but I am buggered if I can work out what it does mean...

ICBINEG Tue 22-Jan-13 09:51:13

Absolutely LOVING the round up!

Will try again tonight...although I am out of ideas....

Tee2072 Tue 22-Jan-13 09:59:10

Obviously hiding ducks can't do anything but hide...

How about asking her to place the eyes?

cakesonatrain Tue 22-Jan-13 10:07:12

I would definitely ask her to point at the duck's eyes.

ICBINEG Tue 22-Jan-13 10:15:08

Okay I will try the eye thing next...although I feel a certainty usually associated with psychic premonition that the answer will be "I can't because it's hiding..."

This is going to be a very very slow and boring thread given the one shot issue surrounding invisible ducks...

TomDudgeon Tue 22-Jan-13 10:49:26

So she's on the bed when she's sees it so she won't see the whole foot?

TomDudgeon Tue 22-Jan-13 10:51:36

How about where's the duck hiding?
Can you see his feet? Can you see his bottom? Can you see his beak?

Maybe get her to hide under the covers in between each time so its?

Where's xxxx hiding? Can I see her feet? There they are
Where's duck hiding? Can you see his feet? ....


Perhaps she is trying to ask if the duck can see? Or see you and her?

LoopsInHoops Tue 22-Jan-13 12:29:55

Brilliant thread. I showed DH and he has seen another "obvious" duck, but my mac hasn't got paint or anything so I can't draw it. If you look at the one with the two red lines, and have the beak pointing away from, not towards the bed. Is anyone able to draw that one for me please?

maybe hiding = stuck or trapped?

Psammead Tue 22-Jan-13 13:49:31

Splendid thread. Simply splendid.

ICBINEG Tue 22-Jan-13 14:41:41

oohh trapped! That's possible! A trapped duck wouldn't be able to eat!

I am actually kinda excited to face tonight's invisible duck run in!

I reckon its the duck with the head down, either the one facing forward with the wings out, or away with its bum in the air. Can't feed it cos its hiding its head. The way children hide, and don't hide their whole body (peekaboo style).

MikeOxardInTheSnow Tue 22-Jan-13 14:48:44

Love this thread!

Floweryhat Tue 22-Jan-13 14:59:59

Buy a duck soft toy and hide it in the bed? That'll freak her out!

QueenStromba Tue 22-Jan-13 15:34:44

This is the duck I can see.

CheeseStrawWars Tue 22-Jan-13 15:55:14

Does she mean sleeping? Eyes shut = hiding? Cos the duck doesn't have eyes, it's just the shape of the head? And you don't eat when you're sleeping.

ICBINEG Tue 22-Jan-13 16:04:06

possibly but probably not - sleeping is a different sign and sound effect combination....

TomDudgeon Tue 22-Jan-13 17:17:21

And people do signing because it helps with the frustrations of communicating grin

Tee2072 Tue 22-Jan-13 17:34:58

What time do I need to be here for tonight's attempt?!?!


is it nearly duck bed time?

ElephantsAndMiasmas Tue 22-Jan-13 18:17:55

That round up is probably the best thing I have ever seen. Well done MrsReiver

RubyGates Tue 22-Jan-13 18:22:40

Sorry blush but I just need to know where the duck is grin

FanFuckingTastic Tue 22-Jan-13 19:03:10

Perhaps she's getting annoyed because she's meaning it's not a real duck, why on earth would you feed it. It's just a pretend duck mummy!

ICBINEG Tue 22-Jan-13 20:45:06

Okay guys...big news here! The mystery is solved!

The duck is not hiding.....

the duck is....

upside down!

Okay so hiding was also true but I think it is the upside down thing that DD has been attempting to communicate for two weeks.

My suspicions were aroused when she signed 'hiding' for an upside down bath duck in the water....and were confirmed when in response to her signing that the duck was 'hiding' tonight I said "is the duck upside down?" and got a huge beaming grin and nod.

So In the end I don't think anyone quite found the same duck as DD. I think the main cross over is the tip of the ducks tail. The visible region of the oval shape is the ducks tail and back (the bit I thought looked like a fish body) an of course the rest (obscured by pillow/mattress) is under water....

It certainly explained why the duck was definitely hungry (coz going upside down is how ducks eat ya know) and why we couldn't fed it (we have a strict duck led weaning policy apparently).

I wish I had posted sooner! A resolution within 24 hours! Not bad MN....not bad at all.

On the down side, after brushing her teeth she pointed at the curtains and signed 'hiding' far there has been nothing animal associated with this and no screaming with rage either....but I do fear what the future will bring.

RubyGates Tue 22-Jan-13 21:01:30


GrimmaTheNome Tue 22-Jan-13 21:01:35

Ducks are a dabbling - up tails all! Has she heard that poem?

Tee2072 Tue 22-Jan-13 21:11:59

Duck led weaning grin.

I think this needs to go into Classics!

cakesonatrain Tue 22-Jan-13 21:12:52

Ah, brilliant [hiding ducky emoticon]

AudrinaAdare Tue 22-Jan-13 21:14:36

This is the best thread I have read in ages. Duck-round up is awesome yes I have bookmarked it and I especially like the little feet on one of the pictures grin

Duck led weaning is brilliant
This thread is brilliant
Mumsnetters superimposing duck shapes onto pictures of beds is brilliant
And I rather think that icbinegDD is rather wonderful as well

Thank you thanks

AudrinaAdare Tue 22-Jan-13 21:15:25

Second that Classics nomination, Tee.

ICBINEG Tue 22-Jan-13 21:15:31

DH has admitted that about two months ago they sang "all the little ducks go upside down" at the end of soft doubt this has triggered the whole palaver.

I am one part "oh that's so cute, what a memory she has" and 9 parts "and you are just remembering this now DH? Now, after two weeks of yelling?!?!?"

MrsReiver Tue 22-Jan-13 21:17:46

I'm gutted none of us spotted the upside down duck but very impressed with DD's imagination!

Duck Round Up is my desktop wallpaper!

ICBINEG Tue 22-Jan-13 21:17:50

Oh I should add a massive massive thanks to all who hunted ducks and made the suggestions that got us to what I can only hope is the end of this little toddler episode!

Hooray for invisible duck hunters!

MrsReiver Tue 22-Jan-13 21:19:09

Thank you for all the kind comments blush blush blush

Beehatch Tue 22-Jan-13 21:19:32

Ahhh I love a happy ending grin

"all the little tails go wiggle, wiggle waggle..."

ICBINEG Tue 22-Jan-13 21:20:23

MrsR Please do feel free to add the actual duck to the list. I feel a gold ribboned finale round up would seal the deal on this wonderful thread (I would do it myself but I lack any artistic skills and apparently the imagination to find invisible ducks altogether).

ICBINEG Tue 22-Jan-13 21:21:32

Makes me wonder if DH slept with the milkwoman so to speak....

MrsReiver Tue 22-Jan-13 21:23:16

I'm on the mobile app at the mo but I'll get on it in the morning. smile

EugenesAxe Tue 22-Jan-13 21:29:21

Oh please please please... I am a sad cow, but please re-read my post. I think what you have described is what I was trying to convey!

Thank you for the entertainment smile

OneHundredSecondsofSolitude Tue 22-Jan-13 21:30:18

Fck me beehatch. Your duck is like a nightmare I once had where there were all these birds half in and half out and bits sticking out of the plastered sloping ceiling of an attic I was in [shudder]

BIWI Tue 22-Jan-13 21:33:00


MrsReiver Tue 22-Jan-13 21:33:21

DH relinquished the laptop and I think Eugene is right!

Is this what you think DD is seeing?

MikeOxardInTheSnow Tue 22-Jan-13 21:35:53

Amazing! Can this go in classics?

Beehatch Tue 22-Jan-13 21:38:19

I'm seeing carrots....

Don't tell ICBINEG's DD - she probably doesn't have a sign for carrot yet!

OPeaches Tue 22-Jan-13 21:39:47

Hahahahahahaaa, just read this whe thread, it MUST go in classics.
<wipes tears from eyes>

BluelightsAndSirens Tue 22-Jan-13 21:45:07

I've just found this thread so glad it has been resolved.

I think you should post a link of the curtains to give us a head start!

TomDudgeon Tue 22-Jan-13 21:48:59

Yes that is a carrot!

I'm glad you have it sorted and presumably dd is happier than her silly mummy and daddy can see the obvious

TheWombat Tue 22-Jan-13 21:50:37

This is a lovely thread! What a clever DD you have. Is she scared of the duck? Perhaps duck could leave her a little 'present' (choc buttons or crayons?) under the pillow, in the hope of making friends...

MrsReiver Tue 22-Jan-13 21:50:57

Do we know what the sign is for Carrot Duck???

I can only see an owl... Apart from the fantastically doctered bed shots which ammused the shit out of me and OH.

Don't kids have fab imaginations? grin

Awwwww I love a happy ending! I'm waiting for the follow up curtains thread now :D

PommePoire Tue 22-Jan-13 23:03:29

Brilliant news! So glad your clever DDs frustration has been answered! So, she can see a hungry duck bobbing for food - a duck's arse, fancy! No wonder we clean minded ladies of MN didn't think of that wink Now, what could it be in the curtains...

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Tue 22-Jan-13 23:05:30

grin excellent excellent resolution. What a brilliant little girl you have! (though I still see ruddy Daffy Duck rather than a dabbling duck)

EugenesAxe Wed 23-Jan-13 06:15:48

Thanks MrsReiver! Just the peach area though; not the green bit.

As in this image.

ICBINEG Wed 23-Jan-13 06:24:14

Eugene, Bertie

Yes I must confess both of you seem to have given the correct answer with hindsight. I did read both posts at the time but couldn't join the dots until the penny dropped IYKWIM.

MrsR I think it is just the brown a lady duck upside down bobbing for food....

DD does not have a sign for carrot as such although she signs 'snowman' by miming a long orange nose (when she does this I tend to say carrot nose snowman) so I reckon if she did want to communicate carrot she would do snowman and then point to her nose. This I would not have understood...but now I am mentally prepared for carrot ducks!!

just before xmas she managed to convey through mime that once you slice a pear it looks like a least I think that is what it was...she stopped banging on about it once I said that...

TBH my life seems to involve being trapped in one long game of charades!

Why oh why doesn't she just start speaking?

ICBINEG Wed 23-Jan-13 06:24:36

yy eugene!

EugenesAxe Wed 23-Jan-13 06:59:51


On a side note, her imagination sounds awesome OP. I love the idea of pear fish. Reminds me of my DDad carving a fish shape from his carrot (funnily enough) one dinner time, and then wobbling it from the fish tank next to his chair, into his mouth. My poor little sister was shock and in tears; I'm ashamed to admit the rest of us were in hysterics.

Tee2072 Wed 23-Jan-13 07:20:57

I have nominated this thread for Classics with HQ. Hopefully it will get in there!

KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 23-Jan-13 10:58:22

<sounds duck whistle>

Must admit I've been following this thread with great interest, SO glad you figured it out!

We're shortly going to move this thread to its rightful place in Classics.

Tee2072 Wed 23-Jan-13 12:52:21

Whoot! Thanks Kate!

ICBINEG Wed 23-Jan-13 12:55:59

aww blush

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Wed 23-Jan-13 13:41:03

Thank you kate grin

GrimmaTheNome Wed 23-Jan-13 14:30:29

>Why oh why doesn't she just start speaking?

Because she's having far too much fun playing charades signing! grin

MrsReiver Wed 23-Jan-13 16:15:57

Here you go - a round up with the big reveal.

HecateWhoopass Wed 23-Jan-13 16:27:10

Holy crap, this thread is amazing! How did I miss this for 2 whole days? grin

ICBINEG..... don't worry, a year ago I was stuck in the same never ending game of charades/screaming/miming/screaming/signs/screaming/pointing/screaming.....

He started talking practically overnight, pronunciation is still shocking and he can't do most of the consonants but I can hold conversations with him with almost no need for guessing!

ICBINEG Wed 23-Jan-13 21:38:01

lovely MrsR!

So tonight we had blissful peace and quiet....okay we didn't we had to have three iterations of "all the little ducks go upside down" but at least there was no screaming....and no further mention of anything hiding in the curtains either....

Night night babyicbineg sleep tight, don't letthe ducks bite

Jojobump1986 Thu 24-Jan-13 13:28:13

At breakfast this morning my DS pointed out the window & quite clearly said 'duck'. Thankfully he didn't seem concerned that I couldn't see it!

ICBINEG Thu 24-Jan-13 13:30:23

heh! these invisible ducks get everywhere....

Cafemum Fri 25-Jan-13 18:28:42

What a clever little one you have. And it is hard work.
. I can see two ducks pecking the pillows. Brilliant!
Id be tempted to say,/sign look at the ducks, they're having some food, or similar. Time for them to go to bed. Night night ducks, *pat in direction of ducks. *They say night night DD , time for bed etc
Shhh night night. And so on till you get her to bed,
Good luck.

nymac Fri 25-Jan-13 22:20:03

Hi i found this discussion very interesting. Do you think your dc could mean 'duck' in the sense of bobbing down and she wants you to play a game of Peek a boo behind the bed? Have you found a solution yet?

Heee heee heee
This made the round up as well as classics smile

Perhaps you need to print it off and put it into the DD souvenirs box as 'the time you were a celebrity amongst a nest of vipers' for when she needs cheering up aged 14


Bignorthernlass Fri 25-Jan-13 23:52:05

I see 2 ducks heads bent down pecking the pillows, heads touching in the middle as if both drinking. A bit like those old toys where the duck would continually dip in a cup of water if you tipped it, it's that shape! Hope you see them now!

diamondsinthesand Sat 26-Jan-13 08:45:22

Just stunned at how neat and tidy your room is.....

ICBINEG Sat 26-Jan-13 16:45:33

Gah! I was explaining the incident and the MN response to my mum when I saw the email! DANG - another blown cover!

lol at the idea that is my room...

EmpressOfThePuddle Mon 04-Feb-13 12:28:28

Has anything turned up behind the curtains yet?

deefyr Fri 11-Oct-13 13:45:23

She remembers you saying 'fancy a quick duck while she's still asleep.....'

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