Do you remember the thread about my son's missing monkey? Well, I promised to let you know what happened Christmas Day...

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CheeseAndBunion Mon 26-Dec-11 08:32:08

...So it would seen unreasonable not to.

I'm not sure if you'll all remember but a couple of months ago Crispface started a thread here in AIBU to try and help me track down a replacement for my 4 year old son's long lost stripey monkey. Hundreds of you joined in the search, and in the end two amazing Mumsnetters, Cloudbase and Sparrowfart, got in touch to say they had one. I know this isn't really a traditional AIBU but I promised to come back and update on the Xmas Day reunion - it wouldn't have happened without you all...

You might remember from my original posts that we are staying at my Parent's for Xmas. My Dad bought the original 'Stripes' for my son the day he was born so we figured reuniting 'Stripes' with my DS on Xmas day would make it special for them both. We wrapped the prodigal monkey and put him in his own stocking but he stayed hidden till after all the presents had been opened and lunch had been scoffed. Then sometime in between Happy Feet and Ratatouille I sneaked outside and put the stocking on the front door step. Back in the house, whilst we were all sat round and my DS was playing with my Dad, I said 'was that the front door?'. Given they're a bit cloth eared my Parent's didn't even question the fact that no-one had knocked and went to answer the door (my DS went running after to see who was there). There on the step was one little stocking, my son brought it in and I suggested he get Grandad to read the label out to him. So they sat in a chair and read and this is what it said...

'Dear DS,  Do you know the story of 'Stick Man'? Well a bit like 'Stick Man' I got lost a long, long time ago and couldn't find my way home. I met lots of lovely people and had many adventures whilst searching to find my way back and then this year I bumped into Father Christmas. He said that if I helped him deliver all the toys to all the boys and all the girls he would bring me home to you this year on his sleigh. I'm so glad he did. You're my best friend and I have missed you very much. I'm happy to be home...
Love 'Stripes' xxx

My Dad was in tears when my son unwrapped his missing monkey. My little boy is still bouncing off the walls with glee. He has not stopped squeezing 'Stripes' and telling us all how clever Father Christmas must be to have found him and how happy he is that he's back since. He went to bed last night with his prodigal monkey and slept for 12 happy hours with him clutched in his arms. You have all made him happier than you could possibly imagine and my Dad is still choked up talking about it now.

Thank you all. I am still touched by how many of you cared enough to respond to the original thread and our Christmas Day would not have had the same magic without you. If ever you are browsing threads and see the names 'Crispface', 'Cloudbase', or 'Sparrowfart' then please remember that they have hearts of gold and went out of their way to make a total stranger very happy. 

Merry Christmas to you all from the CheeseandBunion family and Stripes! I hope all of you had great days too.


fivegomadindorset Mon 26-Dec-11 08:34:29

YOu need to put a warning in your thread about needing tissues.

BastedTurkey Mon 26-Dec-11 08:34:36

<<sob>> how lovely

MrsSleepy Mon 26-Dec-11 08:35:04

Made me cry! What a lovely story

Grumpla Mon 26-Dec-11 08:36:10

Oh god you've made me cry already and I haven't even gotten out of bed yet. Damn you!

Akiram Mon 26-Dec-11 08:36:23

<wipes away a tear>
That is wonderful and somethingyour DS will remember forever. smile

ZuluWarrior Mon 26-Dec-11 08:36:40

Welling up. Absolutely wondeful. Merry Christmas!

ZuluWarrior Mon 26-Dec-11 08:37:10

Wonderful, obviously.

Canella Mon 26-Dec-11 08:38:45

I dont know you or the original story but i'm sat here with tears in my eyes. What a great Christmas story & what a fab mum you are.

Oh you've made me cry and I've just done my make up smile

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 26-Dec-11 08:40:28

Oh so sweet!

LoveInASnowyClimate Mon 26-Dec-11 08:41:42


That is so lovely.

Scarletbanner Mon 26-Dec-11 08:41:52

Sob. What a lovely story

Oh bugger! I hate crying, it makes my eyes go all baggy.

Trumpton Mon 26-Dec-11 08:43:59

My screen has gone all blurry. < Oh no. You didn't make me cry. No siree ! >

So delighted for you, this kind of loveliness is exactly what makes MN addictive brilliant <<sniffs noisily into pillow>>

McPhee Mon 26-Dec-11 08:45:11

I remember your story, I too was searching ebay etc for you. Reading this has made my day, what a lucky boy to have such a fabulous mummy.

<blows nose>

Merry Christmas.

Dustinthewind Mon 26-Dec-11 08:45:19

That's wonderful, and what an imaginative and lovely idea to write a letter explaining what had happened. Your DS is going to believe in the magic of Christmas for a long time.
Well done to all involved in the saga!

jubilee10 Mon 26-Dec-11 08:46:03

I remember your thread. I am so glad Stripes is "back".

tunnocksteacake Mon 26-Dec-11 08:46:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChildofIsis Mon 26-Dec-11 08:46:27

I remember your original thread.
What a wonderfull christmas for your family.

Another teary eyed poster!


How long was he away?

I read the original thread about Stripes so thank you for updating. Tears here too, how wonderful for your Dad and DS and I love the little note you attached to the stocking.

Haagendazs Mon 26-Dec-11 08:49:30

What a lovely story! Another one with tears in my eyes

Dustinthewind Mon 26-Dec-11 08:49:57

Thanks Dustinthewind.

I <heart> MN smile

exoticfruits Mon 26-Dec-11 08:57:33

A lovely story-hopefully read by all those unhelpful people who said 'get over it' at the time.

Bloodymary Mon 26-Dec-11 08:58:31

Aww, I remember the original thread well.
Thanks so much for updating us.

And the way you reunited them was magical. Well done you. <<off to get a tissue>> smile

sweetsantababy Mon 26-Dec-11 08:59:57

Ahhh that is so lovley. smile

Livingwiththefamished Mon 26-Dec-11 09:00:36

What a lovely lovely ending. And I love the tale on the label. More watery eyes here too!

kitbit Mon 26-Dec-11 09:01:18


CheeseAndBunion Mon 26-Dec-11 09:07:12

Thanks DustintheWind. I should have thought to attach the thread. That is the one I started in Chat and Lost and Found, then a Mumsnetter called Cloudbase saw it and posted something in AIBU thinking it might get more traffic...

naturalbaby Mon 26-Dec-11 09:11:27

I love MN

XmasFayreToMiddlin Mon 26-Dec-11 09:18:14

I remember the original thread

I also remember trawling the internet with other MNers, looking for a suitable replacement

I am so, so pleased this has had a happy ending. smile


Hulababy Mon 26-Dec-11 09:22:37

How wonderful!

pigletmania Mon 26-Dec-11 09:25:24

Thats so wonderful, I am really chuffed for your little boy smile

RobinSparkles Mon 26-Dec-11 09:29:22

Aw, how lovely!

My DD1 is very attached to a cuddly cat. She would be devastated if anything happened to it and I would be too as I know how much she would miss it.

Your DS must be delighted to have his monkey back. What a lovely story smile

Lovely thread, so pleased stripes has been reunited smile

I love MumsNet

Thankyou for the update. The onions I have just been peeling were particularly strong

kerstina Mon 26-Dec-11 09:45:43

Had me in tears too. You could base a real childrens book on your story of monkey and get your mom to illustrate it if she is a painter.

Robotindisguise Mon 26-Dec-11 10:19:08

<bawls>. How utterly wonderful. Hooray for Mumsnet <sniff>

mountaingirl Mon 26-Dec-11 14:13:39

What a wonderful, heartwarming story cheeseandbunion. Your ds will never forget the return of Stripes. Well done to the Mumsnetters that helped in this quest.

<sniffs> How lovely.

OH I didn't think I'd blub as much as I did, reading this! I've just done a search for it to see what happened - and am so happy that it went well! What a wonderful way to deliver him back to your DS, and for your Dad too - ahhhhh!!

Tears running all down my face now, glad DH is in bed so can't see!
What a happy boy your DS must be now - and what wonderful MNers who sent you the monkey replacement!
hope you got the card from M in Australia to add to his scrapbook of "places Stripes visited". smile

I'm like grin this through the tears now...

TheMonster Mon 26-Dec-11 15:05:52

That's a lovely story smile

HarktheHelenMumsnetAngelsSing (MNHQ) Mon 26-Dec-11 15:09:48


iwantavuvezela Mon 26-Dec-11 15:32:07

Now that is a christmas story, love the stickman analogy ....... (furtively wipes tears .....)

HoneydragonAteCliffRichard Mon 26-Dec-11 15:35:12

<blows noses, dribbles snot over lap top>>

What a lovely story, I am so pleased for you all. smile

bubby64 Mon 26-Dec-11 15:51:42

So lovely - I'm also in

LadyBeagleBaublesAndBells Mon 26-Dec-11 15:51:56

ds 16 still has doggy from the day he was born. He sits safe in my wardrobe, after I got a puppy who chewed everything in sight.
I know exactly how you feel, when we went on holiday the list was passport, tickets, doggy.
He never got lost and he's still very precious.

Haberdashery Mon 26-Dec-11 15:55:44

That is beautiful. I'm so happy for you all.

YuleingFanjo Mon 26-Dec-11 15:58:57

how lovely, I remember the thread. brought tears to my eyes. grin

ReeBee Mon 26-Dec-11 16:00:02

So lovely. But you definitely needed a tissues warning!


LoopyLoopsWoopDeWoops Mon 26-Dec-11 16:04:31

Brilliant! Well done all. smile

madangelhairday Mon 26-Dec-11 16:07:35

Ah ... just gorgeous <cries> smile

LEttletownofBOFlehem Mon 26-Dec-11 16:10:37

I think I have some dust in my eye...

4madboys Mon 26-Dec-11 16:13:25

i read the origional thread! LOVE the little note, how clever to put in about the stick man story!! ( i read that to my boys on xmas eve!) so glad your ds is sooo happy, another one with tears here!! grin

FionaBruise Mon 26-Dec-11 16:13:30

brilliant! ha I just asked my bloke..can I tell you a lovely story? he goes, "yes, but not now, print if off and read it to me down the pub." ... so I have printed it off for him to blub to down the pub!!.... god The March of the Penugins yesterday and Goodnight Mister Tom this morning on TV was emotional enough but Stripes is gonna kill him :-)
Thanks ! Lovely!

fumblebee Mon 26-Dec-11 16:31:28

Aw bless. So nice to hear you had such a wonderful Christmas. There are people out there who will go the extra mile to spread some magic, just takes some time to find them sometimes!x

Rhinestone Mon 26-Dec-11 16:38:15

Lovely!! Just lovely - tears in my eyes!

Well done Crispface, Cloudbase and Sparrowfart!

liveinazoo Mon 26-Dec-11 16:46:04

how lovely to hear some good,kind people are still out there.the little note was wonderful touch.what a lucky boy to have a mum who never gave up and the spirit and help of mumsnet.merry xmas

HedleyLamarr Mon 26-Dec-11 16:46:50

What a wonderful story.

runningwilde Mon 26-Dec-11 16:47:11

I remember your story and that is beautiful! Now, establish some ground rules for the monkey... Monkey stays in the house or can go to other houses but not to town or shops etc! My dd is very attached to a little bunny but she knows she can't take bunny to the shops or town and that saves me a lot of panic as hopefully bunny wont ever be lost! X

I remember the original thread <sob> what a lovely story and a great reminder of how wonderful people can be!

KitchenandJumble Mon 26-Dec-11 17:03:41

I remember your original thread. A couple of days ago I thought about it for some reason and hoped you would update. What a lovely ending. Truly heartwarming!

Doyouthinktheysaurus Mon 26-Dec-11 17:05:16

Such a lovely story

<wipes eyes>

Kormachameleon Mon 26-Dec-11 17:22:01

I have something in my eye wink

What a lovely mummy you are

Lonnie Mon 26-Dec-11 17:55:48

I remember the thread and I am so happy that he reunion went well

elfyrespect Mon 26-Dec-11 18:10:39

Fantastic smile

hazchem Mon 26-Dec-11 19:07:05

my OH and are are a bit weepy at this story. Wow!

NatashaBee Mon 26-Dec-11 19:10:47

That's lovely. So nice to hear about a child being so happy with a stuffed toy, after all the stories about getting iPads and laptops.

shinyrobot Mon 26-Dec-11 19:14:00

smile grin smile grin smile grin smile grin smile grin

Oh MN at Christmas is terrible for my poor mascara! So glad your DS had a magical Christmas!

thebigkahuna Mon 26-Dec-11 19:24:32

Hurray! Thannks so much for updating - nominating this for classics.

Tigerbomb Mon 26-Dec-11 19:25:43

Bloody hell, it's dusty in here today

What a lovely lovely story x

headfairy Mon 26-Dec-11 19:28:59

oh my god, the sweetest story I've ever read... dammit you've made me cry at work grin

Lovethesea Mon 26-Dec-11 19:31:07

Oh that's magical. Thank you so much for letting us know!!

I remember! Oh what a lovely ending,fantastic. Second time I've been tearey on MN today.x

MmeReindor Mon 26-Dec-11 19:38:11


Oh, that is so lovely.

Ha, I have just realised I mixed up my lost toy stories - cheeseandbunion, ignore my ramblings about cards from Australia, that went to the little boy who lost his floppy dog toy in Blackpool! blush

Still so glad that your DS has his Stripes back and it was such a success. smile

crispface Tue 27-Dec-11 06:11:45

Cheeseandbunion directed me here and it us 6am, I am off on my holidays and have literally sobbed my way through a shower!

Merry Christmas stripes!

Cheeseandbunion, you say your dad was crying, were you not sobbing too? In fact, wasn't everyone in your house in tears?!?!

AwayinaKayzr Tue 27-Dec-11 06:32:57

That is such a brilliant ending to this story. Shed a few tears too.

I hope Stripes is having a great time being at home.

CheeseAndBunion Tue 27-Dec-11 06:54:16

Hi Crispface, thank you for starting this whole story with the thread you wrote for me. I still can't believe you went to that trouble for someone you'd never met. Hope you have a great holiday and yes there were happy tears all round in this house Xmas day. We were a lovely big cheery mess x

HedleyLamarr Tue 27-Dec-11 19:31:30

Oi FionaBruise, what was your ohs reaction when you read this to him in the pub? <nosy>

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Sun 01-Jan-12 16:07:27

I just read this story to DH and he is teary, too!!!

What a wonderful story! Happy New Year!

WoodyAllenJesus Sun 01-Jan-12 16:08:17

I didn't read the original thread but oh my lord I'm weeping like a baby!

alistron1 Sun 01-Jan-12 16:32:29

Best thread ever grin <<sobs>>

Collision Sun 01-Jan-12 16:37:31

<<<<huge lump in my throat and tears plopping down my cheeks!>>>>

QOD Sun 01-Jan-12 17:25:53


How lovely grin

I love the fact you made such an effort with the reunion.

SparkySparrow Sun 01-Jan-12 18:01:33

I was wondering about this monkey the other day.

I'm now a complete mess! <off to dig out the tissues...blub..blub!>

Just beautiful - such a great idea to put a story behind it as well, real tear jerker! Lovely!

1973magpie Sun 01-Jan-12 20:50:36

I remember the original thread too, how lovely that someone was able to reunite stripes with his person - sniff smile

That's the best Christmas story ever. I'm blubbing.

KenDoddsDadsDog Sun 01-Jan-12 20:52:36

Lovely story !

Yes what a lovely Christmas story.

dearprudence Sun 01-Jan-12 21:31:49

I remember the original thread too. Thanks for the update.

sparrowfart Sun 01-Jan-12 22:14:18

To make you all weep even more, poor old Stripes spent the intervening years squished into a carrier bag in the back of a wardrobe. I'm delighted that he is going to be loved back to life again!

effingwotsits Sun 01-Jan-12 22:17:01

Wonderful storysmile

I remember your original thread about finding a monkey, so glad all went well! Such a lovely story smile

EvaLongoria Mon 02-Jan-12 09:45:30

Glad to read about the happy ending. I've just been bored this am in bed and read the thread first in Lost and Found then clicked the link to AIBU and read all 10 pages. Got disappointed when the thread ended with no Christmas story and then searched for OP and found this thread. What a lovely ending.

southlundon Thu 14-Jun-12 10:47:35

I've only just found this thread (and the original) after surfing through Classics and it's got me in tears as well, months later!

Someone should make this into a film smile

glastocat Sat 28-Jul-12 14:14:21

Sobbing here!

gobbledegook1 Sun 29-Jul-12 01:16:40

What a lovely story and a wonderful bunch of people.

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