Has my fridge found religion?

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RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 18:41:29

I have a NEFF fridge. It is less than a year old. Today I went to get water and ice from the dispenser and it won't respond and it says Sabbath on the display panel. no mention of this in the instruction booklet.

Is this some fridge religious epiphany? Whilst I welcome religion in any form, I just am rather frustrated by the fridge observing the day of the lord (esp when it's Thursday rather than Sunday).

picnicbasketcase Thu 01-Dec-11 18:42:36

No idea but muahahahahah, that's ace grin

TheFestiveKnid Thu 01-Dec-11 18:43:25

You misunderstand. The fridge is refusing to work properly until you put on a Black Sabbath CD.

piratecat Thu 01-Dec-11 18:46:47

lol weird!!

QueenStromba Thu 01-Dec-11 18:47:58

Sabbath mode is for strict Jews that follow the rule that you can't use electricity on the Sabbath. No idea how to turn it off though.

Bohica Thu 01-Dec-11 18:48:50

Very odd, have you tried praying with it? Or switching the little bulb off inside for a minutes silence?

SemperUbiSubUbi Thu 01-Dec-11 18:49:20

but its thursday!

QueenStromba Thu 01-Dec-11 18:50:18

Have a look at this maybe it will help.

Sorry but PMSL grin

WowOoo Thu 01-Dec-11 18:51:33

grin Amazing fridge. Does it lock itself during Ramadan?

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 18:56:00

QueenStromba - hmmm. Thanks for the link. Doesn't look promising from that does it.

WowOoo - it stayed in full working order throughout Ramadam but OMG - it's Advent isn't it, which I believe is supposed to be a period of fasting and preparation before Xmas. Is the Fridge observing Advent then? What's going to happen when it's Lent?? shock

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 18:59:00

Interesting that we're gradually working out said Fridge's religion. Def not Jewish as it's not Saturday and it seems to be observing Advent. And as it didn't stop during Ramadam then it isn't observing any Islamic traditions. I wonder if it's CofE or RC.

If it's RC can I use my ownership of it to get my kids into the most excellent RC school in town?

bung some loaves and fishes and water in and see what happens.

piratecat Thu 01-Dec-11 19:43:43

pmsl @ stealth's suggestion

JKSLtd Thu 01-Dec-11 19:44:50

It'll decide for you what to give up for Lent and won't let you take those things out.

EmpressOfTheSevenOceans Thu 01-Dec-11 19:45:26

Easy to check whether it's RC. Put some meat in tonight and see if it throws it out on Friday.

ChildofIsis Thu 01-Dec-11 19:47:00

I love the idea of playing Black Sabbath to a fridge.

I have nothing usefull to add but to say this has made my day!

Fuzzywood Thu 01-Dec-11 19:47:23

Not very helpful sorry, I vote you try Stealth's suggestion grin

CotherMuckingFunticalChristmas Thu 01-Dec-11 19:50:36

You could make your million by chucking a jug of water into it....

GrimmaTheNome Thu 01-Dec-11 19:52:12

If its a Methodist fridge it should turn your wine into water, I think.

I'd call Neff and get them to sort it out before its a year old.

NoOnesGoingToEatYourMincePies Thu 01-Dec-11 19:52:19

Maybe your fridge wanted to use a Christmas nickname just like the rest of us.

CotherMuckingFunticalChristmas Thu 01-Dec-11 19:53:14

Sorry Stealth, I saw 'loaves and fishes' but I missed 'wine'...

<wonders off to find other parties to be late to>

SantasStrapon Thu 01-Dec-11 19:53:17

FPMSL - can we have a photo please? grin

Trial by bacon perhaps?

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 19:54:08

There was water in it already and it's still water sad. Mind you miracles take time and this has only happened this evening.

If I put fizzy water in is there a chance I'll end up with sparkling wine?

SantasStrapon Thu 01-Dec-11 19:57:10

You're assuming it's religion allows alcohol though.

NorfolkNCarolSingers Thu 01-Dec-11 19:58:21

Easiest way to test the religion is to put some sausages in, if the fridge rejects them it narrows it down

SaffronCake Thu 01-Dec-11 19:58:23

I would so like to tweet this thread... Except I have no idea how to.

Holy fridge is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

ratspeaker Thu 01-Dec-11 20:01:53

Try some psalms
See if it hums along

VicarInaTutu Thu 01-Dec-11 20:05:21


absolutely fantastic. perhaps you could sell it to the press in a similar vein to the Shroud of Turin....take pics quick! it may lose its religion!

i love it.

CotherMuckingFunticalChristmas Thu 01-Dec-11 20:05:33

Does it make a humming noise like my fridge? If so, run around you kitchen blaspheming and see if the hum gets higher in a kind of irate way.

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:06:11

Well, interesting point re. the sausages. I was planning a roast chicken tonight but didn't have time so opted for toad in the hole tonight so sausages have, in a way, been ejected from the fridge. Not sure it whether it was the power of the Fridge or my disorganisation at play there.

Anyway, hadn't we already ascertained that the Fridge isn't Jewish. Def some kind of form of Christianity methinks. Or do Jedis have a sabbath? OMG a Jedi fridge, now that is COOL.

SemperUbiSubUbi Thu 01-Dec-11 20:06:18


SjuperWolef Thu 01-Dec-11 20:08:43

vicar ive an image in my mind of r.e.m song 'losing my religion' being played whilst the fridge observes its sabbath grin

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:09:14

yy - it's defo humming. I have to sort out tracks for the class nativity in a bit so will see what the effect of various christmastide songs have on it.

haven't tried Black Sabbath yet, as have seen no evidence of tattoos so am guessing it's not a rocker. Also I don't have any Black Sabbath on my iTunes (have Black Eyed peas and Black Grape (England's Irie.... WTAF?!) - will either of those do?).

MildlyNarkyPuffin Thu 01-Dec-11 20:11:48

Maybe it's not Sabbath. Maybe it was trying to say sabbatical, and it needs some time off chilling your milk to pursue other interests.

OldLadyKnowsSantaClaus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:12:13

You could try playing a youtube video of Black Sabbath, no need to contaminate your iTunes.

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:15:43

Pic on profile. It's ver ver tiny tho.

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:20:08

MildlyNarkyPuffin - nah - it's fosho sabbath. I reckon if a sabbatical was on the cards it would have gone on strike all over. Apart from the annoying whine when you leave the door open too long which has stopped since sabbath appeared and the lack of cold water and ice <sigh> it's all working fine.

Heading off to youtube for some Black Sabbath and will report back.

I've just googled sorry can't copy and paste on phone and apparently there is a Sabbath mode. Lots of discussion about turning it off, no explanation of what it means!

Apparently the ovens have it too

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:27:07

Uh-oh. My original jest could have been closer to the truth than I initially thought...
Sabbath Mode

LemonMousstletoeandWine Thu 01-Dec-11 20:27:14

Tis obviously a miracle of some sort hmm

Behold - I give you ........ Freezus of Nazareth!

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:27:23

So it's Jewish then?

SaffronCake Thu 01-Dec-11 20:27:53

If the point of a Sabbath mode is not to use electric (which means your fridge is warming up by the way) then how does a Sabbath oven work at all? Your toad in the hole is going to be more like boak in the bog Love.

VicarInaTutu Thu 01-Dec-11 20:30:29

I just love that any White goods can have a Sabbath mode grin

QuintessentialyFestive Thu 01-Dec-11 20:30:46

See what happens if you put a cheese and tomato pizza in. Will it choke? Or vomit it out in nice ice cubes?

Does the fridge know it is thursday today?

Yes - it's Jewish. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabbath_mode. Not sure if you can switch it back again.

Is it dark inside?

QuintessentialyFestive Thu 01-Dec-11 20:32:44

How do persuade a fridge to convert to another religion?

VicarInaTutu Thu 01-Dec-11 20:33:10

grin freezers of nazareth grin grin love it! This has made my night I tell ya...

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:34:02

Well, that explains the sausages then. Oven definitely not Kosher as toad in the hole was delicious.

breatheslowly - are saying what I think you're saying? Namely, that I won't be able to get it to convert?

MotherPanda Thu 01-Dec-11 20:34:05

Your fridge is Jewish, this setting means that lights will be switched off before sundown on Friday, but your fridge will keep running. Apparently orthordox Jews consider switching lights on to be work. I would suggest having a look at your fridges Date/time settings.

SaffronCake Thu 01-Dec-11 20:35:57

Cheese and tomato pizza should be Ok but FGS don't offer it a Hawaiian with Prawns.

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:36:14

Sorry - need to pause and applaud LemonMousstletoe's "Freezus of Nazareth". Genuis. grin

SaffronCake Thu 01-Dec-11 20:37:54

You're oven may not be Jewish NOW but would you trust that fridge to keep it's views to itself?

Beware the zealous keeper of the ingredients.

< taps nose counter-conspiratorily >

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:38:22

MotherPanda - The light works fine, it's just the ice and water dispenser and the door alarm thingie that's gone off.

QuintessentialyFestive Thu 01-Dec-11 20:39:04

Yes, you must either keep the fridge separate from all your other white and brown goods, or try to teach them all religious and cultural tolerance.

SaffronCake Thu 01-Dec-11 20:43:44

Are the Brown goods Hindu?

MotherPanda Thu 01-Dec-11 20:45:50

Curiouser and curiouser...

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 20:48:12

My FIL is Hindu. We're CofE. Mucho religious diversity within these four walls. More so now tho since the fridge has joined in. Microwave's going to be ordering copies of the Kuran when my back's turned and if the Oven goes Wiccan then I'll have to have words.

ChildofIsis Thu 01-Dec-11 20:52:48

Well if the oven goes wiccan at least you'll get some really interesting and diverse (possibly vegetarian) meals 8 times a year!

ChildofIsis Thu 01-Dec-11 20:53:39

Maybe twice a month too if it's really fundamentalist and observes full and new moon.

SaffronCake Thu 01-Dec-11 20:54:39

Jedi lighting? Flourescent tube lightsabres? No? Just a thought.

Pe1vicFloorOfSteel Thu 01-Dec-11 20:58:05

I was going to suggest that if fridge thinks Thursday is the Sabbath it must have joined a less well known sect, possibly even a mad cult, and it would all end with the fridge killing itself so it could ascend to a higher plane with it's fellow believers.

I'm slightly disappointed it's just a confused Jew.grin

I think once you are born Jewish you are Jewish for life. I am almost certain that this applies to fridges too.

Maybe the light is on all the time, even when it is closed. But how are you going to find out?

EnjoyResponsibly Thu 01-Dec-11 21:25:03

Is it perhaps kaballah Pelvic?

katz Thu 01-Dec-11 21:30:12

i have sadly googled and apparently what you need to do is

Simultaneously press "options" button and "+" selection button for at least 5 seconds..

If this doesn't work, unplug the machine for 30 minutes and try it again, repeating the above if necessary

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 21:33:24

breatheslowly - easy to find that out. Have put my iphone on video mode and put it in the fridge and shut the door. Video footage confirms darkness when fridge door is shut!

So Sabbath mode means that you can turn the light on by opening the door, but something about pressing buttons for ice / water and the door alarm going off is forbidden.

hugglymugly Thu 01-Dec-11 21:38:47

Don't, whatever you do, throw in a Richard Dawkins book.

Well, not unless you have a good video camera and know how to upload to YouTube, and have a posse of well-honed firemen standing by.

KenDoddsDadsDog Thu 01-Dec-11 21:44:08

Is the baby Cheesus inside?

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 21:48:30

katz - tried the first option but the panel's not reponding at all. Switching it off for 5 mins didn't do much so I'll try the 30 min option. Have emailed Neff and the Rabbi Lionel Blue wink.

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 21:49:14

LOL @ baby Cheesus. There's a medium cheddar and some parmesan. Does that count at all?

katz Thu 01-Dec-11 21:53:28

i have no idea if what i've put is actually true but thats what google threw up when i typed neff fridge sabbath mode!

SaffronCake Thu 01-Dec-11 21:53:55

Will it now be working on a Flora Torah?

Oh no sorry, of course it wont.

It can't work on the special Thursday fridge Sabbath.

devonshireduckling Thu 01-Dec-11 21:55:44

This thread is making me very happy. This is all very Life of Brian, can't you establish it as a shrine?

SaffronCake Thu 01-Dec-11 21:56:35

A shrine!!!!

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 22:00:17

I'm not going to start keeping bloody gourds in it.

smackapacca Thu 01-Dec-11 22:05:07

Well if you've washed any of your baby's muslins recently I'd keep the fridge and washing machine well apart.

Think of the carnage.

My fridge moos, could it be the sacrifice ?

DMChristmasCakes Thu 01-Dec-11 22:10:13

Thank you for this thread! Am loving the religious tolerance being shown in your kitchen.

Where does the toaster stand on these matters?

I googled it too. I think your fridge is broken, but at least it has a twin broken fridge.

Nothing constructive to add to this beside ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
DH keeps giving me hmm looks and I seem to be making it worse by trying to explain the thread...

Honeydragon Thu 01-Dec-11 22:11:08

Maybe its finally comfortable enough with you to share its Judaism with you?

I got rid of our fridge when it started sounding like people were having sex in it through the night - never caught them at it though.

DMChristmasCakes Thu 01-Dec-11 22:13:37

LittleWhiteWolf My DH is equally bemused. Although it's the cat that keeps giving me hmm looks.

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 22:14:53

Toaster is totally anti-Wiccan judging by the amount of burning it does. Must place it away from the oven.

LemonMousstletoeandWine Thu 01-Dec-11 22:17:34

Toaster sounds rather Baptist - hell fires and brimstone and all that.

JollySergeantJackrum Thu 01-Dec-11 22:18:59

Heh, I've also been trying to explain this to DP and getting funny looks.

Have you tried changing the date OP? Although I can imagine it would get a bit arsey having to change the date every week so as to not allow your fridge a weekend. I want to know how it knew when sunset was.

From wikipedia: Shabbat is observed from a few minutes before sunset on Friday evening until a few minutes after when one would expect to be able to see three stars in the sky on Saturday night.

fedupofnamechanging Thu 01-Dec-11 22:21:05

Thank you so much for this thread. It's really cheered me up this evening.

SaffronCake Thu 01-Dec-11 22:21:49

No the sink is baptist- obv. hmm

... Perhaps the sink converted the toaster?

smackapacca Thu 01-Dec-11 22:23:56

Baptist? Taptist surely?

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 22:30:13

OK - have spent the last half hour compiling an Xmas carol playlist full of hearty Christian anthems whilst I switched the fridge off at the wall. Am about to turn it back on - lets hope it's done the trick.

Taptist sinks. I mean come oooonnnnnnn.

QuintessentialyFestive Thu 01-Dec-11 22:31:44

You might have to plaster your fridge in Christmas cards for it to get the hint....

JennyPiccolo Thu 01-Dec-11 22:34:12

my fridge moos as well! Can't believe there are two of them.

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 22:37:54

hmmmm. it didn't work. Will leave it 24 hours and then get tough. Gggrrrrr.

Jamdoughnutfiend Thu 01-Dec-11 22:43:14

Ok can't go to sleep until I know if the carols have brought about a conversion, although still laughing a freezus of Nazareth (blasphemous)

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 22:45:16

Jamdonut - go to sleep safe in the knowledge that the carols did not cause a conversion.

Am fully expecting to come downstairs tomorrow morning to see the tumble-dryer wearing a turban.

Ihavewelliesbutitssunny Thu 01-Dec-11 22:51:41

I wanna nominate this for classics. Do you think that having a 'religious fridge' would help one get into a faith school smile

animula Thu 01-Dec-11 22:56:30

Sadly, for RattusRattus and her off-spring, I think it only qualifies the fridge for a place at a faith school. And it seems that the local faith school is RC, while the fridge is Jewish. hmm. A thread in education, asking about the requirement of faith schools to admit children fridges of other faiths is beckoning, I feel.

BonzoDooDah Thu 01-Dec-11 22:58:57

You're doing it all wrong... you don't want to play it carols or Black Sabbath you need some REM...

...Losing my Religion

ObviouslyLovesTinsel Thu 01-Dec-11 23:02:14

You could bring it here. My house is in an Eruv. Apparantly God can't see what you do in here.

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 23:06:35

Well Black Sabbath does have a song called Electric Funeral. I wondered if playing that would maybe make it reconsider it's options and become less, well, orthodox. Disclaimer: I do not condone refridgious genocide in any of its forms.

habbibu Thu 01-Dec-11 23:11:31

Your fridge is a pre-teen in fridge years, and so is exhibiting early rebellious religious experimentation. Wait a few months and it'll drop religion and start chillin' drugs.

hester Thu 01-Dec-11 23:16:53

Jews have been going through effin shit through centuries. You think that fridge will be cowed by you pressing a few buttons?

Still, be reassured that Judaism is not a proselytising faith. Your kettle and toaster should be safe.


SaggyoldCHRISTMASHUMBUGcatpuss Thu 01-Dec-11 23:19:30

A sure fire way to tell if your fridge is Jewish...Check to see if its circumcised!

habbibu Thu 01-Dec-11 23:23:35

Could be a female fridge...

GrimmaTheNome Thu 01-Dec-11 23:27:50

Does it have a chicken soup dispenser?

>Is the baby Cheesus inside
Baby Bel cheesus obv...

OriginalPoster Thu 01-Dec-11 23:32:04

Lettuce pray grin

May your neff be forgiven
For its iceless state
May the cubes come forth
And multiply
In its ice box
May its nice ham be chilled
And it be delivered of fruit shoots
From this day forth


MollieO Thu 01-Dec-11 23:34:11

As you are a CofE household maybe you should think about getting it Christianed?

RattusRattus Thu 01-Dec-11 23:39:57

Lettuce pray!!!! PMSL. grin

GrimmaTheNome Thu 01-Dec-11 23:47:58

A Jewish fridge would have no concept of 'nice ham' sad

teacoupons Fri 02-Dec-11 00:00:46

This has to go in classics!

Another vote for classics!

moonbells Fri 02-Dec-11 08:26:18

Oh I love it! It's reminding me of the towel elephant thread...

<wipes tears> deffo Classics!

NorfolkNCarolSingers Fri 02-Dec-11 08:28:46

Is the Cheesus giving a sermon on the Mountain Dew? You might want to watch out for Juices Iscarrot...

I'll get my coat...

DeWe Fri 02-Dec-11 09:52:45

I thought you were going to say it had gone hole-y...

Getdressed Fri 02-Dec-11 10:03:40

Ha ha ha. That is all.

Rattus I hope you succeed in converting your fridge today.

I've just read the thread through from the start and have now reported it for classics. This has got to stay pmsl

spooktrain Fri 02-Dec-11 10:40:19

If Rattus isn't back it must be because the fridge is at work saving her sole

<getting coat>

giraffesCantDookForApples Fri 02-Dec-11 10:52:58

love it - I have nothing funny to add I am afraid.

classics vote

RattusRattus Fri 02-Dec-11 11:16:29

Fridge is still loyally Jewish. I suspect we may have to wait until sundown to find out the extent of its faith. Will update accordingly.

RattusRattus Fri 02-Dec-11 11:34:41

Ooooh classics. Thanks you MN Towers! thanks It's taken me 8 years to get a classic!

Anyway, if your DH is ever away in the States for the week and you haven't seen him from Sunday night to Friday morning I advise you not to open your greeting with "Welcome back! In case you're wondering, the fridge is Jewish". I think he wished he was back on the plane. blush grin

huntingforanswers Fri 02-Dec-11 11:44:22

If the sink is tapist, maybe you can get some decent beer from it?

Clownsarescary Fri 02-Dec-11 12:07:07

Great thread grin

OP as it's Friday, are you having God and Chips for supper?

Honeydragon Fri 02-Dec-11 13:12:52

"Welcome back! In case you're wondering, the fridge is Jewish"

Please stop making me laugh it huuuuuuuuurts! grin

BonzoDooDah Fri 02-Dec-11 13:45:41

Ha! Just picturing his face! Brilliant!

ChrisMsBrian Fri 02-Dec-11 16:06:14

I think you may have my fridge.
You can keep it.

QuintessentialyFestive Fri 02-Dec-11 18:41:37

Rattus, your christmas name must of course be Freezus of Nazareth

RattusRattus Fri 02-Dec-11 18:44:59

Post sundown update.

The fridge is no longer Jewish.

I'm almost sure this is due to the advice of Katz above (but only when the fridge when into major sabbath mode and the display went dark). However this happened at almost exactly the same time it all kicked off last night - i.e. just after sundown.

Will return next week if it happens again.

SaffronCake Sat 03-Dec-11 12:38:42

Top of this page right now is an advert for Innocent smoothies with an orange wearing a halo. It's suddenly all clear...

The fridge was sent to us to protect the innocents. No longer shall pure and unsullied strawberries be emulsified with ice cubes. The blender is a Satanist! The good fridge's purpose is to protect the meek.


RattusRattus Sat 03-Dec-11 15:20:09

It's not the messiah, it's a very naughty fridge.

VicarInaTutu Sun 04-Dec-11 17:52:51

"its not the messiah, it's a very naughty fridge"


VicarInaTutu Fri 09-Dec-11 20:05:10

as a result of this thread, did anyone elses fridge find Cod?


PoppaRob Mon 12-Dec-11 02:31:19

Sorry to be so late to this, but some fridges have a plastic tube that runs down to the drip tray for condensate to run through. The warmth of the compressor evaporates the water. Perhaps get your scissors out and snip a bit off the end of that tube?

crumpet Mon 12-Dec-11 02:56:48

But circumcising the fridge won't help, poppa rob, as it's been established that it's not Jewish

CatPussRoastingByAnOpenFire Mon 12-Dec-11 10:20:33

Anyway, I already suggested that! The fridge could be a girl! Silly! grin

PoppaRob Mon 12-Dec-11 20:06:43


All good electrical appliances express a wish to get into silicon heaven.

DonkeyTeapot Thu 15-Dec-11 18:06:50

Am I the only one wondering if the fridge went all religious again today, and last Thursday?

FreezusOfNazareth Wed 21-Dec-11 17:03:35

Sorry, update. Rattus here. Have name changed accordingly. It hasn't celebrated the Sabbath since, which is a sadness and a relief in equal measure. Toaster still Baptist tho. hmm angry

DonkeyTeapot Wed 21-Dec-11 21:06:31

Thanks Freezus!

Nice name change smile

BicNoddyHolder Wed 21-Dec-11 21:11:38


1944girl Wed 18-Apr-12 01:36:51

If it sprays you with water it is a Catholic fridge

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