share my shame...

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thesecondcoming Sat 08-May-10 18:01:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lulumaam Sat 08-May-10 18:02:14

I imagine the bump covered some of your shame?

oh god, that is awful, i am burning up for you!

withorwithoutyou Sat 08-May-10 18:03:13


One pieces for you from now on!

TheFallenMadonna Sat 08-May-10 18:04:22


BallpointPen Sat 08-May-10 18:05:54

shock What went through your mind?

Sorry but giggling here grin

NomDePlume Sat 08-May-10 18:06:04


You poor, befuddled woman. It must be the hormones.

5inthebed Sat 08-May-10 18:06:59


How many people noticed? Did the lifeguard have to tell you to put them back on?

dalek Sat 08-May-10 18:09:17

Thank you for that - am giggling like a loon


how long were you bottom-less?

thesecondcoming Sat 08-May-10 18:12:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sorry for your shame but that is hilarious! I am sat here with tears rolling down my cheeks.

JackBauer Sat 08-May-10 18:15:33

Am varying wildly between
shock and grin

What did your DH say? Um, excuse me love, but your bottom is hanging out?

NomDePlume Sat 08-May-10 18:16:10

oh jesus. that you were actually on the polside. I thought you were under the water so at least your modesty was partially preserved.

You can never go swimming there again.

oh god i am laughing so much the dc are most puzzled - what did your dh say? did any members of the public see you and what did you do next? did you still go for your swim? Oh lordy i am sure your pg state can excuse you.

maybebaby23 Sat 08-May-10 18:19:37

Oh. My. Gosh..not laughed so much in a long time!!! Sorry OP grin that is absolutely hilarious grin

I do feel for you though, honest!! Cringe!!

herbietea Sat 08-May-10 18:19:40

Message withdrawn

pjmama Sat 08-May-10 18:21:49

PMSL! Thanks for brightening up my evening!

At least you're obviously pregnant, so hopefully onlookers would have been a bit understanding.

Why did you feel the need to take your pants off but leave your top half on?! I could understand better if you'd stripped naked in a baby-brain/confused "am I getting in the bath" moment, but I don't get the half Monty?!

Bless you grin

thesecondcoming Sat 08-May-10 18:25:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Spatchadoodledo Sat 08-May-10 18:25:17

They usually advise saving the drugs for labour.. grin

You poor thing! I am blush for you!!

(Was the pool crowded? <nosey>) )

SrStanislaus Sat 08-May-10 18:25:30

I stopped laughing -then went back and reread .
Laughing all over again.

Oh -I mean sorry. Im sure no-one noticed. Pools are so busy and people never look at anyone else while they are in there .Specially not those in the spectators gallery...........

Joolyjoolyjoo Sat 08-May-10 18:27:19

OMG- Poor you! (but v. funny! grin)

Never mind, you can dine out on that one for years (as my mum would have said!)

BessieBoots Sat 08-May-10 18:27:34

Oh lordy may! That's brilliant!

BallpointPen Sat 08-May-10 18:28:05

"'what the fuck,your minge'"

Oh Oh, am crying now!

Monty27 Sat 08-May-10 18:28:30

OMG - rofl. Sorry. You poor thing. blush <carries on rofl>. The image of you dp's face. grin

LoveBeingAHungParliament Sat 08-May-10 18:28:52

Oh my god had you been Reading the smear thread before you went??? Love you husbands discreat way of telling you

heee hee (again) grin

ottermingoo Sat 08-May-10 18:29:00


I need to know what happened next........

colnelcustard Sat 08-May-10 18:31:29

Oh my god, i love that he said that he could see your minge. that's class.

SawneyBeane Sat 08-May-10 18:32:44

You must never leave the house again.

You utter, utter, utter loon.

thesecondcoming Sat 08-May-10 18:34:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tootlesmummy Sat 08-May-10 18:36:02

Enough, I'm just about wetting myself at this story!

Was there anyone else there and if so please tell me what they were saying/looking like smile

5inthebed Sat 08-May-10 18:36:33


oh my god tsc that must have been absolutely mortifying!but im crying with laughter here!!!!!! oh you poor woman! im 32 weeks and ive done some pretty stupid things but this is just hilarious! it probably wont be the same staff there on monday for aquanatalhmm

JackBauer Sat 08-May-10 18:38:54



thesecondcoming Sat 08-May-10 18:39:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

herbietea Sat 08-May-10 18:40:19

Message withdrawn

usualsuspect Sat 08-May-10 18:40:37

grin but blush for you

GypsyMoth Sat 08-May-10 18:41:55

did you clear the pool?? maybe everyone thought you were about to give birth...

are you planning a water birth?

BelleDameSansMerci Sat 08-May-10 18:42:10



BelleDameSansMerci Sat 08-May-10 18:42:49

Do they have CCTV? You could be on Youtube already. grin

bluebump Sat 08-May-10 18:43:59

grin sorry but that has made me chuckle!

supersalstrawberry Sat 08-May-10 18:44:38

omg a pmsl so much I had to tell dh and the dc why

bless you

this has got to go in classics grin

gettingout Sat 08-May-10 18:45:22

OMG my face is burning for you. Bless you for sharing. I am wetting myself.

Pregnancy hormones are Very Powerful Things.

30andMerkin Sat 08-May-10 18:46:41

Hang on, so you stayed and got in the pool..... how did that work? Did you just stand up and put your bikini bottoms on at the poolside, or did you get your DP to pass them to you and get re-dressed underwater?? And no a dash of shame to the loos?!

I'm trying to work out just how do you extricate yourself from this!

Doyouthinktheysaurus Sat 08-May-10 18:50:32

shock OMG that's fabulous.

PMSL that you actually stood there blowing up inflatables naked from the waist downgrin

whatname Sat 08-May-10 18:50:50

I'm going to pass out. I'm really sorry but haven't laughed this much in years. What happened next?!

thesecondcoming Sat 08-May-10 18:50:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

D0G Sat 08-May-10 18:51:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SugarMousePink Sat 08-May-10 18:52:38

PML - laughed so much that DH wanted to know what was so funny. Told him and he's still chuckling now....It's the "your minge" that got me!

Sorry for you OP - hope that you are feeling a bit less red faced now but that was so bloody funny!

OMG....actually have tears rolling down my face.I keep picturing your husbands face and starting laughing again. I'm so sorry but i'm 33 weeks and my DP thinks i'm losing the plot so i'm sorry but i can't wait to show him this later.

Surely they wouldn't have cctv in a swimming baths would they?

I take my hat off to you though for carrying on swimming!

GypsyMoth Sat 08-May-10 18:54:01

in front of everyone you put your pants ON??

i remember i could never do that easily when wasnt easy doing the one leg bit!!

muggglewump Sat 08-May-10 18:54:17

Oh I'm crying here.
Why, why would you do that?

You must move to the other side of the world immediately

muggglewump Sat 08-May-10 18:56:56

Oh good grief, I just thought, never mind your fanny hanging out, did anyone see the gusset of your bikini bottoms? That is far, far worse.

Oh my dh was desperate to go to the family swim near to us today and i wouldnt as they are always really busy - to busy to get your minge out! Im sure if you get a different swimming costume knowone will recognise you as they will be looking out for a pg lady in whatever colour top you were wearing. Tha aqua natal lady will for sure hear about it if staff saw and will probably mention it to her group so just laugh and deny all knowledge.

RockSolidLabourSeat Sat 08-May-10 18:59:29

Am I getting this? Did you take your pants OFF at the poolside and put them on a chair? And then you inflated rubber ring and armbands?

God I'm so sorry but I am rofl at this.

Bloody, bloody funny - Im alternating between horrifying shame for you and cackling with pant-wetting laughter!

Mostly with "thank god it wasnt me" going through my head!

ifancyashandy Sat 08-May-10 19:01:39


SwissCheeseIsHolyCheesus Sat 08-May-10 19:06:14

I will be sending you a repair bill for the laptop which has just had tea sprayed all over it grin

petitmaman Sat 08-May-10 19:06:27

Poor you. But that is fuking brilliant. I am crying with laughter.
But no you must never go to that swimming pool ever again. grin

catinthehat2 Sat 08-May-10 19:07:37

Haircut, plastic surgery and grow a beard, it's the only future you have now.

nickschick Sat 08-May-10 19:12:27

TSC ohh you looooooon grinim laffin' so much here...........the shame blush.

Cant you pretend your twin sister came to town and really you were at home when this happened.

I love it.

EccentricaGallumbits Sat 08-May-10 19:12:53

i'm crying. actual tears.

you are gong top have to move to the other end of the country.

CaptainNancy Sat 08-May-10 19:13:24

I am shaking silently here, with laughter, trying not to disturb the children who are dropping off...
You poor, poor thing.

MrsMiamla Sat 08-May-10 19:13:29

this is brilliant! sorry OP! I'm laughing because this is exactly the kind of thing I usually do (but i'm more sensible than mentioning it to a few hundred crazy women on the internet wink)

but oh, my favourite comment..."no one will recognise you with your pants on!" grin

MrsMiamla Sat 08-May-10 19:21:26

secondcoming it wasn't because you read the thread on here about hiding your pants for a smear was it? I hope the gusset was hidden wink

TheArsenicCupCake Sat 08-May-10 19:23:48

I have nothing constructive to say

however I am crying here.. So is dh .. Particularly at the gentle way your dp told you..

Tortington Sat 08-May-10 19:23:59

holy shit. that is truly the most embarrassing thng i ever heard.

lou031205 Sat 08-May-10 19:25:41

I am mortified for you!

I personally would be more than happy to chip in to a 'modesty fund' for TheSecondComing. grin

cornsilk Sat 08-May-10 19:27:58

I've had nightmares where that's happened.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Sat 08-May-10 19:28:12

This is the funniest thing I have head in aaaages!

I am mortifid on your behalf though OP.

I too would be more than happy to chip in to buy TSC a one poece swimsuit grin

tutu100 Sat 08-May-10 19:29:33

tsc hopefully this may be of some comfort. I am incredibly short sighted and when we go swimming I can't see a thing. So hopefully the pool will have been full of short sighted people who will have been blissfully unaware of your minge flashing.

Hassled Sat 08-May-10 19:30:38

You poor, poor thing. The awful thing is that as I'm reading and laughing part of me can imagine me doing exactly that .

Cannotfindaname Sat 08-May-10 19:36:38

That has to be the most embarrassing situation ever, and of your own making!! PMSL. Sorry that we are all laughing at your misfortune but it is so funny. And your DHs reaction just makes it even funnier!

Credit to you for staying though! I would have been gone. And you can go back because, tbh, they probably weren't looking at your face. blush

SirBoobAlot Sat 08-May-10 19:38:13

I'm sorry, I should be sympathetic but I am too busy laughing so hard I have little tears in the corners of my eyes grin

You do realise you are going to have to move countries and change your identity now, don't you??

PMSL at "on youtube"!!! grin

FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 08-May-10 19:40:03

OMG i wish I hadn't read this just now, I have a hideous chesty cough and am laughing so hard i can hardly breathe now!!

Fluffyone Sat 08-May-10 19:40:32

Sorry, but I'm crying with laughter here and wheezing with asthma. Best laugh I've had in ages. But... if I was you I'd be emigrating, no question about it. grin

fearnelinen Sat 08-May-10 19:41:52

More, more! Tell us more! Hw the hell did you slip them back on with a rubber ring in your teeth and a 30 week bump unbalancing you? And on a slippery floor???! I would have ended up in full internal exam position!

Thank god your gusset was hidden!

cookielove Sat 08-May-10 19:42:09

That has made me laugh out loud, sooooooooooo funnnnnnnnny grin

EnchantedWithGordon Sat 08-May-10 19:43:11


Minge?? who says minge in RL???


you poor thing!

Lotkinsgonecurly Sat 08-May-10 19:43:16

Its so funny, can just imagine it. Thank you it has really brightened up my evening.grin.

Next time you feel like a swim you can either approach it as

1. Wearing a costume / t-shirt bearing the statement 'tis I the fanny flaunter'.

2. Or just get a new hair colour and new costume( maybe an all in one or is that tempting fate)

3. Maybe just go to another pool, until you've given birth. And then use a different costume.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

muggglewump Sat 08-May-10 19:46:49

Do you at least have a nice fanny?

Perhaps the other women will be wishing they had such a lovely one, not so much if you have a right old growler.

EnchantedWithGordon Sat 08-May-10 19:48:19

Mugglewump!! A nice fanny?? at 33 weeks pregnant it probably looks like a hairy, veiny tin of spam.

Well mine did anyway!

fearnelinen Sat 08-May-10 19:50:20

Out of interest mugglewump what constitutes a nice fanny? I thought they were all pretty much of a muchness? !

thesecondcoming Sat 08-May-10 19:50:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oh TSC that has made me snort and laugh at the same time and I have just shared it with my DH who is horrified for your DH, but thinks it is funny too.

off out to walk the dog, no doubt will still be chrotling away by myself like a loon

FabIsGoingToGetFit Sat 08-May-10 19:54:41

I think that woman talking to you was trying to tell you...

PouffeGalore Sat 08-May-10 19:55:13

LOL at inflating a ring while you were bottomless. Lets hope more people looked at the rubber one!

Kbear Sat 08-May-10 19:56:51

of course the BEST bit of this fabulous story is the fact that your DD will tell everyone at nursery/school on Monday... bless her


Pavlov Sat 08-May-10 19:58:33

I was shock when i read your post.

Then I was shock shock shock that you stayed shock you clearly have lost your mind love!

Your poor DP, I am so surprised he did not just march you out of there pronto.

You are right. You cannot return.

shock grin blush

cocolepew United States Sat 08-May-10 19:59:11

Oh good grief that is absolutely hystericalgrin

TopsyKretts Sat 08-May-10 19:59:14

OMG...perhaps it just looked like you were wearing a furry g-string?

Tootlesmummy Sat 08-May-10 20:06:35

furry g-string! classic......

pointydog Sat 08-May-10 20:08:22

shock at op

I think I know why it happened. You are on mn too much, you had particpate din that thread about hiding pants at smear tests so subconsciously you thought you were supposed to remove your pants and put them neatly to one side.

Jaysus. Inwardly I'm cringing, outwardly PMSL.

BariatricObama Sat 08-May-10 20:13:56

oh well, at least you didn't leap in the shallow end and attempt a handstand [passes op a straw to cling to]

NorbertDentressangle Sat 08-May-10 20:14:50


I am stifling snorts here.

I'm in the room with DP and in-laws supposedly looking up something to do with Debretts/ etiquette to settle an argument but had to have a sneaky look at MN -now trying not to give the game away.

fearnelinen Sat 08-May-10 20:15:33

I have to admit, I'm not pg and I have thought all day about how to arrange my pants when I next take them off!! grin

VirtualPA Sat 08-May-10 20:37:54

this has GOT to be a classic.

Just told DH who is actually shock


cyb Sat 08-May-10 20:39:32

that is truly hilarious. I just had to read it to dh cos I was laughing so much

PMSL at you dutifully inflating the bands and rubber ring

hugebelly Sat 08-May-10 20:45:34

Hilarious! I do feel for you, but I've actually wet myself, I'm laughing so hard!

snowwombat Sat 08-May-10 20:47:32

TSC, crying with laughter here. My trip to the pool on Monday is now going to be accompanied with a fit of giggles and a checking for correct placement of swimwear! grin

decafgirl Sat 08-May-10 20:50:09

Oh. My. God. PMSL This is utterly hilarious! Thank you very much for sharing OP.

Fave suggestion so far is the 'I'm the fanny flaunter' t-shirt...

Go back, head held high (no one will remember your face!) and brazen it out xx

tigger32 Sat 08-May-10 21:06:25

grin Thank you so much for cheering me up!

smile shock

PollyTicks Sat 08-May-10 21:09:59

My stomach aches from laughing.

Furry g-string! Tin of spam! Ah ha ha haaaaaaa.

You poor, poor preggo-brained woman.

VicarInaTuTu Sat 08-May-10 21:13:52

i am literally crying with laughing, have just told DH, this is so funny.

its the fact you folded them up and put them on a little chair that did it for me....

<pats secondcoming on the head in a there there dear it will all be alright sort of way>

BonzoDoodah Sat 08-May-10 21:52:31

Oh dear and I thought I did some daft things when pregnant. The shame!

barleywood Sun 09-May-10 09:26:30

Top marks for folding them up neatly....I'm impressed.

Soooooo funny....trying to be sympathetic but reading the posts peering through my hands. I used to do that with Dr Who but this sounds more terrifying than the Daleks.

You do know that you will NEVER be allowed to forget this. It will join your family folklore...especially for the little one inside you.

thesecondcoming Sun 09-May-10 10:25:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HairExtensions Sun 09-May-10 10:27:49

That is so funny, sorry TSC grin

FabIsGoingToGetFit Sun 09-May-10 10:55:48

grin at your DP's response to your advances.

Bicnod Sun 09-May-10 11:33:41

Oh god, I am laughing so hard that DS (1) is giggling manically as well grin

Sorry for your shame but thank you for sharing grin

differentID Sun 09-May-10 11:53:57

I've just got home from my friends place- Oh, you poor thing!!

For what it's worth dh chuckled, and I creacked up compeltely reading this!

maristella Sun 09-May-10 12:37:48

how on earth did i miss this thread yesterday??!!
ha ha!!!!!!!
are you going back tomorrow????
if so you will need goggles, swim hat, new cozzie and a shaven haven grin
and if you chat to other mum's you have to mention that your twin's due date is the week before yours.....
not even pregnesia will allow you to forget this one!! grin

ChippingIn Sun 09-May-10 13:06:49

TSC blush

OMG - I haven't laughed this much in a very, very long time - half about the situation and half from what the rest of you have written. Not to mention you trying to put your pants on poolside - I don't know what I would have done, it's the stuff nightmares are made of!!

This MUST go in classics...

...and you know what TSC - many people hide behind namechanges for much lesser things - you, my love, are a real MN Treasure... what 'balls' to come on here and post this under your MN name!! Good on you!!

I do second what others have said though - of course you can go back tomorrow, it will not have been your face they were looking at!!

MrsMeow Sun 09-May-10 13:19:58

Haha, oh you poor thing! That's hilarious, and totally something I could imagine myself doing when pg!

On the plus side - people may have just assumed you were wearing a sporran? Was your tankini top tartan, perchance?

fanny flaunter (faints clean away)

choccyp1g Portugal Sun 09-May-10 13:29:53

You thought you were getting into the birthing pool didn't you?

Jamiki Sun 09-May-10 13:50:02

I am 25 wks pg. I undid my belt in the coffee shop the other day while I ate and promptly forgot. I was reminded on my way out by a very strange look from a lady at the two flapping belt ends.

I also noticed the flapping undone belt whilst walking through the school yard the other morning.

It's cos you can't see it.

Have a glass of wine and a laugh about it and then tell your DH that he must NEVER EVER MENTION IT AGAIN AS LONG AS YOU BOTH LIVE.

Then pretend it never happened

ande Sun 09-May-10 13:54:34

That is the funniest thing I've read/heard. i am litteraly crying.

Naturally as I am heavily pregnant myself I feel your pain............ grin

PuzzleRocks Sun 09-May-10 15:52:46

Oh god love you. grin Priceless. grin grin grin

mrsfred Sun 09-May-10 16:09:40

You poor thing. I am trying to be sympathetic but am pretty sure my pelvic floor just gave out. Thank you for sharing this with us. I haven't laughed so much in ages grin

AuntieMaggie Sun 09-May-10 16:22:43

omg - crying with laughter here too - dp thought it was funny but not that funny and is telling me to shut up but i can't!

bless you

In absolute hysterics about this! Showed it to DP and asked what he would have done if he'd come to the pool to find me half nekkid....he said 'Turned round and walked away and pretended I didn't know you' shock grin

essexgirl31 England Sun 09-May-10 18:39:01


Utterly mortified for you.

But a big thank you for sharing with MN. I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

Hope the rest of your pregnancy is shame free


Humdrumhappiness Sun 09-May-10 18:40:34

Thank you so much for sharing, that's hilarious. Don't worry, they won't recognise you next time if you wear a swimming hat and put on a one piece - but you'll have to borrow a different child just to make sure.

[shocki] I have had nightmares like that. You poor, poor woman. I agree with previous posters though, no one is going to recognize you.

shock I'm so sorry for you, and I feel your pain, I really do, but that is just hilarious!!! For anyone who doesn't believe pregnancy does make you just a little bit bonkers grin grin hope you've recovered!! <wonders off, still chortling>

SoupDragon Sun 09-May-10 18:58:41


Usually people chip in with their own tales in a show of solidarity. Not so here I'm afraid, it seems no one can even come close

"Mugglewump!! A nice fanny?? at 33 weeks pregnant it probably looks like a hairy, veiny tin of spam."

but probably better than the tortilla stuffed with chopped liver you get immediately after birth ...

Tyson86 Sun 09-May-10 19:14:14

PMSL bless you TSC
Been telling my Dh and mother and they couldnt stop laughing.

Omg that's hilarious! I love you 'your minge'

WickedWitchSouthWest Sun 09-May-10 19:32:27

oh tsc, I'm laughing too hard for a 33 wk preggo! omg, that is the funniest thing I've read in ages! grin Still planning on aquanatal tomorrow?!

tjtheminx Sun 09-May-10 19:40:36

tsc shock

I think you have put every pg woman on MN off venturing anywhere near a public swimming pool. ( I'm 30w and I'm certainly not going near one now, mind you could deliver any time I am laughing so hard)

Grow your DDs hair long or cut it short ( disguise) Get the two of you new swimsuits and you should be all set to return to the pool without shame in a couple of years.

"Minge"--- Jesus!

ruddynorah Sun 09-May-10 19:51:44

grin grin

that's me and dh roflling!!!

WickedWitchSouthWest Sun 09-May-10 20:19:01

just shared it with my husband, best laugh we've had in ages grin

dawntigga Mon 10-May-10 12:52:58

I heart this thread and have had to clean my screen as it's covered in tea.


thesecondcoming Mon 10-May-10 17:36:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ruddynorah Mon 10-May-10 18:00:02

oh don't one will remember your face wink

fanjolina Mon 10-May-10 20:16:36

I have been laughing about this for 2 days!!

DH and I are now calling 'doh!' moments, "minge moments!


dawntigga Mon 10-May-10 21:02:43

tsc everyone's seen you haven't got balls, don't let that stop you.


PS so did Iwink

thesecondcoming Mon 10-May-10 21:23:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OneTwoBuckleMyShoe Mon 10-May-10 21:51:10

This has to go in Classics!

My DH has just walked in to see if I was ok, as I shook with silent laughter, tears pooring down my face! grin

OneTwoBuckleMyShoe Mon 10-May-10 21:52:42

pooring = pouring

can't see the screen for laughing so much!

If this baby is a boy, you could get him a t-shirt to coordinate with your Fanny Flasher one - it should read:

I'm not the fanny flasher,
I'm the fanny flasher's son,
And no-one's flashing fannies,
'Til the fanny flasher comes!

Bum (sorry grin) I realised just as I hit post that it should read:

I'm not the fanny flaunter,
I'm the fanny flaunter's son,
And no-one's flaunting fannies,
'Til the fanny flaunter comes!


Kaloki Mon 10-May-10 22:42:57

Haha! That is brilliant!

FloweryTwats Mon 10-May-10 23:04:37

I read this on my phone in bed this morning and woke DH up by wobbling the whole bed silently laughing!

Astrophe Fri 14-May-10 14:38:54

A sporran! a sporran! Oh Mrs Meow Stop you're killing me! (tears, tears)

pagwatch Fri 14-May-10 14:43:52

Oh I have just come across this.

Bloody brilliant TSC!

Everytime I think of your DH mouthing 'what the fuck - your minge!' I get the giggles really badly

ninja Fri 14-May-10 16:27:55

Thank you for beinging a smile to my face. I'm sorry it was at your expense.

I'm sure most people will just think they imagined it

YanknCock Fri 14-May-10 17:02:42


Thank goodness for roundup, I miss all the good stuff due to being back at work.

Home sick today, and this has made me feel ten times better, thanks TSC!

This is the best thing I've read in a very long time - thank you TSC! grin

LilRedWG Fri 14-May-10 17:30:19

TSC - thanks for making a bad bay good.

Thediaryofanobody Fri 14-May-10 17:43:28

OMG I've just seen this I screamed with laughter poor poor OP. It's like one of those horrifying nightmares you have when you suddenly realise your nekkid and everyone is staring only you actually did it!!!! grin

Oh god.... I'm in hysterics at work. Thank you op!

A long time ago I walked out of the changing rooms in topshop, across the floor to the tills to buy the skirt I tried on, then realised I hadn't put my own skirt back on, and was wearing (the horror) massive white pants, black tights, and white heeled boots.

But that's still not as bad as having my minge on display in a swimming pool. grin

Eglu Fri 14-May-10 17:59:07

TSC I'm equally shock and blush for you.

Well done for not name changing for this.

Ace. Well done TSC. (On sharing, not the original event)

Just had this thread linked to in my post natal group... Oh my word, I haven't laughed so much in ages. Oh the shame blush but so bloody funny grin

CoupleofKooks Fri 14-May-10 19:14:10

the woman who tried to reassure you with

'my head was all over the place too when i was having my second'

was very kind, but your head being all over the place is not the same as your minge being all over the place

Oh dear TSC. Just seen this on the round up. I keep giggling and have had to tell DH all about it.

SeaShellsOnTheSeaShore Fri 14-May-10 21:37:46

grin you poor poor woman. That's the best laugh I've had for ages, so sorry it's at your expense blush

BrownNotCameronPlease Fri 14-May-10 21:45:37


<Well for us laughing, possibley not so much for you though >

Thank you for the best laugh in ages!!

DastardlyandSmugly Fri 14-May-10 22:22:52

Made my week - brilliant.

Oh TSC I feel for you.

While shaking with laughter grin

bathbuns Fri 14-May-10 22:36:34

I'm seriously tempted to ask you to do it again and see how many times you get away with it. They might have a 'step away from the pregnant lady' policy now and not step in for quite some time.

You could dye it all sorts of different colours and test reactions to each.

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