wedding dance thriller hell.

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shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 20:55:45

that is what i am stuck in.

An update was promised and i wasnt going to update until we had done it.

Tonight was the final practice at the venue. Hideous doesnt cover it. It was made worse by people wondering about the venue checking it out and sound and light men etc.... all standing and watching.

THEN the wedding planner woman just oh so causally asked if it was still ok fdor her to film it, post it on you tube and link it to the website.

MOther had lied and said this wasnt going to happen.

So, not only will we be embarassed in front of the whole wedding party, but also the rest of the world

fucking great mother.....


Hulababy Thu 06-May-10 20:58:18

Missed any other threads.

Can you not get out of it at all?

RandomEuro Thu 06-May-10 20:58:26

Oh noes. Hopefully by the time its the wedding dance the guests will be a little tipsy and wont even notice a mis-step

Hope you have a lovely day

shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 20:58:45

i should probably explain for those that havent seen previous posts.

Mother is getting married. she wanted to do a proper dance, then the music scratches and turns to thriller and all the family join them in the thriller dance.

We have no idea why she came up with this, we are not a dancing family. We can only asume this is what happens when you let mothers loose on the internet. ( youtube).

25 people or so were asked. Sensibly most people dropped out. There are now 7 or us. The 7 of us who were bribed with emotional blackmail.

She hired a choreographer. we have been having lessons and everything.

Oh gos - i wish the ground would swallow me up.

RandomEuro Thu 06-May-10 20:59:51

grin Re. my first post, I think just Oh noes covers it

shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 21:00:35

doesnt matter if they are drunk or not. it will be going on youtube!!!
they will be able to watch it over and over again as many times as they want.

I cant decide if its better for me to be very very drunk so i dont care, but possibly look worse. or to be sober, cringeing.. but look better.

There is no getting out of it, failing a broken leg... which at this point is an option i am considering

BallpointPen Thu 06-May-10 21:00:58

shock and ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aaah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha grin

Can you wear some kind of mask so you can deny it was you to anyone who asks?

DTD2 had her ice show last Saturday. Two coffins came onto the ice, Thriller started and two ghouls leaped out. Yes, Zombies on Ice.

I thought of you immediately.

The skaters were brilliant as it happens.

Sassybeast Thu 06-May-10 21:02:48

I'm sorry. It's mean. But OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 21:03:01

yes. but would you be laughing if it was you.


I said this to the over enthuastic wedding planner who was going on about how exciting it was, and how much she was looking forward to it.

Seriously, seriously unfunny.

Its going on youtube.


shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 21:04:14

a mask might help. but i dont think we will be allowed.

i have to do this shimmy bit. im worried my boobs might fall out of my dress.

What if they do and its caught on you tube.
What if i end up flashing nipple on you tube


MrsFogi Thu 06-May-10 21:04:19

I think the only solution is to go heavily disguised so noone will recognise you on YouTube - you will then be able to throw yourself into the dance with gusto and at the wedding when asked about your make-up/attire claim it is your special wedding outfit.

RandomEuro Thu 06-May-10 21:05:34

Id go for the get drunk option shoptil grin

You never know, other guests might join you on the dance floor and enter into the spirit of things?

ImSoNotTelling Thu 06-May-10 21:05:59

Oh dear god. Now I have heard it all.

Good luck with that.

<sniggers> (sorry)

When's the big day?

OMG. No. Really. No. The first few weddings who did this got away with it because it was unusual. Now it's just tacky.

I would just refuse. But I am know to be a stubborn cow!

Tape toy tarantulas to your nipples, it'll fit in with the whole horror theme and will top them from inadvertently being flashed (a bit like Janet Jackson at the Superbowl game).

I assume your mother does have some sort of gothic/horror theme to this wedding? She isn't having the traditional big, white, wedding which suddenly takes a turn into Amityville for not apparent reason is she?

paisleyleaf Thu 06-May-10 21:07:30

I remember the other thread
I hope you don't mind me linking - but your bridezilla mum is funny!
I just knew this would end up on you tube grin
Have you got you ears pierced yet?

Bananaketchup Thu 06-May-10 21:07:49

shock holy fucking jesus. Does your mum not like you or something? If it was me I think I'd be eyeing up which flight of stairs looked the least painful to hurl myself down. Or looking into whether I was too old to divorce my mum.

shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 21:09:06

saturday. actually in about 48 hrs time

yes, its tacky. it horrible.

it caused world war 3 as noone wanted to do it.

Noone can join in. its a properly cheorographed dance. with spacing, and lights and timing and everything. it is not just some people standing in a line doing the dance. we are in formation. With moving places and oh my god this just cannot be happening........

QOD Thu 06-May-10 21:10:10

OH please please link us to it when it's on


(oh and re bridezilla and the ear rings - dd is being a bridesmaid "has she got pierced ears?" - no - said I - "can she get them pierced?"

no... said I


brimfull Thu 06-May-10 21:10:29

OMG poor poor you

but I am looking forward to the you tube posting

Sassybeast Thu 06-May-10 21:11:04

What happens if someone tries to join in ? confused

Sassybeast Thu 06-May-10 21:12:17

And have you got your ears pierced yet ?

shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 21:13:55

no - it is not a gothic wedding or anythng like that. its more posh and becks tbh.

she thinks it will be good and everyone will be jealous.

Will they fucK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bloody knew she was lying when she said she told the woman not to film it.

She claims to love us.... im thinking differently

and no, i did not get my ears peirced and nor did i agree to change my siganture so my usual messy one did not mess up her wedding certificate.

my bridezilla mum is a little bit funny. if she wasnt my mum and it wasnt happening to me it would be very very funny.

sadly it will be me doing the bloody dance on saturday. i also failed to mention that having been declared best dancer. i am centre forward. in the postion of michael jackson.

There is no hiding.


Don't worry, it will be so traumatic your brain will permanently scar over to erase the memory.

Just don't log onto Youtube until......well forever really.

Sassybeast Thu 06-May-10 21:16:12

there you go - best dancer eh ? You've got nothing to worry about.

'wipes tears of laughter away'

shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 21:16:16

i am not posting a link.

never going to happen.

no one will join in. I dont think you quite understand the scale of this thing. It would be like someone trying to join in a west end producton or something.

i was going to do it in flat shoes. brought esp for the dance. am not contemplating doing it in my heals. if its going online i want my legs to look good.

i really cannot belive this is happening

brimfull Thu 06-May-10 21:17:29

we will hunt it down

piprabbit Thu 06-May-10 21:18:57

Go to the toilet when the wedding dance starts. Hide there until it is all over. She won't be able to come looking for you until after the dance.

What's the worst she can do to you?

Or is that a question I should avoid asking?

shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 21:19:16

i knwo someone will find it.

i did come up with a genuis plan. That when the music changes and we are meant to join mum and her husband that we actually dont. and just stand there
and leave them on the dance floor looking like idiots by them seleves

that will be mean

but its an option.... right?

so the choice is:
be mean
embarass myself forever with possible nipple fashing situation.

Sassybeast Thu 06-May-10 21:19:44

Google is our friend wink

Definately do the heels though - and i really think ear rings would help...

DuelingFanjo Thu 06-May-10 21:20:41

"We have no idea why she came up with this, "


piprabbit Thu 06-May-10 21:20:52

You see - you're thinking along the same lines as me.

Ask yourself who was being mean first, your mum for implementing the insane idea, or you for backing out at the last moment.

shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 21:21:01


yes, earings might.


DuelingFanjo Thu 06-May-10 21:22:06

oh and... when it's put on youtube can you put a link on Mumsnet please grin

thatsnotmymonkey Thu 06-May-10 21:25:06

hide hide hide! say you had the runs

msrisotto Thu 06-May-10 21:27:21

She won't need to, t'll be doing the rounds as email spam....

shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 21:46:36

just spoke to mother who told me i was being silly and noone would see it and we wouldnt even notice it was being filmed.

I tried to explain that it being filmed was not the problem, but the posting it on the internet for all to see.

All my friends will see it, work collegues etc etc... she never uses the internet, ( expcet to look up wedding dances) she has no idea.

friend advises faking own death... am thinking about it

OMG! I'm sorry, and I really do feel your pain, but that is hilarious! You poor, poor thing, but I so want to meet your mum!

Thediaryofanobody Thu 06-May-10 21:53:07

OMFG This is my worst nightmare.
My very close, dance teacher friend is getting married next year she's been hinting.

Thediaryofanobody Thu 06-May-10 21:58:10

LOl no one will see it, have you seen the viewing count on those videos!

ja9 Thu 06-May-10 22:01:55


Shoptilidrop - oh my!!!!!

You simply HAVE to link to you tube!

this thread has me lol!

tacticalfloosy Thu 06-May-10 22:03:45

can you offer to upload it for her, then make it a private one???


gingerkirsty Thu 06-May-10 22:04:05

I have just read your first post on the other thread and ROFL!!! She sounds like a force to be reckoned with. Did you get your ears pierced? That absolutely beggars belief.

Anyway, I totally feel your pain and have come up with a failsafe plan.

You must pretend you have broken your ankle. Even Bridezilla couldn't force you to dance, and you could also argue that you wouldn't want to ruin what will otherwise be such an amazing performance.

Do you have any friends who work in A&E? Or can you somehow make your own fake cast? Failing all that, can you actually BREAK your ankle (suspect would be less painful than hideous 7 person thriller performance and subsequent global interweb humiliation)? A plaster cast would also provide you with an ideal hiding place for a hip flask so you can have crafty swigs throughout the evening whilst sipping lemonade to keep Bridezilla happy!

I am going to a wedding on Saturday but am fairly sure it's not your Mum's, have been friends with this girl for years and she has no kids as far as i know!


Joolyjoolyjoo Thu 06-May-10 22:09:48

Sorry, but I am sniggering! grin

Could you tell your mum as a special surprise you went to get your ears pierced, as requested, but sadly subsequently developed sepsis, which has left you in such a weakened state that you have been told you MUST not dance??

PatriciaHolm Thu 06-May-10 22:12:33

Get yourself "locked in the toilet" at the key moment. Nothing you can do about that, sorry Mum....

(quite frankly I would be telling her to, er, bugger off, Mum or no Mum. But I guess it's a bit late for that...)

noshouting Thu 06-May-10 22:14:17

Buy a HUGE facinator like this
nobody will know it was you simples smile

Put pressure on the wedding planner woman. What the hell is she playing at, anyway? Is she doing it for her own amusement, or did your mother actually commission her to do this? Even if your mother asked her to do it, you can get the other Unfortunate Six together to work on her.

- Point out that your reputations are important for your
work, and she has not got a waiver from all of you for this, has she?

- Any children involved in the dance? You'll have more weight behind your pressure if you emphasise the presence of underage kids, (a) footage of whom "obviously could attract paedophiles" (being disingenuous here, but might work if she's stupid), (b) cannot give consent because they are too young even for Facebook, ffs, and (c) their parents do not consent!

- After the dance, bundle her, take the recording device off her, and erase ONLY THE DANCE. She can't claim she "owns" the material, so has no legal recourse, especially if you claim you were acting on impulse.

Hope some of this damage limitation helps? It's not helpful for stopping the event itself, but the YouTube business is just out of order, so you are within your rights to refuse that, and damn the emotional blackmail (your mother;s getting her f---g silly dance, after all, isn't she?!)

Here is the link for "reporting posts" on YouTube.

I can't find the material on "Community Guidelines" (for some reason, there is a "404 Not Found" on this hmm), but that might be another avenue for you to get it removed.

GordonGallumbits Thu 06-May-10 22:40:16

sorry but i did grin this at the first thread

and i'm doing grin this now.

i'm so glad my mother sleeps with her dog, not a man.

Bumperliouzzzzzz Thu 06-May-10 23:00:35

ROFL! I'm sorry but I have a crazy mother too, so I do sympathise, but it is v funny!

Could you wear a hat with a little veil to cover your face?


Sorry grin

Pikelit Fri 07-May-10 06:34:25

Drink too much. Throw up on dance floor. Result = nobody prepared to slosh through sick in wedding shoes. Problem solved.

Pikelit Fri 07-May-10 06:34:26

Drink too much. Throw up on dance floor. Result = nobody prepared to slosh through sick in wedding shoes. Problem solved.

LoveBeingAHungParliament Fri 07-May-10 07:08:07

Sorry but this is soo funny. Your mum sounds bonkers. Can't offer any advice that you are actually gonna be able to do to get out of it, but maybe you could ahve some fun with your mum? You could tell her that she has made you realise how much you love dancing and it has aways been a passion you haven't shared as you thought you weren't good enough but now, well, se and the chorographer have told you how good you are you will be going on Britains got talent and you expect her to join you

RockSteady Fri 07-May-10 07:18:02

good plan pikelit,not many circumstances would mean that vomiting on the dancefloor was actually a wonderful thing.
so sorry for you shoptilidrop
but grin

sherby Fri 07-May-10 07:33:44

hit the fire alarm just before the dance

get your mum so drunk it ends up being cancelled

steal the music before it starts

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 07:49:09

excellent ideas. i especially love' the unfortunate 6'

i may make us t shirts and banners and we can stage a protest.

am also liking the britians got talent idea. that could work. shes going on honeymoon monday, we could surprise her with out new plan when she comes back.

All the ideas are good, sadly i think i have no choice. noone of us have any choice. the funniest part of last night was when the cherographer said ' try to look as if you are enjoying yourselfs'

ha fucking ha

and the venue was being shown to other couples and they were all watching as well.


should i ever be so silly enough to get married again. i will get mother to do a dance on her own. beacuse its my wedding and i say so.

OnlyWantsOne Fri 07-May-10 07:59:39


and because I know you


SecretPollingBooth Fri 07-May-10 08:04:46

what would bond do? there HAS to be a way that you can come through this with your dignity intact yet still keep your mother happy.
Dont suppose anyone would go for the identical-twin-separated-at-birth argument, would they?

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 08:05:18

yeah - cheers.

its the most hideous hideous embarassment that i have ever had to endure.. and there have been a fair few

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 08:09:09


Nothing else to add really.

Except you HAVE to link to it. It is only fair, considering the pisstaking support you have found on MN.

cocolepew Fri 07-May-10 08:09:47

I was wondering about you the other day, good luck grin

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 08:15:07

lol - what would bond do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

i think that maybe bond wouldnt have a demanding bridezilla mother.

i may link. maybe. depends on how it looks.

in any case its out of my hands. The venue is filming it they are posting it we wont even get to see it first.
Have been checking out wedding thriller dances you you tube and am horrified by how many times they have been viewed.

everyone doing the dancing seems well into it.... drunk? thats the route im taking.

LoveBeingAHungParliament Fri 07-May-10 08:17:23

Generally speaking the more into it you are the less stupid you look.

ampere Fri 07-May-10 08:21:07

I am not expecting you to link!

I was on your previous thread agreeing entirely with you that your mother is being selfish and rather juvenile- being The Bride does not entitle you to the right to embarrass and humiliate your guests.

In fact, the whole thing could fall flat, just make damn sure that if it does, you and the other 6 make it absolutely clear that you are not shouldering any 'blame' for the fiasco that might just spoil Bridezilla's wedding day. Has she really considered that her other guests overriding memory of her Big Day might be the embarrassing spectacle of you 7 obviously being forced to perform this humiliating spectacle?

Silly woman.

I have no advice, but I genuinely feel for you.

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 08:30:34

no - she says they will be jealous.

i think not

what i dont get is that her husband to be is a window fitter. so construction trade type person. ( huge stereotyping going on here, but just so you get an idea)
and so are all his friends

they are going to take the piss of out him forever and ever.

they will not be jealous.

at all


we ' unfortunate 6' and holding HIM accountable as she should have vetoed the stupid idea at the beginning and not gone along with her ridiclous ideas.

everyone else dropped out and us ' unfortunate 6' only agreed to do it on the agreement that it would not be filmed or go anywhere near the internet. Mother agreeded.
My sister said she had her doubts last week when mum said it would be filmed but just for family and if we didnt agree we would be ruining her special day and special memories and that the cheorgrapher had cost a lot of money and it would be wasted.

we were all a but hmm.

Now this.

Sister had a go at mum last night and so did i for blatantly lying. She just told us she didnt care, it was a bit of fun and stop being silly.

she doesnt go online. noone of her friends go online. i dont get why she wants it on youtube. they are diong this dance bit first. i think she thinks she looks like something on strictly or something. SHE DOES NOT>

and ive had a slight fake tan disaster and have organge legs.. just to make matters worse


LoveBeingAHungParliament Fri 07-May-10 08:40:27

Loving the fact she thinks his friends will be jealous, has she met them ! Can't you get some of the pissed and get them to join in too?

fearnelinen Fri 07-May-10 08:45:12

PMSL but I'm also feeling the pain and desperation increasing!!!!

I am finding the more mature the bride, the crazier they become. My MIL told her daughter to lose the baby weight quickly as her wedding was a month after she gave birth shock

Surely the only option is to get so drunk that you are almost oblivious to it! And remember, you now ALWAYS have a come back to anything.
Mum: You never call me unless you want something
You: I was Michael Jackson for you
Mum: You forgot my birthday
You: I was Michael Jackson for you
Mum: I need you to help with...

You get the gist.

bran Fri 07-May-10 09:11:02

Do you have sympathetic family at the wedding? Get them to foil the wedding planners attempts at filming. Either directly by approaching her at the start of the dance and insisting that she cannot film, or by accidently getting in front of the camera and jogging her hand so that it's not good enough quality to put onto youtube.

"in any case its out of my hands. The venue is filming it they are posting it we wont even get to see it first. "

You didn't answer the question. Why are their filming it? And what right have they to post it on YouTube? It is not theirs.

This is the weak link. Sorry, but it seems your participation is already a lost battle*, but there is still a lot of room to fight on the YouTube issue.

* There are some good suggestions here, about how to put pressure on your mother to match the pressure she has put on you. Make sure you do make her understand how it feels to be trapped!

Sorry, cross-posts, bran! I am appalled at the cheek of the wedding planners, even if they are acting under orders from Bridezilla! Any interference by guests wouldn't be their fault, so they wouldn't be contractually at fault, FFS. They are not working for the best feelings of this wedding.

ActualBum Fri 07-May-10 09:21:17

Thank you so much for this thread.

I am beyong sad this morning and this has actually made me laugh.

(I feel your pain though!)

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 09:50:36

well. glad youall find it amusing.

i have called mum this morning and told her that i have been shot in the night. and stabbed and my leg is missing and that sadly i will not be able to participate in any wedding themes activities.

they are filming it as they want a viral ad. or something. i dont quite get how they can do that without our writted permission actually.

but the come backs im loving. she can never say anything ever. i have the untilmate trump.

' mum. i was michael jackson for you'


am logging off now as wedding meal thing starts this afternoon. will report back tomorrow, drunk.

fearnelinen Fri 07-May-10 09:52:40

Good luck, drink much, hope your boobs stay put wink

<<air of resignation>>

colnelcustard Fri 07-May-10 09:55:56

I have not laughed so much in ages. I could not think of anything worse myself.

My friend told us she wanted each of us to dance up to her at the wedding one by one. We told her to fuck off.

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 09:59:32

dance up one by one.


that is worse.

originally the cheorgrapher wanted us to get into places by doing out ' signature moves'


i do not have a signature move. i only dance when drunk. When in my head in in pineapple dance studios or a music video and in realtity i look like a tit.

we did veto that.

im laughing out of desperation i think.. the kind of mad giggling you do when you go and have a smear test of soemthing.

fearnelinen Fri 07-May-10 10:03:14

I just have to say, this is bloody awful for you...but your poooooor step dad!! He really should have nipped this in the bud and I fear he may regret not doing that for a very loooooong time!

I don't think it's amusing. Anyway, sorry to bang on about this (election tv is making sure I can't settle to anything else but popping in and out of MN), but:

"they are filming it as they want a viral ad. or something."

So your mother's wedding is paying for their advertising? They are paying nothing. I'm aware that viral advertisers are trying to cut the costs of their advertising, but that is by cutting the costs of distribution, not by getting all the material for free. What absolute cheek!

I'm really sorry that I sound more outraged at the venue, when it is your mother who has put you in this situation. However, your mother has emotional leverage, and evidently can make it "not worth your while" to oppose her. However, there is no way these people - with a purely commercial relationship to this event - are entitled to take what the f--- they like. That is adding injury to the insult your mother is dishing out.

You feel angry and trapped by your mother's idee fixe. Why not take out some of your frustration on these cheeky venue buggers? It might make you feel better, at least. Are there any underage people in your dance troupe? If so, target that angle as well. Also go for the "bundling the cameraman" approach (and don't forget the wedding photographer, either!)

Good luck! Very sorry you feel laughed at from all sides.

wombfrootshoot Fri 07-May-10 10:07:42

Signature move?

You could just say, well my actual bloody signature has already been criticised enough THANK YOU VERY BLOODY MUCH.

You are being very funny BTW, glad to see you're holding fast to your SOH.

Good luck.

cyteen Fri 07-May-10 10:08:59

There is a way out of this: just say no. Fold your arms, plant your feet and refuse. She can't make you do anything, and if she gets all dramarama you can just point out (again and again) that she is being utterly ridiculous.

I don't get why you can't just say no.

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 10:21:18

there is no ' just say no' when it comes to my mother.

you dont know her

sense of humour.... im fucking hysterical. its bloody funny. i just wish it wasnt happening to me.

' signature move'


colnelcustard Fri 07-May-10 10:24:56

I do feel sorry for you sorry I laughed.

You are right though when I am drunk its like I am in Fame I am a maniac on the dance floor. I can't dance sober because then I would be aware that I'm shit.

I would do what everyone else has said go missing when its time then pretend you were so drunk you forgot all about it.

Failing that, get so drunk that you don't give a shit and channel Michael Jackson. You know you can. You will be moonwalking and everything.! You will be the best Michael Jackson ever.

cyteen Fri 07-May-10 10:31:21

But what will happen if you do say no?

Sorry for being persistently nosy, but my mum is dead and my dad is under-involved in my life, so I have no idea what it's like to have a pushy parent grin

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 10:31:40

and then me channeling michael jackson will be forever on you tube,

i dont care about making a tit of myself in front of family. im not that fussed about having to do it in front of lots of poeple. heck, ive done worse.

what i do mind its that it will be on the bloodu internet. forever.

thederkinsdame Fri 07-May-10 10:41:45

Ahem, shop, you have the perfect chance for revenge on the wedding planner. Just pop the seed in your Mum's mind that the wedding planner has been really innovative etc etc and that she should have the 'honour' of performing the dance with the family, as, of course, she has become part of the family over the past few weeks/months etc. If you can lay it on thick and convince your mum that it is the perfect way to involve her , I bet that would put paid to the youtube plan forever [evil cackle]

Oooh, what a good idea, thederkinsdame! I'm afraid shoptilidrop has been ignoring my attacks on this idiot wedding planner, but it seems what my attack needed was a devious ally like you! Mwah.

Actually there is a legal objection here. In order to perform this song and dance to it you need:

(1) PRS permission and a permit
(2) A local authority permit to dance
(3) Disclaimers from the participants if it is to be used for advertising.

Tell the wedding planner to stand in for you if she's so fricking keen.

thederkinsdame Fri 07-May-10 10:46:09

Can you imagine her face <snigger> Because she'll have to do whatever the bride wants, of course!

tablefor3 Fri 07-May-10 10:54:39

Shop I feel for you I really do. But WingedVictory and Whomoved speak sense. You can't change your mother, but you need to deal with the wedding planner and venue re filming. They cannot film and then circulate as free publicity without your permission. Talk to the venue dropping in phrases like "data protection" "music copyright" "privacy issues".

For the actual dance, I agree with the person who said that those who are trying actually come off better than those who are half-arsing and cringing. Also, not those who are staggeringly (literally) drunk.

Good luck.

slug Fri 07-May-10 10:58:39

You could either get your DH/DP/Large headed relative to strategically position themself directly in front to the camera lens at the required moment, then develop deafness.

Or you could prepare a big sign that says "I did not agree to have this filmed. Help, save me my mother is a bridezilla" then just stand stock still on the dance floor holding it during the "dance".

Or you could simply not do it. Feign ignorance of the whole thing. What will happen when they start the music if you just look the other way? Plan a last minute mutiny? Hide the music? Pull the plug from the sound system?

GeekOfTheWeek Fri 07-May-10 11:01:05

Nothing else for it other than to get ridiculously drunk.

ROFL at 'I was michael jackson for you' She cannot possibly go one better than that grin

Tellhimhesdreaming Fri 07-May-10 11:09:44

Sorry Shop it sounds so awful for you.. but I have never laughed so hard. When you said you got to be Michael.. okay I am laughing again as I type.

If it makes you feel any better, my brother had to be in a wedding dance and the Bridezilla ordered confetti so part of his routine was prop based - he had to get a broom and sweep up the confetti, all in a choreographed, 'faux casual' style. Think "Singing in the Rain" with broom instead of umbrella.

I also had to do a Dirty Dancing number but as I am a crap dancer, was given the move that Baby does when she freaks out during the dance recital. So had to stand to one side doing that hand twirl thing. I looked like a fecking tool. It was also filmed and the footage is of me gurning inanely.

Hope it goes okay for you and that knowing others have also had to sacrifice their dignity on the altar of Bridzilla might make you feel a bit better.

fearnelinen Fri 07-May-10 11:10:43

Mum: No I cannot babysit for you, I've just got married and that is more important than you going out drowning your sorrows about your new-found You Tube fame and nursing your bleeding ears whilst reclaiming your signatory identity

Shop: I was Michael Jackson for you...

Yes, yes, the campaign against the wedding planner gathers steam!

(Although, whomovedmychocolate, they probably do have a PRS license, being a venue licensed in other ways. Still, the disclaimers are absolutely key. Don't let them get away with extending your mother's tyranny, and certainly don't give them free advertising. Say if they want to use it, they need to pay through the nose. Make it not worth their while, as your mother has made it not worth your while to refuse her.

somebodysfool Fri 07-May-10 11:20:30

It’s close to midnight and bridezilla is lurking in the dark
On the dance floor you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to run but the wedding planner stops you just before you make it
You start to freeze the as a camera hits you right between the eyes, your paralysed

Now you’re on utube and the world is witness to your shame
Mummy hopes you enjoy your 15 minutes of fame
Now you’re on utube and the world is witness to your shame
Mummy hopes you enjoy your 15 minutes of fame

Whoo hoo Shamon….

FakePlasticTrees Fri 07-May-10 11:23:59

right, here is FPT's plan!

1/ go to nearest Boots, buy a bandage and one of those cold packs for icing injuries.

2/ pop said bandage on your ankle and ice pack in freezer ready for show use if DM pops round.

3/ brief all DC's and DP that you have hurt your ankle (to avoid your Mum finding out the truth)

4/ call your Mum, tell her you've fallen on the stairs, you've been advised to keep weight off it but not to worry, it'll be fine in about a week and you will still be able to come to the wedding but need to not stand for long, you should be able to do the reading and if it's really bad you're sure your Dsis will let you lean on her for that, but there is no way you can do the dance. What a shame.

5/ tell DSis you're not doing the dance because of bad ankle do not tell anyone you're faking - someone will have too much to drink and tell your mum. Tell DSis if she thinks 6 people doing it are too few she should talk to your DM herself about cancelling.

6/ acquire a stylish walking stick for effect

7/ sit back and enjoy watching everyone else make a fool of themselves.

Job done.

Re getting your ears pierced, just don't. if she treats you to earrings, ask for the receipt when she's back from honeymoon to change them for something you can use.

FakePlasticTrees Fri 07-May-10 11:25:37

of course, read the others posts now, addition to the plan!!!

8/ suggest to your mum that the wedding planner takes your place so it can still go ahead!!!! grin

fearnelinen Fri 07-May-10 11:25:44

My weddng photographer uses my piccies in their literature. I'm not sure I've ever been asked, but I'm rather chuffed. I think there is a presumption that it will be ok. Don't they own their own copyright?

Nice work somebodysfool grin

fearnelinen Fri 07-May-10 11:28:09

I fear it may be too late, I think she's gone off into the quagmire, we couldn't save her this time. MN has failed. This is a first.

The venue will HAVE to get signed release forms from you all to film something (assuming they are all above board). So, don't sign the release, they can't film it, it can't go near the Internet (Film Production student so have to get these things myself).

But FakePlasticTrees, all the other Unfortunate Six will be trying this sort of thing, so if poor shoptilidrop doesn't succeed first, she could be left on her own with Bridezilla and the groom on the dancefloor! Far better to go for a blanket approach, which everyone will benefit from. Shoptilidrop may have been "betrayed" by her mother in this, but that is no reason to betray all the other Unfortunates!

(And as someone said upthread, think of the groom as well! If he is spared YouTube embarassment through the actions of his new family, he may be a good ally for the future once Bridezilla becomes just Mumzilla again).

Go, LollipopViolet*!

, you could also threaten to write bad things about them (the veune) in online forums. They're not being hospitable to your mother's guests, by encouraging her in her idiotic dance idea. Also, trying to profit from it (profit yet again - bet your mother agreed to all sorts of other gimmicky things, rather than negotiating properly) is just gouging.

If you are not feeling up to this fight (and it does sound a lot, so close to the event), why not point your relatives (fellow dancers and others) to this thread, to give them ideas? You may have to namechange later, but solidarity really is the way to go to get through this.

etchasketch Fri 07-May-10 13:00:25


pmsl at your song! Have tears and shoulder shaking! Shamon <in ball of mirth on floor>

And as for 'but I was michael Jackson for you'............grin QUOTE OF THE WEEK! QUOTE OF THE WEEK!

GeekOfTheWeek Fri 07-May-10 13:06:09

somebodysfool I am crying laughing at your song grin My face hurts.

Op, do you have to wear one white bejewelled glove whilst doing a pelvic thrust and crotch grabbing as your signature move?!

warthog Fri 07-May-10 13:15:35

holy crap

nickelclegg Fri 07-May-10 13:19:09

shoptilidrop there could be a get-out.

i watched a series called "Three Grand Weddings" o nthe wedding channel, and one of the couples did that in their wedding at the end. then they showed the second couple, who started to do it, then stopped (don't know why, probably part of the "joke")

anyway, you could tell her that it would be embarrassing for her to do something that had already been done on a very well-watched TV programme.

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 13:23:53

that song is awesome.

i may wet myself laughing.


a few weeks ago i did consider a white glove. we were doing an ' alfresco performace' it was cold. best i could come up with were some wooly black fingerless numbers. i wore one my sister the other.

Have just been to see brother who is almost beside himself. he is bringing new gf. he wasnt going to tell anyone but his mate has been invited. my brother thinkgs hes cool. think low jeans, hoodys and much gansta musik.
ALL his mates will know. I was laughing so hard at him i did nearly actually wee.

he said as long as he lives he will NEVER EVER do anything like this again. EVER.

I just said, Schomon. and burst out laughing.

I told him the retort of ' i was michael jackson for you'

quote of the week, thats quote of a lifetime!
He thought it was very funny.

she has no idea what she is doing to us. no idea at all.
wedding planner can kiss my dancing ass as far as im concerned.

thederkinsdame Fri 07-May-10 13:26:19

Shop, PLEASE get the wedding planner to dance with you. I would pay money to see the look on her face...

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 13:29:57

ah - i cant get out of it. i cant betray the rest of the ' unfortunate six'

one for all and all for one!

I shall just keep trying to find it funny. Brother was getting grumpy saying he wasnt bloody louie and this was not pineapple dance studios.

tears of laughter i tell you.

We have been calling him billy elloitt for weeks.

but i have no idea why im taking the piss out of him as ive got to to the bloody thing too.

OnlyWantsOne Fri 07-May-10 13:31:26

ahhhh HA

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 13:32:26

she cant - noone can. its a proper thing. all spacings and timings worked out. you cant just tag someone on the end. it would be all wrong.

this is not just some idiots doing the dance, well it is. but its been cheorgraphed its all moving lines, and changing postions and things. i wish people could join in but it cant happen.
forgot to mention that at the end we are meant to pull people up onto the danc floor with us.

there is fat chance of that happening is there. esp with a video camera rolling

Iklboo Fri 07-May-10 13:34:10

Assuming mother and her Dh will be a the front of the dance..just sneak off the floor while her back's turned & leave her to it grin

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 13:34:32

are you alan partridge?

Ahhh HA!


shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 13:35:33

no, im at the bloody front.

in the centre

in the actual jacko postion

i am lord of the fucking dance

dear god, save me

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 13:36:37

beacuse i am ' best dancer'

and thats a rather sorry state of affairs if im labelled best dancer...

everyone else copies me. if i get it wrong they do.

ahhhhh - the pressure

MinnieMummy Fri 07-May-10 13:45:39

Wear the high heels, and then you might genuinely fall over and twist your ankle? (preferably before cameras start rolling).

Not to be negative, but even if you refuse permission to the 'official' filming, there will be at least two guests who will film it on their cameras and upload it anyway.

On the positive side, I believe MJ's estate is quite litigious and so will forcibly remove any video that uses his music without permission... think there was an instance of a mum who filmed her little toddler dancing solely for family to see to MJ and was forced to take it down after legal threats.

So you might not be able to get out of it... but if it is filmed, it won't be out there for long..

GeekOfTheWeek Fri 07-May-10 13:47:02

This thread is hilarious grin

Think like michael jackson. Be michael jackson.

op, please oh please will you moonwalk to your position on the dancefloor.

lynnexxxo Fri 07-May-10 13:51:37

There is always a silver lining....

In 10 years you can look back at it and amaze at how slim you were and how young you look.

And your mum will owe you big time!

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 13:54:19


i had planned on shimmying, but have was worried about possible boob misthap

moonwalking into postion might just solve that.

oh my i cant type for laugiung

i think dave migth moonwalk. mum does the ' its your birhtday' dance arms thing.. you know teh stupid arms into postion. every time she does it i have to not look else i laugh and get told off.

my sister is doing this strange jump type thing. im not quite sure what it is.
ive dared her to do this elf move that we made up a few months ago while drunk. she MIGHT do it if iget her drunk enough.

i cant see what everyone else does. being at the front.... the odd bits i have seen filmed is awful

oh my god. we have like 3/4 dance counts of moving.. its the ; your paralysed' so not much time.....

im just goiing to get drunk and go for it. i cant see any other option. brother is sneakying in hip flask as she says he just cant do it otherwise.

sisiter only needs a sniff of wine.


weblette Fri 07-May-10 13:54:51

Oh thanks shop, this thread really has made my day. Do you have to do the funny noises as well?

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 13:55:23

im def wearing heals. they are 5 inches. it is quite likely i will fall over and embarass myself furhter in naomi cambell style.


GeekOfTheWeek Fri 07-May-10 14:00:06

You could shout 'shamon, mother fucker' a la bo selecta grin

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 14:05:10

we have been

at practice.

when it was the stag do i left a note on my brothers bed for him ( he lives at home and i was visiting mum) saying that.

he didnt find it funny , which made it more funny.

but we get told off for messing about! Mum tells us off as she has paid a lot of money for the lessons and we are wasting them.


you should see her do the zombie swimming type move. it is the funniest thing. even the teacher cant help but laugh at her.

why does she want to do this. and why is it going online.

i do not understand.

its just total disbeliefe and whats going to happen.

bloody nightmare


merryberry Fri 07-May-10 14:10:02

You poor woman, shamonetilidrop, we're not really feeling your pain enough are we?

God you must feel like they're out to get you, there's demons closing in on every side.
Do you think they will possess you unless you change that number on your dial?
We should all support her, cuddle close together, yeah.
All through the night we'll save you from the terror on the screen.

You poor reluectant lord of the dance grin

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 14:12:06

oh - can i have that name?


am loving the song too.

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Fri 07-May-10 14:14:54

shop This is my favourite thread in a looooooong time grin

hahahaha at moonwalking, 'hee-heee' in high-pitched voice <crotch grab>

Shamon mothafucka

schmontilidrop Fri 07-May-10 14:16:33

schmon mother fucker

hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ah

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Fri 07-May-10 14:18:03


<spins round, tips hat, grabs crotch again>

schmontilidrop Fri 07-May-10 14:20:04




people dont normally mean psml when they type that, i do.

really really pmsl

i need a glove dont i
at least.

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Fri 07-May-10 14:22:23

A spangly glove.
A fedora (I have one you can borrow)
Half-Mast trousers

weblette Fri 07-May-10 14:23:09

There's no way you could get an MJ wig as well is there....?

But yes, deffo glove! Sparklier the better... Claires might be the emporium of choice

ProfessorLaytonIsMyProxyVoter Fri 07-May-10 14:25:03

You know those dreams that seem incredibly real at the time, where you are doing something very stupid and very embarassing? Any chance you could be having one of those?

Of course, that would make me a character in your dream and if so your subconscious has filled in an extremely complex back story for me...

stealthsquiggle Fri 07-May-10 14:25:19

I see I have been beaten to it, but I was going to suggest bribing someone to put a cast on an ankle.

You have to go for it now, out of solidarity. Focus must shift to controlling the distribution of any resulting video and making sure MNers get to see it.

...and plotting revenge on wedding planner.

PollyTicks Fri 07-May-10 14:26:31


Sorry if this has already been mentioned (haven't read whole thread) but one of the guys from E17 and his wife did the Thriller dance as their wedding dance on one of those wedding reality shows (cannot recall name) recently.

It was cringe.

stealthsquiggle Fri 07-May-10 14:27:10

glove - £2.99.

schmontilidrop Fri 07-May-10 14:27:18

ive not got time to go into town. the pre wedding meal thing starts at 4.


have made emergenacy call to sister who is in town, but shes not answering


ProfessorLaytonIsMyProxyVoter Fri 07-May-10 14:27:26

Could you bribe the DJ to segue into the Chicken Song instead of Thriller?

Otherwise, I like MinnieMummy's idea -- shop the YouTube video to the MJ estate and get it taken down after all of us on MN have had a good nose.

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Fri 07-May-10 14:29:46

Actually, you need a red leather outfit, short leather jacket and half-mast red leather trews IIRC?

<does zombie walk>

You're being terribly good-natured about all this. grin

lowrib Fri 07-May-10 14:30:26


The venue cannot put it online without your permission.

Well in reality they can, if you let them, but legally they don't have the right if you don't want them too.

You said they want to use it for a viral - I bet they do! You need to stop this!

If you mum doesn't know much about the internet, surely the most important thing for her is that you actually do the dance on the day.

If it was me I would contact the venue direct, tell them in no uncertain terms that there is no way you give permission for this to go on the internet. Speak to whoever is filming it and insist you get the copy given to you. Remind them that without your permission it's not legal for them to distribute it.

Then, arrange for a special day to watch the film with all of your mums mates. It will be embarrassing sure, but infinitely better than being on the internet.

Seriously, you still have time to stop this happening you need to act now!

schmontilidrop Fri 07-May-10 14:31:16

sod the glove i want this

it is a bit like one of those dreams, except its bloody real


i think we all had kind of got used to practicing and were not that bothered. but doing it at the venue last night, and actaul real people saw kind of brough it back to reality.

then the whole mentioning of the you tube thing.

tehres going to be about 250 people tomorrow night.

actually broken leg is looking more and more like the best option.

stealthsquiggle Fri 07-May-10 14:31:38

Your sister is not in town - she is in the local hospital swapping hard cash for an ankle cast [suspicious]

OnlyWantsOne Fri 07-May-10 14:32:17

is yourt DD going to see this?

hahahaha Can I come watch - im in town tomorrow grin

lowrib Fri 07-May-10 14:33:50

Failing that DP says you can contact youtube and get your face pixelated. I don't know anyone who's done this so although it's worth a go I wouldn't rely in it.

Also, I would get a mask. Be firm. You mum can have your face in it, or it can go on the internet, not both!

schmontilidrop Fri 07-May-10 14:34:06

hahahaha- she might be.

she had better not be



found out it is almost being filmed by mums friends husband.

and i bet people will get out thier phones as well.

dear lord

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Fri 07-May-10 14:35:08

That's the outfit!!

schmontilidrop Fri 07-May-10 14:37:06

wantsone - no its happening about 8.45pm. shes being picked up at about 8. she has been to most ot the practices though and knows it well

its not in the town where im at. its somewhere else.. anyway do you think im nuts!!! i dont want anyone i KNOW seeing it

Ahhhh I am WETTING myself, this is hilarious (but also my worst nightmare so youu have my sympathy) Never heard of anything like it (which makes me a minority apparently shock)

cumbria81 Fri 07-May-10 14:48:07

oh dear god

OnlyWantsOne Fri 07-May-10 14:54:48

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah I think its hilarious, is Xdp picking her up?

He won't stay around to watch will he, lol wink

schmontilidrop Fri 07-May-10 14:57:04

yes he is.

he does not know. i have not told him

if i had still been with him he would have had to do it too... which is a very funny thought.

sister is still awol. am suspecting fowl play.

OnlyWantsOne Fri 07-May-10 14:58:14

hahahahahaha I do think its funny...

schmontilidrop Fri 07-May-10 15:06:21

only beacuse its not you doing it

if it was happening to someone else it would be the funniest thing in the world

thinking about my poor brother instantally makes me pmsl. then i remember its me too.

will be starting on the champers early. is the only way to get though it as well.

ive also got to do a reading... have not worried about that at all. compared with whats happening later its irrelvant isnt it.

lucykate Fri 07-May-10 15:07:29

i sympathise with you on the mothers getting married subject. when my mum got re-married, she wasn't at all bridezilla about it but i did have to endure seeing my mum, on her hen night, tied to the bar in a hotel eating a chocolate penis that had cream dribbled down the side of it. i left and went home.

diddl Fri 07-May-10 15:13:28

OP -you area better person than me.
I would have mutinied & convinced the others to not "take up their positions" but just stand & watch your mum & her husband.

FakePlasticTrees Fri 07-May-10 15:17:33

god, it's going to be hidous. I would just refuse. Or could you, your brother and sister just leave after the wedding breakfast before the first dance?

How long could she stay mad? I mean, she'll have calmed down after her honeymoon...

fearnelinen Fri 07-May-10 15:32:25

"i did have to endure seeing my mum, on her hen night, tied to the bar in a hotel eating a chocolate penis that had cream dribbled down the side of it"

DS just asked what I was PMSL at, had to flick over to hotmail! Am considering using this as a bribe in the teenage years though! It's almos worth getting divorced so I can remarry and threaten to do this to my DCs!!!!

MrsMiamla Fri 07-May-10 15:36:32

oh this is so funny. OP, I really do feel your pain but really, I'm amazed my pelvic floor has held up to me reading this!

its bad luck to wish you 'good luck' so from the bottom of my heart i hope you break a leg wink

whatwasthatagain Fri 07-May-10 15:39:23

Not read all the posts, but how old is your mother?

Perhaps a sit down protest against the state of the government following the election is in order?

schmontilidrop Fri 07-May-10 15:42:51


its also her birthday tomorrow.

shes gone all out on what was originally a 'small budget wedding'

its now a HUGE wedding. think posh and beck really.
not my taste but, its up to her.

luckily i escaped such hen night hell as lucykate. ( god that must have been terrible!)

but thats being more than made up for by tomorrow.

anyway, must dash. pre wedding meal thing starting at 4pm....

dinkystinky Fri 07-May-10 15:44:35

Oh my god.

Wear a mask - all of the dancers. Get cut outs of Michael Jackson's face - or even better your mum's face - and do the danc ein that.

That'll teach her wink

lynnexxxo Fri 07-May-10 15:56:23

Please, please give us a link once its on youtube. We promise all to say 'no you look fine, its not embrassing at all.....'

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Fri 07-May-10 16:15:06

"i did have to endure seeing my mum, on her hen night, tied to the bar in a hotel eating a chocolate penis that had cream dribbled down the side of it" Oh dear God, I am weeping, weeping.

Yes schmon, you must let us see the dance, we will all be terribly supportive.......<snurk>

fustyarse Fri 07-May-10 16:18:22

absoluely pmsl a shchmon, motherfucker, geekoftheweek

stid - I feel for you, honestly

but i will be very funny for the guests, everyone will think you're a great sport etc

maybe you could try to incorporate the MJ lean from smooth criminal?

OMG I cannot WAIT to see this on youtube - promise you'll link it?


or dress like this


thumbwitch Fri 07-May-10 16:20:37

oh so sorry I have missed this until now! SchmontilIdrop (great name, btw wink) I feel your pain, but only in a minor way - friends of mine got married a few years back and they oh-so-subtly asked numerous friends if they felt like coming to Bollywood dancing classes? Well, it was bleedin obvious to most of us (oddly, not to some!) that it was going to be FOR the wedding and sure enough! So we had to do a choreographed Bollywood dance on the night as well. Thankfully there were more than 6/7 of us and the bride and groom were centre stage - but still.

This thread is hilarious - it has to be moved to classics, it can't be lost in the mists of time...

<<wanders off to alert MNHQ to the need for moving thread>>

HOpe it all goes well tomorrow - have a lovely lot of bubbly beforehand and get someone to nut the cameraman (even if he is a friend) beforehand.

I also think the Jacko hat and facescarf might be an idea - after all, if you're in character, why not? grin

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Fri 07-May-10 16:24:22

fustyarse - we used to call one of our cats that (or 'fustybum') - he was rather old and smelly shock grin

inchhighprivateeye Fri 07-May-10 16:25:21

I went to wedding once where the 1st dance was expecially hysterical, and somebody did film it on their phone and put it up on Youtube. So many phones have cameras these days, I think you have to accept the inevitable. And wear a mask.

fillybuster Fri 07-May-10 16:25:46

this is utterly brilliant (and completely, hugely enormously embarrassing for you, yes, I do see that....) - I've also not heard about anything like this before and am torn between wanting to curl up cringing in the corner and watching it on youtube grin

Sorry, was that not sufficiently supportive?

I do feel for you, I really do, but come is, really, it is grin.

cocolepew Fri 07-May-10 16:38:37

Stop telling the op it can't go on youtube for various reasons, we want it to be on. We feel your pain of course grin

Good luck, dear, and do remember to stick it to the cheeky cow of a wedding planner. Remember: even though she didn't make the situation, she is taking advantage of it, and that's not on.

Good to hear you getting some hilarity out of this, even if it is hysteria; it would be awful for you to be feeling crushed still! Un-MN-ty hugs to you and the Unfortunates!

stealthsquiggle Fri 07-May-10 16:42:19

XP is so going to watch it. He will come to pick DD up, and DD will go "Daddy, Mummy is going to do her special dance soon - please can we stay" and he will stay and get his camera out and you will have lost all negotiating power with him for ever.

And your sister is going to call any minute now and say "you'll never guess what happened. I was shopping and I slipped foot...plaster....crutches" If When she does, demand X-rays.

Sorry - not supportive and positive - it'll be fine, honest <snurk>

toddlerama Fri 07-May-10 16:43:52

Wear this

No-one will recognise you.

awesome. Please share the video with us. grin

PouffeGalore Fri 07-May-10 16:57:26

This is just so hilarious. Can't you name the venue so a nearby MNetter could go along and report back sabotage the music system.

mummyplonk Fri 07-May-10 17:06:18

Poor "schmon", I bet you are going to have a very stiff drink when this dance is done, oh I feel for you (am trying so hard not to snigger), I would be counting the minutes all day until it comes. I have never wanted to gatecrash a wedding before but you are all I'm going to be thinking about (approx 7pm?) tomm.

Oh schmon! You have opened my eyes to a whole world I had no idea existed...grin grin grin. Crying with laughter as I read this. Your mum sounds a hoot! And so do the rest of you!

MN has not been terribly funny recently and this is the best thread in ages...will be thinking of you all tomorrow and desperately scouring YouTube for the video.

Stop it wingedvictory! You can't want to deprive us all of this joyful experience. You like dancing yourself!

Marking my place for further updates on your experience.

I'm with fillybuster - was this supportive enough of your pain?

littlelapin Fri 07-May-10 18:03:32

Am confused as to who wants this for a viral (maybe) - shoptilidrop's mum? or the wedding planners?

Either way this is a VERY funny thread grin

(ah, it's been moved to Classics, that explains why it kept bouncing my post!)

Lotkinsgonecurly Fri 07-May-10 19:22:39

I've just looked on you tube for thriller at weddings and found this

I do hope you manage to survive it.! Please let us know what it was like

schmontilidrop Fri 07-May-10 19:39:32

ph my gosh. i have a thread in classics. I have arrived

just got back from pre wedding meal.
Groom was having his back waxed when i got there. mum was asking if anyone could do her thighs then we all laughed as my brother was trimming his chest hairs.

much laughing came when we reminded my sister to ' breathe in' when in pictures ( old family joke) and i do just wonder why my family is so bloody nuts.

We interogated mother on the youtube thing. she just doesnt care and if we like it or not it will go on. i tried the date protection thing... and the violation of our rights, and disclaimer thing... she just laughs.

word is out and my brother who solomonly declared he has a rep to protect ( like a t bird im assuming?) is just dying about it.

Apparently mums friend, the only non family memeber of the unfortunate 6 had a face like thunder on the way home from the practice yesterday and hardly spoke.


sister is not wearing any leg cast so i think thats safe. unless she was buying supplies for tomorrow. told them about the song, they thought it was very funny then told me off for telling more people. LOL

Dance is happening about 8.30/8:45. Its in this seperate bit which i think will be screened off and then the screens pulled back as the dance is announced.
mum and her dh will then do their bit then the music will change and we will have total embarassment.

the stiff drinks will not be happening after the ddance, they will be happening before.

seriously happening before.

else im not doing it.

i might go for the MJ lean.. if im feeling it from the crowd and drunk enough.

dear god. this is really THE most embarassing thing to ever happen to me.

schmontilidrop Fri 07-May-10 19:43:10

have you seen how many hits that video has had.

oh my god.

i just dont want me on there, doing that. forever.
and ever
and ever

the bloody michael jackson thriller dance.

why couldnt they have picked sometihng better.

or just been normal


dinkystinky Fri 07-May-10 19:48:45

Honestly Schmon - all don masks with your mum's face on it, in a homage to the bride, before doing the dance and you'll protect your anonymity AND make your mum the youtube sensation she wants to be - its win win wink

fearnelinen Fri 07-May-10 19:56:17

PLEEEEEASE grab your crotch and squeal at the end!

In for a penny eh?!

You are already a legend, may as well make it worth it!

schmontilidrop Fri 07-May-10 20:03:45

i am not grabbing my crotch.

that is never going to happen. not in a million years. EVER.

Just no.


would you want to be on the internet grabbing your crotch.



the mask idea is good. but its tomorrow and ive got a ton of stuff to do before then.
otherwise its an excellent idea.

i dont want to be a legend. neither do the rest of us. i do not want to be the leader of the unfortunate 6.

shit - this is really going to happen isnt it. i keep laughing but im so not giong to be laughing tomorrow evening.

fearnelinen Fri 07-May-10 20:11:49

...aaah but you had thought about it though...maybe when the drinks are flowing and the inhibitions are down grin

You ARE the leader of the Unfortunate 6 - it is down to you how this goes, let's not forget you are centre forward.

This time tomorrow (+ an hour!) it'll all be over.

Your poor DD - I wonder if she is expecting this to happen to her as some kind of rite of passage??! Maybe explain it or she may run away in terror!

ProfYaffle Fri 07-May-10 20:23:33

dh is being an usher at a friend's wedding this summer. He has been disappearing every Tuesday night for 10 months now for 'rehearsals' but won't tell me what they're doing.

Have shown him this thread.

He is shifting uncomfortably.

Dear God.


QOD Fri 07-May-10 20:32:23

I just can't wait to see all this vids on you tube!

Oh prof - noooooooooooooooo how embarassing LMAO

warthog Fri 07-May-10 20:35:48

hmm i think it might be an infringement of copyright if you upload the video to youtube. you'd have to pay for the copyright to mj's lot.

there's your legal loophole i do believe.

Schmon I'm sorry but ROFL at this. I saw your earlier thread and your mum is certifiable...any chance of 2 friendly docs sectioning her...? HAHAHAHAHA

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Fri 07-May-10 21:02:42

Yay! It's in Classics.

So schmon, can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feeeeeeeeel it?

Do you have a pep talk ready for the 'Thriller 6'? Any limbering-up moves ready?

<moonwalks off>

JackBauer Fri 07-May-10 21:52:40


Just keep reminding yourself, this means free babysitting and unlimited favours until the end of time.


jamaisjedors Fri 07-May-10 22:06:28

'nother video here - more like you? here

I feel for you, I think I would actually be feeling sick shock

Beasknees Fri 07-May-10 22:10:50

I love your mum.

I wish i could be there

'the way you make me feel' OOOH

Lotkinsgonecurly Fri 07-May-10 22:11:50

Annie do you want you want me Annie...I'm a smooth criminal.

No really, i do hope it goes really well. Regarding the nipple flashing can you use double sided sticky tape on your boobs / bra.

Another excuse could be really bad period / period pains? Or suddenly announce your pregnant and then go home and get started ???

Beasknees Fri 07-May-10 22:13:33

Just remembered at least it's not the dance from ... oh damn what is it - you know 'i had the time of my life ' patrick swayze and jennifer gray....

TiggyR Fri 07-May-10 22:30:05


Oh dear. Oh Lordy. I thought this was going to be a thread from a mother, whose daughter wanted to do the thriller dance at her wedding. Which would have been bad enough, let's face it, but this....Poor you. I'm almost hyperventiliating and breaking out in hives on your behalf, but then I am the world's least exhibitionist person. I thank God with all my heart that back in the day when I got married (1992 - practically prehistoric, I know) wedding planners were a new fangled American idea that no-one understood or could afford, and pyramids of colour-coded cupcakes, dinky favours, and themed entertainment from the bride and groom shock were a yet to be invented horror twinkle in the wedding planner's eye!

It reminds me of Bridget Jones's mother (and not in a good way) when she started behaving inappropriately with her permatanned lover, and embarrassing poor Bridget.
Just have a few very stiff drinks and think of England.

ZacharyQuack Fri 07-May-10 22:33:38

Could you get the groom to change his vows to:

Hey Pretty Baby With The
High Heels On
You Give Me Fever
Like I've Never, Ever Known
You're Just A Product Of
I Like The Groove Of
Your Walk,
Your Talk, Your Dress
I Feel Your Fever
From Miles Around
I'll Pick You Up In My Car
And We'll Paint The Town
Just Kiss Me Baby
And Tell Me Twice
That You're The One For Me

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 22:42:19

Print out a photo of your mum on a laser printer, anything. You must wear masks of her face tomorrow, that would be the ultimate tribute to Bridezilla.

Or print out Michael Jackson's face. He's dead, he won't mind.

ja9 Fri 07-May-10 22:49:33

The wedding is tomorrow?! How exciting!!!

TiggyR Fri 07-May-10 22:50:01

I've read the whole thread now. I'm exhausted. No, really, I think I've broken ribs and everything. This is the funniest thread I've ever ever read on MN, and I haven't even had a whole bottle of wine. Need to go and lie down now.

RunawayWife Fri 07-May-10 22:56:36

marks place in hope of youtube video

snice Fri 07-May-10 23:10:56

another one marking her place in anticipation and praying this is for real




FromGirders Sat 08-May-10 01:13:46

also marking place

kickassangel Sat 08-May-10 02:56:12

MJ would turn in his grave if he knew.

WHY has this become the thing to do? and was I the only person growing up in the 80s who didn't learn the whole dance off by heart?

ShrimpOnTheBarbie Sat 08-May-10 03:00:40

grin me too.
Very funny. You may have to suffer eternal embarrassment on youtube but at least you got a thread on classics!

Just had a thought - they sometimes pick up these kind of things and show them on breakfast telly here in Aus. If you do the crotch grab, I bet we'll be seeing you along with our cornflakes on Monday morning!

schmontilidrop Sat 08-May-10 07:26:21


tis the day

i can assure you this is real. sadly for me.

''Just remembered at least it's not the dance from ... oh damn what is it - you know 'i had the time of my life ' patrick swayze and jennifer gray.... ''

er actually.... the first bit of the dance is to hungry eyes. im not kidding.
it really is. Thats been properly cheorgraphed as well.
then the scratching and it changes to thriller.

as the leader of the unfortunate 6, i could maybe make them do a crotch grab., it would be funny wouldnt it. depends on the state of drunkeness......... maybe. why not. couldnt make it any worse could it???!!!!!

this is a very very funny thread. im loving the vows

yes - i can feel, i can feel it, i can feeeeeel it.


fucking hell.

moonwalks off to certain embarassment......

Lionstar Sat 08-May-10 07:29:33

Good Luck Schmon, I'll be thinking of you - and can't wait to see your dance of shame grin

theagedparent Sat 08-May-10 07:32:57

Good luck today!! I'm sure you will have great fun x

trumpton Sat 08-May-10 08:04:59

Will you carry a watermelon ???? Just marking my place for update. Have a wonderful bearable day.
" I was Micheal for you" grin

SixtyFootDoll Sat 08-May-10 08:18:17

Hope all goes well today.
Maybe you could set the fire alarms off at the apporpriate moment?

Earthstar Sat 08-May-10 08:27:16

Well done on being the best dancer!

Try and enjoy it, that't the only way to go at this point!

weblette Sat 08-May-10 08:48:43

The very best of British to you Schmon

hocuspontas Sat 08-May-10 08:53:14

Just marking my place for later!

I feel for you op. Having watched loads of 'surprise' dances some are really good and some are just so bad and cringeworthy! AAArgh! Hope yours is the former. Good luck!

JackBauer Sat 08-May-10 09:02:00

Go schmon!

You are living the nightmare dream.

jamaisjedors Sat 08-May-10 09:04:01

Good luck!

marking grin

My waking thought today was


Thinking of you schmon. Crotch grab definitely a good idea. Just think how pleased your mum will be.

NumptyMum Sat 08-May-10 09:30:28

Good luck!! It will definitely be a day to remember, either way... grin. And at least after today Bridezilla will (or hopefully/maybe/should?) be no more...

Arcadie Sat 08-May-10 10:00:04

GO Schmon GO!!!!!
I feel your youtube pain - I was posted doing a MC Hammer shambles a couple of years ago - took a while to claw back the dignity but it can be done. I SO want to see this dance....
<wonders if hunting through youtube counts as quality parenting for Sunday>

dearprudence Sat 08-May-10 10:03:48

Link please Arcadie! wink

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Sat 08-May-10 10:06:36

Schmon Good Luck.

Details tomorrow/tonight lady - promise?

<crotch grab with attendant screwed up face>

hee heeeeeeeee Schmon

Sets hair alight

good luck, stiff upper lip and all that
just place marking in case of later updates sorry.

TheOldestCat Sat 08-May-10 10:13:23

Good luck! Do report back...

pinkfizzle Sat 08-May-10 10:16:19

Break a leg

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Sat 08-May-10 10:21:39

The rubberneckers crowds are gathering.

bluebump Sat 08-May-10 10:40:42

Oh good luck!

Moneyspider Sat 08-May-10 10:45:53

Nobody puts Michael in a corner...

Marking my place

MrsL123 Sat 08-May-10 11:32:09

Just remember, You Are Not Alone. This is just One Day In Your Life and you will need to Keep The Faith. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough otherwise it will be really Bad.


This is the most hilarious thing I have ever read. Not just on MN, but in my whole life. My sides are actually aching!

Social suicide: T minus 7 hours.

ImSoNotTelling Sat 08-May-10 11:39:16

Oooh good luck


NorbertDentressangle Sat 08-May-10 11:39:53

OMG! I can't believe that I nearly missed out on this thread as the title made me think it was someone trying to choose the song for their first dance, or something equally as dull.

But, oh no...its bloody hilarious grin

You have to post a link to the video afterwards

jonicomelately Sat 08-May-10 11:43:31

The fact that the bride is the OP's mother and not some university friend or the like only adds to the hilarity.

Cadelaide Sat 08-May-10 11:47:43

shamelessly rubbernecking

merryberry Sat 08-May-10 11:50:09

damn forgot to warn her to watch out for Jarvis Cocker.

fortyplus Sat 08-May-10 11:56:59


Can't believe I've only just seen this...

No one will see it... hahahahaha

Did you notice that of the first two wedding Thriller videos one had had nine and the other eleven million views!!! shock grin

marking place for update

allbie Sat 08-May-10 12:20:38

You only live once...ha ha! Go for may even enjoy it. Get the champers down and throw caution to the wind. One day you'll be dead but the dance will live on and on and on...oh, and on.........

Biscuitbreaker Sat 08-May-10 12:26:26

Pulling up a chair, getting ready to search youtube... good luck!

This has had me LOL all morning! HILARIOUS! I cannot BELIEVE you have allowed yourself to be roped in <although I know I would have done exactly the same and been just as bitter!>

Good luck!

QueenofDreams Sat 08-May-10 13:15:57

Marking my spot.
Probably just me but I actually thought one of the wedding 'thrillers' I saw on youtube was quite good blush (well compared to the rest anyway!)

mumofmonsters Sat 08-May-10 13:19:07

<waits for youtube link>grin

RunawayWife Sat 08-May-10 13:22:03

It's close to dance time and something sillys lurking in the dark
Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes
You're paralyzed here come the bride

'Cause this is thriller, thriller dance
And no one's gonna save you from the beast about strike
You know it's thriller, thriller dance
You're fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller wedding dance

You see the flash go and realize there's nowhere left to run
You feel the cold hand and wonder if you'll ever live this down
You close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination, girl!
But all the while you hear the bride creeping up behind
You're out of time

'Cause this is thriller, thriller dance
There ain't no second chance against the mad bridezilla bride, girl
Thriller, thriller dance
You're fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight

The bride is calling, the victims start to walk in their deep shame
There's no escaping the jaws of the alien this time
(They're open wide)
This is the end of your pride

They're out to get you, there's a bridezilla closing in on your side
They will possess you unless you change the way you sign your name
Now is the time for you to hide in the loo, yeah
All through the night no one can save you from the terror on the dance floor
I'll make you see

That this is thriller, thriller dance
'Cause It can thrill you more than any ghost would ever dare try
Thriller, thriller dance
So let DH hold you tight and share a
Killer, diller, chiller, thriller dance here tonight

'Cause this is thriller, thriller dance
Girl, It will be on youtube and you'll never live it down dare try
Thriller, thriller dance
So let DH hold you tight and share a killer, thriller, ow!

(mums gonna thrill ya tonight)
Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of wedding cake
To terrorize youtube neighborhood

Brides gonna thrill ya tonight, ooh baby
Brides gonna thrill ya tonight, oh embarrassing '
Thriller dance, baby, ooh!

The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand years
And grizzly ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom

And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the thriller wedding dance

jenduff Sat 08-May-10 13:26:35

Can't wait to hear how it went and see video on youtube

cyteen Sat 08-May-10 13:28:48

grin RunawayWife, fantastic!

ZacharyQuack Sat 08-May-10 13:32:45

grin RunawayWife

I've got that tune running through my head now.

We should have found out where this wedding reception is being held and sent along a MN spy with a video camera.

Jojay Sat 08-May-10 13:38:09

Marking my place - determined not to miss this one!!

grin RunawayWife

<puts up tent, gets out deckchair ready for screening>

RunawayWife Sat 08-May-10 13:40:02

Passes round wine and haribo

JackBauer Sat 08-May-10 13:41:48

Stop bumping the thread, I kee[ getting al excited even though it won't be up for hours!

And OH! MNHQ, I don't care if Schmon offers you LOADS of money, don't you dare delete this thread when she realises MNer's will always be able to find her from this thread!

More shameless rubbernecking

Quattrocento Sat 08-May-10 13:58:39


What can you say?


Lotkinsgonecurly Sat 08-May-10 14:00:32

I wonder if she took her laptop so she could start mumsnetting when it all gets a little much?

<Huge rubbernecking emoticon>

Cadelaide Sat 08-May-10 14:01:58


sorry, caps.

what time is it supposed to be happening?

OnlyWantsOne Sat 08-May-10 14:16:15

Its not till tonight, I will text her grin hahahahah

Cadelaide Sat 08-May-10 14:17:02

I feel very, very sorry for her actually. She must be having a ghastly day.

fearnelinen Sat 08-May-10 14:19:11

*Runaway wife* that is legendary!

I am almost considering cancelling my holiday so I can be around to watch this!

8:45pm I will be having a moments silence in honour of shop!

Oh this thread is hilarious! Poor you, my stomach is cringing in sympathy that you've actually had to do this. I hope you have made it through!

And don't forget to link to the video wink

Good luck for this evening! You are being a really good sport; incredible grace under pressure. Remember to curtsey nicely and you will get your well-deserved applause. And if it's a paying bar, you will be set for the evening for drinks, from people who would be too chicken to do this. Well done for making it to this point!

(Workinjgitoutasigo, I do like dancing. But poor "schmontilidrop* seemed so horrified, I just couldn't laugh! I am amazed at her guts now, though smile)

oops, Workingitoutasigo - sorry, there was a stray j in there!

Dollytwat Sat 08-May-10 16:27:03

rubbernecking here too

well you are going to be FAMOUS soon grin

notnearlyasblondasiwas Sat 08-May-10 16:28:20

I literally can't wait to see this - I am going out for dinner tonight and the whole time I will be thinking of poor ole shop

MrsMiamla Sat 08-May-10 18:54:07

ooh, do you think she's done it yet?!!

hormonesnomore Sat 08-May-10 18:56:07

Feeling your pain shoptilidrop but marking my place so I can grin at your video!

SpringHeeledJack Sat 08-May-10 19:05:58

OP, I know we're not allowed to do hugs- can I offer you a press on the hand?

or a pat on the shoulder?

...a high five???

if you actually did it, remember your mum now owes you


QOD Sat 08-May-10 19:10:00

I'm sooooooooooo excited about logging on tomorrow (on my birthday) so I can read about this LMAO - it really truly has made me LOL and LMAO

tee hee too

AddictedtoCrunchies Sat 08-May-10 19:59:03

I wonder if she's done it yet...

TopsyKretts Sat 08-May-10 20:00:09

Pleeeease somebody post the youtube link when it comes on...

ilove Sat 08-May-10 20:02:53

I just read this...sat here giggling now!

LtEveDallas Sat 08-May-10 20:12:07

Oh shop, I hope it was bearable. How drunk are you now?!

Hulababy Sat 08-May-10 20:13:38

Hope it is bearable for you tonight

fearnelinen Sat 08-May-10 20:16:53

30 minutes to go!

Cadelaide Sat 08-May-10 20:26:38

wingedvictory's post at 16.03 sums it up perfectly, I think.

Arcadie Sat 08-May-10 20:27:40

Can't wait can't wait............

CheeryCherry Sat 08-May-10 20:44:22

Am sure it will be amazing, and we will all be in awe at the talent on show.
Can't wait!

cyteen Sat 08-May-10 20:54:56

It could be happening RIGHT NOW, people!

FreakoidOrganisoid Sat 08-May-10 20:56:06

Really hope she updates tonight!

Also Arcadie NEED to see a link to yours

fearnelinen Sat 08-May-10 20:56:27

Get on You Tube!!

LynetteScavo Sat 08-May-10 20:57:19

Just checkin in! I wish I were there! grin

omaoma Sat 08-May-10 20:59:03

I don't think I have ever felt more sympathy and fellow feeling for anybody else!!! but you know what STID, you have BALLS OF STEEL and will have won the utter admiration and love of everybody who sees your hell on film...

VoulezVouzCrochezAvecMoiCeSoir Sat 08-May-10 21:13:35

Go shop, go shop, go shop!

ThatVikRinA22 Sat 08-May-10 21:16:57

waiting with baited breath for update!!

DH thinks this is the most wonderful idea he has so glad im married already!

Humdrumhappiness Sat 08-May-10 21:25:49

Just read the entire thread, DH is watching Eddie Izzard and I'm laughing more at this than he is. This is the best thread since Penguingate.

Schmon, I imagine will be a pissed heap on the floor by now and with a massive hangover tomorrow I don't expect an update until Monday. She must have done it by now.

mrsfred Sat 08-May-10 21:26:20

just checking in for updates!

You are a bit early for updates.....

.....It's close to midnight and something evil's lurkin in the dark.
....Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart.
...You try to scream but your mother in laws top is too low cut now.
...You start to freeze, as granny does a shimmer on the floor, no exit door

Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
And No One's Gonna Save You From The Beast About Strike
You Know It's Thriller, Thriller Night
You're Fighting For Your Life you'll be on You tube, you will toniiiiiiiight.

dearprudence Sat 08-May-10 21:47:55

<peeps in>

Yep, as I thought. Too early for updates.

Nothing new on YouTube yet grin

SoMuchToBits Sat 08-May-10 22:02:04

Just lurking here in an attempt to stop thinking about Norman the Forman take an interest....

PixieOnaLeaf Sat 08-May-10 22:30:15

One day, I will tell you all the very pregnant Arcadie antenatal thread MC Hammer mixup story.

'Tis very funny!

OMG. Have read the entire thread. Just need to know the end now...

Lexilicious Sat 08-May-10 22:53:44

I will be checking at about 3am when my small child wants a night feed. If he sleeps through, for once I will be massively disappointed. However, I suspect OP is thoroughly trollied and probably unable to deny even Billie Jean herself, as just a girl who thinks that she is the one. I want to see youtube links from anyone with relevant experience. I offer in return. I am slightly twatfaced myself from my dad's 60th birthday shebang (schamO!n) and therefore apologise if the above is unfunny. That is all.

PerArduaAdNauseum Sat 08-May-10 22:57:43


Fimbo Sat 08-May-10 22:59:22

I have been feverishly checking out every god damn thriller wedding dance on Youtube.

This thread is hilarious.

insertexpletive Sat 08-May-10 23:01:01

Just marking my place - I HAVE to see this...

Valpollicella Sat 08-May-10 23:08:14

Placemarking for future rubbernecking. I have loved this thread.

Schmon, hope you did us proud and didn't have to get too drunk to do so. A hangover won't be conducive to updating us asap tomorrow am.

SixtyFootDoll Sat 08-May-10 23:12:01

I am staying up late just to find out how the dance went!

maryz Sat 08-May-10 23:29:28

I am marking my place here too - I really want the you tube link......

thederkinsdame Sat 08-May-10 23:30:23

Schmon, hope you survived! I was thinking of you at 8.45 and cringing for you...

Ok, sympathy over, is it on youtube yet? grin

iamamug Sat 08-May-10 23:30:38

Have just found this thread - new to MN and I cannot stop laughing!! My DH doesn't get it but it's hilarious - poor poor shop - We all feel your pain but TBH can't wait to see it LOL!!

TheCrackFox Sat 08-May-10 23:40:03

Marking my place, can't wait to see the finished routine on You Tube.

OmegaMummy Sat 08-May-10 23:48:49

i think i have issues...spent evening at kids football end of season evening. When thriller started playng all I could thinkk of was this thread----------- schmon!

does she has a phone she can update from???
<<desperate for news emotion>>

Can I ask a stupid question tho ladies? If the op puts the link on this thread then when her mum does a google search for " Thriller you tube wedding" just to see her own up there with all the others, will it not also show up this thread? Out the op and get her into loads of grief with her mother?

I'm probably overthinking this but....

I'm not sure....

iamamug Sun 09-May-10 00:49:01

To Kickarse - do you know what?? I think it will bloody well serve her right!! (The Godzilla bride that is) must go to bed but keep clicking back in to see updates - the world waits with bated breath!!!!

schmontilidrop Sun 09-May-10 01:05:29

we did it

bobbiewickham Sun 09-May-10 01:07:16

Just logged in.

You're smiling...survived then?

noshouting Sun 09-May-10 01:08:01

AND? AND? How did it go? Link pretty please we really want to enjoy it tooooo

schmontilidrop Sun 09-May-10 01:08:12

8pm and we were actually shitting it.

there were LOADS of people. LOADS of young people . i thought they would be old.

we were all very drunbk. but not drunk enough. my god. everyone was cheering and clapping and were taking pics etc....

everyone cheered and came up and danced afterwards.

then. more drinks and at about 10pm. or 11. i dont know we were getting requests again.

we did it again.

it was videoed by lots of epole. i expect it may be viral by tomrrow morning. at this point in time i dont give a sdihgt.

we are the bomb


SquirtsMum Sun 09-May-10 01:08:55


I hope you crotch grabbed and moonwalked to your spot!!!

Was it as bad as you thought it was going to be?


SquirtsMum Sun 09-May-10 01:09:47

X post

noshouting Sun 09-May-10 01:11:31

Ah well done have just been onto youtube and it is not there yet, hurry up!

bobbiewickham Sun 09-May-10 01:12:08



Thediaryofanobody Sun 09-May-10 01:14:40

grin Cant wait to see it, you know someone on here will find it soon enough you may as well post it yourself. Ideally both performances. grin

ZacharyQuack Sun 09-May-10 01:16:11

Good for you!

He heeee (in a high pitched MJ voice)

You know that the 6 of you will be invited to all your friends' and family's future wedding and expected to perform.

schmontilidrop Sun 09-May-10 01:19:59

i haventy got it recorded. the venue did two. first one you cant see me. second one you can. then i did some sort of werid dance on my own whist singing - you cant put this on the internet.


i was a bit drunk

lots of people videoed it.

it will be there

trumpton Sun 09-May-10 01:20:49

Just got in from a friends 50th birthday party and despite being very drunk tired had to log on to see results of THRILLER. Well done and congratulations STID. I look forward to seeing it on youtube. grin

Jaquelinehyde Sun 09-May-10 01:25:16

HAHA Excellent so glad you did it but can't believe you did it twice grin

Oh it all seems like so much fun when you are in the moment and pished, just wait for the cold light of day and then see how you feel wink grin

Can't wait to see it.

twofalls Sun 09-May-10 02:57:54

This thread is so bloody funny I started it whilst feeding dd2 and finished it despite her finishing ages ago. I am laughing so much dh has gone to the spare room.

Shop you are so funny.

largeginandtonic Sun 09-May-10 07:13:27

<< awaits links >>


Well done! Brave, if not a bit drunk, lady grin

fearnelinen Sun 09-May-10 07:37:24

You did it twice???!!!

I fear you may have lost the edge on
"I was Michael Jackson for you"
by actually enjoying it!

Well Done, you drunk game old bird you!!!!

colnelcustard Sun 09-May-10 07:45:35

Ha ha, well done. You are brilliant and the fact that you did it twice is fantastic.

You deserve a medal. Are you a leeetle bit hung over this morning.


merryberry Sun 09-May-10 07:57:43


well done schmon.

<moves slowly so as not to startle the hangover>

was mum radiant etc throughout?

stickyj Sun 09-May-10 08:16:03

Is it there yet, 'cos I can't find it!

VoulezVouzCrochezAvecMoiCeSoir Sun 09-May-10 08:20:04

Hooray! Glad you enjoyed it, sounds like you rocked.

How's your headgrin?

It's close to midnight and something strange's happening in the dark
Under the disco lights, you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You can't believe it, here's schmon and the unfortunate six hittin' the floor
They start to dance as you grab your cam'ra and start to film
You're just amazed

'Cause this is schmo-o-o-on, schm-m-m-on's night
And no one's gonna believe she's not loving the limelight
You know it's schmo-o-o-on, schm-m-m-on's night
She's dancing for her life inside a killer, bridezilla night

Well done schmon!

LoveBeingAHungParliament Sun 09-May-10 08:36:33

Well done you, will we be seeing you on britains got talent next year then? grin

jenduff Sun 09-May-10 09:09:42

Well done schmon - hope you're not too hungover this morning to find a nice linkie for all your friends here who've been patiently waiting.

Hey, well done! That's our girl.

Do you think the MN teasing got you into the right frame of mind? If so, I apologise for sympathising with you and distracting you with talk of getting the wedding planner woman! grin You got far more mental toughening up from others!

Well done.

schmontilidrop Sun 09-May-10 09:18:58

we will be taking ourselves on tour. we are also avalible for weddings/partys or just general humilation.

i am very vvery hungover.

i cant actually belive we did it. TWICE!!
Actually the first time. despite us all just really really bricking it. You honeslty have NO idea. Went good. People went nuts for it. They generally did. The fools.

It was like in high school musical or something where in a normal situation people just break out into song and dance! lol. And the bit where we had to pull people onto the dance flooor they actually came. willingly. and were all doing thriller hands and stuff. the moonwalks. and spins.
it was actually quite good.

Then, like i said. we kept getting requests to do it againg but refused. it was about 10.30 i think and we were all VERY VERY VERY drunk by this point. and madly agreeded. bar my brohter . who altought pissed as a fart was still wise enought to say no. we were going on go on with out him. but he got totally heckled by about 250 people and did it again.
really. fair play to us.
Then in my drunked state i did this weird dance move which can only be described as octopus like. while singing ' you can put this on the internet'.
right into the video camera.

i look a bit mad!!!
ive seen the film.

oh dear

everyone was taping it. i expect it will be viral at some point today.

have post wedding garden party/hog roast to go to. but will be back later.


but never again!

Arcadie Sun 09-May-10 09:31:48

Still nothing on Youtube...... Can someone who doesn't have three little kids spend THE WHOLE DAY surfing until it comes up? I WANT to but I can hear my oldest edging towards a "social services on speed dial" frame of mind.....

Just one tiny little link would make all our weekend.
And Pixie shhhhhhhhhh

PouffeGalore Sun 09-May-10 09:33:43

Excellent - well done schmon. What was all the worry about? Knew you'd enjoy it really grin

schmontilidrop Sun 09-May-10 09:41:31

i think enjoy might be a strong word to use.

endure might be more like it.

ive had a quick look and cant see anything.

will look again later. i have no idea when it will go on seeing as its not mine.

i will of course post a link. how could i not.
so long as its not the version of me sining ' you cant put this on the internet'

Arcadie Sun 09-May-10 09:43:00

Schmon You make me happy!!! thank you for a very entertaining read - you've been very gracious about it all. And very funny.

purepurple Sun 09-May-10 09:44:03

well done!
[and marking place for link]

LoveBeingAHungParliament Sun 09-May-10 10:02:10

whispers to schmontilidrop, you realise your mother was.....right [shudder]

TiggyR Sun 09-May-10 10:06:44

Very proud of you BTW!

jamaisjedors Sun 09-May-10 10:26:00

Was just thinking that LBAM! grin

Well done!

See, mums always know best! grin

WingedVictory - is that a MN first? Someone apologising for saying YANBU.....

You were right - and the rest of us were very naughty to enjoy her angst so much, but schmon is clearly made of tough stuff!

Looking forward to the link!

FacePalm Sun 09-May-10 10:41:13

well done!!

At least it is out the way now.....and you will always have plenty of video versions floating around the internet to remind you fondly of the occasion! [GRIN]

QOD Sun 09-May-10 10:45:38

I just can't wait!

Well done Schmon, I'm very happy for you and your Mum grin and cannot wait to see it! (including your octopus dance if at all possible! grin)

RunawayWife Sun 09-May-10 11:07:36

Link link we need a link

drinkyourmilk Sun 09-May-10 11:18:55

Well done!

(hands up who's already searched you tube?grin)

thequeenofdemocracynotbigotry Sun 09-May-10 11:19:42

<sticks up hand>

Earthstar Sun 09-May-10 12:39:55

Britains got Talent awaits you

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 09-May-10 12:43:46

<whistles innocently>

sherby Sun 09-May-10 12:45:10


differentID Sun 09-May-10 12:45:28

Olivia, why are you pretending to be innocent?

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 09-May-10 12:46:55

Oh I don't KNOW anything blush
I was just marking my place, promise grin

differentID Sun 09-May-10 12:48:11

you must know something!!!!

wukter Sun 09-May-10 12:51:42

She found the link!!!

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 09-May-10 12:56:25

<looks up from youtube>
I wish I HAD found the link
C'mon shoptildrop
Put us OUT of our misery

ProfYaffle Sun 09-May-10 12:56:57

Glad it's not just me compulsively searching Youtube ...

MuffinToptheMule Sun 09-May-10 12:58:27

I want to see the video.

differentID Sun 09-May-10 12:59:58

Youtube searcher here as wellblush

RustyBear Sun 09-May-10 13:01:30

When I google "youtube wedding thriller dance" the first thing I get is a link to MN's Active convos page with this thread on it....

Shoshe Sun 09-May-10 13:10:08

Did you have purple bridesmaid dresses?

elmofan Sun 09-May-10 13:13:59

all this waiting is killing me grin

Pennies Sun 09-May-10 13:20:02


Curiousmama Sun 09-May-10 13:28:25

Ooo well done glad it went well grin Can't wait for link wink

My cousin and her dh did the pulp fiction dance for their wedding dance...was fantastic!

paisleyleaf Sun 09-May-10 13:34:02

I only logged on to check this thread.
Well done you! grin

twofalls Sun 09-May-10 13:41:59

<chants> link link link link......

merryberry Sun 09-May-10 13:46:15
schmontilidrop Sun 09-May-10 14:04:01

mu sister had a purple dress.
i had a coral one.

have you found it?

my brother, whos cool friend came was actually impressed. he said is was really cool when we all came out from the crowd and it was really really good.

we are legends

merryberry Sun 09-May-10 14:07:27

oh shoshe have you got it?? haven't you schmon? oh do c'mon someone

DorotheaPlenticlew Sun 09-May-10 14:26:12

[joins crowd]

diddl Sun 09-May-10 14:27:37

[starts a chant]

"We want a link, we want a link...."

thumbwitch Sun 09-May-10 14:33:46

ooooh, just checking in - no link yet? Can't find it on Youtube - nothing more recent than 3m for "Wedding Dance Thriller".

Schmon, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase do a linky!

Cogitoergosum Sun 09-May-10 14:38:09

Is it on youtube yet? I can't find it sad

Link! link! link!

differentID Sun 09-May-10 14:39:11

I found this.

Is that the one you found shoshe?

thumbwitch Sun 09-May-10 14:42:29

cor, I think someone has their Widescreen set wrong on that video! unless they really were all hobbits...

differentID Sun 09-May-10 14:48:35

lol thumbwitch!

C'mon schmon! WE wanna see it!!!!!

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 09-May-10 14:54:12

No coral dress in that one
Also noone getting people to come and dance at the end


<joins in chanting>
We want a link!
We want a link!
We want a link!
We want a link!
We want a link!

Thediaryofanobody Sun 09-May-10 14:58:07

Come on Schmon put it up yourself you know resistance is futile! At least put up some photos. grin

jenduff Sun 09-May-10 15:04:53

<<waiting for link>>

Simply Sun 09-May-10 15:20:47

Well done on getting through it schmontilidrop. smile

I am another one who has been fruitlessly searching the site for this video. I can hardly wait!

merryberry Sun 09-May-10 15:26:29

i'm so keen/underemplyed (delete as applicable) that i've searched using google and jux2 AND poked around bebo, myspace and facebook. to no avail.

i think i need anti-stalkery training, or a life, or both grin

GeekOfTheWeek Sun 09-May-10 15:44:03


Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Sun 09-May-10 15:44:15

Schmon you did it you did it!!

<haven't been able to get near laptop for day and a half grumpy emoticon>

Get thee linked lady, we all NEED to see this.

And lol at pissed-up 'thiscangoonnainnernet' into camera

RunawayWife Sun 09-May-10 15:59:11

Wot no link grin

<drums fingers on table>

trumpton Sun 09-May-10 16:25:08

Still waiting..........,<twiddles thumbs>

clayre Sun 09-May-10 16:26:50

ive been lurking on this thread since tursday night, a marking my place, hurry up

differentID Sun 09-May-10 16:28:58

c'mon, I want to see it! so does everyone else!

you can't just string us along like this!

MrsMiamla Sun 09-May-10 16:30:30

schmon... i'll share my hangover cure with works every time. How about I swap it for a link? [wink}

hocuspontas Sun 09-May-10 16:33:53

Gah! This reminds me of waiting for that polar bear to give birth...

MrsMiamla Sun 09-May-10 16:35:36

<hijack> hocuspontas did the baby ever arrive? i got bored and gave up after a million weeks of watching a polar bear sleeping!

hocuspontas Sun 09-May-10 16:39:59

You and me both!
I never found out either!

merryberry Sun 09-May-10 16:43:10

the zoo people posted it was a false alarm, she was bedding in for winter only, not birth.

i spend waaaaay too much time lurking on non-events, clearly

Arcadie Sun 09-May-10 16:45:54

Oh come onnnnn!!!

Bumperliouzzzzzz Sun 09-May-10 16:50:44

<waits in anticipation>

hocuspontas Sun 09-May-10 16:54:54

Thanks for the update merry!
<ticks polar bear off of list of MN Threads I Have Wasted Days On>

schmontilidrop Sun 09-May-10 16:56:57

i havent got a link to give you.
nor any pics.
i was doing the dance, not recording it! lol

im waiting for it as well.
Venue said they would take a week. those at wedding said it wold be on before midnight. but they were rather drunk and may be suffering today.

patience ladies....

theQuibbler Sun 09-May-10 16:58:41

It's not likely to be posted today, is it?
What with people nursing hangovers and eating hog roasts?

<assumes voice of doom reason>

F5 F5 F5 grin

differentID Sun 09-May-10 16:59:09

a week????????
I can't last a week!!!!!!
I won't be here in a week's time- I'll be at my technophobic Mother's!(mother-in-law house sitting)
so it will be a week and a half!!!!!

schmontilidrop Sun 09-May-10 17:17:45

i know. i would quite like to see it today. sober.

Wedding couple are off on honeymood tomorrow.
people will probably get pics to them after then i should think.

but will keep checking youtube.....

i really want to see too.

RunawayWife Sun 09-May-10 17:23:00

Mumsnet HQ can you flag it up in case we miss it if we have to wait a week grin

schmontilidrop Sun 09-May-10 17:29:05

am trying to get hold of some pics.
have asked mum to text friends who woul dhave taken pics.

if/when i get some i will stick on profile.

lol - still cant believe we did it.

Miggsie Sun 09-May-10 17:47:08

I do hope you bought your mum a course of psychotherapy for her wedding present.

Tough stuff indeed, workingitout!

We will have to have another online party soon and Schmon can do her Thrilling moves, to a song written by you, whomovedmychocolate, ZacharyQuack, somebodysfool and anyone else who contributed lyrics to this thread. Apologies if I have missed anyone.

Alcohol at this party provided by the wedding venue.... to pay for their not-so-free advertising (can you imagine how delighted the cheeky sods will be to know how "viral" this YouTube thing is going to go?! Soooo jammy. I might "accidentally" spill a few drinks over the wedding planner. Or chuck wine about as I'm dancing the Macarena Can definitely manage that....).

Schmon, you can usher your mother into the online party, show her the side-door to this thread, and let her understand what t'internet can be. She'll never "not care" about YouTube again!

IMoveTheStars Sun 09-May-10 18:11:52


I think this rivals Shineys penguin thread.. grin

schmontilidrop Sun 09-May-10 18:20:01

haha - i have found someone with a picture on their phone.
she doesnt know how to send pictures and her husband is at work.
am not so patiently waiting for him to get home.
doesnt the bloody man understand how important this is!!

Jaquelinehyde Sun 09-May-10 18:57:46

tic-tok, tic-tok

marks spot.......

Curiousmama Sun 09-May-10 19:00:14


SawneyBeane Sun 09-May-10 19:03:35

You must really love your mum.

schmontilidrop Sun 09-May-10 19:11:26

havnt got pic yet and am fading fast. so i dont keep any of you hanging on. if i dont get it in the next ten mins it wont be until the morning.

im too knackered and need to go to bed.

WickedWitchSouthWest Sun 09-May-10 19:18:01

Gah! Marking my spot

Headbanger Sun 09-May-10 19:22:52

waiting patiently...

louii Sun 09-May-10 19:35:03


louii Sun 09-May-10 19:35:22


drinkyourmilk Sun 09-May-10 19:43:39

marking a new spot grin

sneezecake Sun 09-May-10 20:11:14

I have been shamelessly rubber necking on this thread yesterday, and have jus got in from work hoping to see the vid!
well done schmon! you are so brave!

LoveBeingAHungParliament Sun 09-May-10 20:20:01

i don't wanna wait till the morning sad

runnybottom Sun 09-May-10 20:31:14


hormonesnomore Sun 09-May-10 20:36:45

Well done schmon - you were very brave and it sounds as if you had fun.

Can't wait to see it. grin

Curiousmama Sun 09-May-10 20:56:55

no link yet? sad

ooh i can't wait for this.
BTW...can anyone tell me where i can find this infamous penguin thread. am dying to read it

CaptainWinky Sun 09-May-10 21:05:12


KnickKnack Sun 09-May-10 21:07:10

Penguin part 1 and part 2

IMoveTheStars Sun 09-May-10 21:07:47

NotGrownUpEnough- It's in Classics

Part 1

Part 2

120 Sun 09-May-10 21:08:47


IMoveTheStars Sun 09-May-10 21:08:56

damn you KnickKnack grin

Thanks Peeps, that's the rest of my night sorted.

(whilst constrantly checking back to here incase THE LINK appears of course)

KnickKnack Sun 09-May-10 21:12:42

<sticks out tongue>

mumofmonsters Sun 09-May-10 21:14:59

<marking place again grin>

IMoveTheStars Sun 09-May-10 21:15:44

<blows raspberries>

IMoveTheStars Sun 09-May-10 21:16:24

NotGrownUp - check out the booble plate one

MinnieMummy Sun 09-May-10 21:18:30

I'm 39+2 pg, I might be a bit busy in a week or so's time!! Neeeed the link sooner pleeeease!!

Massive respect to you for doing it, esp twice..

SixtyFootDoll Sun 09-May-10 21:22:49

Cannot wait!

Hulababy Sun 09-May-10 21:26:46

Ah, well done for doing it. Now waiting for link.

almondfinger Sun 09-May-10 21:27:12

Marking place

Marking my place - I am desperate to see this! grin

Curiousmama Sun 09-May-10 21:39:26

what's the message limit? Hope we don't go over it before the link? grin

Katz Sun 09-May-10 21:41:26


RustyBear Sun 09-May-10 21:55:01

Not even half way yet

Curiousmama Sun 09-May-10 22:03:03

Phew! wink

kickassangel Sun 09-May-10 22:39:34


VivianDarkbloom Sun 09-May-10 22:55:51



Cartoose Sun 09-May-10 22:57:04


dearprudence Sun 09-May-10 22:59:05

I've just wasted spent a good hour on youtube, originally looking at wedding dances, then Michelle Heaton falling over and lots of people falling on the ice.

Poor substitite for shop's dancing though.

schmontillidrop, funniest poster ever! Great thread.....


VivianDarkbloom Sun 09-May-10 23:25:47

I'm not getting lost in youtube again. Last time that happened I ended up watching lots of people mortifying themselves on television by throwing up mid-interview. My brain was screaming "NO! NO MORE! STOP!" but my finger just kept clickin'.


PussinJimmyChoos Sun 09-May-10 23:31:59

Another one marking her spot grin

paddingtonbear1 Sun 09-May-10 23:35:35

and me!!

Tobermory Sun 09-May-10 23:37:47


thinker Sun 09-May-10 23:46:35

Link !!

Spot marking grin

RunawayWife Mon 10-May-10 07:59:18

Still no like sad I wanna link I wanna link
Stamps foot and sticks out lip.

OneTwoBuckleMyShoe Mon 10-May-10 09:33:55

Marking my place with the little bit of wee that leaked out when reading this thread and laughing too hard, must start doing pelvic floor exercises again!

drloves8 Mon 10-May-10 10:22:36

grin....i want to see the octopus dance!

EnchantedWithGordon Mon 10-May-10 10:23:43

Shes not coming back.

schmontilidrop Mon 10-May-10 10:25:00

so do i.

anyway. have still not got pic. dont think im going to get one. Those that have videoed it are doing dvds ( they videoed other wedding stuff too) and are giving to mum when she gets back from honeymoon.

i have asked everyone i know.

have just emailed venue.
fingers crossed.

VJay Mon 10-May-10 10:25:07


gagamama Mon 10-May-10 10:31:39

Marking spot for laughter later.

IsThatTheTime Mon 10-May-10 10:48:02

Can't wait...

FluffyDonkey Mon 10-May-10 10:51:36

Dunno why I'm so on tenterhooks - I can't even access YouTube from work!

DastardlyandSmugly Mon 10-May-10 11:43:47

Marking my place...

Curiousmama Mon 10-May-10 11:54:55

eagerly awaiting...

ParanoidAtAllTimes Mon 10-May-10 12:31:37

Can't believe I've only just discovered this thread! Currently scouring YouTube with bored baby on my lap...........

merryberry Mon 10-May-10 12:32:20
ParanoidAtAllTimes Mon 10-May-10 12:45:10

merryberry. I'm particularly loving the little boy on the right

tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 10-May-10 12:47:49

I adore the fact that you went from 'worst idea ever and people are going to see it on the internet GAH' to pleading with people to put it on the internet so you can show it to hundreds of strangers Mumsnetters.

merryberry Mon 10-May-10 12:52:02

he is so into it isn't he para

zachsmama Mon 10-May-10 12:54:37

Just marking my place

TiggyR Mon 10-May-10 13:16:56

drumming fingers on table......will start slow hand clapping soon....grin

fustyarse Mon 10-May-10 13:36:59

OH come ON!!!!

This is ridiculous, I have stuff to do today but I keep checking in here!

thumbwitch Mon 10-May-10 14:19:50

merryberry, that is priceless - but I wish whoever was filming it had moved back a bit to get it all in! Quality dancing by the two little boys there (and the big'uns as well)

Still waiting Schmon.... grin

schmontilidrop Mon 10-May-10 15:50:35

still no joy.
i cant possibly harrass any more people. and yes. im a little bit confused at wanting to see it now...

anyway. still no reply from venue. disks will be done in time. ( about a week)

trying to get pics.. but not getting anywhere...

but the ring on it was good... and who mentioned something about an MC hammer shambles...??? could that not entertain us while we are waiting???

fustyarse Mon 10-May-10 15:52:29

ooh, I got so excied when I saw you were the last poster, can't BELIEVE we still have to wait

<stamps foot>

forgot to say well done to you though schmon! Now the hangover has cleared do you have good memories? smile

schmontilidrop Mon 10-May-10 16:06:05

better memories than i though actaully.

the wedding was wonderful.the best ive ever been to.

And it seems the dance went down amazingly well. Mum said so many people have been texting/calling her about it and saying how good it was. Noone knew about it. i supose it would have been a funny surprise.
It genuinelly went down well. ( so she was right...huh!)

Im just never going to do it again.... lol. And im sure ill be cringing at it when it does come out... but im actaully MORE embarassed by the octopus dancing and the ' you cant put this on the internet'

soon as i get hold of sometihng will let everyone know.

VivianDarkbloom Mon 10-May-10 16:24:26

It's very foolish gracious of you to admit that, schmon! Hasn't she bellowed the father of all "I TOLD YOU SO"s yet? (I would have.) You do realise that this has become her default comeback instead of yours?

"Mother, you're wrong."
"I was right about the Thriller dance wasn't I?"
"Mother, don't goad that angry bear!"
"I was right about the Thriller dance wasn't I?"
"Mother, no. I will not feed my child opiates."
"I was right about the Trhiller dance wasn't I?"

fillybuster Mon 10-May-10 17:19:24




Well done on getting through it with your sense of humour, if not your grace and style, intact, Shop

But we really do need to see it now....

KiddingAnxiously Mon 10-May-10 17:40:39

God is there still no link yet?

SpringHeeledJack Mon 10-May-10 18:10:05

your story is warming the cockles of my shrivelled cynical old heart, schmon smile

FreakoidOrganisoid Mon 10-May-10 18:15:19

Yes arcadie, MC Hammer link NOW


120 Mon 10-May-10 18:58:08

i've been enjoying this one as a warm up.

QOD Mon 10-May-10 19:35:18


KiddingAnxiously Mon 10-May-10 19:53:11

Either it's a lot more fantastic (ie schmon is more professional and it's great and everyone will clap and cheer) or there will be no video.

Earthstar Mon 10-May-10 19:54:47

I have watched all the youtube ones back to back

The best ones are where nobody smiles and they stay all zombie-ish...Did you smile, schmon?

sneezecake Mon 10-May-10 19:59:04

still no link??

Curiousmama Mon 10-May-10 20:28:02

no link yet? sad

Arcadie Mon 10-May-10 20:30:31

Freakoid In your dreams

NumptyMum Mon 10-May-10 21:31:47

Arcadie - fond memories here?

Or how about your next wedding dance, Schmon - an MC Hammer dance-off? I see they are British - Arcadie, it's not you, is it?!

Arcadie Mon 10-May-10 22:24:28

yeah that's me.......

I wish..... sad

DuelingFanjo Mon 10-May-10 22:27:08

oooh - are we waiting for a link?

schmontilidrop Tue 11-May-10 08:16:25

arcadie - was yours WORSE than that!!

lol - oh please. if i can post a link ( when i get one) so can you.

Go on, you know you want to!

not heard back from venue. Brothers gf has some pics on her phone btut they are too big to send. hes seeing her wed so will get them via bluetooth if i remind him.

noone else seems quite as keen to see it as i do

Portofino Tue 11-May-10 08:23:05

Place marking grin

Just how shameful exactly would it be if the wedding planner didn't put it on youtube because she decided it just wasn't good enough? shock grin <evil>

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 11-May-10 12:10:36

Arcadie if you didn't want to show it you shouldn't have mentioned it. Now LINK grin

VivianDarkbloom Tue 11-May-10 13:11:19

C'mon Arcadie! Keep us going!

120 Tue 11-May-10 14:01:57

Ar-ca-die <<clap clap clap>>
Ar-ca-die <<clap clap clap>>

Curiousmama Tue 11-May-10 16:19:08

C'mon Arcadie grin

ashcloud Tue 11-May-10 20:10:44

Yeah, go on Arcadie. Keep us going smile

Arcadie Tue 11-May-10 21:42:48


Want Thriller.

<Stamps feet like angry toddler>


QOD Wed 12-May-10 08:14:47

*thrashing on the floor having a tantrum*

Simply Wed 12-May-10 10:01:44

I found this one thanks to this thread. I know we're all dying to see schmontilidrop's one but it is good to see something fun while we're waiting!

Once you've watched that one all through, watch this one all through, too.


mcfee Wed 12-May-10 11:02:31

place marking

onebatmother Wed 12-May-10 11:07:36

me too.

mumofmonsters Wed 12-May-10 11:14:10

Still no link?

Has anyone shouted TROLL yet?grin

BTW that was a joke!

Arcadie Wed 12-May-10 13:53:31

Simply Thank you so much. I've seen the first one before - in fact I BEGGED my sister to allow the wedding party (inc 2 7 month pregnant bridesmaids and a 2 yr old with Chicken Pox) to do something similar! She declined. Some people eh?

LOVED the second one...

And No linky? sad Arcadie.

Simply Wed 12-May-10 17:24:18

I'm pleased you liked it Arcadie. smile

I've tried frightening my ds by saying that we could do a dance a bit like that (to a different song) during his 18th birthday 'do' next year but he didn't scream in horror like dd would, he just said that on his 18th he plans to go into a pub and order a drink with his one friend who will also be 18, the rest being younger, so there'll not be a 'do' for me to make a twit of myself at! Still, there's always dd's 18th a bit more than a year later! I bet I won't be allowed within 5 miles of that, though. wink

hocuspontas Wed 12-May-10 17:58:41

Just putting this back onto 'threads I'm on'...

PussinJimmyChoos Wed 12-May-10 18:01:11

Marking my place again grin

sherby Wed 12-May-10 18:38:57


No link yet??

Gah! grin

RunawayWife Wed 12-May-10 19:39:09

Still no link?
I was sitting my theory test today and suddenly thought I wonder if there is a link yet shock grin

sneezecake Wed 12-May-10 20:36:49

c'mon schmon! grin

What? Still no link? You tease!

TheLadyOfTheGreenKirtle Wed 12-May-10 21:00:20


Fimbo Wed 12-May-10 21:01:14

C'mon c'mon or there will be talking of trolling and winding us up wink grin

ashcloud Wed 12-May-10 21:55:24

When I was a child, my dad would've called this 'deferred gratification'. I didn't buy into it then, and I don't now! wink

MmeLindt Wed 12-May-10 21:56:51

Has she been back yet?

120 Thu 13-May-10 07:31:19

I think she's having difficulty getting hold of it.

schmontilidrop Thu 13-May-10 07:55:40

im having loads of trouble getting hold of it.
Brothers gf had pics on her phone but they were really really blury so useless.

Venue finally got back to me yesterday to sat the lady that had the film was not in the office but would try to get back to me in the next few days.

the other person i know that filmed it wont give it to me and is holding it until the honeymooners get back.

im sure there are more pics/filsm out there, but i didnt know any other of the wedding guests.

Simply Thu 13-May-10 09:52:25

Fair play to you for your efforts to try to get hold of it schmon. smile I look forward to seeing it when it is available.

ashcloud Thu 13-May-10 10:19:34

we shall wait patiently then.

merryberry Thu 13-May-10 11:26:14

schmon but you're the STAR! you need to do a Mariah strop until your every whim is met

ddgm Thu 13-May-10 11:32:49

Been following the thread with great intrest my friend is doing something similar the weekend cant wait to c yours.

llcoolj Thu 13-May-10 14:39:31

pinkfizzle Thu 13-May-10 14:46:12
schmontilidrop Thu 13-May-10 14:53:09

No - thats not it. They are a shambles... we were LOADS better


pinkfizzle Thu 13-May-10 14:55:43

But who else does a thriller song at a wedding at the same time as the wedding you were going to????

Surely thriller is not that popular for a wedding dance?

feduptrying Thu 13-May-10 15:12:49


pinkfizzle Thu 13-May-10 15:19:13


boredandlonely Thu 13-May-10 15:21:00

it is. that is not us. ill stick a pic of me on my profile ( at the wedding) you will see i am not in there... and neither would i wear such a terrible dress

schmontilidrop Thu 13-May-10 15:24:44

it is. that is not us. ill stick a pic of me on my profile ( at the wedding) you will see i am not in there... and neither would i wear such a terrible dress

schmontilidrop Thu 13-May-10 15:40:47

have put pic of:
Mum ( bridezilla)
and sister on profile

these are who you should be looking out for on youtube.

and to prove we are not the shambles from the other link

feduptrying Thu 13-May-10 16:02:34

wow arent you pretty .

schmontilidrop Thu 13-May-10 16:17:58

ah - thanks. thats very kind of you. Do you need glasses????

TheFoosa Thu 13-May-10 16:25:49

how old is your mum?! she looks like she could be your sister

schmontilidrop Thu 13-May-10 16:35:19

oh god. do not say that.
people sat that all the time. She loves it. If i showed her this thread she wouldnt pay any attention to any of it apart from that bit.. then thats all we would hear about... forever.......

it was her birthday last sat. she was 53.l

how old to you think i am??

this is a good game.. will post a pic of other sisters face and you can guess her age as well..
good entertainement while we are waiting for link

TheFoosa Thu 13-May-10 16:38:28

hehehe meant she looked young for her age not that you were old and haggard grin

are you the brunette in the wedding dress orange frock? a babe

fortyplus Thu 13-May-10 16:38:40

She looks fab for 53! People always think I'm younger than I am (49) but she looks better than me! You look great too smile

schmontilidrop Thu 13-May-10 16:41:22

i am the brunette in the orange dress. that is me.
sister is in purple dress.
dd is the small child..

schmontilidrop Thu 13-May-10 16:43:02

and how old do you think sister is.

scoutliam Thu 13-May-10 16:47:33

I reckon your about 26/28 and your sister is older?
Nice diversion though, but where's the link?

TheFoosa Thu 13-May-10 16:53:05

you look similar in age - mid twenties?

yeah where's the dance of the decade?

schmontilidrop Thu 13-May-10 16:58:02

ha - just popping to tescos.

will await a few more ages........

fun game, yes?

NomDePlume Thu 13-May-10 16:59:00


booboobeedoo Thu 13-May-10 16:59:50

i would guess you are 31

NomDePlume Thu 13-May-10 17:00:23

(just to be peevish)

Stop being so vain re age and show these people the video of you making an arse of yourself, that's what they want! grin

pinkfizzle Thu 13-May-10 18:07:21

Yeah, no more chit chat!

I want to see the video..or some photographic evidence of the dance.

schmontilidrop Thu 13-May-10 18:40:15

i am 31. 32 in a few months.
sister is 27.

pink - i have got neither..... was just killing time.

i WILL have some for definate when they get back off honeymoon. Unless the wedding planner comes up trumps. but ive not heard anything from her.

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Thu 13-May-10 18:44:12

Ooh Schmon, were you the poster who wondered whether the bright lippy suited you? I'm sure it's you and I was totally envy of you because you're gawjus.



schmontilidrop Thu 13-May-10 19:01:15

yeah - that was me

though im far from 'gawjus' really.

ive been wearing red lipstick for weeks now. I love it. Mum still hates it. lol

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Thu 13-May-10 21:22:22

I remembered the picture and you are gawjus. That colour really suits you envy

<regards haggard face in mirror>

thumbwitch Fri 14-May-10 02:39:08

have just had to ferret this thread out as it fell off my "Threads I'm On" list - watched pinkfizzle's link, had found it before but hadn't watched all the way through - the Riverdance at the end was hysterical!

schmon - great pics! you do look lovely though, stop pretending you don't!

<<still waiting for the clip of the decade to make its appearance>>

drinkyourmilk Fri 14-May-10 08:43:07

oh dear. I had also found pinks link too, but hadn't watched it all. Bet they had fun anyhow.

Curiousmama Fri 14-May-10 09:15:17

Your mum looks really really young.

Marking my place.

MrsMiamla Fri 14-May-10 09:28:11

oh! i saw there was an update and thought we had a link! I'm off to go back to sulk in my corner!

Bicnod Fri 14-May-10 09:32:55

marking - you all look lovely in your pics

Very late tot he party but now I am intrigued and want to see the video too!

Fimbo Fri 14-May-10 14:28:14

GAH now the pics on the profile have gone and I didn't get to see them. <<groans>>

schmontilidrop Fri 14-May-10 17:00:59

no they havent - they are still there.