Sinister Easter bonnet?

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docket Mon 29-Mar-10 07:56:46

Ds1 loves foxes. So I thought it would be fun to make a bonnet with a fox chasing some chicks. the finished article looks a bit scary and having viewed some hats online I am wondering if this is in fact completely inappropriate. He is in reception so this is my first brush with bonneting. Am I worrying over nothing?

JustMyTwoPenceWorth Mon 29-Mar-10 08:01:23

I think you need to take a pic of it and put it on your profile.

docket Mon 29-Mar-10 08:14:01

Hmm, don't have a profile. Will investigate.

JackRabbitBauer Mon 29-Mar-10 08:29:34

A fox chasing chicks? presumably to eat them?
yes, it does sound sinistergrin
Why not take the chicks off and just have a fox running round the hat?

nickschick Mon 29-Mar-10 08:36:58

Wheres the Easter message in that?

An Easter bonnet is to celebrate the joy of spring not to embrace the horror of nature.....

Bloody hell.

I think you have read the wrong guides for easter bonneting.


At ds school the winner was a bonnet with a table of 12 apostles and a empty seat.... it won??

It was a catholic school tho.

Ds had a top hat styled with all flowers greeneryand, ladybirds and butterflies on pipecleaners dangling off- he didnt even win a soddin' cream egg angry.

Merrylegs Mon 29-Mar-10 08:53:02

"this is my first brush with bonneting."

Arf. grin

Top marks.

docket Mon 29-Mar-10 09:27:26

Oh bugger. Perhaps sticking some flowers around the side will make it more cheery?

ninah Mon 29-Mar-10 09:34:08

maybe you could add a man in a red coat for that retro 'Countryside Alliance' touch
Scary need not be a problem. Look at Hansel & Gretel etc - or being hammered onto a cross, let's say
Woulld love to see a pic grin

piprabbit Mon 29-Mar-10 09:37:44

What you need to add is a chicken leading the chicks and some cubs following the fox - will be a perfect representation of the meaning of spring. Babies are born and some of them get eaten by other babies.


cocolepew Mon 29-Mar-10 09:39:11

That's brilliant.

docket Mon 29-Mar-10 09:54:41

I have created a profile and (I think successfully) put photo up. I am coming to the conclusion I've got it all wrong. Please go easy, I have newborn and am sooooo tired!

cornsilk Mon 29-Mar-10 09:55:29

I once made one with a dinosaur.

cornsilk Mon 29-Mar-10 09:55:55

ha ha that's ace!

littledawley Mon 29-Mar-10 09:57:56

PMSL!! That's the best bonnet I have ever seen!!

AttillaTheHan Mon 29-Mar-10 10:03:29

(If a little scary)

maduggar Mon 29-Mar-10 10:05:51

Lol its fab, if a little scary!

docket Mon 29-Mar-10 10:06:13

That has made me feel bit better, thanks. Yesterday thought it was funny, then checked internet and wobbled, then had full on feeding ds2 in the middle of night panic about how it was completely inappropriate and unfair on ds1!

Lionstar Mon 29-Mar-10 10:10:11

OMG ROFL .. can't speak ... tea .. splutter .. keyboard etc.

That is the BEST bonnet in the world, by a country mile. You HAVE to send it in

piprabbit Mon 29-Mar-10 10:11:51


Lionstar Mon 29-Mar-10 10:13:08

Realise my send it in comment is a bit meaningless - thought you'd made the bonnet for a school thing

ItsAllaBitNoisy Mon 29-Mar-10 10:16:24

Look at the EYES on the chicks! They're TERRIFIED!

Nice work.

piprabbit Mon 29-Mar-10 10:16:57

It's a bit like sending out Christmas cards showing the moment the naughty children discover their empty stockings. Or the turkeys arriving at the abbatoir.

ItsAllaBitNoisy Mon 29-Mar-10 10:18:47

WTF would you make for Halloween?? grin

DinahRod Mon 29-Mar-10 10:19:51

It's fab. Am seriously thinking of just recycling ds' cadbury egg hat from last year.

How did you make it the hat?

giddly Mon 29-Mar-10 10:20:25

That's brilliant - I love it. Can't believe you managed to do something so creative with a newborn! The look of pure evil on the fox's face is the stuff of nightmares. Will blow the other insipid offerings involving bought yellow chicks and artificial flowers out of the water.

That is BRILLIANT. I love it. Can you make me one!? grin

I think it's great. It does add a sort of cynical twist to easter, but it's, I suppose, about life and death and this also includes a nature element... I think send it in. I don't think children will think it's that scary. What does DS think of it? If he likes it, I say send it in with him. If he's freaked out a bit, keep it for posterity and make another, more generic hat with eggs and fluffy chicks, showing the circle of life without being terrified

docket Mon 29-Mar-10 10:25:29

I have to confess most of the execution was down to DH who is much better at this sort of thing than me. Used a toy builder helmet and stuck everything on top

cocolepew Mon 29-Mar-10 10:26:39

OMG that's even better than I imagined, that's so funny.

docket Mon 29-Mar-10 10:27:01

DS loves it. I guess that's the main thing anyway

sherby Mon 29-Mar-10 10:30:00


That is terrifying

and hilarious

giddly Mon 29-Mar-10 10:32:24

If you wanted to make it a bit less terrifying maybe you could take the chicks off and put some flowers / plants on the front so you just had the fox peering through the undergrowth. I think it's great as it is though.

midnightexpress Mon 29-Mar-10 10:38:26

That is fantastic and brilliantly inappropriate! I love it, but if you decide aginst it come round and I can give you some lessons in speed bonneting. I can do 0-bonnet in about 2.5 mins now.

BariatricObama Mon 29-Mar-10 10:40:26

that is fantatisc. i have never actually seen an easter bonnet in my life so that will be the gold standard. from this day forth i shall judge all easter bonnets against yours.

Dollytwat Mon 29-Mar-10 10:40:37

that's the best bonnet I've ever seen, you are a genius

ninah Mon 29-Mar-10 10:40:52

NO to censorship! it's fab, leave it
it deserves a prize

LorraineSattell Mon 29-Mar-10 10:41:53


the chicks are cowering.

I am cowering. that is hilarious. what does ds think?

Thank you SO much for cheering me up. That is abolutely brilliant!!!

piprabbit Mon 29-Mar-10 10:44:13

I am going to wait for a thread on AIBU called ' AIBU to be upset that a boy at PFBs school was wearing a hat showing baby chicks being slaughtered'.
Would love to see the responses to that one.

I've just gone back for a second look. Yup! I still love it!!!!

Fennel Mon 29-Mar-10 10:45:51

My dds are expert in producing sininster Easter bonnets. A couple of years ago, dd1's had, among the chicks and flowers, a crucifix with Jesus hanging there, with a very prominent willy grin. And dd2's had a crucified bunny grin grin.

Disappointingly, neither of these efforts won the competition.

cocolepew Mon 29-Mar-10 10:48:30

Don't change it! It's the funniest thing I've seen in ages.

giddly Mon 29-Mar-10 10:52:13

Can this go on a classic thread with a link to the photo? I think it deserves it. Sets the bar for all future easter bonnets.

piprabbit Mon 29-Mar-10 10:55:36

ROFL @ crucified bunny.

Ledodgy Mon 29-Mar-10 11:01:02

ROFL! grin

savoycabbage Mon 29-Mar-10 11:02:55

It's amazing! The chick on the right looks as if it is about to faint with fear. And you will be able to hire it out for World Book Day for Fantastic Mr Fox and for weddings where the MIL disapproves strongly of the bride.

I bet your ds loves it almost as much as we do and will be as prod as can be of his sinister bonnet.

dillinger Mon 29-Mar-10 11:06:10

That is fab grin

dillinger Mon 29-Mar-10 11:07:01

The chick on the right looking over its shoulder has cracked me up


<<is he taking into school>>

DD been school for 2 years, and we never did easter bonnet. Is this religious thing?

ItsAllaBitNoisy Mon 29-Mar-10 11:20:47

After my 2nd look, I can sense a certain determination in the eyes of the chick on the left. Always a good life lesson for children.

Jackstini Mon 29-Mar-10 11:22:39

PMSL and spat coffee over my keyboard - could give some scaredy people nightmares but sooooo hilarious for adults! grin

Lizzylou Mon 29-Mar-10 11:22:53

Am gutted we have no Easter bonnet requirements here, that bonnet is fab.
Bet your DS will be the envy of the other pupils grin

hobbittoes Mon 29-Mar-10 11:25:24

OMG I think that chick on the right may have had a strokegrin

piprabbit Mon 29-Mar-10 11:29:26

Chick on left may be determined - but also seems to have lost lots of feathers. Possibly some sort of survival strategy, like lizards losing their tails when caught?

LorraineSattell Mon 29-Mar-10 11:30:08

the chick on the left knows that all he has to do is outrun the one on the right. what a little bastard he is.

Fliight Mon 29-Mar-10 11:31:53


dillinger Mon 29-Mar-10 11:37:54

pmsfl @ Lorrainesattell

grumpypants Mon 29-Mar-10 11:41:49

omg that's hilarious. please let him wear it! i shall look out for you 2mrw and hope your ds is in my ds' reception class. if it helps, you cd put a fence between them so the fox can't actually eat them?

docket that is bloody fantastic! The other boys are going to be so jealous of your DS's bonnet!

What the hell is the Halloween costume going to be like though??

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 11:55:13


What does your DS think?

Let him wear it.

nannynick Mon 29-Mar-10 12:07:56

I think it's wonderful. Let him wear it.
It's meant to be fun after all.

JackRabbitBauer Mon 29-Mar-10 12:08:08

Oh god, just got back from playgroup and seen it, it's awesome!

docket Mon 29-Mar-10 12:42:58

Wow, thanks very much for kind comments! I woke up in a real panic about it, middle of the night fretting is such a pain! He will be wearing it with pride tomorrow, hopefully it won't cause offence!

Love it! My DS would love it too. This is what school arty things are about. Can I suggest one improvement - what about putting a chick IN the foxy's mouth? Overkill?

pixiestix Mon 29-Mar-10 13:37:10

Fantastic! Totally fantastic! grin

I'm having a difficult day and I've got your picture up in the background and everytime I need a pick me up I look at it and giggle again.

whingeomatic Mon 29-Mar-10 13:57:43

ROFL <mascara escaping down face while pretending to do serious work>

That is the funniest bonnet that I have ever seen.

My dd1 would have loved that - sadly she is now in the Juniors so no bonnetting here this year...

pollywollydoodle Mon 29-Mar-10 13:57:43

that is fantastic! I'd vote for it..
to even things up, what about giving the gawping chick on the right a packet labelled fox poison?

MamaGoblin Mon 29-Mar-10 14:07:44

Have wet myself. grin

If you want to redress the balance a little, could you add a really scary cockerel on one side? He could peck at the fox's eyes while giving the chicks a chance to run for the hills.

snowplop Mon 29-Mar-10 14:24:23

I hardly ever post but have reverse-snorted tea all over my monitor grin
Bloody brilliant!

LorraineSattell Mon 29-Mar-10 14:25:29

yes, i really cannot bear to close the pic down, i keep looking at it and snoooooorting with laughter. it's deranged.

snowplop Mon 29-Mar-10 14:28:42

I'm bonneting tomorrow for the first time at DCs I have some good ideas [sinister gleam in eye emoticon]

nowwhatdoido Mon 29-Mar-10 14:31:56

You are going to give the teachers in the staff room a fantastic laugh tommorrow. It is legendary. I mean that in a good way. You'll gain yourself a fantastic reputation and the teachers' will love you.

nickschick Mon 29-Mar-10 15:08:30

If that hat gets a prize im gonna be so pissed off grin my farkin flower garden cost me a bomb to make and I lost my fingertips twisting staples so they were childfriendly grin.


mummylin Mon 29-Mar-10 16:08:42

i made a bonnet for my 82yr old mum to wear at the old folks club she goes to,That too cost me a few pounds but she did win 2nd prize and won

£3.00 grin

I think the tea time crew NEED to see the hat


cyb Mon 29-Mar-10 16:53:03

Gawd that is FUNNY HAT

ruddynorah Mon 29-Mar-10 16:58:16

jesus H christ that is one funny hat grin

i was expecting it to be A Bit Shit, but it isn't!! the teacher will love it in amongst the dross of daffodils, eggs and bunnies. well done.

TheChewyToffeeMum Mon 29-Mar-10 16:58:18

Docket - that is fab!

That is officially the best thing ever.
I love it and I want one!

I'd never heard of easter bonnet making type thing before this thread: what an education! I so hope when DD goes to school that they do this...I'm inspired!

asdx2 Mon 29-Mar-10 17:16:51

It's great,inspirational, post and let us know he won grin

Ripeberry Mon 29-Mar-10 17:23:53

Brilliant bonnet! Made me splutter my tea and gave me a coughing fit grin
Does look a bit scary, those fangs! shock

ShellingPeas Mon 29-Mar-10 17:36:13

Superb bonnet. Has cheered me up no end.

bobbiewickham Mon 29-Mar-10 17:48:33

I've never seen anything so fabulous.

That has made me laugh out loud for five solid minutes.

Am hyperventilating.

Docket, you are a warped millinery genius. I think I love you.

sneezecake Mon 29-Mar-10 17:57:31

Docket that is bloody brilliant, I just love the teeth on the fox!

kissyfurschaos Mon 29-Mar-10 18:07:58

love it! laughed out loud which considering i've barely cracked a smile in weeks is fantastic! thanks for cheering me up! well done the staff will love it!

southeastastra Mon 29-Mar-10 18:12:56

grin very good!

Shaz10 Mon 29-Mar-10 18:16:55

That hat is brilliant.

Batteryhuman Mon 29-Mar-10 18:19:23

Brilliant hat!

My Ds will be wearing an old tophat with stuff stuck on it at the last minute as usual. Usually pheasant tail feathers and sprigs of greenery. i like to think it is very "green man" pagan-fertility-ish but the yummy mummies with their elaborate pink and yellow creations will all think it is a bit shit.

bobbiewickham Mon 29-Mar-10 18:19:47

This has GOT to go in Mumsnet Classics.

I will never forget this in a million years.

I remember the time my mother made me an Easter bonnet the year Charles and Di got married.

I had to go to school with a three tier wedding cake on my head.

But this beats it into a cocked hat (boom boom).

Slubberdegullion Mon 29-Mar-10 18:22:54



That is excellent, please send it into school.

dizzymac Mon 29-Mar-10 18:33:59

I'm 30 weeks pg and FULL of a cold and feeling pretty sorry for myself BUT I am now sat here in stitches at both the hat and people's comments. Thank you all. grin
There are so many tears DD has just asked me what was wrong!!

SeaShellsOnTheSeaShore Mon 29-Mar-10 18:34:38

grin absolutely bloody fantastic! You have given dh some serious plans for future ds bonnet making!

I have had a SHIT crap day. I didnt think anything could make me laugh. Its brilliant. Your DS has to wear it tomorrow - its brilliant I bet everyone loves it.

dillinger Mon 29-Mar-10 19:17:21

I need a copy of that picture grin Its so fab I love it

ScreaminEagle Mon 29-Mar-10 19:23:50

i want that bonnet.

am making DS's tomorrow.. was going to be all fluffy and twee.. now i'm getting ideas grin

DinahRod Mon 29-Mar-10 19:59:40

I keep coming back to it - it's made me laugh all day.

And ds wants one by Wednesday!

DastardlyandSmugly Mon 29-Mar-10 20:55:35

Genius....pure unadulterated genius grin

deepdarkwood Mon 29-Mar-10 21:10:04

bumping for anyone who hasn't seen the bonnet yet - that is The Best Thing since sliced egg sarnis, docket - compliments to your dh smile

LucyHoneychurch Mon 29-Mar-10 22:06:00

I love this hat with all my heart.

chunglimum Mon 29-Mar-10 22:18:07

That is so fantastic! I've had a day full of dd's runny poo and still not finished her bonnet. That's the best bonnet I'm ever likely to see.

DinahRod Mon 29-Mar-10 23:08:55

bump for the late nighters

seasalt Tue 30-Mar-10 00:26:51

That is so funny, i have cried laughing at this thread. Love the terrified chicks!

LittlePushka Tue 30-Mar-10 00:36:28

It is THE best bonnet ever created! Brilliant!!

QueenThistle Tue 30-Mar-10 03:51:51

That is brilliant!

WorzselMummage Tue 30-Mar-10 04:57:04

Good work !

I bet the teachers will be pissing themselves all day grin

PruneJuice Tue 30-Mar-10 06:46:57

surely you have to win the bonnet comp with that one!

tortoiseonthehalfshell Tue 30-Mar-10 07:02:06

I'm so glad I looked at this thread. Easter bonnet, I thought, what could possibly be so interesting about an Easter bonnet that so many people have commented on it.

And then I saw the photo.

This is the best Easter bonnet ever. Those teeth! The fox is sneering! The chicks are wide eyed and panicked, looking for an exit. The feathers scattered everywhere imply that they've already lost at least one little fluffy friend. They know there's no escape. They know that the shadow looking over them from behind is, in fact, their Certain Death.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE OP, Come and tell us how it went down later.

Yes I definately want to know how it went and any reactions!

It is an amazing easter bonnet really original and simply fantastic

savoycabbage Tue 30-Mar-10 09:31:55

Sinister bonnet day!!! It's night time for me and I have been thinking about it all day, in fact I leapt out of bed this morning because I was all confused about when it was.

ProfYaffle Tue 30-Mar-10 09:36:37

For the first time I'm wishing dd's school did Easter Bonnets so I could whip up something with Hugh FW on it, wringing a chicken's neck. <wistful>

docket Tue 30-Mar-10 09:58:12

Wow - thanks so much for all the kind comments! This time yesterday I was in a right pickle, worrying about it being completely inappropriate. Of course, it probably is completely inappropriate but I feel better about it!

DH took DS1 to school this am with the bonnet. I shall be sure to report back later.


LorraineSattell Tue 30-Mar-10 10:06:03

let's not call it a bonnet any more.

let's refer to it as the FrightHelmet.

youremindmeofthebabe Tue 30-Mar-10 10:10:32

That is the best bonnet/frightHelmet ever. grin

Showed the FrightHelmet to rest of family last night. We all pissed ourselves. No matter how many times I see it I still cry with laughter.

savoycabbage Tue 30-Mar-10 10:16:26

I want all the details. I have to go to bed soon. Do you get to watch the parade??? Ohhh the agony of waiting.

HinnyPet Tue 30-Mar-10 10:21:12

Brilliant! Am on bus sniggering!

SeaShellsOnTheSeaShore Tue 30-Mar-10 11:12:59

This has kept me smiling all day - I'm wondering if it replaces the "bat pic" for a whole new generation of MNetters?!!

ItsAllaBitNoisy Tue 30-Mar-10 12:16:01

<wipes away tear of pride at OUR little hero marching in to school>

lilmissmummy Tue 30-Mar-10 12:40:40

that is fantastic!!! brilliant can you make one for my two who need them by tomorrow - I was going to go with easter eggs!! soooo boring in comparison!

SeaShellsOnTheSeaShore Tue 30-Mar-10 18:25:20

How did today go?!

docket Tue 30-Mar-10 19:47:05

Well, I'm not really sure!

I don't think he won a prize - he did get a certificate and a mini creme egg though. The hats are being kept at school for some reason. Perhaps it has been impounded!!

ruddynorah Tue 30-Mar-10 19:55:21

he DIDN'T win????!!!!! are you actually sure??!! the teacher is clearly insane.

WorzselMummage Tue 30-Mar-10 20:06:10

The teacher has probably take it home to show her husband grin

Wallace Tue 30-Mar-10 20:06:54

That is a brilliant bonnet grin

pixiestix Tue 30-Mar-10 20:14:58

He didn't win?! shock Some people have no taste at all.

But impounded bonnets, hmmmm.... maybe the teacher is wearing it at the pub as we speak.

ozmetric Tue 30-Mar-10 20:40:05

That is hilarious

JustMoon Tue 30-Mar-10 21:17:23

ROFL thats the scariest thing I've seen for ages. However it is very well executed and will certainly be a lot more interesting than all the other hats. Send it in!

mollymawk Tue 30-Mar-10 21:34:54


It's making me laugh more every time I look at it

Joolyjoolyjoo Tue 30-Mar-10 22:02:50

fantastic! grin

RustyBear Tue 30-Mar-10 22:18:13

I think the chick on the left is a survivor from Angry Birds...

MiladyDeWinter Tue 30-Mar-10 22:19:20

Ha Haaaaa that is brilliant! Thank you grin

hellymelly Tue 30-Mar-10 22:28:25

I have cried laughing,that is so brilliant.The teeth! the menace! That has to win.It is the best thing I have ever seen.My DH came in to see why I was laughing so much.

DinahRod Tue 30-Mar-10 22:29:34

Bet secretly the teacher did want it to win, but was afraid once news got out amongst the parents, competitive one-upmanship would mean next year's Easter bonnets decorated in roadkill.

All the teachers in the staff room have heard about it so the teacher has to keep it there for a while so they can see it and take pictures. I bet it goes viral on youtube.

Congratulations to your DS, that is the funniest/scariest thing I have seen in ages.

BeastofBodmin Wed 31-Mar-10 01:39:29

I love the bonnet - I love this thread


Ozziegirly Wed 31-Mar-10 04:01:04

I am at my desk literally crying with laughter at the bonnet.

I had to go and read another thread just to calm down.

Now when I think about it the tears of joy come streaming back.

You have made my day.

BeastofBodmin Wed 31-Mar-10 04:19:28

I concur

I've just come back to this thread and yep - crying with laughter all over again

Just the mention of "bonnet" after looking at it makes me PMSL! Its truly a work of art, worthy of exhibiting in the Tate Modern.
Have you thought about setting up a business manufacturing bonnets aka fright helmets for all occasions ...easter/christmas/birthdays/weddings/funerals/ barmitzvahs? Reckon you'd be inundated with requests....

any news docket?

globaljen Thu 01-Apr-10 15:45:57

That is the BEST Easter Bonnet I have EVER seen! PMSL!

upahill Thu 01-Apr-10 15:51:39

Genius hat! Love it!!

geordieminx Thu 01-Apr-10 15:53:53

Love it.

Just make sure you get it back, else the teacher will be claiming it as her own. hmm grin

ChickensHaveSinisterMotives Thu 01-Apr-10 16:11:10

PMSL @ the evil bastard chick, willing to sacrifice its hatch mate for freedom grin

Bleatblurt Thu 01-Apr-10 16:11:58

That is the best bonnet in the history of bonnets!! grin I cried with laughter. I was trying to tell my DH but couldn't get the words out!

onebatmother Thu 01-Apr-10 16:17:49

Stroke chick/evil bastard chick are VERY good - like some mythic archetypal duo they accidentally left out of my classical education.

or maybe Freudian?

Stroke chick = ego
evil bastard chick = id
Wolf = superego

onebatmother Thu 01-Apr-10 17:12:41

I have killed the thread with my utter wankery <cauterises own synapses>

missmoopy Thu 01-Apr-10 17:34:00

I love the bonnet! Do not change it, it is a work of genius! Really.

YoginiBikini Thu 01-Apr-10 19:50:20

Great bonnet

grin at onebat

LorraineSattell Thu 01-Apr-10 22:16:34

but where is docket?! i want an update. if this is trolling then it's very committed trolling.

PictureThis Thu 01-Apr-10 22:30:25

Utterly brilliant! ROFL. The terrified chick is inspiring

docket Fri 02-Apr-10 08:58:59

Sorry for delay, ds2's sleep has gone to the wall.

The FrightHelmet definitely didn't win. In fact, I sensed some disapproval from DS1's (slightly po-faced it must be said) teacher!

No matter, ds1 enjoyed wearing it and the comments on here have been most amusing. We're moving in the summer so he'll be at a different school next year. The FrightHelmet lives to see another day....

PruneJuice Fri 02-Apr-10 09:00:49

so he ddn't win the easter bonet compo?

SpawnChorus Fri 02-Apr-10 09:15:52

Oh god...I've almost asphyxiated with laughter. Docket - it's brilliant.

LorraineSattell Fri 02-Apr-10 09:42:39

gawd, what a bummer of a woman his teacher is...

thell Fri 02-Apr-10 12:21:44

Docket, I've just been alerted to your plight by the Talk Roundup, so had to come and have a look -

I was expecting a teeny fox chasing some teeny chicks around the brim of the hat, so doubled up on the computer desk when I clicked on the picture!


thell Fri 02-Apr-10 12:22:57

I think you win the Mumsnet Bonnet Competition, hands down!

dawnu Fri 02-Apr-10 12:52:38

Amazing - best laugh I've had for ages! give that girl an Easter Egg....

Just saw this on talk round up, that is hilarious! grin

bandgeek Fri 02-Apr-10 13:25:00


I've been farting around all day sewing fecking eggs and flowers onto a bonnet and I am so envy of the fox!

BitOfFun Fri 02-Apr-10 14:26:37

<<bows down to docket>> I have saved the pic to cheer me up whenever needed- you truly have a gift grin

Belgrano Fri 02-Apr-10 15:02:21

Oh my good god I LOVE IT! You have made me laugh out loud and I think you should start a business flogging sinister things. The fox is scaring even me!!! I want to wake up my three year old to test it out. Utterly brilliant, well done docket!

That is fab-u-lous grin

DD is in preschool and demanded a 'fablous hat ten foot tall' so as requested I 'bonneted' with vigour, the headmistress is some bewilderment flagged up her hat as being more appropriate for Ascot wink

mrsfred Sat 03-Apr-10 19:40:26

I have just seen this on the talk round up. Absolutely brilliant Docket. You have found your vocation in life!!

HeadlessLadyH Sat 03-Apr-10 19:48:17


Pure genuis.

Well done!

cyteen Sat 03-Apr-10 19:55:53

docket, not only have I wept hot tears of laughter over this thread several times, but my DP has just openly cackled with glee at the FrightHelmet grin So well done, we both salute your exceptional bonneting skills grin Fabulous!

AvrilHeytch Sun 04-Apr-10 22:36:28

Message withdrawn

PrincessUnicorn Sun 04-Apr-10 23:25:55

I am new here and have just wet myself, woke up dd and made my dp look at me with a weird look just over the fox!
Shame it didn't win, but glad to see it lives to fright another day wink

nighbynight Mon 05-Apr-10 00:23:52

Brilliant bonnet, a message, perhaps? But they should be begging you to do the set and costumes for the next school play.

I am shock at a winning hat mentioned down the thread, getting 12 apostles at a table...on a HAT? Some people have far too much time on their hands.

Megglevache Tue 05-Apr-11 16:31:24

If you'd done this at any of my dc's nurseries I'd want to be your friend grin

I have tears running down my face. Brilliant.

Have just re-read this thread, was hilarious the first time round and I've just PMSL again!! Utterly brilliant!

Is your DS going to be wearing it to school again this year docket?

LunaticIsOnTheGrass Thu 07-Apr-11 14:50:19

I'd forgotten about this grin


NorksAdrift Thu 07-Apr-11 17:46:30

I've just done a full on five minute silent shoulder-wracking laugh at those chicks. My DS is getting quite shirty with me. He's watching telly and apparently I'm not being quite silent enough.

Docket your DH you are a bonafide hatting genius. I can't believe you didn't win. You were robbed.

justaboutWILLfinishherthesis Tue 12-Apr-11 09:32:53

Oh thank you whoever pulled this thread up, it is funny all over again.

BlooferLady Tue 12-Apr-11 11:28:58

I didn't know it was possible to laugh until you gag grin

Docket please come back and show us this year's efforts!

This needs to be revived around now, doesn't it?

Makes me snort with laughter every year, without fail. grin

Queenofcake Mon 19-Mar-12 23:00:26

That is the fabbiest Easter Bonnet ever!!!

Have you made one this year??

Pure genius, fantastic bonnet grin

mrsalwaysawake Tue 20-Mar-12 08:47:09

Oh me oh my. Just been pointed to this thread. The bonnet is a-ma-zing, and terrifying. You are definitely a genius of hattery. The chicks eyes!

elissetheclimber Tue 20-Mar-12 11:33:06

Some of these comments are hilarious! Hat is brilliant! :D

blapbird Wed 18-Apr-12 00:05:45

I am crying with laughter that is SO VERY VERY funny Thanks Docket!

needafavour Sat 19-May-12 22:21:52

Best hat ever!

PhoneSexWithMalcolmTucker Thu 27-Mar-14 23:11:42

Just bumping this for all the first time Easter bonneteers (like me) grin This is what you're aspiring to, people.

MyLatest Wed 02-Apr-14 00:03:50

You beat me to it Malcolm. The chick on the right with the fear addled eyes still makes me snort!

5madthings Wed 02-Apr-14 12:26:31

Bump, this is fab!

Parentingfailure Sat 05-Apr-14 04:12:24


lunar1 Sun 06-Apr-14 20:30:24

Save it for Halloween, just add some fake blood to the teeth! I love it.

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