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to have set up a false date with this idiot of a man??

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RumourOfAHurricane Wed 08-Apr-09 15:29:04

Have namechanged for this one ...

I have been seeing this guy for around 3 or so months.Fairly casual but definitely ' exclusive ' at his request after we had been or around 5 dates.

Anyway.. I got a new mobile number this week and last night set about texting it to my friends. I sent him a text saying ' Hi you, how are ya?' but forgot to put my name on the end of it. He responded with ' Hello! I'm Joe, think you have the wrong number but it's brightened up my night! Who are you?'

I thought ' God, that's a bit of an effusive response to what he believes is a wrong number ', so I sent back ' Hi, I'm Jane ( which I'm not ), sorry , texted you in error'

I shant bore you with the back and forth, but he was full of ' are you single/ how old/ where do you live etc etc'. He also said he was single.

So, I said I lived approximately 40 miles from where he does. He then suggested we meet half way on Friday at 2pm. I have agreed, suggested we meet outside the penguin sanctuary there because that seemed quite funny and he ended the textathon with ' Great! Cant wait to meet you. This is going to be good!

Obviously, I wont turn up, but he will. I also can not let him have my new number now, but that's fine.

AIBU? An idiot? Childish? Should I still paly along as he is bound to text me between now and Friday. Incidentally, he texted me to my old number last night inbetween his texts to ' Jane ' asking if I had had a good day!!!

RumourOfAHurricane Wed 08-Apr-09 15:29:47


Ah well

I'm cool with it.

No really ....

Shefflin Wed 08-Apr-09 15:30:29


AnyFuckerStealsHerKidsEggs Wed 08-Apr-09 15:30:51

yanbu, serves him right

incidentally, have you really name-changed cos I have seen this name before.....

AnyFuckerStealsHerKidsEggs Wed 08-Apr-09 15:31:13

ah, cross posts grin

RumourOfAHurricane Wed 08-Apr-09 15:32:08

Yeah yeah it's me...


Thanks for that

AnyFuckerStealsHerKidsEggs Wed 08-Apr-09 15:32:46

you should be cool with it, the nobhead deserves it

exclusive at his request?

then he tries to nob around with "jane"?

send your brother on this "date" to give him a slap wink

RumourOfAHurricane Wed 08-Apr-09 15:34:42

Would I be showing myself up to ' out ' myself and confess to him it was me all along?

Or does that make me look like I give a toss???

HecAteTheEasterBunny Wed 08-Apr-09 15:35:01

nah, well, yes, it's childish grin but what the hell.

Since you have agreed to be exclusive - at HIS request, it's bloody shitty of him to do this to you! Since you've established he's a lying two-faced toad, I'd just have fun with him - text him on your old phone and arrange a date for Friday, see what he says grin.

Or show up at the penguin place on Friday [evil]

GypsyMoth Wed 08-Apr-09 15:37:21

Well sounds like you had a good escape then. I'd be tempted to somehow let him know you caught him out tho!!! Couldn't let that one go......

belladonna79 Wed 08-Apr-09 15:37:59

Incidentally, how many women would go on a date with a man who they originally contacted via a wrong number?!? I know I'd have ignored his first text and any subsequent ones!
For all he knows 'Jane' might be a fat and balding, very greasy 50 year old truck driver who likes to cross dress...

AnyFuckerStealsHerKidsEggs Wed 08-Apr-09 15:38:27

I am evil, so don't take my advice.

Text him on your old phone, and like hec says, arrange a date with you for the same time on Friday and ^watch him squirm^

RumourOfAHurricane Wed 08-Apr-09 15:39:37

Oh genius. Loving that one but my old mobile cut off this morning, so I would have to call him and not sure I want to talk to him.

Still a little ' agog ' at the memory of him, two weeks ago, saying it was vital for him that we were exclusive...

tonybleh Wed 08-Apr-09 15:39:58

I think you should show up at the penguin place. [evil cackle] and then take a picture of his face, and post it on MN [even more evil cackle]

JustCallMeGoat Wed 08-Apr-09 15:40:02

no don't turn up just dump him for no good reason.

HecAteTheEasterBunny Wed 08-Apr-09 15:42:35

Yeah, vital that YOU'RE exclusive, while he shags around behind your back! Talk about double bloody standards.

At the risk of sounding like SGB wink if you're both honest and up front and want the same thing, it's no big deal to not be monogamous!

But to insist on it from you and claiming he wants to be the same, while trying to shag about on the sly is shit of him. (well, probably not trying - how do you know he's not got others actually on the go?)

RumourOfAHurricane Wed 08-Apr-09 15:46:10

I was quite casual about the whole thing and really, can take him or leave him, so I'm not gutted by this.

I am a little shocked at his proclamations of fidelity and how important it is to him.

Liar liar pants on fire...

HecAteTheEasterBunny Wed 08-Apr-09 15:47:22

You could always, next time he wants to arrange something, text back "sorry no, busy tonight, I'm off out with Jane" grin

RumourOfAHurricane Wed 08-Apr-09 15:51:17

Hecate - oh, I'm loving that one ...

CrushWithEyeliner Wed 08-Apr-09 15:53:08

Absolutely PMSL

Good on you!

flightattendant19 Wed 08-Apr-09 15:53:45

Please let us know what happens!!

What a nobend, i would sit and wait in your car at the penguin place, then when you see him standing outside, drive past, beep and wave, then text him from 'janes' phone and say 'see ya loser. shineoncrazydiamond x'

SarahL2 Wed 08-Apr-09 15:58:23

I say go to the Penguin sanctuary. The look on his face would be priceless grin

iSOLOvechocolate Wed 08-Apr-09 15:59:56

Or turn up at the penguins with a friend and watch his face as he nervously looks out for Jane after you say what a coincidence seeing you here.

AbricotsSecs Wed 08-Apr-09 16:00:14

Am cackling @ vinegartits' text idea grin

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