what do you think of this?

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Scarletohello Sun 02-Feb-14 15:11:23

Still so funny! Wish I'd got to see the famous dress...

KittyFane1 Tue 11-Dec-12 08:13:29


Bessie123 Tue 11-Dec-12 00:41:41

Hilarious thread

Maryz Sun 27-Feb-11 17:43:29

I'm so sad that having clicked that link the page is four years out of date so I didn't even get to see the dress shock.

Hahaha! Just come to this from a link!! Bloody hilarious!

mungojerrie Sat 05-Feb-11 14:39:41

came to this from a link - absolutely hilarious!

Very very funny grin

trumpton Thu 10-Jun-10 16:42:32

Just linked to this thread. It's a good job I am alone in house . I have been shreiking and snorting with laughter.

MrsMiamla Sat 15-May-10 07:08:11

charmkin...i'm sorry to drag this up again but oh my! DS has just given me a lovely cuddle to 'cheer me up'. He hasn't quite understood the concept of tears being created by laughter yet!

thank you for being so rubbish at links!

DorotheaPlenticlew Fri 02-Apr-10 20:20:02

Fabulous thread, has given me BH contractions from all the laughter. shock at absurd complexity of old link system!

pixiestix Tue 19-Jan-10 16:02:24

Legendary! One of my all-time faves! Good on you Charmkin grin

gawd bless you charmkin grin

charmkin Wed 13-Jan-10 20:23:20

I wore that dress the other day. Thought of all you guys!

Boobz Mon 10-Aug-09 21:17:32

Tee hee.

LurkerOfTheUniverse Mon 17-Nov-08 13:30:21

this IS my most favourite thread ever

i remember hitting that refresh button every second, was brill

Fimbo Fri 14-Nov-08 10:43:19

I am going to report this thread as I think it should really be in MN classics. grin

S1ur Sat 13-Sep-08 23:22:06

lol @ science bint grin

Herecomesthesciencebint Sat 13-Sep-08 23:19:22

oh its an old thread blush

Herecomesthesciencebint Sat 13-Sep-08 23:18:26

now Ive got a bottle of cava

Herecomesthesciencebint Sat 13-Sep-08 23:16:18

tried using the product number and got some light control high leg cotton control knickers.

which incidentally are for sale at the bargain price of £8

Herecomesthesciencebint Sat 13-Sep-08 23:14:11

ok yes am laughing lots, v funny.

but how have you all worked out what dress it is when the links dont work.

i want to see for myself if its hideous (sorry charmkin)

ChupitosGalore Sat 13-Sep-08 23:05:49

just been linked to this from another thread
omg, thats the funniest thing ive read since the bmc minmin thread...

thank you charmkin for making my day!


Mumooms Fri 25-Apr-08 22:37:28

Very funny thread... I'm glad it's easier to do links now that sounds like a nightmare grin

charmkin Mon 03-Mar-08 19:24:03

Didn;t realise this had seen the light of day again

and they did the same dress again in the summer
in pink
(tried it on but somehow couldnt' bring myseld to buy it)

TheIceQueen Fri 14-Dec-07 15:08:06

sorry - another bump for an old thread as it's hilarious grin

glastocat Thu 04-Oct-07 23:16:55

Just read this and am crying with laughter. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but this made my day.grin

paddingtonbear1 Sat 04-Aug-07 10:05:43

Just seen this thread, it's great!!
Except I could never see the dress in question cos the links I clicked on didn't work anymore!! All I got was 'page not found'!

FlameFlamingo Fri 03-Aug-07 22:16:16

Needs a bump

SpawnHorcrux Mon 30-Jul-07 12:11:44

Oh this thread was so funny.

Mhamai Sat 21-Apr-07 23:40:11

Btw, soeone posted earlier about her horror at her dh wanting to buy crocs and someone smart ass witty poster came back with something along the lines of "Oh is he a croc dresser?"

Mhamai Sat 21-Apr-07 23:37:03

Directions please madam or dare I say link?

expatinscotland Sat 21-Apr-07 23:35:43

See, I rise above this criticism of my Croc's.

I'm better than that .

But that dress was beyond ugly.

Mhamai Sat 21-Apr-07 23:34:44

Oh dear God you have the minging in italics so it must have been really gross! Ps I'm totally appalled at the bashing your beloved crocs are taking on MN at the minute!

Kaloo20 Sat 21-Apr-07 23:32:43

Just got this thread from another link on creating links ..
I'm now crying with laughter.
Charmkin - this is fabulous you have made my Saturday night !

expatinscotland Sat 21-Apr-07 23:31:17

It was minging, Mhamai.

In addition to being £4,000 for a fugly piece of fabric.

Mhamai Sat 21-Apr-07 23:30:30

Ooh, that sort of rings a bell expat but have imbibed too much wolf blass to be sure.

expatinscotland Sat 21-Apr-07 23:27:59

Nothing's ever going to approach the utter fugliness of Enid's £4,000 Marc Jacobs dream dress.

Mhamai Sat 21-Apr-07 23:26:12

Brilliant brilliant lol psml rotf thread but never got to see the dress, can you link again charmkin?

alcyone Wed 14-Mar-07 23:52:32

had a crap evening
Made me laugh lots

EllieK Wed 14-Mar-07 23:49:35


but has charmkin ever managed a link again since

ghosty Wed 14-Mar-07 23:37:46


Charmkin gets the MN prize for persistence

emkana Wed 14-Mar-07 23:28:47

I don't normally laugh out loud at threads, but now I have actually tears running down my face...

littlelapin Wed 14-Mar-07 23:24:13

Oh I'm sorry, I just had to bump this for anyone new, I'd forgotten how funny it was!

ItsMeMellowma Fri 02-Feb-07 14:24:14

shosha Wed 31-Jan-07 21:02:40

Message withdrawn

KTeePee Wed 31-Jan-07 20:49:11

Band around in the 70s (or maybe even earlier!)

I just have a thing about fashion styles that have been around before (in my lifetime).... I keep wanting to shout at teenagers today "Invent your own style, stop copying what we wore 20 years ago!"

wheelybug Wed 31-Jan-07 20:44:02

great thread - would be the funniest I'd read for a longtime had it not been for the BMC fanjo stitching thread...

(have no strong opinions about the dress btw)

charmkin Wed 31-Jan-07 20:41:03

ok i don't know who they are
but guessing it's not a compliment

KTeePee Wed 31-Jan-07 20:37:47


KTeePee Wed 31-Jan-07 20:37:20

Now I know this showing my age but that dress reminds me of something those laydeez from Flletwood Mac might have worn.....

charmkin Wed 31-Jan-07 20:32:54

ok am not cross anymore
seeing the funny side

but seriously
if you have peruna in your ma dns try that dress on it's better on

mand s photos are unique in retail for making clothes look worse than yhey actucally are

compo Wed 31-Jan-07 19:20:21

Had to come back to this - rofl at your dh's comments on the dress
I think you should wear the dress, remember this thread and laugh inside and you won't care what anyone else thinks... you know you're a comedian

Nip Wed 31-Jan-07 14:42:33

Charmkin - you are a star - this thread is brilliant...

nailpolish Wed 31-Jan-07 14:16:55

omg that is the funniest thing ever

the dress is ok but there are far nicer out there

Fimbo Wed 31-Jan-07 14:10:23

I have just read this thread through and it is very funny.

But it it high time MNHQ changed the description of how to do links, I had to get help from MNR's how to do them as it confused the hell out of me.

JackieNo Wed 31-Jan-07 14:05:03

charmkin - love this thread, and actually I like the dress too - go for it.

AuldAlliance Wed 31-Jan-07 13:58:19

Yes, I hope you don't think I was laughing at you Charmkin. I was laughing with you, as you were being so persevering even though the links thing is a complete nightmare and I usually give up. It was funny because other people's interventions went wrong too.

Just going to try and post a link here myself, so you can come and snigger when it doesn't work and say I have really bad taste...

Flamesparrow Wed 31-Jan-07 13:53:52

Awwww - I don't hate the dress, but wouldn't pick it for myself. M&S is normally bad on site, so thats not an issue.

The links was just fun - laughing with you rather than at you (you know you were laughing really... ) I like the way you never gave up!

charmkin Wed 31-Jan-07 13:48:29


charmkin Wed 31-Jan-07 13:48:12

dress was present and thought was ok

am laughing stock cos of whole link decable
everyone hates my dress which tbh looks ok on

charmkin Wed 31-Jan-07 13:46:54

omg thought this had died

Flamesparrow Wed 31-Jan-07 13:43:36

pmsl - thankyou sooo much for bumping

AuldAlliance Wed 31-Jan-07 13:36:54

Just bumping this up, because it's so funny and such great therapy.
P.S. don't like the dress much, IMO 80's fashion was a mistake the first time around and best left to slip into oblivion, rather than being revived.

filthymindedvixen Wed 31-Jan-07 11:54:04

I am howling at this thread...

(may I admit I quite like the dress - but only as it reminds me very much of thigns I wore in the 80s when I was young and GAW-JESS!!)

Mercy Wed 31-Jan-07 11:48:57

How did I miss this?

SOrry Charmkin but's it's worth bumping

MrsSpoon Tue 30-Jan-07 23:14:29

ROFL @ this, don't like the dress, sorry.

lol and my dd4 thinks I am crying
this is so funny
glad you have grasped the link thing
but I am sorry not mad about the dress either but tbh things do not always look on right on models staring out into space and will look fab with a brunette bob and boots
thanyou charmkins

hatwoman Tue 30-Jan-07 23:03:52

great thread. I think the picture doesn't do the dress any favours - it's the kind of thing that I can imagine is very flattering, and which could look really good - but needs drop dead accessories - which the model hasn;t got (no idea what those would be mind...quite possibly some contrasting colour - dark pink maybe...)

welliemum Tue 30-Jan-07 22:54:51

<<welliemum floats back for a moment>>

The dress is fine. Really.

welliemum Tue 30-Jan-07 22:53:36

I am weeping with laughter, thank you, thank you, thank you, Charmkin.

This thread has tapped into my deep well of insecurity about posting links on mumsnet.

I feel a healing glow.....

<<welliemum floats off>>

moondog Tue 30-Jan-07 22:48:45

Brilliant Charmkin.
You are hilarious (but the dress is minging.)

suejonezisdanielsmummy Tue 30-Jan-07 22:44:44

Haven't cried with laughter for many years... until now

Charmkin - please put in a profile - I would like to join your fan club

mrsflowerpot Tue 30-Jan-07 22:29:47

oh I have had the most godawful day and this thread has me crying laughing, thank you!

can't see the dress properly for the tears of mirth but I'm sure you look lovely in it, particularly with the hem tucked into your pants .

DelGirl Tue 30-Jan-07 22:24:28

just read it again and am crying with laughter lololol

arfishy Tue 30-Jan-07 22:06:09

OMG I am laughing so hard I've scared the cats.

Charmkin, for what it's worth, I like your dress.

You realise that you'll go down in the annals of mumsnet history now and there'll be cries of "Charmkin is that you?" everytime somebody fluffs a link?

MrsJohnCusack Tue 30-Jan-07 21:39:37

oh thank you for making me laugh so much!
and I don't hate the dress - think they've just put dodgy accesories with it in the picture. I am neither blind nor 80

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:37:29

yes thanks i did notice that tutter
i look slightly better tahn that

maybe i shoudl get a hat

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 21:36:20

(check me out showing off that i can do links)

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:36:10

but i dont care cos i know how to do links now

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 21:36:00
charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:32:00

just tried on the dress for dh
he say i look like robin hood
the skirty bit was tucked into my pants

Dottydot Tue 30-Jan-07 21:24:49

I think I'm going to put this as my favourite thread in my profile!

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:18:39

lucy5 Tue 30-Jan-07 21:17:49

{{{lucy5 sneaks in, say hehehehe and sneaks out again}}} Links are hit and miss for me too

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:17:44

by the way thanks tutter and istsmendp

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 21:17:26


i also was about to tell charmkin i think i love her

top thread charmkin

buy the dress

sod us

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:15:04

well i was ok with it
now i not sure

omg if anyone sees me ever int hsi dress it will be like a secret mumsnet code
no style despite being in style theead
no techincal skill
cant type after wine

TeeCee Tue 30-Jan-07 21:14:56

Properly funny thread.
Charmkin, i think I love you, but hate the dress.

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:14:02

i can do faces
this is a testament to the perserverance of women int he face of adversity and not treally being sure about marks and spencers fahiosn for the over 30s

Dottydot Tue 30-Jan-07 21:13:43

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:12:51

Dottydot Tue 30-Jan-07 21:12:46

Do you like it? Go with your gut feeling and if you're not happy with it for any reason, take it back 'cos you'll feel daft in it.

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:12:35

oo shall i try to do faces

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:12:18

i am 5ft 4

itsmeNDP Tue 30-Jan-07 21:12:11


MegaLegs Tue 30-Jan-07 21:11:41

It needs to be longer I think, that model is too tall (Says I at 6'2")

PinkTulips Tue 30-Jan-07 21:11:30

well done!

i kinda like the dress but then i have no fashionsense so don't mind me

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:10:53

omg now i'm posting twice

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:10:39

and i ahve got large lady bumps and an arse
but not much inbetween
no muffin to speak of

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:10:39

and i ahve got large lady bumps and an arse
but not much inbetween
no muffin to speak of

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:09:52

ok i agree
is crap picture
but as i said before worn with flat boots and brunnete bob and not looking poutily into middel dristance it looks much better, in the words of a random blind 80year old from the changing room " stunnign"

may take it back

Dottydot Tue 30-Jan-07 21:09:36

(not keen on the dress though - you'd need to be stick thin or it would cling on lumps and bumps...)

Dottydot Tue 30-Jan-07 21:09:08


Dottydot Tue 30-Jan-07 21:08:41

Fantastic - the funniest thread I've seen for yonks!

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:08:21
PinkTulips Tue 30-Jan-07 21:05:55

step 1: \
step 2: link
step 3: {
step 4: address... in this case http://www.marksandspencer.com/IWCatProductPage.process?MerchantId=1&Section_Id=6116&ProductId=2124835
step 5: \
step 6: what you want to call it
step 7: }

itsmeNDP Tue 30-Jan-07 21:04:01

charmkin, too many \'s (an extra one after 'link') and you didn't put a description in after the final \ and before the final }

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:02:29


charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:01:59


charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:01:18


charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 21:00:22

ok so now what
am am doing \
am doing }
what is my bloody problem

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 20:59:44


charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 20:59:14


charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 20:58:52


ledodgy Tue 30-Jan-07 20:58:00

Sorry I don't like it at all but am pmsl at this thread!

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 20:56:13

thanks very bloody much the lotof you

the dress actually looks nice on
a woman ni the changing rroom said stunning

she was about 80 tho
an dpartially sighted

PinkTulips Tue 30-Jan-07 19:48:57

roflol.... am crying with laughter at the lot of you!

YeahBut Tue 30-Jan-07 19:45:27

(desperately trying not to snort with laughter at the links debacle)
Don't like the dress very much, actually.

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:43:28

<reaches for brown paper bag and retires to darkened corner>

DelGirl Tue 30-Jan-07 19:43:23

are you ok Charmkin??

FatFikAndFugly Tue 30-Jan-07 19:42:32

just clicked and I haven't laughed so much all day.. pmsl.

dress = hideous, sorry

itsmeNDP Tue 30-Jan-07 19:41:50

Easy tiger !

I had read the thread but got bogged down in all of the attempts at links

DelGirl Tue 30-Jan-07 19:40:33

ahh, thanks for cheering me up guys, I've had a crap day and dd bawling for an hour when we got home. yay, I feel so much better now thanks

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:40:13


read the thread

have i become invisible today?

first the bleedin links, now the bleedin opinion

themoon66 Tue 30-Jan-07 19:40:09

Do you want some gas and air to be going on with Charmkin?

itsmeNDP Tue 30-Jan-07 19:39:38

does anyone actullay have an opinion on the dress other than me then ?

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:39:18


poor charmkin

she's crap at links and we hate her dress

DelGirl Tue 30-Jan-07 19:38:44

you reckon? Well, sorry I don't like it much ROFL pmsl

belgo Tue 30-Jan-07 19:38:21

pmsl -

BTW - I'd really like that white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake recipe - I can do links, but I'd rather know how to make that!

DelGirl Tue 30-Jan-07 19:38:00

NO, you see I have to know now. I'll wait

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:37:51

*this is it*


Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:37:12


step away from the links

DelGirl Tue 30-Jan-07 19:36:55


DelGirl Tue 30-Jan-07 19:36:30
charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:36:30

i can drive a car
ia hve given birth to 2 kids
i have a resposnible job
i am grade 7 piano
i make the most amazing white choc and rasp cheescake


this has beaten me

totaleclipse Tue 30-Jan-07 19:36:25
Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:35:50

this time you forgot your {

breathe slowly

DelGirl Tue 30-Jan-07 19:35:49

you must be 'avin us on Charmin

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:35:16


charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:35:09

am near to tears now

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:35:07

comedy of errors thread

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:34:48

\linkhttp://www.marksandspencer.com/IWCatProductPage.process?MerchantId=1&Section_Id=6116&ProductId=2124835\hang on}

DelGirl Tue 30-Jan-07 19:34:46


Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:34:30

look to the left of your 'z' charmkin

itsmeNDP Tue 30-Jan-07 19:34:24

there are 2 slashes on your keyboard

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:34:18

ooo ahve just found \

DelGirl Tue 30-Jan-07 19:34:18

nope there must be too many digits.

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:34:06

lol at delgirl saving the day


see my link delgirl

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:34:01


itsmeNDP Tue 30-Jan-07 19:34:00

Your slashes are the wrong way

they need to be \ this way

DelGirl Tue 30-Jan-07 19:33:31
charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:33:28


charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:33:16


itsmeNDP Tue 30-Jan-07 19:33:15

Honestly, charmkin ?

It looks a bit shapeless and I don't like the hankie hem

<slinks off>

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:33:01

you're putting your \ the wrong way round

compo Tue 30-Jan-07 19:32:37

pmsl at Tutter

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:32:34

no i dont care if you like the dress but i am pissed off that you can do lionks and i cant

compo Tue 30-Jan-07 19:32:19

If it is Tutter's one it looks lovely but would show up all my lumps and bumps

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:31:56


Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:31:46

because if so, after all that, i don't like it


charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:31:27


Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:31:15
charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:30:58

and would have brunnette bob and flat boots

itsmeNDP Tue 30-Jan-07 19:30:49

First type \link

then {

then copy and paste the url (web address) after the curly bracket

Then another \

then what you want to call the link, 'm&s item' (or whatever)

Then another }


charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:30:29

is per ubna panle dress and woudl obv not stand like that and look into middle distance like a kays catalogue model

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:30:28

but the m&s site is compo

compo Tue 30-Jan-07 19:30:09

you had it right the last time but you forot the \ before link.
But the page still isn't working!!

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:30:01

come on, i'm on their dresses page

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:29:21

what's it called?

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:29:13

i give up

Lilliput Tue 30-Jan-07 19:29:07

come on you can do it

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:28:58


compo Tue 30-Jan-07 19:28:49

think the M&S page isn't working!

itsmeNDP Tue 30-Jan-07 19:28:29

charmkin, they aren't difficult at all to follow !

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:28:28


Lilliput Tue 30-Jan-07 19:27:55

nope, still not happening

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:27:50


southeastastra Tue 30-Jan-07 19:27:47

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:27:33

[http://www.marksandspencer.com/IWCatProductPage.process?MerchantId=1&Section_Id=6116&ProductId=2124835/omg still trying]

Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:27:28

lol at me trying to help

itsmeNDP Tue 30-Jan-07 19:27:27


compo Tue 30-Jan-07 19:27:25

you have to put \link instead of fgs

itsmeNDP Tue 30-Jan-07 19:27:08
compo Tue 30-Jan-07 19:26:47
Tutter Tue 30-Jan-07 19:26:43
charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:26:18

seriously how difficult to follow are those insturctions

charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:25:55


charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:25:53


charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:25:00

obv crap picture as is m and s and not sure hwo to do links

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