Tell me about the most jaw dropping OMG moment you've ever witnessed...

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AlpacaPicnic Sun 30-Mar-14 15:59:53

Because everyone's got a story! And here is mine...

I was on a bus recently, quite a full bus. A wheelchair in the wheelchair space, one lady with a pram (unfoldable I think) in the buggy space. Bus pulled up at a bus stop, where two ladies are waiting with pushchairs, chatting to each other.

One lady gets on, parks her pushchair into the remaining buggy space. The second lady tries to get on, but the bus driver won't let her as the buggy space is now full. She asks the lady with the pram to get off the bus so she can travel with her friend. 'Pram lady' looks at her askance, and says sorry, but she needs to get home. Both pushchair ladies then proceed to loudly and verbally abuse the pram lady for being selfish and not getting off the bus, so they can travel together.

Everyone else on the bus was stunned into silence, the bus driver throws both pushchair ladies off the bus and drives off. Pushchair ladies stand at bus stop yelling and shaking fists at the receding bus!

I've never known so many bus passengers strike up conversation all at once, making sure the 'pram lady' was ok, and generally saying 'what a pair!'

juliascurr Wed 27-Aug-14 12:55:59

if you happened to totally accidentally stick a pin in milk bottle it would have a slow leak all over their shopping
just saying

ajandjjmum Wed 27-Aug-14 12:45:57

What an awful day Willyou - bet that was a holiday you were glad to get home from!

Booboosmummy22 Sat 23-Aug-14 11:19:05

Carry On 90 I work in a supermarket in a rather posh area of London this happens probably daily, being one of the few white members of staff I end up having to deal with these people sad

I have one, driving down a main road on a Sunday afternoon car in front swerving around, slowing down then accelerating, slowing down again etc we've slowed down expecting that the car in front is breaking down and will pull over when I completely stops. Young girl opens the drivers door throws up out of it then drives around the corner like nothing happened. Me a dp just sat there like shock

1wokeuplikethis Wed 13-Aug-14 19:56:15

My SIL whined that she doesn't want to be my maid of honour and doesn't know why I asked her (not whinging to me btw) so I un-maid of honoured her and she is 'disgusted' by my behaviour and currently not talking to me.

I couldn't be more pleased. She is a pain in the neck!

CarryOn90 Fri 08-Aug-14 22:36:41

Not as horrible or jaw dropping as some of the posts on here, but I was in Waitrose the other day, in the queue. About four people working on the tills (it was a mini waitrose), one of them a black lady.

One woman in front of me, she was about 60. The black lady's till becomes available. Woman in front turned around and said to me "Would you like to go?", gesturing to my basket. I said "oh but there's one free" indicating the black lady and she said "oh no dear I'd rather wait" presumably meaning for one of the white till workers!! I was in total shock!

Willyoulistentome Wed 06-Aug-14 17:04:24

On holiday with friends in North west Mexico I had an OMG day.
We were camping on a beach when it became apparent that the family up the beach a bit were panicking. The dad had got caught v in a rip tide and the son had tried to get to him on a boogie board. They were both stuck out to sea. It took absolutely ages for and kind of rescue to happen. The dad was dead and the boy had been stopping him from sinking by holding his hair. The ambulance came but as he was already dead they just left him on the beach for the family to deal with. It was awful
Later that day we cut our stay short and packed up and left to drive back up over the border into the usa.
About an hour into the drive, still feeling numb and upset, a car in front of us swerved to avoid someone walking across the motorway (as seemed common in Mexico).It was an open topped car and it was going fast. It flipped about 5 times and the driver was thrown way up in the air at great speed and smashed down into the opposite carriageway. He was a bloody mess and also died.
Horrific day.

TwinsetBeck Wed 06-Aug-14 16:39:24

At Barcelona zoo in reptile area. Notice one of the tanks has a very cute, fluffy, white bunny in it. Thought it was odd and then noticed enormous python in other corner of tank. Horrified not just at live feeding but that all the other people there- including a school party- thought it was hysterical!

YouMakeMeHappy Mon 23-Jun-14 12:17:07

My husband and I were stood kissing on the street in Exeter, nobody was around except two girls standing on the other side. Suddenly one of them appears next to us, kisses my husband on his face and grabs his arse.

Another time we were in a forest and a stark bollock naked bloke runs past. If I hadn't had been with my husband I would've thought I'd imagined it.

Quite a few, some horrible:

On a coach trip to France, going along a motorway late at night. Drove right past an accident scene with a person being lifted off the road, both legs covered in blood - possibly too damaged to heal.

Watching 911 unfold on the TV at work (we had rolling news screens on)

On holiday with friends staying at a holiday camp. One night we'd been at the entertainment hall and were walking back past the playground. Where a couple were having sex on the roundabout.

On another coach trip in France. Our coach was going down a narrow side street to get to our hotel. There was a car parked on the road, making it too narrow for the coach to get past. Driver beeped and beeped but nobody came. Four or five guys came out of a bar, lifted the car up onto the pavement, waved, then went back into the bar.

A few years ago on the motorway, 4x4 on other side pulling a jeep on a trailer. They accelerated, the trailer flipped, and the jeep slowly pinwheeled into the central reservation. I wasn't driving and phoned the police. No idea of the outcome.

Getting on the underground with a friend. The train kept making revving noises, as if the driver couldn't wait to go. A group of people - carers and special needs children were getting on. As the last carer got on, the driver shut the doors and the train pulled away. Leaving one of the SN children (maybe aged 12 or so) standing on the platform. Emergency cord was pulled and the train stopped at the next station. Several passengers got off to berate driver. Again, no idea of the outcome.

vitaminz Thu 19-Jun-14 13:19:17

Years ago, was in a car with family in Germany driving on an autobahn. In front of us was a car pulling a horse box with 2 horses in it. The box started to sway and we pulled back. Eventually the horse box flipped right over and blocked the whole motorway. The horses were lying inside on their side going crazy and had to be put down and the driver of the car that was pulling it was completely hysterical. My family has several doctors and they were trying to comfort her. Was completely surreal and very sad.

bendyruler Sun 01-Jun-14 21:11:35

Marking place

FlockOfTwats Sun 01-Jun-14 19:11:40

I was coming back from my Dads then-girlfriends house with her. We were nipping across town to pick up my aunt (Dads sister, he met the GF through her). Approaching a roundabout, Some young lad, judging by how old he looked newly passed and driving Daddy's merc, Comes belting round this roundabout. From where he was, he couldn't see the lorry parked in the (Admittedly not too cleverly placed) lay-by straight off the roundabout.

Went smack into the back end of it.

We picked up my aunt and had to come back the same way (About ten minutes later) the lad is stood at the side of the road on the phone crying and for some reason gesturing toward the car.

Another one i saw was, walking down the road, a small child riding a young thoroughbred horse. Jockey style stirrups. Unattended. On a main road. The horse was terrified and bolting up and down the road, car drivers were obviously scared. It was horrible. If i hadn't had a toddler in tow i'd have gone over myself. I couldn't believe someone had let their child out on a horse it obviously couldn't ride (The child didn't look like it could even ride really).

My Dad has seen some truely horrifc things - One being a woman jumping off a bridge and hitting the truck in front of him. He found someone unconcious once too.

Boomerwang Fri 30-May-14 20:54:59

I was in the centre of Oldham once a good few years ago. There was a police van parked up in the middle of town. Every now and then a couple of policemen/women would drag someone into the back of it and slam the door. There wasn't a disturbance anywhere as far as I could see. Perhaps shoplifting was so common that they simply rounded up thieves and bunged them in the van until it was full.

ButchCassidy Fri 30-May-14 16:21:29

Many years ago was sat on a bench at the bus station waiting for my bus home after stopping at a friends. It was a Sunday so buses were infrequent and I had to wait 45 mins.

Another girl sat near me. Looked similar age to me (18) rocking back and forwards crying.. Being chronically shy and young I was working up to going over and checking she was ok when....

A greasy nasty oily haired older man went over to her. Pulled out a fiver which she took. Then he lobbed his penis out and she performed oral sex on him. When finished she spat out all over the floor got off her knees and sat back down crying....

It was just the three of us there. I didn't have a clue what to do if anything....... I have never been so glad to see the 125 bus turn up.

Celestria Mon 26-May-14 05:51:30

Sat in passenger seat driving over bridge notice a man leaning over the side of the bridge

Then notice in his hands he was holding feet with high heels on

The guy was hanging a lassie over the bridge

When we drove back five minutes later the police were there

Redglitter Mon 26-May-14 04:54:04

My mums next door neighbour decided to trim the branches of trees overhanging his garden. Not unreasonable. His method of doing this was to attach a chain saw to a long pole. My dad and brother watched in stunned silence.

Many years ago the town I worked in got CCTV and it was controlled from our office. The cameras then worked on an automatic cycle and rotated 4 different locations. At location 1 we saw a guy completely drunk being violently sick while his gf watched. About 5 mins later the camera went back to them to see the 2 of them snogging the face off each other. Boy she must have really loved him - bolk

Beemer30 Sun 25-May-14 20:13:49

This young girl last weekend walking her dog in the Christchurch area of Dorset. When she walked into sight I and DH did a double take. Stockings and suspenders on full show with pink satin shorts over the top and Spice Girl style platforms. Everyone was looking at her like this shock.

cookielove Wed 21-May-14 23:18:14

Oh dear, I just realised I put this on the wrong thread. My friend however annoying she is, is not jaw dropping shocking blush

cookielove Mon 19-May-14 16:47:04

I've been trying to read through this thread, too funny, if its not to late i have one to join to the mix.

Here goes:

A couple years ago i had my hen weekend at centre parc's, i am often the driver when i do things with the girls, but as it was my hen do i wanted to be able to sit back and relax so my friend drove me up instead. A couple of the girls had to leave on the Sunday (work/children commitments) instead of staying till the Monday, so although 3 of us travelled up in two different cars we all returned home in the another friends car.

So the Monday was really hot, we all went swimming in the morning and had a nice long lunch thinking we would be getting on the road soon, but the driver had other plans she basically held us hostage until she was ready to go.

Finally we get on the road, we are all snugly sitting in the back seat with everything crammed in around us, driver has changed her top as she and i quote 'can't drive home wearing a vest top'

We drop off one of the girls in her home town, which i have been to a few times, i tell her very clearly in plenty of time to get into the right hand lane as we are going right at the round about, there is a huge sign which clearly states that right is the way we need to go. She starts shouting at us, 'i can't drive and look at the signs just tell me where to go' massive eye roll from everyone!!

Finally we get home its probably 1hr 30 mins to 2hrs max drive, and she works out how much petrol money it is each. She charges everyone £15 that works out as £75 for 5 of us in the car, which seems ridiculous for that journey, so i question it. She hasn't included herself in the costs, as she had driven. To be honest i was livid! She had also popped a bit on for wear and tear on the car. So blimming cheeky!!

She eventually relented once she spoke to another one of the girls (the peace keeper of the group) who did infact back me up and inform her she was being selfish. We almost stopped speaking, and she still hasn't apologised for it.

She is a terrible driver to, doesn't break when people are breaking around her, had a tantrum when she got us lost coming back from Birmingham, because she turned down the road that had a name of town of which she had heard of, but not down the one which we were all saying to go down.

And breathe!!


ajandjjmum Sun 18-May-14 13:01:15

grin that's what happened to Blockbusters The Dudess!

TheDudess Sat 17-May-14 10:17:15

A while ago I was on a train back from work and overheard a very loud conversion between three ppl Sat close by. Two of them were partners who had bumped into an friend. The partners then began to describe in great detail to their friend about a money making scam they were into which involved defrauding the local library service and blockbusters out of computer games which were then sold online.

This conversion went on for a long time and they really weren't subtle about it. Went into a great amount of detail about how to do it and how their friend could get in on it.

If they'd have looked over at me it would have looked like I was just playing with my phone when in actual fact i was making very detailed notes to pass on to the relevant authorities.

We all got off at the same stop, where I informed British transport police, phoned the director of the library service and rang blockbusters hq, giving them all the info I had. I'm pretty sure they were prosecuted.

Ledkr Sat 17-May-14 09:29:40

I live in a busy village and my house is fairly close to some countryside, my road is fairly busy with cars.
One day my friend had visited and was just leaving, another friend arrived just as the other friend drove off.
Me and the new visiting friend looked up at the sound of hooves and saw a horse galloping down the road, no rider just a horse.
Shocked we wondered who we should call and were just on the phone to the non emergency number when the friend who had just left text me to say the horse had galloped past her nearly in the town centre which was about two miles away, another friend who works in a hairdressers in town also saw it gallop past and go off down the high street.

ladypete Sat 17-May-14 08:58:11

I was on the tube this week when a young man dressed in suit trousers and a white shirt suddenly gasped. We all looked up (from daydreaming/newspapers/phones) to see he was carrying a paper carrier bag which had split, and there was money all over the carriage floor. We're talking 20s and 50s everywhere - definitely a few £1000. Everyone on the carriage was shock and grin and just looked on as he scrabbled around picking it all up and folding the now useless paper bag round this stack of notes!

This is just gross. I was at Berwick over Easter went to the public loos and found a trail of shit it was everywere smeared all over the loo seat on the floor just everywere but in the toilet. Went out disgusted and seen a lady standing there with loo roll stuck to her foot and poo all over the paper. Obviously her waiting for her husband etc. I felt like saying to her get back it those toilets now and clean it up but left saying nothing.

BathildaBagshot Mon 05-May-14 21:36:52

I lived in a posh but of Paris for a short time. Was walking down the street when I saw a smartly dressed, elderly lady (think anna wintour but about 85) crouched on the floor between two parked cars.

Thinking she must have fallen, I offered my hand to help her up, which she gladly took.

Still holding my hand, and looking me directly in the eye, she proceeded to do the most humongous wee all over the street, get up and thank me before walking away with her dog. I was well and truly shock

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