How do you inject JOY into your day?

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eatprayloveorjusteateateat Thu 12-Sep-13 10:18:25

I wake up everyday and feel 'bleurgh!'... just bleurgh!

Is there any way that you cheer yourself up/ inject some joy into your morning/day?

Is it getting up an hour before everyone else and having a good cup of luxury coffee?
Do you watch something to shake off your crappy mood?
listen to something?
do something unusual?
eat something?
put something on?

i don't know about you but i don't wake up feeling naturally happy so i really need to do something to put a smile on my face.

Any ideas?

everlong Thu 12-Sep-13 14:07:00

Good slippers. I can't stand my feet on the floor directly.
Cuddle with the mutts.
Walk the dogs somewhere lovely.
Peace and quiet.
Clean house.
Text from DH.

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Thu 12-Sep-13 15:16:19

Probably easier said than done, but I love my job, so I actually don't mind getting up to go and do it.

ToriaPumpkin Thu 12-Sep-13 16:03:47

I sing or play a really uplifting song. Sometimes my singing would have my high school singing teacher covering her ears in horror but I find it cathartic to just belt out a show tune or something with lots of swearing in it.

I always have flowers in my living room. Even if they're just cheap carnations from Tesco.

eatprayloveorjusteateateat Thu 12-Sep-13 16:12:13

LOVE these suggestions. ALLY MCBEAL was the best program ever. It's on my christmas list this year - the entire collection.

Just thought I would tell you all - inspired from you all - that i have just been out for a walk to the shops where I bought expensive coffee and cinnamon bagels. I also put my face up to the air - may have looked silly but it really did work.

I wish I could have a dog - but I am in a rented house.
This thread has been exactly what I needed.

GrendelsMum Thu 12-Sep-13 16:34:56

That's so sweet. I love the idea of you putting your face up to the air.

Do let us know tomorrow how your morning went.

PeterParkerSays Thu 12-Sep-13 16:58:53

I hope you have some proper butter for those bagels, eatpray, and are not wasting them on spread. wink

MummyBeerest Thu 12-Sep-13 17:01:09

These are all awesome.

For me, daily walks. Despite the weather; I go out. Even if only for 15 minutes. Since doing this, I have yet to be sick.

Getting a coffee.

And music. ..any genre, as long as it's upbeat. At present, listening to Parisian jazz.

Itstartshere Thu 12-Sep-13 17:13:16

Great thread. I'm trying to inject more joy into my life too. At the moment making an effort to stick on some really upbeat music is great, I'm having a pot of herbal tea sitting out in the garden each morning (determined to do so as long as it's not raining) just to get a blast of fresh air and sunshine, have taken up meditating too. Some sex would be nice, think that's a way to have some instant joy. grin Also trying to get out a little more and laugh with friends.

ThePlEWhoLovedMe Thu 12-Sep-13 17:18:11

My work gives me joy... and laughing with my kids.

ToriaPumpkin Thu 12-Sep-13 17:20:31

Ooh, good call on the Ally MacBeal boxset, my MIL is bound to ask what I want for Christmas soon!

I've been down this road...

AngryFeet Thu 12-Sep-13 17:24:34

Laughing. If I laugh many times a day I feel positive and happier. Not something you can just DO I guess but I surround myself with happy witty people and watch comedies. I do love to laugh smile

MrsTwgtwf Thu 12-Sep-13 17:25:01

Birdsong is good, especially if you learn to identify different birds by their song. It's always there, but we rarely hear it.

WowOoo Thu 12-Sep-13 17:52:45

I do, Mrs Twgtwf.

It's the one good thing about having to be the first to be awake early in the morning. Peace and quiet, a cuppa and my lovely blackbird for a little while.

chrome100 Thu 12-Sep-13 18:08:18

I go swimming. It is SO hard to get up at 6am in the dark and cycle down to the pool but once I'm in I feel really good and lovely and energised for the rest of the day. If I am feeling lazy and don't bother I always regret it.

DipMeInChocolate Thu 12-Sep-13 18:13:23

Hot shower & body scrub. Make up and perfume on then a proper coffee & croissant whilst feeding the kids/ making packed lunches.

TheWickedBitchOfTheBest Thu 12-Sep-13 18:27:51

Every day without fail I enjoy half an hour with a good book, a good cup of coffee and a bit of Green & Blacks chocolate.

Every day I make sure I snog my DH. You know proper, passionate teenage style snogging with hands in his hair, tongues, the works wink

Every day I use a really nice smelling shower gel which wakes me up, and a lovely smelling body lotion which makes me feel sleek and pampered.

Every night at bedtime I cuddle up with our DCs on their beds and just have a few minutes peacefully chatting with them, or listening to them read.

So long as I get to do the above, then it doesn't really matter what shit life throws at me. I can take it, bring it on smile

everlong Thu 12-Sep-13 18:29:34

Yy to birdsong. I think I'm a twitcher at heart.

TheWickedBitchOfTheBest Thu 12-Sep-13 18:36:53

Oh and every week day morning starts with me whopping up the volume on Absolute 80s radio, and singing along (am an 80s girl) while the coffee machine makes the kitchen smell bloody gorgeous. Our DCs are word perfect on all the 80s classics.

You can't fail to have a happy morning with a great start like that smile

Yama Thu 12-Sep-13 18:49:10

Morning - eggs for breakfast. I just feel that they nourish me.

Daytime - posh coffee during lunch hour. It means I leave my workplace and walk there thus getting outside and seeing the sky.

Evening - Dark chocolate, nuts and wine or dark chocolate and a cup of tea. Smashing.

My favourite thing of all though is just to stare at the sea. I can see the sea from my house. This evening it is rather shiny. Sunsets are lovlier over the see too. Oh, and when the starlings dart about I feel truly alive.

GetStuffezd Thu 12-Sep-13 18:50:18

When my pupils go out to break I google pictures of Christian Bale blush

poachedeggs Thu 12-Sep-13 19:28:53

Get I LOVE that idea!

Letitsnow9 Thu 12-Sep-13 20:12:13

Do something to make someone else smile, it ends up making you smile. A good hot drink (very British) and a good natter on the phone. Upworthy and buzz feed for some online cheeriness

FariesDoExist Thu 12-Sep-13 20:28:45

What a great thread. Im not a morning person but I'm looking forward to starting at least one morning next week with a cinnamon bagel with Philly (will go out to get some tomorrow).

I love my Kindle, so I treat myself to books. I might get a self help book on "how to be joyful" or something!

Also I keep meaning to subscribe to a magazine because I think it would be a nice 'surprise' for me to recive on my doorstep once a month, but I don't know what magazine to go for, I was thinking maybe Good Food or Essentials.

urigeller are you actually Uri Geller or just a fan of?

sicily1921 Thu 12-Sep-13 20:59:13

What a great thread OP, thank you!
I am not fit for the human race if I don't get coffee and porridge IN PEACE as I hate mornings.

Love a nice soak in the bath (not into bubbles and candles...just the peace and quiet)
Gin and tonic ( pref with box of chocs)
cross-stitching works to relax me, it's nice to create a lovely picc yourself although it takes me about 2 years!!!
Cracking film eg 'Rebecca' or my box set of The Golden Girls makes life worth living.

tigerdriverII Thu 12-Sep-13 21:15:25

Sounds soppy but for me it's nature. I drive the "long" way to work because it's a lovely drive and I like to see how the trees/fields/gardens etc change through the seasons. I like bird watching and just catching sight of a red kite, or a buzzard, or whatever (today, a heron on top of a lamppost in an industrial estate) cheers me up. And I like just looking at trees, flowers, leaves etc and enjoying the design. Almost anywhere there's a bit of buddelia or some trees or something's even if you're stuck on a train or in traffic. I am quite easily pleased.

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