Ridiculous, embarrassing accidents/injuries..

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I have just trapped a nipple between two plastic laundry baskets and almost severed it. Unbelievably painful, unbelievably embarrassing to tell anyone about in RL!!

Make me feel better by telling me your humiliating mishaps? Happy to bask in the warmth of other's distress grin

TiredyMcTired Mon 10-Feb-14 21:44:39

I broke my leg after running away from a clown in a circus who was trying to get me with a giant ticking stick. I ran up the stairs and as I turned to get into the seating I slipped and fell about 8 feet through the gap under the seats. I couldn't move so the circus people had to manhandle a hole in the side of the big top for the ambulance people to get me out.

PricillaQueenOfTheDessert Tue 11-Feb-14 00:09:32

Years ago an ex-colleague spent ages trying to get me to leave my job to work for her company. Eventually I agreed when they offered me a fantastic package because she'd bigged me up so much.
The weekend before I was due to start, my roomie from uni came to visit. We got absolutely wasted and went back to a house party, where I stupidly started a water fight. On wood laminate flooring, I slipped, smacked my head on the ground and knocked myself out. When I came round, I had chipped my front teeth, broken my arm and had a perfectly formed purple black eye around my entire eye socket.
I can still picture the look on my new colleague's faces when I turned up for work on the Monday morning - this much-anticipated, uber multi-skilled professional with a comedy black eye and arm in a sling.

Elfers Tue 11-Feb-14 10:23:45

On a chilly visit to the parents (aged about 28), it snowed and the hill they lived on was like a sheet of ice, so my sister and I decided to relive our childhood sledging fun....however I had forgotten the delicate art of steering and was heading for the thick hedge at the verge. Instead of just rolling off, I put my arm out to save me and cracked my elbow on the frozen road so hard a massive lump and bruise covered my entire arm. The funny part is my ruddy sister laughed so hard she actually wet herself, and her uncomfortable comedy walk back up the hill to the house was quite something.... Same sister is also responsible for throwing a bar of soap at me in temper just as we were leaving to go on holiday, resulting in a massive fat lip - bless her.

HRHwheezing Tue 11-Feb-14 18:46:06

In my student days I was staying in digs and the blokes down stairs were partital to playing 24 hours from Tulsa very loudly.

In jest, although later I didn't see the funny side. I used a broom to bang hard on the floor below.

My fatal mistake was I was not wearing any shoes and the broom met my toes with such a force as to break them.

Gene Pitney has never been the same.

Had been for a run on the beach with the dogs. The car park was pretty quiet so I decided to quickly whip off my sweaty top and put a hoody on. But as I pulled the top up my shoulder dislocated and I couldn't move, sweaty old bra fully on show. Luckily a camper van full of people pulled in at that moment and helped me get sorted. hmmgrin

MrsGideon Tue 12-May-15 17:16:36

I dislocated my knee at Uni crouching down in very tight jeans to get a bag of broccoli out of the freezer

I also know someone who broke his wrist tripping over a flapjack


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