Have you ever encountered anyone this cheeky?

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Inspired roughly by a couple of threads recently...
I used to have a friend (used to being the operative) who would come round to my house to smoke. Her reason being that she didn't want her house to smell like smoke and she didn't like smoking in the street as she thought it looked 'common' (her words)

The punchline being that I didn't smoke
That friendship ended when I saw the light and realised that she was using me! She was happy enough to make my house stink and I was too polite (at the time) to ask her not to as I thought I was being a welcoming host.

Has anyone encountered anyone with more brass neck than that?

littlefrenchonion Thu 30-Apr-15 08:39:26

Have a friend who often invites me over and then hands me an item of clothing and her sewing box with a 'can you just... take the hem up/fix these/make me a...' etc. despite me hinting multiple times that although, yes, I can sew, I hate it when people assume that I enjoy mending their clothes for free because they can't be bothered to learn to do it themselves!

MIL does it too... last year, after 8 years of mending her/FIL/BIL's clothes when we visit 'to give me something to do while I'm sat there', she gave us a homemade advent calendar she'd sewn herself, very professional finish. A little confused I said 'Oh! But I thought you couldn't sew?'. Turns out she can, quite well actually!

gabsdot45 Thu 23-Apr-15 13:18:46

I just remembered another, even worse one about BIL.
We moved abroad and rented out our house. BIL was getting married so we told him that himself and SIL could rent our house from us. We charged £600 per month and we told them that they could have a month free as a wedding present and then pay £500 per month.
So the moved in and about 4 months after the wedding we came home for a visit and stayed with them. It was after January. We spent the evening chatting and they told us all about their first Christmas and what presents they had bought each other and how they had got SKY installed and that it had been hard getting into a routine with budgeting and paying their bills but that they had been managing.
Next day I went to the bank, (this was in the days before internet banking so I couldn't check the balance easily) to discover that they had paid 1 months rent and missed the next 2. Our mortgage payments had bounced and we were facing charges.
I just couldn't believe that they had the cheek to not pay, not tell us and then spend the evening chatting and still not mention it.
Then on the Last day of our visit, BIL went to work and came home to say that the building was locked up and that the company had folded so we had no job. I didn't care, I said get the money or else so they came up with most of it and paid off the rest in dibs and drabs. Years later we found out that they had borrowed the first amount from MIL and I doubt if they ever paid her back,
They were disasterous with money, BIL still is. MIL often bailed him out. When he split up with his wife he lived with us for a year and paid no rent at all. We were mugs for letting him away with it.

gabsdot45 Thu 23-Apr-15 10:51:21

Years ago in the days of dial up internet access we got a really big phone bill. I requested an itemised bill and on examination it turned out that someone had been in our house using the internet during the day, Monday to Friday for weeks.
We couldn't understand it. I studied the bill a bit more and tried to remember what had been going on during that time. I remembered that one day I had been at home sick and BIL had let himself into our house with a key, (that I didn't know he had). He had a computer with him, one of the big tower computers of years ago. I got out of bed to find him in the hall and he stuttered some excuse about dropping off something for DH and he left.
Anway DH confronted him and he admitted that he had been coming to our house everyday instead of going to work and using the internet, except he'd been using his own computer and attaching it up to our monitor.
Needless to say he lost that job and only paid some of the phone bill. The sad part is that his wife had just had their first baby. The dates he started coming to our house were just days after the baby's birth.
A few years later he stayed in our house while we were on holiday and ran up another phone bill, but this time used our computer so.
He has a long history of porn addiction and had a number of cyber affairs before his long suffering wife left him for another man.

happyhats Sat 06-Dec-14 12:17:09

I'm loving this thread. Mexican house man is the winner but there's some right cheeky buggers about!!!
My sil used to be really cheeky a few years back. Always pleading poverty and then borrowing money which she would avoid ever paying back. All this despite going on holidays, new cars etc. I was a student with baby and working bank shifts and we were utterly skint!
The final straw was her sil and bil inheritited about £50k from his gm. They were super flash with the cash for themselves-not so much as a thank you to us or an offer to repay any money. Got home from work one day to find dh worrying. She told dh that she owed money for gas, electric and council tax and if we didn't help them out the bailiffs would be called. I told him if he gave her a penny I'd divorce him. It took them about 10 months to spend all the money with nothing to show for it. I know it's mean but when the house got repossessed I wasnt even slightly sorry for them.grin

CatBreath Thu 20-Nov-14 12:44:26

tahunny I'm so sorry about your loss too. The behaviour of your bro was unbelievable.

BIL is a lazy arse. His wife, SIL is in denial about this.

Examples- SIL serves his dinner up, sits down to eat.
BIL:"er tomato ketchup?!"
SIL gets up to get it

BIL finishes food. Silently waves plate near SIL. SIL gets him seconds

The word please or thank you never uttered.

In restaurant. BIL orders something he is allergic to. This is SIL fault apparently.

No point trying to tell her, she gets defensive if you mention it.

tahunny Sun 16-Nov-14 03:13:19

Thanks alpaca.

AlpacaMyBags Sat 15-Nov-14 03:25:25

Bloody hell, tahunny, I'm lost for words. So sorry for your loss thanks

tahunny Sat 15-Nov-14 02:58:59

Took me all of four days to read all these but wow what utter cheeky bastards there are in this world one of which is my brother!

Last year my dd was stillborn at 8months. No idea how or why this happened. At the time I was still in work and hadnt started mat leave. My work colleagues sent a lovely bunch of flowers that were delivered to my mothers house.
I am not a flower person, they make me sneeze and have itchy eyes, so I said that my mother could keep them as she is an avid flower lover and it seemed a waste to bin them. No sooner had brother heard about these he took it upon himself to stake claim to them! He has never had a job and rinses everything possible out of anyone he can, so I told him fuck no, they are not leaving mothers house.
Two days later he turned up again informing mother hed just called by to pick up flowers because his new gf was waiting in the car for the surprise he had promised her. He told her that said surprise had been delivered to parents house. My mother being ground down over days of this shit told him to take them.not being such a push over, having gone through one of the hardest things in my life I simply told him to get to fuck. Apparently he had promised gf surprise flowers and now by not giving them he was going to look stupid.
My mother just wants an easy quiet lifeand brother takes this as a way to ask and ask and go on with himself until he gets what he wants. Needless to say, he left very pissed off with no flowers. Piss taking bastard.

captainmummy Tue 09-Sep-14 21:45:30

My sister goes on cruises about 5 times a year. She used to magnanimously invite our mum (then in her 70s) along, as otherwise mum wouldn't have a holiday. (Mum pays for herself!) There are then 6 of them - sis, her dh and 3 dc, so 2 cabins; sis and dh and 1 dc in 1, mum and the other 2 dc in the other.

Sis and dp would regularly disappear at 7pm for hours ( Found out they were in the casino.) so mum would look after the dc and put them to bed . ...

When mum stopped going on cruises (due to age) luckily for sis the dc stopped going too (ages 15 and 16 - she'd leave them here alone for 2 weeks, facebooking nightly to 'check they were ok' shock) Mum would then have to feed them every day and go round to theirs to lock them in at night.

Sis then has a go at mum because she'd 'allowed' the dc to have boyfriends/girlfriends in ! (whilst she was parenting from the caribbean)

My sister is a toxic, selfish, entitled bitch.

cleanasawhistle Sun 07-Sep-14 09:54:12

SIL who lived away had 2 dogs.
When she stayed with MIL she would bring the dogs with her.
MIL would moan about the dog hairs so she decided to get a Dyson.
She asked us if we would take her shopping for one.
So a couple of months later we walked into MILs house and there is this old hoover in the hallway.
OH said whats happened to the Dyson.
MIL had told SIL on the phone all about the Dyson and how good it was etc so next time she visited she brought her old hoover with her and said she needed the Dyson because the dogs did live with her.
My OH wanted to phone SIL and give her what for but MIL said not to upset her.

FamiliesShareGerms Sat 16-Aug-14 22:23:56

Not in the same league as most of these, but asking a flat mate if they wanted a drink as I was boiling the kettle, to be directed to the coffee beans and fecking grinder to make them a gourmet coffee from scratch was pretty galling... (I feigned ignorance, made my Kenco and scuttled back to my room...)

M00nUnit Sat 16-Aug-14 21:42:27

I don't really understand the one about the NDN who objected to getting builders' dust all over her car. I think that would piss most people off, especially if they've just had their car washed! Asking them to do their drilling round the other side of the house sounds like a reasonable request to me. Or am I missing something?

Spadequeen Sat 16-Aug-14 13:34:41

Wow. It's taken me all morning to read this. Can't believe the cheek of some people

Roobix04 Thu 14-Aug-14 22:57:48

Cheeky feckers! I have one that happened to my dp.
So a few years ago just before I met my dp his friend was robbed and feeling unsafe and insecure in his flat so my dp let him move in to his 2 bed flat with him. This was a good arrangement as they were both students and pretty skint. Anyway time goes on with them both mainly living off student loans and my dp had a weekend bar job but money was tight. They did end up going half's on a dishwasher.
Eventually they started to get behind on the rent and then my dp had to quit college and his job due to long term disability. The friend also gives up on college without my dp to motivate him so no longer had student loans and wouldn't get a job. The friend rarely did any housework including using the dishwasher and eventually he pretty much stopped washing himself.
All the while the debt piles up and my dp has to work out a deal with the council where he'd pay off rent arrears in installments. By this point my dp is using his disability benefits to pay for all the bills including food for him and friend.
This went on for another year until me and dp decided we wanted to live together. We told friend he'd have to move out as we wouldn't have enough to support all of us and it would cut down dp's benefit if there was three of us. We gave him a deadline. And then a second deadline. When the third deadline came and went dp's mum had to come up and kick him out. Told him that dp would be committing benefit fraud if he didn't move out by the Friday. He finally left and said he'd get his stuff on the Monday. We went and stayed with my family for the weekend and came home Sunday night. At half 12 at night we heard a key in the door and it was friend! He'd been staying there all weekend and then waited till it was to late to kick him out to return on the Sunday!
We did finally get him out but after bumming around friends houses he finally got a flat right near ours. The cheekiest part was when he kept going on and on about his part of the dishwasher. We ignored him till he finally asked us for his half which was £200. My dp told him he'd give him £200 when friend paid the £1000 he owed for his half of the rent never mind all the food and other bills!!! He still freeloads of dp getting our old furniture and white goods and what have you. Really winds me up!

Oldraver Tue 12-Aug-14 19:44:54

Misty I had some friends (married couple) that I used to go clubbing and an occasional holiday with. She always used to brag she 'didn't do handbags' or carry a purse but was quite happy to avail herself of stuff I used to carry in my backpack... and as a consequence never bought a round. Rounds used to be her DH, me, DH etc.. one year we met up with another girl and she took me aside to query they no round buying woman. With rounds at 20 euro a time it became a huge pisstake.

She thought of themselves as 'one' and once tried to divide a taxi to the airport between four (as 'they' were 'one') when there were 5 of us, luckily one friend quickly quoshed this... still didnt put her hand in her pocket when on holiday though.

alemci Fri 11-Jul-14 18:47:18

a close relative is cheeky. he takes advantage of my dm. used to stay alot when we were kids and eat our food but never contributed or brought say a gift for my parents

my db was a student he went to stay with them with his gf. They lived abroad. the relative with his family left my db alone in house over Christmas while they went to stay with another relative. they left no food for them and complained to my dm that db made no contribution (students)

my gm used to extol his virtues and it was always poor ....,. syndrome.

dm frequently supported relatives ex wife and his dc having them to stay, buying lunch etc

roll on about 20 years' dm with new dp living in dps house. relative came to stay bringing new partner. dm's dp was not impressed when they kept eating his food, hardly replaced anything, made lunch for days out etc, never asking, helping themselves to alcohol.

dm hinted that as she would be out, could they sort their own evening meal hoping they would dine out or buy food, but no they helped themselves to frozen pizza.

her dp furious but dm wouldn't confront relative.

next time he came he ate all the cake without asking and took over tv.

dm said something tactful and relative stormed out. she tried to contact him and sent cards etc.

a year later he condescended to contact her saying he would overlook the petinesshmm

JewelFairies Thu 10-Jul-14 22:34:49

If this isn't the most classic of the classic threads I don't know what is grin thanks

hollycomputer Thu 10-Jul-14 20:56:07

It's taken me hours to read this thread but it's utterly gripping!

I have one:

When I was a student I was living with a guy who was pretty feckless. He was a creative type who didn't see why he should have to work, especially as I was working, despite the fact I didn't really earn enough to support us both. Things reached breaking point with us and he was offered a job abroad for a year which he decided to take.

At the time, we were living in a rented flat and I couldn't get out of the contract so he invited his brother to stay while he was away (without consulting me). I was pissed off that he hadn't asked me but I got on OK with the brother and was relieved that I'd be getting money towards rent and bills as exDP told me his brother had agreed it.

Brother moved in and was commuting back and forth to London for work, but he'd meet me every day and we'd go to the supermarket to buy dinner. For the first week, he'd either make an excuse when we got to the tills - 'Oh, I've spent so much money today, would you mind getting this?' (obviously he expected me to cook too). Or he'd just disappear saying he had to go and get something, then reappear after I'd gone through the checkout all disappointed and apologising for not being there when I paid. Funnily enough, he never offered any money, just said he'd buy me a takeaway next time.

I got wise to this after a few days and would make sure I either didn't meet him after work or made a point of buying only my own food, to which he huffed and puffed and passive-aggressively whined about being skint. Yeah, tell me about it, I'm doing a 40 hour week at minimum wage while writing my dissertation, mate. He refused to pay any money for bills, borrowed my mobile phone if I made the mistake of leaving it lying around, and when I eventually asked him for money towards rent he refused, saying that it wasn't fair because the bed in the spare room was smaller than he was used to. So I said he had to find somewhere else to live. He kicked up massively, calling me stingy and spent days in a strop.

After about a week he found somewhere else to live, but made a point of saying he would move out while I was at work. This rang alarm bells so I made sure I would be at home, only to find him helping himself to food from my fridge to take with him to his new flat along with some of my bedding, towels and kitchenware. I saw him loading it into boxes and confronted him, only to have him start moaning about how selfish I was and he was 'only borrowing' it. Like fuck. I took it all back and a massive row ensued when he called exDP demanding he 'make' me apologise to him! Thankfully, the next day he left. But I had to throw out the pillow he'd used because he was a skanky bastard who never washed his hair and the stains wouldn't come out. I also found out that he'd been stealing from a bottle of Stolichnaya I had in the freezer which I'd been given as a present - it was nearly completely water which he'd topped the bottle up with so I didn't notice.

To cap it all, I'd got exDP a phone on my account which he ran up £600 worth of bills on then tried to get out of paying. I made him pay it. About six months after we split up (which unsurprisingly wasn't too long after brother-gate), he phoned me at work and begged me to lend him money. I said no and asked him when he planned to pay me back all the other money he'd borrowed. He went quiet. I hung up. Never heard from him again. smile

Dunwhingin Sun 06-Jul-14 22:26:33

Hmm so.....
At school I had a group of lovely friends, one of whom had a HUGE crush on someone we shall call 'the wimpy kid', if she wasn't the centre of attention then she would have an attack of the vapours, fluttery eyelashes, deep breathing and all the boys would rush round. She didn't ever pay for anything when we went out either.. And we didn't get rid.. sigh
At my 17th birthday everyone thought she was with my boyfriend as she was attached to his arm limp limpet like..

Fast forward a few years, another friend had taken the boyfriend and wimpy kid moved in with them as she was studying nearby..... What was meant to be a solution for a few weeks whilst she found accommodation turned into a few years..
She married him.. After the previous girlfriend had seen him through a really really difficult set of events and with the wimpy kid on the sidelines eating their food, biding her time presumably

So... A few more years, the long suffering ex girlfriend got back in touch with me, we kind of started a friendship again, she has the hide of a fucking rhino and I was still a wet blanket... I couldn't stay pregnant, she knew this, but when pregnant by accident who did she come to for abortion advice.. And who did she want to see every week with the baby she decided to have, on my only day off a week, working the endless hours because I had no child......
She pulled a massive strop on the final day she came to spend the day with me because she came to the house and I wasn't here ..... Cruel I was cruel....
I eventually learnt the power of the words 'bugger off' for all of this trio and I'm much harder with freeloaders, wasters and anyone with their bloody PA agendas. It did take some time and there was the one that slept with two boyfriends, a young cousin and an ex husband.... The one that used me for free childcare and dented my car and made me out to be a freeloader and the one that came to stay and never lifted a finger, bought wine any of the 12 or so occasions until I directed him towards a hotel....

Nanasueathome Sun 06-Jul-14 19:10:00

My daughter and another girl were at the same school and so we got to know the parents quite well as the girls were friends
We ran a pub at the time and the couple, together with their daughter, would often pop into the pub for lunch on Saturdays- and me being the soft touch would feed them for free
The husband then went to work away for a couple of weeks and so I invited the mother and daughter for Sunday lunch
That then set the ball rolling and they assumed they could come for Sunday lunch as well each week
Put a stop to it when she started to ask mid week what we would all be having for lunch on Sunday
No invite was ever given back to us , it was all kne way, and with no contribution from them whatsoever
Even thinking about it now really angers me and makes me realise just being taken for a mug

McFox Sun 06-Jul-14 19:03:37

Misty they are being unbelievably cheeky, get rid of them!!

AcrossthePond55 Sun 06-Jul-14 18:50:46

Gobsmacking thread! I really can't think of a tale to add, though. The thing I'm worried about now (after reading the entire thread instead of doing housework) is that I can't decide whether I truly have just lovely friends who would never do things like this or if I'm just a great big mug who can't see when she's been taken advantage of!

expatinscotland Sun 06-Jul-14 18:44:09

misty, this couple are not friends. They are cheeky, user, pisstakers.

Inviting themselves round for dinner and telling you to cook, the trip, etc.

Keep making excuses and find people who are not users.

Do NOT subsidise them anymore.

misty75 Sun 06-Jul-14 18:37:20

My friends, a married couple, asked me to go on holiday to a festival with them. I initially agreed, and bought a ticket, and then I backed out after she (female friend) made it clear that she expected me to pay for half of everything, effectively subsidising their flights, transport, accommodation, eg. if the transport was 300 for 3 people I was to pay 150. She justified this by saying that as a married couple they were one entity, as was I, as a single person. She also justified it because they have a daughter and I am childless. They both individually earn more than me (not that it would make any difference, unless I was rich, in which case I'd be happy to pay). I backed out of the trip and said I couldn't afford it. She was hurt that I'd changed my mind, but it didn't seem to occur to her why I couldn't afford it. I'd already bought a ticket but ended up flogging it on ebay.

Should have realised they would be like that after several occasions when they invited me round for dinner and said they would do the food and asked me to bring the drinks, so I got enough wine or beer for 3 people and we had a jacket potato and a fishcake. Recently she's asked me if I want to meet up. 'Great, shall we go out?' I say. 'No, can I come to yours at 7, trying to save money' she says. I say 'Ok, fancy a takeaway or a pizza?' She says 'Can't afford, but can come to yours for dinner and are you up for cooking something, maybe salad and burgers?'

Is she being cheeky? I think so but am not very confident right now after v recent abusive ex and I keep getting confused and wondering if I'm in the wrong. Also told her about the abuse (serious stuff and not appropriate for this thread) a month ago, and she didn't even reply. Asked her why she didn't reply a few days ago. She said sorry, there is a lot going on in her life, that she does care about me, but she still didn't ask how I was. Damn, it's making me angry writing this, but I am so scared I'm just being a horrible entitled person because I haven't got kids sad

McFox Sun 06-Jul-14 15:12:26

I love that this thread just keeps on giving smile I'm also glad that I now know the full story of the legendary mexican house thief!

I have another story to add up the bat shit crazy family pile. So, my ex BIL had been unemployed for a long time, and miraculously (because he was a lazy sod) managed to get a job, but it was out in the sticks and he needed to drive to it. I had a brilliant car at the time, but I rarely used it. BIL asked if I'd sell it to him within the next few days so that he could start this new job, and my ex pressured me into it. It was worth £2k but I agreed to sell it to him for £1k as he was pretty skint. He gave me £350 right away and was to pay the rest out of the next couple of months wages.

What actually happened was that he wrote my pride and joy car off within the week!! He then claimed the full £2k it was worth from his insurance company and kept the bloody lot because he still needed to get a new car to get to work, and I didn't need a car. My ex agreed to this without even having discussed it with me!! I didn't see another penny from him.

In my defence I no longer put up with such bullshit, and I escaped from this family of twats grin

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