what is the oddest thing someone has done when you have visited their house?

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2shoeskickedtheeasterbunny Fri 06-Apr-12 23:25:31

mine was my DB, he did warn me but tbh I was so...... shock
I was kind of 'oh ok"
he put old sheets on the floor to protect his carpet from...

dd's wheelchair wheels

guess where we won't be going again(this was after he insisted she was shoved in the corner of the table at a pub...just in case she got in the staff's way....WTF)

??? YOUR please

Odaat Sat 15-Mar-14 21:37:45


peachybums Sat 22-Mar-14 15:17:30

I have just read this from start to finish and I can't believe I've come to the end sad ok il add my contribution

We were invited to friends and his gf house for lunch, they didn't ask us to bring anything but we thought we would bring some cupcakes I made. We arrived on time at their house and knocked on the door. The curtains twitched upstairs but no answer, we knocked again, still no reply. We rang friend and he told us he was at the supermarket and would be 10 mins, we asked where his gf was and he hung up knewfull----well--she--was--upstairs--not--answering

20 mins later friend turns up with one small bag, he greets us and 3 dcs then invites us in. Gf is nowhere to be seen and he leaves is in living room for half hour while he prepares 'lunch' we are then invited into the kitchen where there is a plate of cheese sandwiches and some crisps in a cereal bowl for 7 of us! He then goes to find gf upstairs toldyou
He comes down no gf and the kids have cleared the plates he left out. He grumbles about all the food going then goes to sit in the living room to read his newspaper!!
We stay a further 5 mins then the gf comes down and asks us to leave as she feels unwell and is upset as the dcs have eaten her out of house and home! We left, took out cupcakes and havnt been back since.

Another time another friend invited us for the weekend. We drove the 2 hour drive and turned up hungry and hot to discover them in the garden. We sat for an hour with them drinking lemonade without offering us anything. I eventually said '' can I get a glass of water?' Female friend said 'of course but not out of the fridge please get tap water, the dog has a sensitive stomach today and the bottled water is his!' This afternoon was followed by a chip shop tea, male friend 'forgot' wallet so we paid, then an evening of watching very long DVD of their wedding (which we attended) then we slept on the sofa withdog----with--shits

moldingsunbeams Sun 30-Mar-14 04:49:42

Definately for me the weirdest was the couple who invited us over for dinner as a thankyou for helping them out massively, I had said they did not have to but they insisted.

They then text asking us to bring wine with us (a specific one), I was going to bring a bottle of something anyway so not an issue.

We arrived for dinner, they shoved the dearer wine we had bought in their cupboard and served up cheap plonk.

They then served up mine and dds dinner which was something crazy like dry pasta and tomato slices while they tucked into a proper meal, cant remember now but was steak or a roast dinner or along those lines , I thought maybe they were short on food but freezer was full.

The Dad spent the whole time flirting with me infront of his wife shock

Either that or when I babysat a child and had to sleep over and Dad came in drunk and got in bed with me in the guest room, I woke up with his arm and leg across me, I was only around 16 and horrified, managed to climb out and sleep in kids room.

moldingsunbeams Sun 30-Mar-14 05:06:20

Although I can see someone posting about me on here as dd once invited a friend from school over to play without asking, found out but allowed child to come, day before payday and nothing in house hardly but enough to make kids something for lunch.

Anyway Mum came with 9 year old and stayed! I knew her vaguely as small school but we were not friends, She said she had an appointment at one (half an hour after arriving) so I thought she was just waiting at ours till then but an hour later she came back again and basically stayed till 9pm taking none of hints to go home, ignoring comments about needing to go shopping and nothing in, none of us had had any dinner as I had not got enough in to feed all of us but still she stayed. In the end I had to say we had to go out.

Eventually she went offering to take dd to mcdonalds at 9pm as none of them had eaten.

So I will be the post that didnt feed them dinner only lunch!

EurotrashGirl Sun 30-Mar-14 15:21:15

Didn't happen to me, but worth repeating.
Friend (age 11) invites classmate over to her house after school. Friend's mother offers classmate a cup of tea. Classmate says "No!" shock
The next day afternoon the mother of another classmate calls Friend's mother and says "I heard X was offered tea at your house. Please do not offer my daughter tea if she ever goes to your house."
This wasn't in the UK, but still WTF?

Millie2013 Tue 01-Apr-14 20:16:02

This thread is priceless and I have very dull family and friends..
Except friend's OH who hovers over us while we eat, often whisks away our plates before we've finished and has been known to mop the patio, after we'd eaten outside (while we were all sitting there). At least friend has the grace to look mortified at his behaviours

shellistar Wed 09-Apr-14 17:37:18

I had to register and add mine!

I invited an old friend and her DP to my new house for a meal out and a few glasses of wine. They were from down South and it turned out that her DP's brother owned a business locally to us and it was suggested we all go and enjoy the afternoon there prior to our meal.

They arrived hours late and we ended up sitting at this business from 3pm until 11pm, buying overpriced wine and getting drunker and drunker waiting for a free go of the facility the business offered (don't want to give too much away) and being assured that it would be "in the next twenty minutes" for hours. All the while friends DP was busy socialising with family and friends he hadn't seen in ages and my ex DH having to push our meal back half an hour a time until he just gave up.

We finally get a go on the facility and it's the last half hour of the evening with 8 players. I'm already wasted cos I've consumed about three bottles of wine and had nothing to eat. Finally we leave and we manage to convince a local takeaway to stay open for us to eat. As soon as they have eaten the flounce to bed and the next morning are up and out the door at the sparrows fart.

I never felt so used in my life as it was an obvious ploy to gain free accommodation. Needless to say I don't speak to this friend any more!

Lesleythegiraffe Wed 09-Apr-14 17:44:42

Arrived at a friend's house (who is from a different culture) and was presented with a pair of slippers at the door.

veryseriousgirl Wed 09-Apr-14 21:30:58

What a fabulous thread! I thought of one to share (though it is relatively tame by comparison).

When visiting NYC with DH (long before the arrival of DD and DS), DH's cousin invited us to dinner at his flat in NJ, overlooking Manhattan, the night before we were due to fly home. He and his wife had a young baby who we met briefly before his bedtime. As soon as their son was in bed, the cousin and his wife started drinking heavily. While dinner was cooking, in the middle of a fairly banal conversation, the wife reached over and gouged a two inch long strip of flesh out of the top of my foot (I was in ballet flats - and I still have a scar) with her fingernail and laughed maniacally. By the time I had mopped up the bleeding in the bathroom, dinner was on the table, so I thought we should stay to eat, even though I was a little peeved at the random assault.

After dinner, DH's cousin's wife passed out on the sofa. DH's cousin brought out the whisky (offered to DH but not to me) and DH declined, saying that we should get a cab soon, as we had to leave our hotel for our flight at 6am the next morning. DH's cousin agreed, then asked us to wait for a moment while he went to the loo, but then he, too, passed out in his bedroom. DH and I began tearing the kitchen / living area apart looking for a phone book to call a cab to get us back to Manhattan while periodically attempting to rouse one of our hosts and worrying that if we couldn't wake them, was it OK to leave them in charge of their (admittedly sleeping) baby.

We couldn't find a phonebook, but after a couple of hours (during which we started seriously discussing whether or not we should phone the airline and change our flights, since things were not looking good), DH managed to rouse his cousin. The cousin insisted on walking us to the ferry terminal, although we pointed out that the last ferry had gone hours earlier, then walked us back to his flat and started to go back to bed. DH physically prevented him from going back to his bedroom and finally got him to call us a cab - which got us back to our hotel with three hours to spare before we had to leave to get home.

It remains one of the most surreal nights of my life.

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