do you ever find left over notes in shopping torlleys or elsewhere? i

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codnotamod Fri 13-Jan-06 09:40:38

i am vaguely intrigued by these as identified in teh times
"Discarded notes are rubbish to most people, but not for worldwide subscribers to Found, which reprints them. The magazine’s publisher, Davy Rothbart, gets bundles sent to his office in Michigan. Laura Kwerel, a radio producer in Washington, was “overwhelmed” after reading one issue. “I realise now,” she says, “that there is more humanity in a discarded grocery list than in a thousand-page novel.” Some people need to get out more. "

codnotamod Fri 13-Jan-06 09:41:29

ok i hav now new challenge
next time you find a note meant for someone else or a shopping list in your trolley you are to hold on to i tight ans report in

codnotamod Fri 13-Jan-06 09:48:36

no one
just me in my sad life then

6 eggs

SoupDragon Fri 13-Jan-06 09:50:56

You sad, sad, old fish

Enid Fri 13-Jan-06 09:53:37

I read a fantastic one of these ones in the Readers Digest. Someone found it in a book at the library it went soemthing like:

To Do In The Future
Learn to speak French (book classes)
Lose 10lbs
Book trip to Himalayas
Get back in touch with boyfriend from high school

baking powder
oven chips
cough medicine

codnotamod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:03:45

oh god
think i will s tart collectign them

fuzzywuzzy Fri 13-Jan-06 10:09:29

Not a note but when I worked as a sales girl, a handbag was returned, when going through the handbag to see if it was OK to put in the sales, I found extracts of a diary.
The woman's boyfriend was cheating on her, she took him back, than she found him at it again, then she thought she might be pregnant by him, and then she went to do a test and.....the pages ran out...there were about three neatly written pages screwed up at the bottom of the bag. The other sales asisstans and I were fadcinated (in my defense I was 18 at the time).

ggglimpopo Fri 13-Jan-06 10:31:30

Message withdrawn

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:33:28

y ou se eitn eh minutae of these notes there is enldess fascination

if i was a chck out aassitant i d spenda ges llokign at peoples groceries

Cabe Fri 13-Jan-06 10:38:34

There was an article on Home Truths about this some 4months back or so... I was intrigued. Haven't found any discarded lists since though

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:39:06

oh really?

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:40:29

i tend to chuck em but now will look hard

Cabe Fri 13-Jan-06 10:42:38

Cliche's a bit harsh Cod!

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:47:17

ok we need whizz too
am off into ttown in a mo so will keep my fishy eyes out

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:47:21

ok we need whizz too
am off into ttown in a mo so will keep my fishy eyes out

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:47:22

ok we need whizz too
am off into ttown in a mo so will keep my fishy eyes out

NomDePlume Fri 13-Jan-06 10:48:46

There's nearly always a left over list in the trolleys at my local Tesco. Once we found a shopping list dropped by our next door neighbour, first on the list was Slim Fast, 2nd was Jammie Dodgers !

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 10:49:24

lol we can hvae a sub thread of odd shopping juxtapositions

Cabe Fri 13-Jan-06 11:02:05

Oh Lordy! I'll be looking out for them now

carly82 Fri 13-Jan-06 11:16:24

ooh i have to tell this one! I went shopping on monday and in the bottom of the trolley was a list and being nosy (although i prefer the term naturally inquisitive!) i had a look. Nothing unusual to start the old loaf of bread, dozen eggs etc etc..... as i went to throw it away i noticed something was written on the back it went something like this, "thank you so much babe for getting this stuff, as a treat if you get back home by three i will be led in bed wearing nothing but a smile (and other rude contents)........" i was so but coldnt help wondering if they ever made it home by three

Janh Fri 13-Jan-06 11:47:32

When the kids were small if I found someone else's list I'd suggest buying the things on there instead of ours - they always looked shocked but thrilled!

TinyGang Fri 13-Jan-06 11:56:07

You are not alone Cod. Have a look here , it's quite funny

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 13:00:34

not a single one! in town

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 13:00:54

tiny gang welld one
go di am old hat

tamum Fri 13-Jan-06 13:01:37

Bum, I had one today. Sorry. It's the first time I have ever noticed one, too.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 13-Jan-06 13:10:38

Being genetically unable to multitask and having had my synapses rendered virtually impotent by 4 years of sleep deprivation, I live life by my lists - generally shopping one side (we're in the store 5 days out of 7) and to dos on the other. My greatest fear in the world is dropping my list and someone finding it, reading it and/or sharing it with the world, here or on that other site. I'd rather lose my wallet.

That said if I find anyone elses, I'm posting.

cupcakes Fri 13-Jan-06 13:16:17

I love other people's shopping lists. I don't keep them (am not completely mental) but have to read them. Dh thinks it's most odd. I do get quite excited when I get one in my shopping basket. I'm very nosy.

hornbag Fri 13-Jan-06 13:17:10

Another mum at school once found one of my shopping lists.
We were chatting in the playground after school and I mentioned that I'd had to pop into town to buy 'x' and she added "oh did you get 'y' and 'z' too?" I was gobsmacked and wondered how on earth she knew what I'd bought .
Turned out she'd picked up my list in the car park and read it before popping it in the bin. As the first item was something unusual she twigged when I mentioned it.

hornbag Fri 13-Jan-06 13:19:57

Forgot to say that I also love looking at the contents of other peoples baskets/trollies at the checkout .
You get some very bizarre combinations - eg the old man with dozens of tins of cat food and 8 loaves of bread. Always wonder what the story is behind it

ixel Fri 13-Jan-06 13:22:19

Someone left a bottle of HP sauce in the trolley for me the other day...

ggglimpopo Fri 13-Jan-06 13:24:28

Message withdrawn

twirlaround Fri 13-Jan-06 13:25:43

Words cannot express how much people interested in these need to get out more

ggglimpopo Fri 13-Jan-06 13:26:46

Message withdrawn

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 13:32:32

hornbag that is really funny

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 13:34:19

did i ever tlel you about dh and the stalker in sainburys?
evry time he went off to get soemthign , someone was putting something weird in his trolley
he kept haveign to replace melons ands nappies ( etc pre kids) and in the end every time he left h ti he tired to sneak back aroudn the aisle to see who was o doing it
no one we knew ever owned up

but theres Selly Oak for yo

Beetrootfultoyourself Fri 13-Jan-06 13:44:04

pmsl cod..

hornbag Fri 13-Jan-06 14:18:06

ggglimpopo -I'd love to say it was a 3-speed, multi-coloured ostrich feather tickling stick (or something equally as unusual or bizarre) but I'm afraid it wasn't -I've been trying to remember but a lots happened since then.

bakedpotato Fri 13-Jan-06 14:24:00

Hornbag -- you've just wounded me by prompting sudden memory of elderly person in vast supermarket
All he had in his basket was a tin of pease porridge and dog biscuits

hornbag Fri 13-Jan-06 14:26:49

I like to think (naive I know) that maybe all their other meals are delivered by meals on wheels and the bizarre supermarket shop is for extras (but I know what you mean )

Cabe Fri 13-Jan-06 14:46:14

PMSL - pottytrainingCod - Ooooh you shouldn't! you've given me ideas for in-shop entertainment now! If I tell my dd (and I'll have to it's just up her street!) she'll only encourage me

catsmother Fri 13-Jan-06 15:14:08

I definitely need to get out more but unfortuantely lack of funds and babysitters conspire to have me stuck indoors most of the year. Maybe this explains why my eye is also often drawn to discarded shopping lists left in trollies - and yes, I am sad enough too to read them and find them "vaguely intriguing".

I mean, who buys Izal (of all things) through choice these days ?

They range from the very abstract "stuff for tea" to things along the lines of "dad's favourite crisps in yellow bags with green writing" ..... why not write "dad's crisps", or even, "crisps".

And the spelling mistakes can raise a smile too ....

God, I must be sad.

Mercy Fri 13-Jan-06 15:53:07

lol at this thread!

Catsmother I have to write very specific lists for dh when he does the shopping, so I'm one of those who has to write things along the lines of 'crisps in yellow bags' etc

Does anyone else do a mental tour of the supermarket aisles and write your shopping list accordingly?

Cabe Fri 13-Jan-06 16:18:14

I do! I write the list in the order of where they are! For this reason I HATE shopping in an unfamiliar store... it takes ages

tex111 Fri 13-Jan-06 16:23:12

Love this thread! I've been thinking about collecting these for years. I'm always intrigued by the notes I find. So interesting.

Jasnem Fri 13-Jan-06 17:00:13

Ever since I heard the home truths item about this, I've deliberately left my shopping list in the trolley to offer a bit of light entertainment.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 13-Jan-06 17:02:51

I am gutted - just been to the store and NO lists left in trolleys - I live in a very high Home Truths/Mumsnet catchment area so everyone's being super-cautious about leaving slices of their life lying around

iota Fri 13-Jan-06 17:11:33

when I gave up work a couple of years ago dh made a shopping list spreadsheet for me, broken down by dept . (he had always done the shop before I took over as SAHM and in my defense it is a VERY big Tescos)

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 19:10:55

bear lol at no notes
there will be a mad scrum as all mums sretslte each other for discarded notes

then theylly look up a nd sy " mumsnet?"

ah how romantic

pottytrainingcod Fri 13-Jan-06 19:11:10

sretslte = wrestle

Whizzz Fri 13-Jan-06 19:24:40

I found a note on the bus that just said 'school shoes' ?

at the triple post at 10.47 Cod!

Clary Fri 13-Jan-06 19:55:00

lol at this thread (I do need to get out more)
My best shopping list story - sent DH to do the shopping, wanted (among other things) glace cherries (for some specific baking task) and Cheerios 9for breakfast, obv).
He came home with (among other things) a bag of fresh cherries. Hmm, very nice I said but where's what I wanted?
Oh, he said, I thought cherries meant fresh cherries and I thought the second time was just you losing the plot and writing it twice...
Since then have sent him with very specific lists.

Orinoco Fri 13-Jan-06 21:03:12

Message withdrawn

moondog Fri 13-Jan-06 21:09:15

I love any discarded note or list.
Will pick themup off the pavement in search of nuggets.
During my recent stay in hospital,the nurse left her list of patient and afflictions by my bed. it was fascinating to discover that the bloke in the room next door was having hs vasectomy reversed,the teenager over the other side was having a prosthetic testicle inserted and the woman at the end of the corrider was having her breasts enlarged.

Mercy Fri 13-Jan-06 21:55:13

I'm not alone in my 'inquisitiveness' then. I've found a school report on the pavement and brought it home to read, ditto a job application, also letter of complaint re non-delivery of something.

But lists/notes are best - there is something about them, it's the cryptic nature and the annonymity of them

Mercy Fri 13-Jan-06 22:01:03

Moondog, that is an interesting list. Your varicose veins pale into comparison I'm afraid - just not sexy enough.

fastasleep Fri 13-Jan-06 22:03:23

I found one in Asda the time before last! It read -

Red wine

fantastic list if ever I saw one!

Mercy Fri 13-Jan-06 22:13:28

This isn't a list but some years ago whilst on holiday, dh went into shop and bought

a pair of swimming trunks

a cucumber

a bottle of champagne

He came back from teh shop looking rather embarrassed - for no good reason

madmarchhare Fri 13-Jan-06 22:15:44

pmsl @ nice ham on tinygangs link.

moondog Fri 13-Jan-06 22:21:37

When I was in boarding school,one wet Sunday when we were all bored,we started ferreting in the cellars and found a huge stash of personal files on various 'gels' from the 20s and 30s.
God they were amazing,coy letters from worried mothers asking the head mistress who was going to be telling 'dear Felicity' about 'the facts of life'and stuff like that.
One file chronicled the long illness and eventual demise of one poor soul.
'I am afraid to tell you, Headmistress that Lydia was received by her maker this morning at 3:30 am. Her old nurse maid and I had stayed by her bed all night,reading her Tennyson and applying cold poultices to her brow...' (All on black edged paper naturally.)

When our house mistress discovered us,we had an anormous bollocking.God knows why-surely a far better way to spend an afternoon than downloading sounds and texting slack jawed contemporaries as young people nowadays are wont to do...)

wankeebagels Fri 13-Jan-06 22:22:50

god oyu werne it hertford were you moony?
at "jelly for nelly "

wankeebagels Fri 13-Jan-06 22:23:21

yes lol at nice ham
think thatyw as one of mine

UCM Fri 13-Jan-06 22:24:31

Ok, I have just been listening to LBC and they had a guest on from Phoenix Survivors Trust who was herself prostituted, with her sisters, from babyhood. Her name is Shy Keenan.

Obviously we're all appalled by this crime, but we should also be appalled by the leniency of the sentent. Apparently, if anyone objects to a sentence handed down, we can raise our objections to the Attorney General and the volume of complaints will be taken into account. The lady siad that they have already had some sentencs increased so it's got to be a worth a go, hasn't it!

I don't think you can email the AG, but here are his contact details:

The Rt Hon Lord Goldsmith QC

Attorney General’s Chambers
9 Buckingham Gate
Tel: 020 7271 2400
FAX: 020 7271 2454

You need to give the details of the case in your letter. these are (and I apologise for naming these 'people', but it's in a good cause)
Alan Webster - sentenced to life, with a recommendation to serve a minimum of 12 years - and can apply for parole after 6 years.
Tanya French - sentenced to 5 years.
The case was heard at St Albans Crown Court and the judge was Findlay Baker QC.

So, shall we give it a go? I'm going to be doing it as it seems to be something concrete we can do. I'm not generally much of a crusader and I don't speak out much, but I thought I should bring this to your attention as I didn't know how many people would head the radio.

wankeebagels Fri 13-Jan-06 22:25:06

er hello?
w e ar e all talking aboput shoppig lists here!

MrsSpoon Fri 13-Jan-06 22:25:25

I once lost my shopping list that was a very inconvenient day.

madmarchhare Fri 13-Jan-06 22:25:33


moondog Fri 13-Jan-06 22:26:30

lol at that letter (inappropriate I know but what bizarre juxtaposition..)

madmarchhare Fri 13-Jan-06 22:27:59

DS ate mine last week (this was the week before he had to be cut out of the trolley with bolt cutters).

Me and supermarkets dont go.

Maybe this is my way forward to a happier shopping experience.

Mercy Fri 13-Jan-06 22:34:56

bolt cutters?? please explain!

madmarchhare Fri 13-Jan-06 22:37:45

He got his whole arm stuck in the gap between the back rest and base of the fold down seat.

Fire service called, but 'handyman' turned up with bolt cutters which did the trick.

suedonim Fri 13-Jan-06 22:52:46

I don't often find lists but there was a dirty nappy in a trolley I was about to use, recently. But from now on, I shall start leaving my lists behind - I usually find them screwed up in my shopping bags the following week. My list is generally other people's requests as I keep most of my shopping list in my head.

UCM Fri 13-Jan-06 23:13:48

12 Week old child was subjected to abuse by her 19 year old babysitter & her boyfriend. The repeatedly raped her over a 2 month period.

They were sentenced to

Alan Webster; 12 years (could be out after 6)

tanya French 5 years (could be out after 2.5)

Please help us mumsnetters increase their sentences. All you need to do is email:

and tell them why you think these animals should stay behind bars for life.

If enough of us do this within 28 days of the animals being sentenced they will increase their sentence.

NomDePlume Sat 14-Jan-06 09:45:46

I went to Tesco last night and found a list in my trolley, actually put it in my pocket so I could transcribe it on here . <rushes upstairs to laundry bin to find said trousers>.....

..... Here we go, list is written in pencil on a piece of lined ringbound notebook/jotter paper. Any typos are the authors and not mine !

Water (x6)
Pitta Bread
Beans (x5) 200g
Milk 2 pints
Cheese (Double Glocs)
Kitchen Roll
Soup (x4)
Grapefruits (x3)

Fascinating reading, i think you'll agree

wankeebagels Sat 14-Jan-06 11:59:19

somo oen on a diet imo
the cheese is not good dieting

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 12:02:12

Message withdrawn

madmarchhare Sat 14-Jan-06 12:27:27

just plain old ham?

Cabe Sat 14-Jan-06 15:53:44

Love love love this thread!
NomDePlume - I sense this may be a masculine list maker... so precise (anal even) 200g Baked Beans - now what woman would have the time or inclination to specify how many beans she wanted in grams?????

NomDePlume Sat 14-Jan-06 15:55:18

it was in the trolley, i only spotted it once I was half way up the first aisle.

NomDePlume Sat 14-Jan-06 15:56:12

lol cabe

Whizzz Sat 14-Jan-06 16:21:21

Along the same lines really - overheard mobile phone conversations....

Today I heard a woman answer her phone and say the, the the tea bags, right..bye!

which I thought was mildy amusing

Tamz77 Sat 14-Jan-06 17:25:42

I used to do proof reading for a guy and one morning I happened to catch a glance at a list he had written of things to do. However it was quite freakily detailed, went something like this:

1) Leave house
2) Walk to library
3) Enter library

...and so on.

I don't often write lists but when I do, often write them in that special language I share with ds, eg chocolate is 'la-la', olives are 'la-las', humzingers are 'haw-haws'. We know what we mean!

fullmoonfiend Sat 14-Jan-06 18:26:37

Ye Gods - dh is at supermarket as we speak - with my list wot I wrote!! Must ring him NOW and tell him on no account to leave it in the trolley! I'm insecure enough already without worrying wot some random stranger is thinking/deducing from my ill-scribed, disorganised and frankly, not healthy enough, shopping list.

fullmoonfiend Sat 14-Jan-06 18:27:23

ps. I always write 'nice ham' on my list if dh is doing the shopping

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 19:25:12

Message withdrawn

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 19:25:13

Message withdrawn

fullmoonfiend Sat 14-Jan-06 19:39:12

In my town, Waitrose shoppers write on vellum with gold ink and they only write lists like:
1: Lovely, lovely little nibbley things
2: Champers
3: Greek Olives for Jocasta's packed luncheon
4: Tin of Spam for the Au Pair
Sigh, I collect their cast-off lists as I stand with my nose pressed against the windows....

Cabe Sat 14-Jan-06 19:41:11

Am very disappointed not to have needed to shop today!
Cod interesting I'm doing Sociology at Warwick uni... could this be the subject of my dissertation next year do you think?

Cabe Sat 14-Jan-06 19:44:09

In my experience Waitrose in Kiddy was frequented by sad middle aged bachelors looking for mummy cooking substitute food (most of which they bought just past the sell-by date)
Unsavory IMO

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 19:45:21

Message withdrawn

MaloryTowers Sat 14-Jan-06 19:49:35

dh went last yr to waitrose and spent £100

he bought

a dressed lobster

a bottle of krug

2 limes

he said spotty youf on till was gobsmacked

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 19:52:08

Message withdrawn

Cabe Sat 14-Jan-06 19:53:19

for that price I'd want my lobster dressed in Aquascutum at least

MaloryTowers Sat 14-Jan-06 19:54:47

what is who off

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 19:56:03

Message withdrawn

MaloryTowers Sat 14-Jan-06 19:56:45


no was not to show off

just amusing to think of his list

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 19:58:24

Message withdrawn

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 19:58:54

Message withdrawn

MaloryTowers Sat 14-Jan-06 19:59:56

light up pencilthats plays happy birthday??

drastically ou of date crisps????????

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 20:00:58

Message withdrawn

MaloryTowers Sat 14-Jan-06 20:01:43


"the world is just.....
a great big onion"

MaloryTowers Sat 14-Jan-06 20:02:12


shallot(no,corner shoppy wouldnt have that)


MaloryTowers Sat 14-Jan-06 20:02:30

big bulb of garlic???

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 20:02:36

Message withdrawn

MaloryTowers Sat 14-Jan-06 20:03:53

you must have posh corner shop

ours has sgn saying

"no secondary school children allowed unaccompanied"

and he sells

expensive milk

local rag

nasty tins and biscuits and thats it

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 20:04:38

Message withdrawn

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 20:05:16

Message withdrawn

MaloryTowers Sat 14-Jan-06 20:05:29

even skankier than longbridge??

altho down ther now is big cimae and good sainsbo/savacentre

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 20:05:53

Message withdrawn

MaloryTowers Sat 14-Jan-06 20:06:19

mt is going off now to wrirte varied,unusual and amusing notes to drop off at various trolley parks tomoorrow

fullmoonfiend Sat 14-Jan-06 20:08:05

He brought back. An Iron. Because he couldn't read your writing cod? <<Dives behind pyramid stack of nice ham, dressed lobsters and baked beans before cod hurls a £50 lime at her ...>>>

cod Sat 14-Jan-06 20:08:52

Message withdrawn

HRHQueenOfQuelNoel Sat 14-Jan-06 20:14:36

I always put the size of tins I need for baked beans and tomatoes etc - as some recipes only require a small tin

MaloryTowers Sat 14-Jan-06 20:16:14

why is it that so many men see "shredding of paper" as an essentailly male job,similar to bbqing??

Cabe Sat 14-Jan-06 20:21:29

In grams HRHQ???

HRHQueenOfQuelNoel Sat 14-Jan-06 21:18:44

- yes I have been known to take shopping lists with weights in grams of tins.

Cabe Sat 14-Jan-06 22:08:17

don't mean to offend you

winnie Sun 15-Jan-06 09:17:26

This thread is hilarious. I am a listmaker and will think of this thread regularly. have a vision of mad mumsnetters squirralling away scraps of paper found in shopping baskets for ever more

cathyspam Sun 15-Jan-06 09:39:52

cod - lol at pomegranate! Years ago my mum sent my brother to the grocers for a small leek (she was making soup) and he came back with one spring onion! She was amazed that the assistant sold a child one spring onion without question!

BearintheBigBlueHouse Sun 15-Jan-06 14:10:32

WooHoo!!! I found one. The list itself's not gripping, but what it's written on is much more interesting. Someone play ready steady cook and give me a recipe featuring the following.

The list:
Egg Fried Rice
S/Berries x 2
3 cooking apples....

what are the dots for after the apples? Intruiging.

Anyway it's written on the back of a letter to parents from the headmaster of the most exclusive & expensive prep school around here. He feels that parents "ought to be aware" that there've been cases of Slap Cheek, Scarletina and Shingles already this term - it's a bleedin' isolation hospital rather than a boarding school. Then he goes onto say that the librarian is ill (not clear whether she's got any of the above) and asks if anyone has any librarianship experience and would they be prepared to muck in and help. Ten grand a year fees and they still want you to roll your sleeves up. I ask you.

If this is your list, hi and please tell me why the dots after the apples.

Love ever

NomDePlume Sun 15-Jan-06 14:12:17

lol, bear. I think yours wins hands down so far

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 14:15:34

Message withdrawn

milward Sun 15-Jan-06 14:19:14

Will write some lists to leave in trolleys - see if they end up on mn!!!

Cabe Sun 15-Jan-06 14:41:33

Ooooh list envy
I want the baby to wake up so I can go shopping!!!

I don't think bear's list was normal at all 'chinese' seemed more of a statement of origin regarding the egg fried rice!

snafu Sun 15-Jan-06 14:54:57

Just got back from Waitrose and lists

But, I did make my own and - completely subconsciously - actually wrote 'nice ham' on it! So I left it in my basket for any passing MNer...

(It is nice ham too, bloody should be for 80p per slice.)

Mercy Sun 15-Jan-06 14:56:14

No joy in M&S this morning either

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 15:25:36

Message withdrawn

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 15:28:22

Message withdrawn

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 15:29:20

Message withdrawn

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 15:30:21

Message withdrawn

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 15:30:58

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Sun 15-Jan-06 15:35:24

WRT to 'washing up', my lists must be quite a challenge to any possible list finders, I put "WUL" on my lists for washing up liquid.

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 15:38:39

Message withdrawn

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 15:53:19

Message withdrawn

tigermoth Sun 15-Jan-06 16:33:21

I knew someone who was trying to collect a complete pack of playing cards, looking out for discarded and lost playing cards whenever he goes out. He said that once you are consciously looking for them, it's surprising how many you find.

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 16:33:45

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Sun 15-Jan-06 16:37:59

Snafu, let me know when you're next going list hunting in Waitrose. I'll leave mine in a trolley for you. Probably still clutched in the hand of DS2

philippat Sun 15-Jan-06 16:41:00

bear's had me laughing out loud

snafu Sun 15-Jan-06 16:41:33

Hehehehe - will look forward to it, SD.

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 20:15:33

Message withdrawn

is this like a modern art project or something?

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 20:17:36

Message withdrawn

Surfermum Sun 15-Jan-06 20:18:50

I put WUL NDP! And P's.

some clay i neh pug??
say what?

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 20:21:29

Message withdrawn

milward Sun 15-Jan-06 20:30:04

Will leave my list in the trolley tomorrow!! - wonder if it will be on mn!!

Surfermum Sun 15-Jan-06 20:32:26

P's = peas. I'm economical with my letters.

NannyL Sun 15-Jan-06 20:35:09

today i found

tomatoes (3)
green grapes (seedles)
chocolate biscuits and
ibROprofen! lol

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 20:35:38

Message withdrawn

catsmother Sun 15-Jan-06 22:04:12

I found one in Tescos today. It said:

Loo roll

That was all ............. maybe it belonged to someone with amnesia ??!!

AND it was in a trolley. Maybe they were buying loo roll in bulk but otherwise I'd have thought a basket would've done.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Sun 15-Jan-06 22:10:58

Doesn't count - has to be a torlley.

Surely if they had a lot of eggs they'd be unlikely to need much loo roll.

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 22:11:11

Message withdrawn

milward Sun 15-Jan-06 22:13:56

the eggs & loo roll could have been the must not forget items

cod Sun 15-Jan-06 22:15:18

Message withdrawn

Carmenere Mon 16-Jan-06 16:30:58

I found one today in Tesco. It's written on a bright yellow post-it and all it says on it is
Ass wipes.

Ass wipes fgs - has to have been written by a man. What do you think he/she means? Toilet roll, moist toilet paper or baby wipes?

BearintheBigBlueHouse Mon 16-Jan-06 16:53:02

maybe he's onto us and is referring to prospective readers of the note - "I'm buying a mango, some nuts, fruit and my lunch, you nosy need-to-get-out-more ass-wipes!"

None at all in Sainsburys today and I must have had a quick gander at hundreds of torlleys - gutted

cod Mon 16-Jan-06 18:33:37

Message withdrawn

Pruni Mon 16-Jan-06 21:44:35

Message withdrawn

cathyspam Mon 16-Jan-06 21:48:26

lol at ass wipes!

milward Mon 16-Jan-06 21:49:38

Like the order of that list - in one end & out the other!

Cabe Mon 16-Jan-06 23:15:39

Great analyses

cod Tue 17-Jan-06 11:20:38

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Tue 17-Jan-06 11:22:22

also been to tesco this morning, no lists in my trolley either.

iota Tue 17-Jan-06 11:23:58

I bet you diidn't check every trolley return in the carpark though, did you ladies?

cod Tue 17-Jan-06 11:24:51

Message withdrawn

milward Tue 17-Jan-06 11:27:26

No lists but two trolleys had cabbage leaves in!!

NomDePlume Tue 17-Jan-06 11:29:23

lol, iota. My shopping list this morning was...

Sandwich meat
Shortbread biscuits
Cod loin
Baby carrots

NomDePlume Tue 17-Jan-06 11:29:52

That's my own list, not one I found.

NomDePlume Tue 17-Jan-06 11:30:07

Forgot to leave it in the trolley

cod Tue 17-Jan-06 11:30:07

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 17-Jan-06 11:30:22

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Tue 17-Jan-06 11:31:14

what, what was on it cod ? Was it incriminating ?

Extra small condoms
Extra large tampons
Large carrot/cucumber

cod Tue 17-Jan-06 11:32:09

Message withdrawn

wilbur Tue 17-Jan-06 11:33:22

Not a shopping list - but a note on friends counter recently from her to her dh (it's okay, she was there when I read it, I wasn't snooping) - "Don't forget to turn off fairy lights - that family of five died!!! Love You. PS: New bread in bin" I just though that summed up marriage really - so I agree with Rothart et al that there is a lot of humanity in notes.

NomDePlume Tue 17-Jan-06 11:33:37

lol, my reciept came with 2 vouchers this morning - 1 for extra points on Kandoo stuff, the other for extra points on fish from the fish counter if I spend more than £7

cod Tue 17-Jan-06 11:34:32

Message withdrawn

winnie Tue 17-Jan-06 11:43:10

I made sure I brought my list home after readng this thread

winnie Tue 17-Jan-06 14:12:34

... then went out again, popped into the shop for a bottle of wine (which I somehow managed to leave off my list this morning ), and picked up someone elses list.

(I felt like a criminal!)

It reads:
ginger bisc
" ale
pain au choc
light bulbs canle/screw 60 w
pasta sauces

it is written on an envelope which still has a name and address on

cod Tue 17-Jan-06 14:14:05

Message withdrawn

Enid Tue 17-Jan-06 14:15:18

i bet the person who wrote winnies list is pg

Carmenere Tue 17-Jan-06 14:17:33

Does anyone else think that these lists are really short. When I write a list it's really long which is why I have to write it down. Even with all the brain cells I killed in my youth I can still generally remember half a dozen things

cod Tue 17-Jan-06 14:19:47

Message withdrawn

Fimbo Tue 17-Jan-06 14:20:51

Does anyone else look at the balance slips people leave behind at cash machines or is it just me?

SoupDragon Tue 17-Jan-06 14:22:43

I assume that a lot of people are like me and only write down the things that are either essential or unusual and easily forgotton. I don't write a list of everything I need to get because I know I have to get, say, meat, sairy, bread etc every trip.

winnie Tue 17-Jan-06 14:25:12

soupy, thats exactly what I do so how the hell did I forget wine?

festiveface Tue 17-Jan-06 14:44:03

I have only just come to this thread and i find i've been bypassing some great entertainment lol will defo get scurrying for lists when i do my shopping on Thursday......ooooo am all excited now..

festiveface Tue 17-Jan-06 14:44:48

sorry still got the xmas name

may leave it in readiness for next year. See, i am super organised aren't i?

nailpolish Tue 17-Jan-06 15:03:36

mine this morning was


felt guilty at checkout with 2 dd's in trolley and woman asked me if id had a hard week

Jasnem Tue 17-Jan-06 15:54:34

Found one today;
Jodi shampoo
2Jacket pots
Mon dinner?
Tues dinner - beef cubes
packet bouginon
choc bars
biscuits crisps
sml &lg waters
sml pineapple
sml ribenas
sml pineapples
B/A drink
T bags

I also saw 2 more in trolleys but couldn't get them without pullin a dozen others out, so they will remain a mystery.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Tue 17-Jan-06 16:01:18

glad I'm not having dinner there tonight - just cubes, again. It's always cubes on Tuesday and I hate cubes, they're just so , well square. Yuk.

Good list.

What's B/A drink - badass?

cod Tue 17-Jan-06 16:03:16

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 17-Jan-06 16:03:51

Message withdrawn

madmarchhare Tue 17-Jan-06 16:03:58

Very . I went today and didnt find a sausage.

Even concidered looking at a scratty receipt to make me feel a bit better .

mawbroon Tue 17-Jan-06 16:10:59

I've just found this thread. What a hoot!!

If my DH writes the shopping list, he writes it in his own secret code that I can hardly understand. He said that he didn't want anybody finding it and knowing all about him. I just laughed at him but it seems he was RIGHT ALL ALONG.

nailpolish Tue 17-Jan-06 16:42:31

oh yes receipts

are we allowed to include them?

Carmenere Tue 17-Jan-06 16:42:54

My dss works in Tesco and has just told me that on Saturday a bloke bought 24 beers and 4 tubes of ky jelly -eeuugghh.

nailpolish Tue 17-Jan-06 16:43:41

suppose receipts are not as interesting

madmarchhare Tue 17-Jan-06 16:56:57

No its not the same really. Its not personal enough is it?

cod Tue 17-Jan-06 16:58:44

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 17-Jan-06 16:58:53

Message withdrawn

AlmostAnAngel Tue 17-Jan-06 17:00:06

pmsl@ this thread so if i go round supermarket and see mums looking in empty trollies i know they are on mums net!??

madmarchhare Tue 17-Jan-06 18:25:38

I did wonder if someone had bet me to it this morning.

sunchowder Tue 17-Jan-06 18:49:03

Great Thread, I love reading the notes left, but I must admit that I also am mesmorized to look at other people's shopping when I am standing in the line. I do it all the time and imagine what they are going to cook when they get home...

cod Tue 17-Jan-06 18:49:36

Message withdrawn

fullmoonfiend Tue 17-Jan-06 19:50:32

I confess to sometimes feeling really judgmental looking at other people's shopping . Y'know ''oooh she's brough 15 loaves of smartprice bread and a bottle of whisky, ooh dear...''
...Forgetting all the times when I have been having a dizzy day and accumulated a smorgasbord of seemingly random items - ie last week; chocolate, haircurlers, a melon, crisps, and fishnets! God knows what people must have thought, as I had the kids with me and there was no evidence of anything nutritious for the kids.

Cabe Tue 17-Jan-06 19:54:29

Two of the girls at Bumps and Babies had shopping lists today (and I wantssses them, yesss my precioussses)

Love Cubes for tea! my favorite! just putting the Kettle on for ours tonight!

TambaTheDragonSlayer Tue 17-Jan-06 19:57:22

Just been to asda, looked for lists but there were none to be found!

BearintheBigBlueHouse Tue 17-Jan-06 20:02:38

lol at wantssess their listssses

you can have my cubes, they're minging - I only bought them cause that list put them in my mind, now I regret it

mummyhill Tue 17-Jan-06 20:40:13

Do you want my list when I finish with it on Friday Cabe?????????

Cabe Tue 17-Jan-06 21:36:48

Mine all mine Mummyhill

Cabe Tue 17-Jan-06 21:38:18

Bear... Cubee-no-likee???

milward Tue 17-Jan-06 22:54:56

Cabe the list collector!! - perhaps that's were all my lists go - as soon as I get in the shop - bingo list disappeared!! plus only fully remember contents of list whilst at checkout!!

cod Wed 18-Jan-06 08:46:57

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Wed 18-Jan-06 09:01:53

yes writing a list and then leaving it at home HAS to be one of the most ANNOYING things ever

go back to the shop or not..

nailpolish Wed 18-Jan-06 09:04:59

i also saw my mums christmas list the other day

Stuart - boxers/chocs/wee thing
Russell - jumper small if m&s, medium if bhs
Ruby - lipstick
Jenny - smellies

cod Wed 18-Jan-06 13:14:48

Message withdrawn

Cabe Wed 18-Jan-06 13:22:09

Cod they think I'm barmy enough... now if I'd asked them for their (not yet used) shopping lists the small town gossip network would have been working overtime!

SoupDragon Wed 18-Jan-06 13:24:10

No lists at either B&Q or Waitrose this morning. Had high hopes of a B&Q one for you and chose a trolley with an assortment of rubbish left in it but no no avail.

ggglimpopo Wed 18-Jan-06 13:26:59

Message withdrawn

cod Wed 18-Jan-06 13:27:31

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Wed 18-Jan-06 13:28:04

Does three mangos, bottle of wine and a jumper constitute a weekly shop for you then??

ggglimpopo Wed 18-Jan-06 13:36:52

Message withdrawn

Cabe Wed 18-Jan-06 13:38:04

No but 3 mangoes, porridge oats, six bottles of wine and a jumper may do here

SoupDragon Wed 18-Jan-06 13:38:14

I am delighted to say that I have never set foot in a Lidl. I once ventured into an Aldi in desperation when staying with my parents and that has, quite frankly, scarred me for life.

cod Wed 18-Jan-06 13:38:37

Message withdrawn

Cabe Wed 18-Jan-06 13:40:06

or lose your purse

MrsSpoon Wed 18-Jan-06 15:44:30

OK I've got a list! Written on the back of a note from the School, tut, tut, although it is quite out of date so I suppose not needed anymore!

Red Pepper
Pineapple Chunks in juice
Chicken 450g
White Wine Vinegar
Tortilla Wraps
150g Almonds
150g Parmesan
600g Tomatoes

Written in pencil.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Wed 18-Jan-06 17:22:16

another one (back at the posh shop) - this time on the back of a quarter page of A4 with the muisc of what appears to be the Roro Carol printed on it.

Dead nice handwriting, emphatic abbreviations - I'd say a woman in her mid-40s, blonde - let me know if it's you and I'm right:

Salmon (oily fish, good start)
Broc (coli, natch)
Pots. (I'm guessing potatoes rather than pans)
Holl. Sce. (don't you make your own?)
Pud x2 (anyone who serves two puddings gets my vote)
Chicken (crossed out!!)
Bacon (see Pud x2 above)
O'Juice (healthy)
Broc (again? - maybe she's actally mid-60s having a senior moment)
Sats (umas I guess rather than tests)
Oranges (she likes her Vit C)
Bans (anas - again healthy)
M'rooms (can't say fairer than that)

Why cross out the chicken? What's going on in her life that requires chicken to get the chop?

Cabe Wed 18-Jan-06 18:36:46

AIT here (Almost In Tears)

cod Wed 18-Jan-06 20:39:58

Message withdrawn

Miaou Wed 18-Jan-06 20:42:21

Bear you are hilarious

SqueakyCat Wed 18-Jan-06 21:58:42

And then there's the things that the person in front put aside at the checkout when they realised they didn't have enough money.

One sunday morning at local Tesco there were on the side next the the conveyor belt:

packet of condoms
KY jelly

so, what did the person who left them behind buy?

longwaytogo Wed 18-Jan-06 22:50:14

ohhhh i really really really want to go shopping now after reading this, have had such a laugh this evening at this and murdered pets thread. Will have to leave my list in a trolly usually catergorised by shops e.g. Lidl, Asda, Savers, Nice price etc etc so sad am I

LadySherlockofLGJ Thu 19-Jan-06 16:54:15

I didn't find it in a shopping was on the ground out side my and we have an unspoken agreement around here that we pick up any large litter that we see.

To the Parent or Guardian of John Smith.

Please find listed below the grades achieved by John in the recent year 11 mock examinations.

The grades given are an indication of John's current level of performance, measured against GCSE examination Criteria.


English Language................... E

English Literature................. D

Science............................. D

R.E................................. C

Design and Technology............... F

P.E................................. C

Leisure and Tourism.................. E

Target Grade....................D

I think he has some work to do between now and then.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Thu 19-Jan-06 17:14:36

how can you get an E in Leisure & Tourism ?!?!?!

LadySherlockofLGJ Thu 19-Jan-06 17:15:47

Beyond me, I was LMAO.

puff Thu 19-Jan-06 17:17:39

I found a piece of paper in a waitrose trolley, but it's all in Japanese

LadySherlockofLGJ Thu 19-Jan-06 17:33:10

It will have been for Sushi and Japanese rice crackers then...........

mummyhill Thu 19-Jan-06 19:03:56

Must have a look tomorrow and see if i can find an interesting one.

cod Thu 19-Jan-06 19:39:35

Message withdrawn

Cabe Thu 19-Jan-06 20:15:40

I've not found any lists

meggmoo Thu 19-Jan-06 20:22:48

I used to run a training room a long time ago and there was a book left which when I looked inside it, to see who it belonged to, saw that there was a draught copy of a break up letter, a real dear John. It was one of the trainers who worked there.

Was rather

longwaytogo Thu 19-Jan-06 22:15:44

Been to Asda three times today (don't ask long story) but failed to find any lists we must live in a really tidy neighbourhood

mummyhill Thu 19-Jan-06 22:46:19

Hugs cabe will see if I can find a spare and hand it over at lunch tomorrow.

Legacy Thu 19-Jan-06 23:09:15

I got one! I got one! Stuffed in the toddler seat at Sainsbury...

ANd wait for it... it MUST be a MN-er beacause it's the cut-off strip from the left hand side of the 'Organised Mum's Life Organiser'...

How do I know? - because we have one ..

It must come from a frightfully organised household 'cos there are 3 different styles of handwriting on it - I'm betting DW/ DH and an au pair.... see what you think...?!

Viakal (au pair?)
Honey (Mum?)
Org. Straw Jam (Mum)
Light bulbs (60w) (DH)
Washing Poweder -Colour (Au pair!)
Easy up pants (Mum)
Sardines (DH)
AAA batteries - NOT own label (DH!)
Mini boxes Raisins (Mum)
Dettol spray (au pair)

Clearly a very organised bunch, with high expectations from the au pair!!!

lucykate Thu 19-Jan-06 23:21:18

went to tesco's today and i deliberatley left my shopping list in the trolley for someone to find. i never do this usually but was inspired by this thread.

ps, as a joke, i wrote 'mooncup' on it

jacobsmummy Thu 19-Jan-06 23:28:23

found a list in sainsbury's today, typed in a girly font on A4 paper.

it said

rasberries (if in?)
bag of salad


green beans

coked ham

turn right


that was it!


BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 20-Jan-06 00:04:57

that's more like a dance than a list with all those turns.

Must say I like the thought of coked ham tho.

Cabe Fri 20-Jan-06 00:28:48

but would it be nice coked ham???

cod Fri 20-Jan-06 10:43:25

Message withdrawn

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 20-Jan-06 11:47:42

thanks Cod, you of course are the deus ex machina that started it all, holds it together and keeps it going

anyway, glad I'm not the only one obsessed here


haven't even read them yet - am saving that guilty pleasure until DS is napping and DD is having her downtime in front of Beebies

only then will I share, ooh the power

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 20-Jan-06 11:51:53

have had second thoughts about the ham -you'd just keep coming back for more to the exclusion of everything else and re niceness, it would think it was very nice, but it would just be really, really dull

iota Fri 20-Jan-06 11:53:50

hooray - I managed to find one at last -- had to do a very undignified pounce and scrabble in front of complete strangers to get it.

have to get ds2 now so will post later - bet you can hardly wait

mummyhill Fri 20-Jan-06 12:18:47

boo hoo I must o gone in too early today no lists for me except my own should of left it i suppose for someone else to read.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 20-Jan-06 13:02:25

No. 1
and I've nothing much to say on this one - one a page from one of those little note pads with the hole for the pen in the corner:


even Ainsley would have a job with that lot

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 20-Jan-06 13:05:47

oops "on" a page etc

No. 2

a bit better - old lady handwriting; two columns; each item struck through in pencil as she trolleys it

Fabric Softener

again, pretty dull - typical old lady stuff

just wait for No. 3, it's the daddy

HRHQueenOfQuelNoel Fri 20-Jan-06 13:08:31

ooo - just been to Morrisons and found a list. (actually saw it in the trolley 'park' and edged my way round and stuck my fingers through the bars of a trolley half way through to get it )

Written on a A5 piece of notebook paper. Rather 'disorganised' IMO. Mostly in black ink

Here goes. each line is as the line is written on the paper - for you analysing

Morrisons £73 to spend

Satsumas Melon Bananas Apples Grapes
Celery tomatoes cress (I think), cue
Onions, Baking Poatoes, Brocolli
(this line in blue pen) Hairspray Deod Make-up Remover
Toilet Cleaner, Fabric Conditioner, Cheap Disinfectant
Pittas, Bagel, Bread, sultanas, Apricots, Prunes
Peanut Butter Pumpkin Seeds
Mixed Herbs Marmite Parmesan Cheese
3 x Milks
Cheese, Grated, Ham +Chicken (I think) Cottage Cheese
Pork Chops low cal coleslaw
L Fat Burger? WW300 meal Pepprs Mushrooms

Foil x 4 Bettaprice Chicken Gravy Veg Oil (underlined)
spicy beans sweetcorn tuna custard
peaches x3 tomatoes chopped (in little writing) x2

Coke OJ Blackcurrant

MrsMills Fri 20-Jan-06 13:08:40

Come on..

HRHQueenOfQuelNoel Fri 20-Jan-06 13:09:38

oh and the items Fabric Cond, Cheap Disinfectant, Pittas, Bread, Pumpkin Seeds, Marmite, Chicken, Pork Chops, L Fat Burger and Blackcurrant all crossed out.

cod Fri 20-Jan-06 13:18:04

Message withdrawn

Miaou Fri 20-Jan-06 13:19:22

Well I was wondering that cod, but would you find the bread with the dried fruit? Or the coleslaw with the pork chops?

cod Fri 20-Jan-06 13:20:00

Message withdrawn

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 20-Jan-06 13:23:17

sorry, the second column of No. 2 comprised only "Sun" - could be dishwasher powder, or the paper, dunno.

Still typing no. 3, but it's worth the wait

Miaou Fri 20-Jan-06 13:26:21

I'm breathless in anticipation, bear

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 20-Jan-06 13:28:24

y'all ready for this?

No. 3 and this was on the pavement on the way home from the supermarket (I admit I am worried about how much I'm enjoying my new hobby and am taking legal advice about staving off any potential criminal proceedings)

written on the back of an envelope from an insurance company all in the same handwriting (quite messy) and ticked off in pencil as each item was pouched. From the first few items, I'm guessing it's been pretty dark in their house this week.

60w norm bulbs
60w candle screw LB
40w G Ball LB
Halogen GU10+c 240v 50w (ooh ooh we use them too! and take it from me, that supermarket is not the place to buy them - dirt cheap in BHS lighting section)
Yog Tubes (they've got primary-age ankle biters)
Ch Straws (ditto)
El Bog Roll (are they spanish?)
Jam (what flavour? there are hundreds - don't waste time staring at them all decide before you go out and write it down, woman!)
Apple Sauce
Ham (no signifier for nice or coked or otherwise)
Wens + Cran (think wensleydale with cranberries but who knows with this off the wall list - this one is NOT done in store order, which I find hard to cope with - if you're doing a list you have to think your way round the store, don't just scribble down a stream of consciousness, that'll mean you have to keep going back to aisles, the whole thing will take longer and five'll get you ten that you'll forget something)
Salsa * (no idea why the asterisk, but it's there)
Soft Tart (no comment)
Refried Beans (anyone who buys their frijoles refritos rather than making their own must be really busy or really lazy, the tinned ones are minging and look and taste like the gunk you get out of the dishwasher filter when you can finally be arsed to clean it out to stop bits of broccoli being welded to your wine glasses)
Sour Cream (I've a hunch theres something mexican in the offing which maybe explains the latin loo roll)
Snacks (well it is Friday)
G. Bread (in the words of Peter Kay "G. Bread.??"
El Bog Roll (yes, again!?!)
Savs??? (or could be Saus)
Bog Roll (?)
El Bog Roll (honestly, I kid you not)
TV Guide

this weekend clearly holds the promise of big nights in in front of the telly with crap food and fried snacks and a lot of toilet tissue (foreign or otherwise). I'd have thought that with the lack of veg and high fibre foods on the list, the need for so much loo roll wouldn't come up, but, there's me getting all scatalogical again, sorry ladies.

my work here is done, I'm not looking for anymore until tomorrow. Safe.

cod Fri 20-Jan-06 13:31:17

Message withdrawn

flashingnose Fri 20-Jan-06 13:33:32

I'm crying at my desk bear


cod Fri 20-Jan-06 13:33:41

Message withdrawn

Nbg Fri 20-Jan-06 13:35:16

Rofl @ that one

Mexican food can really mess up some peoples insides you know.

JanH Fri 20-Jan-06 13:37:59

Well Bear's is fab but I am roaring at jacobsmummy's TURN RIGHT!

Miaou Fri 20-Jan-06 13:38:25

Oh that is so funny. It's the way you tell 'em

cod Fri 20-Jan-06 13:38:25

Message withdrawn

Milge Fri 20-Jan-06 13:38:32

Would left over till receipts found in bottom of trolley count towards Cods social experiment, or do they have to be hand written pre shopping lists?

cod Fri 20-Jan-06 13:39:05

Message withdrawn

cod Fri 20-Jan-06 13:39:24

Message withdrawn

JackieNo Fri 20-Jan-06 13:39:48

Think 'Soft tart' could be 'soft tort' as in tortillas? To go with the rest of the Mexican stuff?

cod Fri 20-Jan-06 13:40:34

Message withdrawn

Blu Fri 20-Jan-06 13:41:48

Ooooh, lets all start leaving our lists in the trolley!

If anyone finds one that says 'Golden Fleece' it's mine, because that's what I call those pan scourers with sponge on one side.
OR you could have tracked down my long lost flat mate from whom I inhertited the term!

sunchowder Fri 20-Jan-06 13:42:10

I adore this thread. I am hoping to find an American list to send you over the edge.

cod Fri 20-Jan-06 13:42:55

Message withdrawn

Miaou Fri 20-Jan-06 13:43:17

I can't believe this thread is not on the home page Discussion of the Day

Lucycat Fri 20-Jan-06 13:43:42

Just love this thread! none today in Lidl - wonder why?

cod Fri 20-Jan-06 13:43:47

Message withdrawn

JanH Fri 20-Jan-06 13:44:13

people who shop at Lidl are illiterate, lc?

<ducks and runs>

Miaou Fri 20-Jan-06 13:44:36

Yes that thread had me crying with laughter - sorry cod

Milge Fri 20-Jan-06 13:44:40

thanks cod - the whole thread would take me ages to load up. Off to waitrose later, so will go on the hunt.

cod Fri 20-Jan-06 13:44:49

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Fri 20-Jan-06 13:45:17

absolutely pmsl at bear's list and @ turn right and at all you maddoes filching lists from trolleys! harharhar!

Lucycat Fri 20-Jan-06 13:45:28

ill what Jan>

Miaou Fri 20-Jan-06 13:45:41

what, the thread? think it was in chat so probably deleted by now.

cod Fri 20-Jan-06 13:49:08

Message withdrawn

lalaa Fri 20-Jan-06 13:50:08

my dh typed out a standard list in a spreadsheet, in ailse order, with tick boxes to indicate if that particular item was needed that week.

lasted about two weeks then i banned it.

waterfalls Fri 20-Jan-06 13:54:49

Found one last night at Morrisons.

chicken breast
sweet and sour sauce
prawn crackers
shit roll (I kid you not)

new shirt/socks

iota Fri 20-Jan-06 14:46:24

OK here's the one I found earlier:

(written in blue pen on a page from a spiral bound notebook)

Green Pepper
Cerry tomatoes (cherry?)
Red Pepper x 2
Yellow Pepper x2
Spring Onions



Pasta + Sauce
Apple J

FLASH (liquid cleaner or a stage direction?)
Marg?? Pants (sorry can't make this one out)
Cotton Ro?? (ink blot)

cod Fri 20-Jan-06 15:46:50

Message withdrawn

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 20-Jan-06 16:51:17

None at Sainsbury's - very odd types shop there and students who as we all know don't do lists. Have just rescued No. 3 from the bin and it could be Soft Tort, as opposed to Tart, and certainly in the context it makes sense, but it's not clear cut, so please if it's yours, I wasn't casting aspersions, I just can't read your writing

Cabe Fri 20-Jan-06 21:31:28

the thread's run on a mile without me (have had suuuuuuch a crap day [bloody banks emoticon]) I'm going to have to catch up!

Cod - I'm honoured.... feel I have to practice the wave for when returning my torlley!

Cabe Fri 20-Jan-06 21:34:06

Oh shit you've sussed me out then Bear s'burys - student - no list... I'm the cliche

Cabe Fri 20-Jan-06 21:57:32

I have been weeping with laughter Bear - love love love your assides

Orinoco Fri 20-Jan-06 22:22:26

Message withdrawn

madmarchhare Fri 20-Jan-06 22:23:57

like it.

JackieNo Sat 21-Jan-06 14:28:56

Looked this morning, but haven't found one - DH got the trolley and apologised for not managing to find one with a note . I kept looking at people in the supermarket with lists and craning to try to read them, with no success, sadly.

Seashells Sat 21-Jan-06 14:38:59

This is a brill thread, it's had me ROFL.

Made me very paranoid about what I write on my shopping lists though!

cod Sun 22-Jan-06 18:26:58

Message withdrawn

MrsBadger Sun 22-Jan-06 19:02:59

got two in tesco yesterday but they're not as interesting as bear's:

on yellow post-it, with a neat dash as a bullet point before each item:
bagel (I presume they wanted more than one)
vegetables - potatoes
cheese parmesan

(the last two items are in a completely different pen and handwriting)

MrsBadger Sun 22-Jan-06 19:07:12

and in abominable handwriting on a sheet torn from a reporter's notebook:

sieties (? possibly fieties)
kitchen role
cashews (still in pencil but beautiful cursive writing)
"Sea View Brut" sparkling
canus varus (?)
home made piza
tom spread
cooked breakfast

Any ideas on the sieties and the canus varus very welcome...

SoupDragon Sun 22-Jan-06 19:43:59

How do you buy home made piz(z)a at a supermarket??

jacobsmummy Sun 22-Jan-06 20:14:51

i must admit that if ever i write a shopping list for my husband, i do include little notes alongside to help him out,along the lines of,

sanitary towels - with wings but not crinkly (he knows exactly what i mean by this)

minced beef/lamb - not squeaky (I have a thing about cheap, squeaky mince)

jacobsmummy Sun 22-Jan-06 20:14:53

i must admit that if ever i write a shopping list for my husband, i do include little notes alongside to help him out,along the lines of,

sanitary towels - with wings but not crinkly (he knows exactly what i mean by this)

minced beef/lamb - not squeaky (I have a thing about cheap, squeaky mince)

jacobsmummy Sun 22-Jan-06 20:15:19


BearintheBigBlueHouse Sun 22-Jan-06 22:02:41

Like the ketchip on Mrs Badger's list - what a great idea, chips pre-loaded with ketchup. The ultimate labor-saving invention.

and you can buy a cooked breakfast in a supermarket?!?

Where do I get these delights?!?

Canus Varus is latin for grey-haired bow-legged one. can't think of anything you could get off the shelf to fit that description - someone must know....

Judd Sun 22-Jan-06 22:15:27

Could "canus varus" be an attempt to make "various cans" sound more exotic?
<Judd shuffles back to the Land of Lurkage once more>

Jasnem Sun 22-Jan-06 22:30:19

You can buy tinned "cooked breakfast"

Cabe Mon 23-Jan-06 00:51:57

Ketchip Bleuuurgh! it would probably have that nasty slightly perfumey aftertaste of the really cheepo over vinigary ketchup Bear (not I fear a lovely dry homecooked fresh potato chip dipped lavishly in daddys )

I didn't know they were offering my dad for sale in supermarkets now He's 92 bless him so no wonder he's a bit grey and bow-legged!

Kitchen Role - Hmmmm peeler of vegetables... washer of pots... filler of dishwasher???

Will the home made piza [sic] be the kind of 'home made' my Auntie used to try to fob off on all and sundry?

Sieties.... Nope you've got me there! nothing to say other than it's pure nonsense! This listmaker is obviously somewhat dippy!

MrsBadger Mon 23-Jan-06 09:23:15

been looking at the list again, and the spelling / handwriting are nudging me in the direction of a dyslexic listmaker, explaining both the Kitchen Role and the Ketchip.

My guess in that case is that the 'sieties' or 'fieties' is a phonetic stab at a word they'd no idea how to spell, and it came to me on the bus this morning that it may be 'fajitas'

If it is fajitas, I think some of the list is Meal Ideas (home made pizza, cooked breakfast, fajitas) rather than Things to Buy.

Still no idea on the Canus Varus though...

I have no lists. But I do have a story.

Once, back home, I dropped into a supermarket with a friend. We separated, did our shopping. I saw him near the cash register, peered in his basket, and it was full of rubbish, white bread, tinned scariness, etc, etc, when he's very brown rice and miso, generally.

I said, "God, you eat crap!". And looked up to find it was an old man, just wearing the same sort of parka as my friend (but presumably not in a hip-retro sort of way).

Thankfully the old man didn't speak English.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Mon 23-Jan-06 09:43:54

only got one at the weekend:

purple post-it, very neat, direct and to the point :

dishwasher liq.

only comment (at the risk of a major backlash and excommunication from the board) - where's the chocolate?

JUdgefloune Mon 23-Jan-06 10:23:09

wow bear
theres a woman on pmt

Orinoco Mon 23-Jan-06 19:14:14

Message withdrawn

Blandmum Mon 23-Jan-06 19:17:48

Various dog foods?

BearintheBigBlueHouse Tue 24-Jan-06 22:51:27

today's offering is very straightforward. Angular handwriting looks mid-50s, but judging by the appearance of nappies on the list and the toddler scribbles over it in the same pen, I'd adjust back to mid-30s, but mature:
Veg (tomatoes) - got that wrong, they're fruit
Fruit (see above)
Surcare Washing Powder x 2
Butter - mysteriously scrubbed out
Smoked Fish - ooh, that hasn't come up before
Caster Sugar
Chorizo sausage - me, I never ask for this at the deli counter as I always forget how to say it, is it Koreetzo or Choritho (with the "Ch" as in chew), or summat else? anyway it's posh
Nappies - natch
Vanilla ice cream - wasn't long ago that all ice cream you got in the supermarket was vanilla, how we've moved on
Fancy soft drinks - eh? What are the fancy ones, not Rola Cola or Panda Pop I'll bet
Frozen peas
Can of sweetcorn
Pasta Bows
Shreddies cereal
Plain flour wholemeal (white scrubbed out)
Paper tissues
Chipolatas (nice, like them)
Maple Syrup
Balsamic Vinegar (heavily scrubbed out) - ABC1 then, but worried that someone might find the list and jump to conclusions, well someone did, me and with hours of CSI:Miami, NY and Vegas (Miami rules) behind me I can read anything you write - you can scrub, but you cannot hide

Gillian76 Tue 24-Jan-06 22:53:02

Lol @ fancy soft drinks!!!

Pruni Tue 24-Jan-06 22:55:05

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 24-Jan-06 22:55:24

Message withdrawn

Miaou Tue 24-Jan-06 22:55:25

Bear, I suspect it is a granny who looks after a grandchild

Gillian76 Tue 24-Jan-06 22:56:22

Granny could be right Maiou. My Granny loved smoked fish

Miaou Tue 24-Jan-06 22:57:10

(I went to the supermarket on Monday and had a furtive look for lists, but didn't want to make dh suspicious "I'll take the trolley back!" I said brightly. "No, you put ds in the car, I'll do it," he said - darn, foiled)

cod Tue 24-Jan-06 22:57:33

Message withdrawn

Cabe Tue 24-Jan-06 23:03:18

Ok - I got one today and it's totally totally Kenilworth! snooty snooty up your bummy clique clique snob town!
Another of the highly efficient abbreviators, this one has nice looking but difficult to read writing. Notes on the side are in Red ink whilst the body of the list is in Black ballpoint apart from two entries which are also written in Red (I shall mark these with an asterix)
it starts


Sberry Jam (ok think that's quite normal)
Melba T (oast I think)
Fat Chips (well I'd have to agree, better for you than weedy ones)
Soup - Covent G (arden? yup entering snob zone)
Caulif (lower)
Persil white and col - (in red) tabs (so not only does this woman separate colours from whites but she buys them separate detergent! Tooooo much time and money obviously!)
Sk Milk [1pint-Organic](obviously watching her figure this one)
Go Ahead Bars [Ras] (in red) x2 TDR (???? no idea what this TDR is code for)(told you she was watching her figure!)
*Tissues for work (how very naice! special ones... perhaps with a pretty pattern on! poncey person)
*White Lady (something that looks like Seaches???) (then more code) TTD off (any ideas anyone?)
lemons x2
Parsley (to sprinkle delicately on the faux home made soup I presume)
Beef Tins (or at least that's what I think it says and I'm sticking to it!)
Beef TOMS (Ha Ha Ha Ha didn't think Tins was specific enough)

So I think Woman (perhaps single - not a great deal of MAN food in there) Mid 40s, Likes good things in life, Tee total, OOOH sounds like a singles ad for her.... We could be onto something here!

cod Tue 24-Jan-06 23:04:07

Message withdrawn

Flum Tue 24-Jan-06 23:04:47

Would be gutted if lost mine. We have a household book which has shopping lists, lists of jobs to be done at home, notes to each other etc.

would be like my arm had been cut off.

Cabe Tue 24-Jan-06 23:05:14


GDG Tue 24-Jan-06 23:06:08

Oh God, how did I miss this?! Am off to Tesco tomorrow so will keep my eye out for lists! I think we should all leave a list with a poignant thing on it (e.g. baby pasta?) and see if it turns up back on MN!

GDG Tue 24-Jan-06 23:06:11

Oh God, how did I miss this?! Am off to Tesco tomorrow so will keep my eye out for lists! I think we should all leave a list with a poignant thing on it (e.g. baby pasta?) and see if it turns up back on MN!

Cabe Tue 24-Jan-06 23:10:42

Bear - Fancy soft drinks Ame (with accent acute on the e!) or SCHLOER dont you think
We know that kind of thing 'ere we do

BearintheBigBlueHouse Tue 24-Jan-06 23:14:03

it's like Pooh sticks innit? Leave it in a torlley and see if it comes back to haunt you online. Karmic revenge. Word of warning, be nice about your listees, I'm trying to not convince myself that I know one of mine and the guilt of taking a hand out of him/her is keeping me awake and almost stopped me doing this, but then what other kicks do I have with a largely absent breadwinner and two poorly demanding toddlers. Please promise that someone will tell me when to stop this, I'd hate to become dull.

I'm sure I had beef tins when I was a student living in Squalor. I know I had cubes, but beef tins is setting off a synaesthesial reaction, an aromatic memory way deep in my subconcious.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Tue 24-Jan-06 23:15:51

Ame's minging. I'm going teetotal for lent and am roadtesting alternatives - yet to find an acceptable one, but it won't be Ame (or Schlurr)

cod Tue 24-Jan-06 23:16:04

Message withdrawn

Cabe Wed 25-Jan-06 02:29:46

Oh Bear... do you think I've been too horrid about the Listee?
But this is such a horrid snobby town I'm afraid I feel little remorse (my own sad little way of feeling less frowned upon).

BearintheBigBlueHouse Wed 25-Jan-06 08:44:51

you go girl - sounds like the plot of Footloose to me

Cabe Wed 25-Jan-06 23:02:16

BearintheBigBlueHouse Thu 26-Jan-06 17:32:26

got one here with thyme, proscuitto and dried porcini mushrooms on it - boy do we live in a nice part of town

also eggs, 100g dark choc, ground almonds, almond essence and butter (225g + 225g) - I feel a cake coming on, a posh one I'll bet

flashingnose Thu 26-Jan-06 17:47:58

I do love this thread .

And don't you stop contributing, bear <stern look>

cathyspam Thu 26-Jan-06 17:57:10

almost died laughing at this thread! was looking in trolleys yesterday but no luck yet!

SoupDragon Thu 26-Jan-06 20:02:54

There should be an option on the home delivery grocery websites for "please check the trolleys for lists".

sunchowder Thu 26-Jan-06 20:05:36

I just wanted to say that the translation for kitchen roll in American terms would be a roll of paper towels. I just got back from the market and I did not find any shopping lists to post.

Cabe Thu 26-Jan-06 23:50:12

Keep looking Sunchowder - I've only found the one but must share the buzz you get when you see that crumpled paper full of promise in the bottom of an abandoned torlley (have to admit to a private little 'got one' jig when I found it)

Bear - I can almost smell the pungent almondy baking... Ohh my tummy's rumbling

I've been lectured by dp about my food shopping habits of late so I'm having to leave it till the weekend before I get a chance to look again

ShaysMummy Thu 26-Jan-06 23:57:04

i hope i didn't leave mine in the trolley the other day. dh (in jest of course!) for some reason called me a 'spineless turd' the other day and i noted it on the back of my list as he always later denies what he said. i thought this way i could prove it....
god knows what sort of a freak anyone would think wrote that list when they read 'spineless turd'....

WideWebWitch Fri 27-Jan-06 09:03:31

I'm very glad this is still going, don't stop Bear. I may even leave a list for you in a Bristol Sainsbury's later

Pruni Fri 27-Jan-06 16:13:29

Message withdrawn

purpleturtle Fri 27-Jan-06 16:43:10


(Essig, that is)

SorenLorensen Fri 27-Jan-06 16:46:17

I left mine in the basket in Tesco today in honour of this thread. It was a corker:

flaked almonds

(the spider was a rubber one from ELC but cunningly I didn't elaborate on the list)

serenity Fri 27-Jan-06 17:14:46

cabe - TTD in sainsbury's is more than likely Taste The Difference (ie posh and expensive)

Found a list today in our sainsburys (we're a bit rougher over here though!)

A5 plain white writing paper, written on blue roller ball in a strange mixture of small and capital letters (which I won't even attempt to replicate.)

Virbe - 5 fruit a day juice
4 tin of Baked beans
1 Jam Dougnut
4 carton of pure orange juice
4 green sponges

A bit of an obsession with the number 4 I think.

sharklet Fri 27-Jan-06 17:26:43

I have to admit I left one in a trolley in waitrose, marlborough with an extra message for any nosey mners who might have happened upon it...

flashingnose Fri 27-Jan-06 17:48:33

Special prize to anyone who finds the "spineless turd list

LIZS Fri 27-Jan-06 17:57:41

ooh gummibaeren , kids love those (Goldenbear jelly sweets - Haribo?) Knoblauch -garlic

babyonboard Fri 27-Jan-06 18:30:57 great to find this thread me and dp found one in a basket in sainsburys once that we couldnt resist pocketing and we still have it on our noticeboard..

it reads..

carrots (don't get crappy expensive kids ones again)
4 x red onion
a good looking chicken
cheddar (cheap block)
zinc tablets
that posh stuff in the green bottle
washing up brushes
that posh bread
that crappy bread
stuff for tonights tea and kids lunch
crap oil
posh oil
crap loo roll
posh loo roll
5 pack wrigleys
the handwash thats pink but not that one we don't like

remeber NECTAR CARD we need the points

would love to know the psychology behind such a list....

SoupDragon Fri 27-Jan-06 18:32:12

"a good looking chicken"!!

SorenLorensen Fri 27-Jan-06 18:32:52

That list is brilliant, bob. Wonder who they save the crap loo roll for?

babyonboard Fri 27-Jan-06 18:33:57

ooh forgot, at the bottom it said.."buy anything reduced!"


Mercy Fri 27-Jan-06 18:35:36

Soren, probably the people who have to eat meals cooked with the crap oil

SoupDragon Fri 27-Jan-06 18:35:54

But what if the handwash that's pink that they don't like was reduced... should it be purchased or not?

babyonboard Fri 27-Jan-06 18:36:06

lol re. loo roll, we thought the same, do they bring out 'posh' loo roll for guests or maybe 'crap' loo roll for guests they don't like

puff Fri 27-Jan-06 18:44:11

Got one in Waitrose today (well...trolley park actually) this time in English

red peppers long
spring onions
lge prawns
dble crm
sun dried toms
bread rolls
celery salt
mineral w
red 2
white 2
wash tabs
b bags
f bags

SorenLorensen Fri 27-Jan-06 18:45:30

Wow, you really can get anything in Waitrose - mange, who'd have thought it?

alexsmum Fri 27-Jan-06 18:47:45

ok not a shopping list but found this in the changing room of the school pool ds has lessons at today. written in very shaky hand.
dear mrs saunders, kerry can't do p.e today as my washer is broke and her p.e kit is dirty,
from mrs jones.
written on the back of a printed school form which said;
dear mrs jones,
kerry has one hour detention for coming to school with no p.e kit!!!
made me lol

babyonboard Fri 27-Jan-06 18:52:23

i used to use the ' i forgot my kit' line at school until i was handed a pair of tiny mud soaked shorts and a stinky boys rugby shirt and told to put it on

Miaou Fri 27-Jan-06 19:09:53

What are "b bags" and "f bags", I wonder?

misdee Fri 27-Jan-06 19:11:06

Bin bags?

the f i am stuck on.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 27-Jan-06 19:11:07

bin & freezer

purpleturtle Fri 27-Jan-06 19:15:12

You def need to get out more, Bear!

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 27-Jan-06 19:20:31

I get out every day - to the store.

Got a couple earlier, but they're with forensics ATM, maybe share later.

Saw a great one on a row of torlleys being pushed by a spotty youth (I was once that soldier) and thought he'd think it odd if I broke off from dragging a screaming (top of lungs stylee along the lines of 'You carry me', when that was never going to happen, me with shopping bags and all) 2 year old and an away-with-the-fairies-so-just-might-walk-into-a-car 4 year old across the car park, to ask him to stop so I could have someone else's list from his torlleys. D'oh. It looked great and all - with doodles!!!

Cabe Fri 27-Jan-06 21:57:07

370 posts on here now Cod! I've only just managed to log on - anyone else had problems tonight?

Serenity - Of course! Taste the Difference! Thanks

The posh and crappy list is hilarious!
Waitrose for Mange - don't let it get too near the chickens or they won't be good looking for long!

Bear... Waiting in anticipation Your local stores have loads of list leavers... they seem to be far more jealous of them round here.

WideWebWitch Fri 27-Jan-06 23:13:30

That posh and crap list is fantastic, thanks, I am sitting here sniggering.

ShaysMummy Fri 27-Jan-06 23:21:40

really hope someone finds my 'spineless' turd list ! lol

babyonboard Fri 27-Jan-06 23:21:48

heehee, glad you all find it funny too
me and dp have had many conversations and laughing over that list but them felt a bit crazy teeheeh, i would love to meet the person that wrote it, teehehheee

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 27-Jan-06 23:29:02

dishwater tablets

have spent the guts of 6 hours thinking of something, anything, to say about that


BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 27-Jan-06 23:35:18

Puff's celery salt, bouillon and SDToms has got to be the poshest so far - I'm leaving my lobster, Veuve and Duchy Originals Butterscotch Shortbread list in every torlley tomorrow so everyone knows how effin well-heeled I am

BOB - from bitter experience, good lookin chickens promise more than they deliver

night then

SoupDragon Sat 28-Jan-06 08:59:31

Clearly Bear's last list maker is, in fact, one of the 3 bears who is expecting to make lots of oatmeal porridge, burn it onto the pan which the dishwasher will be unable to remove sufficiently requiring the application of a brillo pad. Simple.

wilbur Sat 28-Jan-06 09:21:15

Finally found one in a basket at Sainsburys on Thiursday but forgot to post it. So excited, here it is:

Milk x 2 - red not green
Mag for B

I reckon B is in hosp and grapes and mag are for her. Do we think list writer is on diet, wanting skimmed milk not semi?

harpsichordenvy Sat 28-Jan-06 09:28:07

this thread should get a grant from the Arts Council
cod-ly genius

Pruni Sat 28-Jan-06 10:04:30

Message withdrawn

BearintheBigBlueHouse Sat 28-Jan-06 13:59:44

yesterday's other one (need to go to store later so may be more)

page of yellow 10cm sq notepad, older lady's handwriting, black felt narrow tip for first 5 items, blue narrow bic for last three (handwriting noticeably more tired and emotional for final three)

Chicken breast
2 Onions
Green pepper
1 Red chilli
Lunch (good call - you don't want any of that real food do you - go for something quick and packaged)
Gran wine (eh? - wine for Gran or the kind of wine that Grans like, Hock, Liebfraumilch etc - who knows)
Brown Muscavado
Tomti (TBH I think this is tomatoes scrawled)

maybe like the full english in a can you can buy Lunch in a can - never seen it mind

hasta luego Listers

cod Sat 28-Jan-06 16:17:06

Message withdrawn

BearintheBigBlueHouse Sat 28-Jan-06 16:45:34

do you feel dirty somehow? does she think less of you? would you care?

DW gave me a mouthful this morning about my involvement in this project - I quipped back about Harpsichord's Arts Council Grant - her witty riposte? "You sure it's not an Arse Council Grant?" As you can imagine diner a deux in this house is rip-roaring, we can barely sip our wine for ROFLing

seriously I think we do need to publish this to justify its inherent sordidness (would MN let us have copyright back dya think?) - look how much dosh Simon Hoggart's made out of his Christmas round robins compendiums(a)

cod Sat 28-Jan-06 17:12:10

Message withdrawn

cod Sat 28-Jan-06 17:12:39

Message withdrawn

cod Sat 28-Jan-06 17:15:05

Message withdrawn

cod Sat 28-Jan-06 17:24:37

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Sat 28-Jan-06 17:27:31

There are never any lists at out waitrose. I saw one promising trolley where the shopper had their list pinned to the clipboard thing but I lost track of them in the carpark and it was too cold to search all the trolley bays. Lots of interesting ones being held by dads/husbands doing the shopping but couldn't very well snatch them out of their hands...

cod Sat 28-Jan-06 17:28:21

Message withdrawn

Enid Sat 28-Jan-06 17:33:07

think this thread is boring on the whole but have just made my mascara run at the posh/crap one

is just the kind of list I would make

cod Sat 28-Jan-06 18:08:35

Message withdrawn

cod Sat 28-Jan-06 18:24:30

Message withdrawn

Sallystrawberry Sat 28-Jan-06 18:27:13

thanks cod

Cabe Sun 29-Jan-06 01:52:45

Enid - I love this thread!

Cod I'm shocked at your list denial!!! 'connoisseur' lol, reminded me of the tea shop appraisals my sis and I used to do years back - we dubbed ourselves Sconoisseurs

I wanted the one my sis had written for her dh... he came back from shopping without it though so it's somewhere in smelly burton

No lists at asda... and yes it was way too cold to drag the baby round the torlley parks to look for them!!!

Definitely think Arse Council Funding for this project... How much do you reckon for each submission?

dramaqueen72 Sun 29-Jan-06 05:47:59

I love this thread, up at stupid o'clock with nonsleeping newborn its the BEST thing to read. sadly lists in trolleys just dont happen to me right now -online groceries shopper currently- but this is such a great thread I might drag entire family to supermarket just to source lists.

winnie Sun 29-Jan-06 09:01:12

this thread is still hilarious and has reminded me I really must go to the supermarket today

codnotmud Sun 29-Jan-06 09:51:34