Lush bath bomb and glitter = trouble.

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JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 13:47:28

I've got glitter in my lady garden. It isn't coming out. Ive tried everything, hopping in the shower, towelling it vigourously, it's not cutting it.

It was one of those royal wedding bath bombs with ticker tape and festive glitter in it. I was enjoying it ever so much up until I started washing, and discovered to my dismay that the glitter went much further than previously anticipated. The stuff is hanging on for dear life. Its like having shiney crabs. (not that ive ever had crabs, but if they were shiney, I bet this is what they'd look like).

For God's sake hmm I thought I'd spruce myself up on my afternoon off to look nice for DH when he gets back from work. Instead, I've got some sort of accidental vajazzle.

RtHonLadyEuphemiaOfCaledonia Tue 26-Apr-11 13:48:52

Shiney crabs! grin

Sorry - not helpful, I know.

I've read people on here using talc to get sand off kids' wet feet: would that work for your fancy fanny?

HeidiKat Tue 26-Apr-11 13:49:15

grin just count yourself lucky it's only your DH that will see it and you're not due a smear test this afternoon. I'm sure it will go away eventually.

TheMonster Tue 26-Apr-11 13:49:56

how very patriotic of you!

change your name to vajazziejeff and go with it

DamnItJanet Tue 26-Apr-11 13:53:09

I'd love a glittery fanjo, it would brighten up anyone's day.
Think yourself lucky op.

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 14:44:39

The bath looks like it's been involved in a head on collision with a group of over enthusiastic girl scouts. The glitter isn't coming off that, either. God knows how I'll bath ds tonight; he'll be covered! It's like it's become part of the surface of the bath. And there's ticker tape and paper hearts blocking the plug hole, too.

Bloody hell.

From bitter experience there is not much you can do. DH once used a glittery bath bomb and the effects were extraordinary. He came out of the bathroom and about 5 minutes later I noticed there was glitter everywhere, all over the floor and everything he'd touched. And all over him. In his hair, his ears, on his face... We used the removable shower head to blast as much off as we could but he still went to work the next day looking like a refugee from a 1998 rave. Our house never recovered, think there was still glitter when we moved out 6 months later.

Bloodymary Tue 26-Apr-11 14:57:15

OP, the fun is only just begining.
In my experience the glitter gets attatched to the towels as well as the bath and is a real bugger to get off. (even after washing the towels).
So, when you see your DH with glitter in his eyebrows (for the next week or so) try not to laugh, and just hope that he has a very important meeting that day.
As you can probably tell, I was banned from using them smile

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 14:57:45

Oh God I've trodden it into the carpet. These things should have mental health warnings attached.

Sportsmum Tue 26-Apr-11 14:58:41

This post gave me the giggle I needed - thank you!

MilkNoSugarPlease Tue 26-Apr-11 15:05:06

I bought that one...used half....the amount of glitter was fucking RIDICULOUS! And I've always worked with kids so not averse to a bit of glitter!...I'm still finding bits in the bathroom 11 days later!

Other half went swiftly in the bin!

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 15:08:15

milk I know! It looked like big sparkles but oh no! As soon as you touch them they disintegrate into 4215,000 mini bits of glitter. There is glitter not just under my nails, but in^ them. ^In them! How?

FriedEggyAndSlippery Tue 26-Apr-11 15:08:40

I hope men don't use this product, they'll have glitterballs and may get attached to the ceiling at a disco.

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 15:10:46


Nagoo Tue 26-Apr-11 15:11:04

yes, I always find those lush baths so relaxing.. hmm Are they for people who don't have to clean up after themselves?

MilkNoSugarPlease Tue 26-Apr-11 15:11:16

I know! I thought it was big sparkles, the realised it wasn't then though "oh there'll be no more glitter then normal!" How wrong I was!

I STUPIDLY got my hair wet in the bath....I have mega curly hair so it got stuck still hasn't completely gone!

Lush, you failed BIG time on this one!!

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 15:15:07

Just popped my clothes on and found a union jack stuck to my thigh...

On a slightly more irritating note, the plug looks none too healthy. There seems to be an excessive amount of ticker tape congregating there. I've got one of those fancy new plugs which isn't really a plug, it's a slot you know? With a twisty thing on the bath to open and close it. That's another faff.

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 15:17:20

nagoo I read on the packet that it's vegan, so I guess that makes it alright. Vegan? Sodding bloody vegan? That's the least of my worries; in approximately four hours time my entire family will be coated in a layer of sparkles hmm

MilkNoSugarPlease Tue 26-Apr-11 15:18:05

get tweezers and pull it out, or a skewer

or it will block...and you'll break it when trying to unblock not that I did this at work you understand

HazedandConfused Tue 26-Apr-11 15:21:11

Oh I used one of their old ones that was mega glittery once, it ended up rubbing off all over DH (who was not impressed) and even all over the baby and lasted for months!

I read somewhere though that if you put a tiny bit of bubble bath or shower gel in the water, it stops the glitter sticking to you so much, it isn't a total cure but does help a bit and makes it leave the bath less sparkly too...

LittleBlueBoat Tue 26-Apr-11 15:23:17

I feel for you sad

My hubby use a glitter message bug on me and used all of it shock

We are still finding purple glitter 3 years on. I got banned from having glitter in any product from Lush sad

And he did end up going to work with purple glitter in his hair, on his face and hands - it was so funny grin

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 15:27:30

milk are you talking about my plug hole or my lady area? There's only glitter in my lady area, not ticker tape and flags as well. Now that would be alarming!

I wouldn't normally buy them but I was in a flurry of patriotism after having shiney union jacks put on my toes last week (I know, but theyre really good honest) and I got a bit carried away.

bonkers20 Tue 26-Apr-11 15:46:30

OMG, why do Lush sell them?

ManicPanic Tue 26-Apr-11 16:06:29

I'm off to buy 10 some...

MilkNoSugarPlease Tue 26-Apr-11 16:07:28

Whichever is more blocked

OMG. I need one.

(Yes, I am some kind of glitter masochist, the kind of person who buys shiny confetti and chucks it in birthday cards/Christmas presents and revels finding it in strange places 3 years later grin).

Becaroooo Tue 26-Apr-11 16:12:26

Good luck OP!....I used a glittery one years ago and I still occasionally find sparkly glitter in my erm...bits blush

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 16:12:56

mof if you're feeling particularly evil kind you could bestow some on friends as gifts.

BitOfFun Tue 26-Apr-11 16:18:08

I hVe got a massive craving for one of these now. I can't be arsed to go into to town though. I wonder if the local shops will do anything like this? Hmmm.

WuzzAndBuddy Tue 26-Apr-11 16:24:42

We went to a Oktoberfest at DHs work one evening.
I decided to have a bath with a lush bath bomb beforehand... I ended up stood spread eagle against the wall of the bath while DH hosed me down with the shower on full blast.
Every time I went to the loo while we were out I'd pull my jeans down and gold glitter rained down on the floor around me... it was everywhere...
Never again.

topsyturner Tue 26-Apr-11 16:29:40

Oh this post has made my day grin

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 16:42:34

bof don't. Seriously. It'd be more cost effective to just roll yourself in the kids' glitter glue. It is that troublesome. I sneezed earlier and some more puffed out of nowhere. I'm going to tackle the plug hole once ive had a sit down and a recover from my experience.

BitOfFun Tue 26-Apr-11 17:52:18

Well, I went out and bought a chocolate orange bath bomb, as that is all the crappy discount store local emporium had. So I will no doubt look like I am bathing in liquid shite. On the plus side, I got some new pyjamas and slippers too, and am looking forward to a night of peaceful bliss grin

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 17:58:39

Chocolate orange eh? Sounds exotic grin at least you won't end up looking like you've got a pound shop vajazzle sigh

BitOfFun Tue 26-Apr-11 18:05:01

Last time I got one from the same shop it was strawberry. It looked extraordinarily ghoulish, and I had to be careful not to snooze off in case one of the children came in and thought I'd killed myself...

Justfuckingdoit Tue 26-Apr-11 18:05:14

Genuis. Post of the day.

Had a similar incident with some glitter glue and a bra once (long story)...still find glitter on my office chair to this day!

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 18:10:39

bof grin Some of them smell so potent in Lush as well. I went in to buy a couple, sniffed one and I was so strong I sneezed on it. The shop girl was watching me so I had to buy it, so now ive got a germ infested bath bomb with seaweed in it. That I don't even want.

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 18:13:30

it was so strong I sneezed on it

PoweredbyTea Tue 26-Apr-11 18:19:00

I hear ya! I used one of these a couple of weeks back before going to bed and had a glittery face for an important meeting the next day. Felt like a twat as it reminded me of stuff I used to apply deliberately to go clubbing in my yoof.

LUSH is the shop of the devil.
Now, I am full of sympathy for you snigger but I do think this thread should go in Classics.

balia Tue 26-Apr-11 18:22:55

Embrace the glitter! Lush stuff is fabulous - I had some from my DD for my birthday, and DS (4) has been glittery for weeks! (Not sure what mine was, a sort of soft mauve-y violet, he looked like a little china fairie figure from Collectables.) Dry cloth is quite good for getting it out of the bath, but your towels are beggered. Sorry.

On a side note, I introduced my lovely neice to their massage bar range, and she loves them, specially the therapy and anything vaguely chocolate-y. But she says they smell so good they must taste good, so she tries some.

Every time.

Even if I tell her they are not edible and give her an Aero Easter egg to eat instead.

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 18:31:46

GandT I'm flattered blush I think...

Oooh now the massage bar things aren't half bad. There is one that smells like mint aero and it's got brown things in. Had it when I was pg with ds. However, even that particular trip was frought with Lush style disaster; the girl massaged some into my hand (I don't know why, but tbh I was 8 months pregnant and really didn't give a shit by that point) and said 'isn't that so much better than perfume?' again, I'm not sure why. What I do know is that when I'd finally waddled my boat sized self back to the car and started to pull away, the steering wheel slipped out of my hand because it was all greasy from the massage bar and the car almost lurched into a pillar. I'm telling you, it's lucky I'd double-parked or I'd have knocked the car and the air bags would have gone off.

Looking back on this, I've never actually left that store filled with positivity.

I used to work for lush-I love them and I love all thier stuff, but I almost ruined a scientist friends experiment by staying overnight at his-somehow some glitter managed to transfer onto him (this is a platonic friend btw, I was there with DH) and it blocked a tiny screw thread in his lab -it took them days to figure out what it was that was messing with thier vacuum.

I have avoided glitter ones since then.

balia Tue 26-Apr-11 18:39:13

Two words.

Online shopping.

And in case anyone thinks I am recklessly letting small children eat soap products, my neice is 27.

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 18:58:17

balia is there really no saving my towels?

Still haven't unleashed my erm... Area on dh. Not sure how I'll tackle that one as yet. Perhaps I'll just whip my things off and say 'ta daaa!' mind you, that's easier said than done. Every time I nip to the loo more glitter rains down.

LaWeasel Tue 26-Apr-11 19:07:23

I think the glitter would particularly fetching by the light of a disco ball. g'wan, you know you want to...

startail Tue 26-Apr-11 19:15:35

DD1 gave me a gold glittery one and warned me not to unwrap it till I want to use it because it was rather messy. I have been warned. I won't open it until I don't mind looking like I did after Christmas card making grin.

JazzieJeff Tue 26-Apr-11 19:17:13

laweasel I am a disco ball. Sigh.

FriggFRIGG Tue 26-Apr-11 19:37:23

i used to work there and had all manner of bath bombs soaps and shampoos in our bathroom,
one day DP thought he'd help himself and hop in the bath,he jumped in chucked in a bomb,and started reading the paper...

about an hour later he got out and shrieked,he was head to toe in glitter!

it was 'fairy jasmine' the most glitter ever contained within a bath bomb.
the poor sod looked like glitter ball for weeks grin

StickThemWithThePointyEnd Tue 26-Apr-11 19:41:07

thank you, this thread just made my day. I really needed that. grin

balia Tue 26-Apr-11 20:02:46 could not tell him and just enjoy your evening (know what I mean, nudge nudge wink wink) and then your problem would also be his problem.

Also - towels aren't ruined as such, they'll still dry your skin - they'll just keep coating you in odd bits of glitter.

KateMiddletonsMum Tue 26-Apr-11 20:06:19

What's the purple one that smells sexy and divine and makes bubbles?
I had it on our wedding day, would like to surprise DH with smelling like it again! wink

SoupDragon Tue 26-Apr-11 20:09:30

I think it was the Fairy Jasmine one that chemically bonded with the surface of my enamel bath and is still there, perhaps seven years later.

the ones with the stars in were less permanent.

Scootergrrrl Tue 26-Apr-11 20:12:42

grin grin grin at "looking like I've had a pound shop vajazzle"

KurriKurri Tue 26-Apr-11 20:14:50


DontGoCurly Tue 26-Apr-11 20:16:32

'accidental vajazzle' heheheheh grin

OP have you tried hoovering it off ?

It could look bad though if DH walks in and sees you hoovering your fanjo!wink

Honeydragon Tue 26-Apr-11 20:21:18

I got one for ds with gold stars in, dd joined him in the bath. At no point did she ingest any water. They were covered, I was finding bloody glitter and gold stars everywhere.

Days later we were sat having dinner when dd sneezed and a load of gold shiny snot with stars in shot out her nose. Dh (who had only just got back from a trip and was not present for initial glitterpalooza) was confused shock and clearly wondering whether to dial 999 or call the Daily Mail (Toddler in cosmic snot miracle! Exclusive!) and Ds and I were rendered incapable of sensible explanation as we were laughing hysterically.

<really crap mother emoticon>

I brought the lush snow fairy equivalent for my mother in law at xmas and she only used it a couple of weekends ago and shes still finding glitter so is my father in law he said he never wants to see one again grin

SoupDragon Tue 26-Apr-11 20:24:12

"dd sneezed and a load of gold shiny snot with stars in shot out her nose."

That's how they make Lelly Kelly shoes.

Ha ha, could you imagine if you dies in odd circumstances right now, and they found your body and the CSI folk were having a look for clues, and there were no marks or anything untowards about your body... except the glittery vag!

[imagines uk version of csi where they are seriously-facedly tweezing glitter from a ladygarden and are thinking of some crazy glitter-bath motive after they dust down your plug hole]

[not a euphemism]

[touch wood on the dying in mysterious circumstances bit]

Honeydragon Tue 26-Apr-11 20:26:52

grin Soupdragon

grin threelittleducks @ your uk version of CSI hehe

sprinklingsparkles Tue 26-Apr-11 20:30:02

This is amazing! just what i needed after a very long easter holidays!

Good luck OP, sounds like you will need it. grin

I think I am going to try one just to see what happens.
Courtesy of your Vejazzle, I have has such a laugh and just what I needed after a very non glittery day, so thank you. :O

SoupDragon Tue 26-Apr-11 20:54:54

I think I may have a glittery one lurking in the bathroom somewhere... I could do with some sparkle in my life.

JazzieJeff Wed 27-Apr-11 07:41:56

soupdragon don't do it to yourself!

Took ds to nursery this morning and kept noticing bits of glitter in his hair. Just popped back home and there's a kind of baby snow angel type shape of glitter on his mattress where he'd been in the night blush

HeidiKat Wed 27-Apr-11 12:08:44

I got a lush gift box for christmas, the bath bombs were fine they were the non glittery kind, but I've only just got round to using the soap bar that was in it and it's a PITA. It's bright orange and every time anyone uses it, it leaves bright orange stains all over the white sink, I am sorely tempted to throw it out but I know they are expensive and it came from my brother who never has much money so it seems a bit mean.

I recently related our Lush disaster on here. DD convinced me to buy her a bit of lush soap. It had seeds in it. A couple of weeks later, our plughole grew a long grassy plant. It was impossible to get rid of it so I used to cut it back every couple of days.
[Wonders if new tenants in our old flat have managed to destroy the plant]

LaWeasel Wed 27-Apr-11 12:23:00


The plant is amazing!

I got a lush box last christmas but gave it away (I have allergies so only use certain products and cba to discover if lush is okay or not) starting to think I was very lucky!

Becaroooo Wed 27-Apr-11 12:23:01


That is, quite possibly, the funniest thing I have ever read on MN

grin grin grin

Thank you!

Becaroooo Wed 27-Apr-11 12:24:28

<<cant use the seaweed bath bomb I still have....the bits of seaweed in it terrifiy ds2>>

TeeBee Wed 27-Apr-11 12:27:46

Could you use a nit comb?

SoupDragon Wed 27-Apr-11 12:30:27

You know those hundreds of little bags you have stuffed in a drawer... the ones that came with the washing powder tablets...? Put the bath bomb in one before putting it in the bath. It catches all the seaweed/confetti/petals (but not glitter)

SoupDragon Wed 27-Apr-11 12:31:10

What sort of plant was it BTW?

JazzieJeff Wed 27-Apr-11 15:57:49

soupdragon that's the best idea ever. I may well do that when I use my disease infested (see above posts) seaweed bath bomb.

teebee unfortunately it's not just in my pubes; it's on the skin surrounding it too and seems to be particularly attracted to recently shaved parts. It's like it's superglued on. I even tried scratching at the glitter earlier but to no avail.

kreecher hats off to you. Your plant blows my glitter tale of woe clean out the water grin was it some sort of cress plant, perhaps? Those grow awfully quickly. I grew some in preschool on some damp cotton wool in three days.

I used one of the gold glittery ones around Christmas. Dh went into work the next day with glitter in his moustache and goatie. He had to pretend he was making Christmas cards with dd rather than confess to his year 11's he was er .......

Becaroooo Wed 27-Apr-11 18:03:22


I use a sieve


buggerlugs82 Wed 27-Apr-11 18:14:18

Ladies, this has made me so much i have cried!

Good luck OP! Men will never understand!

JazzieJeff Wed 27-Apr-11 18:46:05

buggerlugs you are welcome grin

Seriously though, there must be some sort of product for glitter removal from body parts? I'm not actually joking now, more people than I must have had this problem. I'm going to the doctors tomorrow and am beginning to consider bringing it up. I've got a smear test next week and I'd really rather not be sporting my shiney crabs.

SoupDragon Wed 27-Apr-11 18:50:18

One of those sticky lint rollers? Waxing strips?

It's funny you should say this OP, I got really drunk the other night and woke up covered in glitter, my bed was covered to, I am yet to find the source..

JazzieJeff Wed 27-Apr-11 19:02:46

Oh yes, waxing strips. I don't have any of those though, and I'm DS is upstairs asleep so I can't pop out. Would sellotape have the same effect/be sticky enough?

tits how unnerving....

Evenstar Wed 27-Apr-11 19:13:14

Thank you for this I have just started a new job at a day nursery and came in feeling shattered, I have laughed so much at this thread and feel much better now! grin

LaWeasel Wed 27-Apr-11 19:17:51

I don't know if this is silly, but maybe you could try and dry out your skin with a hairdryer and then pad them off with a pit of slightly damp kitchen roll...

JazzieJeff Wed 27-Apr-11 19:23:34

I have tried the hairdryer laweasel, yesterday. I think I may need to get up close and personal with a mirror and some tweezers. Oh Lordy...

naturalbaby Wed 27-Apr-11 19:38:18

what about the wipes you get with home waxing kits? baby lotion and baby wipes are famed for removing anything and everything, got either of those in the house?
just noticed my lush shower gel seems to have glitter in the bottle but not noticed it on my body yet, think i'm due for a glitter explosion when i get to the end of the bottle.
i do like the thought of giving Dh shiny disco balls smile

hab35 Wed 27-Apr-11 22:11:57

Okay not strictly relevant but I am loving this thread and felt the need to share.... You know that lovely edible cake glitter you get? Well, I discovered from my 2-year-old's nappies that it may well be edible, but is not digested, so it also gives you a glittery bottom & glittery poos when it comes out the other end!

CatPower Wed 27-Apr-11 22:41:51

Is it wrong that some friends on Twitter and I are planning on buying the street party bath bombs and self-vajazziling in solidarity with JazzieJeff's predicament?

JazzieJeff Wed 27-Apr-11 22:49:45

Yes! I shall have fellow pound shop vajazzlers! You can tweet me @JazzyMcJeff grin and follow my hideous glittery progress....

Computermouse Wed 27-Apr-11 22:51:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JazzieJeff Wed 27-Apr-11 23:01:32

No sympathy computer? Oh dear. Me and my glitter are saddened.

CatPower Wed 27-Apr-11 23:05:04

Have just followed you, Jazzy! I'm octobrrr on there.

Computermouse Wed 27-Apr-11 23:06:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sprinklingsparkles Wed 27-Apr-11 23:09:35

Have followed you, i cant believe your still covered. hope it wont last much longer. have the little ones still got some on?

Bellagio Wed 27-Apr-11 23:14:56

Oh my god, those things are lethal.

They were banned from this house Xmas of 2006 when my dh and I spent roughly a week covered in a red and green festive glow.
The sparkly fun did not end there, oh no.
One of the teeny weeny jaggy wee stars ended up entirely imbedded in my belly button and refused to move.
Once eventually retrieved, it took a small chunk of belly with it.

The pain...I tell ye...

LadyClariceCannockMonty Thu 28-Apr-11 10:05:49

Jazzie, I do sympathise and I hope it's sorted/will get sorted soon, but ...

it's just so fuckign funny. Thank you for the laffs grin grin

PS the only things I dare use from Lush are the minty foot lotion (gorgeous) and the safely non-glittery shower gels. The rest of the place makes me think of kids' art boxes.

BillBrysonsRucksack Thu 28-Apr-11 10:09:48

'OP have you tried hoovering it off ?'

I am CRYING! grin grin

fridascruffs Thu 28-Apr-11 10:30:24

Full Brazilian?

Timeforabiscuit Thu 28-Apr-11 10:34:43

I've never cried with laughter so much - vajazzling snigger

A quick google has peanut butter rubbed into the ahem afflicted area

Though you could end up with your husband being served an unconventional reeses cup

Oh fantastic grin I now know what to buy my sister for her birthday [insert evil grin emotion grin ]

MinnieBar Thu 28-Apr-11 10:40:00

Reading this after this means I haven't laughed so much in aaages. Especially at the idea of a tiny plant growing out of the sink (why didn't you put weed killer down?!)


ohboob Thu 28-Apr-11 11:23:50

Great thread.

I had a lush bath bomb the other night and it was complete heaven. I am hooked. When I was in the shop I saw the royal wedding one and was very put off by the glitter, so having read this I'm doubly glad I didn't get one, as pretty as it was.

JazzieJeff Thu 28-Apr-11 11:39:34

timeforabiscuit crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

The glitter is now actually ingrained into the surface of my bath tub now. There is no getting it out, and whilst I feel very patriotic with my shiney red, White and blue sprinkles adorning the family tub; it is becoming rather a bind. A little bit seems to come off on a family member at each bathtime <sigh>

YankNCock Thu 28-Apr-11 11:50:04

Like Bellagio, I've banned Lush stuff from the house. Those bastard metallic stars gave me several little cuts on my fanjo (think papercuts) and I was walking funny for days after.

Timeforabiscuit Thu 28-Apr-11 11:50:11

I would imagine smooth - same thing as getting chewing gum out of hair

There was also a 50:50 mix of white spirit and pva glue suggested

But thats just plain wrong!!

LadyClariceCannockMonty Thu 28-Apr-11 11:51:37

Yank, you made coffee come down my nose.

Jazzie and Time, in my opinion it'd have to be smooth – crunchy peanut butter is the only kind worth eating, and smooth is fit only for, um, the purpose you have in mind. smile

googoomama Thu 28-Apr-11 12:21:46

I think a glittery garden is just what Britain needs at this time of mass celebration. Bet your DH will be thrilled. I'm sure it'll add a certain frisson to any romantic occasion this week. I'm off to get one of those bath bombs. Not that there are any romantic occasions on my horizon but a quietly glinting fanny is surely the next best thing...

molemesseskilledIpom Thu 28-Apr-11 12:25:51

I love Lush's bath bomb range but I refuse to use anything with glitter in all for the same reasons mentioned before.

There is a pink one which I LOVE but wont use it as I know I will be finding glitter all over the place for months on end.

Such a shame.

JuicyLips Thu 28-Apr-11 12:34:14

DH says he can't see a glittery lady garden being a bad thing.

LaWeasel Thu 28-Apr-11 12:47:08

what did your dh say?

JazzieJeff Thu 28-Apr-11 13:02:11

Right then, smooth it is. Should it be organic, do you think?

Do I just slap it on and leave it for ten minutes?

On another note, I got the Lakeland catalogue through my door this morning. Perhaps they might have some glitter removal solutions?

JazzieJeff Thu 28-Apr-11 13:05:20

Laweasel, let's just say he saw the funny side; right up until we discovered glitter is not an amusing or cost effective substitute for night time lubricant hmm not to put too finer point on it; it HAS to go.

JazzieJeff Thu 28-Apr-11 13:06:06

JL it isn't a good thing. See above post... ^^

Insomnia11 Thu 28-Apr-11 13:07:34

What's different about bath bombs from using bubble bath?

Badgerwife Thu 28-Apr-11 13:09:33

Oh MinnieBar thanks for the link, I've laughed so hard I've got tears rolling down my face grin

JuicyLips Thu 28-Apr-11 13:10:42

ok, I'll let him know.

LaWeasel Thu 28-Apr-11 13:12:47

Oh OUCH. Poor him (and you)!

if the peanut butter doesn't work, the glue and white spirit sounds promising to me. (White spirit smells horribly on your skin, but is safe enough and gets most things off)

Timeforabiscuit Thu 28-Apr-11 13:16:40

I'd say put your hands together - get comfy on the loo seat, slap some smooth on your fango and read Lakeland for ten minutes then shower it all off

NorkyButNice Thu 28-Apr-11 13:40:53

I bought some bath bombs from Lush to try to persuade DS1 that bathtime could be fun rather than a battle. He loves the glitter. MIL (who had a bath following him) didn't.

I tend to only take showers so I've avoided getting coated in glitter so far, and I have a cleaner so she gets to deal with the glitter aftermath!

ConfessionsOfAnAchingFanjo Thu 28-Apr-11 13:46:00

I had glitter in my hair and once and still had shiney bits of scalp weeks later. It got in the carpet too and I'm sure it's still in there 10 years later (twas a Uni flat though, so probably full of much worse by now).

It makes me think though. I must be careful what I bath in for the next two months, as wouldn't want to explain a glittery muff to the MW when I go to give birth to DC2!!

serajen Thu 28-Apr-11 14:06:28

Brilliant, a plant growing out of the plug! "Honestly, your honour, I didn't know it was skunk, it came out of a bath bomb". Classic!

MichaelaS Thu 28-Apr-11 15:25:33

This is so funny - because its so true of course.... the number of times Lush has sent me home with a glittery bomb, and every time I forget!

And like hab35 I can also attest that edible glitter is NOT digesible. It was quite a shock when I discovered the pink glitter poo from my 18mo DS. Not the sort of thing I would expect to be prettied up with glitter!!! grin

Wildcatfin Thu 28-Apr-11 16:02:05

Hmm vegan glitter - interesting! Don't think thats actually possible.... eh, Lush?

I actually WORK with glitter, I paint freehand glitter full-body tattoos on performers (so they look like they have sparkly artwork/ costumes on).

Afraid I can't help with removal; mine's supposed to be all stuck om to the cosmetic glue so you peel off the glue and allegedly all the glitter sticks with it. Though alcohol wipes/ baby oil can help get it off - know which I'd rather use on my nether regions!

When we had a cat, it sparkled....when hubby had a job they stopped commenting on his little twinkles. I actually thought DS was deaf or autistic or similar at 1 point as he sat on the floor gazing at his hands and slowly turning them. ignoring me, food, etc....turns out he was admiring his own Twighlight-esque sparkly skin.

It hides....and it breeds.
Thats all I'm saying.

evansmummy Thu 28-Apr-11 16:22:25

Wildcatfin, what a fab job!

wahwahwah Thu 28-Apr-11 16:26:40

Lush is great but those bombs make a terribble mess. The sparkly ones have been around a while and we only used them once! it took ages to get the glitter off the bath. The volcano ones are worse!

JazzieJeff Thu 28-Apr-11 16:37:28

<girlish squeal>

Look girls, look!!! We're in MN Classics!

Not only that, but exciting news from the land of Twitter! I got Riven as a follower! That means she of Riven fame is watching us smile at least, I think it's the same one. I think that might mean she's alright. Everyone wave at Riven <waves madly>

Anyway, back to the theme of the thread. I have got a jar or Whole Earth organic smooth peanut butter. I feel it should be organic when faced with the erm, job in hand so to speak. But how to apply? I've just had my nails put on this week, so fingers are out of the question. A butter knife perhaps? Should I spread the affected area? I'm going to have to work up some courage though. I'm not sure about all this. There is however, some sticky stuff remover advertised in Lakeland. It says it removes all kinds of troublesome things, like labels from jars and chewing gum from hair. Glitter in a lady garden must be linked in to all this, surely. Or glitter on a bathtub?

JazzieJeff Thu 28-Apr-11 16:40:00

Volcano bombs wah? please explain....

Some good news; I went to the beach this afternoon smile

Some bad news... I went to a sandy beach this afternoon iyswim hmm

wahwahwah Thu 28-Apr-11 16:42:41

Not sure what they are really called - we call them volcano bombs. They are green are fizzle up all over the place when they get wet - and make a terrible tide-line in the bath!

LadyClariceCannockMonty Thu 28-Apr-11 16:43:06

grin at 'fingers are out of the question'. Have you got any of those wooden spatula things that you get for applying leg wax?

angell74 Thu 28-Apr-11 17:03:41

I am sorry to laugh at your predicament but I can honestly say that you have really made my afternoon.... my kids are looking at me like I've lost it.

If I was you I would just embrace the situation and claim it was a deliberate patriotic act! grin

ChildofIsis Thu 28-Apr-11 17:09:12

The lakeland sticky stuff remover should do the bath a treat. It's made from some sort of citrus stuff. All natural and no chemicals. I've used it on school uniforms.
I'm not sure you should use it in your 'garden' though. Maybe you could e-mail and ask them. I bet it's a question they've not had before1

TrudyVotion Thu 28-Apr-11 17:21:53

Ah dear >wipes tears away<

I don't have time to read all of this now as DH is making those "why am I looking after DS while you're doing nothing?" hmphy noises, but I did think you could just shave off your lady garden. If you use DH's shaver that will ensure you spread the glittery love grin

chrisonabike Thu 28-Apr-11 17:24:43

Feel the sorrow of (uncircumcised) XDP who after a glittery bath had a bit of sparkle 'under the hood' for ages

I might re-fire-up by twitter account just to follow your vajazzly progress, OP grin

HipposGoBeserk Thu 28-Apr-11 17:29:34

Wonderful thread grin.

I once permanently dyed my bath blue with a Lush bath bomb. Bastard Lush. Bastard divinely tempting delicious Lush.

SoupDragon Thu 28-Apr-11 17:37:28

Confessions, please use a glittery bath bomb just before you give birth. Your baby will sparkle!

Jazzie - I hope you (or your DH) do not have a peanut allergy. Can you imagine explaining where you'd "eaten" the peanuts...

laurie, did your husband have glitter in his goatee for the reason I think he had??shock. And no one else has commented on this??!!

mojojojo838 Thu 28-Apr-11 17:54:04

I've (quite possibly) never posted or responded to a thread here before but, oh my - what a pick me up, and did I need a good laugh today. Sorry it's at your expense, but I am crying laughing grin

jbcbj Thu 28-Apr-11 18:05:53

oh, i have not laughed for a while and this has broken the duck - amazing, thank you so much!

love kreecher's plant in the plug hole - have visions of something from Little Shop of Horrors appearing....

jazzie, could you dye it and pretend it's all part of one big plan

JazzieJeff Thu 28-Apr-11 18:16:34

grin glad everyone is smiling so much at my misfortune

<flounces off>

<nips back in>

It's not the erm, furrier parts that are the problem btw; it's the recently shaved parts. The glitter seems to be stuck onto the skin there and enjoying hiding amongst the stubbly re-growth. The trouble with shaving it again so soon is that I'll get dreadful rash (sensitive skin, and one bruises like a peach so waxing is a no no) I can't, in all honesty just go and whack a load of peanut butter on my special area sober. I'm going to have to have some wine I think. In the meantime, I'll get onto Lakeland for some of that sticky stuff remover for the bath.

CatPower Thu 28-Apr-11 18:33:06

This might sound crackers, but what about some sellotape on the less furry areas? Nowhere near as sticky as waxing but should be sticky enough to pick up the glitter.

Definitely one for after a wine or four, I don't think it's a task for sober hands.

pjmama Thu 28-Apr-11 18:36:22

Shave the lot off! grin

diabolo Thu 28-Apr-11 18:45:10

I'm with pjmama

And it will make for interesting night-time's for a while.....

killerheart Thu 28-Apr-11 19:19:43

These posts have made me and my daughter cry with laughter...we will NOT be buying any.....ever!!!

HooverTheHamaBeads Thu 28-Apr-11 19:32:04

Sticky roller? One of those what you roll on your clothes to pick up lint?

JazzieJeff Thu 28-Apr-11 19:32:24

wine grin

JazzieJeff Thu 28-Apr-11 19:46:49

Oh good grief, I'm all over Twitter grin <drunken cackle>

heliumballoons Thu 28-Apr-11 19:54:02

jazzie Sorry but I have just ROFL @ the whole of this thread. grin

jazzled verjazzle. grin

Needed a laugh today - thankyou.

Oh lordy, I've just got one of these today!

JazzieJeff Thu 28-Apr-11 20:17:05


It's made of zinc, glitter isn't it - can't you just get it off with a magnet? The metal attracting thing, not the kitchen people? confused

ChildofIsis Thu 28-Apr-11 20:26:32

I just had an image of a van load of kitchen fitters searching through OP's 'garden' for glitter!

This has to be the best thread ever.

JazzieJeff Thu 28-Apr-11 20:32:56

wmmc I don't have fridge magnets; my fridge is one of those new fangled ones that isn't sticky to magnets. My best friend has an awful lot of fridge magnets though; she's one of those people who gets one everywhere she goes. If this carries on, I shall shoplift one from her (obviously not going to tell her the reason) and hoover my 'area' with it.

Still quaffing wine. Cannot find any sellotape either. Only have brown type parcel tape.

chrisonabike Thu 28-Apr-11 20:41:42

Gaffa tape and half a bottle of Malibu.

Nitty Gritty nit comb and conditioner might work.

specialmagiclady Thu 28-Apr-11 21:36:01

Can I suggest, vajazzie Jeff, that you place a call to these guys They are absolutely tip top at removing stubborn bath stains....

ilovesprouts Thu 28-Apr-11 21:39:17

chrisonabike love your thinking grin

RubberDuck Thu 28-Apr-11 23:51:11

"It's made of zinc, glitter isn't it - can't you just get it off with a magnet?"

Erm, it's IRON that's magnetic... FERROUS metals. grin [facepalm] (someone wasn't paying attention in physics)

bestemor Fri 29-Apr-11 00:24:10

How about a nit-comb and some hair conditioner? Any good? Just for the hairy bits I mean, might not work for the plug-hole ...

TwoNoisyBoys Fri 29-Apr-11 09:17:58

My friend gave her husband a massage with the gold glitterbug the day before yesterday.........she says he still looks like Edward Cullen gringrin

Oh yes... had a glittery bath bomb once.. Still find glitter and it's 2 years later...dh was not quite amused having to go into work with bits of it stuck to him (after it rubbed off me and onto the sheets)... I found it amusing grin to think of his mates taking the mickey out of him tho.

KateMiddletonsMum Fri 29-Apr-11 13:49:01

Oh dear me.
Perhaps buying our Kate a fizzy lush bomb wasnt the best wedding present.
Still, I'm sure our Bill won't mind.

StanHouseMuir Fri 29-Apr-11 15:52:09

Give it a blow dry.

JaneReynolds8 Fri 29-Apr-11 17:18:35

Like with Christmas tree needles, you'll be finding it all over the place for weeks. Try not to cough or sneeze while bending over - or at Yoga/Pilates for a while.

Indaba Fri 29-Apr-11 17:52:47

There is a lovely audio clip of Chris Tarrant trying to read out a story for a good 30 minutes on Capital Radio, a London radio station......... but he kept giggling and having to break to a record as he literally couldn't talk. Must have been back in the early 1990's.

It was being played live over the speakers at my work gym. I remember sitting in the gym changing room with loads of strangers as no one would leave until Chris could eventually got the story out, despite his laughing.

It was sent in by a teenager whose mother had borrowed her roll-on deodorant/skin freshener which had added glitter just before going to see her GP. In a wish to "freshen things up" before a smear test (or something similar) her mother had given herself a quick "wipe over" unaware it had added glitter.

It wasn't till she got home and had a bath that night that she understood her male GP's very strange looks, his uncomfortable demeanor and very wry smile.

WhereamI Fri 29-Apr-11 19:04:30

what about the hoover..could be interesting...set it on 'high'

MrsKwazii Fri 29-Apr-11 21:37:28

I love this thread - brilliant! I'd just resign yourself to a very sparkly future OP grin

On a very boring and very practical note, popsocks really are the way forward to avoid bathbomb carnage <taps nose>

Amiable Fri 29-Apr-11 22:35:53

Love this thread - have to say the idea of "hoovering" up the glitter with a fridge magnet just finished me off!

CheerfulYank Sat 30-Apr-11 05:12:28

Can you imagine if someone you didn't know (or someone you did , come to that) came upon you drunkenly smearing your glittery bits with peanut butter?!

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying... "No, but, it's organic!" grin

Indaba Sat 30-Apr-11 08:11:44

Popsocks?!.............please elaborate........

matekiddleton Sat 30-Apr-11 09:52:16

put bath bomb in a popsock?

BillBrysonsRucksack Sat 30-Apr-11 14:16:51

Cheerful Yank grin, my pelvic floor can't take much more of this!

<disclaimer: 35 wks pg>

I've just been and bought one. My 11 y/o is covered in glitter from just being in the shop. Quite what it'll do to the pipes on my spa bath but will bring a whole new meaning to clearing out me pipes...

MrsKwazii Sat 30-Apr-11 19:16:44

Yep, pop the bathbomb into a popsock and tie a knot it in. Chuck into bath and hey presto! All the loveliness goes into the bathwater and all the gunk stays in the popsock.

jimmijam Sat 30-Apr-11 19:52:10

this thread has made me smile, not sounding good on lush-but the shop does smell lush as u walk down the street! :-)

Ok. Should I have some peanut butter and paintstripper on hand for afterwards?

Cyclebump Sat 30-Apr-11 20:01:04

Hahaha, this has reminded me of the time that DP used 'that bath bomb you've had for ages'. It was in fact a Lush glitterbug, which is basically cocoa butter with a shedload of glitter in it. The cocoa butter meant that four showers later he was still glittery.

He's a 6ft 4" rather hirsute and well-built guy who captains the local rugby team and is a prop in the scrum. He looked hilarious grin

JazzieJeff Sat 30-Apr-11 20:02:14

jimmijam I know! They entice me in every time as well!

I'll definately try the popsock trick next time; I've yet to be brave enough to give my diseased seaweed bathbomb a whirl considering my experience...

Well. A few clingers still remain (I know, but that's the only suitable term available for them) but in the end, I couldn't face the peanut butter. It got relegated to the back of the cupboard and I got down and personal with a pair of mini tweezers that I got in a Benefit eye makeup set for Christmas. I don't have regular sized tweezers anymore; I did but DH 'lifted' them for nose - hair extracting purposes so they have been left by the wayside. I was a bit tipsy (courtesy of the mumsnet half price wine offer on; don't think I'll be joining the discussion, somehow hmm) and stabbed my inner thighs a few times but frankly ladies, enough was enough.

My bathtub is still covered as if it's been hit by a twinkling bomb. DS seems to be enjoying it, but the past few days he's been going to nursery with sparkley bits on him. He's the only one, so it's not as if he's got a sister to blame it on or anything. I think the staff probably reckon he's not being bathed on a regular basis from the looks I've been getting. If only... If you work at a nursery in Cornwall by the way, and you're recieving a 7 month old coated in a layer of glitter every morning; please have pity. His mother is currently being harrassed by a sparkley problem of some magnitude.

JazzieJeff Sat 30-Apr-11 20:03:02

cyclebump grin that sounds fabulous!

boldandbeautiful Sat 30-Apr-11 21:35:32

Omg. Am seriously crying at these. Hahaha

Poodlehorse Sat 30-Apr-11 21:39:44

I was wondering if playdough or bluetack might have worked, if you sort of dab it on and roll off, the glitter might stick in the dough/tac. But sounds like you have got it sorted. All I can say is that while I have great sympathy for your fanjo you have cheered me up no end. I am so glad I never bought one of these for myself, but I think my SIL will be cursing me as I am sure I bought for her kids. grin

Blatherskite Sat 30-Apr-11 22:41:10

So glad this made it into classics. I needed a giggle tonight smile

I am wiping away tears of mirth - this thread is the most hilarious I have read on mumsnet for ages. Would it be unreasonable of me to buy them for the dses and encourage them to use them? They are 14, 15 and 17, btw! grin

Dh is reading over my shoulder and says "Yes, it would be very unreasonable, and no Lush products are ever going to be allowed in the house ever again - the boys are going to be given strict instructions to avoid Lush like the plague!!"

<<plots>> grin

curiouselle Sun 01-May-11 00:13:16

omg have not laughed so much in ages - DH can hear me downstairs!!!

Well I smell lovely but my bed looks like a pixie smooshing orgy has happened in it and somehow my teenage son, who had a shower, is covered in it. This is fine as he is off camping with his friends so if they get lost, search and rescue helicopters will pick up the dazzle from miles away.

Lillabet Sun 01-May-11 11:06:05

I have just maniacally giggled my way through this thread, however, brambleshooks your post has just finished me off and I am now crying with laughter and getting very odd looks from the DH. grin
Thank you JazzieJeff, I needed the laugh although sorry it is at your expense grin.

homeschooler Sun 01-May-11 15:50:26

lol this thread has had me laughing so much i cried! Dh keeps wanting to know why i'm laughing! Will certainly be steering clear of lush glitter stuff.

mumintroll Sun 01-May-11 23:05:39

oh dear, just realised that we gave gold glitter bath bombs from lush as party favours for DD's party last year ... had never tried them before, they looked suitably sparkly for the pre-teen set ... how many mums have cursed me behind my back??

am dying from laughter though, best of luck OP.

RobynLou Sun 01-May-11 23:09:12

I used one of these once, the carpet next to the bath (I know - eugh, carpeted bathroom) was still glittery when I moved out a year later.....

MissFoodie Wed 25-May-11 19:38:29

Jazziejeff: what's the current status? still glowing?

whenever I'm p***d off I just read this thread , always makes me smile - one of the funniest things I've read in years.....!

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