D'ya ever wonder how long the sun will last...?

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Sokmonsta Wed 14-Aug-13 06:58:34

Morning! Since its a sunny day here I thought I'd say sunny hellos. Unless of course anyone else has beat me to it and I've missed the new thread.

Chopstheduck Wed 14-Aug-13 07:06:55

Hey soks!

It's been very sunny here! Hopefully I will bring some back with me at the weekend.

Thanks for the pm smile

rubyrubyruby Wed 14-Aug-13 07:16:00

Thanks Soks x

Sunny here too. I'm going to try hard to keep up on this thread but things are manic here. I do read every single post but then feel bad if I don't respond or comment to everyone!

Soks - enjoy being a SAHM smile
MM - <<wags finger in we're keeping an eye on you way>>
Chops - make the most of your last few days!
Trips - can you book an oct break?
Shabs - sorry its been a tough week x

I still haven't updated on my holiday!
It was fantastic smile

Up t'Norff I wonder 'D'ya ever wonder if they sun will ever appear!!!' grin

Morning girls xx

Sokmonsta Wed 14-Aug-13 07:18:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sokmonsta Wed 14-Aug-13 07:19:55

Oh Shabs! We've had a couple of overcast days. Woke up today to a glorious one. Sending sunny vibes your way (but only if you share).

rubyrubyruby Wed 14-Aug-13 07:21:31

I'm debating breakfast in bed
........ or maybe the garden?

When we move I'm going to eat more in the garden and have more baths smile

Actually - what I probably mean is 'eat in the garden more'

Just had a look at our weather forecast - its currently 12 degrees, grey, cloudy and I am debating about putting the heating on!!! So we have dropped roughly 30 degrees since we were in Greece last week!!!!!!! I DID have a lovely suntan grin

Chopstheduck Wed 14-Aug-13 08:32:29

It was 42 in Greece?? shock

It was only 3C higher in Death Valley!

rubyrubyruby Wed 14-Aug-13 08:37:34

Perhaps I should just eat and drink more in the garden and the bath.
Sounds like a good option smile

I'm looking forward to moving - can you tell?

Cheerymum Wed 14-Aug-13 08:41:53

Thanks for the new thread Soks. Am off for a scan this am as on of my twins wasn't growing so well last time. Hoping to come home again, not be kept in for a C section! Bit tense! But the sun is lovely and am looking forward to joining all you multiple mamas sooner or later with actual twins on the outside world rather than the inside!
All being well I'll be on the beach with my dd tomorrow!

Yep Chops shock I remember the day well LOL - 1st August I woke up very early. Went out of the apartment door and was instantly sweating LOL. Our average temperature was in the high 30's and it hardly changes at night. Sun is up about 5 and doesn't go down until at least 9pm. Was so hot but wonderful. I know it is hot when the staff and locals are sweating!!! When it got to around lunch time everybody was trying to find shade.

We have been to Rhodes the last two weeks in October. It is still around the 70's (thats in old 'money') but they get a lot of rain at night - which means you have to sit in the bar and shelter grin

Luckily we have air conditioning in the apartment.

MultipleMama Wed 14-Aug-13 10:37:55

Ruby - <<bottom lips wobbles>>
Sok - Hope Josh is okay! Hope the sun lasts too!
Shabs - I miss being up t'Norff. I miss being around those who speak the same!
Chops - You enjoying your finals days on hol?

Packing my bag and waiting for my dad to pick me up. Want to give my chaos creators big hugs!I want to eat, relax, and sleep in that order!

Weather is lovely here too so may sleep on back deck with my afghan.

MultipleMama Wed 14-Aug-13 10:42:28

I think the newbie on the old threat posted to get on the 1000 post craze and Trips got the ladt word haha!

Oh and Morning, Trips! smile

MN is a weird place!!! Mystery 'last minute' newbie doesn't even have multiples hmm Ah well - nowt as queer as folks!!

MultipleMama Wed 14-Aug-13 11:38:53

She wants to be where the cool kids are haha.

That reminds me... have watched Queer as Folk in a while. I will rectify that tonight!

MultipleMama Wed 14-Aug-13 11:46:26

And OMG I miss hearing the words nowt and owt. I asked the nurse yesterday to 'put t'wood in t'oil' and she looked at me like I was crazy!

... totally random whiney post!

bubby64 Wed 14-Aug-13 12:05:01

Morning All, just popping on to say thanks to Soks for the new thread. Just bought myself mobility buggy off ebay, worked out cheaper than keep hiring one, and, hopefulky, I'll be able to sell it next year when ankle is fully healed. R keeps singing [[ http://m.youtube.com/results?q=stepenwolf&oq=&gs_l= this]] whenever I get on itsmile

bubby64 Wed 14-Aug-13 12:11:02

Try that link again link

triplets Wed 14-Aug-13 12:29:46

Afternoon all.........well I would eat my b/fast and lunch in my lovely garden if it wasn`t for the scaffolders next door...........4 of them in their 20`s, no shirts....all good lookers.....the language! tut tut..............oh if I was only 30 years younger grin

PMSL <<packs her spotty hankie on the end of a stick and heads off darn Sarf>>

triplets Wed 14-Aug-13 15:32:04

<<Trips gets out z bed, cleans up her des res shed for Shabs, sends kids up the shop for apple juice and Monster Munch, sorts out spare dressing gown and flip flops as knows her friend will be travelling light>>

LMFWAO......oh aye I always travel light Trips grin

MultipleMama Wed 14-Aug-13 20:41:30

I love, love, love coconut. DH made me some lovely Vegan Carrot Soup with Coconut for dinner, it was heaven in my mouth. And coconut pumpkin pie for dessert. I love my DH when he cooks me food!

rubyrubyruby Wed 14-Aug-13 20:53:53

grin @ 'z bed '

I haven't heard that for years!

triplets Wed 14-Aug-13 23:48:31

z bed.....d`y mean you don`t have one Rubester shock of course now you`ll know them as rollaway as said in the US of A !!
z bed as I type is being jumped upon by noisy 15 yr old friend of dd, in a moment of weakness I agreed to a sleepover!
Was rather hoping for something interesting to read before I lay me down to sleep..............something like Rubesters Wild West Road Trip !

triplets Thu 15-Aug-13 01:18:50

Peace at last..............night all xx

Sokmonsta Thu 15-Aug-13 02:26:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rubyrubyruby Thu 15-Aug-13 05:00:05

Urgh! Soks - hope he's ok and sleeping well.

I can't sleep so ........

New York - hot and exciting. We did 3 days mid/up/down town Manhattan. Did all the usual stuff including walking the high-line. Fab hotel with super comfy beds and fantastic bathrooms.
San Fran - cool after NY. Relaxed feel but has it's fair share of crazies! Cycled over the GGB and night tour of Alcatraz.
Yosemite - words cannot describe it.
Big Sur - beautiful and relaxing. We rented an amazing house where we cooked and drank wine to recharge mid-way through our holiday. This was one of my best decisions.
Pismo Beach - DCs swam and amused themselves so DH and I had some time to ourselves. Lovely beach and great sandwiches!
Santa Barbara - I loved Santa Barbara - a real Mediterranean feel.
Palm Springs - hot, great pool, I wasn't keen tbh.
Vegas - busy, busy. It was great to take the DCs and show them as I've talked about it so much but I'm done with it now. I shall not be doing Vegas again.

Best Day: Cycling over GGB - my god how we laughed! 23miles!
Best Experience: HWY1 drive from Carmel to San Luis Obispo.
Best Meal: Santa Barbara.
Funniest: Cycling, our car and the waitress in Yosemite.
Worst: DHs sunburn
Biggest Surprise: Joshua Tree national park and the drive across the Mojave Desert - stunning.
Biggest Regret: not getting to Red Rock Canyon.

DD favourite place was SF
DS2 Yosemite
DS3 Las Vegas

Any questions ? grin

triplets Thu 15-Aug-13 07:49:43

Morning! Thank you Rubes, hope you are still zzzzzzzz btw!
Interesting you weren`t fussed with Palm Springs, we weren`t either. The Joshua Tree NP is just too fantastic for words isn`t it, we saw our first real road runner there! We were in Santa Barbara in 93, yes very Italian feel about it. I would love to do NY, its on my hit list and time is marching on! I guess for me the highlights will always be the NParks, Yosemite (been three times, awesome in the Spring with the waterfalls after the snow), Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, Death Valley and for the drive Highway 1. San Fran I do love as a starting point as there is so much to see and do, though we have never yet done Alcatraz. America is an adventure, I love seeking out the crazy quirky places.............I need to return! So glad you had such a good time!

triplets Thu 15-Aug-13 07:50:56

btw interested in the house on Big Sur, where did you find it?

Morning girls xx

rubyrubyruby Thu 15-Aug-13 09:47:05

I found it by googling but it's on tripadvisor.


It was a risk but all reviews were fantastic

MultipleMama Thu 15-Aug-13 10:42:22

Sok - oh no! Hope he feels better today, poor little mite.

Ruby - I'm so very envy envy. Sounds like you had a great time.

Today shall be spent online shopping for when we move and putting them in my save list! Haha. DH made me B&B before work and dad had all the DC dressed and fed and had planned on taking them out but they had other ideas. They've taken over my bed to play. smile

MultipleMama Thu 15-Aug-13 18:36:57

Can't believe my father and I share the same name as that pompus, homophobic prat of a president! Urgh, it just infuriates me. The smug, hypercritical asswipe! I have a mind to wear a bright rainbow t-shirt that may brother likes meat as I walk through the bloody Russian airport. My brother and DH have the right to put their penis' wherever they bloody want to! <<takes deep breaths>>

... My father should have never told me about the news. Okay, I'm going to stuff my face with rainbow drops and parma violets before relaxing with my beautiful babies.

Hope everyone had a lovely day!

triplets Thu 15-Aug-13 19:06:14

Just in from an exciting day river fishing with the boys hmm beats a cruise hands down..............sob sob.........
Mama what on earth is going on, what have I missed?

?????? Was just thinking the same Trips PMSL

bubby64 Thu 15-Aug-13 20:05:15

Mamas post i think was about Russia being against gays competing in the next winter olympics, they are now backpedaling furiously.
Rubes - sounds an absolutely brilliant holiday.
Trips - have you survived the sleepover?
Soks - poor little josh, hope he is better soon.smile at hosing down the seat.
Shabs - you are also welcome here, sunshine most days of the holidays so far, even today, it was overcaste at times but still muggy and warm.
Mama - I made butternut squash, carrot and cinnimon soup yesterday, delish!

Spent today at Pleasurewood Hills theme park, using the tickets I won, obviously not as extreme as Alton Towers, but good all the same. Set off at 8.30, got there for opening at ten. Boys had a good time again, and , as we took picnic and own drinks, we didn't spend too much cash. Now boys are getting ready for their Young Farmers weekend youth camp starting tomorrow, then we have the NATS next weekend (big 4 day american care meet which is only up the road at Ipswich) We camp there, and enjoy the whole thing, including lots of live entertainment. Busy, busy busy, tbh, we haven't had time to fit in a "proper" holiday this year, with all the bits and pieces we have done. wink

Sokmonsta Thu 15-Aug-13 20:06:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MultipleMama Thu 15-Aug-13 22:37:30

Trips - How was the sleepover do you still have your sanity? :D
Bubby - Sounds busy! Glad you all enjoyed yourselves! That soup sounds lovely. Have you the recipe?
Evening, Shabs!
Sok - That's bloody wonderful news! She'll be toddling about in no time! Hope Josh has a much better day tomorrow! I hope lady can off you and James some support xx

I'm talking about the Russian president. He just annoys me. You can protest or even express your support about LGBT without consequences. He stops Russian children being adopted to foreign gay couples. He also blames gay people for high mortality rates and divorce. And hearing about the olympics just pissed me off. Haha.

No getting arrested, I promise. I'm on my best behaviour. My brother would kick my ass.

Goodnight, ladies xx

triplets Thu 15-Aug-13 22:45:25

Clever girl Jennifer smile
Mama please calm down and do be careful what you say this is a family thread wink and you are supposed to be resting <<wags finger>>
Bubbs, we have done nothing this holiday, feels like a waste of the summer esp as dh has had such a rotten time health wise and is now really well. Trouble is with three teens they either want to lie in bed all day or be out with their mates! Dh has appts coming up we need to get out of the way and if all is well we might try and do something nice for Christmas. He has a ct scan to check for cancer next Tues, a blood test on Weds and now the gp is concerned about the shaking(tremor) in his left hand. Its been since the last surgery and has become very noticeable, he is sending him for a brain scan...........more worry. Hopefully all will be well, if it is then he won`t have any appts until next March..............so we might be able to risk booking something nice. Not much else to report........all quiet on the Western Front!!

MultipleMama Thu 15-Aug-13 23:39:42

I'm praying it's all Good news for your DH. I'm sorry, I'll have DH wash my potty mouth with soap! ;) I'm resting, I swear. I've been in bed all day only moving to shower, toilet and put dc to bed.

Sokmonsta Fri 16-Aug-13 01:52:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Morning girls xx

Sokmonsta Fri 16-Aug-13 07:09:57

Morning. grin

rubyrubyruby Fri 16-Aug-13 08:06:27


<<clocks in>>

Sokmonsta Fri 16-Aug-13 08:25:34

My sun has gone and been replaced with rain!

This isn't an altogether bad thing as I've managed to get the cucumbers sorted and trimmed the leaves round the courgettes, plus ported the basil outside that's been sitting on my kitchen windowsill for a couple of weeks. Plus the grass could do with a drink. So hopefully the rain will do them all some good and it will be drier tomorrow.

triplets Fri 16-Aug-13 14:49:52

Cloudy damp here and rain forecast all w/end......how lovely. Feeling soooooooo bored, just cleaned bathroom and downstairs loo, my life is just too exciting...........

MultipleMama Fri 16-Aug-13 14:50:15

Afternoon, ladies.

Sok, I haven't tended to my veggie in a while. DH says 4 cucumbers have grown massive and my lettuces have started to curl smile

Managed to pack a medium suitcase for the twins, today. I've decided to take just the single stroller (a friend's bugaboo bee) and the Boba 3G for travel and layover. I'm quite excited smile

Hope you ladies are having a good day.

triplets Fri 16-Aug-13 23:21:31

Awful quiet...........BOO..........grin

triplets Sat 17-Aug-13 07:42:09


Sokmonsta Sat 17-Aug-13 08:16:22

It's morning time! (Announced beautifully at 6am by a very bouncy 3 year old). I am feeling somewhat curmudgeonly this morning as I have a headache and want to be in bed sleeping it off. But dh is asleep still and the dc are awake.

Mama. I am sure you will have beautiful marrows soon wink

Am off out with friends tonight - dh and I. Together! My sister is bringing her youngest to ours to babysit as her eldest two are at their dad's (same dad. He just can't be trusted with the youngest's allergies). Looking forward to seeing everyone. One of my friends is pregnant, due on her birthday so might not see her much for the next few months.

Morning girls xx

A text from Virginmedia woke me up at 5.30am........angry

MultipleMama Sat 17-Aug-13 15:05:49

Morning, loud giggles woke me up this morning. The eldest 2 had climbed into the cot and were playing games with the twins.

Doing nothing but relaxing in family room smile

Hope everyone has a good day smile

triplets Sat 17-Aug-13 17:11:38

God I`m bored...............

Chopstheduck Sat 17-Aug-13 17:14:22

I'm BACK!!!! grin

triplets Sat 17-Aug-13 17:18:19

How de doo dee Chopster! Can`t wait for your travel report smile
Welcome backsmile

rubyrubyruby Sat 17-Aug-13 17:22:40

Welcome home Chops x

bubby64 Sat 17-Aug-13 17:26:31

Boys at camp, so we had a lie in, isn't it funny, we are child free and have been at a loose end as to what to doconfused . In the end we went out for a pub lunch, and have got a ready meal curry for tea, with a bottle of wine, hired a film, and even go popcorn! Parents night ingrin grin

Its rained here for the past 8 hours and I dont mean just drizzly bits of the wet stuff - I mean RAINED - pouring down and cold. I have sat here on my fat bum and moaned to anybody who would listen - <<whispers.....I want to go back to Venezia>>

triplets Sat 17-Aug-13 18:05:39

Now have large Dubonnet in handgrin

ps. still bored!

triplets Sat 17-Aug-13 23:55:47

I am really tired................someone is having a party, boom boom boom music outside grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

MultipleMama Sun 18-Aug-13 07:38:52

Good morning!

I was attacked by children at 5am this morning! So I did the only thing I could do... make them jump on DH and then DF until they were awake too.

There were 3 sane zombies sitting on bed... and if 1 female zombie should accidentally sleep... they'll be 2 sane zombies looking after kids!

I want to sleep but the twins have decided to be extra clingy, hungry and cranky.

triplets Sun 18-Aug-13 08:35:17

Good morning.............the sun has got its hat on smile

Sokmonsta Sun 18-Aug-13 09:22:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Morning girls xx

Dan & Emmas first wedding anniversary today grin xx

bubby64 Sun 18-Aug-13 18:00:32

♡♡♡♡♡Happy Anniversary Dan and Emma♡♡♡♡♡♡

triplets Sun 18-Aug-13 23:22:21

wow a year already..........Happy Happy Anniversary to Emma and Dan flowers

sad Tom just said 'Next year by the time YOU go to Faliraki I will be 17....I dont want to go with my Mam & Dad next year.....I know this is ridiculous but I just had a cry. Dont want to go without him. In fact Im NOT going without him. Bloody hell I hate the fact that kids grow up. I need to win a sizeable amount on the lottery so that me, DK, Tom, Dan, Em & Lew can go together. He is on his PC talking to his friends and Im in the living room on the laptop.....crying into my bloody hankie. Too hard to explain to him how much I miss his brothers and the fact that my eldest is a husband and dad.....and how I want him to be 5 years old again. Stuffin' hate getting older. xxxxx

triplets Mon 19-Aug-13 00:01:43

<<wraps her dearest friend in her arms and understands>>
Oh Shabs..............this is all about letting go, letting go to grow up knowing there will be no more. I felt I lost all my three this summer, this summer I wanted us to make the most of because of dh`s health. Yet we have done nothing as they simply do not want to do things with us, even down to going for a walk with me. It sad and it hurts. Because you and I have known the ultimate cost of letting go we want to hang on to these children now..............but we can`t keep them on reigns. I sometimes feel that they are moving on and I am standing still............does an of this make sense? xx

Morning girls xx

Makes total sense Trips. sad xx

MultipleMama Mon 19-Aug-13 06:13:27

<<Gives Trips and Shabs hugs!>> I have no idea how I'll let them go. I get upset when K says, "no mama, I do it. I'm a big boy now."

Even though you're letting ago just remember you made it possible for them to be independent and have their own lives because you raised them and loved them enough to give them the freedom to be themselves.

Sok - Hope Josh and Jen are feeling better today.

Why are my kids early risers this week?! I just want to sleep! Twins woke up 8 times last night and finally passed out in our bed at 4am. K & A came bursting in at 4.30am wanting to play outside... they knonked back to sleep at 5.30am in the twins' cot - no idea how they managed to fit in and be comfy!

Currently watching DH dress for work like a sneak trying not to wake them up. Gunna try and catch a few more winks!

MultipleMama Mon 19-Aug-13 15:57:01

Done the last family shop before I go away on Saturday as DH will not have time during the weeks. 3 trolleys full but on budget DH set! Proud of myself

Sokmonsta Mon 19-Aug-13 21:24:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

triplets Mon 19-Aug-13 23:24:01

Evening all........dragged the boys out today, went fishing again. Lovely lake, teeming with wildlife, hot and sunny, lovely pic-nic and who caught the first big fish..................da da da da......moi!! Dd refused to come, so she spent the whole day in her room..............her choice. Now worried as Molly my cat has not come home all day which is totally out of character for her. It was this time last year her brother Ollie was killed in the road sad Up and out early tomorrow, dh has a ct scan to check cancer. Mama how long will you be away?

MultipleMama Tue 20-Aug-13 00:27:27

Sok - Glad to hear they're doing better. Sounds like you had a great day although shit news about the school not helping.

Trips - Fingers crossed the scan goes well and is good news! Sounds like you had a great day too!

I got 24th August - 20th September so roughly 4 weeks. Got all the twins packed. Just me now.

Twins having another rough night. Just finished the 4th feed of the night and poor DH currently has both twins snuggled into his neck and Dieter is making "feeding" noises and sucking DH's. He hasn't a clue whether to disloge and move them or stay completely still.

It's hilarious to watch. However, I'm going to sleep and leave DH to figure it out. Am I evil? Haha.

triplets Tue 20-Aug-13 06:22:42

Morning............can`t sleep. Woke up at 5.30am with bird noise outside my window, looked out to see approx 50 magpies in the road, must have been insects there or something, really bizarre sight. Also feeling slightly sick and its because I am worried about Molly, can`t bear to go through what we did with Ollie last year. She never wanders, I so love that little cat. Going to be a long day.

Morning girls xx

Hope Molly soon comes home Trips xxx

Chopstheduck Tue 20-Aug-13 07:07:21

morning girls xx

hope Mollie comes home soon, trips. And good luck to dh.

soks, it really is a nightmare isn't it! Hope you get somewhere with them soon. Can no-one else provide the imput?

I am sooo sleepy. After such a busy holiday, then a busy weekend, then yesterday doing a ton of laundry, 3 hours ironing, faffing around making pulled pork tacos, and then going for a run, I can barely keep my eyes open by 8! Thank god it is a bank holiday weekend coming up, hopefully can catch up a bit. I think the twins are still tired too, both have been stroppy.

triplets Tue 20-Aug-13 07:21:21

smile she has just come insmile phew..........stupid I know, but we all love her. H up having early b/fast before scan.............

Chopster need an update on your hols pls!

MultipleMama Tue 20-Aug-13 07:41:00

Trip - I'm happy Molly is back! I can't bare the thought of an animal alone or worse hurt and alone.

Chops - Being the hypocrite I am; find time to put your feet up! I miss exercise strangely sad

My kids are relentless and horrible to their mama! Storming into bedroom at 5am dressed in PJs, wellies and coats wanting to, once again, play outside. By this point A's mini tantrum and being told no woke up the twins who had only fallen to sleep at 4.15am.

DH wasn't best pleased and went to work with a face like a sourpuss. I am now sat outside wrapped in a blanket and a parker coat while K and A play. DF is inside with two cranky, tried twins.

Chopstheduck Tue 20-Aug-13 07:43:35

aww mama! Will they nap later?

Glad Mollie is back! gringrin

I'm jsut now uploading some pics to FB, and then will try to write a report! smile

rubyrubyruby Tue 20-Aug-13 07:59:57

Glad Molly's back! Hope DK gets on ok today Trips x

MM - not a great start to the day eh? Things can only get better.

Soks - angry for you

Shabs xx letting go is hard sad I'm anxious about Thurs.

Chops - it took me a good 5-6 days to recover from my jet lag. What was the best bit?

I'm supposed to be moving in the next week. I've also been promoted at work so have more training coming up. Feel like I'm drowning a bit.
I appear to have majorly pissed off my MIL too which has upset me.

Chopstheduck Tue 20-Aug-13 08:29:57

aww, hope it all settles down soon rubes sad

piccies link! Should be set to public so you don't need FB to view.

Best bit - really hard to choose! I loved the canyon, I think maybe that. Or boys II men in vegas.

Chopstheduck Tue 20-Aug-13 09:07:51

LA - Stayed in Anaheim, but loved Long beach the best and would stay there if we went back. Worst thing was the traffic, which was a nightmare in LA, best bit was hiking up to the Hollywood sign which had spectacular views of LA. Also loved Rodeo drive, though DH didn't let me in ANY shops! Palm springs we only really went to for the outlets and did a ton of shopping grin

We only did Knott's Berry farm out of the parks in the end - lost our vouchers for Universal! I really liked it though, and the lines were a lot more bearable. We also found that the boys were allowed on pretty much every ride, which was great. They loved a ride which was just like Stealth in Thorpe park, which they would have to be 140cms to go on here! We also turned up a whole day late to the baseball, so missed that! But we did end up booking a game in SF. We enjoyed it and out was fun for the experience but it didn't grab us in the same way American football did and we won't go again. DH also did NOT tell me how cold the pacific was! Fecking freezing which i was disappointed with! But the hotel was nice, and we enjoyed late evening swims in the pool.

San Diego I really wash't that fussed with. I loved taking the kids rock pooling and they got within 2 foot of a massive sea lion. We also enjoyed the USS Midway. Gaslamp is all restaurants and not really that atmospheric. I really wanted to go to Tijuana, but dh was too scared!

We went up to Willams via Lake Havasu city which was nice, would have liked to have done a boat ride there. Drove along long dessert roads, bumpy hot and no traffic in sight - dt1 threw up! Drove some of route 66, and saw some of the little towns, Williams is a lovely place, the boys loved the evening shoot out! The canyon was jaw dropping,. I look back at some of the photos and they don't look real! I'd love to have spent longer there and done some hiking. It's be my number one place to go back to in CA. DH was never really an outdoorsy person - scared of wildlife etc, the parks element of the holiday was really me, but he loved them all too in the end.

Vegas was seedy, hot, crowded. The hotels are so big, it took ten minutes to walk from our car to our room. we did a buffet the first night, and it was a 90 minute queue for mediocre food. The Bellagio screwed up our lake view booking and we ended up on the 6th floor with a shitty view - still complaining about that one. Considering it was 5 star, it really didn't feel it at all. No coffee, no water, no papers - just money grabbing crappy service. Even got woken in the middle of the night cos some pissheads upstairs had left the tub running - with very little apology. The pool was lovely though, I liked seeing all the lights, and the two shows we saw were fabulous (Boys II men and Ká) I'd go back to Vegas for the shows, but I think I'd maybe stay off the strip.

We then drove towards death valley which was amazing - so barren! I expected to see more traffic in these places, but it was generally very isolated. The changes in scenery and climate were so frequent too, up to 30c in temperature and from dessert to lush forest! Yosemite was another place that we could really have done with more time to explore, it was very much a whistle stop tour and dh was disappointed he didn't get to see any bears! I'd like to go back in Spring, since the falls were all dry.

Had the most interesting stay of the holiday after that - a motel somehow rated 3* but very run down, couple next door had a big barny on and off all evening in spanish (mexican spanish is so much harder to understand!), which resulted in a state trooper hammering on our door at 5 in the morning! He wasn't the worst sight to wake up to though winkgrin He'd got the wrong door, but after that we heard the whole thing going on again, and the guy getting arrested.

Took DH to San Jose to see Apple's HQ <rolleyes> then headed down the coast a bit to Big Sur - some amazing views, best bit was the waterfall falling on to the beach. We went down to Pfeiffer beach, absolutely beautiful, but so dangerous. We didn't realize just how bad it was until we headed back to the car and saw a memorial on a tree for a girl who had been swept out while only paddling - very sad.

Last stop - San Francisco! Hotel was one of the best of our stay, with free wine and cheese in the afternoons and a huge room with a little kitchenette, and a big bathroom with spa tub. (I was won over with the wine! wink) We were very tired at this point though, and the hills were a killer! We were close to union square, but a 2 mile walk to fisherman's wharf. I think next time I'd stay on the outskirts and drive to places. We ditched the car on arrival but ended up getting a car on day 3, to get to a few places and drive back to the airport.

We really wanted to do the bike ride, but it would have been nearly a full day, so we got a trolley down to the wharf and started walking towards the bridge. It didn't look far on the map - but a two hour walk for a jaw dropping view of FOG!! If we hadn't have laughed, we'd have cried! We did manage to see it at one point though, and I drove over it. Alcatraz night tour was brilliant and the boys loved it. They are fascinated by Frank Morris and one of the talks was all about his escape. I think the boys loved SF best.

All in all, it was what my mum calls a 'microwave' holiday, a non stop rushed tour, but we saw so much. It was meant to be the holiday of a lifetime, but now I want to go back and spend longer at my favorite bits! Hike the Canyon, bike the bridge, stay in Yosemite. Better start saving!!

rubyrubyruby Tue 20-Aug-13 09:30:32

I didn't know Pfeiffer Beach was dangerous Chops!
We spent quite a while there but think we only paddled. We brought home some purple sand.

We were lucky in San Fran as it was clear. Cycling GGB was great but my DC are older - it would have been a bit scary with younger ones!

Chopstheduck Tue 20-Aug-13 09:43:39

the purple sand was very pretty! The girl drowned along with her mother and grandmother, she was only paddling too. sad Apparently the sea is so powerful it just sweeps the sand out from under your feet. We paddled too, the tree was facing you as you walk back to the car park, so not really noticeable until you go back.

It looked like cycle paths most of the way? We were overtaken by LOTS of bikes. Shay prob would have been a nightmare though, he tends to be overconfident and probably would have belted off!

MultipleMama Tue 20-Aug-13 16:59:59

Lovely photos Chops! Makes me want to go in a few years! Are you planning to go again?

Congrats on your promotion, Rubes! Shame at the bad timing though! Hope you and your MIL sort out whatever seems to have pissed her off!

Today has just been a nightmare. Took an hour of feeding and Kangeroo care to get the twins to nap around 12pm but only lasted half an hour until Dom started wailing. Then Dieter woke sensing his missing brother. So I've done nothing but nurse today. They have done nothing throw fits all day so I got annoyed put them in pushchair and told DF to take them out for a bit. The oldest have been great and were content playing outside all day apparently they didn't want to play with me because I don't play properly and only dada can be the Prince...

I'm hungry....

rubyrubyruby Tue 20-Aug-13 21:04:29

We cycled from Union Square so through the city was busy. The problem was the actual bridge. The path was only open one side and it was a shared bike and pedestrian way and some of the oncoming bikes were going very fast! it was ok coming back as later in the day they opened the other side for bikes only.

bubby64 Tue 20-Aug-13 22:50:15

Trip sounds awesome Chops.
Mama- hope they let you get some rest, 20th Sept will be here before you know itwink
Soks - Glad the 2 little Js are better, so stupid about the school, if they wanted a report, why didn't they ask for one in term time????
((((Shabs & Trips)))) it must be hard, although, atm, J is being such a stroppy little git, I would give anything for him to stay in his room and out of everyones waysad sad He has called his father and me some disgusting names, shouting and screaming at the top of his voice "Don't touch/hurt me!" when we are not even near him, and attacking M just for being in the same room as him, and today it all because a) i asked him to come off my laptop and tidy some of his stuff away, and b) he didnt want to eat the lasagne i had made for tea, and wanted me to cook him something different, which i refused to do, especially as I had already made a special one for him and M with no mushrooms or peppers in angry angry.
Our nasty neighbours must be loving it!sad
Now R is in a right mood, and had been taking it out on me, saying "why can't you control him?" and saying he really hates his own son for how he is behaving, and is going to leave and declare bankrupt so he doesn't have to pay child supportsad sad.
I know he won't do that, but its so hurtful him saying it, I also know that Js temper tantrums, tho extreme at times, are partly due to his age etc. The problem is, since the debacle earlier this year, we are pussyfooting around him, worried about any disciplinary actions especially when he screams out like he has been doing. We have removed xbox, phone, tv, stopped money, and none of it seems to work, and although I can order him up to his room, I can no longer physically make him go.sad

bubby64 Tue 20-Aug-13 22:53:10

Sorry Rubes- forgot to say congratulations on the promotion, and hope you sort the problem with MiL soon, whenever you find out what she has got her knickers in a twist aboutsmile

MultipleMama Wed 21-Aug-13 00:31:59

Bubby - ((hugs!)) This must be so stressful for you being in the crossfire and being hurt yourself. And that was an awful thing for him to say even if he was angry!

Finally settled the twins an hour ago after 2 hours of nursing and kangaroo with DH. Dieter is fighting sleep but he'a plastered himself against sleeping Dom so hoping his brother's breathing lulls him off.

K & A settled great. So glad they go to bed willingly and on time.

Morning girls xx

Bubby - we have had plenty of times like that in our house. sad its bloody awful - I hope you can find a way 'through' it all xx

Chopstheduck Wed 21-Aug-13 07:13:25

rubes, you cycled from Union Sq?! shock Blimey!! I cycle in London sometimes, but wouldn't fancy downtown SF, too scared of the trolleys! Our hotel was near Union sq and we walked from that way a couple of times, up and down over Russian hill - knackering!

Didn't realise the change of job was a promotion - well done! grin

bubby - sad Do hope J settles down soon. You dh really isn;t being very supportive, he needs a kick up the bum too!

mama, originally it was going to probably be a one off, which is why we squeezed in so much, but now I really do want to go back again! Though next time I want to just take the older two away. My parents won't have the twins - they can't cope with dt2. -- think a very bright, tasmanian devil! I'm thinking PGL for the younger two and take the older two to New York next. Won;t probably be til at least 2015 though, we need to save. Next year we are considering Amsterdam with my parents and all the kids.

triplets Wed 21-Aug-13 08:29:09

Morning all and thank you Chop for the report and awesome pics.....oh I have to go back, we have been 4 times, the last one was a 4week trip and I would do it all again tomorrow it is such an adventure! Did I see you had rain in Williams shock he streets looked wet. The big guy in your photo with the boys was the same guy my kids had their photo taken with too in 2007!! I am so glad you loved the parks, for me they are just the most amazing places on earth. Everyone should see the Grand Canyon...............I want to see all the canyon lands and I want to see Yellowstone..........now you have me dreaming...............

Rubes congrats on your well earned promotion, family tiffs are horrid I hope it gets sorted xx

Morning Shabs me awd mucker smile

rubyrubyruby Wed 21-Aug-13 08:29:10

Bubby - I'm sorry love. It is a difficult age and your DH does need to be supportive but I know he has problems of his own xxx

Chops - yes! We headed directly out to the wharf and then right round to the bridge. Our hotel did free bike hire. It was fine - but then it is my job so I knew what I was doing smile

rubyrubyruby Wed 21-Aug-13 08:30:46

Thanks for MIL support. I hate upsetting her but need to learn that whatever we do - its never enough.

My Mam & Dads 59th wedding anniversary today smile

Chopstheduck Wed 21-Aug-13 08:43:12

trips, yeah rained for about 15 minutes while we were watching the show, only rain we had all holiday! It was still very warm, so didn't bother us in the least. Can't believe it was the same bloke - what a coincidence!!

I'd love to go to Yellowstone too, did you see that documentary a while back where they covered the changing seasons? It was brilliant, I think they did one on Yellowstone and one on Yosemite at some point too. I'd love to hike down the canyon, but I don't think dh would cope! he moaned enough about the hills in SF.

wow rubes, free bike hire, that's good! We were going to hire for a couple of hours, but they only do kids for the whole day, and we didn't have a whole day to spare.

triplets Wed 21-Aug-13 09:02:58

smile Happy Anniversary to Mr and Mrs Harry smile

MultipleMama Wed 21-Aug-13 12:58:44

Happy Anniversary!

About to take the twins swimming. I'm foregoing the double rubber ring and venturing into the world of swim vests! So glad our centre has a baby pool in a closed off area so it's quieter. The boys really hate the loud noises.

bubby64 Wed 21-Aug-13 13:40:17

Thanks for the support Girlies. DH was still awake when I finally went up at 1am, he had been stewing over what he said and apologised, we lay together and tried to work out a strategic plan on dealing with J, was also apologetic this morning, but he didn't seem too sincere, as he had that smug look on his face that we are becoming all to familiar with lately. I hate this age, and can't wait for them to get a little older, but I understand that when they do, I will be in the same boat as Shabs and Trips, wishing thry were little againsad

triplets Wed 21-Aug-13 14:35:14

How old are the boys Bubbs? God the kids today are such a diff ball game to my first time round with Matthew. I blame a lot of it on technology! They all stay in more, gaming/texting its the way it is. I literally threw James out today, Thomas does at least get out 3/4 times a week but J will sit all day watching tv etc. They want a friend to sleep over tonight so the agreement was to go to the local pool this pm. I am just going out to stock up on crisps etc for tonight as he cupboards are bare, yet I spent £120 in Tesco y/day!

Chopstheduck Wed 21-Aug-13 18:04:36

aww bubby, glad you managed to talk things over at least x

how did swimming go, mama? I took my four this afternoon, was fun!

trips, i think u right about the technology. I dunno if my lot are still tired from hols, but I practically had to force them out the door this morning for some peace!

MultipleMama Wed 21-Aug-13 20:40:14

Chops, Trips, Bubby - I have all this to come!

Swimming was great even dare I say more relaxing than at home. First time in a few days that the boys hadn't cried at the slightest thing. The vests are tricky to get used to but the boys found it hilarious when the other went under water. Dieter even started kicking his legs with his face in the water so I have a sneaky feeling he may be the first one to swim.

I now have two worn out twins in their cot without the fuss of the past too days. Hope it lasts!

triplets Wed 21-Aug-13 23:27:56

Well I wish mine were worn out! Came home from the pool at 6pm, dumped their wet gear and went to the park. Back at 7 for supper, back to the park until 9.30pm..............now having late night snacks whilst on the x-box..............I maybe up a while ...........

MultipleMama Thu 22-Aug-13 02:42:26

Sounds like a fun but tiring day, Trips!

A miracle has happened! Twins slept from 6.30pm - 2am straight! Granted they were dream fed at 8pm like usual but still! Currently DH is singing a bit of Iron Maiden after 20mins of feeding, it seems to be settling them. Fingers crossed.

Chopstheduck Thu 22-Aug-13 07:16:35

ooh that's good mama - hope they went back to sleep again! We used to do a dream feed with ours at 10pm, took fecking ages to be able to drop it! I think it does help them get through the night a bit longer though.

Good luck to Tomster, I'm thinking he gets his results today? And anyone else - rubes, do yours have results coming out?

I am still tired, don't know what is the matter with me. I feel like I have no strength left! Hope I feel better by the weekend. I'm supposed to be pole dancing tonight, be lucky if I can get off the ground!

Morning girls xx

Yep its GCSE results day here.

Keep telling Tom EVERYTHING is 'fixable' if he doesn't get the results he needs. Thats the one good thing about being a teenager these days. If we failed our O levels it was......tough!!! No luxury of re-sits for us!!!

Chopstheduck Thu 22-Aug-13 07:31:06

I'm sure he will have done brilliantly, he deserves it! Keeping everything crossed for him x

triplets Thu 22-Aug-13 07:54:32

Morning girls, chucking it down here, still poor gardens needed it. Well must say it was quieter last night with three boys than two, he can come againsmile

Asked Tom to text me as soon as he got his results....told him one word texts would do. GOOD, OK, NOT GREAT or WE NEED TO SORT THIS MESS OUT!!!.

He just texted VERY GOOD.

Massive relief xxx

rubyrubyruby Thu 22-Aug-13 10:22:41

Great Shabs xx well done Tom

DS left an hour ago and just said he would be home at lunchtime hmm

....... his phone is here.

Chopstheduck Thu 22-Aug-13 10:38:25

that's brilliant shabs grin

hope you hear from ds soon, rubes!

MultipleMama Thu 22-Aug-13 10:41:15

Good luck, Tom!!! I'm sure he'll do brilliantly and like you said; everything is fixable!

Chops, I bet your energy comes wizzing back once you're on that pole. I've decided to try it when I pop out these wiggly beanpoles. The twins were out like a light after 2 Iron Maiden and 1 Misfits song. Who knew that "Die, die, die my darling" would be a great lullaby haha.

Twins are in a much better mood today, I think it was a case of lack of sleep which had a catalyst effect. I think the swimming just completely wore them out and it's what they needed.

I have my last scan in the UK, today. I honestly haven't felt this great since around 13 weeks. I seem to be sleeping and waking up with energy. The unborn twins have been moving a lot more. Excited and anxious smile

Hope you all have a good day!

MultipleMama Thu 22-Aug-13 10:42:30

Just seen the latest. Congrats!! You must be very proud of and for him smile

triplets Thu 22-Aug-13 14:09:51

Well done Tom and well done Shabs......you had a lot to do with it you know smile
This time next year I will be awaiting three lots of results............the way things are going I won`t be holding my breath!

MultipleMama Thu 22-Aug-13 14:31:04

Scan went well. I'm measuring 21cms, Sev's fluids have increased to almost "average" which we're very pleased about.

Sev is head down but Annie is transverse with head up. Gotta rest but do exercise to encourage her to turn and go head down.

They've given me the all clear to go to Russia and enjoy myself smile

rubyrubyruby Thu 22-Aug-13 14:43:43

That's good news MM.

DS is disappointed - grades lower than predicted sad

triplets Thu 22-Aug-13 15:08:12

Good news MM
Oh dear Rubes, is he terribly disappointed?

rubyrubyruby Thu 22-Aug-13 15:12:28

Yes trips sad he cried
but we will pull him through.

I think he's done well but that's not what counts is it?
he is disappointed.

MultipleMama Thu 22-Aug-13 15:16:36

Oh Rubes. Poor thing must be gutted. Is he able to resit them? Does he want to? There's always options but I bet he thinks the worst. Massive hugs to him! X sad

Sokmonsta Thu 22-Aug-13 15:17:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

They are under so much bloody pressure Rubester. It is all fixable but he wont see it like that for a while yet. Give him a sneaky hug from me please xxx

rubyrubyruby Thu 22-Aug-13 17:20:38

Thanks Shabs x
He's looked at his options but his results interview isn't until next Thurs!

MultipleMama Thu 22-Aug-13 20:00:52

Thanks everyone! We're really happy and I'm so excited about seeing my brother! I think I'm gunna cry all over shoulder and make him uncomfortable!

I bet you can't wait until she's running around destroying the place ;) hope her pain eases up, your little monkey deserves a break smile Hope you can get some help with James because it's unfair on all of you.

Twins are fast on but about to dream feed them. Going to try and pack tonight so that I can spend the day with the kids and explain to them that mama is going away (dreading that part so much!)

bubby64 Thu 22-Aug-13 20:58:21

Funny, yesterday was a day for taking the kids swimming, the boys are 12, almost 13, so I think we have a few more years of tantrums, but I hope they get better sooner rather than laterblush

Shabs - congratulations to Tom, you must be so proud.
Rubes - I know he is disappointed, but, as Shabs and everyone is saying, things can be fixed, he may still get to do the course he wants too, this years exams were so problomatic with all the changes, im sure he will be able to sort things out.
Mama- great news, you must be so relieved.
Soks- glad Jen is getting brave, sorry she is so unsettled

Boys a bit better today, but still squabbling. I came home from work and found the house was a disaster zone, so had a hissy fit myself! 15 mins later, all the plates/dishes/bowls/cups were in the dishwasher, the kitchen surfaces wiped down, the vacuum cleaner was out and the living room looked livable again! As I said, it took me having a hissy fit, but in the end, they did me proudgrin

Also had some sad news last night. My Godmother passed away the previous night, she was 94 and died peacefully in her sleep in her own bed at home, which is a lovely way to go.

MultipleMama Thu 22-Aug-13 21:53:07

Sorry for your loss, Bubby. It's a peaceful way to go though x

Twins woke up a little earlier than usual but went down with little fuss and no nursing thanks to DH's wonderful singing voice. I think the twins have a new bedtime favourite. K & A, again, went to bed without mini tantrums. K woke up asking for cuddles but soon went back to bed after a story.

A peaceful night, I think things are settling into a routine and calming down, I'm hoping my going away doesn't disrupt them too much.

Off to bed, DH wants to watch a movie with me. Goodnight x

Morning girls xx

Sorry to hear your sad news Bubby xxx

rubyrubyruby Fri 23-Aug-13 07:23:10

Morning smile

Sorry for you loss bubby x

Chopstheduck Fri 23-Aug-13 07:31:10

morning girls x

sorry ds didn't get the results he had hoped for, rubes, hope he gets something sorted and feels a bit brighter soon.

bubbs - you should have your hissy fits more often, I'm sure that has worked in the past too! grin Very sorry for your loss though x

soks, that does sound like quite a lot of pain, even with hypermobility. Have they looked at EDS, to see if that might be the cause for her hypermobility? Trying to think what else might help - what about microwave beanies for her to snuggle with where she is sore? There is also a specialist clinic in London run by a pediatrician expert in hms, that I was told about which they discussed referring us to, but decided ds wasn't severe enough for.

DS1 has had to have quite a lot of ibuprofen over the hols, but he manages without paracetamol as well. He is pretty tired atm, rather pale and falling over quite a bit, BUT he did discover that his hms was very useful for climbing! He shot up the hardest part of the climbing wall at BB camp apparently and was the champion. grin

It does get easier as they grow up and learn their limits, but at that age they do tend to push too hard, I was constantly having to pull ds back a bit!

I felt a bit post holiday blueish yesterday, it rained on and off all day, I couldn't get out, and was still feeling drained and tired. Today though, I feel a lot more like myself, and the sun is shining and I'm going to take the kids to Aldershot Lido for the day - big outdoor pool with flumes and diving boards. The kids have never been on diving boards - they are going to love it!

MultipleMama Fri 23-Aug-13 10:43:49

Had a lovely lie in thanks to DF taking the dog a walk with the eldest two who woke up at 6am today. Twins woke at 5am but nursed them back to sleep. Currently tandem feeding them as we speak so we'll be ready to start our day. I plan on taking all leaf hunting at our local woods and then make pictures with them to welcome autumn.

Then we're making a chocolate smash cake as they & DH won't be there for twins birthday in September nor us there for K's. Our tradition is they get their first taste of chocolate on their 1st birthday. So having a family tea party just the 9 of us.

Hope everyone has a lovely day! Hope Jen is feeling better today and those muscles of hers are ache free xx

triplets Fri 23-Aug-13 15:28:19

Mama its a long time to be away from your little ones...........and to miss being tog for birthdayssad Hope they all cope for you.
<<Hug for you Bubby>>
Sunny atm, just going to sit in the garden whilst my LDC bakes........smells divine!

MultipleMama Fri 23-Aug-13 15:52:52

Longest I've gone without holding them in 3 days and that's when I was in the hospital. I'm going to miss them terribly sad but for the sake of the unborn babies I need the break and be 100% and come back with a new attitude and ready for my new crazy life!

I explained to them that mama is going to spend time with Uncle Ivan. They cried a lot but after loads of hugs they calmed down. I promised to call and "video" with them and Uncle Ivan and Uncle Petrov every night. They've seem to accept it but I know tomorrow is going to chaos.

I leave before they wake up, so debating whether to wake them to say goodbye or just go. I haven't told them how long I'm going for only that I'm coming back (bringing Uncle Ivan and Uncle Petrov with me as a surprise)

Tea Party is about to start, so better go.

Trips - Enjoy the rest of your day and enjoy those baked goods! smile

rubyrubyruby Fri 23-Aug-13 17:07:08

I could do with a beer I must say.

Hope every one has a great weekend x

Chopstheduck Fri 23-Aug-13 18:49:08

I had a hissy fit of my own today. In the car and left them to it and walked home,couple of miles of peace and quiet! Bloody ungrateful kids!

Now sitting with pacifying wine! grin

rubyrubyruby Fri 23-Aug-13 18:54:57


Beer plan scuppered. DS wants a lift <<sigh>>

MultipleMama Fri 23-Aug-13 21:17:36

Enjoy your wine, Chops! Hope you get yo have that beer Rubes!

Twins have been dream fed twice and are konked out. About to head into dreamland myself.

Night ladies, next I reply I'll be in Russia! smile

Sokmonsta Fri 23-Aug-13 22:32:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

triplets Sat 24-Aug-13 08:49:08

Morning ladies, up early making pancakes to fill the boys up as they have a long day. They are doing a fund raising day for the Air Training Corps, James is in the band and Thomas is on official duty as the Mayoress`s Cadet! I am off to the hairdresser then up to join them, just stopped raining supposed to clear by mi-day smile

Morning girls xx

Sokmonsta Sat 24-Aug-13 15:14:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MultipleMama Sat 24-Aug-13 19:45:46

Evening from Russia, ladies! Flight was un eventful with a delay on both flights. Changing planes was hectic and with only half an hour to spare! Twins behaved perfectly, either nursing, playing, or sleeping. Gave my brother a big hug! Twins were taken from me, bathed and bed only giving me them back to nurse. They're gunna be cranky tomorrow with the time difference but I'm sure their Uncles will look after them :D

It feels so weird being in a Russian speaking household. I feel I'm out of practice but it's so nice to talk and hug my brother & in law. Off to bed, it's 10:45 here and I'm ready for the comfy double bed I spotted earlier!

Night, everyone. Hope you had a great day!

Holiday song

This was the song of the holiday....the one thats played a hundred times a day. I love it so much. It was played all over Faliraki. Wonderful stuff.

MultipleMama Sun 25-Aug-13 07:04:46

What a lovely lie in! Twins woke up cranky as expected but I nursed them and they fell back asleep. Woke up 15 minutes ago to find Ivan and Petrov doing Kangaroo care with the twins on the sofa huddled under blanket, I didn't even here the twins wake up! About to have some fruit for breakfast then I'm going to have a lovely shower before huddling up with my family.

triplets Sun 25-Aug-13 07:28:53

Morning allsmile Don`t know why I put a smiley face when I have felt so fed up................well more bored. This holiday has been too long. Everyone is moping around, dd has hardly surfaced from her room in 4 days, we are all getting grumpy and snappy with each other. Hopefully the sun is back in our corner after 2 day of rain and we can get out. Fun Day y/day was cold and wet!
Shabs I love memories of holiday songs, "aga doo doo doo" Cal D`Or with Matthew xxx

Morning girls xx

I know what you mean about long school holidays Trips. Tom finished school on June 17th hmm and wont go to college until 2nd September....so not that far from 3 months off. He has hardly moved out of the house and Im sick to death of his PS3!!!

triplets Sun 25-Aug-13 17:24:34

Do they all not go in after their gcse`s then, will I have 3 home for 3 months confused

The last GCSE's, in our area, were on 30th June. Most of the kids had finished before then though. Toms last one was 17th June hmm thats when he finished. I suppose every school has different rules??? BUT maybe you will have all 3 home for 3 months LOL. I have never seen my cupboards and fridge/freezer so empty!!

Sokmonsta Sun 25-Aug-13 20:42:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

triplets Sun 25-Aug-13 22:24:29

Aww Socky, I sometimes wish mine were that age again, they were soooo adorable, I loved very minute of it.
I am panicking! Going to Matthews very best friends (Anna) wedding in Surrey on Weds. Just couldn`t find an outfit because I couldn`t find dressy shoes ,seriously! I take an 8-9!! So I gave up and decided to buy a fab top, got one in Monsoon and wear it with white linen palazzo style trousers and flatty shoes. Tried it all on today and the white trousers do nothing for the top! Its a very casual bohemian style wedding. So now off to Canterbury tomorrow, Bank Holiday to hunt for trousers or something else.................dh is going spare as he of course has been organized for weeks. I just hate getting dressed up these days!

triplets Mon 26-Aug-13 07:10:03

Morning smile Lovely to see the sun, supposed to be nice all week. Worrying now about what to wear for this wedding, last chance today!!

MultipleMama Mon 26-Aug-13 07:25:10

My last exam was 22nd June and we didn't need to be in school just go down for our exams and then college was 2nd September. This was 2006. I managed to get a job between school and college. And after a year at college I was pregnant! Doesn't look like it's changed that much in 7 years...

Shabs - I used to love singing Star Trekking on holiday! Lol.

Sok - Hope Jen feels better soon. Let's hope the Dr can help her xx

Russia is great. Currently cuddled on sofa with Petrov and the twins. I'm being looked after well and the twins are in love with Uncle Petrov it made DH jealous over skype last night haha.

I was informed that we're my Grandparents are invading on Thursday. They're coming armed with cooked food and baby gifts. I can't wait to see them and let them hold their grandbabies for the first time!

Today Petrov is taking the twins out for the day so I've pumped and pumped so he's well prepared for their cluster feeding. I will be relaxing at a Spa down the road and then sleeping smile

Hope you're all having a good day! smile

Morning girls xx

bubby64 Mon 26-Aug-13 16:52:47

Hi All
Mama - glad to here you hot there ok and you are being looked after
Shabs/Trips I agree, these holidays seem to be very long, despite the frequent outing etc that we have done.
Rubes- is your DS feeling any more positive yet?
Soks - I also loved the pre toddler/toddler age.
Chops - M still gets aches and pains in his muscles and joints if he over does things, he is a lot better at knowing his limits now, but if he is enjoying something he sometimes forgets.
We have just got back from a weekend away camping at a big local car show.
Very embarrassing start on Friday night, J had a huge temper tantrum at 2am as M's tent had been flooded out, and we had to wake J to get him to move over and share his (double!) bed in the caravan. He screamed and shouted, kicked and punched and was unbelievably nasty, he was so loud we had the site security come round to find out what the disturbance wassad blush It took me nearly 40min to get him to calm down and see he was being completely unreasonable with R fuming in the background knowing if he got involved things would deteriorate even more. R and I wanted to take him home Saturday to stay with our friend, but, unfortunately, her son was ill, so she couldn't take him. His behaviour did get a lot better though, ( he knew he had pushed us to our limits!), so we went on the cruise (all the cars driving a set route, with a lot of people watching and waving) to the seafront, and was not too bad, despite the rain showers, (i had a lovely lunch of fresh seabass), but then the heavens opened!! It poured down all afternoon and into the early evening, and a lot of the site was flooded, a large number of people ended up sleeping in their cars or in the barn complex on site (it was at the county showground). Then a glorious day yesterday with the main show, (luckily the ground was sandy soil, so the lakes drained fairly quickly!), Also there were good live bands Saturday and last night, and a huge disco foam party. (pics on facebook), then a big communal breakfast this morning.
It was nice, but it just seems that we are always on tenterhooks at the moment waiting for J to have his next meltdown. sad

Sokmonsta Mon 26-Aug-13 21:03:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MultipleMama Mon 26-Aug-13 21:23:33

Bubby - Sounds like you had a crazy but lovely break.
Sok - Glad to see babies are doing well smile

Twins were totally cranky and fussy today. I felt so sorry for Petrov who seemed worn out when he came home with a passed out Dieter in sling and a screaming Dom in stroller. I just think it's the jet lag and the lack of sleep. Both were asleep by 7pm though and it's now midnight and they've just woke up for their first feed. Tomorrow Ivan is off work so he and Petrov are taking twins swimming so I can sleep more. The Spa was heaven. They even massaged my bump and the spawn loved that! Still not used to talking Russian all the time! Haha.

triplets Mon 26-Aug-13 23:18:35

Mama when will you stop b/f, I have visions of you b/f all 4 in a few weeks time? How is dh coping?

MultipleMama Tue 27-Aug-13 06:24:44

I'll stop b/f when they wean themselves. I love b/f so I don't want to stop and they show no signs of stopping. I want to b/f all 4. We talk to DH and the kids every morning and night ob skype and DH and I call at our bedtime. I think he's coping well, he has my dad there to look after them while he works. He's had a few tantrums of "I want mama" but that goes away when he calls me on skype for them. I think it's me who isn't coping; I miss them like crazy!

Chopstheduck Tue 27-Aug-13 07:15:23

Morning girls x

Hats off to you mama - I do admire women who can extended bf, I coudn't do it! By 6 months I wanted my boobs back! Feeding four will be demanding though, you will have to make sure you get plenty of rest and food.

Do you generally speak russian to the kids at all? DH is Indian and I would have loved to have brought ours up bilingual, but dh couldn't manage to keep up speaking gujarati to ours since I couldn't understand barely a word.

We had a lovely weekend, relaxed for a while, sorted out the garden yesterday. When we moved here, nearly 8 years ago it was planted with about 8 baby trees - it's a constant battle now trying to keep on top of them so they don't take over the whole garden! I am covered with scratches.

Bubby sorry to hear that J has been kicking off too. I saw your pics on facebook and it looked like such a lovely weekend! J sounds more and more like my brother, who is still very sensitive and kicks off at the slightest thing, but he has calmed down a lot now. Seabass sounds gorgeous, one of my favs!

Glad Jen had a better weekend, soks. It will get better x

Trips, hope the ATC fundraiser went well? Next time you are in London, check out Chiltern street. There is a whole bunch of shoe shops catering for up to a size 11!! Prices are mid to high, but some of the shops have the most gorgeous shoes. My favourite is Crispin shoes, I got some ballet pumps there in a Chanel cream and navy style in the softest Italian leather - they are absolutely gorgeous. I was like a child in a sweet shop, so many shoes and they were contemporary and stylish!

Morning girls xx

MultipleMama Tue 27-Aug-13 08:32:17

Morning (almost afternoon!)

Chops - I'm hoping to reduce the twins feeds but still feed on demand... I'm thinking of breakfast before morning so they're not wasting food from lack of hunger. 11 months old and still cluster feeding! No idea how it'll work out but we'll figure it out. Worse case scenario; twins switch from breast to b/m in their sippy cups during the day - like they did yesterday.

Kids speak English, Russian and German. My dad speaks Russian constantly around them plus K had tutoring at 3 for a year, plan to do it with other dc. At home we speak both English and Russian so they're fluent in both but sometimes need it said in English to understand and reply in German. Learning them to write them and not confuse the languages is gunna be hard though.

K takes after DH if he's emotional (excited, upset etc) he alternates between German and English when talking. His preschool teachers get so confused!

We have a few trees in our garden and one blocks out the sun so it has to be trimmed. Every time it's trimmed it grows wilder! Do you want to come do my garden? Haha

MultipleMama Tue 27-Aug-13 08:34:06

I meant with speak English and German at home! Urgh, PG brain!

Chopstheduck Tue 27-Aug-13 12:53:59

That is fab mama, I'm sure they will get it all worked out eventually.

And no thank you to the garden! I hate doing ours as it is - 4.5 hours yesterday!

triplets Tue 27-Aug-13 14:23:32

Having a paddy....look ghastly in everything I put on for the wedding tomorrow, dh fed up hearing me say I look fat and old.........aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

MultipleMama Tue 27-Aug-13 19:50:04

Chops - I love gardening usually but just seeing the state of it is killing me especially if I can't to do it sad

Trips - DH hates me when I do that too! You'll find something and I bet you look good in everything! smile

Kids kangaroo'd back to sleep courtesy of Uncle Petrov. My twins don't like me any more because Uncle Ivan and Petrov are spoiling them! And me too! Missing K & A like mad they both had a massive screaming match on skype earlier.

MultipleMama Tue 27-Aug-13 23:46:12

Just heard my brother and Petrov doing the deed. I am scarred for life! The most embarrassing part is were my mouth decided to speak before thinking and asked if they wanted a drink of warm milk after I knocked on their door... I am now laid in bed with my ipod and chocolate horlicks. Just gunna sleep and die and of shame. DH found it hilarious. I'm mortified. <<sigh>>

bubby64 Wed 28-Aug-13 10:36:45

Mamagrin grin grin . But i think i would be embarrassed too. blush I honestly think bf 4 will take so much of your time and energy you would be strughling a bit, so if the current 2 can be weaned a bit more it would help, but soooooo admire you for wanting to trysmile
Trips- im sure you will look wonderful, whatever you wear.
Chops- dh tried to tidy our garden yesterday evening, and whilst doing so decided it would be a good idea to try and burn the heap of hedge clippings our neighbours so kindly left us to deal with. 5mins later he was running for buckets of water, whist I got the hose out, as it was burning out of control and treatening to set our actual hedge and fence alightshock . M had the good sense to go get the fire extinguisher out of the kitchen and the caravan, and we eventually got it out, but a good lesson learnedconfused J however, had yet another meltdown, because we wouldn't let him operate the extinguisher, so made things more difficult by keeping turning the hose offsad .
He is now kicking off again this morning because after all he has done, I am refusing to give him the bus fare and entry fee to go swimming with his mates this pm. I am right in this, aren't I? I have tried everything else, no phone, no xbox, no laptop, they didnt work, but stopping him from going off with his brother and mates to do something fun is the only punishment I can think of which will be effective.

bubby64 Wed 28-Aug-13 10:36:46

Mamagrin grin grin . But i think i would be embarrassed too. blush I honestly think bf 4 will take so much of your time and energy you would be strughling a bit, so if the current 2 can be weaned a bit more it would help, but soooooo admire you for wanting to trysmile
Trips- im sure you will look wonderful, whatever you wear.
Chops- dh tried to tidy our garden yesterday evening, and whilst doing so decided it would be a good idea to try and burn the heap of hedge clippings our neighbours so kindly left us to deal with. 5mins later he was running for buckets of water, whist I got the hose out, as it was burning out of control and treatening to set our actual hedge and fence alightshock . M had the good sense to go get the fire extinguisher out of the kitchen and the caravan, and we eventually got it out, but a good lesson learnedconfused J however, had yet another meltdown, because we wouldn't let him operate the extinguisher, so made things more difficult by keeping turning the hose offsad .
He is now kicking off again this morning because after all he has done, I am refusing to give him the bus fare and entry fee to go swimming with his mates this pm. I am right in this, aren't I? I have tried everything else, no phone, no xbox, no laptop, they didnt work, but stopping him from going off with his brother and mates to do something fun is the only punishment I can think of which will be effective.

bubby64 Wed 28-Aug-13 10:38:40

don't know why pad posted last message twice, Hi Ho, never mindgrin grin

Morning girls xx

MultipleMama Wed 28-Aug-13 13:29:04

Bubby - Hoping to slow down their feeds during the day. I've been giving them the sippy cups when they're with Ivan and Petrov and they're not fussed how they get b/m as long as they get it and get it often. Gunna try morning and bed b/f and their trainer cups on night feeds. I'm sure it'll all fall into place smile

Hope your all having a good day smile

Sokmonsta Wed 28-Aug-13 15:17:21

Afternoon. Sunny days are here again.

MultipleMama Wed 28-Aug-13 18:55:42

Bubby - you're in the right. He should realise that bad behaviour has consequences and that you mean business. Must be awful and stressful for you!

Twins are fast asleep after an exhausting day out. My brother was insulted at the park because he and Petrov were hugging the twins in a "group" hug which the twins find hilarious. Sometimes I hate people. My brother laughed it off but Petrov got mad and was ranting when they got home. I spent the day pumping, eating and sleeping!

Evening, Sok. How is Jen today? X

Morning girls xx

Chopstheduck Thu 29-Aug-13 07:26:48

morning girls x

grin @ mama! I think I would have been mortified. Very sad about the park incident though, they sound like such brilliant Uncles too!

Bubby, I'd try whatever works. He does need to learn he can't get away with his strops. And that's why I took all our clippings to the tip! grin I was sorely tempted to try to burn it, but I know I'd set fire to something.

DT1 has been a stroppy little sod the past couple of days. His temper tantrums had calmed right down, but then he has had them two days running. First day he lost his screen time, yest he lost screen time and early to bed. Hoping today he is better! We're off out today to London, dt1 wants to go to the national art gallery so hopefully they will be better behaved. Then I am handing 3 over to dh to bring home and dd and I are hitting the West End! Off to see Mamma Mia.

Took them ice skating earlier this week, I dunno how on earth you managed it pregnant, mama! I've only been a handful of times, and not recently, so I found it really hard at first. dt1 split his chin open, and dt2 got his hand stepped on, causing a lovely flap of skin to be sheared almost off his fingers. Didn't put them off though - they were whizzing around by the end of the session!

Sokmonsta Thu 29-Aug-13 09:09:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Every morning Lewis asks me what the MNet Mummys are saying.....Chops he just almost fainted when I told him about the ice skating accidents grin - he hates blood so now I am being asked 'how much blood was there!!'

I truly, truly cannot wait until Monday morning.....Tom off to college and Lew back at school.....I love both of them with all my heart but I am sick of feeding them, sorting out their arguments, picking up all their crap stuff etc etc.

Also sick to the back teeth of pretending to be Natalie Imbruglia to Lews 'Johnny English!!' He loves that film and loves Mr bloody Bean!!! He says the same thing every morning at 7am - 'Andma, you pretend to be Johnny English's girlfriend!!!' Before I know what I am doing I am talking like her and we have to act out stuff from the film. Yes, I know, I am barking mad!!!!!!!!!

triplets Thu 29-Aug-13 12:53:44

I am back! Such a lovely wedding, fab location, and Anna looked stunning. Dk kindly pointed out to me I was the only woman in trousers!! Home an hour and feeling fed up already!

I feel like I know Anna - even though we have never met!! Im glad it was a lovely wedding....you should have taken your trousers off and handed them to DK....and paraded around in your knickers - that would have shut him up grin.

MultipleMama Thu 29-Aug-13 15:10:04

Chops - I've been skating since I was 3 so I've had 20 years of practice! Haha. Make sure when you fall you're hands are in fists not flat (avoids fingers being cut off/ripped!) DS has had a bloody nose and cut gums and ice burns haha. Kids are so resilient!

Sok - Hope your DH feels better, glad to hear Jen is sleeping better! Hope you had a good day!

Shabs - I love Mr Bean and Johnny English especially when he gets the wrong building and mixes up the rings! Has he seen Johnny English reborn?

Trips - Glad the wedding was lovely!!

Petrov is still holding a grudge. I literally had swear at him in Russian of course to get a grip and forget it. He's currently bathing with the twins, I can hear the giggling from here.

My grandparents came today and Grandma could not stop kissing my cheek. She bought the kids toys and trinkets no idea how I'm gunna get them home. My Grandpa is over the moon and very proud that he's having a grandchild named after him. Ivan is no off the hook at providing grandkids now there's 4+ haha.

triplets Thu 29-Aug-13 15:54:50

Shabs put a couple of pics on my profile so you can see my special girl xx

Oh Trips - she is beautiful. Just as I imagined her to look xx

triplets Thu 29-Aug-13 16:52:45

She is Shabs, inside and out, lovely sense of humour too. x

MultipleMama Thu 29-Aug-13 20:50:14

Just wanted to wish everyone a good night.

Twins were really unsettled tonight, had to nurse countless times. I have no idea what Ivan did but they're currently passed out in their bed. I asked them if they wanted to co-sleep tonight. They've agreed. I've pumped loads just in case they have a bad night. I wonder if I'll actually have a whole night sleep for the first time in a year!

triplets Thu 29-Aug-13 23:03:03

Was fed up so have found a very last minute break, off to The Norfolk Broads on Sat for 3 nights. Boys said "yehhhh", dd said "do we have to" and dk said "what for"....................ungrateful lot.

Trips that sounds like a lovely break - I hope the sun shines and you ALL have a great time xx

Morning girls xx

Chopstheduck Fri 30-Aug-13 07:48:00

Morning girls x

thanks for those tips, mama! Told the kids that one. They got off lightly really, the first aid guy was telling us, when we arrived there was an ambulance there, some guy had fallen while doing the conga, and a load of people ploughed into him, and he broke his leg badly - possibly 4 places!

Where I grew up there isn't any ice rinks in the whole county so it was only a couple of years ago that I went for the first time. I love it, but I am rather crap! grin I wanna know how to swear in Russian now!

Shabs - the blood was dripping from his chin! shockgrin Mine loved Mr Bean at that age too. Growing out of it a bit now, very sad!

Trips, that sounds lovely. Family can be ungrateful buggers! I've won a short break to flamingoland and dh is distinctly underwhelmed cos it is up North! Anything north of the m25 seems to scare him a bit! I think cos ONCE he went to Liverpool and it was very rough and the car next to him got their tyres slashed. I'm sure he will enjoy it once he gets there, he wasn't convinced by Devon and then loved it. The kids are very excited cos it has a zoo and theme park and we will stay in a log cabin!

Mamma Mia was brilliant last night, i wanted to dance all night. DD was absolutely beside herself, her face was such a picture when the curtain came up. It was her first west end show, and I think she expected something more like a local theatre production. Took her to a chinese buffet before and a wander round Chinatown and Covent garden. She is obsessed with Japan, so loved it all - there was a lot of Japanese stuff in some of the shops!

bubby64 Fri 30-Aug-13 09:14:02

chops - I loved Mama Mia, I've seen it twice now. As for ice skating, the last time the boys went, M fell and split his eyebrow, he still has thescar ehere it was gluedgrin
Trips- who cares, im sure you looked nice in trouserssmile
soks- I hope youallget some betterrest soon.
mama- you will have to box everything up and send it by post, it would work out cheaper than excess luggage.
shabs- ours dont go back until Thursday!

Well, yesterday was a disaster! Whe had a major fire, and, surprisingly, it was not caused by our smaller blaze in the heap, but, the fireman thinks, by the sun shining on a broken pane of glass in my greenhouse further down the garden. We have completely lost both our sheds, Dhs tools, the boys bikes, all the garden tools, mower, strimmer etc, all the hedge and fence panels, and next doors shed. It has melted part of the conservatory, and we have some cracked windows, but the house and oiltank were saved. The boys were at the neighbours, and had the good sense to run back with her and get the dogs. and the neighbours call the fire brigade. we were very lucky, 5 minute later and we would have lost the house, it all went up so quicklysad sad . I got a call at work, as did dh, and he was home in 10 minutes, just as the firemen got there, i took 20, and could see the smoke from 5 miles awaysad sad sad. I then had a panic, I couldnt think straight to find our insurance details, I had forgotten I had changed providers last year, and i was looking for the wrong company. I have now found everything, it was where it was supposed to be, but in my panic, I had overlooked the documents because they did not match the picture I had of them in my head.confused
What else can go wrong ladies, have we run over and squashed a luck fairy or something sad sad sad

Oh my word Bubby shock you have been so lucky....I know it wont feel like that but my strange brain works overtime when I hear news like that. xxx

Chopstheduck Fri 30-Aug-13 09:54:35

oh Bubby! That sent shivers down my back. Such a horrible thing to have to deal with but at least the house and more importantly your family and pets are ok. Hope it all goes smoothly with the insurance company and it is soon all sorted out.

triplets Fri 30-Aug-13 15:14:53

Bubby............omg how awful and scary...............but thank God you are all safe..............what a nightmare though. Awful how easily these things can happen, thank God for insurance. xx

MultipleMama Fri 30-Aug-13 18:49:11

Trips - They'll wish they weren't so ungrateful when they're older and have to pay for their own holidays! I do hope you all enjoy yourselves though! smile

Chops - Glad you enjoyed last night! Always wanted to see Lion King at the west end. Russian MAT (MN is weird and doesn't recognise my Russian format) is banned in Russian, well certain forms anyway! When I get on my laptop. I'll give Russian swearing 101 haha.

Bubby - Oh, God! Thank god you're all okay! I'm sorry for the damage it's caused but the important thing is that you're okay. Hope the insurance can help!

Despite being child free, I still woke up when they started crying and reached out to sush them and then realise they're not there haha. Twins woke about 3 times last night and according to Ivan awful screamers and greedy feeders! Which is true. I wasn't needed at all last night which made me a little sad but I did sleep better. Had a few braxton hicks tonight so they've agreed to co-sleep with the boys again. I love my family.

bubby64 Fri 30-Aug-13 21:11:36

Thanks for the support, the sound of the boys screaming when they rang me will stay with me forever, I never want to hear that againsad
Loss adjuster coming Monday, but he has already said get quotes for the fence and replacing the oil tank, which are the most important things, as well as the clear up. Its a real mess, but everything can be replaced or repaired.

MultipleMama Fri 30-Aug-13 21:58:41

I think hearing children scream would stick with anyone but you can take solace in knowing your boys are okay!!

Dieter refused the bottle tonight so currently b/f him while Petrov sits with me feeding Dom. Feels strange feeding with Petrov not that it's uncomfortable or awkward but I'm usually b/f both with DH asleep or laid against DH. I've never really had the chance to bond with my BIL due to distance so I'm grateful for this moment, my boys love him. My brother got lucky finding Petrov.

MultipleMama Sat 31-Aug-13 01:16:33

Can't believe Kvothe is 5 years old on Tuesday. It breaks my heart that I'm missing my baby's birthday but I know he'll have a great time. 5! He's growing so quick!

Sokmonsta Sat 31-Aug-13 08:10:23


Oh bubs I do hope the clean up is quick for you. ((Hugs))

Chops glad you had a lovely time In London. I did a performing arts course at college which included a two day stay in London to see a couple of shows each year. It was an amazing experience and one I'd love to repeat with dd when she is older. For now I'll settle with taking her to our local tiny theatre.

Mama. It sounds like you and the dc
are being well looked after. Glad you are getting rested.

Morning girls xx

triplets Sat 31-Aug-13 23:04:40

Why am I here? Why do I bother? Why does nothing seem to go right?
Yes, as you can see I am away on a so called break, 3 nights whoopee.
So we leave home at 10am, should have been here by 2pm, traffic hold up meant it was 3.30pm.
Arrived to find the keybox empty, as I only booked it on the pc y/day I had no contact number for the owner.
Luckily next door neighbour had owners number, he phoned her, she lives 100 miles away. She contacted the cleaner who lives locally to come back................it took her 1 hour and 15mins.
3 grumpy kids and 1 grumpy dk
House spacious, but not too clean, dirty cutlery in drawer, patio filthy, fluff under every be etc.
No light in the bathroom, so found spare bulb and had to stand on loo seat to reach the glass shade, only to find it was screwed on. Then ......crack......loo sea cracked right across.
I burst into tears.
dk said I was a bloody idiot to have stood on it.
Found contact number for owner and phoned her and confessed.
She was lovely and said not to worry, would get it all fixed tomorrow and apologized for no key.
5pm felt so stressed so had a nice cup of wine grin
Then Becca wanted a bath, fixed shower screen meant you had to stand in the bath to put the plug in and turn on tap. She did, shower came on, head swivelled round and soaked us and the floor.
Got M&S Chinese for supper, bloody electric oven, no instructions, couldn`t get it to heat up, cursed and moaned asking for help.
Finally dk sorts it after again telling me I`m hopeless.
Eat and clear up.................just like home.
Kids go off for a walk, trawl thru freeview channels and find Grease on film channel.
dk rattles newspaper so I turn it off.
9.30pm he goes to bed...............top floor, room of his own thank God.
Sit and read paper, drop my pen down the sofa, put hand down to get it and something very sharp cuts my finger and it bloody hurts.
Tell kids to leave landing light on on our floor so we can see in the bathroom as it pitch black in there.
I go to the loo, finger dripping and that toss pot upstairs turns our landing light off.

I love holidays.

Sokmonsta Sat 31-Aug-13 23:54:22

Oh trips. When you get back, look at something for just you and bugger off for a few days, leave them all to it.

You know what Trips? Our paths through life have been very similar - except you got triplets and I got Tomster smile

We both know the awful sorrow of the death of a child. When a precious child dies things are NEVER the same. We (if we are lucky enough) have more children and we know how precious life is.....so we do everything we can to make good memories and to make them smile. EXCEPT teenagers dont get IT!! They really dont. They will only know when they become parents the awful road me and you have walked down.

AND as for DKnobsters.....they are totally, totally useless. Oh yes the world revolves around them. Oh dont even get me started on them!!

I am way beyond angry for you. Nobody, unless they have gone through the same, understands how we feel - no pissin' body.

I hope the next couple of days improve. I wish I could win the lottery and take you to Faliraki with me xxxxxxxx

MultipleMama Sun 01-Sep-13 01:13:25

Oh Trips! It just hasn't been your day has it? Ungrateful the bloody lot! Hope you get a decent night's sleep and have a better start tomorrow!

Unable to sleep. I'm missing DH so much, I didn't think being away would be that big of a deal but I miss him so much I ache. I miss our idle chats while in bed and I miss trying to hold back laughter as not to wake the twins when he does his impressions of the kids. I miss the simple touches and kisses to my shoulder as I nurse. I want my husband to cuddle me because these bloody tears keep flowing.

I'm well cared for; I just miss home. Tomorrow it's just me and the twins home alone and I can't wait.

Night everyone.

Morning girls xx

MultipleMama Sun 01-Sep-13 11:48:13

Afternoon, ladies x

Sokmonsta Sun 01-Sep-13 12:02:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bubby64 Sun 01-Sep-13 15:51:24

Mothing happens in the village normally, now there has been our fire and, last night, a murder!!

Oh my word Bubby - sounds like a typical week in our area!!!

Tom starts college tomorrow.....4 words that fill me with panic. I am happy for him that he has got onto the course he dearly wanted to do. I am so frightened because the college (brand new) is next to the Uni in Bolton town centre. Its so busy in the town centre and I am having ridiculous thoughts about accidents. I need to slap myself hard right across the face. He is excited and a bit nervous. xx

bubby64 Sun 01-Sep-13 18:49:44

I'm sure he will be fine Shabbs, but ican understand your concern, especially with what has happened in the past. He, of course, will probably take it all in his stride.grin

Thanks Bubby - I know he will be fine....have to keep stopping myself from reminding him what he needs for tomorrow LOL. He has given me 'the look' that only a teenager can give, about 1,000 times today grin

bubby64 Sun 01-Sep-13 19:14:11

Soks - Yes, a list is a very good idea, as you always forget to ask all the things you want to find out if you dont have it written down.
Mama - it must be so hard being apart from your little ones, but this break is what you and your babies need to get the best result from the pregnancy.
Trips- hope your day today has been better, and the kids and dk have started behaving themsrlves. I should ask for a discount if i was you, the problems you have gound far outweigh I cracked toilet seat!!
We were meant to be up your way at Yarmouth today for an American Car meet, but the Catalina broke down on the way, the distributer went, we sat waiting for RAC for 2hrs,then, with his help (once he got there, he was really nice and helpful), we limped home, only to find the police conducting door to door interviews because a man had stabbed another in the Close opposite our house early this morning. Still a huge police presence in the village. At least it has changed the focus of the gossip mongers from our fire to the murder.
Chops- hope your weekend was better than ours.blush

bubby64 Sun 01-Sep-13 19:15:32

Shabs- I know that "look" well already!!!grin

MultipleMama Sun 01-Sep-13 20:30:11

Bubby - I'm starting to think you live in Midsummer Murders! Haha. I will never understand the cruelty of some people.

Shabs - I still give my dad that look! Hope his first day goes well! smile

Sok - Hope the GP has some answers for you!

Spent an hour on skype today with hubby and kids. Was great to see their smiling faces it was the boost I needed. The twins had fun with paints, pasta and glue. What is it with babies and wanting to eat glue?! Today was underwear day for the boys and were covered in everything glitter! Have the boys back in my room tonight and I feel so much better hearing them breathe and make noises on a night.

They head to Germany tomorrow with my dad for K's birthday on Tues.

Hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow xx

Sokmonsta Sun 01-Sep-13 21:35:20

Evening all. Dh is fast becoming dk! It's ok for me to spend £40+ on aftershave for him (in theory as they didn't actually have what he wanted). But a new single buggy for me when the twins are spending alternate times at inlaws isn't. Granted I could likely have got one cheaper on eBay. But I honestly didn't think about it, then had 'you're not earning now' thrown at me. Stuff £400 I paid for his car mot and service last month then.

triplets Sun 01-Sep-13 23:02:53

Evening ladies, its nice to know I`m not alone in the dk stakes! Better day in so much as we have hired a boat for days, bloody expensive! Just wanted to get everybody out of the house, good old fashioned fresh air! Packed a pic-nic and the fishing rod and we chugged off down river. Rebecca was absolutely bored sick, but the rest of us enjoyed it, in fact coming back I was nodding off in the sun! I read reviews on Tripadviser last night and booked a table for dinner tonight as a treat and as I said I am not cooking. Well, not a soul in there, 3 elderly trundled in half way through our meal just for coffee and brandy! Dk got all sulky as I didn't want wine, just a beer, I told him to have wine if he wanted..........no, he sat and nursed a pint then said it was like dishwater! Ok it was only pizzas etc but it was very good, kids had ice creams etc and they all enjoyed it. I tried to get them talking and even got a smile out of Rebeccasmile When the bill came dk looked at it and said it was a waste of money and wasn`t worth it, £67.05p which is what I would expect for 5 of us. Anyway..........guess who was left to pay he bill?? He just sat there looking "mardy" its so bloody hard. Also halfway thru our meal I got a txt from a friends sister asking me to a surprise 40th party, talk about jealous. He really didn`t like it when I txt back and said I would love to come. I need my friends and enjoy their company, men just don`t seem to have friends do they? I am so glad I`m not a man! Soks, poor little Jen, feel like scooping her up and cuddling her xx

Oh Trips - tell him I said to bugger off!!! It took me a while then to find appropriate words LOL.


triplets Sun 01-Sep-13 23:36:36

something a little stronger almost rolled off my tongue earlier grin

Good luck to Tom tomorrow Shabs...........another big hurdle xx


Thanks Trips - the beginning of a new era - scary but exciting stuff!!!

triplets Sun 01-Sep-13 23:48:20

doesn't seem 5 mins ago he was running round chasing my boys at Cath and Daves party............yes scary stuff!

Oh my word yes - that seems like it happened this weekend!!!

Told him that he IS coming to Crackerfacky with us next year....probably for the last time....told him he HAS to come because if he doesnt it will mean that I have to talk to DK for 14 bloody days and nights....by myself - and that is wrong in every way.

Tom roared laughing and said he will think about it shock cheeky git - we will be paying for his flight, accommodation AND spending money!!!!!

Chopstheduck Mon 02-Sep-13 07:46:09

wow sounds like everyone has been having very busy weekends!

Ours was very quiet really. I had a hellish Friday, the kids were driving me up the wall, then Ravi managed to drop his nexus onto a £320 glass dvd unit. Luckily the home insurance have paid out for the unit and the nexus was fine - as that wouldn't have been covered! I managed to shoo three of them out to the park, then FOUR returned! I was very glad when dh got home and I could get out for a run.

The weekend was pretty relaxing, though now the shower has gone kaput, just in time for back to school! Not sure how kids are supposed to get all washed before school quickly without a shower. Last day today, then the dts go back to school tomorrow! Party time! Even school runs are going to be a lot easier without ds1, though I don't know what I am going to do about him. He will be getting the bus but he NEEDS regular exercise or his muscle tone plummets and he loses mobility.

Good luck with Jennifer and the dr, hope you get some answers, soks! The pillow pet sounds like a fab idea.

Trips, maybe you should have pushed him OFF the boat! £67 is very reasonable for 5 of you.

Morning girls xx

triplets Mon 02-Sep-13 22:38:30

Rodster.....................ahhhhhhhhhhhh thank you Shabs xx

Well amazingly we have had a lovely day. I dragged the kids out of their beds bright and early, packed a picnic and we set sail by 10.30am and came back at 5pm. Moored up twice so the boys could fish from the boat, caught loads of tiddlers. Dd was happy as her monthly phone contract was paid y/day meaning today she could text again..............she had used up 5000 txts shock and dh sat back and just relaxed whilst the boys steered the boat. He even bought the fish n chips tonight shock
All in bed now, back home tomorrow xx

triplets Mon 02-Sep-13 22:40:54

Shabs, how was Toms first day??

MultipleMama Tue 03-Sep-13 02:08:19

Glad everyone had a lovely day.

Shabs - Hope Tom had a great day!

Looks like the boys are up for the day. Nursed them but all they want to do is move about so I've let them loose on bedroom floor while I try and wake up. 5am is not how I planned this lie in. Oh well. Let's hope they nap after breakfast.


MultipleMama Tue 03-Sep-13 04:32:02

Stuffed with food and milk and now passed out on the bed. Mission: Twins to nap is a success. Now, I think I'll nap on the sofa after I finish my peaches on toast! smile

Chopstheduck Tue 03-Sep-13 07:00:53

Morning girls x

Trips that sounds idyllic! Glad you had a better day x

Hope Tom's first day was great, shabs.

Happy birthday Kvothe!! cake

The twins go back to school today! <<happy dancing around the lounge!>>

Sokmonsta Tue 03-Sep-13 07:47:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Morning girls xx

Tom loved his first day of college - my purse didn't hmm

MultipleMama Tue 03-Sep-13 20:37:46

Decided to put K in school and take him out when they Christmas break rather than have him home until August. Less stress on me and will help him socialise. He already has the school place (Back up plan) so tomorrow will be his first day in big school. I don't like it, ladies! I want my baby back haha.

Hope you all had a great day.

triplets Tue 03-Sep-13 23:58:19

Hope K had a lovely day smile

So Shabs, are you warning me of things to come x`s 3???

Back home, really didn`t want to leave this morning, sun was so hot, had b/fst watching all the boats going in and out, fed the swans/ducks/geese/kids etc grin

Now I am soooooooooo looking forward to tomorrow, Canterbury Hospital at 10.45am for oral surgery, on hour in the chair...........soup and grapes welcome.................aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

MultipleMama Wed 04-Sep-13 00:29:34

Trips - Glad you enjoyed yourself. Hope all goes smoothly tomorrow smile K had a great day according to his gibberish skype chat. He spent the day in Germany and was spoilt rotten; I also have presents to be shipped home for him and twins. Seems he didn't miss me at all sad

Twins are fed and fighting sleep hopefully they'll fall asleep within the next 10 minutes!

Morning girls xx

Hope today goes well for you Trips. Tom could walk to college - would take him about 30 minutes. I researched into bursarys for help with travel. Right at the bottom of the list for students who can get help it clearly states that if parents are on benefits (which we sadly are) they will pay for one of the weekly bus tickets. On Monday I had to buy him one because he has to apply directly to college for the bursary.

He went to apply yesterday and they hummed and aaaahed and said 'I cant see anywhere in the list where it says help if parents are on benefits!!! Of course Tom has no idea!!! So, another phone call today when they will say 'the student has to apply thereselves!!!'

triplets Wed 04-Sep-13 17:46:51

Oh I am sore..............8 stitches and lots of blood!! Nothing hot or very cold, soft foods, no alcohol for 48 hours, no rinsing for 24 hours................mouth feels disgusting! Oh woe is me...........

Oh my Gawd Trips that sounds awful. Hope you soon feel much better xxx

triplets Wed 04-Sep-13 22:10:10

Still had to cook the dinner, not an ounce of empathy here, should I have expected anything different? It is sore, mouth tastes disgusting. Just dosed up for the night with antibiotics and paracetamol, first morning I have to set my clock, 6.30am! They are going to find it so hard to get up! Night night everyone xx

Night Trips - hope you get a decent sleep. Tom has to be up at 7 and out of the door no later than quarter to 8 - he found it hard the first couple of days. xxx

Morning girls xx

MultipleMama Thu 05-Sep-13 07:03:58

Morning ladies xx

Chopstheduck Thu 05-Sep-13 07:05:37

morning girls x

hope you slept well Trips, and your mouth is feeling a little better today. Oral surgery is horrible. I wouldn't have made dinner!

Jack starts senior school today! He looks far too small to be in that blazer! He is tall but very very skinny due to hms, and so to get the length right, it jsut hangs off him! He is very excited though, really looking forward to starting and I think it will do him a lot of good.

dd isn;t back until tomorrow, then I will finally have them all back in school!

MultipleMama Thu 05-Sep-13 07:17:27

K had his first day at school yesterday. I don't know how you ladies do it! DH sent me a picture of him in his uniform and I cried! Why do they have to grow so fast?

Hope Jack has a great day!

Chopstheduck Thu 05-Sep-13 07:26:23

the twins are very hot blooded and never seem to need jumpers, but both have jumpers on this morning. Told ravi it is going to be another hot day, does he really need it? He told me, Yes, he needs it for a goalpost!! Boys! grin

<<curls up in a corner and sobs>>

We have always received child tax credit.....every Thursday, regular as clockwork. None in today!!! I rang in July to tell them he was going to college and they assured me that my payments would continue. Just stood looking at the ATM machine!!

Just rang them - waited for 20 minutes to speak to someone....she said 'the first week they are always a day late and then they revert to the normal payment date.' Well yes thats brilliant and I am grateful, but would have liked a small warning!!

Not a great start to the day. ANYWAY.......how are you feeling this morning Trips? I would imagine worse than yesterday but I hope you are soon 'back up and running.' xxx

Sokmonsta Thu 05-Sep-13 09:43:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MultipleMama Thu 05-Sep-13 17:32:46

Evening, ladies. How're you feeling Trips? Hope the kids enjoyed school/college!

Twins are passed out have been since 5.30pm, just dream fed them so hopefully they'll sleep longer.

It's supposed to rain today. I hope so, I want to sit on the balcony and watch it. Really starting to miss home although I love the quality time with my brother.

Sokmonsta Thu 05-Sep-13 20:32:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

triplets Thu 05-Sep-13 23:16:19

Hi ladies.............well woke up this morning looking like I had done 5 rounds with Mike Tyson!! Face very puffy, still sore but its stopped bleeding. Had a lovely surprise today though, beautiful bouquet of rose delivered from the owner of the house we have just rented. Said she was so sorry about the key etc, it was me who broke the loo seat!! Good PR!! Well boys said their first day back under the new regime (schools merged) was good, much better...................madam said they have ruined everything and made her take her rubber bracelet off grin

Morning girls xx

Chopstheduck Fri 06-Sep-13 09:22:21

morning girls x

At least it has stopped bleeding, it must be on the mend, trips. The flowers were a lovely gesture! We had that problem once actually, very late on Xmas day when we arrived in Florida after a very long flight with stopover, with very tired and grumpy 2yo twins! We just got grumbled at!

Soks, Jack has always fallen over a lot, and never really blinked at it. Once he fell out of the top bunk aged around 3ish - after the safety side came undone and swung out. He was black and blue down one side, but he had just picked himself up and gone back to bed! I was horrified at the state of him in the morning. He just falls randomly too, from sitting or standing when his joints give way - just sort of crumples. He was tested for epilepsy after the HT at his infant school witnessed that, but was clear. I think though with the low muscle tone and hms, he has pretty slow reflexes. He doesn't put his hands out to break his fall, but he doesn't tense up neither, so doesn't seem to hurt himself very often! I do have to be careful when he is getting out of the car if he is tired, I've opened the door a few times and he just falls out! Tho that halts the glares for parking in a disabled bay! grin

bubby64 Fri 06-Sep-13 09:22:32

Morning All
Trips- hope your mouth s feeling better, I broke s tooth mysrlf Tuesday night and do had emergency dentist visit Wednesday, but nothing like you are going through. Glad the school merger seems to have worked, despite DDs "terrible"wink experiencegrin grin
Shabs- Glad Tom was ok, hope they sort the money out soon.
Chops - Great pic of your DSin his new uniform, very smart too!
Soks - I used to be an assistant leader with Beavers, loved it, but, boy, were they noisy!!
Mama - glad you are resting, and, yes, I cried copious amounts when my 2 first started school, now I'm just relived when they start back!!
Well, fire clean-up is well under way, our loss adjuster came out Monday and ok' ed everything, including paying a firm to clear the mess up (£2000 just for that!). He has agreed to new fencing, new sheds and greenhouse, new oiltank and lines, new upvc conservatory (dwarf wall etc ok, but 2 sides and roof melted) new windows and french doors to rear of the house, and we have been compiling a list of shed contents, including 4 bikes, weight lifting gear, all garden tools and machinary, all of DHs workshop tools (lots of those!) It looks like the claim could add up as over £20, 000, thank God for insurance!
Boys back at school (comment yesterday of "its horrible mum, they have given us a homework schedual we have to stick too!" Homework adds up to 6+ hrs a week!).
I have God mothers funeral today, so better get cracking.

bubby64 Fri 06-Sep-13 09:29:39

Soks - Mike falls often as well, or, in a lot of cases, trips over his own feet when they dont obey the commands that his brain gives them. Again, he doesn't put out arms to save himself much, but he also tends to brush himself down and carry on!
He has got better though. His first few years at primary school were the worst, if i could have got paid a pound for each of the school accident forms I received, I would have been a hell of a lot better off!

Chopstheduck Fri 06-Sep-13 09:31:32

Hope the funeral goes as well as it can do, bubbs x

Glad the insurance claim is progressing smoothly, sounds very efficient!

That homework schedule sounds really tough! They are year 8 aren't they? DD never seems to get enough imo, maybe 2-3 hours a week? I think this year she may get more with the year 9 sats coming up.

I helped out at Beavers twice, as part of the rota - not my idea of fun! I think I would prefer the older ones, I can't tolerate the screaming!

Thinking about you today Bubbs xx

MultipleMama Fri 06-Sep-13 16:38:38

Hope your feeling better today, Trips.

I'm glad that the insurance isn't fighting you on it, Bubby, and are being effective. Thought of you today.

Sok - Hope Jen is improving and feeling better. How are the other soklets today? X

Shabs, Chops, How are you, ladies doing?

Had a scan today because something didn't feel right and the Braxtons Hicks were painful. Turns out Annie was was in the process of turning and pressing against my ribs which was pushing Sev into my pelvis. Nothing wrong just Annie being awkward. So glad my insurance covered it smile

MultipleMama Sat 07-Sep-13 05:12:48

Finally have A's day care sorted. She'll be doing day nursery in the afternoons for a week as she has really bad separation anxiety when strangers are there and needs familiar things in strange places. Hopefully after a week she won't need DF or us there and start half mornings 5 days a week - the boys will be joining her when we come back smile

Looks like I'm up for the day sad so much for a lie in! Haha.

Morning girls xx

bubby64 Sat 07-Sep-13 13:01:57

Spoke too soon re clean-up. A man came today with minidigger to pull out all the stumps, but the actual cleanup bloke's didnt turn up! digger man did his job, but got increasingly pissed off as on his own, now has abandoned job, and left the digger in next doors gardensad sad All the contact numbers I have nobody is answering. Also, I sent other quotes as requested through on Thursday, no answers from anyone on those eithersad sad sad
Funeral, tho sad, was nice. She had a wicker coffin, I was very impressed, it had a pattern woven into it, and looked really nice, and so environmentally friendly, since she loved wildlife, all animals, flowers and the countryside it was very appropriate. Funny thing was, as the vicar was going over Katies life, a really big red admiral butterfly flew up from behind the coffin and started flying around the church.

MultipleMama Sat 07-Sep-13 15:41:55

She sounded like a beautiful person, Bubby. Sorry for your loss. As for the clean-up if things look good they probably are too good to be true! Hope they sort it out quickly, it's not fair to expect you all to live with the mess.

K's first week at school was great. He met a boy who loves to paint too but has already found an enemy, a boy called Joe, apparently he thought K talked funny (K speaking German), so K called him a shit in German and because the little boy told the teacher K doesn't like him. DH wasn't amused when the teacher told but then DH should no better to curse when he's annoyed with someone, it's like the time A started saying "oh fuck" after she overheard. He also had a crying fit when he was told he couldn't paint or stay outside. I hope he adjusts soon! X

<<waves to everybody through a drunken haze>>

Morning girls xx

MultipleMama Sun 08-Sep-13 15:46:59

Evening ladies.

Did you enjoy yourself last night, Shabs?

Just put the twins to bed, I'm currently in the process of lowering their feeds on the breast in preparation for the cubs arrivals (hopefully) in December.

Petrov and Ivan are out for the night with friends so I'm relaxing with a red bull and some cookies while watching movies.

Hope you all had a great day!

triplets Sun 08-Sep-13 23:14:09

How was the head today Shabs?? Hope it was fun at the time!! Teeth all sensitive, face still swollen, most attractive!! Night night all xx

Morning girls xx

Head was OK (I think) Trips LOL xx

MultipleMama Mon 09-Sep-13 09:10:48

Afternoon, ladies!

A starts her trail week at nursery this afternoon. Really hope a week is enough.

Petrov is throwing a dinner party tonight and I have nothing to wear that doesn't me look like whale! Not like I walk about anyway so I'll be the whale in the corner!

triplets Mon 09-Sep-13 17:20:19

Monday got off to a bad start................fed up with dc`s and dk............feel like leaving home..........and its cold and raining sad

Sokmonsta Mon 09-Sep-13 19:55:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MultipleMama Mon 09-Sep-13 21:25:40

Sok - Poor Emily, A has night terrors it got so bad we called Mil-Pond seen an improvement in her though so it's working. I bet Joshua felt like his limb was missing too! Glad the gang is back together smile

Managed to find a gorgeous fitted black number and wore with my iron fist zombie heels. Although I was either being waited on by Ivan or waiting on the twins. I never realised how snooty some women are. Two friends of Ivan were drunk and giggly and decided it would be fun to "let's see the babies" even though Ivan had prewarned everyone to stay out because of the kids. They went in and carried Dom her shoulder saying he woke up bullshit I had the baby monitor on me. Then sensing his missing brother Dieter started crying. Petrov was not impressed and called them a taxi home then settled the twins himself for me.

Tomorrow is a lazy day smile how is everyone today?

Morning girls xx

MultipleMama Tue 10-Sep-13 07:25:20

Morning, ladies! Great day today - I've reached my goal week. 28 weeks! Very happy. Never felt this good in months!

bubby64 Tue 10-Sep-13 17:33:13

Hi All
Mama- glad you have reached the milestone, smile , and the soundly asleep babe "just woke up" what a cheek!
Soks - Jen and Joh sound like my 2, Mike was quite happy on his own, where ad James needed contact with his twin. Gladd they are all ok now. operation clean-up ground to a halt over the weekend and Monday, as the bloke who is organising it had a bereavement, Now they are back and should (hopefully) be finished tomorrow. The insurance bloke rang yesterday and said he is just waiting for the ok on our quotes. Our oil tank has become a priority now, as its freezing cold, wet and windy here today, oh how I wish we had hot water and heating, confused . Also a pain not having a fence, as we cannot just let the dogs out in the garden for a wee, although they are enjoying their 5 walks a day, even if some are quite short.
Shabs/Trips/Chops - hi there ladiesgrin grin grin

MultipleMama Tue 10-Sep-13 21:04:40

Bubby - Glad that everything is back on track. Hope you get that oil tank fixed! The two girls came round this morning and apologised not only for going the room that was barred but for picking up Dom who was only making snuffling noises in his sleep. Still miffed about it but happy that they had the conscience to tell me honestly.

It's midnight and I'm tired. Boys haven't woken yet so gunna dream feed them and see if it keeps them that way!

Night, ladies x

Morning girls xx

Chopstheduck Wed 11-Sep-13 07:16:18

Morning girls.

Glad it is all back on track Bubby. No hot water must be a nightmare, we've been without a shower for 10 days, and that is enough to be driving me insane.

Aw Soks, poor Emily! I used to tell mine if they thought nice things before bed they would dream nice things. I think the worry about it makes it worse for them.

How's your tooth, trips?

mama, well done on reaching your goal, and good luck for A with the trial week, hope it is going ok so far!

I am sleepy! Really struggling to get back into these early starts.

MultipleMama Wed 11-Sep-13 12:20:43

Afternoon, ladies. X

triplets Wed 11-Sep-13 13:47:25

Good afternoon. Sat waiting for the kitchen man to come, have decided its time to upgrade as cheaply as I can. I am going to pinch his ideas then shop around grin My kitchen was fitted by dh in 1997 when I was pregnant with the trio, its pine and looks dated. I want to go shabby chic ish, greys etc, I want storage but I don`t want loads of wall cupboards! What have you all got? Anyone got a free standing kitchen? Ideas please on a postcard grin

triplets Wed 11-Sep-13 13:49:02

Rude of me Chopster , its not my tooth that's sore its the gum, it was cut open in 3 places and I have 8 stitches that feel horrible, should dissolve in 8-10 days.

MultipleMama Wed 11-Sep-13 19:37:50

Trips - We rent off my dad and kitchen hasn't done in 12 years. Our current kitchen looks like similar to this and as we now have signed for new house & lease we're having our new kitchen fitted in October and looks like this but square C shape.

Off to bed hoping the unborn peanuts stop kicking so much haha.

Sokmonsta Wed 11-Sep-13 21:41:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

triplets Wed 11-Sep-13 22:14:14

what on earth is a square c shape confused
love your first kitchen, that would do me nicely. Man came and was very good, dh got ratty with me as he did not like my suggestions. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry but I`m the one who spends hours in there and I know what I want...........................so there!!

MultipleMama Wed 11-Sep-13 22:26:04

... And the twins are waking up. Oh well.

Trips - this kinda shape. I'm awful at descriptions! That's what I told my DH when I chose the kitchen. The day he lives in the kitchen is the day he can choose it! Haha.

We also decided on a moving date; 28 December but DH will be going every few weeks to decorate as he has his 10 week leave coming up. Excited.

Sok - Poor Jen. Hope she settles and has lovely baby dreams! smile

Morning girls xx

MultipleMama Thu 12-Sep-13 07:31:20

Morning, Shabs x

MultipleMama Thu 12-Sep-13 20:11:32

Urgh. Kids why do we have them? They look nice and squishy and they scream and poop and pull on your hair and laugh at your misery and oh my word are they attention seekers. I love my baby boys I do but dear God they've been screaming, miserable little terrors today! I want my happy babies back. Sigh.

triplets Thu 12-Sep-13 22:31:45

Hi Shabs and co! Feeling weary tonight, did too much in the garden me thinks! Felt sad today Shabs, picked up our local paper and two young lads died last week, one was an 18 yr old Deal triathlon cyclist, knocked off of his bike on his way to a cycle meet up, the other was a 20 yr old who was knocked down by a van as he walked home from a wedding reception. Both accidents happened no more than 2 miles from my house. Poor poor parents being given the news, that awful numbing shock.......brings back so many horrible memories. Poor ladssad
Dh goes for his brain scan tomorrow, results on the 26th along with his lung scan result! It all gets abit much at times...............

Wheres that Rubester lately??

Horrible hearing stories like that isin't it Trips? So very, very sad.


Morning girls xx

Chopstheduck Fri 13-Sep-13 08:16:40

Morning girls xx

Trips, I pulled on my stitches a bit after a while and they would start to come away as they dissolved blush It is nasty though, you have my sympathy! Very sad about those lads, so young. sad

Mama hope the babies are happier today! It reminds me of one of mine who was always a miserable so and so as a baby. Once he got going though there was no stopping him and he cheered up no end. He just sat there like a grumpy churchill until that point, wouldn't smile or laugh for anything. When we put him in his bouncy chair he would rock back and forth furiously. He just hated being stuck in one place!

I had the best evening out with dd yesterday. i won tickets to dirty dancing in the west end, then won a separate comp for a taxi ride with clinique, which involved make overs and fab goody bags each! Dd has been thoroughly spoilt and has gone to school with a face full of clinique! I hope though she doesn't expect to be kept in Clinique make up and I have told her if she leaves that laying around, I will be confiscating it and using it myself! grin

Chopstheduck Fri 13-Sep-13 08:17:10

oh and meant to say, good luck to dh with those results, trips x

Good luck to H Trips - hope everything goes very well. xx

My Dad has Morphine patches but they are now going to give him Morphine syrup as well sad He got the nurse to ring me and ask me what I thought! He is a stubborn owd bugger and sees medication as a weakness - his Dad drummed it into him that only weak people take tablets and medicine hmm I said to him 'if I was as ill as you are Dad what would you be saying to me about medicine?' He was quiet for a while. Then I said 'Its not a sign of weakness - you are my hero, the strongest man I have ever met.....so do as the nurse is telling you and get the medicine taken NOW!!'

He laughed and said 'OK you bossy little swine!!'

.......my panic attacks have started again....even with the beta blockers!

rubyrubyruby Fri 13-Sep-13 10:05:00

I'm here trips - I'm here x

triplets Fri 13-Sep-13 18:40:34

Rubester smile Hows the new house, are you happy there? Dh just back from his scan and has kindly gone to get us fish and chips, feeling tired and headachey today. Isn`t this weather depressing, last week it was 27 degrees, now here I am thinking of putting the heating on, its dark and dreary!!

triplets Fri 13-Sep-13 18:41:39

btw anyone read Gone Girl? Its my book club choice, taking me a while to get into it

MultipleMama Fri 13-Sep-13 21:34:24

It's 31 minutes past midnight where I am so I can officially say... HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL BOYS!!! Can't believe it's been a year already. Although technically they weren't born until 10.07pm and 10.10pm tonight! smile xxx

MultipleMama Fri 13-Sep-13 22:00:50

Trips - Hope it's good news for DH! Very sad bews about those boys. Heartbreaking, every parents nightmare.

Chops - I bet that was lovely! Glad you had fun! I think they're teething. They were a bit happier today but slept must of the time only waking to nurse. Currently have both passed out from screaming and dreamfed twice. Hope tomorrow they're better. They'll get their first taste of chocolate! smile

triplets Fri 13-Sep-13 23:00:14

Happy birthday to Mamas boys smile

triplets Sat 14-Sep-13 08:32:42

Goodmorning ladies, think you can have a lie in but no, two boys are off out early bag packing at Sainsburys for the ATC, then tomorrow they are up and out by 6.45am to go gliding with the ATC, and I bet it will be too cloudy and they will be home by 7.30am!!

Morning girls xx

Happy 1st birthday boys!! xx

grin did a review of the hotel we go to on Trip Advisor. This is what Takis has put underneath my review LOL.

You are obviously addicted to Venezia Resort! And so are we to you!
13 times is indeed a second home for you and 'part of the family' for us!

We are glad you liked all the changes since your last visit ! We will continue improving our services and facilities!

Hasta la vista our dear friends!

Best Regards,

Takis Sarikas
Managing Director

MultipleMama Sat 14-Sep-13 16:16:43

Thanks ladies. Boys had a great day. They had a small chocolate smash cake and over 20 presents each from relatives from yonder (distant)! Had a great family dinner too. Boys have just settled down for night. Xx

Morning girls xx

Thought it was Monday hmm got up about half an hour ago <<sob>> cant get back to sleep now!!

triplets Sun 15-Sep-13 07:37:35

I have been up since 5.45am, James has gone gliding, weather atm is ok. Sat up in bed browsing Christmas ideas for kids, gets harder as they get older and more expensive! Rebecca is into steampunk, any ideas??

MultipleMama Sun 15-Sep-13 08:13:07

Trips - Have you tried etsy? If you type steampunk a lot of great jewellery etc comes up. A lot are reasonably priced too. I get most of my jewellery from. I've been piling up Christmas presents since May! Haha. Need to find their main present now. What do you get a 5 year old boy who hates toys in general but already has too much arts & crafts stuff?? A is getting a mini greenhouse for the new house and no idea what to get the twins.

I've been up since 4am boys just refused to settle after their bottle so had no choice. Can't believe my babies are 1 already. More family visits today as a few couldn't come yesterday. Urgh.

Sokmonsta Sun 15-Sep-13 09:23:10

Belated birthday wishes to Mama's boys.

Hope everyone is ok. We're good. I'm tired and lazing in bed while dh sorts the dc out with breakfast. He's off out shortly though and I had a rubbish night's sleep so making up for p&q before the storm smile

bubby64 Sun 15-Sep-13 10:54:08

Hi All.
Mama, Belated Happy Birthday to your boys.♡♥♡♥♡
Trips - Such sad news about those 2 young ladssad
I'd love a new kitchen, but would have no choice with design, as I have a long thin galley area and can't change it. its so narrow if DH and I want to pass each other we both have to suck our tummies in! grin grin
Shabs- Glad your dad has decided to listen to you and take advice over his medication, pain is much easier to control if meds taken regularly and not left until you are back in pain and really need to take something.
Soks - Has Jen settled again now? calming vibes going out to you and yours to help things along.
Rubes- hope the move went smoothly and you are happy in your new home.
We are having progress, the fence goes up Wednesday and, joy of joy, the oil tank gets replaced on Friday, so we will have hot water for next weekend. We are having people out to give quotes for conservatory, windows, patio doors, soffits and guttering this coming week, and we have sent a list of our loses from the shed and DHs workshop in , I cant belive how much all the stuff we list was worth, it included all DHs workshop tools, the garden stuff snd all our bikes, and came to over £3000.00!!!
The boys and their fellow Young Farmers started the new term off with a charity car wash for Children in Need at our very populsr local farm shop yesterday and they raised over £170 in 3 hrs, well done kids! Mind you, by the end of the session, after various water fights, the kids were all wetter than any of the carsgrin grin .

MultipleMama Sun 15-Sep-13 14:12:46

Thanks lovelies. smile

Bubs - Glad everything is moving along swiftly for you! Hope your boys are having a blast!

Rubs - Hope you're settling in well. smile

Just off to my Grandma & Grandpa's for the boys' belated supper. I had hoped to have it earlier so I didn't want them staying up later 2 days in a row, it messes with their routine.

Heard from DH that he took the kids to covent gardens and K throw a tantrum outside the Disney store and refused to sit in the stroller. Full on stiff body everything. Wish I was a fly on the wall!

Sokmonsta Sun 15-Sep-13 20:55:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Morning girls xx

MultipleMama Mon 16-Sep-13 12:16:24

I go home on Friday. I am so ready to hold my kids and DH. Although I'm glad for this break, I am never doing it again!

Sok - I hope that even if the doctors confirm dhd, you get the answers you need and Jen gets the help she needs. How are your other LOs? X

Oh and afternoon lovely ladies.

Sokmonsta Mon 16-Sep-13 23:21:38

Beaten. Tired. Fucked off with family.

MultipleMama Mon 16-Sep-13 23:41:06

<<Hands Sok a glass of wine and a nice slice of cake.>> Want to rant about it? X

It seems that both twins are teething (just my luck) and aren't settling well. Ivan and Petrov have had to take a sleeping Dom into their room as Dieter is screaming is still screaming his little head off between mouthfuls of boob and milk. I think they're also missing DH and home sad

Morning girls xx

Sokmonsta Tue 17-Sep-13 09:29:50


Hope dieter settled quickly after your post mama.

Just having a stroppy green-eyed monster moment over my mum when it comes to my sister. I keep telling myself sister is now a single parent and needs their help more than I do. But I hate that the goalposts keep getting moved to the detriment of my children's relationship with nanny and grandad. Am going to have 'the talk' when I see mum for lunch this week. Just so she knows how things have made me feel. Especially when mum and dad say they don't see them enough!

MultipleMama Tue 17-Sep-13 09:56:47

Sok - It's not your children's fault that your sister is now a single parent. They shouldn't miss out on Grandma and Grandpa because of it. Hope your talk goes well. You have every right to feel jealous and upset about it x

Dieter slept for only half an hour at a time and was awake for an hour between screaming. It's 1pm and he's dosed up on calpol and Nurofen. Ivan has took him out to see if he'll drop to sleep in stroller.

29 weeks today smile

MultipleMama Tue 17-Sep-13 09:57:21

Afternoon ladies x

triplets Tue 17-Sep-13 14:48:20

Peeing it down, so have assigned myself all the worst jobs that are waiting to be done, after my visit to you lotsmile

bubby64 Tue 17-Sep-13 15:55:57

Afternoon Girlies. Soks, hope "the talk" goes well, mama, hope the boys settle a bit in advance of your coming home. Trips - I've been putting off the horrible jobs all daygrin
James has just rung me to say he has dropped his phone and cracked the screen, I said serve you right as you took the case i bought you for it off, and I cant afford to replace the phone, so you'll just have to live with it. Am i being too hard on him?

MultipleMama Tue 17-Sep-13 17:25:09

Bubs - I have the samsung mini and dropped my phone and having to live with a cracked screen. Everything works and doesn't effect the scream image so I don't see the point in fixing the screen. I looked up prices and mine is £35 to fix. I don't think you're being hard at all. X

Boys are fast asleep. Hope it lasts! Haha.

Trips - I'm glad DH has been doing those jobs! X

triplets Tue 17-Sep-13 23:07:55

Shabs.......you seem awful quiet, you ok my friend? xx

Morning girls xx

Not bad Trips, not bad love xx

rubyrubyruby Wed 18-Sep-13 07:16:43

Morning xx

triplets Wed 18-Sep-13 12:51:27

Shabs and Rubester two of my fav people xx

Sat here thinking about why bad things happen to good people.

Bad things happen to good people Trips because <<small drum roll>> there is no such thing as God....or Jesus or whatever else people call their own individual God.

My parents - always, always, always have done the best they can do for everybody - Mum especially always put herself at the back of the queue for clothing, treats and, many times, even food. Yes I know they are elderly and we all have to die BUT if there was a God surely he would let them pass in their sleep?

Oh soddin' 'ell I am so pissed off today.

<<waits for Gods thunderbolt to hit her next time she walks out of the door>>

Sokmonsta Wed 18-Sep-13 13:09:11


Dh has cracked his phone screen too! We've got one of those stick on screen protectors until we can sort it out properly.

Chopstheduck Wed 18-Sep-13 14:12:37

shabs, I know you feel.

Jsut seen Estar's news on facebook, cannot fucking believe it. sad

Estar and her family HAVE HAD ENOUGH! Whoever is in charge of this universe needs to pack it in. xx

triplets Wed 18-Sep-13 21:57:39

I can`t stop thinking about her, I know what its like, its hell. I can only say I am glad for them they have their faith, they have amazing support. But...............its not bloody fair, its not.

Morning girls xx

triplets Thu 19-Sep-13 09:02:45

Goodmorning........hate Thurs, fed up with dcs and dk need to get out!!

Chopstheduck Thu 19-Sep-13 09:17:12

I'll be glad when it is the weekend. Two of the kids' friends round for tea today one of whom is a type 1 diabetic which has been worrying me slightly!

It has been all go this week - mon DH was out, tues boys brigade, wed girls brigade, tonight play dates, tomo Jack has a disco and dts @ cubs. I will be glad when it is Sat!

I keep thinking of Estar too. Like you Trips, I am glad she has the huge support and comfort of her faith, though I do wonder how on earth she keeps it in the face of such trials. I have pics of my boys scrolling through on the background and I see them hugging each other now at the age that D was when he died, and it is so sad.

Bubby, dd broke her phone ages ago, never got round to fixing it, she has had to make do with a cheapy non smart phone since. How are the house repairs coming along?

Hope the chat goes well, Soks x

Mama, sorry I missed the boys birthday! Belated happy birthday wishes! Hope they were more settled yesterday.

triplets Thu 19-Sep-13 15:09:18

Went up to my brothers this morning and my other brother (I have 4) turned up so it was a nice chat. Got home at 1.20pm to a grumpy dk who is now in my kitchen jam making as I reused to do it! Why is he annoying me so much today? I feel angry yet don`t know why.

MultipleMama Thu 19-Sep-13 17:49:40

Chops - Thanks! smile Looks like busy week you've had. Thank God for weekends right? Haha

Trips - I think you're allowed to feel like that somedays. Thankfully I can blame hormones even though DH knows that's not true!

Today has been hectic and I was two seconds away from punching the midwife at the hospital! Ivan made me go to the hospital to get another note saying I can fly just in case I run into any trouble as I am nearing 30 weeks and the airport can be picky. I had an ultrasound, blood tests and everything was fine but the midwife was a stern cow and at first refused to sign it as I was too far along, it took me getting the head midwife, loads of tears, swearing at the stupid woman and demanding they phone my consultant in the UK for them to finally sign off and allow me to fly. I love Russia but I'm going home and I am not giving birth here! My appointment was at 10am, I didn't leave until 3pm. So, all that relaxing I've had for the past 4 weeks has flown out the window. I'm wound up and still annoyed. I've everything packed, and everything that needed shipping has been taken to shipping company. I just need the twins to go back to sleep so we can all be well rested for our flight tomorrow morning... God that was a rant!

Chopstheduck Thu 19-Sep-13 18:24:14

Wow, that does sound stressful mama! Glad you got it all sorted in the end though.

Maybe you need a little break from him trips? Nice lunch out or something?

Chopstheduck Thu 19-Sep-13 18:25:52

the playdates have been fed and I'm now clock watching til they go home!

triplets Thu 19-Sep-13 19:58:07

I was thinking more a gap year myself..............went to bed a 7.30pm just to get away from everybody. So good to be able to rant on here and tap hell out of the keyboard!

Chopstheduck Thu 19-Sep-13 20:04:05

Ooh now that sounds like a plan. Backpacking? Where shall we go?

Playdates have gone, and all have survived, now cracking open the wine!

triplets Thu 19-Sep-13 20:11:08

Ok Chops, lets drop by Shabs and pick her up, where shall we start? I fancy abit of flower power so I am starting us of with three nights in SF, we`ll eat at Mamas on Geary St, Pier 39 for b/fast and ake the trolley to China Town for peking duck. Your turn next. Shabs start thinking.
<<holds out glass to Chops>>

triplets Thu 19-Sep-13 20:12:09

having keyboard problems keeps missing letters .........why?

MultipleMama Thu 19-Sep-13 20:16:11

I here Russia is a good place to backpack wink.

V. Stressful but I'm back in a relaxed state... for now. Need to get a few hours sleep before O have to get up for airport. Twins are sleeping soundly so that's good!

Night everyone next time I reply I'll be back home in London smile

triplets Thu 19-Sep-13 20:22:43

safe journey Mama smile

Sokmonsta Thu 19-Sep-13 20:50:00

Evening ladies.

Talk didn't happen today. Plans changed as mum had to take youngest niece to gp just as I was getting there. Ended up having to give all the kids tea and get my dad home early to look after them as I had to go to rainbows and mum had to stay at gp while they put niece on a nebuliser. Rang when I got in to see how they'd got on and dad answered to say mum had to take niece to hospital not long after I left, sister had now gone over and they were still there. He'd got the two eldest with him and was expecting mum to have come home once sister had arrived but she hadn't, obviously he couldn't get hold of them and he hadn't heard anything. So, being well practised at hospital visits, I'm trying to reassure him that perhaps they are waiting to see if niece was being admitted and making plans from there. He was going to ring or text when mum got home but still not heard anything.

I know at this time of night they will simply admit niece even if it's just to keep an eye on her. But of course I'm left feeling shit as even though I've not said anything, and my niece being ill cannot be helped, I'm feeling mean for once again wanting to bring up the feelings of inequality and of course it's a time when my sister and her eldest two will need my parents to be on hand for childcare, emotional support and so on.

I often wonder whether I should ever say anything because nothing ever really changes. But it just eats away at me if I don't.

I've also been asked by sister to be godmother to youngest niece. I'm already god mum to eldest two. So it shows her trust in me as her big sister. Gah! Can't pick your family.

Morning girls xx

Chopstheduck Fri 20-Sep-13 08:06:17

aww soks, hope your niece is ok now and you get chance to talk things through soon. Don't feel shit about it, it's perfectly natural and reasonable to feel that way. xx

Right so, in the mustang, wind the roof down and head down to Monterey. Lunch at the Monterey cookhouse, wood fired pizzas, oak fired steaks or grilled oysters, with an amazing selection of local beers or wines. Then a slow amble down the big sur coast line before a wander round the redwoods and watch the amazing californian sun set over McWay falls as the water tumbles onto the sand.

triplets Fri 20-Sep-13 08:49:07

Wow that was an amazing meal last night! Still laughing at Shabs downing her first oyster! Wonder where the road is gonna take us today, must buy myself a hat, real cowgirl style!

Howdee folks smile

<<heaves at the thought of Oysters...even though she has never tried one>>

Chopstheduck Fri 20-Sep-13 09:02:24

Oysters are lovely, they taste of the sea. Never had them cooked though. I want cowboy boots. Tuck my jeans in, white shirt and let my hair down - I'm all set!

<<mops up her own vomit>> envy thats what my face looks like right now........

Chopstheduck Fri 20-Sep-13 09:51:06

<<double checks reflection in the mirror>>

triplets Fri 20-Sep-13 12:54:20

ok fair do..........your choice of fine dining tonight Shabs, try and find us a fun diner!

hmm do Pickled Onion Monster munch & a big bottle of Diamond White cider count Trips???? grin

rubyrubyruby Fri 20-Sep-13 15:42:59

I'm not a big oyster fan. I'm sure if they were cheap no-one would eat them.

Apologies for being AWOL. I have no chance of catching up so apologies for anything I've missed. I did see poor Estars news though sad

Is it ok if I just jump straight back in?

rubyrubyruby Fri 20-Sep-13 15:44:32

<<searches for back-pack>>

Sokmonsta Fri 20-Sep-13 20:45:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

triplets Fri 20-Sep-13 22:28:43

<<Soks, wish we could all help, heres a ((hug)) >>

triplets Fri 20-Sep-13 22:31:32

Howdee Rubster glad you can join us, were heading for the Mojave, slap on the factor 50!!
Shabster, better double up on the Monster Munch, salt will be good for dehydration in the desert.............

bubby64 Sat 21-Sep-13 00:10:39

jumping back aboard with my backpack already on, anyone got some eggs and bacon to fry on a stone in the desert?? By the way, i love oysterssmile tried to get to the Colchester oyster festival this year, but didnt make it. DH and boys think they are gross, along with my pickled herring, cockles, stilton cheese and olives grin grin
Be glad to get away with you girls, as I have all three males in this house squabbling like 5yr oldsconfused

I saw estars news, its so not fair, haven't that family been through enoughsad sad

soks- wish we could help more, you have too much on your plate at the moment.

Well, we have a fence,a new oil tank (hot water & heating this weekend, woohoo!!), and insurance have said to go ahead with quotes for shed, workshop, windows, conservatory, soffits and gutters. I have also sent in the list of items lost, along with replacement costs. They seem to have accepted everything so far, so really pleased that despite a few minor hiccups, there are no major problems. Everyone seems surprised it is geting sorted by the underwriters so quickly and smoothly, especially as next foor has only just got his loss adjusters 1st visit!

MultipleMama Sat 21-Sep-13 00:26:45

You'll have to travel without me; I am knackered! Kids slept the whole flights except to feed so only had BH to contend with!

So great to hug my kids again and DH. I never realised how much I missed my own bed! smile

Morning girls xx Wanted so much to have a lie in.....Danny texted me at 'stupid o'clock' to ask if we still had a massive box of Lego because Lew wants it!!! I havent replied yet!!! Thought that 7am was too early for swearing.

AND Danny volunteered to take my parents shopping.....then rang me and said 'Please can you come Mum, not sure if I can handle both of them in Tesco's!' hmm

Chopstheduck Sat 21-Sep-13 10:52:11

I meant to take an egg to death valley and I forgot!

Sorry to hear you are still having such a rough time, soks smile

Sorry Shabs but that did make me smile a little!

Where next then? Napa valley, a nice spa and wine tasting? (Cider for Shabs!)

MultipleMama Sat 21-Sep-13 19:51:47

Haha, Shabs, that made me chuckle.

Some of the presents we posted have arrived and A is so happy with Russian toys and dolls. K loves his Soviet Moon Robot.

Wish thesw BH would stop though. Urgh.

rubyrubyruby Sat 21-Sep-13 22:11:21

Good to be home then MM?
I'm sorry Soks sad are you near me? I don't know why I think that - I just do.

I went to a lovely MN meet up last night smile