Surprise twins at 12w scan (have 2.5yo DD) - in shock and so many qus!!

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legallyblond Thu 21-Mar-13 07:40:37

(So cross - just wrote all this out and stupid iPhone deleted it!!)

I guess it's time to post here....

Had 12 week scan on Tues afternoon and totally, completely out of the blue, it's twins! No twins in the family, no fertility treatment - a total shock! They have separate sacks and placentas and so far look well - they are both 3 days ahead of dates (I know when we conceived). The whole pregnancy was a (very lovely) unplanned surprise - we would have waited for fjnanci reasons, mainly because I am the breadwinner (DH is pretty much a stay at home dad? And I have not been in my new job long enough to qualify for enhanced mat pay, only statutory..... Eeek.

I am excited, of course, but a bit of a mixed bag of emotions.... I worry as I assume that there are many more things that can go wrong with twins. Thd main thing though is that I totally know what I'm doing with one. I have, frankly, nailed breastfeeding (see below, did if for embarrassingly long!) and found the early months really not that hard (with one...). But now, I am going totally into the unknown, which I just wasnt expecting, and I don't know what to do or if I can do it!!!

I just have so many questions... Any thoughts welcome:

1. Can I and will I be allowed to ebf twins? I exclusively bf DD until we did baby led weaning at 6 months, then carried on bf until just after she turned 2 blush. I'm not militant with others, not remotely, but I LOVED bf and it is really important to me. Can I do it? Physically, how can it work? I will also have DD, so can't spend hours in bed in funny positions or doing skin to skin! I was counting on having a hand free!

And what if they're prem? Will I be allowed to pump and not allow a bottle? Can't even imagine how I'd do that with DD to look after too....

2. How often do people make it to 37/38 weeks and will I be allowed to have a vag

legallyblond Thu 21-Mar-13 07:44:41

And now iPhone randomly posted.... To continue:

A vaginal birth? DD stayed in until 40 + 14(!!) and was induced, but it with the cervix softening thing. She then popped out in 8 hours. I'm happy to give it a go with two... My body knows how to give birth... But is this v unlikely? Do they insist on csec? How early is normal?

3. Practically, is it possible to find a rear facing double pram/pushchair that will accommodate a buggy board for (still little!) DD?!

4. However will I / we cope????


legallyblond Thu 21-Mar-13 07:46:22

Gah. Excuse iPhone typos throughout.

I don't know anything about your questions but I did read once that BF women are more likely to have twins. Oh and women closer to 40, cant remember the other ones. Bit of (probably untrue) trivia there! Huge congratulations! smile

legallyblond Thu 21-Mar-13 07:56:22

Thanks! Nowhere near 40 really - I'm 31... Still feeling very teary about it all.... I think it's just apprehension....

Doogle2 Thu 21-Mar-13 08:05:28

My mother in law breast fed her twins so it is possible. I had a prem baby and pumped milk so that's also possible.
You have quite some time to think about this so please don't worry. There are lots of multiple birth clubs so why don't you find one local to you and pop in for a chat.
Congratulations by the way smile

Eating43 Thu 21-Mar-13 08:41:04

You can totally breastfeed twins, I am with mine at the moment. You will just need to buy a special tandem breastfeeding pillow. I have the Harmony Duo. I think other people on here use something called My Breastfriend.

All the tandem pushchairs I have seen are forward facing, but there are loads of them and you could fit a buggy board on. My DD was 17 months when the twins were born so we got an ABC Adventure buggy with the toddler seat on which is great but maybe OtT if tour DD is a bit older.

Congratulations and good luck!

HappyAsASandboy Thu 21-Mar-13 09:38:50

Congratulations grin And welcome to the club smile

You can ebf twins. I am still feeding my 2yr5mo twins, though not exclusiy anymore, obviously. I chose to feed them one at a time rather than together, as I found it difficult to latch two tinies at the same time. But many people feed both together successfully. I also didn't get on with using pillows (normal or widgey or breastfriend), but you'll fin your own way. It will also help that you've done it before and so will be able to take well meant advice from health professionals, friends and family with a pinch of salt if when they start saying your milk won't sustain two. It will. It truly will, as long as you don't compromise your supply by supplementing with formula.

My twins were my first babies, but now that they're two and a half, I can try to imagine how I would manage a two year old and newborn twins. If you were able to express when feeding your daughter, then I would save up and invest in a high quality double pump. I ummed and ahhed over getting one and then got it jus after I finished needing it really blush. It made so much difference to the quantity, speed and comfort of expressing. I got a medela freestyle, which is small and quiet (ish). If you are able to pump, you'll have a stash in the fridge/freezer so that you can bottle feed if your older DD needs you to be more 'available', and it'll mean you can leave DH with the babies while you have time with your DD.

With regard to prams, I have a FirstWheels City Twin, which I chose because it looks great, takes carrycots/car seats/normal seats in any combination. The bar at the bottom where the brake is can take the weight of a light toddler (though it is not supposed to) - I e had a light 4 year old ride on mine with no damage to the pram. If I was expecting your combination, or even older twins and a newborn, I would say to get a parent facing double like the FirstWheels, let your toddler ride on the bar sometimes and have a sling for a baby if your toddler needs the seat. A sensible toddler could sit in a FirstWheels carrycot for a while, and after a few months you'll have the seats on anyway, so can shuffle three children between two seats and a sling I would think. You could also splurge on an ABC triple buggy, but not sure about parent facing combos, and they are BIG.

I am envious of you starting out on your twin pregnancy and newborn days smile It really is a grand adventure smile

Good luck!

legallyblond Thu 21-Mar-13 15:33:52

Thanks Eating and Happy - wonderfully encouraging posts! I'll reply properly later, but thank you!

Congratulations on your special pregnancy smile

Many women breastfeed twins successfully, there is a triplet mother on here BF her three babies. My twins were prem and I expressed while they were in the NICU and they were given my BM by feeding tube.

I have read that 50% of twin pregnancies are between 34-38 weeks. You can have a vaginal birth with twins if the presenting twin is head down at the time. I had an EMCS as twin 1 was breech. No consultant will insist you have a c section, mine was very for a vaginal birth.

Not sure about pram and buggy board.

You will cope, you will have to! It will be hard but there are plenty of twin (and triplet) mums on here with other children not me thankfully

My non ID girls are nearly 6 months old. It is great being a twin mum, hard work but so lovely!

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

ClairesTravellingCircus Thu 21-Mar-13 20:22:54

Hello and congratulations thanks

I have 13 month old twins and two older girls.

As others have said it is possible to breastfeed twins. I found this book really useful.

I had a cs because t1 was breech at 38 weeks.

sorry do not know about pram with buggyboard, but if you go to the pushchair section I am sure someone will be able to help.

4. You will cope, it is hard and having some help (especially in the early weeks) is vital, but you will be amazed at your coping skills! Will your DD go to nursery or playgroup next year?

Finally I know what you mean about "going totally into the unknown", I had exactly the same feeling even though I'd done it twice already!

All I can say is try and be flexible, keep expectations low, and be ready to have to adjust your 'ideal of motherhood', I have had to make compromises on what I would have liked to do, in favour of what was possible with two.

My two are lovely now, giggling and playing together makes you forget that you haven't slept for more than a year

there is an antenatal thread on here too, called Twins Club 5 now I think, you will find lots of expectant twin mums there.


legallyblond Thu 21-Mar-13 22:58:57

Thank you all!! So appreciated!

Hi!! Huge congratulations. Of course it's a panic as it was not expected but you will cope. You will do more than cope. Having twins is hard, no getting away from it. But it is also amazing and special. I have 10 month old dts and 3yo dd. She was just 2 when I had the boys.

Accept help amd prepare as much as you can... fill freezer and cupboards etc and organise help.

I had a vb with the boys so definitely possible. And although I did npt ebf , there are amazing woman on here that have/ do.... and clare who has posted above is one of them.

Don't know about pushchairs I am afraid as I have front facing and dd has to walk! I know there is something called an ABC or something like that which has a toddler seat on it. dreamingofagoodnightssleep on here had one.

Join TAMBA and find

Ooo sorry!
.... your local twins club. Great for support and buying and selling.

Ask any questions you have... There will always be someone who can help. We have all been there!
Congratulations again

Mandy21 Fri 22-Mar-13 08:41:09

Yes, its definitely possible to exclusively breast feed. I did and carried on b/f them until they were 11 months. They were early too, but the staff on my SCBU were very pro-breastfeeding so I got lots of support – they had my expressed milk via an NG tube until they were able to breast feed, and once their tubes were removed (close to the time when they came home) if I wasn't at hospital (eg during the night), the nurses would offer my milk via a cup. They were never given a bottle.

As everyone says, you'll find a way to feed, I only fed them together in emergencies, it was usually one after the other, but I think twins work out fairly quickly that they need to hurry – mine were very efficient feeders.

I didn't make it to 37/38 weeks but had a normal delivery even though one twin was breech. Again, I presume it depends on the hospital's approach.

Can't help on the pram front I'm afraid.

You will cope (as you don't get a choice wink) but it is brilliant. I think twins are a complete blessing, its so special and even though its a bit overwhelming at the moment, its so exciting.

Just to let you know legally DCDA twins can still be identical. We had 2 sacs & two placentas and non ID girls but there is a chance of identical twins too.

I also got the shock of my life at my 12 week scan!

toomuchpink Sat 23-Mar-13 21:30:32

Hey there, congratulations. Know just how you are feeling, though I have to say you sound in a really good place to me.
I immediately assumed there would be lots of extra risks for twins too. What I was told was because they were in separate sacks, with separate placentas there were no extra risks. The statistical probability of having some kind of abnormality inevitably increases - just as it would if you had more babies separately, but that is it.
The pregnancy is of course more onerous, so there's a greater chance of them being premature, but otherwise there's no big risks. I was really surprised.
EBF, yes of course. We used a syringe to give them expressed milk on top of BF'ing at first.
I have an older one too. She was 2-1/2. At the mid morning feed she had to wait while I b'fed both babies, one after the other, and then expressed. I thought it would be a nightmare, but it was ok. I got a few activities ready before we sat down and I could chat to her, or help her with them.
I gave twin one a bottle of formula at night at 3-1/2 mths, otherwise they were ebf through to starting solids around 6mths.
One thing I did while I was pregnant was stockpile some cheap toys/ making things whenever they caught my eye, so DD1 could have something new during the Friday afternoon b'feed for example. It was very helpful.
Cheers for now.

toomuchpink Sat 23-Mar-13 21:35:52

Just seen your other questions.
I was induced at 38, delivered both more or less normally. They were very keen for me to have an epidural. I didn't for DD1, but it actually worked out very well.
On the pram front, I've never seen a rear facing twin buggy. There are those old fashioned ones where they face each other.
It depends how old your first is, but I got the outandabout, which is great. There is a little triangle on the front where my 2-1/2yr old could hitch rides no problem if her legs were tired. It faces outwards though.
BTW electric madela breast pump - it's essential!

legallyblond Sat 23-Mar-13 23:10:21

Toomuchpink - thank you, thank you, thank you! It still feels overwhelming, but just starting to feel like an adventure too... Your story is exactly how I would love things to works out... Fingers crossed! I hope DD will cope! She will, at pretty much exactly when they're due, be starting the nursery pert of her school (she'll be 2.11) doing 3 mornings a week. I am a bit iffy on thd psychology of it - starting school at exactly the same time as babies arrive, but we had always planned for her to start them and it will be blinking convenient! She's had pretty much full time parents until now (me, then DH, now mostly DH plus my mum and a nanny/childminder who comes to our house for a day) and I think she'd be really ready for it... In fact I'm tempted to Si four mornings, but that might be a bit much. Alternatively, it might be great for her to have that as her special thing.

Thanks so much for the encouragement - I may be calling on many IOC you for more advice! We've yet to see anyone apart from the sonographer since we found out, so I'm looking forward to properly talking through the risks etc with the midwife at 16 weeks.

legallyblond Sat 23-Mar-13 23:11:32

Sorry - ghastly iPhone typos!

Fanjango Sat 23-Mar-13 23:17:19

I had vag delivery when I went into labour naturally at 36+5. They insisted on spinal in case the 2nd twin went transverse after the birth of twin 1, twin 2 was born breech.
You can breastfeed but as mine went into special care with feeding problems, too tired to suck, I was glad I decided not to try, I had,had problems bf with dc1.
Congrats legallyblond. Twins are a joy. Enjoy the first year, it gets harder after they are mobile grin. Mine are now almost 8.

With twins you should be seeing a consultant every 4 weeks & a scan every 4 weeks from 20 weeks.

I saw a midwife straight after twins was confirmed at my 12 week scan. I also then saw a consultant and had a NT scan 3 days later. Ask you midwife about it.

harrygracejessica Sun 24-Mar-13 10:53:21

I have 2 sets of twins, the first were 7 weeks early and I expressed milk which was tube fed then they went onto bottle (I had a 15 month old too) the 2nd set were 4 weeks early and straight bottle fed. I know alot of people who have delivered twins and many who had a c-section.

Buggies - the first one that springs to mind is the bugaboo donkey - seats either way and you can get a buggyboard for them. First wheels do one too, can't think off the top of my head as i had to get the abc Everest with seat ontop which only faces forwards.

harrygracejessica Sun 24-Mar-13 10:56:00

Oh and the fact they are separate sacs and placentas is good as same placentas usually do get pushed for earlier section due to risks.

And even though they are separate they can stil be identical :-)

DeepRedBetty Sun 24-Mar-13 11:09:37

I had vb for the girls, there was a wibble when dd2 decided to go transverse after dd1 was delivered, but I'd had an epidural in case emergency cs was needed, and consultant was able to turn her. Unfortunately she turned wrong way and came out feet first... has continued to be contrary for next fourteen years grin.

Managed to ebf, although girls were tube fed for first couple of weeks. I took them home on their due date, exactly four weeks after they were born. I assume you know your due date is now 38 weeks not 40?

I had a special cushion but tbh found it easiest to feed one at a time, if I did feed both it was easiest in bed.

DP my mum and my sisters were wonderful and I'm not sure how I'd have coped without them.

MIL shot out and bought a Mothercare own brand double buggy. It was shite! Wish I'd exchanged it before using it and making it unsaleable.

DeepRedBetty Sun 24-Mar-13 11:20:46

Just to add, I was put under a lot of pressure to have a cs, but was very determined. I also took dm as birthing partner rather than dp, and she was fantastic at fending off scared junior doctors and insisting on the consultant having a look before diving in.

I later discovered I was the first non cs multiple birth at this large regional hospital for over six months! Apparently I had a huge audience, I'd said I was ok to be used as a teaching case.

And the next three local women to have twins all had vb as well <still proud of herself grin>.

We tended to find each other, if only because at that time there was only one double shopping trolley with newborn seats in the only supermarket in town. We used to ring round to check no-one else was planning to use it in the next hour or two. It became an informal support network.

teddymummy Sun 24-Mar-13 11:22:17

Oh, I read your post with a smile, as the same thing happened to me!
I had a 2yo dd when I got the surprising news that I was expecting identical twins. It was a shock, but at least i knew what to do with a baby as you will now.
We had a nipper double buggy which was a godsend after the double Mac I had With a buggy board. My dd just had to walk when we went out, or perch on the foots board if she got tired. My consultant was massively pro natural delivery and I was induced at 38 weeks as they shared a placenta and so were technically higher risk. They did insist on an epidural though in case I got into difficulty. Baby one was born after a seven hour labour with a bit of help and baby two was born as a bottom first breech with a lot of help from the wonderful doctor. Eleven minutes apart. I breast fed for about four months and then went onto bottles as it was the right thing for us at the time. In hindsight I would have bf for longer but you have to do what's best for you at the time. I do remember that we did not bother much with fancy outfits, a coloured sleep suit and cardi worked for months, otherwise you waste so much time on washing. The hardest thing is finding enough time for your older daughter. I was luck enough to get a student from the college doing child care to support me for about six months. She was a wonderful girl and helped me a lot. When I was pregnant with the boys I met an older woman on holiday. When she discovered I was having twins She told me about her 30 year old twin sons. She said her top piece of advice was just enjoy them and never worry about the dirt in the corners, just got to let things go a bit! Good luck, enjoy every moment, it's so special having twins and you will have the chance to show them off to everyone and feel so proud. Xxx

rednellie Fri 29-Mar-13 08:30:43

I'm still ebf my year old twin boys. I fed my Dd till she was 21 months. smile

I had a vaginal delivery with no epidural.

Anything is possible, twins or no, just do what feels right to you and don't let anyone push you around.

Apart from that - congratulations!

lottiebb Fri 29-Mar-13 17:10:35

Congratulations! I remember the shock of finding out it was twins only too well! Mine are only 4 weeks old so I'm still pretty new to the whole twins thing myself. I was planning to have a c section, as twin 2 was breech, but went into labour at 35 weeks and ended up having a vb as she had turned head down. It does depend on the position of the babies though, as if twin 1 is breech or transverse they would most likely insist on cs.

I'm mixed feeding mine but there are plenty who have ebf their twins - I have a v shaped pillow but haven't attempted tandem feeding yet, as im still having a few issues with latching one of them on. I think it would be useful to get one if you want to tandem feed.

Not sure re the pram - I have an icandy peach blossom which i don't think would be compatible with a buggy board.

Good luck smile

Avondale Fri 29-Mar-13 23:53:03

Congratulations! I've twins and one 3 yrs older. Didn't manage to bf any of them so can't advice there. As regards to buggy, I got a 360 nipper and there is space at the front for a toddler to perch on. Also, at first used to put the smaller twin in a sling and the toddler and bigger twin in the buggy. Neither options are easy to steer but ith twins you get very resourceful! Twins are hard work but soooo worth it Good luck x

MamaBlue4 Sun 31-Mar-13 16:35:00

I have 6 month old twins, and may be expecting my 2nd set. My dts are still exclusively breastfed - only just starting to use bottles but at the minute they hate it.

It is 100% doable providing you have enough milk. You can either tandem feed or one at time, and I suggest investing in a pillow, if you haven't already, to help. My dts tandem feed most of the time, they see the other doing it and they want to. Still feeding like newborns too!

As for preemie, not sure. I went into labor 37+2, a preterm for single PG but a multiple it's not considered that premature as you're expecting 2 so obviously your full term week is now 38 not 40.

Congrats btw.

toomuchpink Sun 31-Mar-13 21:16:10

Hope all is going well Legallyblond. One good thing about newborns I had forgotten before the twins is at first they do sleep quite a bit. It soon changes of course, but I think that helps soften the blow for the older child. You think they are suddenly going to lose all your attention, but actually while the babies are napping you can do quite a bit with the older one. Now mine are down to one nap a day, and they are running around getting up to mischief, it is actually much harder to concentrate on DD1. But of course she is older now, and she is more used to it.
You might want to ask your midwife if you will be going to a hospital twin clinic. I only found out about twin clinic in my area through a friend, my useless midwife didn't seem to have a clue about twins. It was twin clinic that answered my questions.
Cheerio for now.

I cannot help with the majority of your questions but I couldn't read and run without saying congratulations and that I once stayed with an amazing Australian woman who had her twin girls by vaginal delivery (3rd pregnancy) on gas and air at home.. Not saying that this is something to aim for of course, but she knew that her body could do it, that she could breast feed and just felt that she could get on with it. She carried the girls to 39 weeks, they were 6lbs each and she EBF'd them both
Positive mental attitude she said and by god she needed it with 4 kids under 5 in the middle of bloody nowhere lol!

How exciting for you, congrats again

legallyblond Mon 01-Apr-13 15:05:12

Thanks so much for all the advice and encouragment! All well here - feeling less sick, although now struck with a horrid cold! Is it normal to still not quite believe its twins?! My next NHS scan is at 20 weeks (then they're every month), which seems a long worrying wait! If they both made it healthily to 12 weeks, I can't figure out what the risks are of one of both not making it to 20 weeks....

Despite the (normal, I hope!) fears that I won't actually be bringing 2 babies home, I have started thinking strategies, based on life now with DD and what worked when she was a baby. I'm thinking:

- bf (the though of waking up, going downstairs, getting bottles etc fills me with fear!!);
- both babies in a cot next to our bed, possibly open sided (a home made co sleeper!);
- two bouncer chairs with handles, or 4 baby Bjorn balance chairs - 2 upstairs, 2 down!!;
- my old moby wrap with both in there when little (apparently its possible)
...... Etc

DD will be at pre school 3 or 4 mornings, which might help (apart from the walk there in the morning!).

As for the vag birth or c section, I think I'm just going to do whatever's safest. I am happy to have a c section! Although what's the recovery time like? I had an episiotomy with DD, and that took a good 6 weeks until I couldn't feel it...

Anyway, just crossing everything they're both ok in there and that I make it to as close to 38 weeks as possible.

I bought the books recommended above.... It all seems like such a journey into the (scary!) unknown!!

rednellie Tue 02-Apr-13 09:46:52

There's been a bit of recent research that's shown that twins are at no more risk from vaginal or c-section delivery. Of course depends on your/babies health but I actually had an OB who was happy for me to have a double breech delivery...

In terms of buggy - I've got the mountain buggy duet and you can buy this thing called the free rider which clips on the back as a buggy board and can also be converted into a scooter. My older dd loves it. Unfortunately it's not rear facing but it handles like a dream and is very very slim. Two things high on my list.

Glad you're doing well. Long may it continue!

rednellie Tue 02-Apr-13 09:49:51

Sorry, I'm not saying vaginal birth is the be all and end all its just there's a lot of scare mongering around twin births so it's good to do your research iyswim.

temporary Tue 02-Apr-13 18:05:53

I bf till they were both over 2, not one bottle crossed their lips. I had a 2 1/4 yr old at the time too.

I gave birth at 39+6, naturally, but that was before the NICE guidelines were made so I didn't get any pressure at all to be induced earlier. I wouldn't have listened to that particular pressure anyway.
You are in a stronger position having birthed before ok.

Not sure about the pram. We just tried to get our 2 yr old used to scooting for when the twins arrived, and got an icandy. When she got tired she did occasionally sit underneath in the baggage rack - although I am not sure I would recommend this whole plan.

legallyblond Tue 02-Apr-13 22:00:49

Thanks again all.

temporary, great to hear that about bf. I am feeling confident. DD never had a bottle and we had no weight issues and I had surplus milk (I tried pumping it but she refused bottles of ebf totally, so I had a freezer full of unused gold!).

I am fairly relaxed about the v birth / c section thing, so will just do whatever is best... Labour with DD was induced, but only with the cervix softening thing, and she came out relatively trouble free in 8 hours... So I am confident my body could do it if that were the safest thing. My biggest concern with c section is the fact that the mucus isn't squeezed out of their lungs.. I'm keeping an open mind for now.

I would hope that I have a good chance of getting to 38 weeks ... I'm 5'11" so there's more space than for some others, and DD was in until 42 weeks with no high blood pressure or other issues.... I feel that the later they arrive, the better bf will be...

Still feeling v unsure about how likely or nit it is that they'll both make it.... I am next seeing the midwife at 16 weeks (just under 2 weeks away) and then consultant at 20 weeks. Is that normal? I've seen no one since discovering its twins...

Thanks again!!!

kchivs Wed 03-Apr-13 22:06:23

Congrats, I was same position as you, 2.5 year old and twins at 12 week scan! Totally scary. Twins are now 18 months and we are still sane!

I breastfed for 11 months, together for first few weeks then one after the other. I had the i candy pear double buggy to start with which takes car seats or carry cots forwards or backwards plus a buggy board. It's expensive but I found it second hand. When I tried the buggy board on the double MacLaine it couldn't handle the weight.

My older one started pre school three weeks before the twins arrived and was fine, and it was amazing for me to have three hours a day just with the twins. I had a doula for first four weeks to help as have n family but after that I think the experience from having one already really helped.

Good luck, and you will be fine.

legallyblond Thu 04-Apr-13 17:28:15

Thanks so much for this kchivs! If, which I really hope I get to 38 weeks, DD will have been at preschool for 2 weeks....

joannita Sat 20-Apr-13 23:12:47

Congratulations! I've been there! My son had just turned 2 when I found out I was having twins at 12 week scan. I bf ds1 for 8 months. But twins were born at 34 weeks and were very little. I expressed while they were in special care and when they reached 36 weeks put them to the breast. They did ok but could only feed for about 2 mins without tiring and falling asleep. So they never got full and would wake up hungry after 10 mins. Imagine a whole night of that followed by another day. Grim! I gave up and bottle fed a mixture if ebm and formula for 2 months but milk supply dwindled so I gave up completely. You should be aware that bf twins is technically possible but only about 2% of twin mums do. So don't beat yourself up if it doesn't work out. You are also statistically quite likely to give birth early so prepare yourself mentally. Not now! You need to Get over the shock first but find out a bit about what to expect. Eg 34 weeks is pretty good. They are usually fine and need a bit of extra help with feeding and Maintaining temp. I was dreading them being born early and taken away from me all through pregnancy but it was actually ok. Hospital staff were lovely and the experience was quite special.

joannita Sat 20-Apr-13 23:23:03

I also wanted a vaginal birth. I had a home birth with ds1. But I ended up having an emergency c section cos i went into labour at 34 weeks and they couldn't find a heartbeat for twin 2 on monitors. They needed help with breathing when they were born. I'm very happy about the c section. It was the right thing at the time and recovery time was similar to vaginal birth. I had been deaf against it but it was fine.

bunnymother Sat 20-Apr-13 23:30:23

Super quick post. I have, and love, the Baby Jogger City Select, w the Lascal Maxi buggy board. Perfect for my twins and older sibling. Congratulations!

joannita Sat 20-Apr-13 23:31:04

Just saying, if things don't turn out how you imagine it's not the end if the world. A good birth is one where you and babies are ok. Breast feeding is good but it's not the be all and end all. Hold on to your ideals of course, but be pragmatic too!

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