D'y ever wonder when it is going to stop snowing??

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Chopstheduck Mon 21-Jan-13 07:32:23

Morning girls xx

School is on thank goodness, but not til 10, and dh is wfh <sigh>

Shinyshoes1 Mon 21-Jan-13 07:36:38

It can carry on snowing , I love it . I won't be driving in it so I will be relying on London transport , so far that is running well

I'm just awaiting confirmation that dd's school is open or closed . No word as yet so I'm sat here in limbo

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh found you!!! Sent Tom off to school - he is not happy they are open - has been snowing here since 7pm yesterday!!

triplets Mon 21-Jan-13 09:03:20

Found you..........better rush through this thread before the snow melts....hello Shinyshoes, are you a visitor, did you bring cake? No school here, no more snow but it looks treacherous outside and the sky is black. Just read on here that a 20 yr old woman was found dead in the snow in Deal, right opposite where my Mum lived............awful. I suppose I had better get up, though why I don`t know as I have a good book by my side!

Sokmonsta Mon 21-Jan-13 09:52:12

Morning! Snow day here. Teachers can't get in to school. Curse of village life but its bloody wonderful. All the kids at home and dh so off out for snow play very soon.

Chopstheduck Mon 21-Jan-13 11:19:43

Kids and dh have gone for now, but I am fed up with this snow. I want to RUN, and it all snowy. Will go out later but will have to take it very slowly again <sigh>

oooggs Mon 21-Jan-13 11:29:03


Nothing down here at all!!!!!!

Tom was home at 11 minutes past 9!!! They lied when I rang - they said that all the teachers had managed to get in so I should send Tom.....he said only about 20 teachers managed to get there!!!

The latest news on the school Facebook page is that ALL children taking their Science GCSE exam tomorrow have to go in even if school is closed to the rest of the pupils. There are about 20 kids doing the exam, including my lad. Not happy, not happy at all........what makes it safer for the ones taking exams to walk up the really steep hill to school???

bubby64 Mon 21-Jan-13 14:54:59

Found you All.
Snow day here, as well, 2 very happy boys been out most of the day playing, with a brief interlude for lunch and a change of clothes from shopping wet to dry, yet more washing for DH!grin

bubby64 Mon 21-Jan-13 15:02:03

Trips - sad about the girl opposite your mums. Here a 76yr old found dead in his driveway 2 villages away, thought to have fallen whilst shoveling his driveway, poor man.
Stabs, how can they be so disorganised! The boys High School put it on their website first thing this morning that school was closed except for exam students.

Chopstheduck Tue 22-Jan-13 06:42:26

grin at 'stabs'.

Morning girls x

My legs are aching so much this morning. On the plus side I have lost about a stone now though. Didn't want to get out of bed this morning though <yawn>

Morning girls xx

Chopstheduck Tue 22-Jan-13 06:53:48

Good luck for Tom today, shabs, that he gets to school fine and the exam goes well xx

rubyrubyruby Tue 22-Jan-13 07:00:51

I didn't realise there was s new thread!

Snow here too but school open due to loan of snow plough.
DS2 has science GCSE today too Shabs.

Chops - a stone !!!!!

Chopstheduck Tue 22-Jan-13 07:21:40

mm, 4 stone to go now! <sob>

I bought new scales, and found out I was even heavier than I thought, but never mind, I'm making progress.

Chopstheduck Tue 22-Jan-13 07:28:25

Just seen the story of that girl in Deal, poor girl! What an awful thing to happen.

rubyrubyruby Tue 22-Jan-13 08:06:52

Awful news story sad

Sokmonsta Tue 22-Jan-13 17:05:47

Morning/afternoon/evening. Snatching a couple of minutes peace to locate my sanity (screaming twins, crazy 2yo and stroppy 4yo).

That's so sad about those two people hmm. I love snow but its when you hear things like that, you realise how dangerous it can be.

Well Jennifer's physio appointment came through. The week after we come back from centre parks. We also have the HV coming that weeks too. James decided to throw his dinner at the wall yesterday. Lunch today was a quarter sandwich and two mince pies. I'm at the bare threaded end of my rope with him and have to walk away as I fear I could hurt him at times sad. There's a 'raising boys' course running at the end of next month at one of the sure start centres so I've booked myself on it. Figured its free and I've got nothing to lose!

Joshua and Jennifer are being truly delightful on the whole. Joshua is into everything and I'm thinking of entering Jennifer into a gurning competition. She doesn't half pull some faces.

Hot chocolate and floaty marshmallows all round as its bloody freezing here.

bubby64 Tue 22-Jan-13 21:35:40

Soks Great you have had news about physio, at least its not too long to wait, and I am glad you are enjoying the twins at least! Well done for the proactive idea of attending the parenting course, we are also looking to go on one, for raising teenagers. I think that we need the help at the moment, as J has been hard work of late. Mind you, have had a serious talk with him, as he has been getting in trouble at school too, and we have hopefully, got to the bottom of some of the issues. It seems that he has been trying to be all things to all people in his new class, and, in order to try and be popular, has told some lies about his homelife and past, and now he has been found out! Some of his class mates have call his bluff on some of the stories, and are making fun of him because of it. I have advised him to tell the truth and let them know it was because he was afraid he wouldnt be liked for who and what he is. He did this today, and his friends have said they like him when he isnt lying. A big lesson learned I think. It must be hard when before you were automaticly the centre of attention because of the novelty of being an ID twin, and now he is just seen as a singleton by many.sad He is also having trouble getting his head around the idea that homework is about independant learning, not just going over what you have learned in the classroom.wink
Ruby and Shabs not Stabs!! grin blooming tablet spellchecker. How did your respective DS cope with the exam, well I hope.
Chops - Well done you! fantastic result so far, keep it up!
I had my first plaster removed and sutures taken out today, I have wounds both sides of ankle and on my heel, as well as on my hip, so a lot of sutures to be removed. Unfortunatly, both ones on my ankle have a little necrotic area,sad so I have been put in a new (pink) baycaste, but with windows cut in both sides so they can get at the areas and re-dress them a couple of time a week. I hope this is the first and only setback. Putting the new caste on was agony, as they had to push and hold the ankle into the correct position as they plastered, R got quite upset with them as it caused so much pain, but I understood why it had to be done, thank God for the Gas n Air I was given.grin

Chopstheduck Wed 23-Jan-13 06:38:53

Morning girls

soks, that is quick for the appointment, great news!

bubby, poor J! Hopefully he has learned his lesson from it. Were they in the same classes through primary school then? I found mine did a lot better once they were separated, though unfortunately dt2 has the reputation as the annoying, naughty one that no one wants to play with. DT1 is going from strength to strength, sporty, musical and popular! He has finally started playing more with boys, but also has THREE gfs blushgrin
Owwwy with the ankle, hope it is more straightforward now. It must be progress though, even if it is painful. Soon be up and about!

We've had MORE snow here. sad

Morning girls xx

Tom seemed to do OK with the GCSE - came home very laid back but with the sole of his shoe hanging off!!! Cant wait to go and get him ANOTHER pair of school shoes <<sarcastic face>>

Chopstheduck Wed 23-Jan-13 09:09:09

aw, shabs, at least the exam went ok. Mine go thru school shoes like nothing else, especially Jack. I invested in some start rite for the boys this year. Really thick leather, gave dt1 blisters first week but they are lasting! Got them cheap from eBay, think they were an old line.

Tom has the weirdest feet ever!! (sadly he inherited them from me). IF I could afford Clarkes he would only be in about a 5 but the widest fitting. He also doesn't like any of their styles. Every term we go down to our local 'bargain bucket type' shoe shop in town. He walks straight in picks up the same style shoe.....they fit him perfectly and cost £9.99 ha ha ha ha ha ha. Slip on plain black shoes. They always last him the term but they are not very equipped for all this snow we have had!!!

rubyrubyruby Wed 23-Jan-13 13:04:18

DS2's exam went well too.
It doesn't seem long ago we were talking about there secondary applications Shabs !

I have booked flights <<excited>>

You are right Ruby - Im sure it was a couple of months ago that we were talking about our kids going to High school.

Flights booked!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrilliant!!!

Tom got his letter yesterday to arrange his college interview - scary bloody stuff!!!

Chopstheduck Wed 23-Jan-13 13:38:48

ooh exciting rubes!

How is the exercise going?

I did a week 3 run today (been stuck on weed 2 for 5 runs cos of the snow) it was great!! Then after the podcast I ran home - 4.5 minutes wihtout stopping. I've never ran that far in my life grin

bubby64 Wed 23-Jan-13 13:52:51

Hi chops - yes, they were, had no choice as there were only 17 kids in their year. But we talked over separation at high school, and they were both enthusiastic about it, as was I. I don't think J ever actually took on board that he would be in absolutely no classes with his brother, which is the case now. M is blooming as he is out from behind Js shadow, but J has suddenly found he has got to get on on his own, do his own listening and stop mucking about. No longer is he able to rely on M remembering things from the lessons and helping with homework, it has to be all his own effort!!!
shabs, Ruby - talking about collage, that is scary!
i must admit shabs I do get the boys Clarkes, even if they are more expensive. For the past 4 yrs they have lasted almost through to the end of the summer term, especially if they get a bit of polish put on them to waterproof them (DHs job, once a week!)
Trips -you ok out there love??

bubby64 Wed 23-Jan-13 14:11:11

By the way, I have sent a PM to sassy as I noticed she was not on the new thread as yet, didnt know if she had got lost, and ooggs come back to us as well love!

Sokmonsta Wed 23-Jan-13 15:34:40

<weeps and wails in a hugely over dramatic 'we're doomed!' way>

Just went out to fetch my eldest from school. Car started up fine. Then went mental! Handbrake fault, gearbox fault, depollution system faulty, ABS faulty and ESP faulty, or something like that.

It's going to be a) inconvenient and b). Expensive. I can just feel it already. Oh, and did I mention we go on holiday Monday <cue more wailing and stressing>.

Thank god for neighbours who kindly fetched mine with theirs, and the fab AA cover which covers everything except onward travel and hire if car. Inc repairs to a degree. Fingers crossed the faults can either be repaired or are covered by the aa repair cover.

But I'm wallowing in a why me pity party at the moment. Last time my car broke down I was without it for nearly a month. It's our 7 seater and dh had time off work so we couldn't go anywhere.

Chopstheduck Wed 23-Jan-13 16:04:45

oh Soks! Hope it is something minor. It sounds like it might be electrical - surely all those things can't have really gone wrong at the same time.

Bubby, hopefully give them a bit more time and J will settle. I know what you mean about M though, it was exactly the same for us.

I ache! Just walked back up the school again. the snow is turning to slush though, rather than ice! grin

Chopstheduck Wed 23-Jan-13 16:08:15

And soks, fingers crossed for the car.

D'y know the only times I've ever got flat tyres was firstly the evening before we were due to drive to France catching the dawn ferry - right after all the garages close! And the second was driving through Holland on a sunday the day before we were due to leave Holland for Germany - garages do not open on a sunday in Holland! We did manage to get sorted in the end, though both times we had to buy new tyres rather than repair them cos it was all we could get. Stupid new fangled cars with no spare wheels!

You've got a few days, will be keeping everything crossed that it is something really quick and easy!

triplets Wed 23-Jan-13 23:00:28

I`m hiding from you all...........feeling very old, tired, fat and frumpy...........I am old, tired, fat and frumpy what am I talking about.........sigh...........had a huge row in a charity shop yesterday with the manager........will tell you tomorrow as I am tired................and fat....and old...and frumpy.............and peed off with my dd.............and I miss my Mum, days like today I would phone her and she would always take my side, bless her. Night all xx

<<Trips makes effort and wheels in trolley, ryvita, an orange and a glass of Sanatogen>>

rubyrubyruby Wed 23-Jan-13 23:04:56

<<drags Trips out from behind the sofa>>

You are not old, fat and frumpy!
You may feel old, fat and frumpy but you aren't - and we love you x

<<gives trolley a miss>>

Soks - fingers crossed the car is something cheap trivial.

Trips I am like a helium balloon at the moment - verrrrrrrrrrry fat.

You, my lovely, lovely friend are the person who is always, always there for me. I know if I pick up the phone right now you are always there for me.

Don't make me come and find you and slap the back of your legs LOL - thats what my Mum used to do with me.

Chin up me owd mucker....chin up, shoulders back, one foot in front of the other and dont forget to breathe xxxxxxxxx

<<pours copius amounts of Gin into the Sanatogen>>

<<puts her Faliraki nipple tassels on and dances about like a loon>>


Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 05:52:52

Morning girls.

Big <<hugs>> trips. You are not fat, or frumpy, you are a lovely, beautiful woman and stop hiding behind the sofa!!

<<Knocks up eggs Benedict, bacon sarnies, and eggs and soldiers in an attempt to lure trips out>>

MORE fecking snow overnight. Oh and I started watching the DVD of the live show Mrs Brown's boys last night - absolutely brilliant! Have you seen it yet, Shabs?

Morning girls xx

Not watched it Chops - love the programme though.

Sokmonsta Thu 24-Jan-13 07:51:10

Morning! Feeling slightly positive about car. AA managed to disengage auto handbrake so I can apply it manually. All the lights have now gone off and haven't come back on yet! Still drives fine so it's going to my mechanic straight from the school run. Fingers crossed he can fix it before Monday. If not I will be begging my sister for the loan of her 7 seater for the week and she can have dh's car while we're away.

Trips, I will join you in the large-arse parade. I have one pair of jeans which fits comfortably. The others, well, lets say I'm doing a fantastic job of working out my stomach muscles holding it all in so the muffin top doesn't look like a whole batch of muffins! <mmmmmm. Muffins...... Wonder if that, the Jaffa cakes, freddos and malteasers are to blame.....nah....... wink>

Well the looooooooooong walk from the garage to my mum's house should help with some of that. Especially pushing double buggy and walking carrying a stroppy 2 year old.

inthewildernessbuild Thu 24-Jan-13 11:16:05

hi, I haven't been on this thread before, but often wanted to come over to Multiples board. Bubbly suggested that it was the right place for mothers of slightly fractious pre-teen twins!

I have been on the Good Housekeeping long running Fledgling threads before, but after 4 years my house doesn't seem to have improved and I have developed a phobia of lists and a fear of scary organised people

Hope you don't mind. I have boy/girl twins aged 10/11 [boy has mild Asperger's]. And a older son of 12/13 who is in his second year at Secondary. My husband runs a business from home and I am SAHM/volunteer. And I live in London!

Husband away on business abroad as of 5am this morning; I've been waiting for this moment, and I am just about to tackle the week's tidying up after spending most of the morning chatting to an old friend grin.
First stop the upstairs which is strewn with clothes, toys, paper.

Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 11:28:01

Ooh newbie! Did you bring cake? grin

You are very welcome, I have four, girl 12 (also y8 secondary), boy 10 (with sn) and 7yo dt boys. NOT looking forard to the boys being preteens! DD is a bit jekyl and hyde these days, never sure which is coming down the stairs. It all seems to passed ds1 over so far, thank goodness.

Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 11:28:55

oh and soks - that's great news! Those auto handbrakes are a pita.

triplets Thu 24-Jan-13 11:44:37

Goodmorning girls and especially to our newbie, if you have twins or more this is the only place to be, plus we are entertaining and lovely and supportive and mad................what more could you want? My trio are 15 this Sunday, they all want money.............James said this morning, "will I get enough for a new phone, its only £159!!! The boys are fine, its my dd who is just a nightmare, but I am told its only for another few years! Did you bring cake.....................we like cake don`t we girls? Thank you Shabs and everyone, just got this thing atm about my neck, I know it probably sounds silly but I hate it, it is sooooooooooooo ageing. So much so I have just changed into the only high necked top I`ve got, its a fleece so I will boil.....oh to be so vain! Right Tues row in the charity shop...........
I was killing time whilst waiting to meet my poorly brother for a coffee, he and Thomas spend Sundays tog at his watching movies and they are always needing new ones. So I bought one at £2.99p and went straight to Costa and gave it to him, but they had already seen it. So less than an hour later I took it back, the same nice lady who knows me well said she would have to ask the manager if she could change it. He appeared like the genie out of the lamp, he must have heard us. "We don`t exchange dvds or cds, there is a notice up there (waving his hand up to it) its not our policy". "Oh I said, but I have only just bought it an hour ago, they have seen it, I don`t want a refund just to exchange it please". "Can`t you read, we don`t exchange them, nor will any other shop in the town". Well girls the steam was coming out of my ears, the shop was full of customers who by now were all staring at us. So with a deep breath (really I wanted to slap him) I said, "please keep your dvd and please keep my £3, but please be sure I shall never buy another thing in this shop". I walked away, as I did I heard him say, "thats up to you". All the customers were laughing, I felt awful. Once I got outside I remembered that I donate £6 a month to the BHF, so home I came and phoned them up and cancelled my direct debit. They of course said they were sorry to lose me, so I told them why. They put me through to customer services who were horrified and said yes that is there policy but the manager should have used his discretion as it had only just been purchased. They said they were treating this very seriously and would be contacting the store manager immediately and thought that they needed some serious staff training! It just made me cross when I am always the first to support charities! There thats off my chest.............

Rubes.........flights, when and where?

<<hug hug hug to you all for being sooooo kind to me, even though I look like a product of Bernard Matthews>>

Sokmonsta Thu 24-Jan-13 11:45:32


Limped car to garage (10 miles at 25mph max). Wouldn't get above 3rd gear. My mechanic can't fix it so its got to go to one of his mates, who can't do it for another week and a half. angryangryangryangry

Ho hum.

inthewildernessbuild Thu 24-Jan-13 11:50:52

grin Jekyll and Hyde. Yes, I had Jekylla this morning. She gave me a big kiss and told me she loved me before going to school. She is hoping I will find her an enormous cardboard box, much bigger than those of her friends, for school Homeless Day (they have to fast in the playground in cardboard boxes in two weeks, to raise money). Ds2 departed in a puff of green smoke though, screeching he was going to be late and it was all my fault for letting him go on Youtube after his cornflakes...I think it was though grin
Ds1 asked me plaintively if I would change his school meal tariff to allow him juice and sandwich instead of Meal Deal (which includes veg). Lunchtime is a rush because he has choir but we have ongoing saga about him buying wrong stuff at lunch. So finally I rang up at 11am (lost number), and the lady in charge, said, Oh, I was just speaking to your son and he asked me if you had rung up yet. Too late blush

I feel guilty now. And I need to investigate cardboard boxes too. I think there is an appliance shop at end of high street hmm I'm sure it wasn't meant to be the point of Homeless Day that the pupils started competing over cardboard boxes...

inthewildernessbuild Thu 24-Jan-13 11:55:43

oooh, that would have made me mad re: DVD. I suppose it is to stop people bringing inferior stuff in and then trying to swop it. Still.

No, sadly I have no cake. Trying to stay off the cake. Unless it is homemade. That doesn't count. The calories expended lugging ingredients, washing up and beating stuff cancel it out.

triplets Thu 24-Jan-13 11:55:45

Sokky...................what a pain, poor you xxx
Teens will compete and argue over anything, they wear me out!

rubyrubyruby Thu 24-Jan-13 12:14:21

Bugger about the car Soks angry

Trips - scarves are your friend wink

<<waves to wilderness>> I have 3 teens too so you have come to the right place as I know all there is to know hmm so just ask and I will pass it on to trips <<twitches nervously>>

Trips - US.
I may need help

Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 12:46:37

oh no, soks sad What are you going to do about holiday?

the demands they make, wilderness! Dd wanted a full picnic set to take to school yesterday, told me Tues night. Ermmm, no, not happening. I like my picnic set with all the pieces still intact. The best one was when she wanted to take our hoover to school! Not sure how she planned to take it on the bus grin

Trips, I'm really glad you called up to complain and they are taking action - bloody silly woman! And you need some nice scarves, think chic rather than granny style!

rubes, what's happening with it? <nosy and ignoring the fact you asked trips>

Wish I'd know that about cake yesterday. DS1 had a VE party at school, I had completely forgotten to do anything about it, so like a domestic goddess I whisked up a batch of fairy cakes before breakfast! And since i am on a diet, I had to walk to school with the smell of freshly baked cakes following me, and I didn't even get a taste. Now if I'd known that making them cancelled them out...!

Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 12:47:11

Just realised rubes already said that!

rubyrubyruby Thu 24-Jan-13 13:05:12

Sorry Chops - I only asked Trips because she offered to help me and she also had 5 to accommodate which cuts down on options and puts prices up ^^

So far I have booked flights into NY and back from LV.
We are planning to fly NY-SF and then drive to LV.

DH managed to negotiate overlap of holiday dates withnhis colleague and we are taking DCs out of school for a couple of days blush

Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 13:19:02

wow that sounds brilliant! We didn't realise that NY was doable like that at the same time, and wished afterwards we had done that. Wouldn't worry in the least about taking the kids out - that is going to be the holiday of a lifetime.

I have noticed btw, when looking at hotel reviews, an awful lot of americans seem to turn up at a hotel and expect the hotel to provide an extra rollaway bed - might be worth looking into!

rubyrubyruby Thu 24-Jan-13 13:40:28

Tbh Chops - if mine were the age yours are I wouldn't have done NY on same trip. You are doing much more driving than we plan to aswell.

This may be our last holiday with them all together <<sob>> and being teens they were keen to do NY of course.

My only concern with rollaway beds is the size. My DCs are very tall and I can see me ending up sleeping on it grin

Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 13:57:15

<whispers>> i can't wait to have the freedom to holiday without the kids!

I'm actually really looking forward to going with just two kids, and would love to do NYC with the older two on their own. We looked at driving down from Montréal next month, but it is a 6 hour drive, not worth it when we are only there for 5 nights.

The dts are used to the driving, the most we've ever done is 3000 miles I think, and that was in less than three weeks. I think we'll manage ok!

Hopefully trips will have some good tips! In Florida we just snuck them all in the fire escape and bunked up together, but prob not doable with teens! grin

inthewildernessbuild Thu 24-Jan-13 15:16:39

we haven't thought about holidays this year. I feel a bit scared of going on holidays with the children, truth be told. We usually go to my family in Ireland, with or without husband. The children are desperate for something a bit more exciting, but we aren't really up for any sort of challenge grin

On the other hand, I was imagining a holiday without the children, and it was just boring. There are only so many books you can read and leisurely breakfasts. And landscapes. And ruins. Children like ruins anyway.]

inthewildernessbuild Thu 24-Jan-13 15:22:07

Anyway I am very admiring of people who can just get in a car and drive long distances with their children who never seem to complain. We aren't good at driving. I can just about manage a run around but not motorways and definitely not wrong side of the road/continental shift.

Had quite a productive day. Made several phonecalls re: kids improvement of kids washed up. Bedrooms quite tidy. Made a stew. Rubbish out. Hotspots cleared. Still can't find half of the Guides uniform though blush

Off out now on various errands with children.

Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 16:28:08

I prefer driving to flying tbh. My children complain about the queues in the airport, get over excited on the plane, constantly ask when we are landing. Thought this was a while ago, and I'm hoping it will be better this time! In the car, we set off, tell them to expect to spend the day in the car, and they pack little bags to keep themselves entertained, plus we have the in car dvd player.

Holidays without children boring??! Nooo! I think with four kids it gets expensive which limits what we can do. I'm off to Montréal next month, without children. I've so far booked to go see a Ice hockey game, a posh restaurant and we're looking into cross country skiing! Plus time in our luxury suite looking out over the skyline, and by the pool, it will be heaven! (I won it btw, I'm not really rich!)

I think it is mainly just having 4 kids does limit what we can do normally. When we took jsut the twins to Barcelona we managed to spend an evening watching flamenco dancing, a Jazz catamaran cruise - neither of which would have been affordable with four, or manageable. One child each on a boat is plenty enough to be responsible for!

triplets Thu 24-Jan-13 17:18:53

smilesmilesmilesmilesmile Mac nurse phoned this afternoon, ct scan is all clear smilesmilesmilesmilesmile now all we need to do is get the surgery for the hernias out of the way asap......I am allowing myself to get a teeny bit excited that we just might get to America as we have been offered expensive insurance if this scan was all clearsmile

Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 17:32:23

Wohoooo! grinwinethankswinethanks

Multiples meetup in Vegas, anyone? grin

triplets Thu 24-Jan-13 17:35:22

Oh Chops how fab would that be? Rubes d`y mind me asking if you got a good deal on flights? Just had a quick look and coming out around £1000 each!

Oh Trips - thats just wonderful. So thrilled for H and all of you. xxx

Our flights to Greece....we have paid extra for daytime flights etc etc but the cheapest we found were with Monarch. Even then they were close on £400 each <<faints clean away>> A package holiday to Venezia would cost us £2,200 for the three of us. This way it will come out at about £1,600 for the total flights/accommodation thing. So saving about £600 doing it 'our way.'
First time we ever went it was £400 for package holiday for the 3 of us but that was in October....this year its last week in July/first in August.

Flights are so very expensive!!

Sokmonsta Thu 24-Jan-13 20:45:21

Yaaaaaaay Trips. smile

Thankfully for holiday we are going with friends so were taking two cars anyway. It just means we have to pack a lot less <we have twin babies, 2 and 4yo ffs> and not take my beautifully practical-for-bumping-through-foresty-places-snow pushchair but my just-as-lovely-but-less-practical double stroller. Hmmm. How much stuff do I have to shed to get what we need in a BMW saloon?

Praying that they do give us the two highchairs and cots we asked for so we don't have to take any of our big stuff.

I just so need this holiday, we need this holiday. Jennifer currently appears to be fighting some bug as her temps through the roof today and I'm even considering that she and I might not go if she really is ill. hmm

rubyrubyruby Thu 24-Jan-13 20:45:46

Oh Trips!!!!
That is FANTASTIC news grin

That sounds about right for flights. We didn't pay that much because DH had airmiles and they also sent him an email link to an airmiles flight sale. The flight out the day before we planned to go was in the sale smile so I managed to book 2 returns for £700 and then went on the normal site and booked 3 more seats on the same flights. Saved us about £1000!

bubby64 Thu 24-Jan-13 22:28:56

Wooohoooo Trips, and well done for standing your ground in the charity shop- jobs worthy really annoy me.
Wilderness welcome!!! I Amos glad you have joined us here, If you don't do cake, how about wine? We like that too!
Soks sorry about the car, has your sister agreed to leanding hers yet?
Chops and Ruby it'd soooo not fair you to going to the US, can you smuggle another lardy arsed lady on your trip, mind you, you would need a bloody big suitcase to fit me in!!
As for here, we have had the school in touch yet again! They are concerned about J and wonders if he would being it from some " youth Councilling" for his behaviour! sad. Where has my nice little boy gone! I was so ashamed that he has been so disruptive in class and on the bus that they should take it this far!!! I spoke to him again tonight, and it seems he has got into a fight at school, and was shouting at the staff member who was trying to sort it out. I asked him what was wrong, and why he was behaving like this, and all he would say is he hates the school and hates his brother (trying to find out what caused this last comment, but not getting anywhere!) it really feels as if a mixture of hormones and the new school have transformed one of my sons into someone I really don't want to know.
I know things are hard at home since I had this operation, and if I had known it would cause this much upset, I wouldn't have had it done! ( wilderness, had a major op to repair ankle injury 3 weeks ago, stuck in plaster on bed/chair rest for next 5 weeks nowsad)

rubyrubyruby Thu 24-Jan-13 23:02:33

Bubby, let's get something straight here - this is not your fault.

You needed that op. His behaviour may have been triggered by the changes at home but it would have manifested itself at some point anyway.

You will deal with it, he will be ok xx

inthewildernessbuild Thu 24-Jan-13 23:31:28

Bubbly my mum had an ankle fused and had to be immobile for a long time. It caused a lot of fallout in the family, emotional scenes on all levels. It is hard for everyone, but there is always something, isn't there to cause upset whether it was your ankle or something else. You needed to have it done, just like my mum did. And ds1 has been in trouble at school for calling people names. He told me there were so many disobedient people waiting to see the HOY that he (ds1) had to wait 40 mins outside the office!grinblush So it is the snow, the darkness, the horrors of Jan as much as anythingelse.

Triplets what a weight off your mind.

Finally, the three children are in bed by 9.30 ish. A very all over the place relaxed evening here, without dh (who is in Stuttgart). Ds1 was playing the piano at 9.30. I pointed out he had the whole evening to start composing why did he choose to watch telly between 7 and 9? Spanish homework, which he did intermittently in between watching Youtube clips of Coldplay seemed to be some crazy version of Battleships, in Spanish. And it turns out music homework IS Coldplay. Why does he need to watch telly when homework is such fun wink Dd went to Guides, and I found a Goth babysitter there for Sat morning when we have a clash. Always a great source of responsible babysitters, Guides smile

Hope your little one feels better soon Sok. And that by hook or by crook youmanage to get to holiday.

triplets Thu 24-Jan-13 23:32:54

Wise words from Ruby Bubbs, certainly not your fault. Who knows why they do half the things they do. I have been a mother for the last 34 years and I still don`t understand what makes them tick! Had a long discusssion tonight with dh about a holiday.................no conclusion reached. My heart knows what it wants to do..............my head is telling me to be sensible..........me, sensible? Goodnight all xx

Night Trips. xx

Sensible is rubbish!! xx

Chopstheduck Fri 25-Jan-13 07:15:46

Morning girls x

Bubby, just tell dh you are coming with us, you need a holiday! I would grab the counseling. I think a lot of it is because of them being separated, like you said, and he just needs to find his own way. Counseling will help, and like rubes said, it is NOT your fault. DD had to have counseling last year over the whole inappropriate friendship thing and it did her a world of good.

Inthewilderness, I'm mean - dd is only allowed to play the piano while we are out of the house! grin I need some teen babysitters too. I did have one, but then her mum decided she'd rather earn the money instead, and I don't really feel I can pay her £5 ph!

Trips - what does dh want to do? I tend to go for things and worry about the sensibilities of it later! Really instead of going Cali we should be saving up and moving to a bigger house, but that can wait and this was our chance to do a holiday of a lifetime. We wouldn't be able to do it with all four kids, and it just so happened that we had 2 weeks childcare to build on!

Morning girls xx

Seems we are getting more of the white stuff today hmm No matter what the weather is like I AM going to Chellesters tonight. I have a severe case of cabin fever. Been a long 'exam filled' week. Despite the fact that Tom is doing B Tec French and is tested every term they have entered him for his GCSE French as well. Dont know if I have mentioned it but he cant stand French!!! LOL. Says it is a wimpy language and he wanted to learn Greek properly. He wanders round the house muttering 'French, Spanish or German.....<<tuts>> stupid piggin' languages <<tuts>>' LOL

Chopstheduck Fri 25-Jan-13 09:06:49

aww poor Tom! He must be so sick of it all now.

I've jsut checked the weather and there is SUN forecast! <<does a happy dance around the shagpile>>

inthewildernessbuild Fri 25-Jan-13 09:18:30

This morning has been fine; I feel as if I defused three classic stress scenarios. Ds1 announced he was going to be late for secondary because he needed to be there at 8.20 not 8.30 (starts usually at 8.50, so he is piling on the pressure there!) Spent more time wringing his hands than actually getting ready and GOING. Anyway, hope he got there...Dd announced she couldn't go to school because she hadn't done her homework. Cue demands for me to dictate a passage about imaginary extinct animal. She hates being late and is ultra organised but this does not extend to thinking ahead on Guides nights. Ds2 was no trouble until it came to 8.48 and he was still insisting on watching a tennis match rather than walk to school. He is like a clockwork toy, once you get him on the doorstep he just self winds to schoolgrin but there is always the struggle on the doormat beforehand.

So here I am again in an house that needs a magic wand! So messy. Will TIDY IT TODAY! And just spoke to a dyslexia tutor for ds2, who said she was completely booked up. sad Still she may be able to find a space if I take him out of school for PE which is possibility. Feel we have reached a point where school can't complain if I remove him for some lessons. SATS are coming up and he is so low on scale.

Its the same 20 kids who they keep pushing to do more and more exams Chops. I am thrilled to bits that he is clever but there is a limit to everything in my opinion. I wouldn't mind if they are just getting them out of the way for these kids BUT they will still have to sit the GCSE's in a few months with everybody else. For instance he sat a Science GCSE last week....a general science one....but after Easter he will then sit Biology, Physics and Chemistry GCSE's - all separate exams????? The Government can say whatever they want about exams being easier nowadays - but, guess what??? ITS A LIE!!

Our Matt had the right idea LOL......'Mam I cant weed and I cant wite...cant even talk pwoper but Im not bovvered....I know all about Egypt, I am a good dwawer, I am gweat at PE, I wove Van Gogh and Im best at kissing giwls - thats all I need!!' Well said that lad.

Chopstheduck Fri 25-Jan-13 09:39:17

That's really absurd, surely no college is going to want general, and all three separately! How ever many is he doing in total?

Well done, Wilderness! My dt2 is on one at the moment, thinks it is hilarious to shout no when I ask him to do anything, and walked to school singing ' I love lexi, cos she's sexy!' he is 7 ffs! And we don't even KNOW a Lexi. He will be going to bed very early at this rate.

rubyrubyruby Fri 25-Jan-13 09:46:24

You've had a busy morning wilderness I need to stop trawling the Internet and clean up.

Shabs - DS2 has a GCSE physics today. Reports out earlier this week and parents evening last night. All happening - and 2 choosing their options.

Chops - I've been slacking in the exercise this weather blush the pavements are like ice rinks here!

Chops I/He have no idea how many he will end up with. He was fast tracked through 3 at the beginning of year 10 and has three GCSE certificates already. Statistics, French & Core Science.....he has no idea if statistics is Maths or Science and said he didn't realise they were doing the GCSE in that subect LOL. You are right - it is absurd. The school have always had a terrible reputation, always been bottom of the table for exam results/Offsted reports. Last year they climbed to 7th in the tables (I think due to the new Head teacher pushing and pushing the pupils) and I think they are desparate to improve from 7th. I fret and get angry about it much more than Tom does. LOL. Dont know how he will keep his eyes open today - he looks tired out.

LOL @ 'Sexy Lexi' x

Chopstheduck Fri 25-Jan-13 10:25:59

Poor Tom, at least he is coping and it is a short term this year.

Rubes, c'mon! I'm going for a run as soon as I've caught up with my comping. I 've been running on the roads probably pissing off drivers.

triplets Fri 25-Jan-13 17:34:18

Waste of an afternoon here, baked one chocolate birthday cake for kids for Sun, it failed. Then dusted off my Lakeland shortbread mould, it failed......bloody Paul Hollywood recipe, too sweet. Was going to take it tonight as its my book club and also we are doing Burns Night. Kids have demolished it instead. Taking them to Canterbury tomorrow to spend their b/day money, no point going on Sun as alot of shops don`t open. Can`t believe they will be 15, feels so strange as my darling Matthew died 5 weeks before his 15th sad So all thats to come is new to me, Matthew would be 34 this July, I can`t get my head around it. Still can`t make our mind up what to do re a holiday, you should spend some money on the house........decisions decisions............right better get the kids fed, then I am going to soak in the bath with a large Dubonnet, might even light my candles...........how bloody decadent is that grin

It is a very weird situation when your other child/children go past the age of your 'lost' child isin't it Trips? The only word for it is weird. I bet you held your breath a few weeks ago when they were Matthews age...I know I did when Tom turned 8 years old.

Has been snowing here for about an hour. Tom just went to measure it and got all excited when he found there was about 3 inches on the ground - on top of the sheet of thick solid ice.....I am STILL going to chelles!!

bubby64 Fri 25-Jan-13 21:34:45

Hi All, and thanks for all the wise words.
We had another horrible day today, our scruffy Jack Russell, Bobby, suddenly collapsed in the garden this morning, and I couldn't get out there tho find out what was wrong, Cleo, our Staffy, laid down beside him in the snow, and wouldn't come in, I had to wait until DH got home an hour later at lunch to get him insad . when he was carried in, it was obvious he had had a stroke, he couldn't move one side of his body, his head was dropping to one died, and he couldn't see. DHABI took him to the vet, who confirmed that this was what had happened, and said hrs was also incontinent and couldn't swallow, so we had to do the kindest thing, and put him to sleep sad sad sad sad sad
The boys came home to this and are obviously very upset, he was only 13, and was roaring up and down in the snow with them yesterday.
But I have got to the bottom, or should I say front of what upset J yesterday. He hadn't said anything, but he is worried because one of his testes has not dropped, he had this operated on at 5yrs and they said it would drop properly as he grew up. he had confided this to M, who then made fun of him and told some of hid friends, the little jerk! They were teasing him calling him onehunglow, and other names. That's heat started the fight, and why he wouldn't tell the female member of staff why he was fighting! I wish he had told me sooner, I haven't been allowed to see that part of his anatomy for over a year, so wasn't awareblush . He has an appointment with our GP tomorrow, DH is taking him.
What else can possibly go wrong, I dare not even think about it sad sad sad

bubby64 Fri 25-Jan-13 22:23:24

Sorry, I'm a bit me, me, me at the moment, I am taking others posts on board, but it's been a mare of a day.sad

rubyrubyruby Fri 25-Jan-13 22:38:03

Bubby - I'm so sorry about Bobby. How awful for you sad

I can imagine you are going stir crazy atm stuck in the house with all this going on around you. Finding out 'why' is more than half the problem solved imo and now you know what you are dealing with you can deal with it.

Hope all goes ok at the docs and keep up the 'me me me'. We all need to offload at times xxxxxx

inthewildernessbuild Fri 25-Jan-13 23:13:47

It's been a calm day here, too much telly though. I really feel I can't complain about anything just wanted to send loads of sympathy to those suffering today.
Ds1 came down the stairs at 10pm when I was trying to watch aDVD of my own choice hmm a very unsuitable (it turnd out - well, for ds1 to watch) Australian mini-seriescalled Brides of Christ I remembered loving in 1991 shock,and burst into tears when I told him to "Go away". He just wanted to say hello he said sad They feel things so much don't they? It all comes out eventually if you keep listening doesn't it sad
So sorry about your dog Bobby. The picture of your Staffy keeping watch over him will stay in my mind.sad

A horrid crowded morning tomorrow.17 year old Babysitter isn't going to be much help as her mother said she had to do "coursework" and couldn't engage with kids, only be on hand for disasters. Not what I intended hmm honestly [miffed].

I made a lasagne today, which we have already eaten! That's something!

triplets Sat 26-Jan-13 01:22:13

Oh Bubbs sad I am so so sorry, its so very sad. We lost our darling Tammy 2 years ago to a stroke, it happened in front of the children on a Sunday morning whilst their Dad was in hospital having a lung tumour removed. I had to get her to a vets, get the dcs to my brother, sat with her whilst they putv her to sleep, then come back to the kids with an empty basketsad So sorry.

Note the time girls...........I have just clip clopped home from my friends, Haggis and book club night rolled into one. It did me the world of good, a bit of adult stimulation................then again it could have been the wine smile Night night xx

Chopstheduck Sat 26-Jan-13 07:10:05

Morning girls.

so sorry to hear of what happened to poor Bobby, Bubby xxx

everything is happening at once for you sad Glad you got to the bottom of J's problem though, fingers crossed for the GP visit.

Wilderness, that isn't really on! If you are paying her, she should be engaging with the kids. That is one of the reasons I wanted to stop my teen's mum from sitting, £10 ph and she wants to sit on netflix while the kids entertain themselves. When we paid that amount to a proper childminder, she used to do all sorts of lovely things with them.

triplets Sat 26-Jan-13 08:16:34

Morning girls.....oh why did they make me drink last night? Woke up feeling a bit jaded, haggissy and have a sore throat to boot. Got to be up and out to Canterbury, kids sort of birthday day out..........
<<shuffles off to the shower.....mutters I don`t want to go....turns round and gets back into bed>>

Chopstheduck Sat 26-Jan-13 08:33:29

aww poor trips! Have a banana, and some bacon sarnies!

Morning girls xx

Bolton is the 'proud owner' of around 8 inches of snow. Its a pain in the arse!!

Bubby - very sorry to hear about your dog. Thats the one massive drawback of having pets isin't it? They become a massive part of the family.

Our Danny had a hernia and an undescended testicle - both 'showed up' when he was about 4 weeks old. When he was 6 weeks old he had an operation to correct both. Until he wouldn't let me look anymore the testicle was much higher and didn't look like it was there! IYKWIM. When he was about 18 he said he had found a lump in it and took himself off to the doctors. Doctor said it was scar tissue from the initial operation. If your lad talks to you about it please will you tell him that my 31 year old has a beautiful son and not to worry about it?

bubby64 Sat 26-Jan-13 17:22:50

We had more snow here overnight and today, another 2 inches, so i remain totally confined to the house for the moment.
Thanks for the kind words again, yes, the pets are part of the family, I can still remember Bobs the day we first met him as a pup, trotting around the corner with his brother, little tail wagging, the boys have obviously grown up with him, as he was only 18motnths old when they arrived. J is particularly upset, as Bob was his "confesser" IYSWIM, if anything upset him, he would tell the dog first! [bsad]
It may seem a bit callous, as he only went yesterday, but DH and the boys are already trolling through the rescue sites looking for a new companion for Cleo, as she has never been the only dog in the house, and TBH, I think its not fair asking this of her, especially when I get back to work. We are already on the RSPCA data bank, as both Bobby and Cleo were from their rescue centre in Ipswich.
As for his "problem" the Dr has found his testicle right up in the canal again, and so he has been re-referred to the surgeons, I am v annoyed about this, as it was operated on when he was 5, and I again queried it when he was about 8, as it didnt seem to have remained in place, and I was told I was worrying over nothing, as it would drop into place as it grew heavier [bangry].

bubby64 Sat 26-Jan-13 17:25:10

Oh, and wilderness dont let her get away with that, it is not on as you were paying for a service!

inthewildernessbuild Sat 26-Jan-13 18:07:37

well,babysitter was sweet (I think it was her mum at fault rather than her...it seems she is not even allowed to babysit on Sat nights as it is Family Time) and despite the coursework she managed to get them off to football and music, whilst I was teaching a church related class (very stressful) I am a catechist, but sometimes I think the children know much more than me. Luckily I share it with a very organised lady who remembers to bring stuff like tablecloths and candles and pritt sticks. We did the lady who washes Jesus feet with her tears. When you tell these Bible stories to 8 year olds they always seem quite difficult to explain. Often we don't explain them we just tell them...blush or get them to act them out.

Dh finally came back from his business trip, shattered, went to bed, to be woken by children screeching over an CD and then the cat jumped on his head to welcome him. I meantime was trying to have kip on the sofa, literally guarding the telly to stop obsessive ds2 turning it on again blush. But I didn't manage to get to sleep what with breaking up the screeching, and then dealing with Ds1's comparison of THREE ghost stories [grr] Woman in Black seems to be current text. Which he only did because I plied him with pancakes. All the time he was still moaning about how mean his siblings are hmmgrin and how ds2 had "clawed" him on his "sore" arm, and how come they got crisps and they got to go the shops when he had to do homework and he was tired etc etc... He has done the homework now, I feel as I've climbed Everest grin

Bubbly there seems to be loads of dogs, and puppies even, that have been handed in after Xmas on rescue sites. That would be such a good deed. My brother has two Jack Russells, both under 3 years. They are very devoted but quite demanding and not very trained. He never leaves them for fear of upsetting them - he once went away for a week and his girlfriend said they sat by the door pining for him day after day shock

No snow here, balmy as a Spring day in the afternoon. Now it is cold and dank again. And two girls over for a sleepover with dd. Luckily 1 is 13 and can organise bedrooms/duvets/mattresses very efficiently.. Not a good night for a sleepover, but it was an arrangement made a while ago...

Sokmonsta Sat 26-Jan-13 18:18:32

Oh I loved woman in black when we saw it at the theatre. So much so that I won't watch the film and keep plaguing dh to take me to see it again. We were in the gods so missed a couple of crucial parts and wondered why the heck everyone else was screaming when we went with school. We understood in the end.

inthewildernessbuild Sat 26-Jan-13 20:33:48

I have seen the film but tbh I had completely forgotten the plot, after seeing play about 20 years ago. It felt quite different, even when I saw the film it didn't register as anything I remembered, apart from the solicitor and possibly a train??? Ds1 loves it though!

Goodness I feel soo tired. Girls are entertaining themselves nicely though, but I suppose I had better stay awake till they go to sleep hmm Dh is making them bagels now. Boys are avoiding girls and slumped on beanbags in tv room again blush House is extremely messy still!

triplets Sat 26-Jan-13 22:21:00

atch oooooooooo! atch oooooooooo! Absolutely streaming with cold..........feel ghastly. Great timing for the kids b/day tomorrow. Haven`t even made a cake yet as it was on the agenda for today...........went to Canterbury with them, total disaster as the place was heaving, dd spent all her b/day money in one shop in less than 10 mins, boys bought nothing and I struggled. Dd had her ears pierced, she has wanted it doing for two years but chickened out when we got there. Look lovely I do, propped up in bed with tissues up my nose........what sight.............first cold in about two years, hate them really hate them. Night night all xx

Woman in black???? Scary, scary film and I got so very angry with the ending....good though.

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRIPS LOVELY BROOD. We have been friends forever and a day Trips. I remember so clearly when my Tom was born, you sent me a lovely birth congratulations card...on the back of the envelope you wrote the following......Not 1, not 2 but 3!!!! We have walked a weird path my friend, a path of the bereavement of our beloved sons...BUT I value your friendship beyond words, I am proud of the wonderful woman you are and I am delighted to call you my friend xxxxxx

triplets Sun 27-Jan-13 08:10:16

blush oh my blush we have indeed shared so very much and no doubt have more to come. It now seems a very long time ago I wrote that letter to The Compassionate Friends, those booklets of such sadness. You will always be very special to me my friend thanks
Had a rough night, sneeze, sweat, sore sore throat.........my dcs and dh are all blotto, and I must drag myself off to the kitchen and knock up a cake, never bought one yet! Its pouring down out there, Rebeccas two friends now can`t come to see her so guess she is going to be abit fed up.........again! Anybody got any strepsils?

Morning girls xx

Sokmonsta Sun 27-Jan-13 19:40:21

Stressed. Spent 3 hours in a&e today with a 'come back if no better in 24-48 hours' for James re possible fracture - they wouldn't xray, he didn't flinch when they poked his arm but this evening screamed the house down when I accidentally caught his thumb, very briefly. Poor sausage is now sparko so not waking him to take him back. Going back on the way to centre parcs.

Clothes all over the bed ready for packing. Friends we're going with came over to finalise travel plans. Kinda want them to go now so I can get on. I've left them for a few minutes just to check on James and get a breather from a hectic day.

Bloody husband wondered why the babies were unsettled and wailing when I got back this afternoon. To which my question was, did you give them their bottle? No, but he had given them lunch. Err, I should hope he had!

Back into the frenzy. Hope you've all had better days.

triplets Sun 27-Jan-13 21:25:28

Oh Socky poor James, I hope its nothing too serious and that you can all enjoy yourselves. My poor trio didn`t get much of a b/day as I have felt so rough, its only a cold but when I get one I get one! Really struggled today to try and make an effort, even made two cakes and a chinese meal for tonight. They have not really minded, its me. Wanted to make it happy and special as I never got to do it for Matthew. Hope I get a better night, was rather hoping dh would tell me not to get up in the morning for school.......no chance!

inthewildernessbuild Sun 27-Jan-13 22:28:25

Sok getting ready to go on holiday is sooo stressful isn't it. Many's the time I wished the flight would be cancelled so I could just go home blush before I even get on the plane - the runup has been so nailbiting. However it will be wonderful grin It will be an experience...it will go in the photo albums...

Triplets every birthday with twins(I get quite carried away with all the arrangements) I find myself forgetting how grateful I am for their actual birth. Someone(a random parent of invited child) once brought round a bottle of champagne after their party as a present to ME, and I remember thinking Hey, this is a celebration, wow I had them, they were babies on this day. But usually I get very bogged down in the primary parties and the cake making!
I hope you get through today, and out the other side with hope and fortitude.

Today was busy in one of those ranshackle chaotic ways rather than energetic and streamlined.

I went swimming with the boys. I cooked a horrid lunch, despatched sleepover-ees. Made Dh play board games with ds2 who was getting nervy and screechy, dealt with dd who was in a sort of post sleepover PDA mood [grr] refusing to do any homework and then wailing about it, and ds1 was lovely!!! Managed to get to Mass at 6pm but almost didn't. Macdonalds (bribe)
Call The Midwife and more homework with dd...[sigh]

Last uniform wash on. Scuzziness everywhere, so many appts next week and now one is clashing with another and I can see from glint in Dh's eye that he not going to want to get involved... We are trying to find a tutor for ds2, but it is proving very difficult.

inthewildernessbuild Sun 27-Jan-13 22:33:35

We were looking at photo-albums from winter 2009, such lovely deep snow in London, and sweet little childish faces. Endless pictures of autumn walks Dh alone with ds2 hiking in an Irish forest...where were we the other two kept asking? Clearly too lazy to go walking we replied! I think they began to realise it is better to be outside with landscapes if you want to be captured in a photo...and admired by posterity.

Morning girls xx

Chopstheduck Mon 28-Jan-13 07:26:49

morning girls.

Soks - fingers crossed for you. Hope James is better this morning and it isn't a fracture.

wilderness, I feel tired just reading that post!

Trips, hope you are on the mend now.

I finally got rid of the rabbit hutches yesterday - the garden now looks very bare and a lot bigger! Been a busy weekend full of jobs and early starts, looking forward to some quiet time today and off for my run. The snow has finally disappeared here, thank goodness!

We're trying dt2 on a dairy free diet for a few days. For a couple of years now, he has had unexplainable bad breath. Nothing wrong with his teeth, cleans them properly, scrubs his tongue. Dentist was at a loss. Then we noticed it got worse after breakfast, so we are going to try cutting out dairy see if that helps. Poor boy is starting to get teased at school for it sad

Rubes - on week 4, and Sat I ran nearly a mile without stopping!! I was so elated - running is better than wine! shock grin Prob shouldn't have celebrated with a nandos today, but I've still lost 2lb this week.

<<bangs head in wall - hard>>

OK for whatever reason Bolton has two Sixth form colleges. One out of the centre of town and one 15 minutes walk away from us. The one in Bolton will cost us £4.50 a day in return bus fare and doesn't do the exact course Tom wants. The one in our town has the perfect two year IT practitioners course that Tom is longing to do.....he wont need busfare and he knows a lot of the kids who are hoping to go to the local college.

Just rang to confirm the open night date. The receptionist was very polite and very helpful and VERY KEEN for Tom to go to the town centre one.....I explained in a very polite and measured voice that my son wanted to go to the local college because it had the best course for him and because it is 'busfare free!!' Her reply 'Oh I see, could you ring back in about an hour and arrange for him to come and have a look around the local college then?' Certainly can Mrs Receptionist.....can you tell I am starting as I mean to go on with this college lark...no more the nice lady who puts up with every crap decision they make on my sons behalf LOL.....and breathe!!

Chopstheduck Mon 28-Jan-13 09:50:06

wonder why they were advising the other one, shabs? confused

Found a cat this morning, sad Poor thing, looked like a road accident had killed him during the night, didn't want to just leave him, or have all the little ones seeing him on the school run, so covered him up then went back with the car to take him to the vets. Hope they trace the owner. I've posted him on the national register, not sure what else I can do, just hope he is microchipped. Annoyingly the vet didn't seem to want my details - guess they probably get so many brought in, so I probably won't really find out if his owners did get found.

Kind of suspect that they have a lot of spare places at the town centre one....the one he doesn't want to go to and the one he is NOT going to grin

Chopstheduck Mon 28-Jan-13 09:58:28

Ah I see! grin

triplets Mon 28-Jan-13 10:30:52

Chops that is sooooo kind of you with the poor cat, I wish that lady had done the same for my poor Ollie. I have deservedly come back to bed, awful night, red raw throat. Got up at 6.45am, saw the kids off, then spent an hour tidying their tips and in doing so cut my foot on a small piece of glass on Rebeccas floor. Its a lovely day here, bright blue sky if the sun goes on to my shed I might open it up for the first time this year. We are now seriously talking holidays, trouble is no one can decide exactly where to go. The contenders atm are
West Coast Adventure......me and kids
Florida..........all of us
My problem is budget, I want to do it but don`t want to spend half Mums inheritance to do it. I know we should live for today but my situation is abit scary with dh having cancer and being so much older than me, three 15 year olds to support for a long time yet. I keep thinking though I don`t want to think about it about pre paying for our funerals. App the cheapest one now is about £3,600 each, but just imagine if God forbid something did happen to us both, what would the kids do? All they would have is the house. Life is tricky! I would value your opinions girls smile

Chopstheduck Mon 28-Jan-13 11:45:04

trips, my parents never financially supported me at all. On the one hand, I might have actually gone thru Uni if they had (living on £500 a term just wasn't doable in the end!), but I don't resent it, and I think I still have a good enough life now! I'm def a live for the moment person, and I want to give the kids experiences that will last a lifetime. That's half the reason I comp - all the amazing things with memories that will last a lifetime. So I'd personally go for the holiday. Not Florida though! grin

Florida is ok for theme parks and outlet shopping, I didn't like Miami, I thought the keys were ok. I wouldn't go back. I preferred Chicago and Indy tbh! Since you've already done Cali, why not a different road trip? Route 66? Start in Maine or Boston and down to Washington? I really really want to do Maine to Washington with the older two kids next. Not sure though if anyone would have the twins for 2-3 weeks though!

bubby64 Mon 28-Jan-13 14:13:16

Hi, I'm back!
Trips - Hope you feel better soon, I also have a rotten cold and have completely lost my voice, trying to get the family to understand what I want/need is a nightmare at the moment! I am afraid I am a conservative person when it comes to money, especially as having been in serious financial difficulties in the past. is there any way to have a great holiday and still have some savings left over?
Chops - So kind of you to deal with the cat in such a sensitive way, well done with the running, and also good luck with your sons diet.
Wilderness - I think you need to get DH involved with some appointments, if you spread yourself too thin, you will break!
Shabs - Keep pushing for the local collage hun, this is best for Tom in every way!
Soks - I hope your James doesn't have a fracture, and you get to have a great holiday.
Well, we have registered our interest in 2 rescue dogs, one a 1yr old Staffie boy, who is in a rescue place in Norfolk, and the other a 3mth old Staffie boy at the RSPCA in Ipswich. We want either another Staff or a JRT, and we also know we need a boy, and it has to be young enough to learn to live with the cats, which does restrict our choices a little. We hope to get one or other as Cleo is already getting stressed on her own, she keeps going out in the garden looking for him, and on walks she is whining the whole time, and really just wants to get home to see if henis there, I wish I could mske her understand he is not coming backsad
We went out shopping yesterday afternoon, as much so I could get out of the house as anything, and she was so pathetically happy to see us when we got homesad sad
The boys are reading The Hunger Games set of books at school, and they pursaded us to rent the film yesterday, I was not keen, but I am really glad I watched it, it is a great film, even if quite violent.

Morning girls xx

Chopstheduck Tue 29-Jan-13 07:33:56

Morning girls xx

Bubby have you read the books? I really liked the books, but thought the film wasn't quite as good. dd is a huge fan though. Hope you find a companion for cleo soon. How is J now?

triplets Tue 29-Jan-13 09:10:23

Hi Bubbs and welcome back, how is your ankle now? Hope you all had a good time. I would sooooo love a dog, James has always wanted one, our house and garden are just too small and we struggle now finding someone to feed Molly when we are away. Still in a dither about a big holiday, I feel we should live for today..............but.............we live on dh`s pensions, so no chance of earning any money now. I have contacted Charter Travel in Surrey, we have booked all our big hols with them in the past, they are going to ring me today with some quotes. Still full of cold so no town for me today, its raining anyway. Want to finish the kids book they are reading for English gcse, Of Mice and Men..........its really good, read half last night. Back later smile

inthewildernessbuild Tue 29-Jan-13 09:45:15

Oh Bubbly I was obsessed with The Hunger Games when I read them in the summer. Film couldn't quite compare but it was still pretty good. I loved the way it reminded you of the Romans, and all the satire about us now too,celebrity,decadence, talk shows, telly, the lot really... I love all sci-fi dystopian stuff like the Road etc (although that was too depressing to read twice or evenwatch) Whenever I watch telly interviews now a chill comes over at how the Hunger Games just "got" that interviewing speak. And it made me watch Olympics with a pinch of salt too..all those Victory parades. Not the same of course grin

Tripletsgood luck with holiday planning. It is a big decision. I suppose it is like a wedding, unjustifiable expense, but you have to do it! We spend nothing on holidays, and I'm afraid we are not better people for it! However, there must be some compromise solution from a big blow-out?

inthewildernessbuild Tue 29-Jan-13 09:52:28

Feeling a bit bleugh this morning. Jan/Feb are truly foul aren't they..

Managed to get a bit of handwriting practice done with ds2 ths morning and all kids off to school quite happily, but Dh is in a rather irritating mood, and we are having the usual arguments about decluttering (he thinks the children's possessions are sacred and must never never be relegated, books toys etc) Even when the evidence before him is that we cannot find anything or tidy anything due to sheer tide of STUFF! I think he just thinks more tidying will solve problem, or more bookshelves.

I changed ds2' boxroom out last night and threw away a mountain of applecores and crisp packets shock but nothing else. That I placed in a bin bagin the corridor so Dh could trip overit [mean emoticon] Ds2 wasDELIGHTED with his new tidy spacious room smile Hope Dh gets message that possessions are not more important than families.

Loads of errands today, includn defleaing cats blush and takingdd to appt a long way away.

Chopstheduck Tue 29-Jan-13 09:55:50

oh I can't be doing with clutter. We have too much essential stuff, let alone unnecessary clutter!

Have you seen the Black mirror dramas on channel 4, wilderness? I think you would LOVE them linky One of the best things on tv I ever watched.

bubby64 Tue 29-Jan-13 17:53:01

Wilderness - I am the one who cant bear to throw things awayblush - way too much clutter around here, and I'm afraid my DC are like me. Before Xmas I tried de-cluttering their rooms, to make room for new stuff, but, unless irt was broken, both DC couldnt let things go, even some toys they out grew years ago.blush
[Chops] I havent read the books, but want to now.
[Trips] = good luck with the search, whatever you decide.thanks
Shabs - you are very quiet today
Bit pee'd off with local RSPCA, they have turned us down for adoption, as I work 2 days a week. They said it didnt count DH coming home lunchtime for an hour and DS getting home at 3pm on those days, it was too long, even tho our dogs are never left more than 4 hours on thos 2 days. made me angry and sad the animals missing out on a home because of those restrictions, however, on Saturday we are going to see some dogs at the Norfolk branch, who say our arrangements are perfectly ok!!

triplets Tue 29-Jan-13 23:29:37

Its crazy Bubbs, homes full of poor creatures longing to belong to a loving family like yours, good luck in Norfolk. Feeling abit better but no sure I should go up to school in the morning, got a very sore nose! Just finished read Of Mice and Men, kids have been reading it fo three weeks at school, I started it last night! Really enjoye it but abit baffled by the last sentence, research! The travel agent are phoning tomorrow with some quotes for Florida, I know its going to be too expensive. I am going to work on something else................an adventure!! Night night all, Kale Nits Shabs...........you ok?? xx

Morning girls xx

Tom had a meltdown last night......sobbed for hours. He has only just gone to sleep. Says he feels like he is mental. Asked me to fix it for him because I can always fix it. sad 'Mum, please make me smart again....I cant remember anything and my insides hurt.'

Will be ringing school today and asking can he see the pastoral care team.

Chopstheduck Wed 30-Jan-13 07:10:16

morning girls x

Poor Tom sad Hopefully he will feel a bit better this morning, he really needs a good break. Contacting the pastoral team sounds like a good plan.

Fingers crossed for the quote, trips.

Bubby that does sound rather silly, good luck with the Norfolk one.

Chopstheduck Wed 30-Jan-13 07:17:10

Ravi has just got up, sore throat seems worse, losing his voice, slightly warm, but he is still determined to go to cross country club after school. I not sure it's a good idea, but don't want to stop him when he is so determined not to miss it. He is hoping to make the school team, and very dedicated! I'm proud of him, but don't want him to get even sicker. <sigh>

Just talked to the year team. blush I tried hard not to but I ended up crying. <<slaps own face>> They said to keep him off today but to make sure he goes in tomorrow. They are arranging sessions with the school counsellor (sp??) who is a lovely lady. Teacher I spoke to said there are a couple of boys in year 11 who would really benefit from seeing the counsellor - one is Tom and the other is in the same situation as Tom.....she said they are both very bright, polite, confident boys, who often doubt themselves and their abilities. She is arranging for him to take his French test later in the week. For now, I am letting him sleep.

Chopstheduck Wed 30-Jan-13 08:21:27

Don't slap yourself, shabs, have a brew

The school are expecting far too much imo, and I'm glad they said let him have the day off and are going to support him. Can you have some quality time with him later, take him for a coffee or something?

I am taking him to the barbers!! He has long hair that curls at the ends...he would love blond 'Surfer' hair but he has dark crazy hair!!! He is in desperate need of a haircut - not short but a shorter version of what he has. He loves having a hair cut - its just getting him there grin He asked could we bring his desk downstairs so he is not stuck in his room revising.

Under our stairs has a large area that is mainly wasted space. I am going to bring his desk down and put it there. Will take him and get him some new stationary stuff - sounds odd but he loves fineline pens and pencil crayons that he uses all the time for Graphics etc. Will give him a workstation that means he is not totally alone in his room (and that will take away the temptation of going on the PS3).

He loves to be organised (but prefers it if he has help to get organised - typical man).

rubyrubyruby Wed 30-Jan-13 09:28:26

Shabs - sorry about Tom sad hopefully rest and your tlc will help.

I've missed so much of the thread and desperate to catch up. There seems to be lots of illness and injuries about!

Bubby - it annoys me that rescue centres make it so hard for people to adopt.
Trips - I'm sure your Mum would have wanted you to have a holiday with some of her money. Life's short xx

Chops - I didn't dare come back to the thread before I had started back on the exercise!!! I've been running - glad you have got the running bug and feeling/seeing the benefits.

Chopstheduck Wed 30-Jan-13 09:45:49

oh that is lovely, shabs - you are such a good mum!

grin @ Rubes! I've briskly walked up the school, cycled to tesco, and will be going for my run in an hour or so!

triplets Wed 30-Jan-13 09:51:19

<<biggest hug for Tomster>> such a worry Shabs isn`t it, though I have to say mine never seem to revise for anything, no wonder their grades are down. Haven`t gone to school today as still feeling pretty grotty, headachey, will just have to take it easy wink if I must.

inthewildernessbuild Wed 30-Jan-13 12:27:09

another overwrought boy with a sore throat here grin[rueful] It was my turn to get him out of bed, showered and breakfasted and onto the bus. Only after the shower and breakfast did his croaky voice convince me that he was better off at home today.

Dh seems to have given up working and is watching a film wth him now on beanbags/sofa. shock

Bubbly Ridiculous! You have had a dog for so many years and they are now saying you aren't capable of looking after one. Cat rescues can be equally bureaucratic sad I suppose they just see so many sad things that they can't trust anyone sad

I've picked up a prescription, actually turned it into pills, (lost the last one, and finally admitted it to dr blush) I am completely deficient in Vit D it turns out shock (not enough Florida wink) Also suffering from low thyroid autoimmune disease , so low energy etc, and follow up visit to endocrinologist (new one) this week. I was on Bupa due to husband job perks before, but now he is selfemployed we have reverted to all things NHS, but there wassomething scary about last Bupa Endocrinologist, who told me to go and have my hair done!!!! I went the second time to her and instead of saying you look much better with your new hair cut, she said I was looking tired []hmm and I should get a cleaner. NHS Endocrinologist may be less -forthright bossy.

Oh dear this keyboard is playingup massively so I had better depart. Could it be crumbs? Ds2 did admit to squirting some cranberry juice on it last week hmm

Bravo all runners! There is definitely now a bit of a spring feeling, wind, mild, bulbs growing. I miss running. One day I will just put myrng shoesback on ad Go! Irony isrunning makesyouless tired doesn't it? Still, can#t face it today. Taking ds2 to a tutor for frsttime thisafternoon, that is stress enoug.

inthewildernessbuild Wed 30-Jan-13 12:27:09

another overwrought boy with a sore throat here grin[rueful] It was my turn to get him out of bed, showered and breakfasted and onto the bus. Only after the shower and breakfast did his croaky voice convince me that he was better off at home today.

Dh seems to have given up working and is watching a film wth him now on beanbags/sofa. shock

Bubbly Ridiculous! You have had a dog for so many years and they are now saying you aren't capable of looking after one. Cat rescues can be equally bureaucratic sad I suppose they just see so many sad things that they can't trust anyone sad

I've picked up a prescription, actually turned it into pills, (lost the last one, and finally admitted it to dr blush) I am completely deficient in Vit D it turns out shock (not enough Florida wink) Also suffering from low thyroid autoimmune disease , so low energy etc, and follow up visit to endocrinologist (new one) this week. I was on Bupa due to husband job perks before, but now he is selfemployed we have reverted to all things NHS, but there wassomething scary about last Bupa Endocrinologist, who told me to go and have my hair done!!!! I went the second time to her and instead of saying you look much better with your new hair cut, she said I was looking tired []hmm and I should get a cleaner. NHS Endocrinologist may be less -forthright bossy.

Oh dear this keyboard is playingup massively so I had better depart. Could it be crumbs? Ds2 did admit to squirting some cranberry juice on it last week hmm

Bravo all runners! There is definitely now a bit of a spring feeling, wind, mild, bulbs growing. I miss running. One day I will just put myrng shoesback on ad Go! Irony isrunning makesyouless tired doesn't it? Still, can#t face it today. Taking ds2 to a tutor for frsttime thisafternoon, that is stress enoug.

inthewildernessbuild Wed 30-Jan-13 22:38:59

on the whole a productive day.

Two children to tennis
One child to tutor (she is prepared to take him on) She said there is nothing wrong with his handwriting, but he hasn't mastered synthetic phonics and THAT IS WHY HE CANNOT SPELL aged 10! Aaargh! I didn't believe in synthetic phonics, so now I will have to eat my words wink His lack of spelling is making what he writes appear to be gibberish so that is a revelation to me that it can be sorted by this method. He can read perfectly well, but by what means we are not sure grin. Still, she said his reading for meaning also left a lot to be desired so she will focus on that too.

Kids have been watching Desert with Dh. dd opted for the first half of Princess Protection Programme instead, snuggled up with me. She is scathing about wild life documentaries for an animal lover shock

Chopstheduck Thu 31-Jan-13 05:54:38

Morning girls x

That tutor sounds rather good, wilderness, hope it works for you!

shabs - how is Tom?

Morning girls xx

Tom had a hair cut (looks lovely) and we had a 'change around day' - have made his bedroom into a proper relax and be himself room. In my kitchen (thank God its a big kitchen) he has a big rug with his desk on and his chair. Have told him that is his study/homework area and his room is his 'I've finished my homework area.' He seemed to like the idea.

He has managed to learn all 300 words of his French essay - he will be tested today in his 'speaking exam.' I called it Oral French and thought he was going to wet his pants laughing....'Mother you cant say that!'

Every night after school they hold revision classes. Not many kids go to them. Have suggested he goes to a different one each night - that way he has to do till about 5 at school but then the rest of the night is his. That idea appealed more than any other!

For now he seems better than he was...whoever said boys are easier at this age than girls obviously never had a boy!!!

Chopstheduck Thu 31-Jan-13 07:21:39

that sounds brilliant shabs, but boys are easier, eh?

<<wraps dd up in brown paper and tape, and ships her up to shabs via fedex>>

I Know Where You Live, remember <<mwah ha ha>> gringrin

Chopstheduck Thu 31-Jan-13 07:23:55

I've had a crap morning so far btw. Ravi looks like he won't be going to school, dh ran out of petrol, halfway off the fecking drive blocking me and the road, and his bonus got paid in and was only half of what he was expecting. Things can only get better!

Girls are too scary for words <<gets out packing cases and looks for a new house>> xxx

rubyrubyruby Thu 31-Jan-13 08:51:34

That is a crap morning Chops - things can only get better.

Well done for sorting Tom out Shabs smile DS2 goes to after school study groups surprisingly

Boys/Girls mmmmmm. DD is hard to handle, she can be lovely ( mostly to the outside world) but also venomous. She has an interesting way of arguing that she throws in random comments that make no sense or have any relevance hmm it's like arguing with Vicky Pollard grin

Inthewilderness - I love reading your posts smile

bubby64 Thu 31-Jan-13 11:43:04

Hi All, bit of a surprise here! Workmate of DH had a friend who got an 8wk old Jack Russell Terrier last week, and it has turned out his girlfriend is allergic to him, skin rash, asthma worse etc. They were looking for a new home for him.DH went to see him last night, and, surprise, surprise, he bought him home with him! Pics of our new little dog Bertie on profile. Cleo has accepted him no problem, and he already has the cats on the run! Isn't it funny how things turn out. DSs already besotted, especially J.
Shabs - hope Tom is better today, good idea about the study area.
Chops - also hope Ravi and Shar feeling better.
wilderness - great about tutor, hope he can sort DS out, DH has underactive thyroid, makes him feel rotten if his levels are low
Rubes - lovely to see you!

Awwww Bubby he is lovely x

Chopstheduck Thu 31-Jan-13 14:44:15

Oh he is adorable - isn't it funny how things work out!

Rav went to school in the end, didn't want to miss his violin lesson and he wants 100% attendance! So at least I managed to get the shopping done and if he wants to stay home tomorrow he can.

rubyrubyruby Thu 31-Jan-13 21:32:48

Ah Bubby - how wonderful !!!!!!

I read your post on my phone but have been out all day and couldn't access your profile on my phone. So cute grin

It's great that you are off work for a few more weeks to help him settle in.

triplets Thu 31-Jan-13 23:28:01

Puppy.....must be house trained, must not wreck, must eat all given food.

Willing to exchange for dk and dc`s, after years they are still not house trained, would benefit from living in a rural enviroment as they like to live like pigs..........................

Morning girls xx

bubby64 Fri 01-Feb-13 08:33:36

Morning LOL grin Trips ! After last night ( M in full blown temper tantrum just because his pizza had peppers on it!!) and this morning. (DH and boys arguing over what was and wasn't suitable for dress down for hospice care day) The animals are a lot easier to manage, even tho there are 6 of them, including a baby!!

inthewildernessbuild Fri 01-Feb-13 11:26:23

morning all.
Ds1 is still at home with coldy sore throat. He probably could have gone in, but we were all too knackered to provide the necessary motivation.
Last night dh went to a party and I had friends round who did not leave till 12.30am. Lots of wittering!
Dh got up heroically this morning and despatched twins to school.
And now alas I have to go to the dentist sad

Great news about baby JR Bubbly. What extraordinary karma that he needed you at this very moment.. And my kids are very fussy about bits on their pizza.

Better try and do 30 mins of tidying before I go to dentist. A flurry of tidying up before friends over yest, but it all looks much worse this morning without the soft lamp light and the red wine hmm

inthewildernessbuild Fri 01-Feb-13 11:33:06

Chops ds1 plays the violin. He is taking his Grade 2 finally, (first exam) after years of enjoyable pootling. Dd gave up after Grade 1 - she was much better than him but she just didn't like it..so moved sideways to piano..onto Grade 1 in March. I love hearing ds1 playing he is so serious, and he likes the code breaking side of reading music, picking up a tune. And will spend hours picking out Coldplay tunes on piano with the wrong fingering (has never had a lesson) He loves playing in ensembles - they usually do things like Queen medleys, not Vivaldi... Never going to be technically v good, but I think he likes the camaraderie of group playing and being able to pick up a tune. I think he is going to end up fiddlng rather than violin-ing...

thegirlinthesassyspace Fri 01-Feb-13 11:36:40

thanks for the message giving me a reminder about the new thread,
hope you're all well. sorry its been a while.
We have been enjoying the snow, as dh had a snow day yay, so had help and we enjpyed taking the twins out in their slings.
t1 woke up when i was in waitrose and suddenly started rooting away so i discovered that she could feed herself discreetly while I shopped! very handy!
dont' thing t2 would do it though as she is far too lazy now to beastfeed and much prefers a bottle....unless I trick her by feeding her while she is half asleep.
Is it still snowing where you all are?

We finally got rid of the snow about 3 days ago. I HATE WINTER!!!

Trips - a mysterious package just arrived at mine for my lad....dont know whats in it but thank you sweetheart xxxxx

triplets Fri 01-Feb-13 12:47:38

Nothing exciting Shabs, but they were on offer y/day in Smiths and I thought of him xx

Sokmonsta Fri 01-Feb-13 12:48:26

Afternoon. I'm back in the land of reliable communication! Had a lovely, busy time away. Will catch up properly with the goings on and be back again later.

bubby64 Fri 01-Feb-13 14:10:22

Glad you found us sassy, well done t1, helping mummy like that.grin.
soks - glad to see you back.
shabs - my two desperatly need a haircut, but they don't want dad to take them, as he joked one day about telling the barber to give them a haircut like his ( number 2 and bald on top!).
wilderness hope DS feels better soon. I know what you mean about the help of soft lighting and a slight wine haze, I need that permanently the moment, as DH trying so hard, but he is not a natural house husband! grin
Trips you need wine and thanks
Washing machine went up the spout this morning, we can't afford to buy one, soni have gone down the rental route, new machine to be delivered Monday, £12 a month, 6 month contract. Hopefully, by then, we may be able to afgord one ofbour own then!

Chopstheduck Fri 01-Feb-13 15:56:18

Oh God, that was horrible. Just had to call someone and tell them their cat had died. The cat I found on Monday, a poster went up today. It looked exactly like him, and I texted and asked about the collar, not mentioned on the poster - def the same cat. So I called her to break the news. sad

I feel awful, she got all hopeful when I was trying to determine if it was the same cat, then I had to tell her he'd died. <sigh> I hope the vets still have his remains for her.

Oh Chops that must have been horrible.

Trips - Last week Tom said that he needed some coloured fineliners for Graphics......I dont need to tell you how chuffed he was when he opened your package. He loves stuff like that and they are perfect. He says to say thank you very much - he loves them xxxx

triplets Fri 01-Feb-13 17:12:17

He`s welcome Shabs, I always buy that make for Rebecca only when they are on offer, the ink seems to last forever! She is brilliant at graphics, hope she will make some sort of career out of it.

triplets Fri 01-Feb-13 17:18:42

Chops.........poor you.......reminds me of my Ollie xx

Been meaning to put this on here for ages. Its Tom from the group Mcfly on his wedding day. I started to get tearful when it had been playing for about a minute. Its just lovely xx

Tom Mcflys wedding speech

bubby64 Fri 01-Feb-13 22:47:32

shabs - that is sooooooo lovely! had me in tears tho.blush

bubby64 Fri 01-Feb-13 22:51:26

chops - so sorry about what you had to fo, but at least the poor lady found out what had happened, trips - I feel for you, I too would hate not to know about my cats, it the eorst thing, being in a sort of limbo, thinking the worst has happened, yet still hoping that it hasn't. sad sad

Chopstheduck Sat 02-Feb-13 06:20:47

Morning girls x

to be honest, trips, it was thinking of Ollie that made me take that cat to the vets on Monday. Couldn't leave him there after hearing what happened to Ollie.

Will have to watch that speech when I get minute. Everyone else is still in bed for now, got up early to get the comping done!

Morning girls xx

Sokmonsta Sun 03-Feb-13 06:22:32

Morning! I think I've finally caught up.

Bubs congratulations on your new puppy. I'm a cat lover myself and our family have had run-ins with the cats protection league about re-homing. They wouldn't let my mum have any as she already had a cat. This despite some of their adverts saying 'sociable and in need of feline company'. Mum was a sahm at the time too, although their excuse was she 'could get a ft job'. Does make you wonder sometimes whether they want to successfully re-home pets. Hope your foot is on the mend and dh/dc's are getting into the swing of all things domestic.

All of you! I have two boys and two girls. None of you are filling me with confidence at surviving the teenage years wink. Emily is 4 going on 14 at the moment. She has picked up on my 'over the top of my glasses' look when they are being naughty and perfected it herself. James, well... He's a little Tasmanian devil. Although spent half of our week away being clingy/asleep/ill. So I know he can be a cute little 2 year old when he wants.

James did manage to clear the lagoon pool on our last full day, barely half an hour after he started enjoying being in the pool. Poor sod hasn't been for a poop for 3 days and clearly relaxed a little too much. Whoops! Although as we were all vacating the pool, one mum conveyed her sympathies with a "my son did that last year. But in the main pool..."

The twins had a lovely time. Joshua loved being in a swimming pool. Jennifer was not quite so happy until we found the hot tubs and the lagoon pool. The main pool was just too cold for her I think. I find them chilly myself. Jennifer was quite happy being bobbed around in one of those inflatable seats, even managing to fall asleep!! She has also cut her first tooth while we were away. Finally something she has done before Joshua.

Our first night there, my friend and I had booked a spa evening. It was wonderful. I could feel myself relax and it lasted until the next morning, when I had to get up to squabbling children. But I enjoyed it so much that dh and I are booking to go back.

Chopstheduck Sun 03-Feb-13 07:01:35

Morning girls xx

Glad you had a lovely time Soks, it sounds like great fun!

triplets Sun 03-Feb-13 08:33:14

Goodmorning............bit of a blue sky out there, at least there is no snow or rain! Sokky was it CP you went to? Sounds as though it did you the world of good, we went to Elvedon last year and had a free spa day because our villa was so dirty when we arrived, must say it was a real treat. Not much news here, kids all behaving for a change. Was very prouud of the boy on Frid night, they are both cadets in the ATC and it was their Annual Awards Night. They both were awarded their DOE bronze badges and they both won individual cupssmile See Sokky there are good bitsgrin Still looking for a holiday, think I am getting there, I like a bargain! The air fares since we last flew (2007) have quite shocked me, mind you we are talking America. But we have had quotes for 5 flights at just under £5000!! I came across Netflights, brilliant website, phoned them and spoke to a really nice lady who offered to phone me back because the call was taking a long time! Anyway atm she is holding a two week flight for us, and two weeks at a Disney property The Dolphin all for £5500!! She is looking at other options and going to ring me tomorrow. Thats still alot of money but for 5 more or less adults, 2 weeks and to stay on site is very good. Can`t believe we have a chance of going back smile

Morning girls x

Sok sounds like you had a great time. Nothing like a holiday to 'recharge your batteries!!'

Trips if the 3 of us went to Greece on a package holiday it would be £2,500 for two weeks - so piggin' expensive. Its only because we rent the room with Takis that we save money. That sounds a really good deal. Neighbours of mine are going with their 3 children to Greece for ONE week - they are going half board and the cheapest they have been able to find it has come out at about three and a half thousand pounds. Grab it Trips - grab it and start looking forward to it xxx

Chopstheduck Sun 03-Feb-13 08:56:26

that sounds like a really good deal!

If you are still looking for comparisons, the one I booked with is Ascot Travel House here They are local to me, but we did do most of the work via email and they take payments via phone, so it might be worth asking. They were def the cheapest quote for us. Came in at about £4,800 for flights, car hire and 5 nights hotel.

bubby64 Sun 03-Feb-13 13:42:14

Soks - sounds like you had a good time. My James cleared the main leisure pool at Colchester when he was little. They said why wasn't he wearing a swim nappy, and I said he was, it was just a massive "nappy explosion" event, no nappy could contain it!!
Trips - go for the holiday darling, you deserve it.
Waiting gor FiL to arrive atm, he is trying to show his current ladyfriend what a good father he is, visiting before Rs birthday. Considering he would normally never bother, it sticks in Rs craw a little, him playing "happy families". it will end up with R getting angry as FiL usually manages to get some snide remarks in about something whilst here. The boys love him, but they are also now aware that he tells lies and upsets their dad, and are almost as jaded about his 2-3 monthly visits as we are!!grin

Morning girls xx

Chopstheduck Mon 04-Feb-13 07:49:48

Morning girls xx

Didn't go to bed til 4, Zzzzzz!

rubyrubyruby Mon 04-Feb-13 08:51:35

I'm here.

I'm grin at poo in the pool! Glad you had a good break Soks

Sassy - feeding whilst you shop is ingenious.

That holiday sounds like a good deal Trips. Will it be z break for you and DH though?

I thought of you as I got into bed last night Chops - was it good? I was cheering for the 49ers! if I had been awake

Chopstheduck Mon 04-Feb-13 10:12:38

It was very good, and had some lovely game food. There was a power outtage at the stadium though, so rolled into bed at 4. I was cheering on the Ravens and they won!

Prob going to go for a nap in a bit, then I need to go to the train station and pick up the car. The insurance on his car has expired now and we're trying out managing with one car since he commutes by train anyway. dh took it today but I'd forgotten dd has cheerleading and needs collecting from school later! It's a run day (week 5, day 2 grin) so will jog over to get it.

thegirlinthesassyspace Mon 04-Feb-13 10:24:38

soks wow love the sound of that break! fantasise about the time when babies will be bigger and enjoy stuff / be active etc (while me and dh lie around reading paper and drinking actual caffeinated coffee hehe)
last night the babies actually slept all night!! of course I woke at 2am which is when they usually need a feed,and lay there wondering what was going on til they woke at half 6 full of beans....i never realised they would just become good sleepers like that...so obviously not counting my chickens, but I will stay positive for another good night tonight heheh!
must go and get them for their feed, although is v tempting to let them carry on napping FOREVER haha
have a fab day all...
hope the weather stays nice for you, is nice and warm here, not even put the heating on yet,

inthewildernessbuild Mon 04-Feb-13 18:14:05

ooh all this talk of holidays. Feels like an impossible dream that it will ever be spring and sunny!

Soo cold today, and Dh is doing his evil heating Scrooge impersonation (just because he wears cordoroy trousers and thick shoes). I went to bed in the end in the smallest room in the house as it was the only room that I could warm with a blowheater hmm

Ds1 has been learning the literary importance of Jane Austan(sic) and Jane Eyre (that wellknown novelist) for Literacy. Cue us watching several clips of tousled heroines and Matthew McFayden in the rain. Why did they borrow the music from Little Women for Sense and Sensibility Trailer (for those of you who remember they were both back in 1994 or thereabouts) Strange anomaly fr American market?
He has now gone to football as has ds2, who is determined not to do any homework. He spent 5 mins on Literacy then scarpered saying he had done his best [ha ha]

I am still knackered though. Did some money counting in church this morning which was v taxing. I cannot add up anymore let alone in multiples of 50's 10's, 2pences. Some food in fridge. Kitchen tidyish. Upstairs stll hideous after weeken.

We are trying to work out how to make our house more organised and whether taking a sledgehammer to it might help, getting builders in etc, but I'm not sure whether it wouldn't tip us all over the edge. So will possible soldier on with present inadequate arrangements, hey ho.

inthewildernessbuild Mon 04-Feb-13 21:26:29

something strange... a bit like platform ...3/4 in Harry Potter. Why is this thread not appearing on threads I'm On, or Threads I'm watching, or even in Multiples Section? I have had to track it down through Advanced Search.

Is it hidden from general muggle view for some reason?

rubyrubyruby Mon 04-Feb-13 21:30:23

I can see it.
Have you clicked the 'hide' button by mistake wilderness?

Morning girls xx

According to our local weather report we will have a 'dusting of snow' - it has snowed all night and we have a couple of feckin' inches on the ground....it is still snowing...dusting of snow my arse bum!!!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Winter??? hmm

Chopstheduck Tue 05-Feb-13 07:22:08

Morning girls x

sad shabs. We might be getting some next week too. Probably jsut in time to disrupt flights for half term angry

Yes I know my eldest is 31 but he is taking Em to work and then Lew to school like he does every morning. Our local little town is gridlocked because there has been a fuel spillage on the motorway leading to Manchester airport. They are sat in gridlocked traffic - he still has to get em to work (she should be in by 8am), Lew to school (in the fookin' opposite direction) for quarter to nine and then himself to work near Manchester asap. My heart is in my bloody mouth worrying about him and I sent him a message saying 'Let me know when you are all where you should be.'

HarrogateMum Tue 05-Feb-13 10:30:29

hello ladies, just sticking my head in to see how you all are! Loving the snow? It keeps coming down here but then the sun comes out so it can't make up it's mind! Good news in the HM house, HarrogateDad has been given the all clear by the hospital only two months since his stroke. He has no hole in his heart, nothing wrong with his blood so the whole affair is "unexplained". Seems odd but apparently it's one of the best categories to be in!

Hope all is well with everyone - can someone do me a mini update!

HM so good to see you and fantastic, amazing, wonderful news about your hubby.

HarrogateMum Tue 05-Feb-13 11:17:09

aww thanks Shabs. How is life chez Shabbathegreek? Bet your feet are cold in your flip flops this time of year!

Chopstheduck Tue 05-Feb-13 12:08:17

HM, that is wonderful news grin

Shabs, are they all sorted now?

They must all be where they should be - Danny didn't let me know they were, he just texted to see if I could loan him a fiver till pay day hmm bloody kids!!!

inthewildernessbuild Tue 05-Feb-13 12:31:11

well I still can't find it unless I use advanced search. Oh dear.
Hide button makes no difference; how do you undo hiding, co-incidentally?

I hate winter too. Good news is that dh is cold today too! Ds2 is at home and we have been practising phonics and trying out some v old Airfix coverng ourselves in enamel paint

Hello Harrogate I'm a newbie with 1O year old twins and a12 year old son. Very good news aboutyour husband.

bubby64 Tue 05-Feb-13 13:18:31

Hi HM, great news about DH, glad everything seems to be going well.
Shabs - glad all family are ehere they should be, we are sunny but cold here, waiting for an oil delivery, so trying to not have the heating on during the day, I get cold just sitting here, so am wrapped up in a sleeping bag! wilderness - my DH keeps turning off heating as well, because he is warm, but he has come home from work and is still wearing thermal undies, those tog rated thermal socks, as well as normal clothes and fleece, no wonder he is warm!
Washing machine broke down sunday, repair man came out yesterday, and said it was because it was being overloaded! DKH had been putting the equivalent of a load and half in the bloody thing, which couldn't have washed properly anyway, and caused a repair fee we can ill afford!angry I think he is getting fed up of this carer/househusband role now. He is also complining bitterly about the cost of shopping, and the fact he has to keep popping to the shops to top up on essentials such as milk and bread ( 2×12yr old = empty cupboards!). A reality check for him I think, because he had previously been complaining about the shopping bills I had been paying.
Puppy causing chaos, but we love him, the only problem is I am doing everything as boys are already getting bored with the humdrum and messy bits of puppy care (dealing with poos and wees, which is not really hard as he usually uses the puppymats), I an also now suffering from sore, bleeding knees as trying to reduce everyones workload by getting about on knees to do bits and pieces. sadconfused

Morning girls xx

Trips - where are you? xx

Chopstheduck Wed 06-Feb-13 12:20:09

Morning girls xx

<<peers behind sofa for trips>>

Ruby, where are you?? I DID IT!! 5k in 42 minutes gringrin

Sokmonsta Wed 06-Feb-13 14:14:37

Afternoon fellow mad multiple mummies!

I should get my car back today - £250 lighter.

Physio came for Jennifer today. She's on the 25th centile for her development so very. Jennifer has even managed to start finding her knees. I'm sure it won't be long until she finds her crawl smile

Trips - thanks for the reassurance. I'm sure your lovely teens will keep up their good work!

rubyrubyruby Wed 06-Feb-13 15:09:15

Glad the cars wasn't too expensive soks

YAY Chops - well done grin. I knew you could do it.

Bubby, I'm worried about you doing too much post op. Please try to rest up a it. DH and the boys can't just stop doing stuff because they're fed up with it.

I'm afraid Trips may be hiding from me blush I keep hassling her about holiday stuff.

Chopstheduck Wed 06-Feb-13 17:31:59

I am knackered now! three school runs and the 5k, and tonight is scouts and girls brigade. Fish and chip supper tonight, I think!

I agree, bubby, you really do need to take it a bit easier. sad It's not forever, they will just have to put up with it for a little longer.

Very proud of dt1 - he has been working really hard and has made the school cross country team! Going from a boy who was totally overshadowed by his twin, he is coming on in leaps and bounds now. His first concert as a violinist with the local orchestra is on Saturday.

bubby64 Wed 06-Feb-13 17:33:41

Hi ruby, Yes, prob doing too muchblush, went into kitchen this morning, it was a mess! washing up from yesterday still on sides, dishwasher not emptied, etc, so had to tidy up before I could even get myself breakfast/drink. On the plus side tho, DH came home last night with a pair of carpet fitters knee protectors!!
soks good news about physio, hopefully Jen will be on her way soon, then you will start to have fun, as the bet is they will both head off in opposite directions!! And £250 for car repairs, is any covered under warrenty, if not, at least you will have a safe car to drive, thats the main thing.

Chopstheduck Wed 06-Feb-13 17:47:46

on the plus side tho, DH came home last night with a pair of carpet fitters knee protectors!! shock

Bubby, darling, you shouldn't be crawling around on your knees - get some REST!

Sokmonsta Wed 06-Feb-13 19:46:01

AA are paying me back for my car grin. Took out a really good deal through Quidco last time my car broke down. Was £80 cashback if you took out a policy over £150. Mine was £152 and some pence, but includes up to 5 times a year, max £500 paid to have car repaired after call out.

All I have to actually pay is £35. Some garages (my regular one) take payment straight from the AA. Others, like this one, want payment and I just have to claim it back myself through the AA. It's well worth it to keep our MPV on the road. The only disappointing thing was the AA sent me an offer for £10 stay mobile instead of £20, but they won't give me a 7 seater car for the 3 days, I have to pay the hire firms upgrade charge to go from a 5 seater. So that's not worth it for us. The places I tend to break down have no public transport nearby either.

<<lies on the floor and paddies like a 2 yr old>> I CANNOT WAIT TILL TOMSTER FINISHES FOOKIN' HIGH SCHOOL.

School say that he is just fine with his Maths hmm and doesn't seem as confident in English.....so he doesn't need Maths class anymore because they are only revising, instead he is having just English classes!! So now he is going to have to go each night for an hour to after school Maths revision classes.

Tomorrow night is parents night.....I swear now that you will all hear my sarcastic tone and raised voice no matter where in the world you live. I have a notebook, a pen and a list of questions for each teacher....a long, long list for each teacher. I normally sit back and bask in the glow of their praise for him but tomorrow will be so different.

Being clever and mild mannered with everybody (like Tom is) is not always the great thing that it sounds it should be.

Have already had a disagreement with the Headmaster....I rang to ask him about the English/Maths decision. He said 'Will you be bringing Tom with you tomorrow?' My reply? 'On the top of the sheet of appointments it says PARENTS EVENING - not PARENT and STROPPY, STRESSED TEENAGER.....so in reply to your question I and I alone will see you all tomorrow.

<<slurps her pint of strong cider>>

bubby64 Wed 06-Feb-13 22:43:57

angry shock wink *shabs - and breath........
How stupid are they, he is doing an hour after school to revise a subject which he could be doing in school, they need their heads bashed together!!!

Chopstheduck Thu 07-Feb-13 06:50:28

Morning girls x

that is absurd, Shabs sad

How does Tom feel about not coming with you though? I do actually find it helpful taking Rheannon with me and working with the teachers on plans to improve her work. Even if I do have to give her a little nudge sometimes for her to say what she really thinks!

That's great about the car, soks! I'm sure it won't be long before Jennifer crawls. I remember Jack crawling I think at 10 or 11 months, then he crawled for ages! It's really brilliant that you've got the physio in there so early for her, I'm sure it will help tons.

Chopstheduck Thu 07-Feb-13 06:54:37

actually I remembered, I had a similar problem - dd does cheerleading on a monday, and when I picked her up, it turned out she had been doing sewing instead (textiles?)

I asked her about it, and apparently the teacher had spent so long on the planning there wasn't enough time for the actual practical work. I told her i am NOT driving all that way to pick her up and she is NOT missing her extra curricular stuff for fecking sewing that should have been done in school hours. The teacher can sod off! It took dd a lot of courage to finally walk through that door and get involved in some extra curricular stuff, and she has found a bit of a talent for it, and I think it is far more important than making a bloody cushion! Told dd if the teacher has a problem with it, she can email me!

rubyrubyruby Thu 07-Feb-13 07:48:18

I don't take mine to parents eve Shabs - I'm old school <<gimmer>>

Not sure if that happens in our school Shabs but it sounds darn right ludicrous!

At our school you have a 5 min slot with each teacher - is a bit like speed dating grin

Have never taken Tom to parents evening in High school. All he has asked of me is to not get angry and shout grin I will get something done about this no Maths lessons farce though.

LOL @ 'speed dating!!'

Sokmonsta Thu 07-Feb-13 10:03:17

Morning! <basks in the peace of two sleeping babies, a toddler playing chuggington and 4yo at school>. I shall enjoy these moments to make up for the stressy teenage years.

Off to clear up the house!!!!

bubby64 Thu 07-Feb-13 12:07:33

We dont have the boys first High School parents evening until June!! This seems to be very late to try and correct any problems they might have.I know they expect the boys to come with us and also expect thrm to direct us to each teacher as thry become free! There are no set appointments, and it all sounds a bit hit and miss if you ask me. Also, we wont have enough time for both of us to see the teachers, so we'll have to split up and hope for the best! Dreading it already TBH.

Chopstheduck Thu 07-Feb-13 13:59:26

We have appointments, 5 mins with each teacher, who are spread across two different buildings and two floors on each. (dd's school is like a huge campus!)

We then get there, scrap the appointments and just go grab and talk to anyone who is free! I did have to interrupt one teacher mid flow to ask which subject he actually taught! blush

inthewildernessbuild Thu 07-Feb-13 21:28:57

Still not able to find this thread through normal channels [have asked Msnet but I haven't managed to succeed in following their thread hiding deactivation instructions...so forgive intermittent posts blush

I have had a homework revelation this evening with the bolshy12 year old (sounds v unlike your lovelyTom Shabba hmm He flatly refused to admit he had any "work" to do. Dh has taken the other two to see "Matilda" (ds1 had seen it on a drama trip with school)

I wrote out a schedule in 15 minute chunks interspersing computer with serious reading with violin with science revision and ending with fanfare of Dr Who DVD episode. All timed to minute and he absolutely loved it, and for first time ever sat with me answering questions about science shock. My son has some Gina Ford missing link, despite being demand fed, he wants to be told when to eat his toast, and when to read improving books. He kept saying, what fun this is, can we do this tomorrow? It has taken me 12 years to think of this sad

Bubbles good luck with puppy, they are hard work, by all accounts (not having had one sadly, this is reports only. Friend says she is getting up at 4.30 to put hers out first thing to train!
Sokmonsta oh they are v sweet when they head off in different directions, you wait!
Chops sit on a cushion and sew a fine seam,[ Goldilocks Goldilocks etc...thou shalt not wash dishes nor yet feed the kine] it sounds good anyway, but strange to cancel cheerleading for cushions
whoever is attending parents' eves yes they are a nightmare, and I hate the way you have to say everything in front of child, v humiliating and constraining. I think the child means they remember who they are talking about shock sheer nos must be nightmare for teachers.

Been in bed all day, not well, slightly more with it now! Have put dw on, and slowly clearing up the rubble of the day now. Dh has been saintly helping when I am underweather.

Chopstheduck Fri 08-Feb-13 06:06:16

Inthewilderness the link is here

Scroll right down to the bottom and you should see your list of hidden threads. If that doesn't work, maybe we can start a new thread for you?

Glad it's just not me that thinks cheerleading is more important than a cushion! grin

The timetable with your ds sounds lovely.

Reminded me of something else with parents evening - when we left, dd said to me, 'why are you concentrating on all the negative things?' I felt awful!! I had to sit down and explain to her, that I'm really really proud of her (she had done so much better this time) but we have 5 minutes which each teacher and I want to identify where she needs the most support and where we can help her. Poor girl! She did seem satisfied with that.

Morning girls xx

Tom insisted on coming with me on the very last minute. He got glowing reports from everybody!! We got to Maths and I let her talk to him and then said my bit!! She was a bit like this shock and then like this grin and said that she agreed with me but the 'powers that be' had made the decision. Then on to English. What a nasty piece of work she is....she turned her chair and talked to Tom telling him how he worked too slowly and methodically - how he had to speed up blah blah blah.....she would not make eye contact with me. Then she started to try and get rid of us.

I told her what I thought of the decision about Maths and how he has 2 Mock GCSE's today and I was far beyond unhappy. She was unhelpful so I found the head teacher. He got told as well!!!!

So!!! Now Tom is swopping PE for 4 lessons of Maths....they are revision lessons and there are just two pupils in them.....none of the other kids want to do them, they are happy to be out of Maths.

Oh yes......and there is a small item of interest grin In walks this tiny, slim little year 11......she looks very shy and Tom went straight to talk to her. She is so like my DIL Emma that it made me grin.......and she has long red hair!!!! Seems like my boy is growing up!!

Chopstheduck Fri 08-Feb-13 08:06:04

that was a good outcome! Well done, shabs x

Sokmonsta Fri 08-Feb-13 08:26:42

Morning! Operation tidy-up continues. Putting quite a bit on freegle. Stuff that I've either tried and failed to sell or cba.

Taking the bigs to school, sticker assembly for my biggest. A nap hopefully for the littlies and once more unto the breach (sp?)!

Glad parents evening went well. I am glad you got the English/maths thing sorted. Tom sounds so sweet with the girlsmile

Chopstheduck Fri 08-Feb-13 09:28:00

why don't children listen?

Shay stop back pedalling and changing gears, you will jam the chain, Shay stop back pedalling and changing gears, you will jam the chain, Shay stop back pedalling and changing gears, you will jam the chain, Shay stop back pedalling and changing gears, you will jam the chain,

CRUNCH! And I didn't have any tools with me. now have hands covered in bike oil that won't wash off!

I have mixed feelings today about it being Friday today, yey to no school runs, but instead we have Jack's sports trip and Ravi's concert tomo and then parade on sunday for the big two. I wish it was NEXT Friday! Can't wait to get away from it all for a few days grin

rubyrubyruby Fri 08-Feb-13 11:26:56

Mine finish for half term today!

I'm on my way to a MN meet-up grin

triplets Fri 08-Feb-13 14:18:20

Its moi.............I am here, just been abit stressy and am very tired. Dk had appt y/day with the bowel surgeon, going to whip him into hosp asap to repair the hernia...............yehhhhhhhhhhh 2/3 days peace. I am not being mean but he is doing my head in about this holiday. Not booked anything, cannot bring myself to spend £8-9000 on a 2 week holiday. Trying to entice him to Spain, Port Aventura, no its not Disney, but its hot and it £6000 cheaper! House smells of gloss paint, hall being decorated, haven`t go a clue yet what colour, needs new carpets but I think its a waste of time with these 4, note I say 4, came home to find mud all through and only dk been here. If we don`t do big big summer hol, we could do half term, I need a break! Rubes I love holiday planning smile

triplets Fri 08-Feb-13 14:19:06

er why am I not on my way to MN meet up hmm

inthewildernessbuild Fri 08-Feb-13 15:30:46

yay! finally...it was right at the bottom of the second linked page, that's why I couldn't find the hidden threads thingy...

It is showing snowing again.

And it is pickup time!

reTom oh I can't wait for that to happen to my lovely ds1 (12/13). He is so shy with girls, but so handsome already... Unfortunately he goes to all boys' school. Still, girls in sixth form, so some hope he might meet a few in four years wink

remud Dh is the only person in this house who doesn't remove his shoes angry I blame every muddy mark on him with good reason. He blames cats! There was a mouse under kitchen table this morning, well, the remains of a mouse. We cannot use garden atm, it is just a mudbath.

Sokmonsta Fri 08-Feb-13 16:26:50

I was told today my 10 month old is a flirt grin

I left the babies in the school hall with the other parents while I ran James over to preschool. When I got back for sticker assembly, a lovely new mum told me the twins were great and that Joshua had been flirting.

Well the boys do definitely take after their father with their cheeky grins and fluttering eyelids (they have gorgeous long eyelashes).

Operation organising Sokmonsta continues. Big plans to organise the children which dh will probably hate. Involves me being crafty and making a mess.

triplets Fri 08-Feb-13 19:33:00

This is I know pathetic..............but I am sulking! Frid night, I cook cook cook all week, so tonight I have cooked for the boys before ATC, dh has to take them tonight so on the way back he got 2 pices of fish from the chippy, I prefer my own chips. I was looking forward to it, a treat. I open the paper to find two scrappy tiny pieces of fish, £3.60p each. By the tme I scraped the batter off I ended up with three fork fulls of fish! I would like to phone up and bloody well tell them off, it was my treat. <<stamps foot and sits in corner scowling>>

inthewildernessbuild Fri 08-Feb-13 23:35:10

we had a very rich chinese takeaway this evening. And I feel sick now. I think I prefer my own cooking after all, although it is a very good takeaway.
Maybe we are grease resistant in our old age hmm

I have just seen Michael Fassbender on Graham Norton. He is so handsome. I kept thinking of Mr Rochester and wondering if this was really the same person I had seen in the film. Actors are strange creatures. I feel as I have haven't watched telly for ages, Graham Norton feels like a treat! We had a completely telly free eve with kids as further behaviour improvement experiment; what it has made me realise is that they entirely hog it; DH and I never get to watch our programmes and by the time we have finally turned the lights out, it is TOO late to bother.

Eve (apart from the chinese effect) was good. We managed to pack in a book on the Blitz, sumo wrestling, hexbug (not looked at since receivingat Xmas), siblings chatting, winding down, cd listening and all because we switched the wretched box off!

And for the first time ever I dared put a Youtube video on Facebook; I felt very brave..No-one "liked" it however. Maybe my choice of artiste was too avant garde..hmm possibly a bit rowdy for Friday night...blush!

Sokmonsta sticker assembly sounds delightful! Good luck with the organising, you sound pretty organised already..

triplets Sat 09-Feb-13 07:48:12

Goodmorning ladies, wonder what the w/wend has in store?

Sokmonsta Sat 09-Feb-13 08:08:11

Morning! Operation tidy-up continues. Bringing the children in on tasks today with a trip to the library later for a story & craft session.

<dives back under pile of 'stuff'>

Morning girls xx

Glad to see you Trips xx

triplets Sat 09-Feb-13 16:11:01

Hiya Shabs, so do the yr 11 all do their gcse exams in Feb? That will be us next year, they are so behind in their maths and english, no hope for them!! Bloody school is useless, their science teacher walked out twice last week because she can`t cope, she has "problems" unrelated to her job!!!! I cannot bring myself to book this holiday, something is stopping me. You know what though Shabs I think its because I would like some company, someone to have a laugh with, otherwise I can see it being the same as at home, just 4 diff walls. Anyone been to see Quartet? I went on Tues, its sooooo funny, Shabs you would like it, Pauline Collins is brill in it and as for Billy Connolly!! Been baking this morning, made cheese scones, fruit scones and flap jacks, that was lunch.............er I am supposed to be trying to lose weightgrin

They will all do their GCSE's after the Easter break. The official leaving date for everybody is June 30th but most of them will have finished their exams before then. At the moment it is mock exams and fast track GCSE's for a few of them. Its all complicated and weird Trips!!

Cheese scones??? <<drool>> xx

Morning girls xx

Sokmonsta Sun 10-Feb-13 14:05:39

<emerges from under a pile of stuff>


<stops children squabbling and returns to the pile>

bubby64 Sun 10-Feb-13 16:56:37

Day out yesterday, went to Asda and did shopping!
DH definitely becoming DK, he is moaning like stink about "doing everything" then he moans at me for trying to help! Also, relationship between DK and J breaking down rapidly, not helped this morning by J leaping to my defence when DK accused me of always shouting and nagging him, and J said "You shout at Mum all the time, when all she tries to do is make sure everybody has everything they need, and she has to shout, as we keep going into the other room!"
blush blush blush blush I must be shouting a lot, but trying to organise this lot from my chair or bed is like trying to herd flies!!
Then DK got pissed off again because he was moaning about having to cook dinner, and I said "you help me prep, and I will sit on the perching stool in kitchen and cook (it was a roast) he then moaned that I thought he couldn't cook it, and I said, no, I think you would have managed (with a lot of advice and prompting from me, which he would have called nagging!), but I wanted to help out and give him a break! he then went into a sulk and said "don't bother cooking for me, I'm not hungry!!" Needless to say, I cooked for us all, and have even made apple crumble, DKs favorite, for a pud, and he has eaten it, but he had a look that could sour milk on his face while he did so!confused confused
trips I know what you mean about the holiday, I would love a break with a couple of girlfriends instead of family, even just a weekend! and, as for mud, our garden is a sea of it at the moment, the only thing saving my carpets is the fact the dogs and kids have to come through the conservatory first, and I have one of those 'mud catcher' rugs there, and everyone takes their shoes off when they come in, the trick is to get the boys to put them away, and not just leave them sitting in ghe hallway along eith their coat and school bags, which are just left where they drop them!

triplets Sun 10-Feb-13 20:41:03

Evening girls...............I am in bed, because I am p- - - -d off with dk who tonight is the biggest dk on MN!!.Bubbs are me and thee co joined? I as usual cooked roast tonight, in the kitchen for 2 hours. Had 4 14yr olds here today and one of mine wasnt even here. Sat down finally at 6.45pm for supper, James announces he is going to his mates round the corner for a Domino pizza, I said no, dk said let him go. Dd comes down and says she isn`t hungry, I know she hates roast but its once a week. Eventually 4 of us sit to eat, she pushes it around her plate and asks to go, he says yes. Ds 2 eats up and leaves. I rarely make a pudding, dk was delighted to spy earlier apple crumble (see Bubbs we are co joined), said, "can`t remember the last time your Mother made pudding". We sit on our own and he starts talkingabout holidays and then says we need to think about a new carpet in the hall when he has finished painting it. I said its a waste of time as no one will take their shoes off inc him, I came home Frid to find mud everywhere and he was the last one here. He then said bugger doing anymore, I can do it myself. I said thats ok I can get someone to do it for me. He then throws a name at me, a guy who he knows has always had a soft spot for me. We explode, he storms off. I clear up, then get the apple crumble etc out, go into the sitting room and ask if he would like some, the answer was no. That is the last bloody pudding I am going to make. I so want to go on holiday.................just not with him..........................am I being bloody mean? He is driving me nuts!!

bubby64 Sun 10-Feb-13 22:51:35

trips thankswine yes, we were seperated at birth, or, at least our other halves were!
We all enjoyed the crumble, eventually, I hadn't served it up, as everyone said tbry were full, then my DK came in and said, "are we having the pudding then ?" I said, yes, do you want to serve it then? so he went of in a strop and said "If I must!", and almost threw the bowls at us!
This evening, however, I have had a long (and tearful) conversation about J and him, and said to DK "can't you see how much J is hurting, he really wants to connect with you, he feels you and M are great friends and he is left out in the cold, he is behaving badly to get your attention, as even negative attention is better than none".
Dk has now been up and had a cuddle and chat with J, so , hopefully, it will get better. They have decided to go to the new karate club that had stated up in the village together, as M doesn't want to go, hopefully this father/son time will do them good., maybe he returning back from knobdom! (By the way, for the newbies, DK means Darling Knob!grin )

triplets Sun 10-Feb-13 23:11:20

grin you make me laugh Bubs grin

rubyrubyruby Sun 10-Feb-13 23:19:22

Evening all.
Where did the weekend go?

Roast here today too and all football cancelled because of waterlogged pitches. Snowing here now!

Half term this week for us.

inthewildernessbuild Sun 10-Feb-13 23:26:40

well I did an amazingly clever thing today! I swanned off to 6pm Mass (I'd missed the family Mass because of dd's Netball match (which was eventually cancelled but that is long and boring saga, also consisting of me getting locked out, whilst grilling elderly Polish lady down street about her conservatory by IVRIS, which turned out to be Everest...) I LEFT the SUPPER IN THE OVEN and WALKED OFF INTO THE SLEET, and when I came home at 7.15 again, it was being SERVED by someone else! Hurrah! That cut out a lot of the usual bickering, although there was some dispute about whether ketchup is allowed on a roast. I forbade it,but eventually relented over mayonnaise.

Lovely evening, everywhere festooned with laundry, Call Midwife with all the kids, and have remembered to wash the Rugby boots..

Triplets I find going on holiday with Dh plus kids very unrestful. He is good on documents and money though. But he refuses to ask anyone for directions ever, and will not discuss public transport alternatives to his own masterplan, so in all in all it can be taxing. Last holiday with him was in Berlin,his hometown so to speak, and he behaved very well so I forgive him.
Perhaps you have hit nail on head! You need a holiday by yourself, for a few days somewhere. A weekend, a night even, just doing something other than family.

triplets Sun 10-Feb-13 23:33:15

<<phones pen pal in San Francisco and books flights>>

Everybody except Trips please cover your ears....proper sweary Northern rant about to take place!!!

Trips fook your DK and fook my DK - I am beyond angry - so far beyond angry.

Went to Chellesters tonight - just me and her having a few drinks. Last night she went to her nieces birthday party and my DK just happened to be in the same place. Chellester told DK that it will soon be her birthday - she said that she would like me to go out with her and her family for HER birthday. Last year he really spoiled it by ringing me over and over again and texting saying 'where are you and who are you with.'

OK, so I come home tonight. He says 'why were you outside our local hospital on Wednesday having a cigarette and texting someone?' Me (with bewildered look) I wasn't - I was at home with Tom trying to help him revise!! ' 'Well I have been talking to a young girl who is a nurse at the hospital and she says you were outside talking to a man on your mobile???????????????????'

Please excuse me while I go and kick the fookin' shite of the stupid DK I am married too.....even Tom (who was listening) was laughing so much he nearly cried.

Fancy coming to Faliraki on the 24th July Trips???? Me, thee and our Tom...thats after I have killed DARLING KNOB. AND BREATHE!!

..............oh aye yes and our Lew has Scarlet fookin' Fever!!!!

I am too angry to sleep and cannot wait for morning!!!! <<sharpens her knives, axes and loads her guns>>

triplets Mon 11-Feb-13 06:44:38

angry what a dickhead angry bloody hell Shabs, why is he so insanely jealous and envious of you? You know I think that our dk`s have quite abit in common. You must be a very popular person, you are kind, funny and a steadfast friend. Without blowing my own trumpet me and thee are similar. I have girlfriends who I love to be with, we laugh, always innocent, same as you. Now, my dk has no friends, only spends odd amounts of time with my friends. Is your dk the same, does he have good friends he can go out with? I think they are jealous. Well its bloody tough, I am going to battle on with my life and if I get the chance to get away on my own I am taking it. So one day you and me will do our Shirley Valentine bit, we will. xxxx

triplets Mon 11-Feb-13 06:52:45

Sorry............goodmorning everyone.......slushy white stuff out there, another week in paradise awaits.

Chopstheduck Mon 11-Feb-13 07:41:42

Morning girls

Shabs and trips, you need to do a Thelma and Louise and take off, leaving the dks in the dust!

More of the fecking white stuff!! And not so dh has taken the car! Had a very busy weekend doing jobs and a mountain of laundry and packing for the kids for half term.

Morning girls xx

Yep he is exactly as you described your DK Trips!

Sokmonsta Mon 11-Feb-13 08:08:30

Morning! Snow here too. Weirdly on top of cars, a dusting on the grass and none on the road/pavement. Looks like someone has gone round and iced all the cars smile

Am taking a little break from housework today. Feel's like I am being naughty as the older two are at their grandparents so I could get quite a lot done. But I'm going with a friend and her dc to soft play and lunch. I need some adult conversation! I realised I sound quite like Miranda at times when I'm talking to the babies myself at home.

Thanks for the explanation to DK. I assumed it was a term of affection/name (Keith? Kevin?). I'd say it made me laugh but oh dear! That can't be nice for you.

triplets Mon 11-Feb-13 09:00:41

knob is affection grin

bubby64 Mon 11-Feb-13 12:15:47

Snow here as well,
I get the occasionsl problem with jealousy from my DK as well, can't they see that even if we had the inclination for a fling, most of us haven't got the time or the bloody energy to do anything about itwink wink
I real problem getting J to go to school, he hates his french teacher with a vengeance, and also his dickhead so-called friends are doing 'gut lugs' on esch other, and with his retsined testes this is csusing him intense pain, but he doesn't want to tell them it hurts so much in case he is called a wimp, and doesn't want to tell teachers, in case he is called a dobber!
I therefore, have emailed his form teacher and head of year to try to get this practice stopped.angry angry angry angry.
And now, just got a letter from the school asking us to attend this Thursday morning!! for a meeting to see what the school councillor(sp?) can do to help with problems J is having at school, how Rs boss is going to take it, him needing yet more time off, I don't know, he is already losing part of his bonus next month as it issad

bubby64 Mon 11-Feb-13 22:19:53

Dh said I am again being too overprotective of J, and should let him sort out his own problems instead of trying to do it for him, especially as he is ptobebly doing it as well. maybe I am, I just can't get any perspective on things anymore. Any thoughts girlies?

I personally think that I will always help sort out my kids problems. Its a much more difficult world nowadays with so many hurdles and problems for teenagers and pre teenagers.

There are times when even my 31 year old turns to me and asks for advice about problems at work......and money and cigs and babysitting and and and .......grin

bubby64 Mon 11-Feb-13 22:45:08

Thanks shabs. In my eyes, when I compare him to DS1(which i hate to do), although he is twin, DS2 seems a lot more immature than his brother. He actually said tonight he wants to be in DS1's form, and not separated, but DS1 was just as adament as ever that he doesn't want his brother in the same class, he said "I have made my own friends and like my classmates, if DS2 joins my class, he'll ruin everything! DS1 has settled well into High School, and is making a life for himself as an individual, not a silent shadow to his attention seeking brother., so I don't want to mess that up either.

triplets Mon 11-Feb-13 22:48:43

Hmm, I must admit I tend to jump in feet first if I think anything is going on, I am a great believer in nipping things in the bud, (not meant to be a pun Bubbs!) I think at this age it can be half a dozen of one and six of the other and usually things sort themselves out anyway. I just prefer to get my say in first, then school have it noted ifywim. I have just booked a week away for half term, felt we all need cheering up and because I can`t bear the thought of a house full of teens as all their friends migrate here as their parents are working. So although I could do with my own space, I have booked a week in Cornwall in a Center Parc type place but I must say looks much nicer and is much cheaper! And............its only an hour from my best friend smile Of course dk said, "I suppose you`ll want to go and see Nicky"...duhhhhhhhhhh . Why d`y think I booked itgrin

bubby64 Mon 11-Feb-13 23:24:48

Good for you trips! Have a good break, dont let the 4 of them walk all over you, and have at least one girlie night out with your friend!grin grin grin
Yes, I think agree with you both, I do feel I was right to contact the school, and I am also going to have my say on how I feel about things on Thursday. I desperately want J to be as settled and to be working as hard as M, but I don't think its going to happen, but at least I will be showing them I am monitoring what is happening, and that I expect the school to do their part as well.[arms crossed under considerable bosom emoticom]

triplets Mon 11-Feb-13 23:31:26

You are doing the right thing Bubbs and after all you know J better than anyone, how often is a Mothers instinct wrong?
Me awd mucker, hope you are feeling ok, been thinking about you today......<<Trips wraps her very long arms around her awd mucker...........had to kneel to do so >>grin

<<waits for wet kipper>>

Morning girls xx

LOL @ kneeling down!! xx

Chopstheduck Tue 12-Feb-13 07:10:43

Morning girls x

I think that is great, bubby, surely the school will be sensitive and deal with it as a whole issue, and it will be best for J.

grin @ Trips, sneaky!

I've been feeling a bit low, had a huge row with dh over the weekend about his lack of patience with the kids. He's now trying very hard to make more effort, but we will see how long that lasts! I generally run round like a headless chicken most of the time to try to keep the house calm and running smoothly and everyone happy, refereeing between him and the kids and I think I just snapped - Dh def got more than he bargained for!

triplets Tue 12-Feb-13 08:56:48

3 cheers for Chops....hip hip hooray hip hip hooray hip hip hooray !

Chopstheduck Tue 12-Feb-13 09:17:15

aww thanks trips xx blush

Sokmonsta Tue 12-Feb-13 09:17:33

Trips, your break sounds like it will do you the world of good, especially seeing a friend too. Of course you'll have to make the most of it grin

Hip hip hoorays for chops here too! fingers crossed it sinks in.

Off the build a bird box with the bigs today and then the hv is coming this afternoon to spend some time with James. I only wish I could remember what caused his 1.5 hour tantrum last Thursday. I knew I should have written it down because it was really quite trivial. He also had a wobbly last night because it got to bed time and I asked the children to put their toys away. He decided to get the jigsaws out again so I chucked them all back in the box. Unfortunately chucked is the word and he wanted to take them all out, put them together and then put them in the box.

Cheeky so and so then went and got the iPads after I had settled them down. So I took them off him and put him back to bed. He went and got them again - I could hear the music. Hid them away again. Dh comes in and goes to check on him at half 9. Little rat is sitting up in bed, playing Thomas on both with the volume turned off!! Unfortunately I'd spent most of the evening between putting him to bed and trying to settle Jennifer, who was keeping everyone awake so had resorted to bringing her back downstairs with me until she fell asleep on my lap and I could lay her on the sofa.

He sure is a cunning clever 2 year old. I'm seriously struggling to occupy him to his needs so I think that is the main crux of our problems.

bubby64 Tue 12-Feb-13 14:24:50

Well done Chops, It must have been a weekend for putting our other halves in their place, because my DH got a blast from me over his attitude to the boys over the weekend,
DH has agreed again to go with J to the karate club, I hope the dicipline and structure as well as the physical outlet will do them both good. DH used to go to KukSuWon up to 6yrs ago, he got to black belt, but to progress further you had to go to Korea for a fortnight to study with a master, and at about £1000 we couldn't afford it, so he just dropped out. He was so much better when he went, as it gave him an outlet for his frustration and pent up emotions as well as a really good workout.
We shall also see what the school can offer J in the way of support on Thursday, as I am now sure in my mind thst he does need extra help and support, and I am hoing to do my best to make darn sure he gets it!

inthewildernessbuild Tue 12-Feb-13 23:15:04

o rats posted an enormously long post, but it has gone.
Suffice it to say, reading this thread is like looking in mirror
Sokmonsta two is a very sweet age when you look back at it from a distance of 9 years Mine still don't tidy up their toys btw!

Dd had vomiting bug yesterday. I have sore throat. House continues to make me v gloomy at the extraordinary levels of mess that I can't seem to deal with.
Ditto, homework that I can't spin from straw into gold.

I have at least talked ds1 through the four layers of the tropical rainforest even if he refuses to sketch it.
I have talked ds2 through a few more phonemes and digraphs
I have purchased at vast expense some cardboard boxes for dd for Homeless Day and walked many miles to find them angrygrin

Bubbly we have a CAF meeting for both boys in March. Initially I was appalled at idea of so many "problem" children parents, but I am now beginning to see how all the issues fit together. It is hard trying to know where to throw one's energy at these times. And personally I think one can never waste time giving emotional support to even teenage children, essentially they spend so much time without us, that I don't quite see how it could ever deny them independence. They need self esteem and that is something that parents DO. Ds1 does work a lot of problems out himself re: getting on with other people but when he is low he NEEDS US to give him back his morale. I think that is different from interfering. Anyway ds certainly lets us know when we are interfering. He hates being bossed around!

Morning girls xx

Chopstheduck Wed 13-Feb-13 07:00:03

Morning girls x

I'll be glad when it's half term really, children seem so much easier to deal with away from the pressures of school!

Bloody Viking day today - school want £9 each for specialist teachers to come in (and I thought they had a school full of teachers), and a costume. It's the second one this year, we've already had Egyptian day, Pink day and still got World Book Day to come - where do they expect us to magic up all this stuff from?

Last time I ended up lending them my tshirts to wear as tunics which came home beyond cleaning. The school can sod off. I've let the boys deal with the costumes using their imaginations and refused to pay for it. So far we have batman tshirts and dracula cloaks, the boys are having great fun! grin

inthewildernessbuild Wed 13-Feb-13 08:12:10

Chops I have a unclaimed Viking axe on my landing that I keep tripping over! I think I managed to use it three times for two World Book Days (Horrendous Haddock) and Halloween (ghost of Viking)
I think they should forbid the children to bring in anything which is not homemade - no wigs, or bought costumes. The times that Dd has bullied me into buying something from the party shop (unfortunately we have a costume shop on our High Street) because everyone else is going to have a "proper" outfit. Usually we do get away with making stuff, but it is very timeconconsuming, but if I make five costumes a year there is always the sixth costume that I end up cheating and throwing money at.

Still I would love Viking Day...[sigh] I never forget doing weaving at school in primary. And Egyptians seems to have been culled from our curriculum.

rubyrubyruby Wed 13-Feb-13 08:19:25

<<runs in>>
What have I missed?
Everyone ok?

I see arsey DKs have been on the rampage.

You off soon Chops?

rubyrubyruby Wed 13-Feb-13 08:21:29

ooooo - and Trips is going away too smile

Its half term here this week....<<stares at her bloody grandson>> thats why we have telly on some rubbish where Japanese styley warriors are fighting (whatever happpened to CBeebies Lew?) and he is playing on his tablet he got for Xmas......with the volume on soooooo loud I feel I should be shouting this as I am typing it!!!

.......AND piggin' snow is once again piggin' falling (and sticking) outside......

rubyrubyruby Wed 13-Feb-13 08:27:38

We are on half term too Shabs grin

Just you and me I think

rubyrubyruby Wed 13-Feb-13 08:28:03

....... we must be neighbours

Chopstheduck Wed 13-Feb-13 09:37:01

hmm, how come my half term is late?

Yep, off soon. I have lost a total of around 22lbs, and I am now trying to sort out packing. What does one wear in -18c?! I got side tracked in the end, and been looking at spas instead, so couple of swimming cossies and I will be sorted grin

I love the idea of everything having to be homemade. The boys did actually look quite good by the time they got there, but there will be an army of smug mothers which children that look like they have stepped straight off of a longboat! My money is on at least 30 children sporting viking helmets from Legoland down the road.

shabs, everything is Japenese around here now too. DD has discovered anime <sigh> She is learning Japanese, eating with chopsticks, and going to school with her hair like this hmm

rubyrubyruby Wed 13-Feb-13 11:01:50

22lbs is amazing Chops! Well Done x

I leave all dressing up responsibilities to the DCs now they are older.
It's the every day clothes we struggle with grin

inthewildernessbuild Wed 13-Feb-13 11:48:16

It's not half term yet here. Dd is still off school this morning though and she says CBBC schedules are half term already. Sparticle Mystery was on. Her favourite. Useless sci-fi [grrr] Why aren't there any historical dramas which teach them things on curriculum...please...?

I've had yet another row with Dh hmm On account of him saying I had promised him I would do early morning stint, but then left kitchen door open and the cat jumped on the bed and woke him. Also that he bought the bagels, so I couldn't claim to have given ds1 a nourishing breakfast (as he had provided it)! And that I was blaming him for ds1's inferior homework on Sat... We have arranged an appt to discuss matters on Thursday (an appt to settle long running wrangles). It is easy to quarrel isn't it, when you are on your way somewhere else, and easier to sort things out when you have to sit down and properly discuss something. |I need SUN, I need SPAS and I NEED CHAMPAGNE. No more FEB....

Right, now I have to go and get some money for this miraculous spelling tutor, take back some library books for ds1 (who really should be old enough to enjoy going to library himself) and put away the clothes in my bedroom.

I had this wafting thought I might do some sewing, but as usual, there seem to be all these other boring things I am meant to be doing instead sad

bubby64 Wed 13-Feb-13 13:23:31

Chops well done! It gets little better in High School costume wise, we have already had a wear blue for hospice care, a dress up as a famous person from films for cancer relief, and a fancy dress charity run (yearly event) All of which i usually get informed of the night before the event and have to panic to find them something to wear,(at least at primary they let us have at least a weeks notice!) I also to give them the "donation" which they have to take in to enjoy this stress! The last one i told the boys to sort themselves out, snd they did manage it ok, but they have a "dress in a 'onesie' day soon, bugger if I am going to shell out £15 for one of those each just to wear at school for a day,!angry I probably will give in, truth be told, just pisses me off
wilderness I do agree, he does tell me when not to put my oar in!
1/2 term next week here, can't wait! Had a phone call from school this morning, J fighting on the bus! A boy he has fought with on and off since they were 6yrs old. sad One moment they are best buds, the nect at each others throats. Both primary school and us parents told the school not to put them in the same class, but we were ignored, so the school can reap the consequences of them being thrown together too much! Going to a amateur production of Guys & Dolls tonight, so am finally getting out of the house. DK now says he doesn't want to go, but I have bought the tickets after talking about it last week, so we are bloody going!

Chopstheduck Wed 13-Feb-13 15:10:37

I want champagne too. Cheap fizz from waitrose is going to have to do though! Ten years tomorrow since dh and I first met! smile

Def seems to be easier in senior school, I think dd has done it once, and I had very little input - can't even remember what she was supposed to do now!

I am tired, been on the go ALL day. And it is snowing again!

triplets Wed 13-Feb-13 15:11:20

Hi.............I have collapsed on the bed after struggling to try and put the shower curtain pole back up after I pulled it down! Just done the boys hovel.............omg the things you find under a bunk bed shock Had a lovely morning at school, did you know you can make a space station out of kitchen roll tubes, cereal boxes, milk bottle tops and stinky glue? I only had 30 to do grin Got to get cracking and start packing for Sat, thinking about booking myself into the spa, kids don`t seem bothered about doing the surfboarder so money left over for me smile Just cost me another £46 today,Thomas came home y/day with another trip letter, a day in France visiting the trenches.......we have already taken him there. Have nothing for supper, need to raid the freezer, don`t yer get fed up of cooking?

Chopstheduck Wed 13-Feb-13 15:42:29

We always seem to get that sort of thing, trips to places we've already been to. I refused to pay £11 for DS! to visit the Hindu temple, since we do tend to go to one every month or so!

I don't want to cook today. Dug some frozen curries out of the freezer but still have to make the mountain of roti to go with them.

inthewildernessbuild Wed 13-Feb-13 22:36:57

I was once in a amateur production of Guys and Dolls aged 15 wink
"Marry the Man Today,
Trouble though he may be
Give him the girlish laughter
....and save the kicks for
.... after"
And my favourite
"I dreamed Last Night I was on a boat to Heaven, and by some chance found a bottle in my fist
...and the People All Said Sitdown, Sitdown Youre Rocking the Boat, for the Devil will drag you Under with a soul so Heavy You'll Never Float...
Sit Down Youre Rocking the Boat

phew...[sits down]

Bubbly Ds1 tends to fight with people he wants to be friends with, so far, at Secondary hmm

I have just been helping with Scouts/Beavers. Need to persuade ds1 to go back. It was clashing with homework and football on Mondays. Also managed tutor ds2, tennis lesson ds2 and to do another mini-schedule for ds1, with violin, reading and "fun"piano on it. He loves these schedules shock Tuna pasta for supper. There was nothing in the freezer except spring rolls blush Tuna pasta is my last resort supper blushblush However, it did have lots of vegetables in it grin

bubby64 Thu 14-Feb-13 00:23:39

Well, went tonight, I enjoyed it, but he sat there with a look on his face that could have curdled milksad I fatally asked at one point if he was ok, and he said "of course I'm not, I told you I was tired!"hmm
Got home at 10.20, he's gone straight to bed. I am pissed off as I did ask him before I bought the tickets, and he knew it was tonight, but I knew as soon as I reminded him yesterday he was going to be an arse about it!! Just written his Valentine's card, but don't feel very lovey dovey at the moment!
I had a sheoherds oie in the freezer my friend bought over, so I had thrown that in the oven before he got home from work do he didn't have to really cook, just throw some veg out of freezer into steamer.
wilderness I was Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls when at High School, (just form waiting around, for that simple band of gold, the avarage single female, can develope a cold!) also have been in Godspell, Oliver, Fiddler on th Roof, Joseph and also done Pirates of Penzance, Mikado, and other productions for local Am Dram and Gilbert & Sullivan Society's.
I now sing in a choir, and I am missing it like hell ATM. They have got 4 concerts in the pipeline and I am not able to do any of them. I hope to start back after Easter.
J came home from school lamenting the fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend for Valentine's Day, doesn't matter how much I say its only a day, and he's only 12, he wants to have a card 'not from you Mum!'
Then M said 'I only want a card from someone who means it, so i'll wait!" Oh he has a wise old soul in him, that child!!grin

Morning girls xx

That poor postman!! I feel so sorry for him - having to haul all my Valentines cards round to my house hmm DK has no clue it is even Valentines <<sigh>>

Sokmonsta Thu 14-Feb-13 08:29:33

Morning ladies.

Off to opthamologist this morning with the twins. Who point blank refuse to do anything other than chew their glasses at the minute. And now Jennifer has teeth...

Also taking Jennifer for her first haircut this afternoon. Wild haired baby that she is smile

bubby64 Thu 14-Feb-13 08:38:04

Morning. Chucking it down with rain here.
Soks good luck with both hair and eye appointments. Boys need a haircut badly ATM, hope DH can take them at weekend.
M off school, really bad throat, J wanting to have day off too, but I am a cruel mum and sent him off in the rain to schoolwink

Chopstheduck Thu 14-Feb-13 09:01:58

Morning girls x

Happy valentines day thanks

Bubby, how childish of your dh!

I'm on a mad rush around again today. Need to go for a run to earn some calories for a nice dinner tonight, go to the shops, and then run around for the kids tonight <sigh>

I do the haircuts for everyone in our house. I absolutely HATE doing it, but it saves a fortune!

Chopstheduck Thu 14-Feb-13 09:03:02

and shay is nwo proudly sporting a Noel Gallagher look! He is so fastidious about his hair grin

inthewildernessbuild Thu 14-Feb-13 09:34:54

Bubbly Miss Adelaide! Wow! My cousin was Miss Adelaide and she was extremely bubbly. I, ahem, took the part of General Cartwright, head of Salvation Army...sadgrin We love listening and dancing to musicals in this house.Sokmonsta every morning used to start with the 3 toddlers listening and dancing around the playroom to My Fair Lady or Oklahoma at 7am...It has slightly gone to ds2's head as he is a bit over the top when he is centre stage. Even when he plays tennis he starts pirouetting!

Dh is fed up with me, because I am acting a bit like your husband and refusing to go out in the evenings except to volunteer. He loves the theatre (to watch) but I find getting out for 7pm start (most events in London) impossible with the present level of disorganisation/homework/general stress/school related outings overload. Difficult to get babysitter who will cope with ds2(ASD) and ds1(never does his homework unless supported/goes to pieces) and dd who hates it when we go out! (She at least can be sent off for sleepovers with her numerous friends)

Dh is in a good mood this morning, long may it last. He is very much enjoying his new job (working for himself as bookseller) which involves a lot of travelling to British Library and meeting up with old workmates, and only a small amount of aggro wrestling with systems, packing parcels, and arguing with bank Seriously last week I considered divorce blush I wonder whether married life is eternal volatility...rather than the rocklike security we have been lead to believe it consists of...

Anyway dh is a rock, just the sort you might stub your toe on occasionally hmm. He has got all three children off to school this morning. I've only just surfaced at 8.45 blush

inthewildernessbuild Thu 14-Feb-13 09:39:40

Happy Valentine's Day too! flowersflowersflowers

when I was at primary we used to give them to our friends, not just romantic friends, also parents... Dd wants a special candlelit family dinner this evening with white tablecloth and rosepetals - apparently she has told Dh exactly what is required! Last year we had quite a fun time making sort of embossed hearts with gold lace and tissue paper. I think this year I would like to go to garden centre and buy lots of pink flowered bulbs in some sort of pot we could decorate, then at least there is something to look forward to..

bubby64 Thu 14-Feb-13 19:34:51

Happy Valentine's back to All, DH has redeamed himself, comic card (boys don't understand it, I roared with laughter) chocs and flowers, and a little box for both boys from us, I usually do this, but hadn't been able to this year, and he actually thought to do it for himself!

Very useful meeting this morning with SS and school. They have agreed we need help and are going to provide 1 2 1 councelling for both boys, each to concentrate on the different issues they each have.
J is also going to be provided with a youth support worker, and they are aranging some family therapy. Also, DH actually asked himself what he could do when either DS, but especially J kicks off , and he has been told to do what I always say, which is walk away rather than shout back, calm himself down , then come back when calm and deal with problem. Also been told to ignore 2ndary bad behaviour, ie, when child has behaved badly, and is told to get out of the room, if they shove over a chair or huff and puff, ignore that at the time, but talk about it later. I have said this, but now someone different and in authority has said the same, so we'll see how it goes.
The school had noted that J seems to have difficulty in maintaining friendships, and also he is prone to "exaggeration and embellishment" is a lying little sod if things not going his way.
I have spoken with both boys and told them what will be happening, and they seem happy with outcomes. Also spoken to J quietly to try and finally get to the bottom of this "exaggerating" problem, He says he is scared of getting in trouble, and tries to get out of it, but, as I said tonight, 1 lie leads to 2, then to 4 etc, and it is the lying about things when we know the truth that really upsets us,

Morning girls xx

rubyrubyruby Fri 15-Feb-13 08:10:45

Anyway dh is a rock, just the sort you might stub your toe on occasionally grin this made me laugh wilderness grin

Everyone sounds very productive with sorting out family issues, packing, costume making etc. I appear to have been very busy doing f-all this week. How can you be so busy but actually appear to have not done anything? hmm

Chops - have you gone yet?

Sokmonsta Fri 15-Feb-13 08:36:03

Morning ladies. Having caught up on your posts about am dram you have got me yearning to be inside a theatre again. I did performing arts after my a levels as I didn't know what else to do with myself. I loved the stage production/tech side of things and helped out a lot with a local am dram/operatics society. Our course took place in a tiny but fully functioning theatre and I have some truly great memories.

Jennifer's haircut went really well. She sat on my lap and was much better than I thought she would be, only getting very wriggly and cranky just as my hairdresser was finishing off. Thankfully Jennifer was happy to lay her head on me which helped. She looks so much tidier, her hair was getting silly whispy. Especially her longest bit on too, which she was born with.

Am planning on continuing with the great house organisation today. Yesterday we dropped our elder two off with their grandparents so we had a nice peaceful evening. And dh did a load of ironing (who said romance was dead). But I didn't get any tidying done and feel the urge to crack on now I have started.

bubby64 Fri 15-Feb-13 11:24:10

morning girlies. Am knackered as M wasn't well in night, running high temp and hallucinating! kept getting really upset as he thought the bedcovers were people holding him down. Eventually settled him about 3.30 and got some sleep. This morning he has got a full blown feverish cold, raw throat, the lot, poor sod.
soks wish I had the energy to tidy up, living in a bombsite at the momentblush

inthewildernessbuild Fri 15-Feb-13 14:32:41

truly a bombsite here too grin but I've been forced by DH to do a big monthly supermarket shop by car (he came with me to help carry it all) so that is amaaaazing, we now have food in all the cupboards for half term...grin

I have also taken neighbour's little dog for a long walk, so a shot of Vit D,
visited a friend whilst walking dog

and visited the shanty town at school. Most impressed; they were selling their wares,homemade all sorts: badges, bracelets, performing arts, bookmarks, and had made fantastic dwellings out of cardboard boxes. The best was the building made out of lots of small boxes, like large bricks, piled on top of each other with a sheet of cardboard as a roof. Most children thought in a less abstract way and tried to find a box big enough to use as a house, or squeeze into a small one. They were all hungry, as they are fasting till 2.30..not so long really, but for them, and eye opener about what it is not to have enough food...

Sorry about sore throat Bubbly, hope this weekend you can all lie low. All the plans with FT and counsellor sound v good. I particularily like the advice not to dwell on secondary bad behaviour like when they swear blushwhen you ask them to leave room etc, because as you say it all becomes a downward spiral from there with consequences neverending and aggro neverending hmm Not helped of course by the bystanders watching these rows who say things like If My Child Talked to Me Like That, there'd be bread and water for a week after [mutter mutter]

Right, I am going to put some bin liners full of JUNK upstairs, and out of the landing. I went to the loft yesterday for the extra boxes, and it really is a nightmare up there in loft land. Old prams, haberdashery, handy boxes for repacking electrical equipment, chairs, castles, playmobil bits without instructions.. drums, soft toys...stables. Better just to close the hatch and forget it all for another year.blush

Chopstheduck Fri 15-Feb-13 17:26:46

Been so busy, all done now, and kids off to where they should be. Off out for dinner now and fly to Montréal tomorrow grin

Sokmonsta Fri 15-Feb-13 17:50:16

Woo hoo! Have fun in Montreal chops. Hope you have a lovely time <jealous>

bubby64 Fri 15-Feb-13 19:08:12

Have a great trip chops!!

rubyrubyruby Fri 15-Feb-13 21:11:14

Have fun Chops!

triplets Fri 15-Feb-13 23:14:36

Wow Chopsy hope you and your dd have the most fab time smile
I have just spent 3 days packing, salt/pepper/teabags/coffee/loo rolls/foil/bread/bacon/eggs/cereal/jam/marmalade/potatos/carrots/bath foam/knickers/socks/towels/flannels/binbags/matches/candles/wine/wine/wine/wine/wine/wine/wine/wine/wine/wine/wine/ errrrrr you get the picture?I am sure it will be worth it when we get there, Cornwall here we come! xx

rubyrubyruby Fri 15-Feb-13 23:21:12

Have a great time Trips xxx

Have a great time Trips & Chops....xxx

Sokmonsta Sat 16-Feb-13 07:19:17

Morning ladies. Up at the crack of sparrow fart this morning thanks to James (got in bed with us at 5). Put him back and 5 minutes later at 5:45 dh's alarm went off. Grr (James, not dh).

Off to celebrate my grandma's 93rd birthday today smile Fetching my auntie from her care home, my dad should be coming. But fully expect he will grump and moan the whole time. And my other auntie on that side has cunningly been invited - she and my dad tend to leave all the running about for their mother to mine sad. But I know grandma will be thrilled to see 7 of her great-grandchildren.

I've got some lovely pictures of her holding the twins so popping into town to get a photo frame for one as a pressie from them. I think it's fab that our children will get to know their great-grandma. I know she can get crotchety with my mum and sister (weirdly not me!). But I hope she sticks around long enough for the twins to remember they met her.

Morning girls xx

I had my grandson Lew overnight last night. He was brilliant - good as gold. BUT he woke up at 6am!!! Tom went to a party at his friends house last night...best friend looks about 19 years old (same age as Tom though) with a goatee beard LOL. The only reason I said Tom could go was his friends grandparents (same age as me hmm) were 'staying upstairs' to keep an eye on them all!! About midnight I messaged him and said 'where are you?' His reply (about 15 minutes later) 'I'm staying over Mum and the party is great!!'

Scary stuff this teenage lark!

Chopstheduck Sat 16-Feb-13 10:19:14

Hey Shabs,

I have a family ticket to Bolton castle, entered it thinking of you and won it! Any good to you or for Dan and Em to take Lew? Two adults and three kids, if you want it will post it up once I am back home xx

The only Bolton castle I know is the Castle pub in Bolton town centre LOL!!!

Just googled it and its in Yorkshire isin't it? I will ask Dan & Em when they come to pick Lew up later on - thanks for thinking about us xxxx

Chopstheduck Sat 16-Feb-13 10:28:54

Hmm, I thought it was closer to Bolton! [Grin] Ah well, let me know, if not I reckon harrogatemum or someone will be able to use it xx

When I read Bolton castle I thought 'how come I have never heard of it!!' Its not miles and miles from us but I bet HM would really enjoy it. Will ask my lot today and let you know right away xx

bubby64 Sat 16-Feb-13 14:31:22

Have a great time Chops and Trips - but I am very envy envy envy envy of both of you escaping!
soks - you must also have a great time too, yes, its nice for DTs to see their GGM, mine cant remember their great grand father (DHs grandad), as he passed away when they were about 18mnts old. M's middle name is in honour of him, and he was sooooo proud of this. We have a nice picture of him holding the boys when they were christened just before thry were a 1yr old.

triplets Sat 16-Feb-13 22:55:49

OMG bloody luxury.............this place is amazing! Its huge, twice the size of my house I kid you not. Two to die for sitting rooms over looking the lake, massive decking and 8 seater hot tub. 4 beautiful bedrooms, I have bagged the best one as I found this place, bigger than my sitting room at home, kingsize bed, ensuite, Egyptian cotton bedding, sumptious bed...........oh if only Tom Selleck was here with mesmile Had steak and chips and bottle of red, bliss! Kale Nits everyone. xx

triplets Sun 17-Feb-13 04:47:22

That will teach me, woke up at 4am, boiling hot and with a headache, will I ever learn??

rubyrubyruby Sun 17-Feb-13 08:25:50

grin trips - that made me laugh .

Sounds bliss x

Morning girls xx

Oh Trips that sounds rather lovely xxx

Chopstheduck Sun 17-Feb-13 12:45:31

Morning girls x

Sounds gorgeous trips! I'm on the 28th floor overlooking downtown Montréal, with floor to ceiling windows. Had pulled pork poutine and a bottle of white last night grin poutine is a montreal dish, chips, curds (like mozzarella) and gravy, was absolutely gorgeous. It was -11 yesterday evening, soon as you step out all your clothes just turn icy cold, surreal experience!

suite is gorgeous, huge bed, lounge with corner sofa and giant tv. Wonder who has the best view! Have put a pic on Facebook.

Off to explore in a bit then skiing this afternoon, eek!

bubby64 Sun 17-Feb-13 19:04:44

Afternoon Girlies.
Trips - sounds absolutely wonderful! Relax and enjoy yourself darling, you need and deserve the break.
Chops - Wow -11·c, too cold for me, but I would love to visit Canada, we have extended family out there, but have never visited.
Thank God its now 1/2 term, DH and I have just done a huge shop, and my cupboards are stocked to withstand the ravages of two 12yr olds on the forage for constant snacks!

rubyrubyruby Sun 17-Feb-13 21:05:15

Mine are all back at school tomorrow bubby,
How's that puppy ?

Am I the only one who's ridiculously excited that Trips and Chops are still posting from their holidays grin

triplets Sun 17-Feb-13 22:51:52

grin oh Rubester, now you have made me laughgrin Had a very lazy day today, sat and read mags, papers, dipped into the hot tub, had tandoori prawns and pinot grigio..................off to Padstow tomorrow to explore. Phoned my best friend and we are meeting up on Weds...............will tell dk on Tues nightgrin Chops.............wow it sounds fantastic, how was the skiing? Hope your dd is having a ball! Bubbs, how is your ankle mending, hope you are getting there! Shabs, I could have done with you playing me a song at 4am this morning, don`t know why but thought of you.............................and Tom Selleck! I just love his eyes, used to watch him in Magnum PI,but hated his voice then it was too wimpy....................now in Blue Bloods he is ....is....is <<swoon..thud>> Where was I? Oh yes, Tom Selleck, many moons ago my pen pal in California sent me a Magnum PI calendar for Christmas, omg.....I kept it on February all year......................<<swoon at the memory>> dk used to get jealous of seeing it on my pin board grin Night night xxx

Chopstheduck Mon 18-Feb-13 00:36:28

Evening girls x

grin @ rubes!

Trips, I'm here with dh, we managed to cover child for all the kids in the end.

Skiing was fab! I am so going to feel it tomorrow though! Came charging down a hill like Eddie the Eagle, then splat onto my shoulder! Might go again in a few days though. Dh even fell over thre times goign UP thr hill grin then we went for smoked meat sarnies, and chips at Swartz, then came back for a soak ina boiling bath, wine and a book. We have a bath each in our hotel suite! Its -17 out now, so going to chill out for the evening, off to a Ice hockey match tomorrow.

Chopstheduck Mon 18-Feb-13 00:41:39

Bubs, I have family here too, but unfortunately they couldn't get over to see us in the end, they are a good four hours away I think. Toronto.

Morning girls xx

triplets Mon 18-Feb-13 07:57:54

Chops how exciting it all sounds! Well I have woken up well (actually been woken up by James setting his bloody alarm) to a very grey and very windy day..........grrrrrr the wind here y/day was really strong and very cold, it spoilt going in the hot tub as it just whipped around your face. I usually love getting up for an early dip but not today, even the ducks are struggling to stay in the water the lake looks like its got waves!! The accomodation here is 100%, but having experienced Center Parcs they win it on atmosphere and facilities. Still it will be nice to explore the north coast and I get to see Nicky!! Wish someone would get me a cuppa..............
<<Trips notes no trolley service in operation>>

Sokmonsta Mon 18-Feb-13 09:17:37

No ruby! I'm loving the holiday posts too. I know I've only just had a break but I am so jealous. Already planning our next break.

Well this morning Emily is back at school. James is at the pil so it's just the twins and I. They are about to have breakfast and a nap. I have the delights of cleaning the bathroom!

Enjoy your day everyone x

triplets Mon 18-Feb-13 10:02:01

Drums her fingers..............why am I the only one ready to go out, what takes men so long???

Chopstheduck Mon 18-Feb-13 11:49:21

Dh woken me up this morning, at 6.30!! <sigh>

Slowly coming around with some coffee, then will go get some breakfast. Buffet here is fab, think it will be waffles and bacon and maple syrup today. grin

Arms and shoulders aching from the skiing more than my legs, which surprised me!

bubby64 Mon 18-Feb-13 11:50:33

ruby - puppy is fine, but defiantly being a "Bertrum", not a Bertie at the moment! He's growing like a weed, but never going to be very big. I'm also loving the holiday posts, living vicariously at the moment as soooooooo bored at home. having my next aopt with hospital tomorrow, TBH I'm a little worried as its still so sore over the wounds, and after 6wks, I thought it would feel better by now.confused We'll find out tomorrow.
Chops - Be Careful, please! but enjoy yourself, I'm glad you and DH are having a good time.
Trips - Isn't it funny! men complain women take too much time getting ready, yet it usually me waiting for DH and boys as well! Again, have a great time!!
Soks - Isnt it nice being able to have a day with just the twins.

Chopstheduck Mon 18-Feb-13 13:45:41

Good luck for that appointment, bubs x

triplets Mon 18-Feb-13 16:56:17

Had a lovely day in Padstow, really busy little place, nice fish n chips!! The wind here is spoiling things though, wanted a dip in the hot tub but its freezing out there. Just lost my rag with dk, all over a towel...............somebody took his towel........I think I swore Shabs.........in my bestest poshest voice grin

bubby64 Mon 18-Feb-13 18:31:52

You swore*Trips*!!!! He must really have been practicing his DK traits!grin

<<childish snigger>> LOL Trips in my head I heard you swearing in your very posh voice grin

Sokmonsta Mon 18-Feb-13 19:41:23

Ooh trips did you go to that chef's chippy? I can't remember his name. They were nice but the queue!! There's an equally nice chippy in a place called Indian queens, and its cheaper!

I am currently being held to ransom by a 2 year old who doesn't want to go to bed/have his own drink/etc and a 10 month old daughter who is absolutely shattered, grumpy and refusing to go back to sleep. She was asleep until her blasted older siblings woke her and her brother up, then Joshua crawled on top of her in a typical wrestling smack down move. Joshua is now back to sleep thanks to new batteries in the cot mobile and Jennifer is downstairs with us, in the travel cot with a blanket over it to stop her watching us/the tv/keep it darker. We've already only got the side lights on.

Am hugely annoyed as my lovely slow cooked beef which was to go with mash and veg, is now going with chips and peas. angryangryangry

bubby64 Mon 18-Feb-13 19:50:59

soks - you are learning the meaningb of what is it they say, "the best laid plans of mice and mums of multiples"!!!grin Sorry about the ruined meal.
ruby - I have put a couple of Bertie pics up, I am going to have to explain to the hospital why there are chew marks in my caste!

inthewildernessbuild Mon 18-Feb-13 22:55:24

Sorry about bedtime Sok - mine still do that shock... However, just had a very relaxng bedtime reading Gardener's World lying in dd's double bed, whilst dd annotated the Boden teens catalogue (she's not getting more than 4 items, but circled 40! blush Ds1 was listening to football match on radio through the wall from ds2's boxroom, and ds2 luckily had conked out in ds1's bed (musical beds tonight). I love half term!!!

I feel as if Canada, Cornwall are swirling in from the airwaves.
We had a breezy day running around in the park, and met friend for coffee in cafe. Then watched Skyfall DVD - not much happening but relieved to say everyone is getting on. Much hilarity looking at photoalbums together again, seems to be boys' fave bonding exercise.

And had my first experience of finding an "blast from the past" on facebook who actually had 1000 "friends". No wonder he didn't mean adding me on.

triplets Mon 18-Feb-13 23:05:47

Evening all..........just watched Skyfall, predictably Bond...........James Bondgrin Dk is really really peeing me orf!! My best friend in the whole world lives just over an hour away from where we are staying, I see her once every couple of years. She phoned tonight after the towel episode to say Weds/Thurs/Frid are free for us to meet up. So I said Weds would be great, I have never seen her new house etc, she then said she would make lunch and asked what the kids would eat and drink. Dk interupted and said no drink for him as he will be driving back and it is only lunch as we need to get back in the evening!! She heard him say this and was really upset for me. He then asked me to spare him a minute from the phone as he didn`t know how to put the oven on, he was going to make supper. After 10 mins had to come off the phone as I could smell burning, the pasties and steak pie!We eventually sat down to eat and he said he hoped it was only Weds we wanted to meet up, no need to make other arrangements!!!!! Do I ask too much? Separate holidays is the way to go...........

triplets Mon 18-Feb-13 23:07:57

SNAP wilderness, did you enjoy Skyfall?

Chopstheduck Tue 19-Feb-13 03:38:51

Trips, come join me here, have spare sofa bed and bathroom!

Bubby I want to dognap Bertie, he is sooo cute!

Back from the hockey, was great fun! Very tired though, lots of sightseeing round old Montreal.

Sokmonsta Tue 19-Feb-13 06:41:39

Grr. Jennifer joined us again at 4:50. She refused to settle and was screaming so much I thought she would make herself sick/wake more than Joshua. And we need James to stay asleep as once he's awake it's 'morning time'.

Needless to say I am very grumpy this morning.

Morning girls xx

angry for you Trips.

Sok - the sleeping and waking part sounds so like my twins - totally understand - its very hard. xxx

triplets Tue 19-Feb-13 10:30:38

Morning girls..........now why cant I sleep, got a 6ft bed all to myself which is sumptious but wake up 3/4 times.......at 6am I watching Deal or no Deal!! Had a blissful dip in the hot tub all by myself before b/fast, the wind has died off abit so it was quite nice with my face in the sun! Kis still in bed, feeling very lazy today.............nice smile dk trying to be pleasant..........trying.

Chopstheduck Tue 19-Feb-13 12:20:35

Morning girls x

Hug for soks, it will get easier! x

I didn't sleep well last night neither. Now on sofa with book and coffee. Prob off to the biodome and a museum or two today. Planning to use the underground city and spend time indoors today - we are forecast for lots of snow!

Sokmonsta Tue 19-Feb-13 12:52:10

Cheers for the kind words lately. I find it particularly hard as its a very recent thing for her. She's even fighting her morning nap so until we get her to have enough daytime sleep again I can see this carrying on.

Jen fell asleep straight after her breakfast bottle this morning. I let her sleep but she didn't go anywhere near as long as usual. Joshua on the other hand had his 2 hours. Probably helped by being disturbed during the night.

I am convinced separating them won't make it any easier. But it will hopefully stop them rolling on each other.

bubby64 Tue 19-Feb-13 19:41:01

Soks - we seperated the boys at about 9months, and we found it worked well, we also put them in the baby sleeping bags, I don't know if you have them yet, but they slept a lot better in those than in sheets and covers. I hope Jen starts to settle again soon.
Trips - no, you are not expecting too much, but your Dk has taken an extra dose of arsehole tablets this morning!! thanks
Chops - You sound like you are having a great time. By the way, as far as Bertie is concerned, that cute look is deceiving, he has the heart of a little devil, and turning out to be already proving too clever by half!
Shabs - you ok darling, you've been very quiet lately?
Wilderness - Its nice your DC have all been getting along so well, my two have also actually been getting on , so much so that we had one of their friend's over this morning, and the 3 of them played xbox happily together for several hours without a single argument shock
Well, had my appointment, wound on inner ankle still has a little gaping area, but the outer one looks a lot better. Surgeon a little disappointed that I still have some foot drop, and will probably need a shoe insert or simular, but now have a walking caste on for the next 6 weeks, (purple one this time smile), I am to start putting a little weight through it tomorrow. However, leg is very painful tonight as they had to manipulate it again to get a better position before putting the new caste on, ouch!!sad

Morning girls xx

triplets Wed 20-Feb-13 08:41:40

Morning girls...........abit better sleep, woken up to thick frost! Off to see Nicky today, trouble is I won`t get any time alone with her..................very frustrating!!

Oh my word - we have had three days of very mild temperatures and beautiful sunshine. Just been outside and its freeeezing!! Maybe that was our Spring???

bubby64 Wed 20-Feb-13 09:42:03

Beautiful day yesterday, freezing fog today.
Awake most of night, foot causing a lot of pain, as swelling so much caste is too tight, got to go back to clinic today for it to be looked at. rang them this morning to tell them I have reduced sensation in toes, a lot of pain, and swelling and silly bint asked " have you taken pain relief?" eerrr, yes!, "have you had your foot elevated?" err, of course! angryangry Also, J awake in night, severe earache, so DH has had to take J to drs this morning (now on ABs) and me back to fracture clinic this afternoon. Not only is his work not happy, but also its his birthday, he hasnt even had time to open his cards or pressiessad

Sokmonsta Wed 20-Feb-13 11:47:41


Bubs, room is an issue with separating the twins at the mo. that and a lack of second cot. But I'm in the process of getting rid of all the crap in ours and the kids' room so we can do a swap. I wanted to do it half term but it just didn't happen.

They have sleeping bags, they are brilliant aren't they? We discovered them with our first and we've only recently had to throw our very first bag away as the zip broke and tore the bag sad

We had a better night last night thankfully. The babies both ate very well (wondering if perhaps they've been hungry/my cooking didn't agree with them while digesting) and even had a 2 hour nap between 4-6. For them up, changed into nightwear. They had a little play, their milk and were back in bed by half 7. So the other thing I thought was Jennifer in particular really might have been overtired. She normally has 2x 2 hours naps and a snooze between tea and milk/bed time. But lately she's not been having that last sleep. With her trying to crawl, she must be using up a lot of her reserves.

Both babies have been asleep in the pushchair since 9 today, still asleep now! But we have my niece's 13th birthday tea to go to later, and that will tire them both so I want them to sleep as much as possible before being mauled around by the bigger children. They mean well but don't understand that the twins shout and scream when they don't like it. The girls think they can settle them rather than leaving them alone!

rubyrubyruby Wed 20-Feb-13 14:46:57

Soks - I have B/G and they have never slept together unless they nodded off during the day whilst playing in the travel cot/play pen.

If you have a problem with room, I can't work out whether you mean separate rooms or separate cots, think about cot beds as they will last you longer. Mine slept in them until they were about 6.

Chopstheduck Wed 20-Feb-13 15:24:55

Morning girls

Absolute blizzard here today!

Hope your foot is a bit better bubby.

bubby64 Wed 20-Feb-13 17:38:06

Thanks for all good wishes. Went to clinic and they split the caste right down the middle, almost instant relief!!grin now it is taped together, and can be reinforced in a week or so. I can now put weight through the footgrin
one good thing came out of this, as foot was quite dusky when I got there <<yes mrs jobsworth from this am, there was a problem with the caste!>> I had to have a doppler scan of circulation, and this meant we didn't leave hospital until 3pm, and when R rang work, they told him not bother going back, so he got some of his birthday off!
Got him a nice bit of steak for dinner, and choc birthday cakegrin

Chopstheduck Wed 20-Feb-13 22:26:57

Aww, bubby. Glad it better and enjoy your dinner!

Soks, mine slept separately from day 1, they disturbed each other too much.

Spent today mooching around museums, so lovely to be able to just mooch without kids to entertain! Off to our posh restaurant in a bit, navigating the snow in my heels is going to be interesting!

rubyrubyruby Wed 20-Feb-13 22:31:02

Bubby - love the puppy photos and glad today went well.

Sounds like you are having a great time Chops! I'm impressed with 'holiday heels'. I never do heels on holiday. I've nearly finished planning/booking mine btw <<excited>>

triplets Wed 20-Feb-13 22:56:55

Ooo Rubes dying to hear your plans.......
Bubbs poor you, glad its better now and Happy Birthday to Mr Bubbs!
Eventually got to Nickys at 1pm and left at 6pm, it was sooooooooo good to see her, kids sat like zombies and hardly said a word, we both snatched a few private moments and had such a laugh. Walked to the field she owns to see her donkeys, haven`t seen them for 5 years so it was nice. She left a fab house 5 yrs ago and had to rehome temp alot of her animals but she is gradually getting them back. They are coming here for lunch on Frid, we go home on Sat. I must say I have never known such cold weather, I expected it to be milder in Cornwall but its freezing. Night all xxx